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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 4, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Greenlee assured Ryan that she didn't mind staying at home to watch Emma, while he went to visit Annie. Ryan was concerned about Emma's reaction, but Greenlee promised to explain that Emma could visit Annie the next time. Emma entered the living room moments after Ryan left. Greenlee was forced to keep Emma from following Ryan when Emma realized that Ryan had gone to visit Annie. Greenlee promised that Ryan would return soon, but Emma wasn't satisfied. According to Emma, Annie had accused Greenlee of stealing Ryan from Annie.

Emma was certain that Greenlee also intended to rip Emma away from Annie. Greenlee tried to assure Emma that she would never get between Emma and Annie, but Emma didn't believe her. Emma hoped that Ryan would leave Greenlee after he figured out what a horrible person Greenlee was. Moments later, Bianca arrived. Emma's demeanor completely changed. Greenlee watched in disbelief as Emma warmly greeted Bianca and then asked if she could play with Miranda. Bianca explained that it wasn't a good time, so Emma decided to do some homework in her room.

After Emma left, Bianca remarked that Emma seemed better. Greenlee started to tell Bianca about Emma's outburst, but then decided to take it to the terrace, so that Emma wouldn't overhear them. On the terrace, Greenlee confessed that she feared that Annie had done a number on Emma. Bianca suggested that Emma needed some time, but she praised Greenlee for handling the situation. Greenlee admitted that she was trying; however, Emma knew what buttons to push. Meanwhile, Emma sneaked through the living room and then slipped out of the front door.

Scott returned to the apartment to get some things for work that he had forgotten. He stopped short when he noticed Madison wearing one of his shirts. Madison shyly admitted that all of her tops were too small, so she had donned the shirt because it was comfortable. Madison tried to apologize, but Scott insisted that it wasn't necessary because she looked good in the shirt. Madison smiled at the compliment and then suggested that they spend the evening together. Scott admitted that he would love to, but he had plans to go to the movies with Marissa.

Scott invited Madison to join them, but Madison didn't want to be a "third wheel." Scott assured her that he and Marissa were just friends. "Friends with benefits," Madison remarked. Scott was curious who Madison had been talking to. Madison reluctantly admitted that JR had told her that Scott and Marissa had history together. Seconds later, Emma knocked.

Scott and Madison were surprised when Emma confessed that she hadn't told anyone about her visit. Madison quickly called Ryan to let him know where Emma was. Ryan thanked Madison and then promised to be right over. A short time later, Ryan arrived. Ryan was relieved to see that Emma was fine, but he warned his daughter never to take off like that again because it had scared everyone. Ryan was curious why Emma had gone to Madison's apartment.

Emma explained that she had wanted to see Madison because Madison was having Ryan's baby. Emma then wondered why Ryan wasn't married to Madison. Scott decided to excuse himself to give Ryan and Madison some privacy to explain things to Emma. Ryan assured Emma that everyone loved her, while Madison reminded Emma that Ryan loved Greenlee. Emma tried to change the subject by suggesting that they get some ice cream together, but Ryan insisted that he and Emma go home to apologize to Greenlee.

At the apartment, Greenlee and Bianca returned to the living room to talk about business. Moments later, Ryan called to assure Greenlee that Emma was fine. Greenlee was stunned that Emma had managed to leave the apartment without her or Bianca realizing it. After Greenlee ended the call with Ryan, she vowed to do something about the situation because it couldn't continue. Bianca admitted that she had once burned down Erica's house because Bianca hadn't been able to accept Erica's relationship with Jackson.

Greenlee confessed that she'd had her own "spoiled brat" moments. Greenlee wondered if perhaps her recent troubles with Emma were karma for the way that Greenlee had treated Erica. Bianca didn't have an answer, so she decided to shift gears by asking if Greenlee had purchased her plane ticket for Erica and Jack's wedding in Saint Barts. Greenlee explained that she wanted to attend the wedding, but it wasn't a good time to leave town because of what was going on with Emma. Later, Ryan and Emma returned home. Greenlee was relieved that Emma was all right, but Emma didn't believe her because Greenlee hadn't noticed that Emma had been missing.

Ryan ordered Emma to promise Greenlee that she wouldn't pull a similar stunt in the future. Emma immediately adopted a conciliatory tone as she apologized to Greenlee. Ryan then encouraged Emma to give Greenlee a hug, which Emma did without hesitation. Seconds later, Ryan's phone rang, so he stepped away to take the call. As soon as Ryan was out of eyesight, Emma tried to pull away from Greenlee, but Greenlee refused let Emma push her away. "Why?" Emma demanded in frustration.

Emma insisted that she didn't want Greenlee there, but Greenlee told her, "tough." Greenlee conceded that Emma had managed to get one over on her; however, she vowed that it wouldn't happen again because Greenlee had pulled every trick in the book. Greenlee warned Emma that Emma was stuck with her because they were family.

At the Chandler mansion, Marissa was drenched from the rain when she arrived to drop off a book for AJ. JR explained that AJ was on a play date, but he invited Marissa to change into some dry clothes, which she had left behind when she had moved out. Marissa seemed reluctant, so JR assured her that he was about to leave for a meeting. Marissa passed Asher on the staircase as she went to change. JR instructed Asher to cancel the meeting because something important had cropped up. Asher smiled knowingly.

Later, Marissa entered the parlor, wearing a robe. She immediately became suspicious when she saw JR. JR claimed that the meeting had been cancelled, but Marissa didn't believe him. JR turned to Asher for confirmation, but Asher hesitated to lie. JR realized that he had been caught, so he confessed that he had cancelled the meeting. Asher quickly excused himself to give JR and Marissa some privacy.

Marissa's resolve appeared to waver as JR began to reminisce about a time that they had been caught in the freezing rain. JR moved closer to Marissa as he admitted that he couldn't stop thinking about her. "I can't do this," Marissa cried before she turned and then left. Later, Marissa returned to the foyer to find that JR was waiting for her. Marissa reminded JR to give AJ the book and then started to leave just as Scott arrived. JR scowled as Marissa and Scott confirmed their plans for later that evening.

After Marissa left, Scott confronted JR about talking to Madison. JR refused to apologize for being concerned about Marissa. Scott warned JR to stay away from Madison, and out of his life. After Scott left, JR went to the park to pick up AJ from his play date with Miranda and Gabby. Bianca thanked JR for his help with Reese. She hoped that things would be better. JR was sorry that Bianca and Reese hadn't been able to stay on friendly terms like he and Marissa had.

Bianca was certain that JR wanted more from Marissa than friendship. JR didn't deny it. He hoped that Bianca would be able to support him, or, at least, not actively hate him. Bianca assured JR that she didn't hate him. JR confessed that not everyone felt that way. According to JR, many people assumed that he was like Adam and Scott was like Stuart. Bianca thought perhaps Scott's time in federal prison might have changed that.

At the hospital, Scott was surprised when he spotted Madison. Madison explained that she wanted to apologize for "getting weird" about Marissa. She admitted that she had been jealous. Scott assured Madison that his fling with Marissa had been a "one-time thing," and that they had both agreed they were better off as friends. "Are you sure?" Madison wondered. Scott reminded Madison that she was pregnant with another man's child, so he should be the one who was jealous.

