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Bo and Nora were stunned to hear Matthew's confession of murder. Gigi and Rex saved Shane from jumping off of the school roof. Blair demanded that an unapologetic Jack provide answers for why he had been tormenting Shane. James invited Deanna to live with him, but he made it clear that he was with Starr. Langston agreed to work on the script for David's film.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 4, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, April 4, 2011

Gigi panicked as she read the goodbye note that Shane had written to her and Rex. Rex reread the note and suggested that Shane had run away as teenagers were prone to do, but Gigi was certain that the note alluded to something else. Rex wanted to remain calm, and repeated that Shane had probably just run away. He decided to call Bo, and Gigi tried once again to call Shane's cell phone. They were both unsuccessful, but Gigi agreed that Shane had probably just run off to talk to someone or had run away. She had no idea who Shane might talk to, but Rex recalled that Shane was close to his grandmother, and he quickly phoned Echo.

Viki walked into Echo's room at the Minute Man Motel and found Echo and Charlie in bed together. "Oh God," Viki uttered. She was visibly shaken, but she walked into the room and closed the door behind her. "How could you do this?" Viki asked. She noted that Tess had sent her a present, and it was a picture of Charlie kissing "that piece of trash." Echo wanted to talk to Viki, but Viki shouted for Echo to shut up. Viki yelled that she had known all along that it would happen, because Echo couldn't get a man of her own. First it was Clint, and then it was Charlie.

Viki called Echo a slut, but Echo stated that she'd had Charlie first. Viki retorted that she was the one whom Charlie had married. Echo claimed that she hadn't wanted to hurt Viki, but Viki was certain that Echo had planned to do so all along. "You pig," Viki snarled as she slapped Echo's face. Charlie quickly separated the women, but Echo's phone began to ring. She stepped away to answer it, and Charlie began to apologize to Viki.

He'd never meant for it to happen, Charlie pleaded. Viki replied that in that case, he shouldn't have slept with Echo. Viki had warned him. Echo returned and announced that she had to leave. Shane was missing, and there had been trouble at school. She began to say something to Charlie, but Viki interrupted. Charlie would not accompany Echo, Viki said adamantly. She knew that was what Echo had been about to ask.

In another room at the motel, James pulled away from Deanna as she began to kiss him. "I'm with someone," he told her. "What about us? You said you loved me," Deanna responded. James reminded Deanna that she had dumped him. He was happy, and he asked why Deanna was in Llanview. Before she could answer, James exclaimed that he didn't care, because he was with Starr. He wondered about the porn film that he'd found Deanna involved with, but Deanna declared that she'd made a mistake.

Starr arrived at the hospital and found Shaun sitting outside of Todd's room. Shaun could tell that something was wrong, and Starr explained that she had to talk to her mother about Jack. Inside of Todd's room, Blair urged Todd to wake up. She confided that Dani had suggested that Jack had done some awful things, and she wondered if their son could be so cruel. Starr wandered into the room and asked Blair what she was talking about, but she didn't wait for her mother to explain. Starr proclaimed that Jack was out of control, and Blair had to do something before Shane got hurt.

Starr admitted that she'd shown up at school to get Jack, and she'd found a naked Shane, while Jack and his friends had stood by and laughed at him. Starr also declared that Jack had posted some terrible things about Shane on MyFace, and Jack had even confessed to her. Blair casually replied that she was busy with Todd, but she'd have a talk with Jack when she could. Starr was hard on her mother, and she demanded that her mother find the time right away. Blair blamed Jack's behavior on Todd's shooting, but Starr clarified that it had all started before the shooting. Starr didn't find it useful that Jack looked to Todd as his hero.

Starr signed onto MyFace and showed her mother all of the awful things that Jack had written. Much of it was from several months in the past. As they read, a notice popped up that a new video was available to look at. Starr noted that she'd found Rex and Gigi yelling at Jack when she'd been at school, and she couldn't believe that her brother was so stupid that he'd post a video after that. The women decided to look at the video, and they were appalled as they watched Shane being made fun of as he stood without his clothing. Blair asked who might be able to view the video. "Everyone," Starr said.

The kids at school laughed and joked as they watched the video of a naked Shane outside of the gym. They were surprised when Shane walked in, and they quieted down. Shane urged them to keep on watching the video because it was hilarious. He had something for Jack, and he turned to reach into his backpack. The other teens scattered quickly.

Shane found what he was looking for, and he tossed his inhaler at Jack. Shane announced that he no longer needed it. Jack was curious. He thought that Shane needed the device to breathe. Shane replied that he did, and he turned and left the room.

Destiny found Matthew looking at his phone, and she wondered if he were watching the video of Shane. She was of the opinion that Jack had to pay for the mean pranks that he'd carried out. She hadn't seen the video, but she'd heard all about it. Matthew curtly advised her that he had other things on his mind, and he wasn't interested in the video. Destiny inquired as to why Matthew was so rude, because she was upset about Shane. Matthew explained that he was concerned about his uncle's arraignment, and he advised her that sometimes a video wasn't really what it appeared to be.

Destiny wanted an explanation from Matthew, but he merely stated, "It's not what you think." Destiny noted that Matthew had been "jumpy," and she wanted to know what he was nervous about. She wondered if it had been their kiss. She was his friend, and she wanted him to talk. Matthew advised her that he had not been thinking about the kiss at all. He couldn't talk to her or anyone else, for that matter, or they'd get in trouble, Matthew explained. He had to get over to the courthouse, and he was hopeful that the charges against Clint would be dropped.

Destiny ran into Shane, and she expressed her sympathy over the video. She explained that she knew exactly how he felt, as she'd been a target when she had been fat during her freshman year. Everyone had called her Density, she revealed. She was certain that Shane would get through it, but Shane responded that it would never go away, especially because of the online video. He stated that was something that Destiny hadn't had to deal with.

Destiny agreed, but she continued to praise Shane. She ticked off his many talents and told him how amazing he was, while the only talent Jack had was spending his father's money. She suggested that Shane talk to the principal or a guidance counselor, but Shane thought that would only make matters worse. Destiny promised him that it would stop the taunts from occurring. "Or not," Shane retorted. He left Destiny, found a doorway, and began to slowly climb the steps to the school's roof.

As they waited for the arraignment to begin, Clint advised Bo and Nora that their son was Eddie Ford's murderer. The couple took exception to Clint's words and denied that it could be true. "You bastard," Nora snapped at Clint. "And I can prove it," Clint claimed. Just then, Clint's attorney arrived and handed Clint the proof that he'd been waiting for. It was a recorder, and Clint hit play. They all listened to a phone call that Matthew had made to his uncle asking for help. He had been crying. "I just shot Eddie Ford. He's dead," Matthew's voice announced.

Clint explained that Matthew had called Buchanan Enterprises, and those calls were always recorded. Nora thought that Clint's timing was "suspect," while Bo looked at his brother in disbelief. He couldn't imagine why Clint had "sat on it," and Clint tried to justify his actions. He had wanted to protect everyone, same as always, and he'd begged them to drop the charges. He hadn't wanted to incriminate Matthew. The hearing was called to order as the judge arrived and sat down. He asked Clint about his plea, but Clint remained silent, as did Nora and Bo. The judge was annoyed, and after several moments, Clint finally began to speak.

