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Joey almost strangled Kevin. Jessica and Cristian made love. Melanie announced that she was going back to Colin. Lindsay wanted another chance with Bo. John had arrest warrants for Cristian and Jessica. Roseanne agreed to give Cristian a divorce.
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Monday, July 17, 2000

Joey pressures Kelly into finally telling him the truth about her feelings for Kevin. Kelly blurts out, "No! There's nothing you can do for me! I love Kevin!" Joey is in shock and can't believe how stupid he could be. Things get worse when Kevin walks in on the confrontation and admits that he too, loves Kelly. Joey feels so betrayed by the two people he trusted the most. He reminds them of how he accused Sophia of being a liar when all along it was his brother and his wife that were the liars! "You don't know what love is Kelly! Your kind of love is sick and I don't want any part of it," Joey tells her as he storms out. Kevin and Kelly feel horrible for what they have done to Joey, but still can't manage to keep their hands off one another. Meanwhile, Joey finds himself at Crossroads. Without a word, he pulls Sophia into a passionate kiss.

Todd has taken the teen fugitives to Asa's cabin and is up to his old tricks! He manipulates Cris into thinking that Viki's chemo is not working and that she will die soon. Cris, believing Todd, goes to Will and demands that he leave Jess at once so that she can be with her mother. When Will refuses, Cris threatens to turn him to the police. Todd, during this time, is giving Jessica his opinion on love. He thinks feelings aren't real and if you do think you are in love, you only end up getting hurt in the end. He wants her to cut both Cristian and Will loose for good. When Jess walk in on the guys arguing, Will asks to speak to her alone. He tells her that she needs to make a choice; either Cristian leaves or he will...

Poor Lanie believes that Lindsay has really gone over the deep end. Lindsay begs her not to tell Bo about her "condition". They run into Bo and Sam at the hospital and Lindsay lies about why she is there. Bo and Sam don't know if they should trust Colin's diagnosis of Mathew, but Lanie looks at the boy and agrees with Colin. Bo and Sam take Mathew into another part of the hospital with Colin. Lindsay tells Lanie to stay with Bo, but she replies that her sister needs her more right now. While Lanie is off checking Lindsay into the hospital, she takes her opportunity to sneak into the room where Mathew's blood samples are. Just as she is about to put a vile of his blood into her pocket, Bo walks in!

TUESDAY, JULY 18, 2000


At Crossroads, Sophia realizes Joey knows about Kevin and Kelly. While drinking coffee, he apologizes about his past behavior when shewas telling the truth about Kevin and Kelly. Sophia slips about videotaping the two together in the locked closet. She explains they didn't sleep together because they both loved Joey. Joey rages about their betrayal and asks Sophia to have a couple of drinks with him. She declines, admitting that in the past she would have accepted his offer, but she currently is hung up on another guy.

In Clint's office, Kevin and Kelly agonize over how their love for each other has hurt Joey. Kevin demands to know why Kelly would marry Joey when she did not love him. Kelly's anquished declaration of wanting to have a baby just to save her marriage and not for the desire to become a mother sends Kevin out the door in search of Joey. Kelly cries out to him not to leave her alone!

Meanwhile, back at Crossroads, Joey is drowning his despair in alcohol. Kevin walks in and apologizes. He states that he never wanted this to happen and that he hates himself. When he explains that he understands that Joey would not be able to forgive him right away Joey decks Kevin. While Joey is trying to choke Kevin with a pool cue, Kelly walks in and begs Joey to stop.

In Asa's cabin, Cris and Todd discuss the need for Will to leave the group so that Jessica can return to Viki. In the barn, Will is trying to convince Jess that it's time for him to go his separate way. He is tired of being on the run and competing for her love. Declaring that she is a spoiled rotten brat that enjoys having two guys competing to be her little boy toy helps Jessica realize that it is time for their pact to end. Todd drives Will to the edge of town while Jessica informs Cris that she realizes that he is the only one that truly loved her.

