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Kendall and Zach are history now or at least their marriage will be very soon. Considering they never consummated their union an annulment could have been in order.

Kendall and Zach are history now or at least their marriage will be very soon. Considering they never consummated their union an annulment could have been in order. It was really sad seeing both of them dreaming of each other yet Kendall just can't let her guard down to trust and love which would give her so much potential happiness. She instead sees the risks involved and thinks of the potential hurt that is there. Of course, Ryan barging in didn't help. Exactly how did he get there so fast? You know it seems the writers don't know how to express any joy, love, romance or hope, only anger, hate and disappointment. No wonder the ratings continue to go down. Don't they know this is the season for goodness, love and hope?

JR and Babe are playing each other but it seems JR is much better at this game. JR still harbors a lot of hate with Babe stealing Little Adam. That Little Adam is one cute child! I can't blame JR for not trusting Babe again. Too bad he was so trusting of Santa. Babe came to the rescue as she recognized Jonathan in disguise. Next thing you know someone is coming out of the Chandler tunnels and getting ready to snatch Little Adam. I don't care for the way this is going down.

Bianca's back for a little Christmas cheer but I don't believe she'd be supportive of Greenlee's decision to give Greenlee's share of Fusion to Babe. Babe stole Miranda and that kind of hurt and deception doesn't just go away even if you are portrayed as a saint. Miranda has been aged and been changed to a girl. She seemed older than Little Adam to me but maybe not.

My man David was seen again this week and all I can say is why don't they give David a Front Burner storyline???? He's certainly a sight for my sore eyes. Since TPTB can't seem to find anything for Brooke and David to do --- pair them up. I liked them together during the Laura needs a heart debacle. Brooke would definitely have her hands full and David needs to be kept in check and Brooke is up for that task!

Dr MADden is again in the mix with Erica and Tad. Lots of theories on this from Greg delivering Kate (Dixie's baby) and keeping it secret all this time as well as either delivering a twin to Kendall and keeping it as his own or stealing Erica's aborted fetus. The latter would be physically impossible to have a viable pregnancy and the other is just La La Land stuff. Josh is annoying and I wonder exactly when did he get the authority to hire people? It appears he's setting Amanda up for a fall by perhaps being behind all those blackouts. Are they trying to redeem Amanda --- this is my question? She can't be redeemed in my eyes as she is self-centered and uninteresting. Janet was always interesting and even though I wish they had not had her become "Janet from another Planet" again, she is interesting. I wondered what else was in that ice chest with her Mocha Chip ice cream!!! ICKKKKK!! It seems to me that she will be the culprit behind much of the havoc that's been going on, but why couldn't AMC instead have some suspense and variety. It's like when the Dragon's identity was revealed --- it surprised no one as everyone had it figured out long before.

Not another couple stuck together for an evening - why is it Aidan couldn't just climb out of that Christmas tree lot? I guess they'll be falling for each other soon instead of over Christmas trees. We've been down that road soooooo many times and I for one don't enjoy Aidan and Erin together. Maybe it's just over-saturation of the Lavery family but I really wish Erin had never shown up in PV. I don't see Jonathan's redemption happening. He can continue to stutter and act like a child but he still murdered 3 people. I've heard from a couple of viewers that either have had, currently have or have family members that have brain tumors and none of these folks have murdered anyone! Why is it that Julia had to get in the picture and persuade Ryan to stay in PV???? This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Alison who writes: "Okay, when did Julia become the moral conscience of Pine Valley? Spend a few years in Witness Protection and now you can go around town with advice and answers for everyone, unsolicited or not. Don't they have anything better to do with this character?" Oh, I think Alison has hit the nail on the head. AMC continues to bring characters into the mix without a thought of how they will interact and fit in. This is definitely the case with Julia.

Krystal decides to turn Chandler mansion into a truck stop and I was wondering why Adam didn't call the cops to disband the mess. Throw Krystal back in jail and lose the key. She is such a slut and there is NO way Adam could ever have been that drunk. Now we have Palmer showing up with the Chandler board. Where is that security for all the rich people in PV?

Sam is going down the road of no return before his exit. It's bad when they do this to a character that's leaving. I don't think Lily would be so quick to take Jonathan's side considering everything she saw before. What's next? Lily and Jonathan as a couple???? DOUBLE ICKKKKK!!

New rumors that Cady McClain will be back --- as our Christmas miracle next week and then she'll be back for real!!! All I can say is "Yes, Yes, Yes!!" How wonderful that will be. Now let's hope the writing of McTavish and company doesn't ruin Dixie. I see William de Vry will be back as Michael Cambias for a couple of episodes. I did enjoy his stay and would have preferred AMC not paint him into a corner of no return, but that being said --- he's dead, so please stay dead. Let me wish everyone a joyous and safe holiday. May all your dreams and wishes come true! A very MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL!!! Be sure to check my column in 2 weeks for my year in review, etc.!!!


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