Nora jumped up and announced that the commonwealth wanted to drop all charges. They had made a mistake with the evidence, she added. Bo spoke up and blamed himself. He admitted to being in a rush with the charges. The judge was angry and accused Bo of ruining the reputation of two men, because this was the second time a similar scenario had occurred. The first time had been with Nate. The judge advised Nora that she had better have the correct killer the next time, or both she and Bo would be looking for new jobs. He extended the court's apology to Clint.

Clint was not in a celebratory mood, as Matthew walked up behind him. The teen had arrived as the hearing had started. Matthew was glad that his uncle had gotten off, but he wondered why the charges had been dropped. Bo asked Clint to hand over the recorder, and told him to celebrate with his attorney somewhere else. Clint gently patted Matthew's shoulder and walked out. Matthew asked what was happening, and he declared how good it was that Clint had gotten off. Nora laid her head on Bo's shoulder and began to cry quietly.

Matthew asked what had happened. "I think you know," Bo stated. He wanted to go home so that they could talk about who had really shot Eddie.

Echo arrived at the carriage house, and read Shane's note. Rex signed onto Shane's MyFace page, and watched the video that was displayed. A despondent Gigi looked on. "Poor child," Echo uttered. Echo suggested that Shane might have gone to school to confront Jack, and Rex made a frantic phone call to Blair.

Jack arrived at the hospital and had words with Shaun about allowing James to be with them at the hospital. Jack entered Todd's room. Blair wanted to speak to him, and Jack accused Starr of "ratting me out." The siblings started to argue, but Blair quickly put an end to it. Blair announced that she'd seen Jack's postings on MyFace. Jack was rude to his mother, but when Blair's phone began to ring, she turned to answer it. It was a frantic Gigi, who inquired about Jack's location, because Shane had disappeared. Blair told Gigi how sorry she was for the video, and she turned to her son. Blair demanded to know if he'd seen Shane.

Jack denied any knowledge of Shane, but he finally admitted that he'd seen the teen at school. Blair verified that Gigi heard Jack's declaration, and she once again began to apologize for the video. Gigi hung up the phone as Blair spoke to her.

Starr stepped out of the room and voiced her concern about her father. Shaun assured her that Todd liked to "make people sweat." Starr thanked Shaun for not kicking James out of the hospital. She admitted that she'd had trouble reaching James on the phone, but she thought she'd try again.

James asked Deanna if she were in trouble, or if she needed money to get home. He knew the motel manager was looking for some money from her. Deanna assured James that she'd find somewhere else to stay. James's phone began to ring, and he turned away to answer it. "Where are you?" Starr asked him when he answered. James declared that he was in the "middle of something." Starr disclosed that Jack had gone off the "deep end," but James explained that he would have to call her back.

James turned around to Deanna and asked where she would stay. "Don't worry about it. Go see your new girlfriend," Deanna replied. James refused to leave Deanna to fend for herself, and he offered her the chance to stay at the apartment with him and his brother. She'd even get to know the baby, James told her. Deanna felt that she'd be in the way, and while James agreed, he thought it was a good idea. They could take the time to figure out how to get Deanna home.

Charlie wanted to leave the motel, but Viki wondered why. She declared that they were in the ideal place, a "pigsty." She had been trying to reach him, and she guessed she was lucky that he had even showed up briefly at Ryder's custody hearing to make his speech, Viki asserted. Charlie insisted that he loved Viki, but she thought he had a "funny way of showing it." She inquired how long his affair with Echo had been going on, and Charlie admitted that it had started the night of the failed double wedding. He had somehow ended up at the motel after hearing about the DNA tests.

Viki was incredulous as she recalled how worried she'd been about Charlie, who had been gone all night, and most of the following day. She had gone looking for him everywhere. She'd been to every A.A. meeting and bar she could think of, along with the morgue. She never thought he'd leave her to sleep with Echo. Charlie reached out to her, but Viki backed away. "Don't touch me," she shouted. "You stink of Echo."

Rex and Gigi decided to rush to the school. Rex asked Echo to remain behind in case Shane showed up.

Starr confided to Shaun that she'd been able to reach James, but something was strange. Her boyfriend had only stated that he was in the middle of something. Jack tried to run out of Todd's room, but the inhaler fell out of his pocket. Blair picked it up and accused her son of stealing it. Jack insisted that Shane had given it to him, because he wouldn't be needing it anymore. Blair stopped to ponder the meaning of Shane's words.

Rex and Gigi ran into the school and encountered Destiny. She revealed that she'd seen Shane, and she'd suggested that he speak to a guidance counselor. Upon prodding from Shane's parents, she pointed to the doorway that she'd seen Shane enter. She realized that there was a set of stairs on the other side of the door that led to the roof.

Shane reached the top of the stairs and climbed onto the roof. He imagined hearing the voices and laughs from the other kids. He walked up close to the railing at the edge and looked down to the street below.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

At the police station, Brody burst into John's office and demanded to know why he had to go through six months worth of case files. John replied that the files were incomplete, but Brody was certain that John was continuing with his punishment of both Brody and Natalie. Brody retorted that Llanview wasn't safe due to John's assistance with Marty's release from St. Ann's. John reminded Brody that Brody had been in St. Ann's himself, and he had been helped and given a second chance. "I think this discussion is over, officer," John added.

Téa arrived shortly after Brody stormed out. She wondered why there hadn't been an arrest made in Todd's shooting. John replied that he didn't have enough evidence, which intrigued Téa. She assumed that meant that a suspect was on the radar. John denied having a suspect, and he stated that he was merely following some leads. Téa believed that John enjoyed having a Llanview without Todd, and she accused him of not pursuing a suspect as diligently as he could. John asked how long it had been since Téa and Tomas had been in touch with each other prior to Tomas' return. He added that Téa really didn't know Tomas.

John was also curious about Tomas' claim that he'd found a wedding photo of Blair and Todd at a flea market. Téa laughed. She found it amusing that John thought Tomas might have a "vendetta" against Todd. John pointed out that Todd hadn't trusted Tomas, but Téa explained that Tomas had read about Todd on the Internet and hadn't been thrilled about Téa's marriage. The men had fought, but she was certain it had nothing to do with Todd's shooting. John was curious as to where Tomas had been for ten years, and Téa admitted that while she wasn't certain, she believed her brother had been traveling with his hand in both music and art.

John noted that Tomas had been in Paris, and Téa was annoyed that John had been investigating Tomas. John revealed that he'd found a Euro in the spot where Todd's shooter's gun had been found, but Natalie hadn't found any prints on the coin. Téa proclaimed that the Euro was common all over Europe, but she was more interested in Natalie. "We're still working together here," John told her. "That's a start," Téa replied. John stopped Téa before she could lecture him. Téa continued anyway.

Téa wanted John to be aware that one never knew what would happen. People always thought they had forever, but it could all be taken away in an instant. John appreciated Téa's "nice sentiment." Téa was ready to get home to her child, and she advised John that he had a child also. She ordered him to "chase some real leads" on Todd's shooter.