On the docks, R.J. taunts Antonio about trying to be a super cop with his bumbling partner, Sophia. Sophia interrupts their conversation and R.J. walks away laughing. Antonio apologizes to Sophia for having yelled at her earlier and explains that he failed his assignment. Sophia tries to comfort Antonio by telling him he's the best and that he can get any man or woman that he wants. Antonio ponders this statement.

At the hospital, Bo regains possession of Matthew's blood sample and tells Lindsay to stay out of all aspects of Matthew's paternity case. He is suspicious of Melanie's behaviour toward Lindsay, Colin and himself. Lindsay laughingly explains to Colin that Lanie believes she has lost it and proceeds to mimic her tragic insanity. Lanie and Colin decide that Lindsay needs special attention and Lanie insists that she provide it alone. Lindsay quietly rejoices at this news. Bo observes Lindsay, Lanie and Colin leaving the hospital together.


Viki is sleeping on the sofa when she is startled awake by Todd. She informs him that Ben is looking for him in Ohio as they became nervous after learning there was no real house detective at the hotel where the kids were staying (like Todd told her there was). Todd tells his sister that Will has decided to go out on his own so Jessica is coming home. Viki can't understand why Jess would leave Will but Todd suggests that Will broke his promise and took off. Viki thinks that Todd made him leave though her brother denies that. She will never forgive him if he's hurt Jess.

Jess admits to Cris that she was wrong about Will again, that he's totally irresponsible. She knows she can always count on Cris because he's always been there for her and she feels badly that she hurt him because of Will. Jess is sure now, Cris is the one she loves, she's chosen him. Cris wonders why she's saying that and thinks it's only because she's hurt and angry over Will's leaving. He wants it to be about the two of them. Jess disagrees that it's about Will and asks Cris to make love to her. He will make it safe for her, he promises, he loves her.

At Crossroads, Joey is trying to kill Kevin with the pool cue as Kelly screams for them to stop. As Colin arrives and breaks them apart, Joey tells his brother he will kill him. He tries to leave but Colin thinks he's drunk and won't let him go. Joey informs him that he's not the one who would be drinking and he hates bars anyway. Kelly tries to go with him but he gives her the keys to lock up(that Sophia gave to him before she left). He removes his wedding band, drops it on the floor and tells both his wife and his brother to go to hell. After he leaves, Kelly wonders why Kevin even followed Joey but Kevin only wanted to try to set things straight. He can't hurt his brother any more and can't be with Kelly even though she says they want each other. He only wants to go home alone and that will be his sentence. Once he leaves, Colin pours Kelly a drink of brandy to make her feel better. He offers to sit and talk with her, even if it's about the weather. He tells her the sun will always shine again after the storm and that he's been there himself. She didn't create the mess herself, he gently tells her. It takes two and sometimes even three people. He offers her a ride but she'll drive to Dorian's house. He accepts the keys to lock up.

Nora wakes up and spies an envelope addressed to Lanie from Colin. She writes a note asking for help and wonders if Lanie knows what her husband is capable of. She instructs Lanie to give the note to Bo or Sam. She eyes the envelope near the foot of the bed and attempts to reach it so that she can put the note inside. After much pain and struggling, Nora reaches her goal, only to hear a noise. Thinking it's Colin, she manages to get the note into the envelope, which contained divorce papers, and make it back to her place in bed. Her book drops on the floor.

Sam is reading to Matthew in the hospital, discouraged because treatment isn't working. He goes out to Bo in the hallway, to tell him of Matthew's status and they wonder if the diagnosis was right. Just then Asa and Max come by but Bo orders them to leave. Asa is checking on his grandson and wonders why Sam is there. As Asa tries to go into the room, Sam blocks his way and warns him to stay away from his son. Asa informs him that his only son is Will, an escaped convict. Sam and Bo side together against Asa and Max as they argue over the care of the youngster. Asa will get a court order for a new DNA test. Bo insists that none of this is Asa's or Max's business and that it would be between him and Sam and Nora if she were alive, though she's dead because of Asa. Sam has gone back into Matthew's room and Bo informs his dad that even if Matthew were his, he wouldn't let Asa near him and that he would let Sam keep the boy first. The old man accuses Bo of sounding like a Rappaport, even though he's a Buchanan. Max suggests the two of them return home and make some phone calls.

