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Jamie disappeared while on a camping trip. Kevin received a full four-year scholarship to PVU, but there was the potential for problems with his roommate. Laura decided that she could not have sex with Scott. Erica made her move to return Sonya to Maria. WRCW got a brand-new owner.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on AMC
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Monday, June 16, 1997

Bobby tore into Kevin for choosing to go to the prom with Kelsey. He begged Kevin to reconsider and take another guy, adding that it was "hypocritical" for Kevin to go with a young woman. Kevin insisted that taking Kelsey to the prom had no reflection on his sexuality and told Bobby to stop making fun of Kelsey. Bobby claimed that his ridicule of Kelsey was appropriate, but agreed to back off.

Nearby, Michael called Trevor and asked him to do a big favor: chaperone the prom. During his weekly basketball game, Michael twisted his ankle and had been advised to stay off his feet for at least a week. When Janet learned of Trevor's chaperone stint, she gushed romantically over the wonders of the high school prom. If it means so much to her, Trevor commented, she could help him chaperone. Amanda and Tim dropped by for some ice cream. As Janet went to their table to see what kind of ice cream they wanted, she overheard Amanda telling Tim about her flower scam. She said that guised as her father, she sent flowers to Janet to make Trevor and Janet mend their fences. Apparently the plan work, Amanda chirped. Janet was crushed, lowered her head, and returned to the bar.

Laura teetered on the brink of telling Brooke about her post-prom festivities with Scott. Every time it looked like she was about to speak up, something happened that diverted her attention. Pierce placed a call to the house to tell Brooke about his search for Amelia. Brooke motioned to Laura to tell Pierce that she was out of the house. Laura could see Brooke's heartbreak and didn't want to add to her troubles by saying that she and Scott were planning on sleeping together. Scott arrived as Laura was putting on some finishing touches. Brooke snapped off a few photos and Laura left for the prom---without telling Brooke about her decision to have sex with Scott.

Tad heard Gloria mentioned that she plans on giving Jamie a little brother or sister one day. Before Tad could jump to the conclusion that Gloria was pregnant, Gloria clarified the situation by saying that "one day" she hopes she'll have a baby. Jamie was relieved; he said that he doesn't want another sibling. Tad seemed in no rush to have another child and Gloria was disappointed that she was the only one with a desire to begin a family.

Kelsey was nervous about the prom, but Ruth and Jake stepped in to help ease her jitters. Jake told Kelsey that she looked beautiful and advised her not to listen to anyone else's opinion of her. He said that her past misdoings will all be forgotten and she'll have a great time. Ruth presented Kelsey with a present, a hand bag she'd received from Joe on one of their trips to New York. Ruth spotted the item in a store window on 5th Avenue and told Joe how she'd one day like to own it. Later, the handbag appeared in their hotel room with a note from Joe telling Ruth that he'd give her the world if he could. Kelsey was moved to tears as she told her grandmother that she's given her the world by making her smile.

Gloria dropped off Jamie at Brooke's house. Brooke thanked Gloria for being a "wonderful influence" on her son's life.

Stuart arrived a short time later and told Brooke that he's very nervous about Scott and Laura's big night. Brooke was unusually composed, Stuart commented. Brooke smiled and told Stuart that Scott and Laura were very mature and would be responsible and safe. Stuart scratched his head and said that he isn't sure if Laura and Scott should be sleeping together yet. Brooke chuckled and told her friend that Scott and Laura would not be sleeping together, they'd be sleeping near each other at Palmer's beach house. Stuart broke the news that Laura and Scott were headed to the Sleepy Hollow Inn and urged Brooke to go to the prom and stop Laura and Scott from making a mistake. Brooke shook her head and repeated that both teens were responsible. She was sure that they would do the right thing. Stuart begged Brooke not to tell Scott or Laura that he had told her about their plans.