Starr was on the phone in the hospital hallway, but was astonished to hear her daughter's voice. "Mommy?" Hope called out. Starr couldn't imagine what the little girl was doing there, but Marty appeared and admitted that she had been the one to transport Hope to the hospital. She had stopped at La Boulaie for a visit, and Starr had not been there. Marty enjoyed spending time with her granddaughter. Starr was nervous, but Marty explained that she had been released from St. Ann's the previous week. She offered to babysit anytime that Starr needed her.

Marty realized that Starr had probably been busy with her boyfriend, and Starr had to emphasize that she had been with her family. She hadn't started dating James until recently. Marty recalled Todd's shooting and noted that he always knew how to make enemies. She declared that she was better, but still seeing a doctor as she was dealing with loss. She thought that Starr was a good person, because Starr had provided Marty with a breakthrough when she'd visited with Hope. That was when Marty had realized that Liam was not hers, but John and Natalie's. "You mean Natalie and Brody's?" Starr clarified.

"Of course," Marty caught herself. The baby was supposed to have been John and Natalie's, she pronounced. Marty explained that she was trying to make amends to everyone since she had left St. Ann's. She wanted to apologize to Starr, because she'd blamed Starr for Cole's imprisonment. She understood why Starr had moved on. Sometimes a couple's problems were too big to keep the couple together, Marty declared. She wanted Starr's forgiveness, and Starr quickly gave it.

Marty hoped that she'd be able to see Hope, and Starr acknowledged that she would. Marty was Hope's grandmother after all. Starr stated that she and Cole had been very lucky. She left with Hope in her arms. Marty was sorry that she and John weren't so lucky. "Or John and Natalie," she muttered.

Blair yelled at Jack after she found Shane's inhaler in Jack's possession. She began to lecture her son, stating that Shane could die without his inhaler. "But he's not dead, is he?" Jack replied. Blair was appalled to see that Jack was smiling, and she was infuriated. She told him to shut up, but then asked, "Do you think it's funny?" Jack refused to say anything, citing the fact that she had advised him to be quiet. Blair pointed out what a sweet boy Shane was, but Jack considered him to be a "dweeb." He noted that there were losers and winners, and Shane was a loser. Sadly, Blair realized that Jack sounded just like Todd.

Jack agreed that she could blame Todd, because Todd had taught him about the world. Blair blamed herself for Jack's behavior too. She remembered how Jack had been cute and funny when he had been small and bratty, but she should have realized things sooner. He had turned out to be a bully, and she would see to it that he stopped the negative behavior and took some responsibility for his life. Jack insisted that he'd only pulled a couple of pranks, and there were others involved as well. Blair didn't want to hear about the others, because she was aware that Jack was the ringleader.

Jack felt that if Todd were aware of what was happening, he'd tell Blair to back off from Jack, but Blair disagreed. Todd knew what it meant to go too far, she contended. Todd had raped Marty with two other boys. Angrily, Jack snapped that Marty had probably asked for it. Blair slapped her son's face firmly. She advised her son that she was scared for him. Marty hadn't asked to be raped, just as Shane hadn't asked to be bullied. "Whatever," Jack replied. Blair looked at her son in disbelief. He didn't even seem sorry for what he'd done to Shane.

Blair was certain that Todd would side with her. The situation was serious, and she promised Jack that there would be consequences. She advised him that he would be grounded. "Until I say," she added. She declared that Jack's "bullying days are over." There would be no going out, no form of contact with anyone, and no computer. Jack guessed he wouldn't be able to do his homework, but Blair assured him that he could use her computer. She would stand watch over him. She also planned to cancel his MyFace page.

Natalie sat with Liam at Llanfair and, unable to find a book to read to her son, picked up the daily newspaper instead. She wondered what was going on in the news, but she immediately spotted an article on John taking a stand to defend Marty. "Nothing good," she muttered as she quickly put the paper down. She spoke to Liam and told him how she had prayed for John to be his daddy, but she didn't feel the same way any longer.

Brody returned home and filled Natalie in on the job that John had given him. He added that he and John had "gotten into it" about Marty. Natalie admitted that she had also had a discussion with John, and it hadn't gone well. Brody proposed that they talk about it, but Natalie didn't want to. Brody declared that he'd also seen Marty and had warned her to stay away from Liam. He recalled Marty stating how devoted Brody was to both Liam and Natalie, but he didn't think it was worth repeating for Natalie's benefit.

Brody and Natalie fussed over Liam as he lay in his crib. Brody revealed that he hadn't heard anything about Clint's arraignment, though Natalie was confident that Clint could take care of himself. She was another story, Natalie admitted. Brody grabbed her and looked into her eyes. He knew that she was tough. Awkwardly, they separated. Brody had work to do with the files, and he declined Natalie's offer to help. Brody confessed that he couldn't stay angry when his son was around.

At Todd's house, Dani knocked on Tomas' bedroom door. She suggested that she cook something for him in order to take her mind off of her father, but Tomas declined and invited her inside. He had something to show her. Reaching for a large envelope, a photo of Todd pre-plastic surgery appeared. He slid the photo back into the envelope and pulled out a drawing instead. It was one he had done years in the past, and it was Téa with her father. He had drawn it to remember his family, but he wanted Dani to have it. Dani finally accepted it after some prodding, but she asked what else might be in the envelope.

Tomas assured her there was nothing interesting inside. Dani was thrilled with the drawing. She asked Tomas if he hated Todd, and Tomas admitted that they hadn't "hit it off." Dani confessed that she had reacted to her father in the same way when she'd first met him, after reading about all of his exploits. Todd was different, though, and she believed that people changed. "Yes they do," Tomas replied. He spent some time telling Dani about the old days with Téa. Dani informed him that Todd was a survivor, especially after the surgery that had given him a new face. She knew that Todd would be anxious to find the person who had shot him.

Charlie and Viki sat in Echo's room at the Minute Man Motel. Charlie disclosed the chain of events that had led to his being with Echo. He had no excuse, and he couldn't explain, he said. After finding out that Rex wasn't his son, it had disturbed him beyond belief. It had been like losing Jared again, and he had wanted to drink. He hadn't, but he'd ended up at the motel with Echo. He thought maybe it was because they'd had a connection to Rex, or perhaps because Clint had made fools of them both. Sniveling, Viki pointed out that it had happened weeks before, and Charlie and Echo were still together.

Charlie confessed that he'd wanted to tell Viki from the beginning, but he'd arrived home to find Viki immersed with many issues, like Tess' return and John and Natalie. "I couldn't do that to you," he said. Viki wondered why Charlie had always seemed to turn to something or someone else when he was in trouble. She was his wife, and yet he never turned to her. Viki wondered if it were her, but Charlie assured her that he was the problem.

Charlie had been able to talk to Viki in the past, when he knew her as "Viki D," and she'd produced the best in him. However, things were different, and he felt like he didn't want her to see him when he was down. Viki blamed Echo and accused the woman of using and manipulating Charlie. Charlie defended Echo. "It meant something," Charlie said. It hadn't been an affair, it had been more. "Do you love her?" Viki asked. She looked at her husband. "Oh, my God," she said. She ran out of the motel room.

At school, Shane stood at the railing on the edge of the roof as his parents found him and tried their best to prevent him from jumping. "Shane, no!" Gigi called out frantically. "Why are you here?" Shane asked. Rex and Gigi slowly edged closer as Shane advised them that he knew what he was doing. Rex revealed that they knew what had happened with Jack, and they would fix things so that it all stopped. Shane was certain that nothing could be changed, because everyone had seen him in the video. Rex suggested that a different school might be a start, but Shane knew that wouldn't help. "This will," he remarked as he started to put his leg over the railing.

