All My Children Recaps: The week of July 21, 2003 on AMC
Tad woke up and found Marian in his bed. Michael told Jack that he would leave Pine Valley if the charges against him were dropped. Erica lashed out at Lena for upsetting Bianca. Lena refused to give up on her relationship with Bianca. Bianca went berserk when a man touched her.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 21, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, July 21, 2003


Bianca was at Erica's, stunned to find that her vision of Michael was real this time. Michael told her how much he's missed her and told her to stop asking him to leave. Erica came into the room and was shocked to find Michael and shouted at him to leave. Enter Kendall, brandishing a letter opener and threatening to kill him if he hurt any of them. Michael played innocent and asked for Bianca's assistance. Bianca began to collapse and Jack came in. He grabbed Michael by the throat and threatened to snap his neck. Erica begged Jack to get rid of Michael, Bianca had to turn her back on the scene and Michael exited. Erica was grateful that no real harm had been done and suggested they not waste any more time thinking of him. Jack said he would double security and put Cambias away for the rest of his life. Erica told Bianca they were all worried about her and said they'd postpone the wedding if necessary. Bianca promised to tell them all everything. She said it may be depression, but not suicide and that she is eating, but not three squares every day. The reason for her sadness is that things are over between her and Lena. They were stunned. Bianca said she can't see past everything that's happened and can't forgive and forget. Everything is ruined is nothing can fix it, she said. Bianca said how much the wedding was helping her get over her blues. Bianca, Erica and Jack had a group hug as Kendall watched on, in apparent disbelief of Bianca's story, tinged with some jealousy. Erica invited Bianca to move into her penthouse and Jack encouraged it. Bianca only agreed to stay one night and said she had to go back to her office and do some work. In the hallway, she was clearly distraught. Kendall told Erica she does think there's more to the story and said her goodbyes and left.

Michael was waiting in Bianca's office when she got there. Bianca told him to go away, but he came in and closed the door.

Upstairs, Erica and Jack were talking about Bianca, how strong and loved she is.

Michael kept coming after Bianca, as Erica told Jack how proud she is of Bianca and how she can take care of herself. Michael looked ready to pounce, but told Bianca he had to leave and whispered that she should dream about him.


Greenlee was going through her wardrobe, lamenting the fact she had nothing to wear. Maggie stopped by, wondering if she was trying to dress for Carlos, but Greenlee said no, she'd found another man of her dreams. Maggie admired the statue and Greenlee sniffed that it was not Carlos' work. Maggie wanted Greenlee's assurance that she was done with Carlos and got it. Maggie wanted to know what happened between them and Greenlee simply told her she never knew him. Greenlee was not interested in answering Maggie's questions about Carlos and she left, telling Greenlee about locking Simone in the elevator on her way out.


Simone was stuck in the elevator and was surprised to see the stranger and find out he was not one of her fantasies. When she wondered where he'd been all her life, he said he'd been preparing for this moment. Simone promptly fainted. He carried her into the office and they chatted. He described himself as a venture capitalist and said he was interested in Fusion. They gushed over the star crossed coincidence that he came to Fusion in time to rescue her from the elevator. He opened a bottle of champagne and they toasted to their joint venture. He was looking forward to meeting the others and Simone took sole credit for Fusion's success. He guessed she was lonely and she admitted it. She even told him about her unrequited love for Carlos and he offered to change her life forever. He compared her to an orchid and gave her hope for more than a business relationship before he suddenly left.

Greenlee stormed into the office, looking for Simone. Not wanting to tell Greenlee about the stranger, Simone explained that she'd used her superpowers to get out of the elevator. Greenlee suggested she go after Carlos quick, before Maggie gets him. Simone could only ask "Carlos who?" Greenlee was very curious, but told Simone she'd met the man of her dreams and Simone said she had too. Kendall walked in just then and said she did too. They giggled and wondered about Mia, then agreed she never had a chance...woof.


