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Every time that Gwen brings up the subject of confessing, Maddie says the same thing about disappointing Margo; imagine how Margo will feel when she finds out that Maddie and Gwen were responsible for Adam's disappearance.

The show seems to doing okay these days as they keep things moving without Carly and Mike with new stories for Jack as a struggling single father and sending Katie in another direction with a new television show. I must applaud the writers and producers for seeing how Paul could be a good influence for two kids in trouble, Faith and Parker. It was nice to see Nancy and Kim this week and Margo and Tom having a real story - good moves.

Maddie & Gwen Continue to Lie
I watch these two young ladies digging themselves deeper and deeper with the secret that they 'killed" Adam. I do not believe Adam is dead and for some reason after watching this week, I think that Iris already knows that. She and Adam were already in cahoots so who would he go to in town to help him. Every time that Gwen brings up the subject of confessing, Maddie says the same thing about disappointing Margo; imagine how Margo will feel when she finds out that Maddie and Gwen were responsible for Adam's disappearance.

Their lies are causing problems for Casey and Will as well - Adam is their brother. So much of this is just wrong and poorly plotted as it comes off as just stupid. The acting from Alexandra Chando (Maddie) and Jennifer Landon (Gwen) is great though I am finding the story hard to stomach sometime. I do have to remember that this is a soap opera so I need to suspend belief at times.

A reader, Anne had a lot to say about this plot: ", "I was shocked to see Maddie kill Adam. That was so wrong on so many levels. First: Maddie is not that strong to kill Adam with one blow. Two: Maddie is so unstable I wouldn't be surprised if she commits suicide. Three: Instead of Gwen immediately calling 911 she sits down with Maddie and talks about her being raped and then they decide to cover up an accident. Four: You can see this new storyline coming a mile away. Will will be accused of killing Adam and Gwen will keep everything a secret and that's the end of their marriage. Five: Did the writer's forget who Adams parents are? Adam has history for us long time fans and for his character to take a turn for the worst and try to force himself on Gwen is just not in his DNA."

Meg & Craig & Paul
What is Meg going to do this time to get her job back at the hospital? I was thinking that as I watched her this week because we all know that she will eventually get her job back. I could not believe that she finally slept with Craig of all people. Let's be real about this; this is the third guy to play Craig and a previous Craig had relationships with her sisters, Iva and Ellie as Meg was a teenager blond troublemaker years ago.

So what is going on with Paul and when will these visions stop? He was right in saying how all of these visions are somehow tied to Meg and that he cannot let her go. I enjoyed Meg and Paul as a couple though Meg has brought about a different side to Craig - he doesn't seem at all interested in trying to find Lucy and Johnny anymore. This will be interesting to see how this triangle plays out because it is true that Craig and Paul are more alike than different.

On the subject of Paul, I am not a fan of the visions; I am enjoying his friendship with Parker and Faith. He was a troubled kid and he has so much to share with these two kids at this point in their lives. I must commend the casting folks for the selection of these kids who play - Faith, Parker and JJ; I so enjoyed the younger versions of the characters and these new actors are really good actors.

Katie and Brad
Katie has her job back at WOAK that she thought would be a vehicle just for her until Brad Snyder dropped by and he is her new co-host. We can see the handwriting on the wall that they are going to end up as a couple.

The one thing that I like about this story is that Kim is right there for all of it and she is making decisions for the station; not talking any lip from Vienna or putting up with Brad's shenanigans.

Does it seem that Henry has an eye for Vienna? Could Henry finally get a woman who is not blond and unavailable?

Emily - Reporter by Day; Call Girl by Night
Emily Stewart never ceases to amaze. I think she should have stayed on her own as she could have made more money; when she was solo she charged $1000 and now she still charges $1000 with a 60/40 split with Cheri. She is using her new profession to help with scoops for her day job.

A reader, Heather has some thoughts on Emily: "As bad as it may sound, I like the twist of Emily's newfound "career". This is the kind of dirt the soaps used to be about, but somewhere along the way they got whitewashed and some were even possessed by the devil. Ever notice how random, loveless acts of sex became all but extinct for several years? Well they're coming back a little at a time, and I'm really glad to see ATWT making this move. Like you said in your commentary, it's being done in a realistic way because Emily is so desperate and feeling bad about herself right now. Besides, this is what people do in real life. Maybe not morally upstanding people, but since when are soaps all about good values? I find it interesting that writers and audiences don't mind ruthless murders and adultery plotlines, but draw the line at depictions of calculated sex."

Finally, as always there are highs and lows in Oakdale. Right now, the stories are geared to the theme that makes Oakdale the right place to be everyday - stories about families and those major families are right in front today.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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