All My Children Recaps: The week of May 19, 2003 on AMC
Jack agreed not to press charges against Lena in exchange for her testimony against Michael. Flanders was killed in a boat crash. Maria confessed to Edmund that her memories had returned.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 19, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, May 19, 2003

Maureen woke up from a nightmare in which Edmund told her the shooter was in custody, and he was ready to take Maddie home; Aidan showed up. Aidan pushed Maureen about what her dream had been about, but she resisted and told him she was afraid of what would happen if she ever lost him. She had another memory of Edmund telling her the same thing, and she pulled away from Aidan. Maureen told him her memories were of things in the present that reminded her of the past.

Edmund and Derek discussed the sketch of the shooter. Derek thought Chris Stamp would be back, big and bad as ever. Edmund tried to convince Derek to let him help with finding Evan. Edmund realized his cell phone was missing. Meanwhile Evan was seen holding it; he remembered shooting Chris Stamp -- and Maddie watching it happen. The cell phone rang. Evan answered it, pretending to be Edmund.

Maddie thought she was talking to Edmund and told him about the boat they were on. Evan pretended to be Edmund and said he would see her shortly. Maureen thought that if she and Aidan concentrated on each other, everything would be fine. Maddie interrupted with the fake message that Evan had given her as Edmund -- "that he loves Maria." When Maddie explained that Edmund's voice had been scratchy, Aidan got suspicious. Evan was slinking around on the yacht.

Michael told his father at the Valley Inn press conference that he might not be the favorite son, but he was the future of Cambias Industries.

Greenlee tried to convince Kendall it was no use being there. She said that Michael was only looking out for himself. Kendall grinned slyly, saying, "You never know what surprises may happen." Jack entered with Erica, who quietly asked Jack if everything was in place. Erica pleasantly greeted Alex and introduced Jack then was joined by Michael. As Erica walked away, his father told him that the people one alienated on the way up were the people one would meet on the way down. He advised that Michael shouldn't make enemies.

Michael greeted the press by announcing that Erica had risked all attempts of a merger by Cambias Industries, and they no longer had any use for Erica Kane or Enchantment. He explained that they had their own formula that would be released later that year and that it would put Enchantment out of business. He explained they had dumped all of their Enchantment stock, and it had taken a nosedive. He told her the worst executive decision she had ever made had been to not accept his offer.

Erica took her turn at the podium. Michael asked his father, "What the hell is going on?" He replied, "You wanted to learn from the master? Pay attention."

Erica announced the formula he had stolen from her safe was missing a key ingredient. All he had was a recipe for generic skin cream. Enchantment was the only company who had patented the anti-aging skin cream, legally and exclusively. She also had options to buy back the shares that Cambias Industries had dumped, and they were selling at an all-time high, while Cambias stocks were worth about the same as confederate war bonds. She got a huge round of applause.

Erica explained that she could scoop up all the shares and regain controlling interest in Enchantment, or Alex could offer her his son's seat on the board and watch his shares recoup. She told him to choose wisely. Alex announced that Cambias Industries welcomed Erica to their board of directors. He pointed to Michael and shouted at him that he hadn't earned the right -- that he was a huge embarrassment.

Jackson approached Michael with two police officers to arrest him for stealing the formula. Lena turned to Bianca and said, "Bianca, you promised me." Bianca said, "I lied. How does it feel?" Kendall approached, and Michael told her he could kill her.

Michael asked if his father would call the lawyers. His father said, "I am through with you!" Jackson gave Lena an opportunity to use a get out of jail free card. As she got up, she saw her mother. Jack confirmed that Michael had been threatening her mother.

Greenlee was shocked to find out that Kendall and Erica had been in on the situation all along. Kendall replied, "We rock, Mom." Erica just smiled hugely. Erica, Kendall, and Bianca toasted to Michael Cambias not getting the better of them. Erica complimented Kendall for getting over Michael so quickly and told Kendall she cared. Kendall replied to Erica that she could almost believe her.