Gigi screamed, but Rex held out his arm to prevent her from running to their son. Shane climbed over the railing. He was also upset when he heard that his parents had been on his MyFace page. Rex tried to explain that they'd been worried about him and had been trying to locate him. Gigi apologized for not realizing what Shane had been going through, and she promised him that they would fix things. Shane thought it would be worse because his parents had shown up at school. It made him look like a baby.

Shane continued that he'd tried to be nice, and he'd tried to ignore the bullies. He thought that people might care about him after he was a "big splat on the front steps." He didn't want to hear how he was better than all of the bullies, because the opinion was that of his own parents. Gigi rambled off the names of those who loved Shane, but he pointed out that they were all adults. "Kids are cruel, Shane," Gigi advised her son. Rex thought it was a good idea for Shane to talk to them so they could help him. Suddenly, Shane's foot slipped, and Gigi screamed again.

Shane grabbed hold of the railing and managed to sit down on the ledge. He cried that he didn't want to be there. He wanted to be a normal and happy kid, not the sick one. He had no real friends, like his parents, who had both been popular in school. Gigi related what had happened to her after she'd learned that she was pregnant with Shane, and her parents had kicked her out of the house. Shane shouted out that he'd even ruined her life then, but Gigi denied it. At first she'd believed her life to be over, but he was the best thing to have ever happened to her, she told him. She was happy to have him even during the times that he was sick, and she would never trade a minute of being with him.

During a musical montage, Blair dragged Jack from Todd's room. They ran into Starr and Hope. Marty stood nearby and watched while she looked at Natalie's DNA test results. John looked at the old photo of Blair and Todd and then pulled out Liam's sonogram to peruse. Natalie looked after Liam. Tomas helped Dani learn how to sketch. Téa arrived home and smiled when she saw her brother and daughter together. Dani showed her mother the old drawing that Tomas had given her. Téa left the room, and she and Tomas were both pensive. When he was alone, Tomas looked at the photo of Todd pre-surgery.

Gigi and Rex declared that they wanted more time with their son. Shane was stronger than the others, and his parents wanted another chance. Gigi wondered if Shane loved them, and the teen, sobbing, declared that he did. Rex reached out to Shane. He wanted to take his son home.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On the roof of Llanview High, Rex pulled Shane off the ledge and took his son in his arms. As Gigi held Shane, Rex silently surveyed the drop from the ledge, then ushered his family towards the stairwell.

Downstairs, Assistant Principal Sinclair confronted Destiny as she made her way through the school corridors. Jack's friend Brad watched in fear as Mr. Sinclair asked Destiny if she knew who was responsible for Shane's humiliating Myface video. Destiny instantly named Jack and his posse as the culprits, leading to Sinclair turning on young Brad. As Brad began to sputter out a few halting excuses for his behavior, the Balsoms entered from the roof stairwell and interrupted the scene.

Sinclair asked Shane and the Balsoms what they had been doing on the roof, but Rex had questions of his own for the school official. He demanded to know how it had taken so long for the school to get wind of Shane's torment by the other students, and threatened to sue the school, the Mannings, and anyone else he could get his hands on. Sinclair, Gigi, and Shane all attempted to calm Rex, but Rex vowed not to stop until everyone responsible for his son's pain paid in full. Frightened, Brad rushed off unnoticed.

As Gigi dragged Rex down the hall, Rex said he wanted to get Shane checked out at the hospital. Gigi wanted to take the boy home, but Rex felt that Shane needed to talk to a professional. Shane insisted he was fine, but Rex refused to take any more chances with his son's life.

At La Boulaie, Blair ordered a sullen Jack to pull the humiliating video of Shane off his Myface page, and informed him that the page was going to be deleted for good. As Blair spoke, Starr entered the drawing room and explained to her mother that it was too late; the video was already all over the Internet. Blair didn't care, and said deleting Jack's handiwork was the least she could do. Jack cried that his mother wasn't being fair, but Blair warned him that he was lucky he wasn't heading for military school -- or jail.

Jack goaded Blair, challenging his mother to send him away, and when Starr told him to stop being a jerk, he turned on her, calling her "Little Miss Perfect" who had gotten "knocked up" in high school. Blair ordered him to be quiet, and told him he was forbidden from using the computer unsupervised. She blamed him for Shane's current crisis, and said he would be held responsible if anything happened to the boy. Remorseless, Jack asked if she wanted him to go out and look for Shane, or if Blair needed him to stay at home so she could hit him again. As Jack stalked out of the drawing room, Blair was shaken by his words.

Starr asked Blair what had happened, and Blair admitted that she had struck Jack. She had promised herself she would never hit her children, but Jack's vile words about Marty and Shane had pushed buttons she didn't know she had. Starr was taken aback as Blair explained Jack's comments, and said Blair was within her rights to lash out, but Blair didn't agree. She blamed herself for losing her head as the adult, and said she had lost it when she had seen Jack begin to turn into Todd at his worst. She feared she had become a bully and was no better than her son.

At the hospital, Viki arrived at Todd's room, still overcome with emotion after her recent encounter with Charlie and Echo. Entering the room, she found Todd's bed empty. Horrified, she turned to see Téa, and instantly asked if her brother was dead. Téa assured her Todd was fine and had been taken downstairs for a routine MRI.

Noting Viki's obvious distress, Téa asked her what was wrong. Viki burst into tears as she told Téa about Charlie's infidelity. Téa was stunned but held out hope for Viki and Charlie's marriage, assuming his dalliance with Echo was a meaningless affair. "That's the problem," Viki said sorrowfully, and clarified, "Apparently, it's not meaningless." She couldn't believe how stupid she had been; she had given Echo twenty-four access to her husband at Llanfair, knowing Echo wanted Charlie. "I never let myself believe he would fall in love with her," she mumbled.

Viki apologized for burdening Téa with someone else's problems. Viki feared she had been a poor sister to Todd, but Téa said she had always been there for both of them. Viki asked how Téa was holding up, and Téa said she whiled away the hours reading trashy romance novels to Todd, hoping the purple prose would make him awaken with disgust. "Todd would kill Charlie for this," she mused -- he might not be much of a talker, but she knew Todd loved Viki, as did she. "I'm so sorry you're going through this," Téa told Viki, and insisted, "You deserve so much better." The women hugged as Viki wept.

Téa offered to drive Viki home, but Viki said she was doing better, though she was still angry. She was ready to head back to the Minute Man Motel and give Echo a piece of her mind. Téa called Viki the strongest woman she knew, and the ladies said their goodbyes.

In the adjacent corridor, a flustered Destiny met Shaun near Todd's room. When Shaun asked her what was wrong, Destiny recapped the Shane Morasco fiasco. She didn't know what had happened to Shane on the roof at school, but she prayed he was okay. Shaun applauded her concern, and agreed that she needed to pay a visit to Matthew, Shane's new cousin.

After Destiny departed, Shaun entered Todd's room and offered Téa a juice box and fruit snacks to tide her over during her long vigil. Touched by the childish treats, Téa thanked Shaun for his kindness.