At Tad's house, Tad set up a romantic atmosphere complete with candles and champagne. Jake had stopped by to shower and Tad tried to rush his brother out of the house before Gloria returned. He also told Jake about Adam's plan to sock it to Dimitri. With that, Dimitri showed up at the house to run some Cutting Edge ideas past Tad. Dimitri saw the candles and asked Tad if he was planning a quiet evening at home with Gloria. Tad puckered his lips and shot back with a quick response, musing that he and Jake were planning on spending some time together. Dimitri took the hint and hit the road.

Gloria returned to Tad's house and the two sat down to talk about their difference of opinion on starting a family. The couple decided that it is not necessary to start a family immediately, but agreed that they want to have children together.

At the prom, Trevor announced that he was the chaperone. He also teased the kids by saying that he doesn't want to hear any jokes about him being the world's oldest teenager. Kevin instructed Kelsey to accept any dance requests from eligible young men. Kelsey said that she would prefer to stay with Kevin because she enjoys his company. Janet dropped by to see Laura in her prom dress. While she was there, Janet helped Scott boogie to the sounds of "Saturday Night Fever." Trevor then stepped in to coach Laura on the dance steps of the 70s. Before you knew it, Trevor and Janet were dancing in each other's arms!

Tuesday, June 17, 1997

The days of itching and scratching were over as Sam's chicken pox finally subsided. Maria told Edmund that Erica had requested that Sam and Sonya have a play date together. Edmund mused as Erica's request, asking what Sonya and Sam could possibly do together. Sonya can't even crawl, he chuckled, and asked if the two kids would spend all day munching on some of Peggy's soda bread. Maria rued having to call Erica and tell her that Sam was over his childhood infection, but thought that Erica's intentions might be sincere. Perhaps she was trying to mend fences for the sake of the children. Erica answered the phone, but acted quite peculiarly when told that Sam's chicken pox were no longer contagious. Maria had no idea why Erica was acting so oddly, but Erica knew that she would now have to keep her promise to herself and return Sonya to Edmund and Maria. The "playdate" was set for the next morning.

Janet and Trevor discoed up a proverbial storm. Neither could believe how their situations had changed in the course of twelve months. A year ago, Trevor was confined to a wheelchair. Janet commented that had it not been for Trevor's hatred of her, he might still be unable to walk. To set the record straight, Trevor said that he doesn't hate Janet. What could have been a tender moment was destroyed when the class photographer snapped a photo of Trevor and Janet. Trevor demanded the Polaroid, citing his dislike of pictures and adding that he was not part of the Class of 1997. The shutterbug forked over the picture. Trevor crumbled the photo and tossed it aside.

Kevin and Kelsey were proclaimed the King and Queen of the Prom. It was the second consecutive honor for Mr. Sheffield, who ribbed that Kelsey was the Queen---not him! Kelsey, Kevin, Bobby, and Anita prepared to head off to the beach house. They asked if Trevor would like to join them. Kelsey chimed in that they saw Trevor and Janet dancing together and thought that they could use some time away. Trevor turned to talk to Janet, but she had mysteriously disappeared.

Jack paid Erica a visit, a personal visit not a professional visit. Erica told him that he'd never forgive her once the truth was learned about her dirty deeds. Jack insisted that he could work out a custody arrangement with Esther that would allow Erica to maintain custody of Sonya. Erica replied that Esther wasn't part of the problem. Besides, Erica had already decided that Sonya would be given back in the morning. Jack knew that Erica omitted an integral part of the story and asked for Erica to fill in the blanks. "You'll know tomorrow," Erica said softly. She said that the new day would shed light on the situation and clear everything up for everyone. Sonya's cries spurred Erica into action and she raced upstairs for one final night with her "daughter."

Laura and Scott arrived at the Sleepy Hollow Inn. A cornucopia of emotions flooded Laura's mind. She was amazed by the "luxuries"--- bottles of shampoo and perfume in the bathroom. Scott presented his girlfriend with his class ring. The ring has been placed on a chain so it would "always be close" to Laura's heart. Scott played some soft music before he unbuttoned his shirt and began a passionate kiss with the woman he loves.

