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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 25, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, All My Children aired a special rebroadcast of an episode from February 16, 2009. In that episode, Reese and Bianca were married and Greenlee was presumed dead following a motorcycle accident. For a complete recap or just to relive that episode, click here. For more archived recaps dating all the way back to 1995, visit our Daily Recaps Archive.

Regular programming resumes on Tuesday, May 26, and will pick up where Friday, May 22's episode concluded.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Liza admitted to Jesse that she was at the mansion when Stuart got shot. Jesse was suspicious that Liza was the killer. She stated that she did not kill Stuart, but she knew who did. Jesse pressed her for information. She recalled seeing Kendall in the backyard, pointing a gun at Adam. Liza said that she did not actually see Kendall pull the trigger, though. Jesse asked why Liza did not divulge that information sooner. She said that she did not want to cause trouble for the Slater family.

Kendall could not comprehend why Zach confessed to Stuart's murder. Ryan suggested that Zach was trying to protect Kendall. She was confused, but soon realized that Zach thought she killed Stuart. She swore to Ryan that she was not the murderer. Ryan said that he believed her.

Zach stood before the judge and pleaded guilty to the murder charge. The judge advised Zach to have legal representation, but he refused. Just then, Kendall burst into the courtroom and announced that she was Zach's legal counsel. Zach looked aggravated as he told the judge that Kendall was not a lawyer. The judge ordered Kendall to be quiet. The judge then said Zach was to be transferred to the state prison until his sentencing.

As Zach was escorted out of the court in handcuffs, Kendall begged him to reverse his plea. She informed him that she did not kill Stuart, so he did not need to protect her. He stated that he confessed because he was guilty. He told Kendall to take care of their sons.

Kendall was frustrated with Zach. She wanted to change Zach's mind, but Ryan warned her not to. Ryan reminded her that Zach freely made his decision and she should accept it.

Scott and JR arrived at the courthouse. Kendall told them that they were too late, Zach's arraignment was over. Ryan informed them that Zach pled guilty.

Scott felt guilty for bringing the heart valve to Pine Valley. He felt that the valve made him lose Stuart and made Spike and Ian lose Zach. JR stated that, although they made mistakes, they could learn from them and make better decisions in the future.

Jesse found Ryan at the courthouse and told him that he had a witness that placed Kendall at the mansion on the night Stuart died. Ryan admitted that he lied when he told Jesse that Kendall was in the hospital, since she was really at the mansion. Jesse asked for the details of the night. Ryan claimed that Kendall could not be the killer because he was with her, in the garden, when Stuart was shot. Jesse proceeded to arrest Ryan for obstruction of justice, due to his lies.

Zach was startled to see Ryan arrive at the police station. Ryan informed Zach that there was a witness that saw Kendall at the mansion. Zach appeared annoyed. Ryan assured Zach that Kendall was innocent, but Zach was skeptical. Zach said that Kendall went to the mansion with one thing on her mind-to kill Adam.

Jesse went to see Kendall at the hospital. He questioned her as to her whereabouts on the night of Stuart's murder. She pretended that she was at the hospital. He shot her an incredulous look and revealed that he knew she was at the mansion.

She confessed to being at the mansion, but swore that she was innocent. She explained that she had a gun, but never shot it. She then stated that she was in the garden, alone, when she heard the gunshot that killed Stuart. He asked if she left anything out. She said that she saw Zach holding a gun at the mansion.

Jesse recalled his conversations with Ryan and Kendall. He knew that one of them was lying because Ryan said they were together when Stuart was shot and Kendall said she was alone when Stuart was shot.

Angie saw Jesse at the hospital and inquired about Zach's arraignment. Jesse did not think that Zach was guilty. Jesse proposed that Kendall was the guilty party. Angie thought it made sense that Zach took the blame for the mother of his children. Jesse was not sure if he could let Zach take the rap for Kendall.

Kendall and Liza ran into each other at the hospital. Liza looked uncomfortable when she saw Kendall, but Kendall wanted to catch up. Liza informed Kendall that she tried to represent Zach, but he turned her down. Kendall was surprised to learn that Liza and Zach knew each other. Liza said that she met Zach briefly at the casino. Liza then told Kendall that she needed to meet Marian.