At Llanfair, Clint entered the nursery and greeted Natalie and baby Liam. Natalie was surprised to see her father out and about, but Clint explained that he was innocent, and that "someone else" had killed Eddie Ford. As Clint approached Liam's crib, Natalie pressed for more answers regarding the Ford case. Clint was cagey, but said simply that he had not shot Eddie, and there was no evidence that he had -- there was no case left, and he had been released. "If you didn't kill Eddie, who did?" Natalie asked. "I believe that Bo has another suspect," Clint replied.

Natalie hugged Clint and told him she was glad he was free, even though he had hurt many people. Admiring Liam, Clint admitted that he was human and flawed, and said he also wanted to make up for lost time with Ryder as soon as they won custody of the boy back from Ford and Tess. Natalie asked about his other grandson -- Shane. "He doesn't count," Clint mumbled. As Natalie pushed him, he allowed for the possibility that Shane was a good kid, regardless of Clint's feelings towards Rex.

Natalie reminded Clint that he had been able to put the sins of the elders aside for the next generation of Buchanans in the past -- he cared for Matthew despite his anger towards Bo and Nora. "I love that boy," Clint agreed, and sadly added, "The last thing I wanted was for him to get hurt."

Changing the subject, Clint asked Natalie about the situation with John. Natalie said things were lousy; John barely spoke to her and had taken up with Kelly in the meantime. Clint had always envisioned Kelly and Joey back together, and hated to see Natalie hurt. Natalie insisted that she deserved it after everything she had done to John with her deception, but Clint said he knew what it was like to have love pulled out from under him. "Is that why you went after Bo and Nora?" Natalie asked. "No," Clint replied, and asserted, "All I did was protect them."

As Natalie asked Clint for details, Clint flashed back to the night Eddie Ford was killed at the Minute Man Motel. After Matthew had shot Eddie, Clint had stood over Eddie's prone form and called his men to help him "clean" the scene of the crime. Breaking from his reverie, Clint told Natalie that what he had done didn't matter anymore. Walking back to Liam's crib, he picked up the boy and admired his new grandson. Clint told Natalie he was in no position to judge her or anyone for their actions, and all he wanted was to spend time with his grandchildren. He added that Liam had "the Buchanan chin." "Every time I look at Liam, I still see John," Natalie admitted, and suggested, "Guess I need more sleep."

Bo, Nora, and Matthew returned to the family's garret apartment, and Matthew asked his parents what was going on. Bo said they had needed privacy for their discussion, and promptly played back the audio file Clint had given him of Matthew's phone call confessing to Eddie's murder. Matthew's face crumbled as he admitted he had made the call. Clint hadn't forced him into anything; he had done it all. "I did it," he said softly, and solemnly repeated, "I killed Eddie Ford."

Horrified, Nora asked Matthew if it had been self-defense, but Matthew said it hadn't been like that. Bo asked the boy to start from the beginning, and Matthew began to recount the fateful events of that long winter night. He had seen Bo and Inez together, then driven off in a fury, almost running Rex and Nora off the road. He hadn't known it was them, and he felt terrible when he learned the truth, but Nora told Matthew it didn't matter and asked him to go on. Matthew said he had been freaked out by the near-miss on the road and had pulled over into the first place he could find: the Minute Man Motel. As soon as he parked, he had heard a noise -- a gunshot.

Alarmed, Matthew had rushed towards the motel, where he had run into Eddie exiting one of the rooms. Matthew asked him about the gunshot, and Eddie explained that it had been one of his sons, too afraid to pull the trigger. Just then, Matthew noticed that Eddie had dropped Nora's phone. Recognizing it, he realized he was face-to-face with the infamous Eddie Ford, the man who had answered Nora's phone earlier that night.

Frantic, Matthew had stumbled into Eddie's motel room, calling out for his mother. Noticing the overturned chair and the ropes, he feared the worst as Eddie cackled and hurled lewd innuendos at him about Nora's fate. Overcome with fear, Matthew had emptied Eddie's bag, looking for clues, and had found James's gun, which he picked up. "It was like I was watching it happen," Matthew told his parents as he remembered, and continued, "Like it wasn't real..."

Flashing back, Matthew recalled how Eddie had taunted him and claimed that both his parents were "swingers," cheating on each other with each of the Fords. Eddie had suggested Matthew check the local whorehouse for Nora's whereabouts. "Shut your mouth!" Matthew had screamed, raising the gun. "Your parents are so high and mighty, but they're not different from anybody else," Eddie had growled, circling the shell-shocked teen, then taunted, "I know, kid, 'cause I've been there. You thought they were special; you thought you were special. Well, I got a hot flash for you, boy -- they're not, and you're not. Welcome to the real world."

Hysterical, Matthew had trained the gun on Eddie and had demanded to know where his mother was. Eddie had snapped that he had no idea, and had told Matthew to put the gun down - and had insisted they both knew the boy wasn't going to use it. In response, Matthew had impulsively pulled the trigger, shooting Eddie in the chest. As he had stared in shock at the mortally wounded man, the gun had fallen from his hands.

"He fell to the ground and didn't get back up," Matthew remembered. Then, Matthew had fled to the bathroom and thrown up, and then he had called Clint for help. When Clint arrived, Matthew had told him the whole sordid story. Clint had ordered the boy not to breathe a word, and had promised to take care of everything. He had commanded Matthew to go home and tell no one what had happened that night. He'd sent Matthew away, and the teen had fled the crime scene with his head in his hands.

"I just got in my car and went home," Matthew said in a broken voice, finishing his story. "Uncle Clint said nothing, so neither did I...I just went on with my life, went to school, I came nothing happened..." Matthew began to cry as he told Nora that he had killed someone, and Nora embraced him as Bo stared into the distance, stunned silent.

Nora blamed Clint's machinations for what had become of Matthew, but Matthew said it was his own responsibility -- "I'm the one who pulled the trigger," he declared, and insisted, "I'm guilty." He asked what would happen to him, but Nora said they would figure it out the next day. As Matthew stumbled towards his bedroom, Nora began to weep inconsolably, and Bo took his wife in his arms.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Deanna followed James into his apartment. She thanked him for letting her stay in the apartment. James said that it was better than the motel. James called for Ford, who wasn't there. His "crazy wife" wasn't there either. Deanna walked around the apartment and said that it was a nice place. James explained how Ford had let James move in, even after James had accidentally led Bull to Llanview. He admitted that he'd gone crazy after Deanna had dumped him.

Deanna insisted that James needed to know the real reason behind why Deanna had broken up with him. James interrupted and said that she had been very clear, just like he was -- "Starr and I are together." Deanna understood, but still didn't want James to have the wrong idea about their breakup. James related that it was history, and that the only thing they needed to think about was how to get Deanna back to Dayton.

James handed Deanna a pillow, and she said that she could take the couch. However, James informed her that was where Ford slept. Deanna asked about Ford's wife, but James only told her that things were complicated. Deanna assumed they would be sharing James's room. James figured it was the only option. "It won't be the first time we've slept in the same bed," Deanna said suggestively. However, James offered the bed to a disappointed Deanna, and said he'd take the floor.