Kevin and Kelsey walked out on Bobby's party. Neither one wanted to see a bunch of other people making out. Kevin told Kelsey a story about his first "make out" party. He said that they played spin the brush (they didn't have a bottle). The brush first landed on another guy, so Kevin quickly spun the brush again. When it finally stopped spinning, he ended up with a nightmare of an experience. He said an orthodontic rubber band on the girl that he was supposed to kiss snapped off and hit him in the eye. Kelsey asked Kevin if he felt that they'd fall in love. Kevin shook his head. Kelsey insisted that Kevin would find someone special because he's such a great guy. She then looked longingly into his eyes.

Janet returned to the party scene and retrieved the crumpled up Polaroid. She tried her best to flatten the creases, but as she fiddled with the photo, Trevor approached from behind.

Sam received a T-shirt from Hayley and Mateo. The thought of sunning on a tropical island met with approval from both Maria and Edmund. A vacation was definitely in order. Maria went to get Sam and do some late-night game playing with her son. She sang "Hush Little Baby," to Sam.

Across town, Erica sang the same song to Sonya. She told Sonya how she had such high goals for her. Now, she said fighting back tears, she'd never get to see Sonya's first day of school or be there to help her with her homework. Something that Erica will also have, however, is an undying love for the infant. She turned off the lights and closed the door. She knew full well that she had sung her final lullaby to the little girl.

Erica closed up downstairs and prepared for bed. As she made a final check of the lights, she found that Jack had not left. He was there... waiting for her. "Where else would I be?" he answered when Erica asked why he hadn't left.

Wednesday, June 18, 1997

Kelsey wished that she could repeat her senior year in high school. Not because she had a horrible senior year or because her grades were sub-par. She wanted a year to be a normal teen without her sometimes dubious reputation. Kevin praised Kelsey as a beautiful, intelligent, young woman who has a lot going for her. Kelsey smiled and mused that she should hire Kevin as her public relations person. Kevin, on the other hand, felt that his life was skidding off track. He still had no close family ties to speak of, but he was going to pay his brother, Jason, in jail. Kelsey did not approve of the idea and told her friend that he should stick to his friends rather than visiting a brother who'll torment him over his sexual orientation.

Stuart dropped by Brooke's. Neither parent could find a peaceful sleep and both worried that their children might need them. Brooke voiced her total confidence in Scott, but said that she was not so sure about Laura. Brooke hinted that she was concerned and somewhere hurt that Laura was unable to tell her about her plans to sleep with Scott. As the two talked, Laura phoned home.
Before the call, Laura and Scott were getting closer and closer to a sexual encounter. But as things heated up, Laura became increasingly nervous and unsure of what she was doing. She said that she needed to call Brooke because she felt badly for leaving her at home alone. In the phone call, Laura did her best to convince Brooke that everything was fine and dandy, but you can't be too convincing when your voice is filled with the sound of crying. Scott said that he'd take Laura home because he doesn't want to see her unhappy.

Janet told Trevor that she wanted to have the Polaroid snapshot as a momento of her first prom. She spoke of Natalie's senior prom and how all the boys tripped over each other to dance with Nat. Janet broke off her story for fear that she was boring Trevor. But Trevor looked on with a smile and told Janet to continue her story. Janet spoke of how her life has changed: she's close to Hayley, the club of "Janet haters" has apparently disbanded, she has a good job at a big name cosmetics company, Jack asked her out on a date when the only previous interest he'd showed in her was in placing handcuffs around her wrists, and she was allowed to spend time with Amanda. "You've come a hell of a long way," Trevor smiled.

Jack told Erica that he could not leave her side. Not when he she needed him. Erica explained that Sonya had filled a void in her life and made her feel whole again. She didn't know until recently that the bond she had formed with Sonya was never meant to be. Then another void in Erica's life was filled. She and Jack found themselves in a spontaneous and loving kiss. There were no regrets after the kiss. Erica thanked Jack. She had longed for someone to hold her, someone to love her. Sonya's cries set Erica into motion. She picked up the baby and brought her downstairs. It was difficult for Erica to face the fact that she had only one night left with the infant. She didn't want to put her down---not even for a moment. Jack instructed Erica to hold Sonya all night if necessary and not to worry if she dozed off. He'd be there to look over both of them and make sure that they were safe.