Jake and Angie were excited because they had evidence to show that Adam's medication was tampered with. They were certain they could convince the hospital's ethics committee that David tried to kill Adam with the altered medication.

Amanda visited Jake at the hospital. She wondered if David would get into trouble for drugging Adam. Jake thought that he and Angie accumulated enough evidence to prove that David was responsible. Jake hoped that David would be fired and have his medical license revoked.

David threw his collection of pills into his fireplace. Krystal saw it and urged David to leave town. He adamantly stated that he would not go down without a fight. He said that he lost his children and his grandson, but he would not lose his job. Krystal thought that he wanted to stay in Pine Valley because of his baby with Amanda, not his job. He admitted that the baby was one of the main reasons he was staying.

Gayle spoke to David before his meeting with the ethics committee. She asked if he got her message and he replied yes. He thanked her and told her that she looked radiant.

Jake and Angie showed the ethics committee their evidence and accused David of maliciously tampering with Adam's medication. David feigned innocence. He told the committee that Jake and Angie had a vendetta against him. David stated that the doctors wanted him ousted from chief of staff, even if they had to resort to lying.

Gayle entered the meeting and announced that she altered Adam's medication. She explained that she loved David and could not let Adam brainwash Little Adam against David. She stated that she acted alone and David did not know what she did. The committee fired Gayle and allowed David to resume his duties at the hospital.

David and Gayle met privately. He thanked her for saving him. He then handed her a check. She saw the amount and commented that it was more than they agreed upon. He told her that he needed her to do him another favor. He asked her to look after an important patient that lived in another town. He claimed that he needed someone he could trust to look after this special patient. She asked if he would visit and he promised to do so.

Krystal was shocked to see Marissa enter her home. Marissa said that she heard about Stuart's death. Stuart's death made Marissa rethink her situation with Krystal and David. Marissa said that she did not want to squander an opportunity to have a family. Krystal was thrilled. Marissa told Krystal that she could not promise anything, but she wanted to give Krystal and David a second chance.

David came home and announced that the ethics committee ruled in his favor. He told Krystal that they needed to celebrate. She informed him that they had another reason to celebrate, because Marissa came home. Krystal was hopeful that they could be a family.

Liza met Marian at the church where Marian was planning Stuart's funeral. Marian was overwrought with grief. She could not believe that Stuart was gone. She regretted leaving him to go on a business trip. Liza consoled her mother.

Marian apologized for having multiple affairs, especially with Tad. Liza stated that "it was in the past." Marian explained that Stuart changed her life for the better. Marian cried as she professed that Stuart was the love of her life.

JR and Scott arrived at the church. Liza asked JR how he was doing. JR said that he wanted to bury his uncle and he wanted Zach to go to jail, so his family could move on. JR hoped that his family could start with a clean slate, once things settled down.

Marian told Scott that Stuart loved him very much. She informed Scott that she wanted Stuart's funeral to be a celebration of his life. Scott promised to send Stuart to see the angels in style. Scott noted that his father was working his magic from heaven, because he brought their family back together.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tad was out of control at the hospital. He raced around the halls in a wheelchair as Jake tried to catch him. Meanwhile, Krystal came to the hospital with roses in her hand. Tad crashed into her and the roses went everywhere. Tad laughed hysterically.

Jake and Krystal helped Tad back into his wheelchair. Krystal told Tad that the roses were for him. She asked how he was feeling. He said that he was great because the hospital released him. She offered to give him a ride home. He accepted and commented that he did not want to drive with Jake because his brother was a bad driver. Jake argued that he was a good driver.

After Krystal left to get the car, Jake warned Tad to watch out for her. Jake worried that she would take advantage of Tad and try to get custody of Jenny. Tad assured Jake that he had everything under control.

When Krystal returned, Tad suggested that he and Jenny move in with Krystal and David. Krystal looked shocked. She did not think it was a good idea. Tad said that they could be one, big, happy family. She gave him an incredulous look and stated that their custody situation was working just fine. Krystal then left the room and Jake congratulated Tad on his successful manipulation.