Starr helped Blair delete Jack's MyFace page. Blair couldn't believe that Jack had been posting such nasty things on Shane's page for so long without her knowing about it. She chided herself for not checking on Jack. However, Starr reminded Blair that Blair wasn't even friends with Jack on MyFace, even though Starr was. Starr insisted that Blair blame her.

Starr assured Blair that, since she'd learned the whole story, Blair was doing something about it. Blair wondered if she was doing any good, because Jack didn't seem at all sorry. She continued that, either he didn't know that his actions were wrong, or he didn't care. Blair didn't know which was worse. Starr suggested that Jack felt worse than he was acting, because he thought that it was the cool thing to do. She also suggested that the seriousness of Jack's actions hadn't sunk in yet.

Blair wasn't sure that Jack would learn anything from his experiences. Starr informed Blair that she had learned from her experiences. Blair replied that, because of that, Starr had turned out wiser than the entire family put together. Starr advised her mother not to be so hard on herself, but Blair thought that she wasn't being hard enough on herself. Blair thought about Gigi, and decided to call her. However, Blair only got Gigi's voicemail. Blair wasn't surprised that Gigi wasn't taking her call.

Jack crept down the stairs and looked at his phone. He read a text message from his friend Brad that said "Front door!" Jack walked out the door to find his friend. He asked Brad what had happened at school. Brad informed Jack that Shane's parents had shown up yelling about suing everyone involved with the video and the school. Brad warned Jack that his mother would soon be getting a call from the principal. However, Jack had taken the video down, so he insisted that it couldn't be pinned on him.

Brad reported that "Density Evans" had been the one to rat them out. Jack wasn't afraid. However, Brad told Jack that Shane's parents had found Shane on the roof of the school. Jack wondered why Shane would have been up there. "Holy crap," he cried, as he realized why Shane would have been on the roof. Brad insisted that the boys had to get their stories straight.

Blair decided to check on Jack. She called up the stairs for him, but he didn't answer. She found the front door open, and went outside to find Jack and Brad. She demanded to know why Brad was there, because Jack wasn't allowed to have visitors. Blair added that, if Brad had anything to do with what had happened to Shane, he should be punished as well, and should be ashamed. Blair ordered Brad to leave, and ordered Jack up to his room. Before Jack went, she instructed him to apologize to Shane first thing in the morning.

Blair returned to Starr, and informed her that Jack had been talking to his friend as if nothing was wrong. Blair wished that Todd were there, because he could get through to Jack. She called herself a bad parent, and thought that her reward was Jack's bad behavior. Starr thought that Blair was wrong about herself. Blair had once told Starr that the best thing Starr could do for Hope was to love her unconditionally. Starr insisted that was what Blair had done for her. Blair tearfully thanked her daughter.

Echo left Rex a message. She apologized for calling over and over, but she was worried about Shane. There was a knock on the door, and Echo answered it to Viki. Echo thought that Viki was still with Charlie, but Viki said they were done. "I came to deal with you," Viki stated. Viki was also worried about Shane. Echo informed her that Rex and Gigi had gone to look for him, but she hadn't heard from them. She hoped that Shane would safely return soon.

Viki replied that, once Shane returned, she wanted Echo off of her property permanently. A surprised Echo sputtered that she was there for Rex and Shane. Viki said that Echo could be supportive of her son and grandson, but anywhere else. Echo observed that was limiting. No longer able to hold it together, Viki called Echo a "selfish whore" who had destroyed Viki's family and home.

Echo said that Viki could call her whatever she wanted if it made her feel better, but Viki said it didn't. Echo apologized, and said that she hadn't wanted to hurt Viki. "It just happened," Echo added. Viki didn't think Echo was sorry. Echo had deliberately used Rex, Shane, and her drinking to get Charlie's sympathy. Viki sarcastically congratulated Echo.

Echo had returned to Llanview because of Rex. She had never intended to fall in love with Charlie, and reminded Viki that Viki had fallen in love with Charlie as well. Viki cited the only difference -- Charlie hadn't been married when she had fallen in love with him. Echo continued that she had tried to keep it from happening, but Viki wondered what Echo's definition of the word "try" was. Viki replied that anyone else would have just walked away.

Echo had wanted to rebuild her life with Rex and Shane. She added that it had been like getting another chance at life for her and Charlie, since they had both lost children. Viki screamed at Echo not to "presume what it's like to lose a child." She went on to say that she'd had a daughter pass away, and Charlie had a son who had passed away. Echo hadn't lost a child -- she'd thrown him away. Echo answered that she would die before she walked away from Rex again.

Echo related that she was flawed, and so was Charlie. That was why they'd connected, and "why he chose me in the end." She informed Viki that not everyone could be perfect like Viki was. Viki declared that it was the last conversation that would happen between the two women. Viki demanded that, after Shane returned, Echo collect her things, and never return. "I never want to see your lying face on my property ever again," Viki concluded.

Rex, Gigi, and Shane arrived at the hospital. Shane sat in a chair as Rex and Gigi went to check him in. However, Rex didn't want to leave Shane alone. Gigi tried to tell Rex that Shane could be home relaxing, but Rex knew that there were people at the hospital who had experience with situations like theirs. Gigi left to check Shane in. Shane wanted to go home, and wondered why he was in the hospital. Rex promised that they would be home soon.

Gigi babbled to the nurse about her insurance, and said that she needed a doctor to look at her son. The nurse asked what Gigi's son's injuries were, but Gigi said that he didn't have any. She went on about how perfect and beautiful her son was. Suddenly, Gigi broke down and told the nurse that Shane had tried to kill himself.

A short while later, a nurse told Shane that the doctor would be in his room soon. Gigi filled out the necessary papers, and handed them to the nurse. Shane still just wanted to go home. The doctor entered and asked Shane why he was there. After a moment of silence, the doctor said that she understood if Shane didn't want to talk.

The doctor asked Rex and Gigi why Shane was there. They explained about Shane's note, and finding him on the roof of the school, ready to jump. The doctor clarified the accuracy of the story with Shane, who nodded. She asked how he had ended up on the roof. He replied that there had been a lot going on at school, and that he'd just wanted to make it stop.

Nora couldn't believe that Matthew had shot Eddie. She didn't know what to do, but Bo promised that they would find a solution. There was a knock on the door, and Bo answered it to Destiny. She wanted to talk to Matthew, but Nora said that Matthew wasn't available. Destiny confided in the two about what had happened with Shane at school. She had told Shane to talk to someone about Jack's bullying, but he hadn't wanted to listen.

Destiny continued, and told Bo and Nora that Rex and Gigi had found Shane on the roof of the school. She wasn't sure what had happened with Shane. Bo wanted to find out, so he called Rex. Rex answered and told Bo that they were in the emergency room. Bo asked how Shane was, but Rex couldn't talk about it, and hung up. Bo told Nora and Destiny what Rex had said, and left to be with Rex.

Nora comforted Destiny. Destiny had told Shane about how she had been made fun of in the past, and related that the only one who hadn't teased her was Matthew. Nora was visibly upset, so Destiny asked if Nora was all right. Nora explained it away and said that, as a mother, it was hard to watch bad things happen to good kids like Shane.

Nora advised Destiny not to blame herself. She'd been a good friend to Shane, just like Matthew had been for her. Nora asked Destiny if Matthew had been acting differently. Destiny replied that he'd been quiet, but he had only been worried about Bo, Nora, and Clint. Nora requested that Destiny keep being a good friend to Matthew.

