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Fancy is the biggest idiot in town. She is single-handedly letting Sheridan get away with torturing her. Once Fancy realized that Sheridan could have been the attacker, she should've just walked away, but instead, she spilled her guts to Sheridan.

Fancy is the biggest idiot in town. She is single handedly letting Sheridan get away with torturing her. Why in the world she chose to tell Sheridan about the hypnosis session is beyond me. Once Fancy realized Sheridan could have been the attacker, she should've just walked away. No, instead she spilled her guts to Sheridan and now Sheridan knows Fancy and Luis may be onto her. And what's worse, when Luis took Sheridan's side over hers, she still insisted to Luis that Sheridan is the attacker.

I was a bit impressed that Fancy managed to fight off the Peeper with a little more zest this time. It's more than she's been able to accomplish in the last few times she's been attacked. She's got a long way to go to becoming Paloma though. However, her accusations of Sheridan have got to stop. Luis is obviously on Sheridan's side, just as he was on Beth's side the whole time she had Marty right under his nose. Fancy should remember this as she "helped" him find Beth and Marty in Rome, and stop telling Luis her beliefs and be a real cop and investigate them herself.

Something interesting has come out of Jared's shooting. The nurses said he kept talking about "Bess" and it was assumed he meant "Tess" or Theresa. Could he have meant Beth? I'm not sure how Jared would know Beth, but it is possible she could be the blackmailer. I'm pretty sure she's not dead, and perhaps this makes the most sense of it all.

Beth would obviously want Luis and Fancy apart, as she wants no one but her with Luis. Perhaps Beth is also feeling a little power hungry and wants Theresa out of the picture as well. The surest way to do that is first split Ethan and Gwen. Once that has happened, Theresa will certainly tell Ethan he's EM's father, and boom, the Crane Empire is hers to take over. I'm sure Alistair has a will somewhere with her named in it.

Only Theresa now can't tell Ethan because she is the only one that can help Luis, so the truth about EM's paternity has to stay a secret so Luis can be cleared of rape and murder. In the meantime, Bethie is working overtime to frame Sheridan for Fancy's attacks so that she can knock out two blondes with one stone. (I would flip out if that's the story the writers have dreamed up.)

The person who shot Jared was wearing red high heeled shoes, which ended up on a high-as-a-kite Jessica. I'm not above placing this solely on a woman, as both Alistair and JT had some cross dressing tendencies in the past. However, I can't help but believe that the Peeper (or one of them, as there is obviously more than one) is someone not on screen right now.

Also, on Friday's episode, Sheridan mentioned how messed up Pretty was. Is it possible that Pretty is the attacker? She has been mentioned a lot lately; it's likely she's going to be brought on soon. Perhaps she's Jared's ex girlfriend and she lured Ethan and Theresa together to split Theresa and Jared up. Once that didn't happen, she shot Jared. And perhaps she wants Ethan and Gwen to stay together because she is unusually fond of her half-brother.

Attacking Fancy makes sense as Sheridan mentioned that Fancy and Pretty had a troublesome past. Why she is framing Luis is beyond me, unless she has a grudge against Sheridan too. And that is possible, seeing as how Sheridan has become a first class bitch. One thing's for sure, the Peeper storyline has got me thinking.

Why isn't anyone questioning why all of a sudden Chad is homophobic? Rae and Simone's relationship never seemed to bother him before, now all of a sudden their relationship was just about sex. He is trying to rationalize in his own mind how he can sleep with a man and still be heterosexual, but he looks like a jerk. And Whitney sits there and listens to him and never questions this. She even doesn't wonder why he's so hostile to the parents of Miles' friend, who are gay. The funny thing about this is when it comes out, a Crane will be labeled gay, so that means he won't be running the company either, which leaves plenty of room for Beth to take over once she's revealed to be the Peeper.

Miguel needs to be considered as the Peeper. Every time Kay turns around, he's right there lurking. And she keeps telling him to leave and he keeps hanging around. I'm pretty sure if I'm accused of running someone down, I'm not going to be standing outside their hospital room constantly. I totally agree with Myla (see Viewer's Voice below). We have been drilled to believe Charity and Miguel were the end all, be all to this show. Now we are supposed to suspend those beliefs and root for Kay and Miguel just because Fox is trying to keep them apart. I think Miguel is just as bad because he is ALWAYS up Kay's butt, even when she tells him to leave her alone. Kay needs to dump them both and find someone else.

Some Random Thoughts:

Simone is terribly upset about Rae's death. Too bad she's the only one. Whitney and Chad were the only other people to show up at the funeral and that was to argue about homosexuals and love. And who dies and has their funeral all in the same night?

Why hasn't Fox found out that Ivy is the one that brought Miguel back to town? I'm sure he'll appreciate her for all her efforts to ruin his life.

- Framing your fiancée's true love for attempted murder - $10,000.
- Paying a well renowned physician to lie and say you are dying of a tumor to hang on to said fiancée - $500,000.
- The look on your face when you learn impotence is a potential side effect of the meds you are taking for the fake tumor and are basically useless to said fiancée - Priceless.

Best Lines of the Week:

Tabitha about the Peeper, "When I find out who it is, I'll give them a witch slap up the side of the head."

Tabitha to Miguel, "What are you doing here, Miguel? I thought you'd be at the hospital by now or in jail."

Best line of the week: Sheridan to Fancy, "Give up this silly notion of being a cop." Thank you Sheridan, I couldn't agree more.

Viewer's Voice:

"The way the fake Charity keeps having these second thoughts makes me think she'll be part of what brings the truth out. The thing that's driving me crazy though, is that I really don't want to root for the couples that the writers clearly want us to root for. Sorry, but I loved Fox & Kay's courtship with Justin Hartley in the role & as evil as they try to make Fox, I can't forget that & suddenly want her to be with Miguel. I just don't see any point to Kay/Miguel after years of hearing how Miguel & Charity were supposed to be together. I mean isn't it still canon that Charity will get her powers by sleeping with him? Fox & Kay were great & the show ruined it for this? I fast-forward past all those scenes of Pilar telling Miguel to fight to be with Kay & Maria. I'm going through a similar thing with rooting for Theresa & Ethan if only because of Ethan's endless harassment of Jared. It's not conflict or tension, it's annoying. On a side note, how weird was it that Whitney thought Chris was her secret admirer? Where would that idea even come from? It was so laughably random." Thanks Myla!!!

"Okay, Rae getting killed off was just strange. It was sad, but it came so totally out of the blue that I'm just not that sad. Sheridan is by far the most evil creature in Harmony. Even Gwen is nicer than her at this point. I can't wait for someone to compare her to Beth and really see her go crazy. I LOVE Fancy with Luis and I want Sheridan to go down for the lying manipulative witch that she is! Do I really even need to rant about Chad? OF COURSE I DO!!!!! What a crock of BS that was on Tuesday!!!!!!! 'It's just sex, not love when it's between two people of the same gender?!?!?!?' WHAT?!?!? Whitney, please get a clue SOON and dump his nasty little @$$!!!!!" Thanks Amanda!!!

Until next week friends,

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