All My Children Recaps: The week of February 10, 1997 on AMC
Skye never got a chance to tell Erica why marrying Dimitri would be a bad idea. Erica craved a pill to numb the pain after suffering a miscarriage. Edmund wanted to start over with Maria. Brooke and Pierce made love. Amanda and Janet were rescued from the well.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 10, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, February 10, 1997

Skye staggered into the wedding ceremony, but didn't get very far. Opal smelled booze on Skye's breath and told her to hit the road. Skye asked Bianca if she had given her note to Erica. Bianca, in a bratty tone, snapped back that she had given Erica the note. Still not knowing that Erica had not read the letter, Skye began a rant and rave session asking Erica how she could go through with the wedding. Dimitri ordered Skye to get out and as she was being approached by the bouncers, Skye waddled out of the castle. Erica hunched over in pain, but insisted that she'd be okay. But the cramps became too intense and Erica doubled over in agony. The room was cleared and Maria began to ask Erica about her pain. Erica blamed the pain on Skye, but Maria was not so sure. She said that Erica needs to be examined at the hospital. Erica refused and went as far as to accuse Maria as being in cahoots with Skye. Maria said that Erica's cramping could be a sign that she is losing the baby and that her body was rejecting a fetus that was not viable. Dimitri hoisted Erica into the air and raced off to the hospital.

Liza raced to Adam's office and told him that a caller had reported seeing Amanda near the Marick Estate. Adam and Liza cackled fiendishly as they realized that Amanda was probably headed to the well. Liza drooled over the irony---Janet kept her sister prisoner in the well and now Janet's daughter has gone back to the scene of the crime. Liza phoned for a cameraman and prepared to broadcast live from the scene. The van driver was out with the flu, so Jake volunteered to help out. Adam agreed to letting Jake tag along with Liza and Liza offered no objections. Adam left the office as did Liza, but Jake hung around long enough to make a phone call.

His daughter still missing, Trevor began lashing out at Derek for not doing enough to bring home his daughter. A phone call from Jake Martin turned out to be Trevor's saving grace. Jake told Trev that he had received a tip at WRCW that Amanda was seen near Wildwind. Trevor put two and two together and figured out that Amanda had went to the well.

Laura confronted Adam about airing an incriminating news brief that implied that Janet was responsible for Amanda's disappearance. She stood up for Janet and professed her innocence. Adam thanked Laura for her editorialized comments and said that unless she had sufficient proof to substantiate her claim, he is not interested in listening. Scott came to her side and helped her keep calm. He then took her off to type up a letter of disapproval to the station and teased her of how he never wants to get on her bad side. The two kissed.

Palmer told Edmund that Dimitri will call as soon as he learns anything. Edmund thanked the couple for attending the almost-wedding and excused himself to go and find the minister. Opal saw the charred remains of Skye's letter in the fireplace and told Palmer that there is more to the situation than meets the eye.
Skye came out of hiding to find her purse. Edmund caught her and asked her while she was still around. She showed concerned for Erica's condition and said that she didn't mean to risk Erica's health. Edmund grabbed Skye by the collar and walked her to the phone. He then called Adam and told him that his daughter wrecked Erica's wedding and that she's been drinking and needs a ride home. A short time later Adam showed up and asked her what she had done this time.

Amanda still remained unconscious. Janet begged God not to take Amanda from her because she has got a brilliant life ahead of her. She said that she wants to watch Amanda win the gold medal at the Olympics and win the Academy Award for directing. As she pleaded with God to save her daughter's life, she offered her own life to save Amanda.
Jake and Liza arrived at the mine, but found no sign of Amanda. Liza turned to walk away, but Jake went in to investigate. Her heard muffled noises coming from the well and knew that someone had fallen inside the well. He called down to see if he could contact anyone at the bottom of the hole. Janet called back that she needed assistance because Amanda was barely alive. Trevor burst into the mine a few seconds later and nearly jumped into the well to save his daughter and Janet. He encouraged Janet to hang on and promised that he'd get her and Amanda out of the well. Jack told Trevor that he and Derek had arranged a rescue team, but that icy road conditions were delaying their arrival. Outside the mine, Liza broadcast the latest developments over a live airwave.