David visited Amanda at Tad's house. She told him to leave, but he wanted to discuss their child. She warned him that Jake would be home soon. David chuckled as he stated that Jake did not scare him. David continued that Jake could never defeat him, but Amanda had confidence in Jake's abilities. David reminded her that Jake lost at the hearing with the hospital's ethics committee. David proceeded to stake a claim on their child.

Krystal, Tad, and Jake walked in on Amanda and David's heated discussion. Tad and Krystal went to check on Jenny, but Jake stayed to confront David. Jake warned David to stay away from Amanda. David affirmed that he wanted his child, and he left.

When Krystal exited Tad's house, David was waiting for her outside. He asked why she did not have Jenny. She felt it was best for Jenny to stay with Tad. David stated that Tad duped her again and she fell for it.

Erica watched from the doorway as Kendall read to Ian. Kendall laughed when she saw her mother and noted that she was "butchering" Ian's favorite stories. Kendall looked sad when she further commented that Zach did a much better job reading the stories.

Erica offered to call Jack to see if he could get Zach a plea bargain. Kendall stated that Zach did not want a lawyer. Kendall then informed her mother that she was a suspect in the murder case, even though Zach pleaded guilty. Erica looked surprised. Kendall revealed that a witness reported she was at the mansion, with a gun, on the night of the murder.

Angie watched happily as Kendall played with Ian. Angie then checked on Ian. Kendall thanked Angie for saving Ian's life. Angie replied that Jake was the one that never gave up on Ian. Kendall wished that she and Zach had more faith in the boy. She noted that, if they had not assumed that Ian died, Stuart would be alive.

Liza told the guard outside of Adam's hospital room that she needed to see Adam. The guard noted that only family was allowed to see Adam. She pretended that she needed to discuss the details of Stuart's funeral with Adam, since Stuart was her stepfather. The guard let her into Adam's room.

Adam assumed that Liza was a hospital worker when she entered the room, so he told her to go away. She retorted that she would have to take their daughter with her, if she left. Adam was unpleasantly surprised to see Liza. He stared at her pregnant stomach, so she sarcastically asked if he planned to congratulate her. He wondered who the father was, and she replied that she used an anonymous donor.

Adam asked why Liza had returned to Pine Valley. She explained that she wanted to reunite with Colby and let her know about the pregnancy. He told Liza to accept that Colby chose to be with him. Liza wished to make sure that Colby was safe. He noted that Colby was safe because she no longer lived with Liza. Liza was agitated and affirmed that she was a better parent than Adam, because he bred alcoholics. Colby entered the room and declared that she would rather be with Adam than a killer.

Colby revealed that Liza was in the mansion the night that Stuart died. Colby assumed that her mother was there to kill Adam. Liza denied the accusation, but Adam was skeptical. Colby divulged that Liza asked her to give Jesse a fake alibi. Adam was disgusted with Liza. Liza said that she did not kill Stuart. Then, just as Liza was about to reveal that she saw Kendall with a gun, Erica entered the room.

Erica ordered the guard to remove Liza from Adam's room. Adam then told the guard to arrest Liza for attempted murder. Liza said that there was no proof she was the killer. The guard stated that he was instructed to take anyone into custody that threatened Adam. After Liza was escorted out of the room, Erica noted that Liza had a lot of gall.

Adam worried that Liza was not done with him. Adam wondered why Liza was not a suspect in Stuart's murder case. Erica revealed that Jesse interrogated Liza, but he did not have enough evidence against her. She further divulged that Jesse continued to interrogate others, including Kendall, even though Zach confessed. Adam asked why Kendall was interrogated. Erica admitted that Kendall was at the mansion when Stuart was killed; however, Erica did not tell Adam the real reason why. Erica claimed that Kendall went to the mansion to stop Zach from doing something stupid.

Adam was distraught over Stuart's death. He stated that Stuart was the better part of him. Adam asked Erica how he was supposed to say goodbye to such an important person in his life. Erica did not know how to answer the question.

Adam looked very sad as he got dressed for the funeral. Colby helped him put on his tie and he was grateful. As they left the building, they noticed Kendall leaving, as well. Adam inquired if Kendall was going to the funeral. Kendall said yes because Stuart was always good to her and her sons.