Mia went to The Pit and got lots of stares and attention. She found Aidan shooting pool and accepted his challenge to a game. Aidan didn't believe her claim to be a novice, but patiently told her how to play. Mia proceeded to win the game and offered to buy the beer. They flirted, using pool talk as the basis. She even told him about the bet and they kissed. She laid out her plans for them to get together. Aidan was hesitant and called her amazing...Mia understood immediately. When Aidan left, one of The Pit regulars tried to pick her up, but she poured beer in his lap. Mia did shots at the bar and when a hand was on her shoulder, she turned around fast, forcing the stranger to spill his drink all over himself. She was immediately sorry as they exchanged a long look.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003


Greenlee, Simone and Kendall were all discussing having met the man of their dreams, not realizing it is the same guy for all. None of them would divulge the name of their man. They agreed that whoever gets their man to say "I love you" first wins and that someone needed to tell Mia that it was now a three-way race. They started watching videos of sexy man entries and Greenlee only saw the stranger, talking directly to her about it being time to open up and love again. The same thing happened to Simone, and then Kendall. Kendall rushed out to look for him and Simone left right behind her. Greenlee called the Valley Inn to see if he was staying there, describing him to the desk clerk. Kendall went to the Valley Inn to find him in person and the desk clerk asked if she had just called. Kendall ducked into the bar and watched Simone go through the same questions with the increasingly annoyed desk clerk. Greenlee found Kendall and Simone arguing in the bar and said she was there to meet her mother. The clerk strode in to return Greenlee's bribe and lecture them to stop bothering him. The gals confessed to each other that none of them know his name.

At the Pit, Mia was having her encounter with the stranger, who gallantly assisted her in chasing off unwanted attention from others. Mia was offended, so he suggested she take out her anger by hitting him. She refused and started her pity party about men walking all over her before walking out. Then she went a bit hysterical about how she'd be alone and broke after losing the bet. She stormed out but had to slink back in to get her car keys, now held by the stranger. He wouldn't give her keys back unless she talked to him. She finally agreed to sit with him and he asked about the bet. She told him everything...and asked if he would mind falling madly in love with her. He seemed intrigued and said he is from New Jersey and wondered how he wanted her to perform as the perfect man. They kissed and he gave her a preview of what he would say to get her friends to believe his feelings were real. Mia was impressed and offered to pay for his services, but he said he'd do it for free, to be able to spend time with her. They toasted to victory.

At the same moment, the other Fusion gals toasted to the race to find their men and winning the bet.


Tad was asleep, dreaming of being in bed with Liza. He jolted awake when suddenly Marian was stroking his cheek and was in bed with him, wearing a negligee and purring like a kitten, telling him how much she wants him. Tad jumped up, turned on the lights and slapped himself to wake up. Marian told him it wasn't a dream, she was ready and waiting for him to come back to bed. She cooed at him that she only wanted to fulfill his desires, and a few of her own. Tad began to get frantic. Marian chased him around the room and reminded him of his days as a shampoo boy at the Glamorama, with a body like a mortal sin. She said those memories of new heights of ecstasy are burned into her soul. Tad brought up Stuart, but Marian would not be stopped, she wanted nothing to exist but their pleasure. She jumped on him and he carried her piggyback around the room trying to shake her off. Once she jumped off, she continued to remember the steamy, hot summer afternoons and Tad only cried to ask her to stop. He reminded her of Liza and the once-upon-a- triangle when she caught them in bed and that he doesn't want to hurt her again, because she's a good friend. Marian grilled him about his feelings for Liza and Tad suddenly realized he had been set up. He admitted that his feelings for Liza aren't necessarily love, and they aren't the same fire down below he feels for Marian. He started chasing Marian around the room, saying he wanted her too. She tried to get away, to get back to Stuart, but he suggested they take the box spring out for a test drive. He pinned her on the bed and pretended to be a shampoo boy again, asking if she wanted a lather, rinse and repeat. Just then Liza walked in from the hallway, saying she was going to be sick. Tad stood up and said he didn't know she was the type who liked to watch. When Liza complemented her mother's peignoir, Tad accused her of picking it out herself. Marian was proud of how she'd gotten Tad and Tad accused her of still having the hots for her shampoo boy until Liza stopped that line of discussion. Marian left to go home to Stuart and said she'd change clothes in the back seat. Tad retorted that she's certainly done that before. Mission accomplished, she said to Liza on her way out and cautioned them both to not do anything she wouldn't do. Liza was proud of herself for getting back at him for setting her up with Alfred Vanderpool. They fell back on the bed together, laughing. Tad got serious and told her he hopes she finds the man of her dreams, someone smart enough to appreciate her, meet on her own terms and understand that she is worth the aggravation. Liza told him he deserves the best too, someone to suffer through his jokes and ego, realize he's not perfect and always tries to do the right thing. When he meets her, she predicted it would be like an old friend coming home. Tad asked where this old friend was going to come from. Liza got uncomfortable and stood to leave, assuring him he'd find his soul mate.