Madison teasingly admitted that she didn't know that he cared. "Well, now you do," Scott replied. Madison was curious when his feelings for her had changed. Scott explained that it had happened gradually. He revealed that his life had gone downhill ever since his father had died; however, he had learned to stop worrying about it because everything felt better when he was around Madison. Madison confessed that she had worn Scott's shirt because she had missed him.

Scott leaned forward to kiss Madison, but she became embarrassed when she noticed that everyone had been staring at them. "Let them," Scott replied as he kissed Madison again.

In a small apartment, the young girl who had placed her newborn daughter in Brot's squad car thought about the note that she had written to accompany her child. She began to write in her journal about how much she missed her daughter when a woman suddenly entered the room. "Maya," the woman barked. Maya looked up to see her Aunt Reyna looming in the doorway. Maya's aunt demanded that Maya stop hiding in her room because there were chores to be done. Maya promised to take care of the dishes in the sink, but her aunt was not satisfied.

Reyna ordered Maya to get a job because Reyna was tired of providing Maya with a place to stay and food to eat without any help. Maya assured her aunt that she would look for a job. After Maya's aunt left, May a recalled taking off one of her earrings and then pinning it to her daughter's blanket. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," Maya tearfully whispered to her daughter. Maya returned to the present when Asher knocked on her door. Asher explained that he had dropped by to check on her because he had been worried.

Maya assured him that she was okay. Asher remembered the woman who had thrown him out, so he wondered who she was. Maya identified the woman as her aunt and then explained that Reyna expected Maya to get a job. Asher suggested that he could help. He conceded that working at the mansion for the Chandlers might not be the best job, but Asher assured her that JR had given him a chance when Asher had needed it. Maya was curious if Asher were trying to "pay it forward."

"Maybe," Asher admitted. However, he also thought that Maya needed some help. Maya appreciated the job offer, so she promised to think about it. After Asher left, May a looked at the card that Asher had given her, and her half of the earring set that she had given to her newborn daughter.

At the hospital, Brot called someone to find out if they had been able to match the fingerprints on the letter with anyone in the system. Brot explained that he needed a rush on the results. Meanwhile, in Angie's hospital room, Angie sensed that something was wrong with Jesse. She feared that it concerned Lucille, but Jesse quickly assured Angie that the baby was fine. He explained that he was simply happy. Angie reminded Jesse that she knew him very well, so she demanded to know what was going on.

Jesse recalled how much Angie's father had hated him, which had led to Les pressuring Angie into giving Frankie up for adoption. Jesse couldn't believe that they had almost lost their son because Jesse hadn't measured up to Les's expectations. "Why are you talking like this?" Angie wondered. Jesse admitted that every decision that he had made, including his twenty-year disappearance from her life, had been because he had wanted to do the right thing. He promised that he would never hurt her like that again. Angie assured Jesse that she knew that he was on her side, and that he always acted out of love.

Angie insisted that nothing was stronger than their love. Jesse's eyes were filled with sadness as he gazed at his wife. However, before he could respond, Brot poked his head in to see if Jesse had a moment. Jesse seized the opportunity to escape, so he handed the baby to Angie and then followed Brot into the hallway. Brot revealed that they hadn't been able to match the fingerprints on the letter.

Jesse wondered if Brot had checked with area high schools for a possible match. Brot insisted that the fingerprints were not in any system and that the earring that had been pinned to the blanket hadn't yielded any information. Brot was confident that the person who had abandoned the baby was gone, so everything would work out. Jesse reminded Brot that Ellie was dead, and Jesse was lying to Angie. Jesse was faced with an impossible choice because he didn't know if he could continue to lie to Angie forever. Jesse also regretted dragging Brot into the mess.

Brot argued that he had chosen to help Jesse because Jesse and Angie were like family to him. Brot insisted that he would do anything for the Hubbards. After Jesse returned to the room, David approached Brot. Brot told David that the Hubbards' daughter had been born. David started to head to Angie's room, but Brot informed David that David was the last person that Jesse and Angie wanted to see.

In Angie's hospital room, Jesse stood in the doorway as Angie rocked Lucy, and hummed a lullaby. Angie then told the baby how happy she was, and how she never wanted to let Lucy go. Angie confided that she had been scared to death that they might have lost Lucy during the birth. Angie insisted that she would have died if anything had happened to Lucy. Jesse closed his eyes tightly, in an attempt to hold back the tears. Angie heard Jesse make a noise, so she called out to him.

Jesse quickly joined Angie at her bedside, so she asked him to describe their daughter to her. Later, a reporter entered Angie's room to ask for a brief statement about the miraculous birth. Jesse was uncomfortable with Angie talking to the reporter, but Angie assured her husband that she didn't mind. David hovered in the hallway, listening as Angie told their story, and proudly credited Jesse with saving the baby. "Wow, that's one bionic baby," David remarked as he entered the room. Jesse glared at David.

After the reporter left, Jesse tried to shoo David out of the room, but Angie insisted that she was fine. Jesse decided to take the baby to the nursery to be checked out, so he swooped up the baby and then made a hasty exit. Angie was curious what David wanted, so David congratulated her and then suggested that Angie must live under a lucky star to have given birth to a healthy baby under such dangerous circumstances. Angie credited Jesse with being her lucky star and her baby with being a miracle.

In the hallway, Jesse confessed to Lucy that he had wanted to tell Angie the truth until he had seen Angie's face, while Angie had had talked to Lucy. Jesse assured Lucy that Angie loved her, so he begged Lucy to forgive him. He promised Lucy that his mother would have loved her, and would have been honored that Lucy had her middle name. Jesse vowed to give Lucy a great life, so he wanted her to light the way because there would be no turning back.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Caleb stopped by Erica's home at Bianca's request. Bianca informed Caleb that Jackson and Erica were on their way to St. Bart's to get married, and she warned him to leave Erica alone. Caleb asked why Bianca was packing Erica's things, and Bianca explained that Erica and Jackson had left in a hurry. Caleb guessed that the wedding would be at a fancy resort. Bianca realized that he was fishing for the exact location of the ceremony, and she begged him not to make things even harder. Bianca informed him that security would handle any uninvited guests. An undeterred Caleb moved to leave, and Bianca urged him again to let Erica go.

Outside Erica's home, Ricky spoke with Diana on the phone and warned her to back off. Bianca opened the door, and Ricky ended the call. Bianca informed Ricky that Erica and Jackson had decided to marry outside the country, so they would no longer need Ricky to officiate. Bianca told him that she and Kendall were flying to St. Bart's the next day to attend the ceremony. Ricky noted that Bianca looked upset, and she confided that there was another man who was interested in Erica, and she was worried about a possible ugly scene at the wedding. Ricky counseled her to trust in true love.

Caleb arrived to see Opal and asked if she was going to attend Erica's wedding. He begged her to get him into the ceremony, but Opal said Erica had informed her of how Caleb had declared his intent to wait for Erica. Caleb proclaimed that he had changed his mind and that he was no longer willing to wait.

Opal told Caleb to walk away because he would only get hurt, but he felt that was better than feeling nothing at all. Opal handed Caleb a drink and hoped he'd give up his pursuit of Erica. She refused to tell him where Erica's wedding was going to be. Caleb quipped that it was a small island and that he'd see Opal at the wedding.