Lena approached to tell Bianca she was grateful for Jack taking her mother and asked Bianca for another chance. Bianca rejected her, telling her all she had wanted was someone to trust. Erica comforted both her daughters and told them she didn't think they had seen the worst or the last of Michael.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

At the family restaurant, Henry was troubled and confided to his uncle that he needed to choose between his mother and Maggie. Uncle Lee wondered why, and Henry explained that his mother wanted him to be a doctor, no matter what, and he was tired of making his GPA more important than Maggie. Uncle Lee reminded Henry that it was harder to be happy than it was to be a doctor.

Maggie was in the chemistry classroom, and Regina entered to tell Maggie that she knew that Henry had cheated off her, not the other way around. Regina had no plans to tell the professor the truth, and she accused Maggie of also cheating for sliding her answers over so Henry could copy them. Maggie expressed her faith that Henry would do the right thing and step forward. Regina suggested that if Maggie loved Henry, she should take the fall. They argued about the test and about Henry.

Regina told Maggie that Henry only wanted what his mother wanted. Maggie accused Regina of only wanting Henry for herself and disliking Maggie because she was not Chinese. Henry entered the classroom to talk to Maggie, and Regina left. She assumed he was there to do the right thing and step forward about the test. She told him how happy she was. Henry told her he wanted to make things right, but he couldn't let his mother down. Maggie was furious and wondered how it was okay that her future was ruined, and she got expelled.

Henry told Maggie he loved her, but he was the man his mother wanted him to be. Maggie accused him of prejudice and not trusting her because she was not Chinese. Henry had another idea to get them through the trouble together. Maggie was not interested until Henry explained he wanted something besides what his mother wanted: her. He suddenly proposed to Maggie, saying he'd spend the rest of his life, taking care of her and making it up to her. Maggie was speechless.

Tad and Ruth showed up at the Chinese restaurant, with Ruth expressing her concerns about Tad since Dixie had died. Ruth promised to make more meatloaf once all the leftovers were gone at his house. Simone stopped by, and he introduced her to Ruth. Simone wanted to talk to Tad about their recent adventure, the handcuffs, and Carlos' upcoming hearing. Ruth feigned non-interest. Simone then joined Mia and Liza at a table at the restaurant, all waiting for Kendall and Greenlee.

Mia was obviously distracted by the events of the night before at Wildwind and her worry over Maddie, but she refused to go home. Greenlee and Kendall arrived and told the others about the press conference and Michael's demise, with the surprising detail of Kendall working with Erica and Bianca. They toasted to bad guys going down. Then Simone told them all about her new idea for an ad campaign: to host a contest to find the sexiest man on the planet to sell Fusion. The others accused her of wanting to find her own man at company expense. They were delighted to hear Simone's idea was legal in all 50 states.

Simone had gotten a banner created and had bought a tiki hut for the local vendor beach festival to kick things off. The others got over their initial misgivings after she explained she had used Kendall's funds from selling the "swamp girl" necklace and not the company reserves. Liza was concerned it would be just another "cheesy himbos on parade" contest, but Simone assured her it was not. They were after the real thing. After some discussion about Simone's previous escapades, they all got excited about the idea.

To show how the contest would work, Simone went to talk to Tad. Tad assured her that their prayers were answered, and he would be happy to serve as Fusion's Sexiest Man. As Ruth watched with glee, Tad went to the Fusion table, and the women discussed his qualities and how he was the total package because he was witty and dynamic. "With money," Tad chimed in. Liza said that because she'd known him for two decades, she knew the difference between a big ego and self-confidence.

Tad was crushed when Simone explained that Tad was the perfect example, since he was proof that a man didn't need six-pack abs to be sexy. "Especially when you can get a guy with a whole keg," Tad retorted. They all agreed Edmund with his brains, and chemistry, like Boyd's, were sexy. Liza offered that Tad was sexy for just taking his mom to lunch. Tad disdainfully asked her to not help him. Liza and Mia stayed at the restaurant, and the others left for the beach to kick off the contest. Tad left a credit card for Liza, in case she needed it for bail money.