Anna surprised David by coming to the cabin. She said she was there to make things right between them. David was doubtful, he still feels too empty. Anna cried about how empty she feels too. They hugged, walked to the bedroom, and fell into bed. In the afterglow, they turned their backs on each other and said a cool goodnight.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Greenlee sat at the Fusion office and stared at her sculpture. Mia and Simone came in all dressed up. They all had the same idea, to be looking their best in case they each saw their mystery man again. Greenlee tried to say she had dressed up because reporters may start showing up since they're just days away from the sexy man contest. Simone said "This is all about our secret bet. We want to act tough but we have mushy hearts and hope our prince charming shows up." The elevator doors open and all 3 women anxiously look towards it, only to be severely disappointed when Mary Smythe strolled in. Simone and Mia walked away and Mary asked Greenlee if she realized that tomorrow was Erica's wedding. Greenlee told her to leave Jack alone but Mary pulled out her old diary and told Greenlee to read it and then she would understand. Greenlee said she didn't want to read her mother's diary. Mary insisted, saying that Greenlee needed to know what she was feeling. Greenlee said fine, let's talk about what I'm feeling. She asked her mother why every time her life starting coming together, Mary would come up with a new melodrama. Mary said it wasn't news that she was selfish but that she was trying to make up for it. Greenlee told her mother she didn't need her anymore, "I don't need a mother!" Mary asked "What if I could give you something else?" She told Greenlee to read the diary and see what it was. Greenlee had to check on something for Mia and Simone and walked away from Mary. She returned with the other women and Simone asked Mary "How long are you going to use your pitiful widow act?" The phone rang and Simone quickly picked it up. A man asked for Greenlee in a very formal and stuffy way. Simone told Greenlee "Pompous loser on line 3." Greenlee picked it up and heard a voice say "Hello, remember me?." It was Greenlee's mystery man, Juan Pablo. Her eyes lit up and he asked her to meet him. Greenlee told everyone she had to leave. Her mother tried to force the diary in her hands but Greenlee refused to accept it and ran out. Simone and Mia left the room and Mary took out the letter she recently wrote Jack (but had dated it before Greenlee's birth). She read a few lines then slipped it back into the envelope and placed it on a desk. "Now you will know the truth. Now everyone will know the truth!" she said.

Jack was in the lounge of the Valley Inn while Kendall stood in the lobby and tried to get information from the host about her mystery man. As Kendall turned to walk away Michael Cambias was right behind her. "I used to be your knight in shining armor and now you threaten me?" he said as Kendall told him to leave her alone. Jack walked over and told Michael that they really needed to have a talk. They sat at a table in the bar and Kendall sat nearby. Jack told Michael that the offer his office made him was generous and he should take it. Michael said he'd rather have the trial and hand Jack a humiliating defeat. Jack said he was going to win and put Michael away for a long time. Michael said if Jack dropped the charges he'd leave Pine Valley and never return. Kendall jumped in and said no, he belonged in jail. She went back to her seat and Michael said if they went to trial he'd have to make it public that Erica was pulling Jack's strings on this case. Jack said "We can't even have an off the record conversations without you sinking into slime can we?" Michael told Jack that if he kept him in Pine Valley he'd take away everything Jack cares about. Michael said he was sick of this town and just wanted to leave. He promised not to hurt any of "Jack's women" and that he could be nice, "Just ask Bianca." Jack told him he just lost the deal and was now facing hard time in prison. Michael said his family was powerful and would help him. Jack laughed and said the Cambias family washed their hands of Michael a long time ago. Michael stood up and told Jack he'd better lock up his sisters and wives and walked out. Kendall sat with Jack and said that Michael scared her. Jack told her that in court Michael would try to prove that there's a vendetta against him. He said they should all work together to put Michael away. Kendall said she was trying to help Erica and Bianca and she was especially trying to do right by her sister. Jack wondered what she knew about Bianca and Kendall said it was something more than her relationship with Lena. "Something has Binky pretty rattled and I'm going to find out what" Kendall said. Jack wondered why she thought it wasn't Lena causing Bianca's pain. Kendall said she looked in Bianca's eyes and saw the pain. Then she told Jack to ask Bianca why she was burning her clothes in the park one night. Jack was surprised but his phone rang and he told Kendall he had to take the call but they would continue this later. She went back to the lobby and thought she saw her mystery man and took off after him. Jack got on the phone and told someone "I need you to do something for me FAST!"