The doctor started a physical examination of Shane. Gigi explained about Shane's leukemia, and his asthma. Gigi stayed in the room, and Rex left to get water. The doctor asked Shane some routine questions, and then asked again how he had ended up on the roof. Shane explained that the kids at school were "out to get me." They had given him nicknames, posted mean things on MyFace, and laughed about it all.

Once out of the room, Rex bumped into Bo. Bo asked about Shane. Rex explained that Shane didn't want to be at the hospital, but Rex had thought that Shane needed to talk to someone. Rex related to Bo how scary it had been to see Shane on the edge of the building, ready to jump. "Thank God we got there when we did," Rex marveled. Rex got upset as he wondered what kind of parents he and Gigi were for not seeing the signs. As Bo comforted him, Rex said he knew that he needed to pull it together for Gigi. Bo told Rex to take his time.

Rex was surprised that Bo was there for him after the David situation. Bo declared it over. He told Rex to let him know if there was anything he could do, and left. Rex went back into Shane's room, and the doctor gave Rex and Gigi a pamphlet about suicide prevention. She thought that Rex, Gigi, and Shane would benefit from family therapy sessions.

"Can I go home now?" Shane pleaded. The doctor handed Shane her card, which included her home phone number, and cell phone number. She instructed him to call anytime. She directed Rex and Gigi to carefully follow the guidelines she had given them. Shane was happy to learn that he wasn't going to be admitted to the hospital, but the doctor assured him that he wouldn't be left alone for a long time.

Bo returned and informed Nora and Destiny that Shane was fine. Destiny breathed a sigh of relief, and got up to leave. Nora told Destiny to visit anytime, and Destiny left. Nora wondered if Matthew would ever be all right again. After Nora expressed her sorrow for Gigi, she had a sudden realization. She remembered what had happened at the motel the night of Eddie's murder.

Nora recalled opening the door to the room, and seeing Matthew sitting on the floor right next to Eddie's body. She remembered how lost he had looked. He hadn't seen Nora in the doorway. Bo recollected that Matthew had said that the door was locked while he was waiting for Clint. Nora replied that he must have locked the door after she'd left the room.

Suddenly realizing what she'd said, Nora was horrified that she'd seen her son in pain, but had just left. Bo reminded her that she'd been in an accident, and sustained a head injury. She'd been confused and traumatized. Bo begged his wife not to blame herself. Bo continued that all he and Nora could give Matthew was their love and support.

Rex, Gigi, and Shane returned from the hospital. Echo asked about her grandson, and Rex replied that Shane wouldn't be all right for a while. Rex thanked her for staying. Echo said to call if they needed anything, and left.

A short while later, Gigi walked downstairs with a plastic bag filled with the contents of the medicine cabinet. Gigi couldn't believe that she had to hide things from Shane. Gigi wondered when she had stopped feeling Shane's pain. Rex promised her that they would get through things together.

Friday, April 8, 2011

At the gym, Joey took a call from Natalie, who asked how Clint was doing. Joey informed her that Clint had been cleared of Eddie Ford's murder, and Clint had since been extra nice to Aubrey. When Natalie spoke of losing John, Brody reminded Natalie that she was not alone, and that she would always have her family. Natalie heard Liam cry and told Joey that she had to hang up.

Rama watched Cristian work out in the gym, as Aubrey waved a hand in front of Rama's face. When Aubrey reminded Rama that she was married, Rama stated that it had not stopped Aubrey from being with Cutter. Aubrey related that their plan was not working, and that they needed a new one.

In the steam room, Cutter saw the article that announced that Tess was fighting for custody of her baby. Cutter called Tess and left a message asking why she had stood him up. Aubrey opened the steam room door and asked if the coast was clear. Cutter insisted that they speed up the process to get rich, so they could get back together.

Cutter guessed that the truce with Clint would be over and insisted that Aubrey wring Joey for all he was worth and then cut him loose, before Joey caught on. Aubrey insisted that if Clint had intended on saying something, he would have already. When Cutter announced that he would be moving on with Plan B, Aubrey declared that her plan was still Joey.

Cutter voiced that the plan with Joey was not getting them anywhere, but that Aubrey had taken her best shot. When Cutter proclaimed that he would be taking over, Aubrey warned that if the plan was Tess, she would have a problem with that.

Back in the gym, Joey asked Rama what had happened to Aubrey, and Rama covered that Aubrey had left to stretch. Rama then advised Joey that they should spot weights for Cristian, while they waited for Aubrey. Later, after Cristian had completed his workout, he thanked Joey and Rama for the spot. Rama told Cristian that she had not wanted him to get hurt. Cristian voiced that he knew that Rama's husband had been sent to prison.

Rama mentioned that she had been worried about Cristian and his girlfriend and had been relieved to hear that they had not been jailed. However, Cristian revealed that the girl was not his girlfriend. Cristian also noted that Rama was lucky to have a good friend in Joey. Rama looked around the gym, and when she did not see Joey, she left to search for him.

As Joey looked for Aubrey, he started to open the steam room door, but Rama stopped him. Rama lied and said that she had just seen Aubrey in the gym. Aubrey heard the commotion outside of the door and left the steam room from another exit. She walked up to Joey, and Joey suggested that they leave for the main event.

At Llanfair, Brody comforted Liam, who had been crying. Natalie entered the room, and when she took Liam to feed him, she asked Brody to stay. As Natalie sat in the rocking chair and breastfed Liam, she hoped that the judge would rule in Brody's favor, and that her family could convince Ford to have Tess committed. When Brody avoided looking at Natalie, she saw that he seemed spooked.

Brody told Natalie that he had not been aware that she would be breastfeeding Liam, when she extended her invitation for him to stay. Natalie placed Liam in the crib and turned to Brody with her robe open. Brody claimed that he needed to get to the gym, and Natalie insisted that Brody "take a gander." Natalie explained that she would continue to breastfeed, so Brody should just get used to it. Brody indicated that he would and ran out.

Brody arrived at the gym and greeted Cristian. When Cristian asked about Jessica and Tess, Brody exclaimed that every minute he spent with Tess in an attempt to entice Jessica out was a minute he was away from Natalie and his son. Brody added that Natalie and Liam were his family, while Jessica was with someone else.

In Ford's apartment, Tess told Bobby that he would have to work harder to win Langston back. Ford scoffed at Tess and then yelled because there was nothing in the house to eat. Tess belittled Bobby and stated that she needed a real man with blood, sweat, stubble, and heat, and that Ford just left her cold. Ford grabbed Tess and asked if that was real enough for her, as he kissed her. Tess appeared to swoon over Bobby's kisses but then bit his lip.

Ford yelled that he was bleeding, and that he was leaving. When Tess blared out that the court was supposed to call about Ryder, Ford almost wished to lose, just so he could cut Tess loose. After Bobby stormed out of the room, Tess checked her phone and found that she had missed a call from Cutter.

Tess called Cutter and asked to meet with him. Cutter revealed that Joey and Aubrey were at the gym, and Tess cheered, "Ah, the more the merrier. Save me a seat." Ford walked out of the bedroom and declared that he was taking Ryder to his mom's, and that he would then visit the gym. When Tess requested to accompany him, Ford mused that it would be better to have Tess with him, so that he could keep any eye on her.

