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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 17, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, July 17, 2000

Jake and Emily are at Jake's apartment and they are getting the house rules all ironed out. Isaac comes in and he has heard something. He tells Jake and Emily that David Stenbeck is going to go after Emily in a big way. He says that the word on the street is that he is going to kidnap Emily's sister, Alison. Emily starts to freak out and picks up the phone to call her mother. Jake stops her and tells her to compose herself and tell her mother that she wants a face to face meeting with her. Susan and Alison are at the diner having dinner. Alison is trying to convince her mother to let her have a cat. Susan tells her that she is not old enough to take on the responsibility of a cat and her mother is too busy to do it. Susan's pager goes off and she says that she is saved by the bell. She leaves Alison alone at the table while she goes to the pay phone. While Susan is gone, a man comes over from another table and talks to Alison about having a kitten. He tells her that he has his cat in the car and maybe she could come with him and see it. He sees that Susan is getting off the phone and he tells Alison that maybe they can see the cat later and she shouldn't tell her mommy about it. Alison says that is will be a secret between the two of them. The man goes back to his table and Susan returns. A little while later, Emily, Jake and Isaac come running into the diner. Isaac takes Alison to the counter for some ice cream and Emily starts to break the news to Susan. She tells her that she has double crossed someone and in retaliation, he has threatened to kidnap Alison. Susan says that this is typical and she is very upset with Emily. Jake tells Emily to tell her the rest. Emily tells her mother not to freak out on them, but the man is David Stenbeck. Susan goes ballistic. Emily explains that she had borrowed the money to buy The Intruder from David and she was supposed to write an article on him getting out of prison. She goes on to add that when they printed the retraction, he got mad and is taking it out on Alison. Over at the counter, Alison suggests to Isaac that they go outside and meet her new friend that has a kitten in his car. Isaac asks which man told her that and she points over to the booth and the man is gone. Isaac runs out of the diner and Jake runs after him. A car squeals out of the parking lot. Jake asks Isaac what is up? Isaac says that he thinks Alison has met her kidnapper. Holden calls "Lily" at home and asks her to meet him for drinks and dinner. She is delighted and accepts. When he hangs up, he puts on a fresh shirt and tie and walks out into the studio. Katie is there and he asks her how he looks and she says fine. He tells her that he is meeting his wife for dinner. She says, "Oh, lucky Lily." When he leaves, Celia is part of a group on a tour and she follows Holden out. Henry comes up to Katie and asks what that was about and she tells Henry about Holden and Lily having dinner together. She asks him to have dinner with her, she wants to spy on the Snyder's.Holden is sitting at the bar at the Mona Lisa and Celia joins him at the bar. She makes an excuse that she is trying to get away from someone and she just wants to sit with him. Holden tells her that he is waiting for his wife. She starts to asks question about his wife and gets a little too personal. Holden starts to move away and she apologizes and makes him sit down again. Rose comes in and Holden introduces her to his new "friend". When Rose sees who his new friend is, she tells Holden to go ahead and get a table and she needs to powder her nose. Holden walks away and Rose grabs Celia by the arm and rushes her out of the room. In the powder room, Rose asks Celia why is she back in town. Celia says that she was about four hundred miles away and she realized that she may have been duped by "Lily" and her husband. Rose says that Holden has no clue about the diamond. Celia suggests again that he may know something. Rose grabs Celia and says, "Let's just see what he knows." She takes Celia back to the dining room and tells Holden that his new friend thinks that they have a multi-million dollar diamond that she claims belongs to her. Holden jumps up from the table and gets in Celia face. He asks if this has something to do with Simon. Celia tells him to calm down, there has been a misunderstanding. Celia leaves the dining room and Holden starts after her. Rose stops him and gets him to sit down at the table. She explains that the woman could be dangerous. She tells him that she was the one who was shooting at her in Atlantic City. Holden wants to go to the police. At first, Rose doesn't want to get the police involved. Holden tells her that he loves her with all his heart and he doesn't want her to get hurt. She says that she has been waiting to hear him say that. She agrees to talk with Jack about the woman. They start to kiss and Celia comes back to the door and takes a few pictures of them kissing. From across the room, Katie is watching and she says, "I'm going to kill her!"On the island, Lily and Simon have found their raft cut into pieces. Lily starts to lose it and says that she knew someone else was on the island. Simon gets her to pull herself back together. He tells her to go to the cave while he goes looking for the other person. She tells him that he is not going to leave her alone, what if the person comes after her while he is gone. He tells her that they were just at the cave and no one was there. Lily, reluctantly, goes to the cave .Simon searches the island and finds where the other person has been living. The person is not there and Simon searches through his stuff. He finds a two way radio and heads back to the cave where Lily is waiting. At the cave, Lily is scared and she puts the makeshift door up to barricade anyone coming in. The man on the island pops out from behind a big rock and asks if she thinks that will keep anyone from coming in? Lily is frozen. He tells her how he has longed for a woman and now he has one. Lily asks who he is? The man tells her that his name is Cooley and he has been shipwrecked on this island a long time. She asks how was he shipwrecked? He tells her that he was smuggling guns to El Salvador and the coast guard didn't think that was right. He says that they got into a chase and he hit a reef. He has been on this island since 1976. Lily tells him that they can work together to get back to the states and her family has money. He starts to laugh at her. He says that the only thing waiting for him stateside is a jail cell. He grabs her and says that she can stay with him and make the island a whole lot prettier. He kisses her neck and says that it has been a long time and then he says, "Yum, yum!" As Simon approaches the cave, he yells out for Lily. She starts to scream and Cooley covers he mouth. When Simon comes into the cave he sees Cooley with Lily and his big knife. Simon tells him that there is a rescue party on its way, mate and they can be rescued together. Cooley tells him to stop lying, they don't want to get started off on that foot. He tells Simon that he has a deal for him, he gets the girl and Simon gets to live. Simon says that that deal is not to his liking, what else does he have. Cooley pushes Lily down and kicks Simon and he falls down. Cooley puts the big knife to his neck and says, "Here is the other deal, I keep the girl and you die!"

