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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 10, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, July 10, 2000

Andy is in his hospital bed testing his legs. He picks up a picture of Hope and looks at it. Ben comes into the room and Andy comments about Ben testing his legs every hour on the hour. Ben informs him that he has to keep on his progress. Ben picks up Andy's leg and runs his hand down the leg. Andy says that he did not feel anything. Ben starts to lift the other leg and Andy tells him not to bother because he has no feeling in that leg either. Ben talks to Andy about doing the testing and Andy tells him that he still does not want the test done. Ben leaves the room and runs into Kim in the hall. Kim asks about Andy and Ben tells her that he is frustrated and Andy still does not want the test done. Ben tells Kim that Andy wants to go home, but until he knows for sure why Andy is not making progress, he can't release him. Kim goes in to see Andy and she is chipper and asks how Andy is feeling. He tells her that she doesn't have to put on the charade, he saw her talking to Ben in the hall. Kim talks to him about having the test done. She tells him that he may have a blood clot or a bone fragment that Ben did not get. He tells his mother that it is nothing like that. She asks how he knows that without doing the test? She sits down beside him on the bed and says that she knows that he has asked Denise to stay by his side until he is better and they both know what that is costing her. She gives Andy a kiss on the cheek and starts to leave. Andy asks his mother what she thinks will happen if he takes the test and there is nothing wrong? She says that he will be up and walking before he knows it and she leaves. After she is gone, he says, "Not if it means losing my wife." Later Denise comes to see Andy and she brings him a picture that Hope has drawn for him. They discuss Hope and laugh about her and Denise tells him that he will always be her father. He thanks her for that. She tells him that she hopes that they can be like his mother and father. Andy asks her if that means that she will be beautiful and serene and he will be grumpy? She says that she didn't mean it like that. She just always wants to be able to talk to him and be his friend. She sits down beside him on the bed and he puts his hand on hers and she pulls away. She tells him that she has to be going and stands up to leave. She turns and asks if he was scheduled for some test today? He says that he is, but he doesn't want to take them. She tells him that Hope is counting on him to get better. He looks at her and says that the sooner that he takes the test the sooner he can be home. She says yes and leaves the room. Ben is in the hall outside Andy's door and he and Denise hug. Ben tells Denise that he feels that Andy's lack of progress is only psychosomatic. Andy is watching Ben and Denise through the window in his door and he sees them walk off arm in arm. He leans over to see them better and then he gets out of his bed to lean over to see them. All the sudden he grabs his back and starts writhing in pain. He manages to get back into bed and push the call button. Ben and Denise come running into the room and Ben asks if it is his back. He tells Ben that he has a terrible pain in his back. Ben asks what was he doing? Kim comes running in and asks what happened. Ben tells her that he does not know. He tells the nurse to get him some pain medication. Andy yells out that he doesn't want any drugs, all he needs is Denise. Ben tells the nurse to get over to the bed and help him get Andy downstairs for some x-rays. They take Andy to x-ray and then bring him back upstairs. Ben tells Denise and Kim that it was only a pulled muscle. Kim goes into Andy's room to see him and Denise can see that there is something else. She asks Ben what is wrong? He tells her that the only way that Andy could have gotten a pulled muscle was by moving his legs. Emma walks up to Lily's front door and Holden stops her before she can knock. He asks if Lily is home and Emma says that she had not knocked yet. They discuss Lily and Holden breaking up and Emma gives Holden a good mother to son talk. She tells him that he has not been fair to Lily. He had run off when the painting was revealed without letting her explain. He tells his mother that he just doesn't know his wife anymore and he doesn't trust her. She tells him that before they call it quits, he had better give it one more try. He tells his mother that he doesn't know if Lily wants him back as much as he wants her.Inside the mansion, Rose and Mitzi are going through Lily's diaries trying to catch up on Lily's history. Mitzi suggest to Rose that they just cut their loses and make a run for it. Rose tells her that for the first time she could have it all. Rose says that Lily not only has a lot of money, she has class and people respect her. She tells Mitzi that the one, most important thing that she has is a guy like Holden. Mitzi reminds Rose that she is not in love with Holden. Rose says that she can learn to love him. Rose leaves to go change her clothes and when she returns she is wearing jeans and a sleeveless crop top and has her hair pulled back into a pony tail. Mitzi comments on her choice of clothing. Rose reminds her that she is now Lily. Holden comes in the front door and Rose pushes Mitzi out of the room. Holden comes in and asks what is going on. Rose tells him that she is going to take him out for dinner. Holden says that he doesn't want to go out. Rose tells him that she is going to take him to Mabel's Red Hots. She reminds him that she is wearing the same clothing as the first time he took her there. She says that he has commented on her not being herself and she has to say that he has not been himself lately either. He says that things have been up in the air lately. She asks him again and he accepts and they take off for Mabel's. At Mabel's, Rose tries to make small talk with Holden but he doesn't want to participate. She says that she will just sit there and eat her hot dog. She looks at him and asks if he would like to dance. He says that he doesn't and she puts her arms around him and says that she will show him moves that he has never seen before. She gets him on the dance floor and starts her sexy dance. He pulls her to him and says that he has never seen her dance like that before. She looks into his eyes and asks him if he would like to take her home? He takes her hand and leads her out. When they get home, she says that she doesn't want to kiss him good night because that means she will have to go to Cal's house and it is very quiet there. She tells him that she has a surprise for him and she starts to tell him about turning in some of her certificates. He says that Lucinda had told him about that. She turns and looks at him and says, "She did?" He says that she didn't tell him why. Rose says that is good because she wants it to be a surprise. She tells him that she hasn't got all the details worked out, but she is buying Kim's share in WOAK to give to him for a belated birthday present. Holden is stunned and can't say anything. Rose walks over to him and kisses him.Simon and Lily are asleep on the island. Simon wakes up and slips out of the cave and goes to the beach. He is busy putting water and food on the raft and Lily comes down to the beach. She asks him what is he doing? He tells her that he woke up early and he was going to try out the raft to see if it would float. He tells her to go back to the cave and go to sleep. She says that she is up and she wants to help. He tells her to go get more water. She sees that the raft has water and food on it and asks him what he is planning. He tells her that it is a bright sunny day and he thought if the raft floated he would head on over to the mainland and send someone back for her. She gets upset that Simon would leave her on the island by herself. She reminds him that they are not alone since someone took her clothes. He says that an animal took her clothes, but she is not sure about that. Simon is getting upset with her and she asks him why he is mad at her? He tells her that she is whiny and he has to do everything for her. She asks him what if he didn't make it to the mainland and she was left there with no help. He calls her a selfish and says that all she ever thinks about his herself. She reminds him that she did save his life. He starts to put the raft in the water and Lily grabs his pants and the diamond falls out into the sand. Lily looks at Simon very accusingly.