Nick and Myrtle offered their support to Dimitri, but even their prayers could not keep Dimitri from worrying for his wife and unborn child. Inside, Erica insisted that he pain had gone away and that she was ready to go back home. Gloria and Nick told Erica that she needs to rest and that the hospital is the best place for her.
Dimitri entered the room and held Erica's hand as Joe came back from a meeting with the obstetrician. His face dragged and his eyes cast down. Erica told Joe that he was scaring her and demanded that he tell her that her baby would be fine. But even Joe---as much as he wanted to---could not give Erica any good news. He told Erica that he was very, very sorry. Erica lost her baby.

Tuesday, February 11, 1997

Adam was incensed that Skye had resorted to childish behavior and asked if her return to drinking was sparked by a bad hair day. Erica told her father that she was trying to stop Erica from making a big mistake. Adam seemed confused by Skye's wanting to stop Erica from marrying Dimitri. After all, he said, this was their third wedding. He tried to slip away and head for the Marick mine, but Skye threw a tantrum. She accused him of deserting her and only giving five minutes of his time to her each year. Adam blasted Skye of making a shambles of Erica's wedding. Skye sobbed as she told Adam that all of her friends had dumped her and that Edmund---the man she loves---doesn't return any feelings for her. Adam rolled his eyes when he realized that Skye was hopelessly chasing after a married man. He told her that Edmund is inaccessible because he is madly in love with his wife. "It's rare," Adam said of a husband being devoted to his wife. "But it happens." Skye insisted that she does not want another man. Adam told Skye that she could learn a lot from her half-sister Hayley. He said that she stood tall even when her mother bedded her husband. He then told her that if she continues to act like a child, he'll treat her like a child. He then gave her the option of walking out of Wildwind or being hoisted over her father's shoulder and carried out.

Joe did his best to break the news to Erica gently, but he could find no easy way to tell her that she had lost her baby. He said that most miscarriages occur during the first trimester. Erica denied losing her baby, saying that she prayed for a strong, healthy baby. Joe said that some things are beyond his control and that he will never understand why horrible things happen to good people. Gloria entered the room to offer her consolation to Erica. When Gloria lost her little girl, Anna Claire, Erica came to her side and offered her Mona's Bible as a way to find some comfort. Gloria returned the favor by returning Mona's Bible
Edmund arrived at the hospital and learned of Erica's miscarriage from Maria. He asked Maria to pass along his sympathy to Erica, but he refused to feel sorry for Dimitri. Maria tried to elicit some sort of feeling, some compassion, anything from her husband. Edmund remained emotionless.
Erica told Dimitri that their hopes and dreams of having a family together were shattered. Dimitri put her fears to rest and said that she did not let him down and that as long as they have each other in their lives they'll be fine. Erica asked Dimitri to go to Bianca and let her know that she was okay. She did not want her daughter to learn of the miscarriage from "the help."
Maria entered the room and told Erica she was "sorry." Erica nodded and told Maria that she should be sorry because she is the reason that she lost her baby. She accused Maria of not wanting "to share the spotlight" with another pregnant woman and told her that she should have known her condition was serious rather than letting her go through with the wedding. She blasted Maria for having Dr. Clader by her side when she experienced cramping and then turning around and offering no medical consultation to her until it was too late. Maria told Erica that she wished with all her heart that the miscarriage never happened. Erica didn't believe it. "My baby died today because of you," Erica said with tears rolling down her cheeks. She turned her head, refused to look at Maria, and ordered her out of her room.
At the chapel, Dimitri begged God to give Erica support and guidance. He said that he should be the one who was punished, not Erica or her child. Edmund walked by the chapel and overheard Dimitri's prayers. He told Dimitri that he is very sorry for Erica and hopes that she'll be fine. He left without offering any words of support to his brother. Maria entered the chapel a few moments later and told Dimitri that Erica needed him. She then took to a pew and began some prayers of her own. She said that she had "forgotten how to pray," but that her mother told her that God will forgive any sin. She said that she should have been the one to suffer, not Erica. She turned and saw Edmund at the door and ran away.