Kendall arrived at the hospital with a proposition for Griffin. She'd booked a trip to the Caribbean and asked Griffin to join her. A shocked Griffin inquired whether the trip was just for the two of them. She clarified that she planned to attend Erica's wedding, and she thought her doctor might not want her to travel alone. Griffin hesitated to accept, but Kendall called it payback for the effort he'd put into their evening in the park.

Griffin announced that Kendall's latest test results had indicated that she was in good enough shape to travel on her own. Kendall covered her disappointment when Griffin said that she really didn't need him anymore. Griffin advised Kendall to be careful but to enjoy herself at the wedding. Kendall revealed that she'd started working with a new lawyer, and she expected that the casinos would be sold soon. She looked forward to the money going to a worthy cause. He wished her a safe trip, and she left.

At ConFusion, Ricky complimented Kendall and noted that she looked relaxed. She said she was feeling hopeful, and he expressed his congratulations about Erica's wedding. A calculating Ricky expressed his regret that he wouldn't be performing the ceremony. An unsuspecting Kendall excitedly said he still could, because she'd booked an extra seat on the plane and another room at the villa. She invited him to join her in St. Bart's.

Kendall gushed that Erica would be happy if Ricky performed the ceremony. Ricky claimed his schedule was booked, but he'd clear it as a favor to Kendall. She hugged him and said she'd be in touch with details. She left, and Ricky's smirk faded when Diana appeared. Diana informed him that she had been following Kendall, because it would be a huge problem if Kendall sold the casinos.

Ricky swore that he'd handle the situation by spending some time alone with Kendall, away from Griffin. Diana sarcastically inquired if Ricky expected Kendall to fall in love with him at the wedding. Ricky confidently declared that Kendall might have feelings for him already. He vowed to do whatever was needed to protect their secret and to destroy Zach's evidence. Diana lectured that Ricky would never have a shot with Kendall, because he had killed Zach.

Kendall arrived at Erica's home, where Bianca told her sister that she was worried about everyone. Bianca noted that Caleb had holed up on a mountain for 20 years the last time he'd lost a woman he'd loved. Bianca regretted that she couldn't fly with Kendall, because she had to take care of some divorce-related matters. Kendall informed Bianca that she had invited Ricky. Bianca was surprised, since she herself had just told him that they didn't need his services anymore.

Kendall admitted that she had invited Griffin first, since he was her doctor, but he had insisted that she was fine to travel. Bianca noticed that Kendall sounded disappointed, but Kendall declared that it was great news that she was in such good health. Kendall murmured that Griffin would be leaving town as soon as she raised the funds for the Miranda Center. Bianca realized that Kendall would miss Griffin.

At the hospital, Jesse forlornly reread the letter that Maya had left with the baby. He peeked inside Angie's room to see his wife singing to the infant. Angie heard him enter, and she told Lucille that her daddy was there. Angie reveled in how wonderful everything had turned out and declared that it was time to escort their daughter home.

Jesse asked Angie if she was sure, but she insisted that she'd rather jump into her new life rather than worry about what it would be like. Angie noted that Jesse didn't seem eager to go home. He claimed that he was simply worn out, but she thought he had something more to say. Jesse recalled how he'd feared that he was going to lose her during labor. Angie proclaimed that they deserved a miracle after all they'd been through, and they had one because their daughter completed their family.

Angie and Jesse arrived home, where Angie requested that Jesse set Lucy down next to her on the couch. Angie told the baby that they were home and promised they'd be happy. Angie remembered the first time her baby had kicked, and Jesse gazed sadly at the sonogram photo of Ellie. Angie wondered why he was so quiet, and Jesse revealed that he was looking at the sonogram. Angie remarked that the baby had changed a lot since the photo had been taken, and Jesse guiltily agreed.

Tad, Cara, Jake, and Amanda assembled baby furniture for the Hubbards. Tad announced that they were officially equipped for Angie and Lucy's homecoming. Amanda recalled the joy of arriving home with Trevor for the first time, and she planted an affectionate kiss on Jake. Cara looked uncomfortable and left to make a phone call. Tad followed after Cara, and Jake gently reprimanded Amanda for her overt display of affection.

Jake explained that talking about their son was normal, but he felt that Amanda had made a show of kissing Jake for Cara's benefit. Amanda defended that her expression of love wasn't about Cara, but she thought that Cara's abrupt departure indicated that Cara wasn't pleased about Amanda and Jake's happiness. Amanda complained that Cara had used any excuse to get closer to Jake. Jake wished his wife wasn't so paranoid.

Tad said he was his duty to comfort his wife and asked what was wrong. Cara confessed that she had thought she had been pregnant once, and Tad guessed it would have been Jake's baby. Cara explained that it had been a false alarm, and she should have been relieved because it hadn't been the right time. Tad understood her mixed emotions, but Cara lamented that putting the furniture together was the closest she'd get to ever being a mother. She felt that she'd had her chance, but she was determined to pull herself together and deal with her life as it had turned out. Tad admired her strength and pulled her into a hug.

Tad and Cara returned in good spirits, and a frustrated Amanda hurriedly left to buy diapers. Tad finished an awful joke, and Cara laughed as she exited to pick up a delivery of Chinese food. Jake pointedly commented to Tad that they seemed to be having a good time. Tad wondered if Jake was upset about something. Jake recalled that he had mentioned to Tad how Jake had used bad jokes to defuse fights with Cara. Cara returned to the door and overheard Jake convey his understanding that Tad needed to be a good husband. Cara announced that the food had arrived.

Amanda returned with the diapers, and Cara said they'd saved Amanda her favorite dish. Jake received a text informing him that the Hubbards were home. Griffin arrived, and the Martins warmly invited him in. Cara joked that his timing was impeccable, as the hard work was already done. Griffin asked to speak with Tad, and Cara, Jake, and Amanda carried baby items out the door. Griffin informed Tad that Kendall was pushing to sell the casinos, and he was afraid that the partners were a threat to her.

Jake, Amanda, and Cara arrived at the Hubbards' home, and Jesse commended his friends' efforts to stock them with baby supplies. Angie asked where Tad was, and Cara informed her he was downstairs and left to check on him. Amanda spotted the sonogram photo and wondered why Angie and Jesse had changed their minds about the name. Jesse balked, and Jake complimented the name Lucille. Jesse remarked that Ellie was the baby's middle name.

Griffin wanted to set up another meeting with Diana, but Tad warned him against it because of the beating Griffin had suffered the last time. Tad suggested that he himself set up the meeting in a public place. Cara returned, and Tad left. Griffin started to leave for the hospital, but Cara stopped him and inquired about Kendall. Griffin informed his sister that Kendall had invited him to Erica's wedding, but Griffin maintained that Kendall didn't need a doctor. Cara called him clueless, but Griffin insisted that Kendall was only a patient and a friend. Cara realized that was a big admission for her brother, and she said she just wanted him to be happy.