Laura and Scott returned home, but neither wanted to talk to their parents about what happened between them. Brooke was amazed that the teens had returned home so early. Laura cracked a slight smile as she tried to dodge the issue with a joke. She said that it is not often that a parent worries because their child arrives home early. But rather than talk about what had happened, Laura went upstairs to bed.

The same scenario played out at Stuart's house. Stuart asked what had happened. He was sure that Scott and Laura had gotten into fight. Scott said he'd talk about it in the morning and went to bed.

Trevor dreamed of his night at the prom. Only he had visions of things that didn't happen. He dreamt that he slow-danced with Janet. The two looked destined for a kiss, but Trevor jumped from his bed before anything happened. He shook his head and went back to sleep.

Kevin and Kelsey had returned home from the beach house early the night before. In the morning, they began cleaning up the mess left by the prom. When Kevin realized that he and Kelsey missed out on the famous "last dance," he grabbed Kelsey and the two waltzed around the patio.

Scott told Stuart that he wanted to make love to Laura to show her how much he loves her.

Laura still didn't part with the truth. Brooke wanted her daughter to speak to her, so she asked Laura a pointed question. She said that she knew that Laura did not return because she thought she was lonely and wondered aloud if Laura and Scott had broken up. Laura broke down in tears and hugged Brooke.

Erica found herself on reclined on the sofa holding Sonya. Jack arrived a few seconds later with a bottle of baby formula. Erica plucked the bottle from Jack and again thanked him for his help. Now, she asked him to leave her to have a final few hours with Sonya---alone. Jack nodded and said that he'd see Erica later.

Thursday, June 19, 1997

Inclement weather in the Philadelphia area downed our access link to the Internet. The problem lasted until Friday morning, hence the reason why Thursday.s recap was posted so late. We apologize for this inconvenience, but there was nothing that we could do.

Edmund requested that Maria forgo the scheduled playdate with Erica and Sonya. Maria was initially opposed to skipping out on Erica and her baby. She said that Erica seems to have come around lately and that she wants to do what's best for Sonya. The notion that Erica was trying to build bridges disagreed with Edmund. He implied that Erica was only trying to patch things up so that Edmund could use his affiliation with Tempo to promote her forthcoming book. Maria was certain that Erica had good intentions, but she agreed to tag along with Sam and Edmund on an impromptu stroll.

Erica prepared for the moment she dreaded: The return of Sonya to Maria. She asked Jack to take Bianca to the airport and make sure that she gets back to Seattle safely. Bianca didn't want to leave town. She insisted that she had just arrived and didn't want to pack up and go so soon. Erica explained that she wants Bianca to return to her father's house to avoid the fall-out when she gives Sonya back to her birth mother. Bianca thought very little of Esther and warned her mother that Esther could not raise Sonya properly. Each time Bianca asked a question about Esther, Erica carefully reworded her response to use the term "birth mother." So when Erica explained her story, she really wasn't telling a flat out lie. Bianca told her mother that she loves her very much and called Erica the best mom in the world.

Scott returned to WRCW because wanted a briefing on Liza's planned ouster of Dimitri. But Scott hadn't counted on Dimitri showing up. Dimitri expressed a sort of sadistic pleasure in reminding Scott that he had once vowed never to never set foot in again. Scott explained that he needed to finish off a few more hours at the station in order to get full college credit for his time. Dimitri reluctantly allowed Scott back aboard the ship, but warned him that he has to give a full one hundred percent.

Brooke told Laura that she knows something is amiss in Laura and Scott's relationship. She said that she also knows that many young couples celebrate prom night with sex. Laura's eyes popped out of their sockets when she realized that Brooke knew about her plans. Brooke said that she hadn't confronted Laura about the issue because she was hoping that Laura would have gone to her first. The explanation for Laura's uncertainty about sex was quite shocking. She said that in her days in New York, she saw prostitutes on a daily basis and was repulsed by the idea that they had sex with many, many men. Laura swore that no one had ever molested her, but Brooke still thought that Laura might be best served by talking to a counselor.