Dr Joe joined Ruth and Tad at the restaurant. Ruth asked if Joe knew that Tad had been in jail again. Joe was just happy that Tad was getting out of the house. Tad was taken aback by Simone's attitude toward him and seemed disappointed he was not her type, because he thought she was a "total tomato." Ruth promised to vote for him in the contest and to get her book club to vote for him too. Tad said he was a six-pack short and would have to rely on his animal magnetism instead. Then he asked to eat Ruth's egg roll.

Mia and Liza discussed life and men, and Liza told her that she no longer felt guilty about the divorce from Adam. She told Mia she had done nothing wrong in her relationship with Jake and that Edmund also had a lot of baggage. Mia was worried that she was only a fling for Edmund and was afraid of how hard she was falling for him. On their way out, Liza gave Tad back his credit card and thanked him for dinner.

Aboard the Fidelity, Aidan continued his concern over Edmund's phone call and how odd it was that he hadn't spoken to anyone but Maddie. When Aidan and Maureen/Maria grilled Maddie about the phone call, they found out she had told "daddy" the name of the boat. Just then, the engine started, and the boat began to move. Flanders was on board, roaming the deck with a loaded gun.

Edmund and Derek showed up at the dock after the boat was gone. Edmund was very afraid that the killer had his phone and had talked to Maddie. Derek alerted the Coast Guard and reassured Edmund that Aidan could take care of Maureen and Maddie. Derek let Edmund use his cell phone to call his own number to see if Flanders would answer. They found Edmund's cell phone ringing in a trash can at the dock.

Onboard, Aidan gave Maureen a gun and a quick lesson in how to use it. He left her and Maddie in the cabin while he left to search the boat. Maureen locked the cabin door and prayed. After blocking the door with furniture, Maureen/Maria told Maddie the details of her birth. Maddie was ecstatic that her mother remembered.

On deck, Aidan was knocked out cold. Maureen heard someone outside the cabin and hid Maddie in the closet. She shouted at the intruder, and when there was no answer, she shot a bullet through the door. She heard a thud and opened the door to investigate. Flanders was alive and well. He grabbed the gun and threw Maureen on the bed, demanding to know where the kid was. Maureen told him it was only her and her fiancÚ on board, and Flanders told her that Aidan wasn't going to be able to help her. Flanders called out for Maddie and opened the closet door.

Maureen pleaded for Maddie's life, and Maddie ran out of the closet, begging Flanders to not hurt her mommy. Flanders grabbed Maddie and told Maureen he would take them both out at the same time if it made her feel better. Once on deck, they could hear a helicopter nearby, and as Maureen screamed, Flanders pointed a gun at her and threw Maddie overboard.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Mia and Liza were at Fusion, and Mia just couldn't concentrate on anything but Edmund. Liza told her they needed to work on the financial reports because Fusion was in trouble. Tad walked in and told them they had to prosecute Michael Cambias. Mia said she didn't want to talk about legal moves until Simone was back at Fusion without an arrest warrant. Tad sat down and asked for a magazine to look at. Liza realized he was waiting for Simone and ribbed him about it.

Simone, Kendall, and Greenlee burst into the office, excited and laughing about their trip to the beach, looking for the man of Fusion. Mia asked if they had found a guy, and Kendall grinned, saying, "We found lots!" Simone said they had a video, and she popped it in the VCR. It showed hundreds of good-looking, young, buff guys, and the women all giggled. Tad was less impressed, and when Liza said the guys looked fabulous, he asked if any of them could even spell Fusion. The women couldn't stop talking about the gorgeous guys, and Tad and Carlos just watched them in disgust.