Meanwhile, at the gym, Cristian located Rama and apologized for mentioning that Vimal was in prison. Cristian revealed that he had collected his own share of legal problems in the past. When Cristian stressed that it was not Rama's fault, Rama cried that it had been her fault that her husband had been sent to jail.

Brody ran into Ford and Tess at the gym, and when Brody asked if Tess was Jessica, Tess stated that Jessica was still out to lunch, but that she would give Jessica the message. As Tess walked by Joey and Aubrey, she called them losers.

While Ford lifted his weights, Brody speculated that Bobby and Tess were not getting along. Ford growled that Brody should spend time with Natalie and Brody's real son. Ford then insisted that Tess had absolutely no interest in Ford. In the steam room, Tess snuggled up to Cutter. When Cutter wondered what would happen if Jessica happened to appear, Tess insisted that she liked to live dangerously.

At the police station, Kelly walked into John's office and asked if John had the file of Eddie Ford's murder in his hand, as John held the sonogram. Marty watched from outside of John's office, as she held onto Natalie's paternity test results. Kelly asked John why he had dropped the charges against Clint, and if he had gathered more evidence. John told Kelly that there was nothing in the file that would interest her. John and Kelly kissed, as Marty walked in.

Kelly told Marty that she was glad that Marty was feeling better. Marty expressed surprise that John and Kelly were together and asked if Natalie knew that they were a couple. When Kelly and John did not answer, Marty assumed that Natalie was still in the dark. Kelly then announced that she had to leave, and that she would get her quotes elsewhere.

Once John and Marty were alone, John indicated that he refused to discuss his personal life with her. However, Marty reflected that sometimes a personal discussion was unavoidable in certain situations, as she continued to hold the paternity test results. Natalie entered the room. When Natalie pondered why Marty would need to visit John, Marty revealed that she had something for John to see.

Marty shoved the paternity test results into her purse and pulled out another document. Marty handed John the form that was a confirmation for her doctor's appointment, which she stated had been court mandated. Marty then commented that she had seen Natalie, Brody, and Liam together, and that they had made a beautiful family. Marty insisted that it was great that everyone had been able to move on. Marty softly said, "Gosh, I hope my future is as bright as yours."

After Marty left, Natalie exclaimed that she did not believe a word from Marty's mouth. John pleaded with Natalie to stay away from Marty, and he provided that he would convince Marty to stay away from her. Natalie suspected that Marty had forged the doctor's document and reached for the file, which fell to the floor. When the sonogram slid out of the file, Natalie cried, "What are you doing with this?"

Kelly arrived at the gym and explained to Joey that she was writing a story about Clint's exoneration, and that she needed a quote from Joey. When Kelly remarked that no one would comment on Clint's case, Joey questioned if Kelly was even unable to get a comment from her boyfriend, John McBain. Aubrey then asked how long Kelly had been dating John, and Joey claimed that Kelly was just scratching an itch. Aubrey demanded to know why Joey even cared what Kelly did.

At La Boulaie, Langston looked at the comment, "It's complicated," on Bobby Ford's MyFace page. Langston put down her computer, looked out the door onto the deck, and asked if someone was there. Dorian and David swaggered in wearing sunglasses, and Dorian cried, "We're home, darling." After she hugged Langston, Dorian claimed that she and David could not risk walking in through the front door, because of the paparazzi. David then saw that Langston's computer was on Ford's MyFace page.

Dorian was distressed that Langston was still mooning over Robert Ford. However, Langston claimed that she was not mooning over Ford, but that she had accidentally clicked into his profile. David noted, "Like when Dorian accidentally clicked my profile thousands and thousands of times, while I was in that jail." Dorian then explained that her track pad had been very sensitive.

Langston wondered why David was not shooting Vicker Man: The David Vickers-Buchanan Story, and Dorian indicated that production had temporarily been halted. David then whined that there had been a wardrobe malfunction for him. Dorian insisted that they would be up and running in a couple of days. Dorian then asked for the latest news.

Langston held up the Sun, and Dorian saw the headlines that stated that Clint had been cleared of the charges in Eddie Ford's murder. Dorian read the article out loud, and David declared that his Pa and StepNora would never let him down. Dorian screamed that Bo and Nora had only wanted to protect the Buchanan name, and that she would fire both of them. When Langston wondered if Dorian had the power to do that, Dorian cried that she was still the mayor.

When Langston questioned if Clint had really killed Eddie, Dorian wondered who had shot him if Clint had not. Dorian claimed that Clint would pay for everything that he had done. Dorian told David that they would portray Clint in the movie as "a vicious, criminal psychopath with a terrible comb-over." David wanted to add that Clint would also have an erectile dysfunction.

When Langston feared that the script changes would get them into trouble with the writer's guild, Dorian and David laughed hysterically. David insisted that they had loved his rewrites on Supermodel Crime Club, which had included "Payback is a stitch," and "Crime doesn't sashay." Langston only regretted that there had not been a second season of Supermodel Crime Club.

Langston realized that the fans could look forward to Vicker Man, once it hit the theaters, but then asked if the movie would be reaching the theaters. Dorian explained that there had been a slight delay. "Well, you know. It's Hollywood. Things get dropped. Then they get picked up again -- just like life." When Dorian announced that David had decided to drop a little weight, David revealed that they had canned the "stupid director" and the "idiot writer."

Dorian explained that it had been for creative differences, and David exclaimed, "The director kept telling me what to do, and the writer kept putting words in my mouth." Dorian then yelled that they had taken her intelligent, constructive criticism as being controlling. Langston questioned if Phyllis Rose of Access Llanview would side with a D-list commercial actor and a woman with no show business experience. Dorian then admitted that it was not the director and writer that had been fired; it had been David.

David cried that Dorian had also been thrown off the set, and Dorian yelled that it had happened because she had just given them a few notes. Langston laughed because David had been thrown off of his own movie, but Dorian claimed that Vicker Man was only one movie about David. Dorian then announced that she and David were creating their own movie.

When Langston asked who would write the screenplay, Dorian stated that they would need someone who had a deep understanding of their particular quirks and eccentricities. Dorian then announced that they would need someone like Langston.

When Langston did not immediately reply, David felt that Langston needed to take her time to consider all of the possibilities from such a terrific opportunity. Dorian then replied that maybe Langston was just trying to decide what to have for lunch. When Langston reminded Dorian that she still had college, Dorian told her to take a leave of absence. Langston wondered if it was just a scheme to get her away from Ford.

David insisted that he and Dorian were professionals producing a movie, and that they were not running a dating service. Dorian declared that Langston should broaden her horizons. Dorian added that to get away from Ford, Langston should switch towns and write a movie.

Langston exclaimed, "This has disaster written all over it. And even if I do say yes, what director is gonna want to work with someone who's never written a real screenplay before." Dorian revealed, "Actually, we have found an exciting new talent. Yes, a brilliant young director." David added, "The kid's a real up-and-comer." Dorian continued, "And he signed off on collaborating on the script with you, sight unseen."

Langston cried, "What loser would agree to that?' When David pointed and stated, "That one," Langston turned and gasped. She uttered, "Oh, my God!"

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