Angie fretted that she still had a lot to learn about taking care of a baby, and Cara reassured her that she was a wonderful mother. Cara marveled how perfect the baby was after such a difficult delivery. Angie simply wanted to accept her daughter's healthy birth as God's miracle. Tad pulled Jesse aside and opined that Jesse didn't seem like himself, but Jesse blamed his anxiety on the trauma of the birth. Tad wondered if there was more to the story, but Jesse simply said there was a lot to take in.

Jesse recalled how Tad hadn't told Jesse about the real reason Tad had married Cara, because Tad hadn't wanted to compromise the situation. Tad clarified that he hadn't wanted to put his best friend in the position of having to make a tough choice. Jesse asked if it was tough to pretend, but Tad stated that he'd simply done what he'd had to do. Cara continued to talk about the baby's incredible birth, but Jesse snapped that he didn't want Angie to have to think about it ever again.

Jesse apologized and explained that it had been a rough few days and that he was tired. Angie said she appreciated her friends' help, and Jesse showed the guests to the door. Angie reassured Jesse that they'd be all right. He agreed that everything would be great and implored her not to worry. As Angie cuddled the baby, Jesse hid Maya's letter inside a desk drawer.

Angie napped on the couch. She woke up in a panic and screamed for her baby. Jesse placed Lucy in her arms and explained that Angie had just dozed off. She said she had dreamed that her baby was gone. Angie declared that she knew things were fine, but it was scary to think about what could have happened. Jesse vowed that he'd never let anything bad happen to her or the baby ever again. "Daddy's always going to protect us," she whispered to Lucy.

Ricky confronted Griffin at the hospital and expressed relief about Kendall's clean bill of health. Griffin demanded to know what Ricky wanted. Ricky asserted that they both cared about Kendall and wanted to protect her, but he didn't want to be Griffin's enemy. Ricky announced that Kendall had invited Ricky to accompany her to the wedding and asked if Griffin had a problem with it. Griffin claimed that it was a great idea for Ricky to look after Kendall. A smug Ricky watched Griffin walk away.

The Martins returned to Amanda and Jake's home, and Jake whisked Trevor upstairs for a bath. Cara continued to assemble baby items, and Amanda coldly asked why Cara was still there. Cara pointed out that Tad had asked her to help, but Amanda warned Cara to limit her time with Jake to the hospital. Tad overheard and confirmed that he'd asked Cara for her assistance. He ordered Amanda to drop her attitude.

Once alone, Amanda kissed Jake and apologized for her earlier actions. She explained that she didn't want them to be mad at one another anymore. He assured Amanda that her concerns about Cara getting between them were unfounded. Jake proclaimed that he was married to Amanda, and he wished she'd trust his love for her.

Tad and Cara returned home. Cara said she could use a vacation after Amanda and Jesse's harsh words. Cara mentioned that she'd overheard Jake and Tad's conversation, and Tad insisted that he wasn't trying to imitate Jake. She said she understood, because Tad was just a natural at telling bad jokes. She called him the best fake husband and best friend she'd ever had. "You're not half bad yourself," he murmured, and they hugged.

Diana arrived at Kendall's home and claimed that her car had broken down, and Kendall reluctantly offered the use of her phone. Diana sauntered in, and Kendall eyed her cautiously.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

At Ryan's house, Ryan offered to get Emma some ice cream after her therapy appointment. Emma said she hated Dr. Myers, and Annie had been right about Greenlee wanting Emma locked away so that Greenlee could have Ryan all to herself. As Greenlee and Ryan tried to reason with Emma, Emma suddenly recalled the ice cream bargain. Ryan confirmed it, and Emma gaily skipped to the door. A perplexed Ryan and Greenlee left with Emma.

At Madison's house, Madison asked Scott to help her operate a video camera, so she could record the baby once it was born. Scott turned the camera on Madison and convinced her to record a message for the baby. Madison complied, but her speech kept returning to her gratefulness to Scott. He tried to keep her on the subject of her and the baby, but she ended her statement by saying she felt that she and the baby were lucky to have Scott.

At the hospital later, Greenlee and Ryan encountered Madison and Scott. Ryan told them they were waiting for Emma's therapy session to end. Madison explained that she had a doctor's appointment, and Ryan asked if "we" could tag along. Greenlee said they shouldn't horn in on the appointment, and Madison claimed that she and Scott had it covered.

Ryan said he wanted to make Madison and the baby a part of his extended family, and it would make Emma happy if she could participate in Madison's pregnancy. Madison offered to think about it and then invited the Laverys to meet her doctor. Greenlee and Scott opted to let Ryan and Madison go alone. Once Ryan and Madison left, Greenlee accused Scott of being bothered by Madison asking Ryan to meet the doctor. Scott said Greenlee had the issue, not him.

In an exam room, Ryan and Madison smiled as they listened to the baby's heartbeat. Afterward, they returned to Greenlee, who mirthlessly smiled as Ryan discussed the baby's heartbeat. Aside, Madison told Scott that things would work out fine with Ryan. Scott offered to cancel his evening with Marissa; however, Madison said to have fun, and she'd see him later.

When Emma's session ended, Ryan talked with Dr. Meyers, and Greenlee asked Emma how the appointment had gone. Emma said she'd told the doctor that she didn't want Greenlee for a stepmother. "And she understood," Emma added.

The Laverys got ice cream and went home. Emma giggled upon hearing the details about the baby kicking during Madison's appointment. Greenlee performed a ninja kick to mimic how the baby had kicked Madison, and Emma laughed even harder.

While having drinks with Marissa at ConFusion, Bianca spotted JR eyeing them from the bar, and then a waitress served the women complimentary drinks. Marissa was worried that something was wrong with her because she felt herself buckling under JR's persistence to get her back. JR strode over and announced that he was celebrating his second year of sobriety. He felt he owed it all to Marissa, and he invited her to join him at his A.A. meeting that evening.

Bianca and Marissa exchanged knowing looks as JR said he'd been sober when he'd met Marissa, but she'd taught him how to live, how to fight, and how to win against the cancer. He claimed that was why he wanted her at the meeting. Marissa acknowledged that they had amazing memories, but she felt that those memories belonged in the past.

JR asked to discuss it in private, but when Marissa declined, he guessed she feared being alone with him. She denied it, so he pulled his chair closer to her and noted that she always smelled good. Marissa nervously laughed and declined his invitation. JR gave up, but said he'd meant what he'd said, because she was the reason he had the rest of his life to look forward to.

After JR left, Bianca stated that his tactics had affected even her. Bianca offered to buy Marissa dinner, but Marissa said she had to meet Scott for a movie. Marissa noted that Karen, the bartender, had been making eyes at Bianca; however, Bianca dismissed Karen as a flirt. As Marissa left, she told Karen that Bianca could use a refill.

As Karen served Bianca, she invited Bianca for a drink later. Bianca claimed she wasn't available. Karen embarrassingly said that Bianca's friend had made it seem Bianca was available. Bianca replied that her friend had been wrong. Bianca said she was in the middle of a divorce and didn't know when she'd date again. Karen stated that Bianca knew who to go to when the time was right.

JR took Tad to the A.A. meeting at the hospital. During the break, Tad expressed his pride in JR's sobriety. The men discussed married life, and JR revealed that he was having a tough time patching things up with Marissa, because only one of them believed that it was truly meant to be. In the corridor later, JR caught a glimpse of Scott and Marissa meeting for their date.