Adam snidely told Kendall that she could have prevented Stuart's death if she could control her husband. Kendall snapped and affirmed that Adam was to blame for Stuart's death. She reminded Adam that he allowed a defective valve to be placed into Ian. She told Adam that he had no right to be sanctimonious about life when he played God with her son's life.

Jesse interrogated Zach again about Stuart's murder. Zach asked why Jesse continually questioned him about the night when he already pleaded guilty. Jesse revealed that a witness came forward and implicated Kendall in Stuart's murder. Jesse also informed Zach that Kendall's fingerprints were on the gun that shot Stuart. Zach stuck to his story and affirmed that he was the killer. Jesse urged Zach to come clean about that night. Jesse told Zach that he knew what it felt like to leave a son, and warned Zach that he would regret it.

Liza entered the police station and Jesse warned her to stay away from Adam. He then asked her to sign a sworn statement regarding her admission about Kendall. She agreed to sign the statement, but asked if she could be the one to tell Zach that she implicated Kendall.

Liza went to see Zach. She explained that she was the witness that saw Kendall at the mansion. Zach was upset and told her to recant her statement. She said that she could not because she already signed a sworn statement. Plus, if she recanted, it was likely that she would be a prime suspect in the murder investigation. Zach did not care. He told her to fix the situation, or he would reveal that she was not pregnant. Liza immediately recanted her statement, much to Jesse's dismay.

Angie met Jesse at the police station. Jesse was frustrated because Liza, Zach, and Ryan covered for Kendall. Angie urged Jesse to let Zach go to jail for the crime. She thought that Ian needed his mother. Jesse said that Zach did not deserve to lose his son.

Erica was concerned because she could not find Ryan. Erica called Corinna, Ryan's babysitter. Corinna explained that Ryan asked her to watch Emma because he had an emergency to deal with. Corinna was worried since he never called to check on Emma.

Erica saw Zach at the police station. She watched as he was hauled off to the state penitentiary.

Erica asked Natalia if Ryan was at the police station. Natalia said that Ryan had been arrested and was being held in a cell. Erica felt that Ryan's arrest was unacceptable and demanded to see him.

Liza was at Stuart's funeral when Jesse arrived at the church. He announced that he was there on police business. Liza looked nervous and reminded Jesse that she recanted her statement. He inquired why. She explained that she had sex with Zach and wanted to get Kendall out of the way. Meanwhile, Kendall overheard the conversation and flipped out. Kendall called Liza a "bitch" and took a swing at her. Jesse grabbed Kendall's arm and told her that she was under arrest.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Alone in the chapel, JR told Scott that he wasn't sure how he'd be able to get in front of a roomful of people and talk about Stuart without breaking down. He asked an unusually composed Scott if he had any advice. Scott shrugged and informed his cousin that he would not be speaking at the funeral service. JR was confused, and warned Scott that he'd regret it if he didn't speak at the service. An angry Scott told JR not to tell him what he should do. "He should still be alive," Scott snarled, "and it's your father who is supposed to be in this box."

Before getting ready for Stuart's service, Amanda asked Jake how she'd gotten to a point in her life where she had to devise schemes to fake her son's death in order to hand the baby over to complete strangers. Amanda confessed that she was slightly jealous of Liza because Liza had gone the uncomplicated route -- she'd gone to a sperm bank, picked a donor of her own choosing, and didn't have to worry about paternity battles. Jake quickly advised Amanda not to be jealous of Liza. In fact, he said that Amanda should be watching her back around Liza.Amanda was perplexed because she'd thought that Jake and Liza were old friends. She asked why would Jake be telling her to be wary of his supposed friend. Jake reflected on the conversation he'd had with Liza when she revealed that she was faking a pregnancy in order to help Amanda pass off her baby to Liza. "You need to know that Liza Colby's first priority is always gonna be Liza Colby," Jake told Amanda with a slight laugh. Amanda turned her attention to Stuart, recalling him as the "magical grownup you couldn't wait to go see." Her voice cracked as she realized that, like her dad, he was gone.