Michael went to his condo and called his father. He complained that Marvin (his attorney) was doing a terrible job. His father told him to stop whining, it was hurting his ears. Michael asked his father to come to town and make everything go away. His father refused and told him he was lucky he was only being prosecuted for "white collar" crimes. Michael pretended not to know what he meant and his father asked "How many women will you abuse?." Cambias Sr. then told his son to call Geneva and tell them he's stranded in the desert. He explained his limo broke down and the driver went for help. He stopped in mid sentence as a man approached the car.

Erica and Opal were in the penthouse. Opal tried to get Erica to sit down for a manicure but Erica was franticly making last minute arrangements for the wedding. Finally Erica sat down and Opal began massaging her hand. Bianca came in and commented on all the security in the building. Erica said Jack was just trying to protect her from Michael Cambias. Bianca's face paled and then changed the subject, saying she was going to the kitchen to make a sandwich. The buzzer rang and Erica answered it. The doorman told Erica that Lena was on her way up. Lena knocked on the door and Erica opened it, telling her that Bianca was not there. Erica also told her that Bianca never wanted to see her again. Lena didn't believe her and said she wasn't going anywhere until she spoke with Bianca and walked into the room. Lena said she was worried sick about Bianca and hadn't talked to her since they had made plans to travel together. She said if what Erica said was true she should hear it from Bianca. Erica told Opal to go in the kitchen and turn up the tv. Then she turned to Lena and offered her 3 million dollars to never see Bianca again. Lena was speechless and Erica offered to go a little higher. Lena got angry and Erica told her not to act insulted since she had put a price on love before. Then Erica called security and told them to get Lena out. Lena said she knew Erica was blaming her for whatever was wrong with Bianca but that she had nothing to do with it. Erica said "You made my daughter sick again!." The security guards came in and began to drag Lena out. She called out for Bianca and Bianca came into the room. Shocked at what she saw she told the guards to let Lena go. Lena asked to be alone with Bianca so Opal and Erica left the room. Lena begged Bianca to tell her what was going on. Bianca said she couldn't see Lena anymore and Lena asked if Erica had said something to make Bianca change her mind. Bianca claimed that she just didn't want a relationship right now but Lena could see that wasn't true. "I need you!" Lena said, "Why are you lying? Something big must have happened, tell me!" Bianca refused and Lena asked again if Erica had anything to do with it. Bianca got upset and said no. Lena said if it wasn't her mother then was it someone else? Lena begged Bianca not to make her leave and told her they could get through anything together. She said whatever Bianca would tell her couldn't be worse than never seeing her again. Bianca told her to just accept that it was over. Lena said she couldn't do that and asked if Bianca would rather send her away than tell her what was going on. Bianca told Lena she'd be better off to move on and find someone else. Lena said she couldn't let Bianca go and touched Bianca's face. Bianca jumped back and moved away from Lena. Lena told her she wasn't giving up and that she would find out what was wrong. She opened the door and Bianca quietly said goodbye. Lena responded "It's far from goodbye" and walked out. Bianca broke down in tears but quickly wiped her face when Opal and Erica returned. She pretended to be fine and made a fuss over Erica's manicure. She told her mother that she wanted tomorrow to be the perfect day. Erica and Bianca hugged and went into the kitchen.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

Greenlee and Kendall ran into each other at the Valley Inn. Kendall asked Greenlee if she saw him, describing Pablo to her. Greenlee said that Kendall's mystery man sounded too much like her man, and for her to stop it. They ended up going their separate ways. Meanwhile Pablo shows up at Fusion. Liza asked him who he was and he said that she was the woman he was looking for. Liza thought Tad sent the guy and gave him a hard time. When he seemed puzzled by her she said "you really don't know who I'm talking about, do you?" he said no. He handed Liza a card and said he looked forward to doing business with her and left.