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Jack brings Julia flowers and they start to go upstairs to make love. Jack decides that he should put the flowers in water first. The doorbell rings and Julia tells him that she will get the door and get rid of whoever is there while he puts the flowers in water. Lisa is at the door and she has found out something about Carly. Lisa tells Julia that a man named Winston Lowe is who Carly is with in Hong Kong. Lisa says that she found out that Winston Lowe is an unsavory character and can be dangerous. Jack comes back in and sees Lisa there. Lisa apologizes to Jack for the late visit but something has come up at the paper and she needed to talk to Julia about it. The doorbell rings again and Holden is there. Holden also apologizes, but he needs to speak to Jack. He and Jack go outside on the porch to talk. Julia tells Lisa that she doesn't want to tell Jack about Carly because he will, more than likely, run to her. But, on the other hand, if she is in real danger she doesn't want Carly to get hurt or killed. Julia gets an idea! She tells Lisa to watch the door. Julia writes a note to Carly and asks if she is in danger? Julia finds the fax number from Carly's previous message and sends the message. Out on the porch, Holden tells Jack about Lily's peculiar behavior and Jack asks how he can help? Holden asks him to find Simon. Jack tells him that he will get right on it. The door opens and Lisa leaves. Holden says goodnight and leaves too. Julia steps out on the porch and asks Jack what Holden wanted. Jack tells her that he is glad that they can trust each other and he hugs her. In Hong Kong, Carly looks out a window and softly says, "Jack". Winston Lowe walks into the room and tells her that since it is her birthday, she can have anything she wants for dinner. She asks for an American meal. Winston tells her that she should be forgetting about such things. She says that she can't help it, she loves fried chicken and mashed potatoes. He asks her if she would like apple pie too? She tells him to surprise her. He tells the housekeeper to tell the chef what Carly has ordered for dinner. Carly suggests that he go and talk to the chef himself, in case he needs to get something special at the market. Winston agrees and leaves. Carly makes a beeline for the fax machine. She is delighted to see that there is a fax from Jack, she thinks. She starts to find a pen so she can answers Jack's fax. Winston walks in and sees her holding a piece of paper and asks her what she is doing? She says that she was looking for a pen. He asks her what she is holding? When he sees it is a fax from Oakdale he gets very upset and tells Carly that he doesn't know how he is going to punish her? Maybe he will take care of the person that sent her the fax. Carly begs him not to hurt anyone in Oakdale, she promises to be good and she will have no more contact to the states. He tells her to stop begging and he grabs her face and says that he decides her fate, right? Carly says yes. He tells her to think about them one more time and he jerks the fax cord from the wall and says, "I am!!"Rose is kissing Holden and he pushes her away. He tells her that he feels like she is trying to buy him and he wants no part of it. He leaves and Rose does not know what to do. Mitzi sneaks in and startles Rose. Rose tells her not to scare her and Mitzi says that she didn't want to interrupt any lip locking that may have been going on. Mitzi asks her if she and Holden weren't suppose to be doing the horizontal mambo? Rose tells her to watch mouth because Luke is still awake. Rose tells Mitzi that Holden didn't want her present. Mitzi asks if he is crazy in the head? Rose says that he is just too decent and he won't fall for anything. Rose says that there is hope, because she is the new and improved Lily and she feels that she will have Holden before long. The doorbell rings and Rose answers it. There is a lady at the door and she asks if it is a bad time for her, she needs to see her. Rose, not knowing who the lady is, says that it is kind of a bad time. The lady asks if it is bad even if they need to talk about her son? Rose invites the woman in and as she walks by, Rose motions to Mitzi to find out who she is. Mitzi follows the lady into the living room and introduces herself. She asks the lady if she is an old friend of Lily's? The woman says that she is Luke's camp councilor. Rose hears this and follows the women into the living room. She asks the lady to sit and she tells Rose that what she needs to say is confidential. Rose asks Mitzi to leave and the two women sit down. The councilor tells "Lily" that Luke has been acting out aggressively. Rose laughs and asks if he has been aggressive