Despite doctors' orders to get some rest, Tad decided to put on a puppet show for Jenny and Kathy. The skit involved a witch puppet, a prince puppet, and lots of knock-knock jokes. Opal arrived to pick up the girls and admonished Tad for not resting. Tad argued with his mom, telling her that there was nothing that could keep him away from Stuart's funeral.

Liza told Jesse that when she'd first returned to Pine Valley, she slept with Zach. She then lied and said that she'd devised her story about seeing Kendall with a gun at the Chandler mansion because she'd wanted to get Kendall out of the picture so she could have Zach to herself. Kendall stormed over and attempted to slap Liza. Jesse grabbed Kendall's arm before it could come into contact with Liza and announced that he was placing Kendall under arrest. As a crowd gathered, Jesse told everyone that he was arresting Kendall for the murder of Stuart Chandler. Adam asked Liza what she had told Jesse to get Kendall in trouble. Colby stepped up and accused Liza of killing Stuart. Liza denied that she'd murdered anyone. Adam demanded that Jesse leave, saying that the day was already difficult enough without a police presence. Kendall told Jesse that she'd wanted to kill Adam, but that she couldn't. She told Jesse to talk to Ryan. He told her that he had, and that their stories did not match up.

Natalia led Ryan into an interrogation room where a furious Erica asked Ryan what he'd told Jesse. Ryan had no idea why Erica was so angry. Ryan told Erica that Jesse had a witness that placed Kendall at Chandler Mansion the night of Stuart's death. He explained that he'd admitted to seeing Kendall there because he thought it was better to tell the truth. Ryan said that he did not expect to be held in a jail cell until Jesse could talk to Kendall. Ryan wondered why Jesse couldn't just "let it go," since Zach had confessed to the shooting. Erica pointed out that Jesse sensed that something wasn't quite right and that he'd press on until he finally got to the truth. Erica and Ryan each asked each other if they thought that Kendall had pulled the trigger and killed Stuart. Both said that they were sure that Kendall was innocent. Erica informed Ryan that Liza was back in town and Erica believed Liza might been involved in Stuart's death. As they talked, Erica saw Kendall being led into the station in handcuffs.

Jesse confronted Ryan about his lies about what happened the night Stuart was killed. He told Ryan that the lying was getting on his last nerve. Later, he told Erica that he didn't need any of her "A-list drama." Kendall told her mother that she'd be wasting her breath if she tried to plead her case to Jesse. Erica persisted until Jesse asked her if she'd like to be arrested too.Erica called Jesse's bluff, but Kendall urged calm. Kendall told Erica that she'd be fine and instructed her to go to Stuart's memorial service. Kendall was later led to a cell, where she found a familiar face greeting her. "The first day's the hardest," Annie said as she smiled warmly. "I'll help you through it."

JR and Adam stood silently at Stuart's coffin. As they did, Scott led Marian into the chapel. Through her tears, she looked to the front of the chapel and saw Adam. "Stuart?" she asked weakly. Adam turned and approached Marian, as a distraught Marian wrestled with the reality of seeing someone who looked just like her husband standing a few feet in front her. Adam apologized to Marian and blamed himself for Stuart's death. "I know 'I'm sorry' is meaningless," Adam said softly. Marian assured Adam that she did not blame him for Stuart's death and told him that she knew he was hurting. Adam said that he didn't just lose a brother; he'd lost the better part of him. Marian forgave Adam because she knew that it was what Stuart would want. She also told Adam that his brother forgave him and always loved him. The two shared a tearful embrace. Adam regretted not telling Stuart that he loved him as much as he should have. Adam wondered if he could make it up to Stuart by being a father to Scott.

Marissa arrived at the chapel and told Scott that she wanted to be there for him. She admitted that it might seem a bit odd to show up for the funeral of someone she didn't know, but she said that something told her that she needed to be there. Scott smiled warmly and told her that she could stay. Scott explained the differences between his mother and father's funerals to Marissa. With Cindy, Scott's mom, Scott said that he knew his mother was going to die because she had AIDS. With Stuart, no one saw his death coming... and there was no time to say goodbye. Marissa recalled the funeral for her parents and the opportunity the service afforded her to express her gratitude to them.