Griffin and Tad met up in the corridor. Griffin was anxious to meet with the casino partners to gauge their reaction to the casino sales, but Tad warned Griffin to play it cool before he wound up dead. Tad figured that Kendall's week in St. Barts would give them time to figure things out. Griffin grumbled that she was taking "Reverend Dimples" with her.

Tad wondered if Kendall and Ricky's trip had upset Griffin, but Griffin defensively replied that he could have gone if he'd wanted to; however, he was Kendall's doctor and friend, and nothing more. Tad quipped that Griffin had appointed himself her bodyguard, as well. Tad insisted that Griffin not make any more solo moves on the case.

Changing the subject, Tad remarked that Jake was really pressuring him to find out about the stolen hospital drugs. Tad figured that Griffin might have some insight to it, because he worked there. Abruptly, Griffin said he'd love to help, but he had to see a patient.

At Kendall's house, Diana pretended her name was Sheila, and Kendall went to make some tea. Once alone, Diana whipped out a switchblade and then slipped it into her boot.

Kendall returned, and Diana lied that her tow truck would take a while. Looking at pictures, Diana noted that Kendall's husband was handsome. Kendall said he was dead, and Diana wondered if Kendall's pastor had been helping her deal with it. Kendall said he'd been a big help. Diana ominously remarked that those relationships could sometimes grow deeper.

Kendall seemed relieved to hear a knock at the door, and she answered it to see Ricky on her threshold. Kendall introduced Ricky to "Sheila." He said the gardener had told him about "Sheila's" car trouble. Since the keys had been in the car, Ricky had cranked it, and it had started up. He guessed she'd flooded the engine before, and he doubted she'd need a tow truck.

Kendall stealthily kicked something under her ottoman as Ricky insisted upon walking "Sheila" out. On the porch, Ricky lit into Diana, who insisted that they had to take care of Kendall before she sold the casinos. He claimed he was dealing with it, but Diana warned him that it'd be even easier for her to access Kendall again -- if the need arose. Ricky snatched Diana's arm and ordered her to never go near Kendall again. He threw Diana's keys in the driveway and stated that they'd talk about the situation again later.

Ricky returned inside, where Kendall was worrying about "Sheila." Ricky shrugged, stating that she'd seemed harmless. Ricky left, and Kendall picked up the pouch she'd kicked under the ottoman. Reading a name on a credit card inside, Kendall said, "Sheila? You lied."

Kendall went to the hospital and encountered Griffin. She relayed what had just happened at her house with "Sheila." Griffin said Kendall should have called him. Kendall stated that Ricky had intervened, but she doubted that anything had been wrong with "Sheila's" car. Kendall handed Griffin the credit card and told him that "Sheila" was really Diana Holden.

Griffin claimed he'd never heard the name before, and Kendall wondered if she were overreacting. He dismissively said she'd forget all about it once she was in St. Barts, and Kendall left to wrap up some work at Fusion. Griffin quickly called Brot and said that the threat they'd discussed before had just paid Kendall a visit.

In the park later, Griffin urged Brot to haul Diana into the police station, but Brot said Diana hadn't committed a crime. Griffin asked Brot to stake out Kendall's house, but Brot said the police department was understaffed. Griffin stalked off, declaring that he'd handle it himself.

At Kendall's house, Kendall got a weird feeling. She yanked open her front door and was relieved to find Griffin loitering on her porch. He claimed he was there to discuss discomforts she might experience on the plane ride. He offered to stay until Ricky picked her up for the trip. For a moment, Kendall feared Diana might return. Shaking off the worry, Kendall said Griffin could go, because she didn't plan on letting anyone but Ricky into the house.

In the park later, Diana was startled to find Ricky right behind her. She urged him to get rid of Kendall before he wound up on death row for Zach's murder. Diana declared that she loved him too much to let that happen, and she reminded him that they'd been an unstoppable team, both in and out of bed. Ricky agreed with her, and they kissed.

Diana and Ricky went to a room at the Yacht Club, where Ricky admitted that he'd been angry with her until he'd remembered what great partners they'd been. He figured it was hard for her to watch him with Kendall, but said he'd make it easier. As Diana sat on the bed, he kissed her. Suddenly, she realized that his hands were around her throat. She coughed, saying, "Ricky, no..." Climbing on top of Diana, Ricky choked the life out of her and uttered that he was sorry.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Liza gasped for breath after a lovemaking session with David. He contentedly said that she wasn't bad herself, but she immediately expressed regret for sleeping with him. He asserted that there was nothing to be embarrassed about. Liza loathed herself for her actions, but David assured her that she was fantastic in and out of bed.

David declared that after 14 years of foreplay, sex with Liza had been worth the wait. She remained silent, and he pushed her to admit that they were great in bed together. He couldn't wait to see what else they could accomplish, but she said she didn't want anything else to do with him. She warned him not to tell anyone they had slept together, because her reputation was already bad enough. He referred to her dalliance with Damon, and a disgusted Liza got up to get dressed.

David reminded Liza that he was responsible for securing her job as D.A. Liza asked whether he felt she owed him and wondered what he was really after. He said their tryst had been a good start, but he implied that she could help him get his medical license reinstated. She advised him to pretend that they'd never slept together, and she left.

Angie and Jesse arrived at the hospital with Lucy and asked Jake to check the baby out. Angie thought the baby simply had colic, but Jesse was more concerned. Cara took the baby and escorted Angie to a room, while Jake assured Jesse that Lucy would be fine.

Jake asked Jesse what was upsetting him. Jesse claimed that he wasn't freaked out and that he wanted to check on the baby. Jake stopped him and pushed for Jesse to open up. Jesse explained that he was just an anxious new father. Jake recalled how worried he had been when Trevor had suffered from the croup, and he advised Jesse to relax.

Cara fawned over Lucy and started to say that she wished Angie could see how beautiful the baby was, but she quickly stopped herself. Angie explained that she could use her other senses to feel close to her daughter. Cara asked if Jesse was okay, and Angie said he'd just had a tough few days. Cara referred to the traumatic delivery, and Angie marveled that Jesse had delivered the baby with no help, as she herself had been unconscious. Cara inquired whether Angie remembered anything else.

Angie recalled her relief when she had first heard the baby cry, and how Jesse had handed Lucy to her, though it had felt like it had taken forever. Cara questioned why Jesse had hesitated, and Angie said he'd never explained, but it didn't matter. Angie believed that Jesse felt overwhelmed, and she wished he could relax and enjoy their time with their daughter. Angie noted that Cara was good with Lucy. Cara cuddled with the baby as Jake looked in.

Cara reported to Jake that the baby was healthy. Angie left to find Jesse, and Jake recalled the time when he and Cara had thought Cara had been pregnant. He pointed out that Cara had never told him how she'd felt when she'd found out she hadn't been. Cara said it hadn't been the right time, and he hoped she'd have a family of her own one day. She was doubtful, and Jake speculated that her chemotherapy had caused fertility issues.