Greenlee said they needed to have a brainstorming session immediately. Tad asked what had happened to "all kinds of sexy," like guys with a sense of humor, intelligence, courage, compassion, and such. He said the tape was weighted toward "beef jerky." Liza said he could still apply to be in the contest, but Simone said no; they'd set some rules down, and one was no one involved in Fusion could compete. Liza joked and told Tad when they needed someone to model for support hose, they'd call him. Tad smirked and said, "To the moon, Liza!"

Simone kiddingly asked Liza if Tad had ever sent her to the moon, and when Liza replied, "More than once or twice," Simone declared, "Shazam!" Tad said it was time for him to leave -- he needed to go take his bran. After Tad left, Carlos told the girls that there was more to a sexy guy than just his looks. He said he was leaving to meet Kenny at the gym to discuss his legal problems.

Liza leaned over to Simone and told her that Kenny would do anything to impress her. Greenlee caught up with Carlos at the elevator and told him he didn't need to cover for Simone anymore. He was appalled that she would suggest he had let Simone go to jail, but Greenlee said it was her fault, and she should have to deal with it. Carlos said Kenny had told him he would be able to make it all go away. Simone showed up and said that Carlos was their guardian angel and kissed him on the cheek. Greenlee just glared at Simone as Carlos left.

Greenlee and Simone went back into the office, where the women began discussing their latest campaign. Everyone was excited except Greenlee, who kept putting down all their ideas. Finally, Greenlee snapped that she was tired of working with the biggest user on the planet, Simone. Simone was hurt and said Greenlee was turning green with jealousy over Carlos. Greenlee said it was because Simone was letting Carlos take the fall for her.

Simone said she had told Carlos she hadn't wanted him taking the rap. Greenlee said, "When? While you were kissing him?" Simone told her to check her jealousy at the door because Simone and Carlos were just friends. Greenlee said, "Not for your lack of trying." Simone said Carlos was crazy about Greenlee and had no interest in her.

The girls all began arguing about men and love. Kendall said love was for suckers. Liza said men were men, that they were bullish and stubborn. The others piped in with "arrogant, lying, cheating, using, impossible to tame." A bit later, Greenlee marched over to Simone and shoved an invitation in her face. Simone had been invited to a showing of Carlos' artwork. Greenlee demanded to know why Simone had gotten one but Greenlee hadn't. Simone said, "Are you ready to admit you care?"

Meanwhile, Tad and Carlos arrived at the gym, where they met Kenny and Boyd. Tad told them about the sexy man contest, and all the men discussed how difficult women were to understand. Tad told them not to make women out to be harder to figure out than they really were. Boyd said, "Oh, right, you're Tad the Cad. Give us some pointers!" Tad grinned and told the guys a few of his tips. He turned to Carlos and said that he didn't need any help; he already had Simone lusting after him.

Carlos said he only wanted Greenlee but that she wasn't accepting his moves. Tad said, "Wrong! You can't take them at their word." He said they had to make the women think they were controlling the shots, and then all the guys started saying how women were arrogant, using, impossible to tame. Then Carlos said, "But we'd lie down and die for them," and Tad smiled. He told the guys to go back to exercising because none of the women wanted to go to bed with Jell-o.

Maggie and Henry were in their chemistry classroom. Henry asked her to marry him, and she was astounded that he thought marriage would fix their problems. Henry said yes, they could forget about who had cheated, and he could take care of her. Maggie said, "You get to be the doctor, and I stay home? You get my dream? No way in hell!" Maggie said she had goals, and Henry said he did too. Maggie replied, "And so does your mother."

Maggie said Henry was trying to keep the truth from his mother. Henry tried to defend his mother, saying he owed her, and he didn't want her to find out what he had done. Maggie said they could go to the professor and tell the truth, and Henry replied that they could go get married. Maggie said it was a bad idea, and it would make things worse. She said it wasn't about love; it was about doing the right thing. Henry told her that the professor liked her and would give her a break. Maggie said the professor had already made it clear she'd be kicked out of school.