Pete tried to convince Colby not to walk out on Stuart's service. Colby admitted that her objections to being there were probably due more to not knowing how to say goodbye to her uncle than they were to her mother's presence. Pete was touched, calling Stuart a "one-of-a-kind" guy who didn't treat him "like a dork."

JR eulogized Stuart first, remembering how Christmas was Stuart's favorite holiday. "My uncle had an amazing way to get people to believe in possibilities... to believe in themselves because he believed in all of us," JR remarked. As he fought tears, JR said that he knew Stuart wasn't really gone, and that he'd always be there standing just behind him.

Tad was the next to speak, offering a holiday anecdote about Stuart. He remembered when Stuart pretended to be Adam one year around Christmastime and gave out millions of dollars to folks in need. Every dollar given away was actually Adam's money. Tad then turned humorous and led all those assembled in a rousing rendition of one of Stuart's favorite songs -- "High Hopes." He'd even gone as far as to create cue cards so that everyone would know the words. As the group sang along, a montage of some of Stuart's memorable scenes was shown.

JR was in the process of thanking everyone for attending the service when Scott stood up and announced that he wanted to say something. Scott said that he wasn't planning to say anything, but that the love everyone had expressed made him need to say something. He recalled being at film school at New York University on September 11, 2001. He said that he'd lost all faith in the world until his dad showed up on a surprise visit. "What's the point of living if you're just going to die?" he'd asked Stuart. "Your love doesn't die when you do," Stuart replied. "Love is in your soul and your soul doesn't die. We don't live to die. We live to love."

After the service, Ruth asked Liza how long she planned to be in town. Liza said that she was planning to stay especially since her mother needed her. Marissa told Scott that the story he'd told about Stuart was beautiful. Scott, in turn, thanked Marissa for encouraging him to get up and speak.

Back at Tad's house after the service, Amanda told Jake that she believed she was going into labor.

When the time came to go to the cemetery, Adam asked for a few moments alone with his brother. Aloud, Adam said that nothing would ever be the same again. "This hurts so much," Adam cried. "I have never felt this alone in my life." Adam collapsed in tears onto Stuart's casket.

Liza watched Adam from the vestibule area. A cold look washed over her face as she slowly reached into her purse. Suddenly, Erica walked up and asked Liza if she was going for her gun in order to "finish the job."

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jake and Amanda arrived at Pine Valley Hospital and ran into David. David asked why they were there, and Jake sharply informed David about Amanda's contractions. Across town at the Yacht Club, Krystal found out that Marissa had gotten her old job back, and asked if that meant Marissa planned to stay in town. Unwilling to build up false hopes, Marissa simply said that she would stay for a short while. Marissa walked away just as Krystal's cell phone rang. Krystal looked at the screen and, after she realized that David was trying to reach her, she closed her phone in disgust.

In the bowels of the Pine Valley police station, Annie told a startled Kendall that while the first day in jail was the hardest, she would help Kendall get through it. Kendall called the guard and demanded to be put in another cell, but the guard made it clear that she was not on duty for Kendall's convenience. After the guard walked away, Annie realized that Kendall was in jail for the murder of Stuart Chandler.

When Kendall denied culpability, Annie noted that Kendall's actions were those of a mom who thought that she'd lost her child. Annie said that she understood the impulse, as she would do anything for Emma. Kendall said that the things Annie put her daughter through were sick, but Annie said that she had just wanted to spend time with Emma. Annie said that she lost control when everyone denied her that time. Annie then noted that without Emma, she had no reason to live, and that struck a chord with Kendall.

Hesitantly, Kendall admitted that while she couldn't forgive the things that Annie did to Kendall's loved ones, she realized that she hadn't made Annie's life any easier. Kendall said that it was wrong of her to try to disregard the fact that Annie would always be Emma's mother. Annie vehemently agreed with that sentiment, but said that she forgave Kendall. Kendall gave a short list of things she had done to Annie and said that she found it hard to believe that Annie could find forgiveness so quickly.

Annie pointed out how volatile and unstable she was at the beginning of her rampage, and noted that Kendall's reaction was understandable. Annie said that she had learned that Emma's happiness - not her own - was the most important thing. She then gave Kendall a little advice from an old friend: cooperate with the authorities to avoid increasing the hurt Kendall's family would have to deal with.