Trevor offered words of encouragement to Janet and Amanda, but there was no hiding the seriousness of the condition. Trevor tried to get near the well so he could somehow scale the walls and rescue his daughter. Jack intervened and kept Trevor from risking his own safety. Jake volunteered to descend into the well, adding that he has emergency medical training and is the best suited person for the rescue. Outside, Liza took to the airwaves again and began talking of Janet and Natalie's well saga from a few years back. Jack ordered Liza to stop broadcasting or he'd slap her with an "obstruction of justice" offense. Liza insisted that she had a right to broadcast anything that she wanted and took the credit for finding Amanda in the first place. Jake retrieved a rope and some blankets from the WRCW van. He tossed a blanket to Janet and told her to bundle up Amanda with it. Liza and her cameraman crony slipped back into the mine and began taping. Jake scaled the walls and eventually touched bottom. He checked Amanda's condition and diagnosed her as suffering from hypothermia. He told Janet that the condition could be very serious if she did not get help immediately. Using the blanket as a "cocoon," Janet and Jake secured Amanda to Jake's back and attempted an emergency rescue. Trevor saw that Liza was in the mine and overheard her refer to Janet as Amanda's mom. He blew a fuse and chased Liza and the cameraman from the mine. Outside, he grabbed the camera and smashed it on the ground. He told Liza that the next time, he'll smash her! Liza ordered her assistant to obtain another camera by the time Amanda gets plucked from the well or he'll be standing in line at the unemployment office. The rescue crews were stuck in a traffic jam on the interstate, but Jake managed to get Amanda out of the well safely. Her condition remained the same---critical---but Trevor was thankful to have his daughter out of the well in one piece and alive. Liza and her cameraman went back into the mine for some close-up shots. Jack told Janet that they'd be rescuing her next. As the cameraman moved closer to the edge of the well for some photos, his foot pressed into the decrepit stone exterior of the mine. The structure gave way, sending dozens of heavy rocks tumbling down on to Janet---burying her alive.

Wednesday, February 12, 1997

Nick was concerned that Erica went too far in her lashing out at Maria. Erica didn't want to hear that she was wrong and asked Nick if he could leave her alone. Nick shook his head. He said that what Erica really wants is for his "to wave a magic wand" and make everything better. Dimitri slowly entered the room to tell Erica that he spoke to Dr. Clader. The doctor said that one out of every ten pregnancies ends in miscarriage. The news offered little comfort to Erica who felt that she should have been one of the nine successful pregnancies. She said it is unfair that crack addicts and alcoholics can carry to term. She swore that she had not taken any drugs---even an aspirin---since she learned that she was pregnant. Opal and Myrtle rushed into the room to offer their heart-felt sympathy, but their help only made things worse. Opal told Erica that she needs to move on from her tragedy because she is still young enough to have a "whole litter" of children running around the house. She also related her story of losing her daughter, Jenny, and told Erica that she knows how she's feeling. Dimitri shooed the two women from Erica's room before Erica started crying again.
Outside the room, Dimitri told Nick that he is worried about Erica. He said that he is concerned that Erica's recent string of tragedies might lead her back to drugs. Nick assured Dimitri that Erica always bounces back better than before and that he has nothing to worry about.
Dimitri went back into Erica's room and suggested that they go for a walk. Erica agreed that a walk might do her good, but said that she'd rather find Maria and apologize for her outburst.