Tad was taking a shower, when he finished he walked out all wrapped up in towels to find Mia sitting on his bed. She said "I thought you'd never come out or stop singing." Tad said he always sings in the shower and asked what she was doing in his bedroom. Mia said she needed him. Tad picked her up over his shoulder and put her outside his bedroom door and shut it! She banged on the door. Tad said he knew Liza sent her. Mia came back inside and said Liza didn't send her. Tad said first Marian and now you. Mia said she didn't know what he was talking about. He asked then why she was there. Mia told him she needed him to find a guy she met in the bar the night before. She said he was tall, had green eyes, brown hair with golden tints and he was Latin. Mia said told Tad when he finds this man not to call or leave a message to come and get her personally. Then she left. Tad was in the bathroom putting on shaving cream when Kendall showed up. He was getting really annoyed. She asked Tad to help her find this man, giving the same description as Mia saying to come tell her personally. She left. Tad was putting on his clothes when Greenlee showed up. Tad said don't you people ever knock? Do you just come on in when the door is closed. Greenlee said the door was open. She told Tad she needed him, and he interrupted saying you want me to find a man for you. She said yes. Tad sat on the bad while Greenlee went into a description of the man, but she had his name. She rubbed her hand in Tad's hair saying that the man's hair was as soft as Tad's. Tad rolled his eyes. When Greenlee left Tad went into the bathroom to finish getting dressed. When he came out he found Simone lying on his bed. He said let me guess, you want me to find a man for you. He's tall good looking brown hair with golden tints, green eyes and an accent you can't quite place. Simone said "yes, you are good at this." Tad said "years of experience." She said call me when you find him. Tad said "don't you mean come find you in person so the other girls won't know?" Simone said that was a good idea. Then she left. Tad was amused. He said to himself when he reels this Pablo in he's going to be hung and quartered when these girls get a hold of him.

Michael talked to his father on the phone asking him about the stranger that showed up to help him, asking how he doesn't know if the man is a psycho. His father told him that not everyone was like him. Michael said that wasn't fair and they hung up. Ryan (who wasn't shown completely) asked told the Mr. Cambias that his limo couldn't be fixed that he would have to come with him. Michael was about to leave only to find Aidan there waiting for him. Aidan told him he'd be watching him. Michael said he didn't have time for this and left. Aidan called Jack to tell him that Michael was leaving. Jack told him to stay on him that he wanted this thing settled before his wedding.

Opal arrived at the Valley Inn dining room to see Jack and Erica kissing and holding each other. Opal asked Reggie if they were that way for long. Reggie said yes. Erica said she couldn't believe that in less than 24 hours they were going to be married and Jack told her to believe it. Jack asked how Bianca was doing. Erica told him that she was fine once Lena left. Jack received a call from Aidan. When Jack said he had to handle this Reggie asked him what he was supposed to do as best man. What about the rings? Jack grabbed Reggie by the shoulders and said that Erica was experienced, very experienced at tying the knot and she would tell him what to do. Erica said "Jack!" Opal said. "well it is true." They all laughed and Jack left. Reggie asked how many times Erica had been married. She said nine times and Reggie said "you are experienced!" Mary chimed in saying that Erica was experienced at divorce decrees too. Erica told Mary the dining room was closed to the public and she has to leave. Mary said the truth would come out. Erica told her that the only truth Mary needed to worry about was the underage Frenchman. Mary called Erica a Bitch! and Reggie broke in telling Mary, "you better leave right now you old scag!" Mary looked at him shocked. Reggie continued telling her that he knew Jack was a great guy but there were plenty of men in the sea and she better stay away from Jack. Mary told Reggie she wasn't interested in his advice. Erica told Mary that Reggie was Jack's family. Mary said that it was interesting how Erica was calling herself and Reggie Jack's family when she was keeping him from his real family. Erica said that they were his real family. Reggie told Mary that he was the DA's son and she better leave before he breaks the law. Mary did leave and Opal followed her to make sure she didn't cause more problems. Reggie asked Erica if she really felt that way about him. She said yes and that Jack really loves him. Reggie said that he knows Jack feels obligated but Erica said 'no he really does care about you." Reggie told Erica that if Mary comes around he'll take care of her himself. Erica asked if he really felt that way and when he said yes she said she had a favor to ask. She asked him to call her if Mary were to show up around Jack anytime before the wedding he said he would. He also told her that if Mary got within an eyelash length that he would put a sack around her and put her in the trunk! They gave each other a high five. Opal returned saying Mary was in the lobby calling a cab. Reggie said he'd go get the sack if he had too and Erica smiled at him.