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Emily, Susan, Alison, Jake and Isaac are at Susan's house. They are waiting on the police which Jake has called. Alison is confused, she doesn't know why the man wanted to hurt her, all she did was talk to him about his cat. Emily explains that the man is mad at her not at Alison. Susan tells Alison that it isn't her fault, her sister has a way of making everyone mad. Emily gives her mother a mean look and she walks over to Jake and says that she is glad that Tom and Margo are out of town with Daniel. She says to Jake that when the police get there, they should try to not tell them the part about David giving her the money to buy the paper, because the money was dirty. Susan hears her and says that Emily is always looking out for herself and she doesn't care who gets hurt in the mean time. Isaac takes Alison upstairs so she doesn't have to listen to her mother and her sister fight. Jake calms the women down and tells them that he has a plan. He thinks that they should let David kidnap Alison. Both women come unglued. They do not want to involve Alison in any plan. Jake tells them that if David kidnaps Alison and the cops are there and catch the guy that is working for David, they can get the guy to talk and get David some more years tacked onto his already long sentence. Susan says, "Absolutely not!" Jake tells her that he will ask the cops what they think of his plan. The doorbell rings and the police walk in. Hal is there and he has Margo not far behind. Emily asks Margo why she is there, didn't she go on vacation with Tom and the boys? Margo says that she is there because Emily has made another mess and she is there to clean it up. Emily tells her that she can leave because she is not on the case. Hal walks up and says that Emily is not the Chief of Police, he is. He looks at Margo and says that she was supposed to go meet Tom after her time in court today. Margo says that she isn't going now because she is on this case. Hal says that she is now the Chief of Police. Jake comes over and tells Hal about his plan. Hal says that he doesn't want to stoke a journalists' ego, but he thinks it is a pretty good idea. Susan is still not going for it. Margo assures her that she will be there and keep Alison safe. Emily tells Margo to leave, this is her house and she doesn't want her there. Susan looks at Emily and yells that this is not Emily's house it is her house and she wants Margo to stay. Susan makes Margo promise to keep Alison safe. Margo tells her that she will. Emily goes to the corner to sulk. Margo, Hal, Jake and Isaac come up with a plan and they all leave except Jake. He says that he will stay in case there is any problems in the middle of the night. Susan tells him that there are fresh linens in the linen closet upstairs and she goes to bed. Jake goes over and confides in Emily that he knows what it is like to be the one everyone in town hates. He tells her that there are a few people in Bay City that don't have anything nice to say about him. Emily tries to be brave and tell Jake that those people don't bother her and then she breaks down and starts to cry. She says that if anything happens to her little sister she will never forgive herself. Outside, the man from the diner waits in his car with a picture of Alison. He says, "Right girl, right address and now I just wait for the right time."Holden and Rose get home and they go up to the bedroom. Rose says that she just needs to get her robe, she has been missing it while she has been at Cal's. Holden asks her to stay, he doesn't want her to go to Cal's tonight. She asks if he is sure? He says that he is, if it is what she wants too. She says she does, but she wants their first night, well since they have been having problems, to be perfect and passionate. There is a small voice from that door, "Momma?" They turn and Faith is standing there. Rose goes over and picks her up. She asks the little girl what is wrong. Holden brings her a glass of water, but she doesn't want it. Rose asks if she wants to go back to bed, but she doesn't want that either. Holden tells her that Faith has been getting up every night about this time, asking for her mommy. Rose explains to Faith that she has been staying with Aunt Mitzi at Grandpa Cal's house until Aunt Mitzi felt comfortable being alone in the house. Rose asks Faith if she wants her to sing a lullaby for her. Rose thinks for a minute and then sings, "Ma, he's making eyes at me. Ma, he sure is nice to me." Holden says that that is not her usual lullaby song. Rose says that Faith seems to like it. She goes on singing and Holden puts his arms around both of them. On the island, Cooley has Simon down on the ground with the big knife at Simon's neck. Lily sneaks away and gets a big clam shell full of hot water from their mineral spring. Simon is telling Cooley that he has a big diamond worth several million dollars and he will give it too him if he will leave them alone. Cooley says that he doesn't care if the diamond is as big as his butt, he was going to die. Lily yells at Cooley and when he turns, she throws the hot water in his face. Cooley is blinded and he stands up and starts to swing his big knife. Simon gets up and tries to get Lily out of the way, but Cooley slices her back with his big knife. Simon pushes Cooley out of the cave and puts the barricade up. Simon goes to look at Lily, who is on the ground and screaming in pain. He tells her that she has a big cut, but it doesn't look very deep. He gets a piece of cloth and dips it in the hot springs. He goes back to tend to Lily. He washes the cut with the cloth and then he makes up a gooey substance to apply to the cut. As he is tending to Lily, she tells him how grateful she is that he is there with her and taking care of her. Simon says that it is his fault because he left her alone and he shouldn't have done that. When Simon is done, he remembers the radio that he got from Cooley. He goes outside the cave and get it and brings it in to show Lily. She is full of hope. Simon starts to work on the radio. It is one of those radios that they used in WWII, that has to be wound up. At first, Simon can't get the crank to turn. Lily starts to pace. She wants the radio to work so they can call someone and she can go home. Simon gets the crank to go, but they can't get a signal from anyone. Simon's arm gets tired from turning the crank and he stops. Lily says that she will give it a try. Simon tells her that it isn't worth it, the radio doesn't work right. He takes the radio apart and finds that it is missing a part. He tells her that without the part, they can't use the radio. Lily starts to fall apart. Her hopes are gone about ever seeing her husband or her children again. She is crying and she asks Simon what are they going to do? Simon takes her into his arms and says that they will find a way off the island.

Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Craig slips into Oakdale and immediately calls Winston and demands a meeting. Seeing how worried Winston is, Carly resigns herself to meet the man's business partner in hopes that she could help her escape. When Lucinda accuses him of acting indifferent about his parents to hide his pain, Bryant refuses to admit his true feelings about the impending divorce to Lucinda. Jennifer interrupts, sending Lucinda out of the pool house. Bryant starts to kiss her but then the moment is spoiled when she asks about his parents. He does confide in Jennifer that he hates his father, calling him an egocentric jerk. With encouragement from Ben, Denise hands Andy the divorce papers and explains that it's up to him if he wants to file them or have her do it. As they talk about their short- lived marriage, he begins to get upset and insists that she not deny they were a family. He also argues that it's pointless to test him to see if he can move his legs. Camille encourages Ben to have faith that the staff supports him in spite of John's claims against his abilities as a surgeon. Thanks to Isaac and Jake, the police nab the kidnaper before he can take Alison. A relieved Susan apologizes to Emily for her harsh words earlier.

Thursday, July 20, 2000

Holden starts kissing Lily passionately and walks her to the bed. As they fall onto the mattress, Jack calls with the news that he and Margo have spotted Celia and asks for him to come I.D. her. Holden immediately runs to the diner, leaving a gasping Rose frustrated.

Later, Rose confesses to Mitzi that she has fallen in love with Holden. At the station house Holden is shocked when Margo has found out that Celia is Simon's sister. When he confronts "Lily," she denies knowing it and convinces Holden she's not lying. The two then get back to the matters of the bedroom when Celia calls Rose and threatens to tell everyone the truth about Rose if she doesn't bail her out of jail.

Craig demands that Bryant join him in Hong Kong on business. Bryant refuses and the two end up arguing about family life. Lucinda is caught off guard to find Craig there and the two end up arguing about Craig's treatment of Sierra and whether Bryant will be going to Hong Kong. Isaac also learns about Craig's arrival in Oakdale and confronts him as well.

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Friday, July 21, 2000

by CBS

Alison's kidnapper can't prove that David was behind the order, since Stenbeck was careful to appear uninvolved. Emily visits David in prison, feigning concern for her sister. But when David denies having anything to do with the kidnapping, Emily realizes David just intends to make her life miserable. Things are awkward at first when Jake runs into Molly at the diner, but soon after, she opens up to him about her relationship with David. They agree once this situation is over, they will give their relationship another try. When Hal, Margo and Emily report to Jake that David didn't take Emily's bait, he realizes there's one person who may be able to catch David off guard. "Lily" goes to the police station and pretends she can't positively ID Celia. Jack tells her it's up to forensics in Atlantic City. "Lily" is able to swipe the cell keys and break Celia out of her holding cell. She returns home and vows never to leave Holden again. Officer Shanks discovers Celia's cell is empty. All that remains is a veiled hint: a drawing of a rose and a lily in lipstick on the wall. Lily has a disturbing dream about Holden and the kids and is more determined than ever to leave the island. She confronts Cooley, who offers to give them the missing piece to make the radio work in exchange for one night with Lily. Lily tells Simon she has a plan where she'll pretend to go along with Cooley's demand. Simon thinks it's risky, but Lily believes it's their only chance to get off the island alive.

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