It's Will, walking into Colin's house! He hears a noise and starts upstairs, calling for Lanie. After the phone rings and no one answers it, he realizes that no one is home. He sits down in a living room chair.

After making love, Jess talks about what a fool she's been but Cris tells her it doesn't matter. He will take her home and they will face things together. He will always protect her.

Viki has two questions for Todd, she says. Where is Jessica and why didn't she come home with him? Todd wanted to protect her, he says, as he's known by the cops. Viki still believes that her brother has manipulated the entire situation and she doesn't want him involved anymore. He storms out, telling her to let Ben do it, but once he's out of the room he gloats about fooling everyone. He always wins, he happily tells himself.

Cris tells Jess they should leave and he'll stick by her. Jess is curious because she thinks something else is going on. He finally tells her that Viki is getting worse.

Will is sleeping in the chair when he hears Colin arrive home. He manages to hide as Colin gets in and goes upstairs, mentioning Scarlet's name. The doctor finds Nora lying in bed, reading and wonders what she's doing up so late. She looks flushed, he thinks, but Nora jokes that it's from all the exercise she's been getting. Plus, he's been awfully noisy all night and doesn't look so good himself. He looks confused but passes it off and says that he's been involved with a medical emergency. She suggests he kidnap the new patient and put him in the bedroom next door. Colin is hardly amused, but there's a noise again and he goes to investigate. He finds nothing - Will has escaped to the cellar. He wonders who Scarlet is.

Sam is keeping Matthew company as Bo watches from outside the room.

Thursday, JULY 20, 2000


When Ben phones Viki, she explains that Todd came by to tell her she should expect Jessica and Cristian back in Llanview soon because Will had taken off on his own. Viki hoped that Will had tried to contact Ben, but since that hadn't happened she asks him to come home. When she hangs up and listens to her messages, she hears a cryptic message from Jessica asking her to come at her earliest convenience and giving her location as the "Lone Star Lodge." Viki leaves immediately.

Lone Star Lodge (Buchanan Lodge)

Cristian assures Jessica that her mother will arrive soon and everything will then be OK. Jess wants to know "how bad" Viki is, but Cristian won't tell her, insisting that Jessica talk to her mother about it. He tries to comfort her by insisting he would change everything that has happened to them except "last night" since that was "more incredible than I ever thought it could be." Cristian seems a little guilty when Jessica declares that Will did her a favor by leaving because "now I know who I can count on...who I truly love." When they hear someone at the door, Jess assumes it's Viki, but it's actually Max. Max thinks he's hit the mother lode and is disappointed when he can't find the third Musketeer, Will. Max suggests that Cristian and Jessica "do the right thing" and turn themselves in to the police. Cristian tells Max that Jess needs to see her mother, then they will go to the police and he promises that Jessica "will be safe with me." Max pretends to believe them and leaves, but Cristian isn't convinced that he won't turn them in so he insists that they leave the lodge right away.

Later, Max is back inside the lodge informing John Sykes and two other officers that he watched Jess and Cristian head "south on 83" after saying something about seeing Jessica's mother. Sykes sends officers to Llanfair and takes off himself, apparently missing Viki arrive at the lodge. Viki has no kind words for Max, especially when he lamely tries to explain his and the police's presence at the lodge as just trying to do the right thing for the kids. She guesses right that Max was simply trying to "prove" himself to Asa with his actions, hoping that Jessica and Cristian (who are "half your age and twice as brave") would simply "turn Will in." Viki is sure that won't happen because they are "decent and good, two things you'll never be." When Viki tells Max that she knows he isn't Asa's real son, Max claims his actions prove he is "more of a son to Asa than anyone...who's the real son and who's the fraud?" Viki agrees that "when it comes to deceit, you are made in Asa's image" but she promises Max that "if my daughter any way harmed...I will destroy your life, lie by lie...because Ben and I have the ammunition to do it." Max bluffs that Ben will never admit to being Asa's son, but Viki sets him straight. "Ben doesn't want to use it but, for me and my daughter, he will."