Henry said Maggie was trying to force him to choose between her and medicine. She said the professor had told her their answers on the test were identical and that she had said if she were the one cheating, she would have changed some of the answers. Maggie said it was like Henry had done it on purpose, as if he had wanted to get caught so that he could pursue his real dream of music. Henry said that wasn't true. Maggie asked what would happen if she told the professor the truth and wondered if Henry would deny it and say she was lying. She went on to wonder what would happen if she did get kicked off campus, especially on the final if Henry froze again.

Maggie told Henry he was so worried about his mother that he hadn't thought of what keeping the secret would do to him. She left the room. Henry stayed and thought about what she had said. He took out his cell phone and called the college office, asking to be put through to the dean's office.

Regina walked in and asked what Henry was doing. He told her he was going to tell the truth, and she said that was the worst thing he could do. He hung up the phone. Regina said he couldn't ruin his career for Maggie and that she had set it in motion; she could take some of the heat. Regina reminded him that it would kill his mother and that it wasn't just about Henry; it was about his whole family, which was something Maggie could never understand.

Henry said he couldn't lose Maggie because he loved her. Regina moved closer to him and said, "What about me?" Henry walked backwards and said she was like a sister to him. Regina said she wasn't and that they could share things that he and Maggie couldn't.

Maureen screamed for Maddie after Flanders tossed her into the dark water. She struggled with Flanders until Aidan awoke and pulled him off of her. As the two men struggled, Maureen jumped into the water to find Maddie. The men fought, and Flanders got free for a moment and shot his gun toward the water. Aidan grabbed him and threw the gun overboard. Aidan demanded to know who Flanders had shot, but Flanders wouldn't say.

In the water, Maureen continued crying out for Maddie. A piece of Maddie's clothing floated by, and Maureen grabbed it then screamed. Maureen looked up into the lights of the search helicopter and began having flashbacks of her life as Maria. She remembered her family, her wedding to Edmund, their life together. She leaned her head back into the water and smiled. Then she realized she still hadn't found Maddie and began yelling, "Madelyn Flora Grey, answer your mother now!"

Finally Maureen found Maddie and pulled her tightly into her arms. Quickly, they were pulled from the water, and an EMT checked them out on the dock. He walked away as Edmund approached. Maddie ran to him as Maureen smiled. Edmund asked Maddie to go with Derek to the EMT truck, and she agreed but first whispered in his ear, "Mommy says she loves me!" Edmund said of course she did and sent her off with Derek.

Edmund went to Maureen and sat down with her. Maureen told him how brave and strong Maddie had been, and he said it was because there was a lot of her in Maddie. Maureen told him how precious Maddie was to her then leaned closer and said something had happened to her in the water. Just then, Maddie called out, and Edmund said he was going to her. Maureen said it was okay; they had time to talk later.

After Edmund left, she said to herself, "Edmund, I'm home! I'm finally home!" Edmund returned, and she jumped up and hugged him tightly. Edmund returned the hug but looked confused.

On the boat, Aidan and Flanders fought to control the vessel. Aidan got hold of the steering but then passed out. Derek got a call that the boat was out of control while he was standing with Maureen and Edmund. They watched in horror as the boat went out of control. Maureen screamed, "Oh, my God! Aidan!"

Thursday, May 22, 2003

David and Anna arrived at the hospital with Leora for a checkup to see if they could proceed with the surgery. David was giving Anna a hard time, saying the surgery was still too risky. Anna told David that if he wasn't with her then he had to leave. She walked away from him, and as Dr. Joe was starting to walk past him, David asked to speak to him. He wanted to know why Dr. Joe's opinion had changed concerning Leora.

Joe said that in the beginning, with Leora being a newborn, he had agreed it was too risky, but since she was a little older and was not getting any stronger, he believed it was necessary for her to have surgery. David said that he wanted to be in the OR with Leora during surgery. Anna told him that he was too close, and that wouldn't be a good idea. Joe said David would be a distraction to the doctor if he went in to the surgery. David still wanted to be involved, so Joe reminded him that there was still a restraining order against him being at the hospital, and if forced, Joe would use it then he walked away.