Janet, Trevor, and Kevin returned to work at Holidays. All three moved at a somewhat slower pace as they were still drained from their prom night festivities the night before. Opal dropped by to visit Kevin, but when she saw Janet behind the bar, she couldn't resists a few pot shots. Opal was up in arms that Janet had somehow done something evil to gain employment at the bar. With the Marick mine boarded up, she'd have to have found a new hiding spot! Trevor came to Janet's defense and told Opal that Hayley and Mateo had asked both of them to keep shop while they were on their honeymoon. Opal flagged down Kevin and told the young man that he should take the day off. Kevin refused to rest, citing his need for college tuition money. Opal smiled broadly as she told Kevin that Palmer had been in contact with Pine Valley University. The bursar's office was going to give Kevin a full four year scholarship---plus expenses. Kevin was floored by the news. Opal also handed over some letters for Kevin. There were nearly a dozen letters, but the letter had had hoped for was nowhere to be found. Kevin wrote his parents a letter about his graduation from high school. He'd hoped that they'd accept his invitation to the ceremony, but they hadn't responded. Kelsey popped in to chat with Kevin and to take in a bite to eat. She was quite comfortable until Edmund, Maria, and Sam also showed up at Holidays. Kevin took it upon himself to go over to Edmund and Maria and laud Kelsey's metamorphosis into a responsible young woman. Maria, with Sam in her arms, managed to stop Kelsey before she raced out of the restaurant.

Jack entered the building and asked Trevor if he'd seen Erica. Jack said that he was supposed to meet Erica at Linden House, but Erica never showed. Janet made a comment that she and Trevor had danced it up at the prom, a comment that seemed to irk Jack... but it brought a wide, confident smile to Trevor's face.

Erica went to Wildwind to go through with her plan. She let herself into the castle having no idea that Maria and Edmund weren't home. As she told Sonya about Wildwind, Dimitri, and Vadsil (the castle in Hungary), the sound of footsteps echoed from the foyer. Erica turned to explain why she let herself in, but she stopped her explanation when she saw Dimitri's face. Dimitri told Erica that Maria and Edmund were not home, but told her that she could sit and wait for them. And sit and wait is what she did.

Scott called a florist to order flowers for Laura, but he ended his phone call abruptly when Liza returned to her room. Liza encouraged Scott to continue his phone call, but Scott thought it unprofessional to conduct personal matters on the job. He asked Liza for some advice on what to do about Laura. He said that Laura has been putting up a wall lately. Liza suggested that Scott tell Laura how much she means to him. Scott might know it and he might think that Laura knows it, but Liza said that he needs to make sure that Laura knows how special she is to him. Scott phoned Brooke's house, but Laura was in the shower. Jamie took a message for his sister.
Trevor showed up to pick up Jamie for a camping outing. Jamie grabbed his things and raced outside to the car. Laura came downstairs from her shower and asked Brooke if Scott had called. Brooke shook her head. And Jamie was nowhere to be found to deliver Scott's earlier message.

Dimitri returned to WRCW to talk about plans for The Cutting Edge. But Liza informed him that he had more pressing problems that the talk show. The FCC had called. His application for a license had been denied. Put quite simply, Dimitri cannot own WRCW.

Friday, June 20, 1997

At Willow Lake, Jamie had memories of his times in the wilderness with Pierce. It wasn't long before the memories saddened the young boy. Fortunately, his good pal Amanda stepped in to offer some support. Trevor explained that Pierce had to go to find his daughter, but hinted that he'd be back one day soon. Amanda told Jamie that Janet helped fill a void left when Laurel was killed. She added that Jamie has the love of Brooke, Tad, and Laura and shouldn't feel unloved or deserted.

Kevin told Janet that he was going to cut back on his hours at Holidays now that Palmer arranged for a full scholarship for him. Janet was happy that Kevin's monetary problems were resolved, but was disappointed that she was losing her best cappuccino guy. Tad raced in to the restaurant to ask Janet if she could prepare three boxed chicken lunches for Trevor, Amanda, and Jamie. He said that he was supposed to go to Willow Lake himself, but that he had some breaking business matters to take care of. Janet nodded and said that she'd have Kevin deliver the meals. One problem. Kevin said that he couldn't go because he was waiting to meet his roommate. Kevin instructed Janet to take some time off from work and go to the lake to spend time with her daughter.