Liza looked on from the back of the church as Colby both mourned and tried to comfort Adam over Stuart's death. As Liza slowly opened her purse, Erica approached and accused Liza of reaching for her gun so that she could really kill Adam. Erica then said if Liza wanted to frame someone for murder again, she needed to come directly after Erica. Liza said that as much as she would have loved to take responsibility for an attempt on Adam's life, she would never do anything that would jeopardize her relationship with Colby.

Erica found that laughable, as Colby had made her disdain for her mother clear when she moved back to the Chandler mansion. Liza found it equally amusing that Erica dared to lecture anyone on child abandonment, when Kendall hadn't been able to stand her mother for years, and Bianca chose to live on the other side of the ocean. The verbal catfight continued until Liza slapped Erica. Furious, Erica instinctively grabbed the first large object she could lay her hands on, with the intent of lobbing it at her long-time enemy.

Adam was able to intercept, which gave Erica a moment to regain her composure. She noted that she would wait until after Liza gave birth to seek her revenge. The uproar soon drew everyone out of the church and into the vestibule. Upon the arrival of her daughter, Liza quickly changed her tone from caustic to apologetic. She focused on Colby and expressed regret for all of the bad decisions that she'd made. She thanked Adam for the role he played in making Colby the strong and poised woman she'd become, and then left the church.

Erica and Colby returned to the main house, and Erica noted that Colby had been wise to get away from Liza and move back in with her father. Colby stated that not even the people raised in the Chandler house were perfect. Erica said that she was glad Colby had been able to see Liza for who she really was, but Colby blasted Erica for being so judgmental, and then stalked out.

David seemed determined to get under Jake's skin as they waited for the obstetrician to examine Amanda. Jake wanted nothing to do with the ethically challenged heart surgeon, but couldn't escape David's stinging words. The last straw was when David offered to make the situation easier on everyone and pulled out his checkbook. Krystal happened upon the two men and watched as her husband debased both the mother of his child and all of the Martin men when he said that everyone had a price. Jake was incredulous over the idea that David had offered to buy his own child.

Jake told David to go to hell, and Krystal made her presence known when she added that David should feel free to stay there. Jake took the opportunity to leave as Krystal raked her husband over the coals. She thought that it was in poor taste to offer money for a child after knowing the horror Krystal went through when she did the same thing to Marissa. David said that he understood what Krystal had done, as it was best for her children at the time. Krystal replied that he wouldn't have offered money if he actually had the slightest idea of what she'd been through.

Jake joined Amanda in the exam room and both were pleased to hear that Amanda had just felt strong Braxton-Hicks contractions. Once the doctor stepped away, Jake assured Amanda that he would be with her every step of the way. A short time later, Liza showed up at the hospital and found Amanda alone and in tears. She asked Amanda if everything was all right, but knew her words were pointless. Amanda confessed that David was the father of her baby, and said David would do whatever he felt necessary to make sure that Amanda was erased from her son's life. She then said that she was jealous of Liza, because the baby Liza carried couldn't be taken away.

Liza asked how Jake fit into the picture. Amanda said that, although her dream would be to have Jake and her son make a complete family, there was no way that David would allow that to happen. A short time later, Liza left the room and ran into Jake in the hall. She demanded to know how David could get away with terrorizing women. Jake wanted to know what happened, and Liza told him how she'd found Amanda and how terrified Amanda had been.

Liza then dropped a bombshell and said that the adoption of Amanda's baby wouldn't work. The three of them knew that David would never believe the baby died, and because of that, he would never abandon the search for his child. Jake asked what that meant for their arrangement, and Liza told him that she needed to have a miscarriage.

Out on the Chandler grounds, Adam took a few moments to share some of his childhood memories with JR and Scott. When he was done, Adam remarked that he wanted to make a concerted effort to live the way Stuart wanted him to live. Adam asked his son and nephew to put aside the rivalry that Adam tried to foster between the young men, and work together to run Chandler Enterprises. Scott and JR didn't have to think long to realize that cooperation was what Stuart wanted, and readily agreed to the task. Adam then left them, and Scott noted that if he and JR continued to get along, Stuart's death really would have meaning. With that, they agreed to act more like brothers than strangers, and shook on it to seal the deal.