Maria met with an ultrasound technician for her seven-month check up. The two exchanged idle chit-chat about Maria already having a son, but how she's very excited about giving birth. When asked if her husband would be attending, Maria said that something had come up and Edmund would not be able to join her. With that, Edmund burst into the room and asked if he was too late. Maria tried to make Edmund's appearance look good by saying that she did not think he'd be able to make the appointment. But it blew up in her face when Edmund said, in front of the technician, that she had not told him about the appointment. The technician made up an excuse so Edmund and Maria could speak privately. Edmund told Maria that he does not believe in "mistakes." He, of course, was referring to Maria's prayers that her baby had been taken instead of Erica's. He said that if "mistakes" were taken away, he'd never have been born. He also said that when he looks at Sam he never thinks that he was conceived after two teens got drunk and had a one-night stand. Maria was accepting of these examples, but asked how he'd feel when her baby was born. Edmund looked her in the eyes and said that when the baby is born, he'll take the baby in his arms and everything will be all right.
The sonogram revealed a very healthy baby. Maria and the technician both oohed and aahed over the various "baby parts," but Edmund could distinguish anything on the monitor. Maria caught sight of something and asked if what she was what she thought it was. The technician said that policy forbids her from telling the sex of the baby, but said that if she were an interior designer, she'd paint the rooms blue. Maria smiled at her baby boy and asked for a printout of the sonogram image.
After the appointment, Edmund and Maria talked about the baby. Maria said that Hector would be pleased because he always preferred boys. She said that her aunts told her that Hector was disappointed that she, the first born child, was not a boy. Hector did, however, come around and on Maria's graduation from Medical school, he told her that she was "a father's dream." Edmund became uncomfortable calling the baby "He" and suggested that they could up with names. From Sam's sibling, they came up with the name "Sibby"---in jest, I hope. As the two mused about the name, Erica entered the waiting area and asked of she could have a few words with Maria. Erica apologized for tearing into Maria and said that she now knows that her miscarriage was not Maria's fault. She picked up the sonogram photos and tried to force a smile, but that smile didn't come so easily.
After Erica left, Maria feared that Skye might try to visit Erica while she's in the hospital. She said that only an armed guard could keep Skye away. Maria went off to check on some business. Dimitri returned to speak to Edmund, but Edmund wasn't a willing listener. He warned Dimitri that he had better not set his sights on being a father to Maria's child because it is out of the question.
Like clockwork, Skye showed up at Erica's room. Erica begged Skye to leave.

Jack ordered the mine to be cleared. Liza showed she does have conscience by standing by Jack's side and offering to assist in any way. The fire chief said that the walls of the well are too unstable to attempt a rescue and that they first need to secure the area before anything can be done. Janet came around and yelled that she wanted an update on Amanda's condition. Jack assured Janet that Amanda would be fine, but Janet was worried when she learned that Amanda had still not regained consciousness. The rescue squad returned and said that there is no way that they can descend into the well for a rescue. Instead, they will need to drill a separate tunnel and attempt a rescue that way. Jack urged Janet to remain calm and conserve her strength. Janet's teeth chattered together as her legs were pinned under mounds of rocks. Janet began planning for her death and told Jack that there is a music box at Linden House that she wants Amanda to have. She said that Amanda is half-dead and it's all her fault. The drilling began, but it had unwanted results. The ground began to shake and the decades old mine began to cave-in. The walls began to crumble and even more debris was sent into the well.

Amanda was rushed to the hospital, but her condition soon improved. Jake told Hayley and Mike that Amanda was not in critical condition because her body temperature had not dropped to dangerous levels After some special care, Amanda's temperature returned to normal. Trevor thanked Jake for saving his daughter's life---but added that Janet was also responsible. Trevor sang a lullaby to his still unconscious daughter. He apologized for his off-key tune, but said that Amanda likes the song. With that, Amanda opened her eyes for several minutes and let her daddy know that she was okay. She asked for Janet, but Trevor said that Janet would be along soon. Amanda drifted back into her sleep. A nurse said that she'd take care of Amanda so Trevor could go and get something to eat. Outside the room, an emergency call came into the hospital telling them that there had been a collapse as the Marick Estate and that a woman was trapped in a well. Trevor told Hayley to stay by Amanda's side and he raced off to Wildwind.

At the mine, Jack begged Janet to give a sign that she could hear him. There was no response. Liza urged Jack to leave the mine before he gets trapped. He refused to leave. Trevor arrived on the scene to see if there was anything he could do. Jack told his buddy that the rescue crews said that Janet is probably already dead and that they are not attempting a rescue. At the bottom of the well, Only Janet's head poked out of the pile of rubble. She made no sound...and made no movement.