Vega Apartment (now Antonio's)

Roseanne comes to the door claiming she is returning books Sophia borrowed from Antonio and gets nostalgic about her life in the apartment with Cristian when Antonio invites her in. She asks if Antonio has heard from Cristian and is hurt when Antonio questions her motivation for asking. "Damn you, Antonio...damn your whole family...and me for ever giving a damn about any one of you." Antonio is amused by this outburst, chalking it up to "the real Roseanne" and berates himself for thinking she had changed, called off her war against Cristian, and that they could be friends. Roseanne explains, "I care about him...I spent my whole life loving him...part of me always will...I don't have an on/off switch in my heart...I'm a human being...if you treated me like one, maybe you'd find that out." Before he can respond, Cristian opens the door to the apartment calling for Antonio; a startled but happy Roseanne hugs Cristian only backing away when Jessica shows up behind him. Seeing Roseanne there and Antonio in uniform, Cristian decides they have to take off, that coming there was a bad idea. Antonio declares that if it is a choice between being a cop and helping his brother, "I'll choose you...I'll look out for you." Cristian knows that and that's why he is choosing to leave; the brothers shake hands and embrace but before they can leave, Antonio looks out the window and sees the police arrive. When John Sykes bursts in, he sees Antonio kissing Roseanne and calls it "a very convincing performance" but claims to know that Cristian and Jessica are in the apartment. When Antonio tells Roseanne to keep her mouth shut, Sykes warns that Antonio is "on thin ice" already by "harboring a fugitive" and encourages Roseanne to tell what she knows. Claiming, "I would still be with your brother if it wasn't for you," Roseanne seems to give Cristian and Jessica up by telling Sykes they had been there but left when they saw her, possibly heading over to Asa's so Jessica could see her grandfather. Sykes is skeptical at this news, but Roseanne convinces him she wouldn't want to help Antonio, preferring, instead, to see Cristian and Jessica "squirm." Llanview's finest leave and Antonio congratulates Roseanne on her "nice" performance. Antonio informs Jess and Cris, who have been hiding in the bathtub behind a drawn shower curtain, that the "coast is clear" and they should thank Roseanne for that. Cristian wonders why she helped them and is surprised by Roseanne's answer. "Because it's time for me to say goodbye and I know it. Cristian, I'm letting you go."

Lindsay's Bedroom

Waking up and seeing Melanie asleep in a chair across the room, Lindsay pretends to be having a nightmare about Bo leaving her. When Melanie wakes and comforts Lindsay, she claims to not remember what happened last night except that "I think I was really sad." Melanie explains that her sister was "someone in broke my heart." Reeling her in, Lindsay asks why Lanie's heart would be broken since "you're the one Bo wants." Melanie claims, "I'm not with Bo...we're not a couple." When Lindsay questions whether "something happened because of what I did," Melanie explains, "we had problems before last night." Lindsay suddenly remembers that she "did a really bad thing" by trying to steal Matthew's blood sample but explains it away because, "Since I lost my baby, I haven't really been myself." Lindsay encourages her sister to go to Bo because "he needs you" but asks that Melanie not tell Bo about her behavior, claiming she doesn't want him to worry more, especially with Matthew sick. "We both want the same things for Bo...happiness...a child I couldn't give him...the love of a good woman." After Melanie leaves, Lindsay dresses. As she admires herself in the mirror, she vows, "Don't you worry, Bo. When Lanie drops you, I'll be there to pick up the pieces."