Cara explained that parenthood wasn't in the cards with everything going on in her life. She revealed that she didn't want to have a child without the right father by her side. Cara noted that a fake marriage didn't lend itself to parenthood, but Jake suggested that she'd have time in three years. Amanda passed by and saw Jake and Cara with the baby. Cara started to leave to return Lucy to Angie, and Jake apologized for broaching the subject of Cara possibly becoming a mother.

Amanda entered, and Jake informed his wife that the infant was fine. Frankie entered to see his sister, and Cara handed the baby to him before she left to get back to work. Frankie departed with Lucy, and Amanda asked a distant Jake if he was okay. Jake mentioned the Hubbards' ordeal, and he inquired why Amanda was there. She suggestively stated that she had dropped off Trevor with the sitter, and he wondered if he'd forgotten a date. She declared that it was the perfect night for them to make a baby.

Amanda asked if Jake was on board with her plan, but he opted for dinner and a movie. He called her a great mom, but he honestly didn't think it was the best time, because they were both busy with their jobs. She reminded him that they'd discussed having another child, but he was reluctant because of the recent problems in their marriage. She said their issues were about Cara, and she believed another baby would release the tension. He disagreed, but she persisted that another baby would help them focus on what was important.

Jake said family was important to him and recalled how the close-knit Martins had raised him, but Amanda was concerned with their own little family. He repeated that it wasn't the best timing, and she asked whether she had a say. He thought it was something they should agree on. He received a page, and he said they'd talk more about it later. A despondent Amanda exited and spotted Jake and Cara conferring in the hall.

In the hospital playroom, Angie informed Jesse that Cara had confirmed that Lucy was fine. Angie said they could take their baby home and asked what was really going on with her husband. He paused, and he pulled her into a hug as he flashed back to delivering a stillborn Ellie and switching her with Lucy. Jesse claimed that he was preoccupied with a police case, but Angie assumed that he was nervous about being a new dad.

Angie told Jesse that they'd feel better after a good night sleep, but Jesse's cell phone rang, and he had to tend to a situation in the Emergency Room. She suggested that she take the baby home and he take care of work. He hesitated, but she assured him that she knew her way around. Jesse departed, and Angie started to leave, using her walking cane as a guide. David entered and greeted her, and she asked why he kept showing up. He said it felt like home, though Angie made it clear he wasn't welcome at the hospital.

David inquired about Lucy and called her a miracle child. He wondered if another miracle was in store and mentioned the possibility of restoring Angie's sight. Angie was irritated by David's suggestion, but he said he'd pulled off miracles and recalled how he'd saved Greenlee and Kendall. Angie moved to leave, but David maintained that he'd performed extensive research on her diagnosis. While he realized that she had done the same, he pointed out that he and Angie followed different sets of moral codes. He speculated that she might not be aware of unconventional ideas outside of published journals. A livid Angie refused to discuss miracles with him, since he had caused her blindness.

David asserted that he'd never intended for Angie to go blind, but she reminded him that his budget cuts had resulted in a lack of supplies and personnel that had led to her affliction. He asserted that he felt terrible and wanted to help, but she insisted that her blindness had no cure. He said he'd never expected her to be a defeatist, but she maintained that she'd accepted her condition and was doing fine. She ordered him to get out of her way, but he stopped her by asking whether she wanted to see her daughter's face.

Angie proclaimed that David only cared about getting back his medical license. He acknowledged that his intentions weren't secret and expressed confidence that eventually he'd get support, but she yelled that she didn't want anything from him and nearly walked into a wall. She found her way to the door, and he called after her to imagine the moment she could first see Lucy. He felt it was a shame to not at least give him a chance.

In the ER, a police officer struggled with an African-American woman who begged to be let go. Jesse asked what had happened, and the officer explained that the woman had caused a scene at the courthouse. Jesse introduced himself to the woman, who hysterically cried that her baby had been stolen. The woman begged Jesse to help her, because she'd given up her baby girl but wanted her back. Cara overheard as the woman screamed at Jesse to give her back her baby. Jesse sternly told the woman that he didn't have her daughter.

A doctor told the woman that the loss of a child was a terrible blow. Jesse inquired whether he needed to open a case about a missing newborn, but the woman blurted that her child was ten years old. She revealed that the courts had kept her from her daughter because of her own past drug use. Jesse wished the woman luck and started to leave. Cara noted Jesse's odd demeanor and asked if he was okay. He claimed to be fine and rushed off. Cara looked after him suspiciously.

Frankie and the hospital staff admired Lucy. Jesse entered, and Frankie introduced his father as the man who'd delivered Lucy. The staff applauded, and a guilty Jesse was speechless.

Cara asked Jake to hear her out. She'd considered the circumstances of Lucy's birth, and she had observed Jesse acting strangely. Jake felt that Jesse's overprotective behavior was understandable, but Cara pointed out how Jesse had dealt with the woman in the ER inappropriately. Cara recalled that Angie had lost consciousness during labor, and she recounted how Angie had admitted that Jesse hadn't given her the baby right away. Jake wondered what Cara meant, and Cara conveyed her suspicions that the baby wasn't Angie's child.

Maya vowed that she would no longer sit around feeling sorry for herself. She picked up the card Asher had given her and put on her single earring for luck. Later, May a arrived at the Chandler mansion, where a voice on the intercom asked who she was. Maya gave her name and indicated that she had met Asher, and the voice informed her that Asher wasn't there and coldly asked what she wanted.

Maya pleaded for a moment of time, since she'd spent all her money on bus fare to inquire about a job Asher had mentioned. The household manager met her at the door and asked what households she'd worked in before. Maya balked, and the manager coldly suggested she get a job at the mall. Maya requested to speak to JR, but the manager slammed the door in her face.

Maya panicked when she realized she'd lost her earring, but she found it on the ground and flashed back to holding the baby. Later, May a arrived at the police station. She looked down at the earring and then across the room at Brot.

At the Yacht Club, Ricky told a motionless Diana that she should have listened to him. He cleaned up the hotel room and wrapped her body in a sheet. "I'll always remember the good times we had together," Ricky mused nonchalantly.

Kendall told Griffin he didn't have to wait for Ricky with her, but Griffin suggested that he drive her to the airport and that she meet Ricky there. Kendall tried to shake off her uneasy feelings about her encounter with Diana and convinced herself that she was overreacting. Kendall believed the incident had been harmless, but Griffin warned her to be more careful.

Griffin asked if Kendall was tired and suggested that she take a nap upstairs. She said she'd briefly rest on the couch, and she quickly fell into a snooze. Griffin covered her with a blanket and gazed fondly at her. Griffin touched Kendall's face, and she opened her eyes. He smiled down at her. She kissed his hand and held it to her face, and Griffin leaned in. Kendall suddenly woke up to Griffin's voice telling her that Ricky would be there soon and was flustered by the intimacy of her dream.

Kendall appeared confused, and Griffin asked what she had been dreaming about. He teased that she had been making noises and touching her face. She snapped at him for his lack of bedside manner and asked why he was really there. Griffin questioned where Kendall's hostility had originated from and said he'd only wanted to give her medical advice before her trip. She wondered if he was trying to prevent her from going to St. Barts, but when he encouraged her to go, she pressed to know why he was attempting to get rid of her.