Thursday, February 13, 1997

Erica warned Skye that if she did not depart, she'd be forced to call hospital security and have her forcibly removed. Skye immediately apologized for her actions and asserted her responsibility for Erica's miscarriage. Erica told Skye that the miscarriage was not her fault and that she felt "funny" before the wedding.. Skye scrunched her face and commented that she cannot get the taste of alcohol from her mouth. Erica looked down and softly said that she can relate to Skye's battle with alcohol. Things seemed smooth, but Erica soon made Skye uncomfortable by asking for the reason behind her wedding interruption. Skye said that her life changed when she fell for Edmund. When she learned of the problems in his marriage, she told Erica that she threw herself at Edmund but was turned away. She expressed her feeling of loneliness and said that if she could not be happy than no one else could be happy either---and then she turned to the bottle. Skye hinted that she had passed on contacting her AA sponsor in hard times because she had Erica's friendship. Erica asked Skye for the details on her letter. Skye kept her fingers crossed that her note had been lost forever. Relieved that the letter was, in fact, missing, Skye said that the note contained more of her complaints that she could never have Edmund. Dimitri broke up the party and order Skye to leave his wife alone. Skye insisted that she was doing no harm, but left before she found Dimitri's hands wrapped around her neck.

Edmund dropped by the hospital to check on Amanda's condition. He learned from Michael and Hayley that Amanda was in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. He also learned that Janet was still trapped in the well. Edmund raced back to Wildwind because he said that he could help.
Tanner arrived and provided Hayley with some uncomfortable moments. Hayley thought quickly on her feet and asked Michael if his room at Myrtle's was still available. Tanner nixed the idea of a "flea bag" boarding house. Hayley insisted that Myrt's was anything but flea bag material and even said that she would pay any initial expenses--like security deposit-- that Tanner would have in the move Tanner took Hayley's offer as dismal and implied that Hayley was trying to get rid of him. He tried to bolster his claim to a room at Mateo and Hayley's apartment by contending that he has no desire to pursue her romantically. Rather than kick her soon-to-be husband's best friend out of the apartment, she agreed to let him stay.
Hayley saw Skye making a hasty exit from the hospital and called her over for a few words. Again Skye was very civil---surprisingly friendly. She apologized to Hayley for making a scene at Holidays and told her that she wants to patch things up between them. Hayley seemed pleased by the extension of an olive branch, but suggested that her sister attend an AA meeting first. Hayley even offered to go along with her, but Skye said that it would mean more if she went by herself.

Back in Erica's room, a nurse brought along a relaxant to help Erica's discomfort subside. Erica's eyes fixated on the pill as she battled herself to turn the pill away. The nurse took the pill away, but Erica later told Dimitri that she desperately wanted something to take her physical and emotional pain away. She took a deep breath and told Dimitri that she is going to attend an AA meeting to talk about her ordeal and to get the support from others who are battling addiction.

The fire chief told Jack and Trevor that Janet had died. They tossed a microphone into the well to pick up even the slightest sound, but Janet made no sound. Then they lowered an oxygen line into the well so that Janet would be able to breath---but the line went unused. Jack told Trevor that the rescue crews were going to drill another tunnel, but that it would take some time before they were anywhere near the well. Trevor demanded that they do more and said that he will not allow Janet to die.
The hunting lodge was being used as a command center for the rescue operation. There, Liza and her camera-toting crony filmed anything that stood still long enough for a close-up. Trevor chased her out, but Liza remained vehement in her claims that she deserves to be in on the rescue because WRCW was responsible for tracking Amanda down. Edmund told the team that there are blueprints of the mine at the main house. He raced off to find them, but Trevor said the extra time this will take will cost Janet her life. He volunteered to be lowered into the well. Derek found it odd that Trevor would want to risk his life for Janet and told him that Amanda needs him. Trevor told Derek that Janet saved Amanda's life and that he "owes her a life." Derek scrapped the idea and told Trevor that he will not allow Trevor's rescue attempt.
Edmund arrived with the blueprints, but there seemed no easy way to get Janet out of her prison. Liza tapped Edmund on the shoulder and asked him how it feels to be on the brink of a lawsuit. She seemed pleased with laying the blame on Edmund for the well incident. After all, she said that Edmund owns Wildwind and is therefore responsible for any and all injuries that occur on the property. Edmund blasted Liza for her cold-hearted look at life and asked her to get off of his property. Liza continued her commentary and said that it is obvious that Janet kidnapped Amanda and that if the well was properly boarded up, none of these problems would be happening.