Marissa wasn't surprised when David stopped by the Yacht Club. He asked if she'd forgiven Krystal, and Marissa told him that the only thing she knew was that running away was not the answer. David said that Krystal made the decision to give up Marissa because he'd been too selfish to be supportive after his fling with Krystal. Marissa told him that she wasn't upset, because she'd had two amazing parents. David then reflected on how his hatred for Pine Valley residents caused him to do horrible things. He admitted that he'd been willing to put Adam in the ground, and was horrified that Stuart ended up there instead.

Inside the mansion, Adam found Erica in the living room. She told him that the service had been lovely, but the sentiment was lost in Adam's cloud of guilt. He criticized himself for not cherishing Stuart the way he should have. Erica told Adam that she had done the same thing when Mona died, but came to learn that the place where Mona went didn't acknowledge such feelings. Erica encouraged Adam to forgive himself because Stuart would've wanted it that way. Adam then thanked Erica for all she had done to be a good friend to him.

David arrived home to find Krystal packing her clothes. He asked for a chance to explain, but it became apparent that nothing was getting through to Krystal when she started to rattle off the list of his most recent misdeeds. He began to lament that, despite all of the good things he'd found in the year that had passed, he still continued to do bad things. Krystal was irate that he continued to heap meaningless words on her, and reminded David that his actions spoke much louder than what he said. She told him that when he whipped out his checkbook, it was the most honest thing he'd ever done.

David told Krystal that he would do whatever she wanted to make things right, and offered to give up his pursuit of Amanda's baby. Krystal reminded him that he had offered that before and she wasn't stupid enough to believe it again. David couldn't believe that she wanted him to choose, but Krystal told him that she would make the decision for him. She slipped off her wedding rings, handed them to David, grabbed her suitcase, and walked out.

JR went to the Yacht Club and was able to somewhat decompress from the funeral as he talked to Marissa. He updated her on his newfound connection with Scott, and said that they had decided to join forces to keep Stuart's spirit alive. When Marissa noted that Scott was a good guy, JR realized that he'd uncovered the reason why Marissa had decided to stay in town. Marissa tried to deny it, but when Scott walked in moments later, her body language told a completely different story.

Silence fell when Scott reached the duo, and he wondered what he'd missed. JR wordlessly declined to elaborate and instead said that he needed to go home and hug his son. Scott thanked his cousin for all he'd done, and then turned to face Marissa when she asked Scott how he wanted his burger done. Scott told her that he really just needed someone to hang out with, and as her shift had just ended, she was glad to oblige.

Kendall met with Jack, and he told her the most important thing they needed to do was get her released from jail. He offered her the option of pleading temporary insanity, and Kendall balked, as she didn't want to be compared to Annie in any way. Jack asked her to listen to the scenario in its entirety before she made a judgment call. He told her that the thought that she lost her son caused her to lose all sense of reason, and that her grief led her to act out in a way she normally wouldn't have. Kendall heard Annie's voice in her head, reminding Kendall to cooperate.

Kendall thought it would be the easiest option to go along with Jack's story, but said that the lie would still take her away from her boys. She told Jack that she needed to tell the truth, which was that while she went to the Chandler estate to kill Adam, she did not kill Stuart. Jack noted that she didn't have any witnesses, but Kendall pleaded with him to believe her.

Colby walked down the hall at the hospital and heard her mother's voice float out of one of the rooms. She stopped, and overheard a conversation between Liza and Jake about how Colby would have been Jake's daughter if Adam hadn't decided to play God. Jake told Liza that the few months he believed Colby was his were the best days of his life.

Erica was incensed at the note of finality in Adam's words, as though he'd taken all he could from her and now her friendship was meaningless. He tried to deny those sentiments, but Erica hardly let him get a word in. She demanded to know if he only saw a celebrity, a CEO, or a mother when he looked at her. Adam noted that he saw much more, and pulled a surprised Erica into a loving embrace.

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