toward inch worms? The lady informs her that this is not a laughing matter. She tells "Lily" that Luke had pushed one of the other boys at camp today and the other boy said that Luke had pushed him first. Luke comes to the door and Rose asks Luke to come in and she tells him what the councilor had told her. He tells his mother that the other boy pushed first and he didn't start it, he just finished it. Rose tells the councilor that her son doesn't lie and that is the story. The councilor starts to say something and Rose interrupts her. She says that Luke is not to blame, totally. Holden walks by and hears "Lily" and stops to listen. Rose explains that their life has been a mess lately and she has been gone a lot. She tells the councilor that they are working on it and she looks at Luke and says, "Right?" and Luke says, "Right!" The councilor tells "Lily" that she appreciates that they are working on getting their life back on track and wishes her luck and she leaves. Luke runs and jumps into his mother's arms and Rose says that everything is going to be OK. Holden is still watching and he walks into the living room. Luke runs to Holden and Holden asks what is up? Rose tells him about the visit from the councilor and Luke chimes in and says that his mommy took the blame. Rose tells him that just because she took part of the blame, does not mean that he is out hot water. Luke says that he is hungry and Rose is delighted. Holden gives her a funny look and Rose tells him that the sitter had told her that Luke wasn't eating very much. Holden says that he is a little hungry too. Rose says that she will fix something for all of them. Later, they are eating manicotti and Luke says that he likes this stuff. Rose tells him that flattery will get him everything, except a later bedtime. She tells him it is time for him to go to bed and he skips off to go upstairs. Rose starts to pick up the dishes and Holden says that she cooked so he will clean up. She says that she really doesn't mind. She looks at Holden and says that he must want her to go back to Cal's now. Holden tells her that there is no rush. She says that she wants to end the evening on a high note and she starts to leave. She turns and says that she promises that the old Lily will be back and she gives Holden a wink and leaves.On the island, the diamond has fallen into the sand and Simon and Lily both scramble to find it. Lily grabs it, but doesn't let Simon see it. Simon continues to dig in the sand for it. Lily walks away and Simon wonders why she gave up and then he sees Lily slip something into her bra. He tells her to give it back and she acts like she doesn't know what he is talking about. He tells her that either the diamond comes out or he is going in. She tells him that the diamond belongs to Rose. Simon says, "One!" Lily says that she will give it back to him when they get to the mainland. Simon says, "Two!" Lily takes the diamond out and give it to Simon. She tells him that he is m! ean and selfish and he only thinks about himself. He tells her it isn't all for him. She wants to know more. Simon tells Lily about his family being the first settlers in Australia and how they are about to lose their land and they have ancestors buried on the land. He tells Lily that with the sell of the diamond, there will be more than enough money to save his family's land and for Rose to live a nice life. Lily asks about Celia. Simon says that he hopes that she has not found Rose. Lily looks worried. Later Simon and Lily are putting a tar like substance on the raft and Simon splatters some on Lily. Simon says that he is sorry, it was an accident, but he is smiling devilishly. Lily says that it is OK and she splatters tar on Simon. Then they get into a tar fight. Finally, Lily yells, "Uncle!" and they are both covered in the black substance. Simon pushes Lily's hair out of a glob of tar on her shoulder. Lily says that they should go into the ocean to clean up before the storm starts. They get cleaned up and go back to the cave. Lily tells Simon that he has some stuff on his back and she rubs it away for him. The sexual tension is rising. Simon tells Lily that he will check her back and he rubs her back and says that she is OK. She turns to him and sees that he has some in his hair and she brushes it out for him. He starts to walks away and she stops him. He asks her if she wants the truth? She shakes her head no. He says that tomorrow they will have sunny skies and it will be smooth sailing and they will home before noon. She says that they need to get home, because if they stay on the island much longer, who knows what will happen. Down at the beach, a man looking rather crazy walks up to the raft and he is holding a really big knife.