Skye spoke at the AA meeting and told the meeting attendees that she had "fall off the wagon." Unbeknownst to Skye, Erica slipped into the meeting behind her and was listening to her story. Skye said that she wrecked lives and that she cannot take full responsibility for her actions until she tells her whole story. She got very, very close everyone that she swapped paternity test results, but thankfully Tanner entered the room and motioned to Skye to stop her story. She raced from the room and told Tanner that he had no business in an AA meeting. Tanner warned Skye that she needs to be careful when opening her mouth---and that Erica was in the room. Skye was stunned that she nearly spilled her guts to Erica.
Erica was next to speak. She said that she had plans for her baby and those dreams will never become reality. It was difficult to accept the loss. she said and that she "almost returned to an old friend" to help ease her pain. She said that with the support of those gathered around her, she'll be able to battle her addiction and remain clean.

Liza and the cameraman showed up at the hospital hoping to get some film of Amanda. But Hayley met Liza at the door and prevented the encroachment. After some prodding, Hayley agreed to issue a statement on behalf of the Dillon family. Liza almost did a dance of joy and began rolling film. Hayley got on the mike and blasted the media for turning a little girl's tragedy into a circus. Liza ordered the cameraman to cut and told Hayley that she was not very thankful considering that she found Amanda. Liza insisted that she would never go into Amanda's room to get film footage because even she knows where to draw the line.

Trevor left the command post and began a rescue by himself. He found an adjacent tunnel and crawled through the cramped space to rescue his daughter's mother from the well. He approached the outside "casing" of the well and began to pry the rocks loose with---get the irony of this---a crowbar. He managed to get a crawl space open and entered the well. He begged Janet not to die saying "Amanda needs you!" repeatedly. Janet stirred and spoke only a few words. She instructed Trevor to get out of the well before he is killed too.
The cops looked around for Trevor, but could not find him. A few seconds later, Trevor burst into the hunting lodge carrying Janet in his arms. In a bizarre turn of events, he finally got what he missed the first time the well had been used as a prison. He beat himself up for not rescuing Natalie, Amanda's mother at the time, from the well---Dimitri found Natalie first---Now, he had a chance to relive the moment, but this time he got his chance to save Amanda's mother from death.

Friday, February 14, 1997

Trevor asked Gloria how Janet was doing. She said that her physical condition is fine---aside from a few broken ribs and oxygen deprivation---but that mentally she's a wreck from being worried about Amanda. Trevor dashed off to see Amanda. Tad slipped in to the hospital without being spotted and asked Ruth how Amanda and Janet were faring. He got the same good news as everyone else: They'd be fine. He then asked if Gloria had received the flowers he'd sent. Ruth looked confused and said that no flowers had arrived at the hospital for anyone.

At Holidays, Mateo asked Tanner if any flowers had arrived for Hayley. Tanner shook his head and said that he hadn't seen any flowers. Matt got on the phone with the florist to see where his flowers were.
Laura, her curly locks now straightened, waited patiently at a table for Scott, but he was nowhere in sight.
Liza and Adam took to the dance floor. Liza was glad to finally be dancing with her husband. She said that they didn't dance at the wedding and it was about time that they slow-danced. Liza confessed, though, that she'd rather be at home dancing with Adam in the privacy of their own mansion. Adam looked, well, befuddled and allured by Liza's charm. He shook off his daze and said that he had business to attend to. Liza joked that he should take a cold shower, but that she'll try for some romance later.
Also on the dance floor, Pierce and Brooke held each other close. Pierce told Brooke that she was not playing fair because being so close to her makes him want to give her a kiss.