Kendall demanded to know what Griffin wanted, but he believed she was trying to pick a fight because he had commented about her dream. She accused him of watching her sleep. He offered to leave, but she said she wanted answers. She sensed that Griffin had visited her for a reason and begged for a straight answer about what was going on.

Griffin called himself Kendall's friend, and Kendall remarked that friends were honest with one another. He noted that she'd been through a lot, but she was tired of people feeling sorry for her. He murmured that it wouldn't be easy, but she insisted on hearing the truth. The doorbell rang, and Kendall answered it to Ricky, who said the timing of the trip was perfect because she could get the rest she needed. Kendall asked for a moment alone with Griffin, but Griffin said Ricky was right and told them to have a great trip. A bewildered Kendall watched as Griffin made a hasty exit.

Ricky confirmed that their travel plans were ready, and he wondered why Kendall appeared hesitant to leave. Kendall claimed it had been a crazy day, between Diana lying about her real name and Griffin acting strangely. Ricky tried to convince Kendall that her uneasiness was unfounded, but she performed an online search for Diana and learned that Diana had worked for Zach's casino.

Griffin opened to the door to his hotel room as he left a message for Brot to keep an eye on Kendall. Griffin was stunned to discover Diana's lifeless body in his bed.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Jake was disturbed by Cara's claim that baby Lucy wasn't actually Angie and Jesse's daughter. Cara said that ever since Angie had arrived at the hospital and Cara had a chance to examine Angie, something hadn't felt right. Jake questioned whom the baby could possibly belong to. Cara wasn't sure but said that she wouldn't have approached Jake with her suspicions if she didn't believe them strongly. Cara was amazed that Jake didn't have questions, given how Lucy arrived in the world.

Cara rattled off the things that had happened that went against the probability of having a healthy baby, as if Jake had forgotten. Jake told Cara that sometimes miracles happened, and reminded Cara that they'd both seen wondrous things in the field. Cara started to protest, but Jake said that he didn't want to talk about Cara's theory any longer. Cara realized that her theory was hard for Jake to hear, because of the close friendship he had with The Hubbards.

Jake explained how Angie had stopped taking an experimental drug that might have restored her sight when she found out that she was pregnant. He retold how Jesse had suffered watching Angie lose her sight because the baby had meant that much to both of them. Jake added that Angie and Jesse had spent their whole lives helping others. Jake said that the generosity the Hubbards displayed made it impossible for him to believe that Lucy didn't belong to the couple.

Maya stood in the police station and held the match to the earring she'd sent with her daughter. Unnoticed for the moment, May a recalled the moment when she'd left her baby in a squad car. Brot finally realized that Maya was there, and asked if there was any way he could help the young girl.

Brot introduced himself and asked if Maya needed to report a crime. Before Maya could verbalize her thoughts, another cop approached and spoke quietly to Brot. Brot told Maya that he needed to go out on a call, but said he could find someone else to help her if there was an emergency. Maya rejected the offer, so Brot left with his partner.

Jesse emerged from an exam room with Lucy in his arms. He was surprised to see Tad talking with Angie. Tad said that he'd been working on a case for Angie, and both felt like it was time to involve the police. Tad explained what supplies had gone missing from the hospital. More recently, dangerous controlled drugs had disappeared. Jesse asked if he could speak to Tad alone, but Angie refused to be left out of the discussion.

Jesse asked how long the thefts had been occurring at the hospital. Tad confessed that he'd been on the case for a while. Tad said that the only explanation he had for not telling Jesse was that the board had wanted to keep things internal. However, when the perpetrator started taking more dangerous medications, the board had realized the assistance of the police force was needed.

Jesse was angry about the secrecy around Tad's investigation. Angie said that Jake had been trying to protect the hospital, and none of them had seen any real danger. Tad promised to turn over all the information he had to Jesse. Angie remarked that Jesse had enough to do with a new baby and a wife who wasn't quite ready to take care of their daughter on her own. Jesse got upset and said that he had been handling his work and taking care of his family.

Griffin left a message for Ryan as he returned to his room at the Yacht Club. He dropped his phone when he saw that his room had been ransacked and a woman lay in his bed. Griffin rushed to the bed and tried to rouse the woman. When she didn't respond, Griffin checked for a pulse, and realized that the woman's heart had stopped.

Griffin began chest compressions. As he continued CPR in an effort to revive the woman, Griffin asked in vain what had happened to her, and how she'd ended up in his bed. When Griffin realized that his efforts were futile, he decided to call the police. As he waited for an answer, he spotted the woman's purse. Before Griffin could find any information, Brot and his partner burst into the room with their guns drawn.

Brot told Griffin they'd received a call about sounds of violence in his room. Griffin swore that he'd arrived two minutes before the police did. Brot asked if Griffin knew who the woman was. Griffin said that he'd been attempting to find that out when the police arrived. Brot sent his partner to call in the scene as a possible homicide.

Brot asked Griffin again if he knew the woman. Griffin started to repeat his denial, and then realized his error. Griffin recounted an incident from a month before. Griffin said the woman had claimed to be a screenwriter and wanted to retell the story of how Griffin had operated on Kendall in the ambulance. Brot pointed out that Griffin had conflicting stories, and said that they needed to go to the police station to sort everything out.

Kendall was alarmed when she found a website that identified Diana as one of the head officials of a company that had worked with Zach. Ricky posited that perhaps Kendall had found the wrong person, but Kendall pointed out that the profile had a picture. Kendall said that the woman in the picture was the one who'd shown up at the Slater residence with a false name and a bogus story.

Kendall wanted to go to the police, but Ricky reminded Kendall that her last visit with the police over Zach's death hadn't gone so well. Kendall refused to be swayed and said that Diana's visit might mean that someone wanted to kill her too. Ricky continued to try to calm Kendall, but a knock at the door interrupted his efforts. Kendall moved swiftly to her front door and was surprised to find Ryan there.

Ryan told Kendall that Griffin had sent him. Kendall gave Ryan a brief sketch of her run-in with Diana. Kendall said that she hadn't know what Diana had wanted but said Diana had gotten spooked when Ricky showed up. Kendall reminded Ryan that she and the boys were leaving for Erica's wedding soon. Ryan insisted that they try to figure out what was going on before Kendall's trip. Ryan said that he would need Ricky's help.

Ryan wondered if Griffin knew that Diana had been involved with the casinos. Ryan thought that perhaps that was why Griffin had asked Ryan to check on Kendall. Without any clear answers, Ryan decided to call Griffin to see what other information Griffin could offer. When his phone rang, Griffin asked if he could take the call. Brot agreed, but only if the call was on speaker. Brot answered the call, and Griffin asked if Kendall was safe. Once Ryan confirmed, Griffin said that he wasn't able to talk. Griffin told Ryan that a dead body had been found in his bed, and that he'd been arrested.

The call abruptly ended, and Ryan relayed the information to Kendall and Ricky. In their concern, Kendall and Ryan missed Ricky's barely concealed smirk. Kendall said that they needed to go to the police station. Ricky offered to drive, but Ryan said he would take care of Kendall. Kendall quickly thanked Ricky before she and Ryan ran out the door.