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Ben tells John and Kim that Andy's lying--he can walk. Isaac chides Emily for running away. A man breaks into Emily's car while she waits at Al's Diner. A furious John demands Bob remove Ben from Andy's case immediately.

Molly fibs to Bryant that Abigail has other plans and to try back later. Isaac informs Jake of Emily's whereabouts. Emily finds a rattlesnake in the front seat of her car. An irate Ben hands Andy's files over to John. John later asks Andy point-blank if he's faking his injuries.

Molly stuns Henry when she tells him she's quitting WOAK. Jake talks Emily out of her panic and pulls her out of her car as Molly and Abigail look on. Andy vehemently denies to his father that he's lying about his continued paralysis. Molly asks Jake for an explanation even as Jake detaches a still-frightened Emily from around his neck.

Andy asks John for books about spinal injuries. Kim scolds Denise for being impatient where Andy is concerned. Denise asks Andy if Ben's accusations are true. Emily is furious when she learns Isaac was watching her, but he insists he's only doing it for Jake. Chris and Isaac set of a round of denials when they suggest Emily move in with Jake for her own protection.

Denise is confused when, after telling her Ben must be lying, Andy tells her she's free to get an annulment. Afterwards, she tells Ben that Andy must not be lying after all. An angry Ben retorts that Andy is pulling a scam--and he'll prove it. Abigail confesses to a relieved Bryant that Molly lied when she said Abigail was with somebody else.

When Molly shows up at Jake's with champagne and apologies for her display of jealousy, he tries to shoo her out. Molly sees that Emily is unpacking and is hurt when she sees her own housewarming plant thrown in a box.

Thursday, July 13, 2000

Jake tells Molly he can't explain to her why Emily has moved in. Upset, she walks out, but Jake follows her and convinces her to trust him while remaining in the dark. Molly concludes Emily's presence must have something to do with David Stenbeck, but Jake refuses to confirm. Jake returns and finds Emily holding the snow globe. For a moment he thinks it's Vicky. They share a warm moment and he sees a little good in Emily for the first time. Jack informs Holden that he may have found Simon. Holden is relieved Simon is far away from Oakdale. "Lily" is caught off guard when Lucinda announces there will be an impromptu hospital benefit committee meeting today. But "Lily" is a hit with her suggestion that instead of a formal fundraising dinner, they organize a telethon. Lucinda continues to be baffled by "Lily's" strange behavior and sudden friendship with Mitzi. "Lily" admits to Holden that she has changed, maybe for the better. In Hong Kong, Carly pretends to be contrite, but is able to lift Winston's cell phone. Carly immediately dials up Jack, but she's stunned when Julia answers! Winston returns and Carly is forced to say she's not in any danger. Julia confides in Lisa, who convinces her Carly's safe and not to tell Jack about Carly's call. Meanwhile, Carly is devastated thinking that Jack has moved on without her.

Friday, July 14, 2000

by CBS

Abigail is surprised when she catches Jennifer buying some banana muffins for Bryant and learns that he confided in her about his parents' upcoming divorce. Molly hears the story and quickly guesses that Jennifer is scheming to "steal Abigail's man." She offers her some tricks of the trade and Abigail finally comes around and asks for her help. After a lesson from the "expert," Molly rushes to interrupt Jennifer's breakfast surprise for Bryant. Bob arranges for a Dr. Dietrich from Chicago to examine Andy to find out if Ben's operation was successful. After telling Andy that she's going ahead with the annulment, Denise rushes to Ben's arms with the good news. John advises Andy about the upcoming consultant visit which causes Andy to read more about the causes of paralysis. As they prepare to leave the island, a machete-wielding hermit eyes them and the things they have compiled. When Lily decides to take a final bath before leaving, the hermit watches her closely and takes her clothes while she's behind the makeshift curtain. Later, Lily and Simon find their raft has been destroyed.

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