Llanview Hospital ICU

Bo comes to the door while Sam dozes at Matthew's bedside and suggests that Sam take a break. Bo promises to keep an eye on Matthew while Sam steps outside. Bo tells a sleeping Matthew, "You gotta fight...I know you're a fighter because you're Nora's kid and she's a can beat this thing...beat it for your Mom and for your Dad and for me." Bo touches Matthew's forehead and runs to the door to call Sam back to the room. When a nurse checks Matthew, his fever has broken and he "seems out of the woods." Later, Matthew's pediatrician gives credit to Dr. MacIver (Colin) for the correct diagnosis and Sam admits that "although I never thought the day would come when I'd be grateful to Colin," he is glad that Colin saved Matthew from a spinal tap. As Bo leaves, he thanks Sam for letting him "be a part of this whole thing" and compliments Sam. "You're a hell of a father, Sam."

Outside the room, Melanie arrives to check on Matthew and is relieved when Bo tells her the good news. She hugs Bo but then pulls back. Bo observes that "something is still bothering" her and asks if it is Lindsay. Melanie promises that Lindsay will "be fine...I'll see to that." When Bo suggests that Lindsay is lucky to have Melanie around and that he is "pretty happy about it, too," she isn't so sure that Lindsay feels that way. Bo suggests Melanie help him celebrate because "whether I'm Matthew's father or not...last night it felt like it a little bit." They go to the hospital rooftop for the "good view" of Llanview. Melanie observes that from this vantage point it looks "too perfect to be far away and out of reach." Bo disagrees, he tells her that "after watching Matthew pull through the way he did, everything seems to be in reach to me" and he kisses Melanie.

>From outside the door, Lindsay watches as Sam tells Matthew that he feels "your Mommy's been watching over you from some place that we can't heaven...maybe that's like a tail of a comet...or on a star somewhere far away...I truly believe that you got well because she's watching over you." Lindsay interrupts him to voice her concern for Matthew's well-being. Sam suggests, "The next time you're concerned, phone!" and takes pleasure in telling her he doesn't have "the faintest idea" where either Bo or Melanie are. He reiterates that she is to stay away from Matthew because he doesn't want to "worry about what part of him you're going to cut off and rush to a DNA lab." Lindsay claims, "I have bigger things to think about than Matthew's genes."

Colin's House

In the basement, Will hears muffled voices through a duct in the ceiling. Upstairs, Colin is giving Nora her daily dose of physical therapy and is pleased that her range of motion is improving. Spying the envelope addressed to Melanie at the foot of the bed, she asks Colin how things stand with his divorce. He tells her he signed the separation agreement but hasn't returned it because he isn't ready to lose his wife. Nora reminds him that he has already lost her; her suggestion is to "send the papers in and be done with it." The phone rings and when Colin finally runs to answer it, the door doesn't close behind him and Nora overhears his conversation with someone at Llanview Hospital. She hears enough details to get suspicious, especially when Colin threatens to report the caller to the medical board if he doesn't get updated information on his young patient. Having finally received the good news about Matthew, Colin is upset when he turns around to see that he didn't shut the door and he'll have to try to explain the conversation to Nora. He tries to cover, but Nora grills him about why he was in Llanview treating a little boy. Colin's silence speaks louder than words and confirms to Nora that the little boy was Matthew. She becomes hysterical, screaming and trying to get out of bed to go to her son. Colin restrains her, explaining that the news was good, "he's fine," and promises Nora that he wouldn't lie about "something like that." Calmer, Nora asks if Matthew had to stay in the hospital, did he have his blankie, was he alone? Colin assures her that "Sam was there by his side the whole time." Suddenly, Nora begins to sob. "I should be with my son is in a hospital, sick, needing his mother..." Colin takes her hand and seems sincere when he asks that she "show me a way out of this...your nightmare ends the day you leave here, mine just starts unless you can show me a way out..." but all Nora can think about is Matthew. "My baby...needs me. Let me go to him, please." Colin offers to do "the next best thing" by going to the hospital and getting proof that Matthew is "alive and well." "I'm gonna make everything better...I promise." When Colin leaves the room, he turns and is surprised to see Will standing in the hallway.