Dimitri was furious that his application was denied. Now that he was the Pine Valley version of Rupert Murdoch, Dimitri vowed to get even with Adam for tipping off the FCC. You see, Dimitri assumed that it was Adam who had called the FCC in an effort to regain ownership of the television station. Dimitri couldn't own the station because more than twenty percent of his investors live on foreign soil. According to FCC regulations, eight percent ownership of a television station must be to an American. Adam entered the office with a smug smile on his face. He told Dimitri that the news of his failed application had already made the rounds. Now, Adam offered the alleviate Dimitri's problems by taking the station off of his hands. Dimitri wasn't about to sell the station to Adam. Tad and Marian entered the office. They'd also heard the news. Tad agreed with Dimitri in that he also accused Adam of being behind the tip-off. Marian wasn't the least interested in the matters of station ownership. She wanted to talk about the AIDS benefit banquet. Dimitri shushed everyone except Liza out of the office. Liza told Dimitri that there is one way that would allow him to retain control of the station while still keeping his promise to get even with Adam.

Adam hollered at Tad for sticking by Dimitri. Tad explained that he had to accuse Adam of being the trickster so that Dimitri would not be suspicious. And since Dimitri wouldn't sell the station to Adam, Tad had the perfect suggestion. He asked Adam to loan him the money to buy WRCW and then he'd turn around give to Adam. Adam liked the idea, but questioned Tad's motives. Tad said that Dimitri has been a reckless influence on Gloria's life and he'll do anything to kick him out of her life forever. Adam smiled and nodded in agreement, but said that he wants Tad to sign legally binding documents that will prevent him from keeping WRCW and stiffing Adam out of ownership.

Maria and Edmund told Kelsey that they've been meaning to contact her for some time. Kelsey was confused. She figured that she'd be the last person they wanted to talk to. Maria explained that Kelsey gave them the ultimate gift, a child. Now they'd like for Kelsey to be a part of Sam's life. Kelsey's eyes teared as she apologized to the couple for all the pain she'd caused them in the past. The apology was accepted.

Across the room, Kevin met his soon-to-be roommate, Tate. Tate and Kevin talked about their similar taste in movies and hit it off rather well... until Kevin said that he was gay. The information was a bit too much for Tate to handle and he split. Kelsey offered Kevin some support and questioned Kevin's decision to tell Tate of his sexual orientation. Kelsey, in turn, thanked Kevin for paving the road to a possible relationship with her son.

Maria and Edmund took a stroll through the park. As they watched a group of kids playing baseball, Edmund brought up the idea of adopting another child. Maria wasn't opposed to the idea, but said that the time wasn't quite right.

Tad put in calls to the FCC to try to gobble up WRCW, but he was told that the station was already purchased. He reported the news to Adam who, needless to say, was not happy. Gloria overheard the discussion and was furious with Tad for trying to speed Dimitri's downfall. Tad insisted that what he was doing was right.

Dimitri bumped into Gloria and asked her for an update on Bianca's condition. Gloria broke the news to her friend that Bianca was en route to Seattle. An enraged Dimitri stormed off to "teach Erica a lesson."

Janet showed up at Willow Lake to drop off the lunch and prepared to turn around and leave. Amanda asked Janet to hang around and Trevor agreed that it would be nice if Janet could stay for a while. Amanda and Jamie waddled off to go fishing. A few minutes later, Amanda ran back to camp and announced that Jamie had disappeared. Trevor raced off to find Jamie just as Tad was arriving.

Adam placed calls to the FCC to get the lowdown on the new owner of WRCW. He got nowhere. Liza strolled leisurely into the room and told him that she knew who the new owner was. Adam motioned for Liza to tell him. Proudly and with her face glowing, Liza announced that Adam was looking at the new owner of WRCW.

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