Anna's phone rang. It was an officer letting her know that the Fidelity had blown up, and she reminded him she was still on leave. The officer said, "Yes, but your nephew was on it." Anna said, "Oh, my God!" A little later, David asked if they had found anything new out. Anna told him that they had found a body, and she might have to identify it. She started crying, saying she had just been getting to know Aidan and that she had liked having him around. David told her that they both had lost people in their lives, and he would support her decision to let Leora have the surgery.

Bianca saw Lena going through books on the table and asked what she thought she was doing and what Lena was trying to steal "this time." Jack walked in and told Bianca he had invited Lena because she was getting immunity for her testimony against Michael. Bianca accused Lena of trying to save her own neck by testifying. Jack told Bianca to talk to Lena then left for a doctor's appointment. Lena tried telling Bianca that she loved her.

Bianca asked Lena to leave, but Lena requested at least five minutes of Bianca's time to listen. Bianca told Lena that she couldn't trust her. Lena tried explaining to Bianca that she hadn't had an easy life and that Michael had found her and used her. Bianca asked, "So you are Michael's victim, too?" Lena said that she was.

Lena told Bianca she had tried to leave, but Bianca had been the one who had stopped her, saying that they should give themselves a chance at love. She said she hadn't wanted to do what Michael had wanted her to do. She said Michael was supposed to have been the one who got the formula, and when that had failed, Bianca said, "He wanted you to go after Erica's other daughter." Lena said yes, but she hadn't wanted to hurt Bianca and that she really loved her. Lena asked if Bianca believed her. Bianca told her no because she lied so well.

Lena said she wanted to make it right between them and asked if there was something she could do to prove that she really loved Bianca. Bianca told her that she could leave and stay away from her. Lena asked if that was what Bianca really wanted her to do, and Bianca said, "Yes." Lena picked up her purse slowly, walking out the door. Bianca sat on the couch, crying, while Lena leaned against the door, also crying.

Jack returned a short time later and asked where Lena was then noticed Bianca had been crying. He asked what had happened. Bianca told him that Lena had said she loved her and that Michael had used Lena. Lena had also said she had never wanted to hurt Bianca. Bianca said Lena was lying. Jack asked why Bianca was crying if she believed that. Jack told her that she might want to reconsider because Lena might just really love her.

Kendall went to visit Michael in jail. He asked if she was there to gloat. She said she was there for one thing, and she wasn't leaving until she got it. Michael told Kendall to tell Erica he wasn't finished yet. Kendall said he would have a hard time going after Erica with his father on Erica's side.

Kendall told Michael that she had found a letter to him from his father that said he worshipped Michael's brother, Alexander. She said that she understood that he wanted his father's approval. Then Michael said he knew Kendall was there to apologize to him, and when he got out, she would still want him. Kendall laughed, saying, "You have got to be kidding me." Kendall called him a sicko and said that he had used her, and she refused to listen to him. He told her she was desperate.

Kendall reminded Michael that he was the one behind bars and that he was the one who had lost everything. He said the business world had a short memory. She said, "I'm talking about me. You lost me." Kendall admitted that she had loved him and that he had hurt her, and if it hadn't been for Erica, he would have raped her. He told her he had just been mad at her for going through his apartment, and she had wanted him before. She said she had wanted him before but not anymore.

Michael asked if Kendall had considered that Erica didn't want Kendall to have the one thing she couldn't. Kendall asked, "What"? He replied, "Me." Kendall told Michael he was delusional. Michael asked Kendall how Erica was treating her and said the first time Kendall did something wrong, Erica would dump her.