Angie and Jesse squabbled good-naturedly about who should get up with the baby more often. The discussion was cut short when Jesse's phone rang. Jesse saw that it was the station and stepped out into the hall. While Jesse was gone, Angie asked Tad if Jesse seemed okay. Angie told Tad that Jesse seemed distracted and worried, but hoped that it was just exhaustion.

Jesse walked back into the room. He told Tad and Angie that someone had been murdered, and that the body had been found in Griffin's room. Angie was sure there had been a mistake. Jesse left to go to the station.

When Jesse arrived at the station, he had a brief encounter with Maya. Maya told him that she'd been waiting to talk with Brot. Jesse promised that he would send Brot over as soon as he could. Maya sat down, and Jesse walked over to Griffin, whom Brot had just dragged into the station. Jesse asked some preliminary questions to ascertain how well Griffin knew the woman that had been found in his room.

Griffin repeated his story of how the woman had tracked him down under the guise of being a screenwriter. He told Jesse that he'd turned the woman down, and had not given her any of his contact information. Jesse pulled Brot aside and asked what Griffin's behavior had been like when Brot arrived at Griffin's room.

Brot said that Griffin had been defensive, and wondered why a surgeon would kill. Puzzled, Jesse looked at the identification that had been collected at the scene. Kendall and Ryan arrived at the station moments before Jesse announced that the dead woman's name was Diana Holden. Kendall blurted out that Diana was the mysterious woman who had visited the Slater residence.

Griffin was surprised to hear that the woman in his hotel room was the woman connected to the casino businesses. Kendall was angry that Griffin knew of the woman but hadn't shared that information with her. Griffin tried to put some of the blame on the police when he revealed that he'd asked that Diana be arrested. Brot said that when he found that Diana's record was clean, there had been nothing he could do.

Kendall asked how Griffin knew of anyone connected to Zach's casino dealings. Griffin confessed that he wasn't convinced Zach's death was an accident. Griffin said that he'd continued to investigate but hadn't found anything. Griffin said that everything he'd done had been to protect Kendall. Kendall curtly reminded Griffin that he was under no obligation to protect her.

Brot stepped away to talk to Maya, and apologized to her for the wait. Maya said she didn't mind, so Brot asked why she'd stopped at the station. Maya faltered, and Brot assured her that he could help her. Maya decided that going to the police was a mistake. She apologized for wasting Brot's time and rushed out of the station.

Tad found Cara and bluntly broke the news about Griffin's arrest. Initially, Jake and Cara thought that Tad was kidding but Tad made it clear that he was very serious. Tad said he'd just heard the news from Jesse. Cara knew her brother would never hurt anyone. Jake said he would cover Cara's patients, so Tad and Cara hurried off-site.

Ricky showed up at Griffin's room in his priest outfit and pretended to be alarmed at the scene. He instantly ducked under the yellow tape and started to walk into the room. The crime scene technicians said that Ricky had to stay out because they were still collecting evidence. Ricky asked if he might be able to say a prayed for the dead person and reluctantly, the techs allowed it.

Jake escorted Angie and Lucy home. They briefly discussed what was happening with Griffin. Angie switched tacks when she realized that Lucy needed a diaper change. Jake offered to do the honors. Before Jake picked up the baby, he asked Angie who people were saying the baby looked like. Angie said she hadn't gotten any definitive answers, and they both thought that it was too early to tell.

After Jake changed Lucy, Angie asked if the baby seemed okay. Angie said that babies picked up on emotions, and Angie worried that her mood swings were negatively affecting Lucy. Jake said that the baby seemed fine, and asked what else was concerning Angie. Angie said that she was bothered by having to utilize other people to know what was going on with her own child.

Jake assured Angie that she would quickly pick up on caring for a newborn again. Angie pointed out that she hadn't doubted choosing the health of her baby over her eyesight. Angie said that since Lucy had been born, Angie wanted to actually be able to see her baby, and wondered if that could ever happen. Angie told Jake about David's offer to help find a cure for her blindness. Angie said that she would never work with David, but knew David has access to off-the-grid medical treatments.

Angie launched into a tale of how much her daughter had already done to inspire Angie. Angie said she wanted to do everything she could to support Lucy. Jake admitted that David was an excellent doctor, but said he was suspicious of David's offer. Angie admitted that she was tempted by the offer. Jake said that it was his responsibility to take care of both Angie and the baby, and promised to look into David's claims.

Jesse asked how it was possible that Griffin knew Diana's name but not what she looked like. Griffin explained that he'd set up a meeting with her but the meeting had been cancelled. When Griffin tried to force his way into seeing Diana, her associates had beaten him up. Kendall was taken aback to realize that Griffin had lied to her about that as well.

Cara showed up with Tad at that moment. Cara blasted Kendall for not being grateful that Griffin had put his life on the line for her. Kendall was shocked that Cara knew the truth, and Tad added that he knew as well. Tad said that he'd done some work for Griffin to try to unearth the truth behind Zach's death. Jesse was irritated that Tad had worked on another case without telling Jesse.

Ryan pulled Kendall aside to see how she was holding up with all of the night's revelations. Kendall lamented that she'd made peace with Zach's death when there were still so many unanswered questions. Kendall excused herself and asked to speak with Griffin alone. Kendall demanded an explanation for what Griffin had done.

Griffin promised he would explain everything to Kendall once he took care of his business with the police. Kendall nodded, and then told Griffin that she believed him. Kendall said that she would do whatever she could to help clear Griffin's name. Kendall was alarmed at the turn of events, and said that it didn't make any sense. Griffin said that he believed he was being set up.

Kendall said that she would be shocked if it turned out that Zach had been murdered. Kendall told Griffin that she wished he hadn't lied to her, and then walked over to Ryan before Griffin could respond. Kendall told Ryan she wanted to make some calls, but Ryan said that he was way ahead of her. Ryan said that he would get in touch with Tad to find out what additional information Tad's investigation had turned up, and then left.

Across the room, Jesse approached Griffin with some evidence in a sealed bag. Griffin claimed not to know what the evidence was. Jesse announced that the crime techs had found two first class plane tickets to New Zealand -- one for Griffin, and one for Diana. Jesse also noted that $75,000 in cash and a large stash of drugs had been uncovered as well. Griffin insisted that none of it was his, but once Kendall heard about the drugs, she couldn't stay silent.

Kendall said that if the truth was finally going to be unearthed about Zach's death, everything needed to be out in the open. Griffin looked at her with alarm while Jesse asked Kendall to elaborate. Kendall announced that Griffin had been stealing drugs from the hospital.

Ricky breezed into Krystal's restaurant and asked for a beer. He quickly changed his mind and asked for the best scotch in the house. The woman behind the bar said it seemed like Ricky was celebrating. Ricky said that in his line of work, getting the chance to do really great things was something to celebrate.

Ricky held up his shot of scotch and whispered a dedication to Diana and the great times they'd had. Ricky downed the shot, and then slammed the glass down on the bar. Ricky turned on his phone, and longingly looked a photo of Kendall.

Maya got back to her room and talked aloud, to both herself and her daughter. She said she wasn't sure why she'd gone to the police station. Although Maya wondered where her daughter had ended up, May a was sure she was in a much better home. Maya then resolved to get the job at the Chandler residence so that she could be someone her daughter would be proud of.

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