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August 9, 2004 columns
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This has been an exciting week for CBS soaps in general - I watched a full exciting week of Guiding Light and Bold & the Beautiful before I even saw ATWT this week. I am glad I watched the week all at once I couldn't fast-forward fast enough pass the commercials. Is this sweeps month or what? I just don't know where to begin.

The Kidnapping Caper
Peyton List has grown so much as actress since she first appeared as Lucy. Her match up with Aaron was definitely a misfire. She has been so much more interesting in her crushes on Paul and now her possible romance with Dusty. This thing with Dusty has softened him around the edges to make us remember the old Dusty from years ago. When he had his dream and admitted he loved her - this was great. Lucy doesn't seem like a recent high school graduate around Dusty, she comes off as a mature young woman with feistiness and no whining like she used to do.
Craig has done so much lately: organized the kidnapping, killed one of the kidnappers and framed an innocent man for the crime. With everything that transpired he seems to be free of all threats. He also has Lily's undying devotion and friendship to help him through it all. What is going to happen when and if she finds out what he really did? I have to admit that I thought Sierra's new husband was originally behind the kidnapping.

Barbara Does It Again
Will Barbara Ryan ever learn her lesson? She had a man who was really interested in her and her children were willing to stand by her then she had to do something devious again. Walker overlooked her past and wanted to give her a new start - all she had to do was be honest with him. I thought he was having a positive effect on her. She hired some actor to be her specialist who could not answer any real medical questions. Regardless, she is always fun to watch.
How dumb are Rosanna and Jordan? How would James have known if they consummated their marriage for real or not? I know he has spies everywhere. I don't know if I like this Paul and Rosanna love match but it will be more interesting if after all that Craig has done he decides to try to get Rosanna back.

Jack, Carly and Parker
This whole thing has been the best in daytime drama. I hate that it had to take Jack away from Carly for a while but Carly is truly heartbroken. These scenes of her realizing that Jack is gone and then the almost drowning of Parker has made many viewers shed tears this week. The scene that really was so touching was when Parker saw Jack and met Nora - this was just too good. Now who is this woman that Jack has ended up with? I am anxious to see how this all plays out.

Margo and Jessica
These two women have a lot to do to repair all the damage that Doc has bestowed on both of them. I give credit to Scott Holmes because he as been a true acting machine lately as Tom is very angry with Margo and Jessica. I am just waiting for him to blow her out of the water. But I truly believe it is going to be Jessica who is going to blow all for herself if she doesn't lose her baby first.

Emily and Chris
Watching them this week makes me know that he and Allison have truly run their course. Emily is suffering because Hal is pushing her away. I like them together and I like Allison with Aaron. Aaron is really in love with Allison despite all of her craziness then to see the kiss between Emily and Chris is going to create quite a scene next week.
Finally, how great was it when Kim waited for Doc to finish his lunch before giving him his walking papers from WOAK? I really like the no-nonsense Kim when she deals with Doc or Susan.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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