Michael told Kendall that when he got out, he'd remove Erica from her throne. Kendall asked if that was all she was to him -- a way to get at Erica. She then asked if he had ever loved her, and he said at some moment, he had. He told Kendall that if she didn't help him when he got out then he would do it alone. He told Kendall she was cold in bed and that she was really a swamp girl, She called him a little man and told him he'd never measure up to his brother and that he could "go to hell." Then she walked out.

A guard entered a little while later and opened the cell door. Michael asked what was going on, and the guard replied, "It's called bail." Michael said that his father had to have wised up and decided he didn't want Michael to sit in there. Adam walked in and said he had paid the bail. Michael said, "This comes with a price." Adam replied, "Consider it an advance for services to be rendered."

On the dock, Derek was on the phone, asking if anyone was still on the boat. Maria wanted to go help Aidan. Edmund held her back, with Maddie begging her mom to stay. Maria went over to her daughter and hugged her. When Maddie started coughing, Maria asked an EMT to check Maddie out, using medical terms. Maddie asked if Aidan had gotten off the boat before it had blown up then told her dad that Aidan had really been brave.

The EMT told Maria that she was right and that they wanted to take Maddie to the hospital for a chest x-ray. Edmund asked Maria if she wanted to stay for Aidan. She said, "No, I'm her mother. I need to be with her." At the hospital, Maddie asked about Aidan and made her mom promise Aidan would visit her. Maria told Maddie to go to sleep, and maybe when she woke up, Aidan would be there.

In the meantime, Edmund called Derek for an update. Derek told him they had found a body. Brooke walked in to see Maddie and Maria, and she overheard Maria asking the nurse if they had done several procedures, using the medical terms. Brooke asked if they were okay, and Maria told her what had happened on the boat. Brooke said Maddie had been through a lot in her lifetime. Maria recalled Kelsey trying to take Sammy back and that Maddie had almost drowned when she had been a baby.

When Brooke questioned her, Maria said that Edmund had to have told her. Brooke said that she had heard Maria talking to the nurse, and the way she had talked had been like a doctor. Brooke saw Maria caress Maddie's forehead, calling Maddie her baby. Then Brooke said, "Oh, my God. You remember, don't you?" Maria said she did remember, and Brooke asked when it had happened. Maria told her that it had happened when she had been in the water, looking for Maddie, and when Maddie's sweater had floated by her, everything had flooded back. Then she had found Maddie.

Brooke said, "What do I say?" Maria replied, "Hello," so Brooke said hello, and they hugged. Brooke asked if anyone else knew, and Maria said no and asked Brooke not to say anything. Brooke said it wasn't her place to say anything then Edmund walked in. He asked how Maddie was doing. Brooke said, "Maureen said she was doing good," then she left.

Maria tried telling Edmund she remembered everything when Joe walked in to check on Maddie. Maria asked if there was any news, and he told her that they had found a body, and they didn't think there were survivors. Maria said, "No," and Edmund held her while she cried. They went out in to the hallway. Maria was about to tell him again that she remembered, but that was when Aidan walked in, and she ran over and hugged him, thankful to see him alive.

Friday, May 23, 2003

Erica dismissed Kendall's warning that Michael was out for revenge. Erica berated Kendall for having visited Michael in jail. Kendall felt rejected when Erica implied that very little had changed between them. Kendall left when June Landau arrived to interview Erica on live television.

Adam wanted Michael to help him take down Cambias Industries. Michael watched Erica's televised interview as she verbally humiliated him. Later, as she worked alone in her office, Erica was frightened when she saw Michael standing in her doorway.

Maria was greatly relieved to see Aidan alive and well. Aidan privately believed that Maria had remembered more than she was admitting and sensed a shift in their relationship.

Carlos was surprised to see Greenlee at the art show that Stuart was holding at the gallery. Simone urged Greenlee to swallow her pride and talk to Carlos. After sharing a kiss, Greenlee was caught off guard when Carlos announced that a relationship between him and Greenlee wouldn't work out.

Liza scolded Tad for acting like "Tad the Cad" and ignoring Lysistrata at the art show.

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