Naomi -- who once served as a housekeeper at Chandler Mansion -- now found herself working alone at a flower shop on Valentine's Day. She had been hired as temporary help, but things were much busier than she expected. The shop's delivery person was involved in an accident and could not deliver the flowers to any of the customers. So, dozens of bouquets and arrangements sat in the shop undelivered. Mateo called to check on the status of his order. Myrtle showed up and asked if she could send flowers to the North Pole. Naomi gave her a funny look and said that she cannot make arrangements for deliveries in town and asked how she could possibly deliver flowers half way around the world. Myrtle offered to help arrange flowers. When Scott came in to pick up flowers for Laura, Myrtle enlisted him to help deliver flowers to other customers around town. He gladly donated his services, but asked if he could make a phone call first. He called Holidays and asked to give a message to the girl with "fair skin and long, curly red hair" saying that he'd be late. Of course Laura straightened her hair and the message was given to another woman. Marian strolled into the shop and announced that she had received flowers from a "Mystery Lover." She bragged that she has so many lovers that she needs Naomi to pull the receipt and find out just who sent the flowers. Naomi agreed, but learned that the flowers were misdelivered. They were not for Marian. Before the bad news was broken, Myrtle stepped in and told Marian that the flowers were bought with cash and that there is no way of knowing who sent them. Finally, Jake showed up to check on a flower order. He, too, was called to service to help deliver flowers. With their work done, Myrtle bid Naomi farewell. Naomi noticed a final floral arrangement had not been deliver. She checked the card and learned that it was for Myrtle. The flowers were from Red. Myrt left the shop, but not before wishing Naomi a "Merry Christmas."

Maria had to be reminded by Bianca that it was Valentine's Day. Bianca was waiting patiently for her mom to return from the hospital. before entering the house---which Bianca had decorated in hearts and welcome home messages---Dimitri instructed Erica that she can only spend a short amount of time celebrating her home coming with her daughter. After that, she has to go and rest. Erica put up a very strong front for her daughter and assured her that she'd be in tip top shape in no time. She did not let on that she was heart-broken from losing her child. Later Erica told Dimitri that she still wants to raise a child with him.

Pierce and Brooke left Holidays and returned to Brooke's home. With "Falling Into You" by Celine Dion playing, the two celebrated the holiday with a passionate love making session.

Trevor told Tad that he owes Jake and Janet "big time" for saving Amanda. Trevor said that Janet showed no concern for her own life---she just wanted to see Amanda rescued. Tad said that he encountered that same sentiment when Janet plucked Jamie from Willow Lake. Gloria wheeled in Amanda (she was en route to radiology). Tad gave Amanda a card that Jamie had made for her. Trevor tried to talk to Amanda about Janet, but Amanda wanted nothing to do with Janet. After Amanda had left, Trevor told Tad that he worries that he will have to tell Janet "Thanks for saving Amanda---but she wants nothing to do with you."

Laura, still not knowing that Scott was on his way to be with her, left Holidays. Scott caught her in the parking lot before she could drive off and asked her why she was leaving. She told him that she did not get his message. He apologized for the lack of communication, gave her some flowers, and a kiss.
Mateo hushed the room and offered a public apology to his fiancee. Her told Hayley that he had ordered flowers, but they never showed up. He told her and the assembled guests that everyday she's in his life, it feels like Valentine's Day.
Jake arrived with the flower order and handed them out. He gave the biggest arrangement to Liza. Adam smiled and said that he wanted to give something special to his "little ratings grabber."

At Wildwind things did not look so good for Edmund and Maria's marriage. Maria browsed through some old Valentine's Day cards that Edmund had given her. When he showed up at the door, she was somewhat embarrassed, gathered her cards, and tried to race out of the room. Edmund stopped her and said that he needed to talk to her. He told her that he never thought there would come a time when they could not get past a problem in their marriage. "But lately," he said, the light that shines on their marriage has dimmed. Maria's eyes welled with tears. She told Edmund that she is responsible for pushing their marriage to the "point of no return" and that she'll always hold dear the memories of their happy times together. "I saw your goodness and faith," Edmund replied. "I know you've been in pain and I know you're sorry. There's too much pain in this house lately and I do not want to let one moment kill our future." He told Maria that he wants to start over and get back their happy life together. Maria broke down in tears and gave her husband a huge hug.

Janet visited Janet's hospital room. Janet was awake and alert and quickly asked how Amanda was doing. He told her that their daughter was fine and that she'd make a full recovery. He wished her a Happy Valentine's Day and gave her Amanda's pink knit ski cap as a "present." She asked if it would be okay to visit Amanda. Trevor offered no reply.

Down the corridor, Tad and Gloria danced to some romantic music. Gloria thanked him for the flowers, but said that she hadn't gotten to read the card. Tad took the card off of the flowers and did not allow Gloria to read. He said that the card does not accurately reflect the power of his feelings for her. He looked her in the eyes and for the first time, told her that he loves her.

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