Friday, July 21ST, 2000


In Antonio's apartment, while Antonio looks on, Roseanne apologizes to Jessica and Cristian about interfering in their lives. She wishes she could tell Will how sorry she is that she turned him in to the police. Jessica believes that actions speak louder than words and turns away in disgust. Roseanne admits to being jealous of Jessica since she first met her. She was jealous of her being "so blonde, so beautiful and so rich." She had everything, including Cristian. Roseanne hopes that Jessica can forgive her some day. She professes to Cristian that she really did love him and hopes that he will not hate her. She gives Cristian her wedding band. Cristian and Jessica leave.

Alone with Antonio, Roseanne admits that what she said was too little too late. She will always love Cristian but wants to find someone who will love her back. Antonio agrees with her that she looked like a loser chasing after Cristian. He then tells her that "she's beautiful, smart, interesting and rich." She just needs to wait for the right guy to find her.

In Colin's House, Will confronts Colin about the screaming he has been hearing and demands to see Aunt Lanie. Colin explains that Aunt Lanie is not there and that some woman are screamers in bed. Colin does not hide his displeasure towards Will being in his home uninvited and demands that he leave immediately! Will refuses. Colin offers him money and Will explains that it is not money he needs but a way out of the country. He needs Aunt Lanie to change his appearance. He also needs his Uncle Ben. Colin explains that his home is not a safe hideout because there are people in and out of his house all day long. Will stubbornly argues that he would be safe because he has been hiding in the basement since last night and even "Scarlett upstairs" did not know he was there. Colin looks uneasily up the stairs. Will insists that Colin bring Aunt Lanie to him. He gives Colin his watch, which has his birthday inscribed on the back, to prove to Aunt Lanie that he knows where Will is hiding. Will then goes down into the basement and is startled to hear the door locked behind him. Will bangs on the door and cries out to Colin.

On the hospital rooftop, Melanie breaks off her kiss with Bo. When he questions her about the distance that he feels that is growing between them she announces that she is going back to Colin. Bo does not believe her and wants to know why she can not even look at him. She explains that she is embarrassed that she led him on. Bo declares their kiss did not feel like a kiss and that Colin is a jerk and does not deserve another chance. Melanie leaves.

In the hospital lounge, Sam confronts Lyndsey and demands to know what scheme she is planning concerning Bo and Lanie. He insists that she had her chance with Bo and blew it. Lindsay remains tightlipped and will only reveal that all is not lost concerning Bo. Viki walks in and explains that she heard from Jess and Cris and Will was not with them. When she went to meet them she found Max at Asa's cabin. Jessica and Cris had fled. Viki leaves. Dr. Ketchum walks in and announces that Matthew's fever has broken and that he can go home tomorrow. Sam is ecstatic! As Sam is rushing to give "his son a big hug" he runs into Lanie. She tells him that she will not be seeing Bo anymore. Lindsay overhears their conversation and attempts to comfort Lanie. Afterwards, she leaves to look for Bo on the roof.

On the hospital roof, Lindsay finds Bo and declares she is the only one for Bo and that she will always love him. She wishes that Lanie had not hurt him. Lindsay points out to Bo that all the "good women" in his life have hurt him and cheated on him. That they could not be trusted with his love. Bo tells her he does not want to discuss Lanie with her. Sam walks in and tells Bo the good news about Matthew. Bo is delighted and thanks Sam for letting him be there last night. He then queries Sam about resolving the question concerning Matthew's paternity.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Colin confronts Lindsay about Nora. She does not want to waste her time talking to Colin because she believes that Bo will soon be coming for her. Colin becomes angry. He claims that he has a "get out of jail free card" and shows her Will's watch. She begs him to tell her where he is hiding. Colin informs her that he will turn Will in to the police unless she takes the rap for Nora's kidnapping.

At Llanfair, Viki is reunited with Jess and Cris. Viki is delighted and informs them that her chemo is going well and that her latest test result is excellent. They are stunned. They explain that Todd told them that she was dying. Viki wonders if Will left on his own because he thought she was dying. The doorbell rings. Viki answers it and discovers Detective Sykes with arrest warrants for Jessica and Cristian.

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