Bianca was working on wedding favors when a guard knocked on her door saying a man wanted to see her that wasn't on the list. David called out telling Bianca to tell the guard that he was a friend and her doctor. Bianca opened the door telling the guard that it was okay. Bianca told David "you know you really aren't my doctor." David said he knew but he was worried about her and wanted to check on her. She said she was fine. David asked if she was sure and she said she really was. Bianca said she was helping make the favors for the wedding. That she was putting birdseed instead of rice to throw in the favors. David asked if she knew why they used birdseed instead of rice. Bianca said so that the birds won't eat it. David said that wasn't the real case, put some rice in water and see what happens. He said the birds would be okay. The real reason, he said, was to avoid lawsuits because rice on church steps is very slippery. He said isn't it interesting that people believe the bird story. Then he told Bianca he didn't buy her story and he wanted to know the truth. Bianca told him that she broke up with Lena and she was upset about it but they just wouldn't work.David asked why she was running away. Bianca said she wasn't running away like a child would, she just wanted to get away from the boarding house so no one would be in her business. She told David he caught her at the wrong time. Kendall walked in and said "well what do we have here"? David said he was checking on Bianca but he had to go. When David stepped out side the penthouse he called Maggie and asked her to meet him. Kendall said we all seem to be catching you at the wrong time. Like me catching you in the park burning your clothes. Bianca turned away working on one of the favors, Kendall grabbed Bianca to turn her around spilling the birdseed and Bianca flipped out, screaming "look what you've done! you have ruined everything!" Kendall first thought Bianca was acting jealous because Erica was accepting her now. Bianca said that it was Kendall's fault for bringing Michael into town. She said Kendall brought him for revenge against Erica and if she hadn't Michael wouldn't have done the things he had done like try to rape Erica. Kendall said he tried raping her too. Bianca said that if Kendall hadn't welcomed Michael in her bed to begin with then he wouldn't have, Michael wouldn't have...but she couldn't finish, she got choked up...Kendall said "finish it Bianca, Michael wouldn't have done what?" But Bianca couldn't she grabbed the favor basket and ran out. Kendall called after her.

David met Maggie at the Valley Inn. He asked if Bianca had talked to her. Maggie said she hadn't seen her lately and asked if she was still missing. David said no then told her everything about almost falling off the ledge to how she was acting. Maggie asked David if he wanted her to find out what was wrong with Bianca and he said yes that he was really worried about her.

Michael arrived at the Valley Inn meeting up with a woman named Claire. They were sitting down and he was thanking her for meeting with him when Aidan arrived and invited himself in on their meeting. Aidan asked Claire how well she knew Michael. She said they have done business for a couple of years. Aidan asked if Claire knew Michael was a predator. Michael told Aidan to leave but Aidan didn't listen. Claire asked what he meant so Aidan told her about Michael's attempted rapes. Claire asked if this was true. Michael said no but Aidan pointed at Jack telling Claire he was the DA she could ask him. Claire got up to leave and Michael grabbed her arm. She told him to let go. Michael told her they could go somewhere else. She said she was taking her business elsewhere alone. When Claire left Michael told Aidan that he just made a dangerous enemy. Jack asked Michael what he was going to do to stop them. Jack and Aidan told Michael that they were going to make sure he doesn't hurt any other woman in this town and Michael said they were already much too late for that and he walked out of the bar leaving Aidan and Jack looking at each other.

Out in the lobby at the Valley Inn Michael spotted Bianca. Bianca was about to go into the dining room when a few of the favors spilled from the basket. She picked them up and was putting them back in when she felt someone staring at her. She turned to find Michael there, he smiled at her and waved, she quickly turned around.

Greenlee was at Fusion watching her and Kendall's interview on Extra when Mary called. Mary asked Greenlee to look for a letter that she misplaced. Greenlee said she didn't have time but Mary said that it was a letter that no one should see.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Mary schemes to have her daughter find the letter she planted at Fusion. Jackson instructs Aidan to keep up the pressure on Cambias. Meanwhile, a leering Michael approaches Bianca once again. After running her ex off, Kendall reports the encounter to Jackson but Bianca angrily insists on letting the matter drop. Juan Pablo coaxes Greenlee to go dancing in exchange for revealing additional personal information. Kendall buries the hatchet with Reggie as they prepare to become members of the same family. Later, Lena interrupts Erica and Jackson's wedding rehearsal to show Bianca a pair of rings she hopes will prove her undying commitment to their love. Michael is accosted in his own living room by three masked men who deposit their struggling prisoner into a nearby dumpster. Later, Tad, Boyd and Aidan discover evidence of Michael's corporate crimes on his laptop computer. Though privately touched by Lena's gesture, Bianca repeats her assertion that they are through. Jackson's pals throw him a bachelor bash while Erica asks a pleased Myrtle to walk her down the aisle. A worried Maggie looks on as Bianca begins drinking and carousing at The Pit. Greenlee delivers Mary's note to Jackson.

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