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Cristian and Jessica were arrested but released on bail. Kevin thought that he and Kelly should avoid each other. Colin had Will locked in the cellar. Cristian accepted Jessica's marriage proposal. Will found a note from Nora that had traveled through an air vent.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 24, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, July 24, 2000

Kevin calls Joey to try to work things out, but gets no answer. Just then, Joey is at Kevin's front door with suitcases in his hands. He drops the bags inside and informs his brother, "Here, I'm dropping off your ‘girlfriend's' things, cause I don't want them in my house anymore!" Kevin tries to convince Joey to stop blowing everything out of proportion, and that he and Kelly weren't sneaking around behind his back. He also tells Joey that "it's not a big deal, but it's over". Kelly walks in relieved to find Joey there. She tells him she's been so worried and that she loves him. She wants things to go back to the way things were before this whole mess. Joey laughs in her face and tells her she can't live with him anymore. Kevin gets a call from the police station—Jessica and Cristian have been arrested.

At the precinct, Asa objects to Jessica being arrested, but she blasts him saying it is his fault she is there. Everyone wants to know where Will is, but the teens can only say that he took off. When Kevin, Joey and Kelly arrive, Viki can see the tension between the three of them. Later, she and Kevin are alone and she asks him what's going on. Sam agrees to represent Jess and Cris, but can't understand why Will would just take off without them after all this time. Jessica thinks the only explanation is that he never loved her in the first place, but Sam doesn't buy it. Cris begins to feel guilty about Will, now that they know Viki's real condition.

Colin make it clear in no uncertain terms to Lindsay that she better find away out of this mess, because he is prepared to turn Will in. Lindsay keeps trying to stall him until she thinks of a plan. After Colin leaves, Lindsay sees Nora as her conscious. Nora tries to get her to turn herself in and finally do the right thing. "How can you call yourself a mother," she says. At the police station, Lindsay is almost convinced to tell Bo and Sam the truth, but chickens out at the last minute. Bo informs Sam that he is going out of town to see Clint for a few weeks and has decided to wait to pursue the DNA test. He doesn't want to cause Mathew any more disruption right now. Bo asks Sam to consider getting the test done when he returns, and Sam agrees to think about it. After Bo and Sam leave, Lindsay sees Nora again. She screams out, "leave me alone!" and runs out of Bo's office. "I am not turning myself in. In fact I have a better idea. Everybody thinks you're dead, maybe you should be..." Lindsay whispers to herself.

TUESDAY, JULY 25, 2000

Antonio was surprised when Roseanne lied to Hank to protect Jessica and Cristian. Cristian's guilt was pushed aside when Jessica assured him that she loved him because of their history and not because Will had left. Colin insisted to Will that he had just been trying to keep him safe by not allowing him to leave the basement. Will was upset when he learned that Jessica had been arrested, but he was even more affected when Colin told him that Viki was not dying. Will tried to contact Jessica to explain the truth, but she refused to listen and hung up on him. Sam was furious when he found out that Todd had visited with Matthew. Sam later questioned a jealous Todd about Will's whereabouts. Todd wanted Sam to help with his legal situation, but Sam walked out on him before answering. Kelly begged Joey to understand about her feelings for Kevin, but he wanted no part of her. Kelly later asked Kevin to make love to her because she felt that was the only way they could tell if they really loved each other.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Skye wanders into the Palace restaurant and sees Max and Blair sitting together. She turns around and walks out but after thinking about it momentarily, she decides to sit at a table by herself, right in Max's view. Meanwhile, Blair is telling her husband that she's serious about their reconciliation and she kisses him to prove that she's not about to set a trap for him. They get up to dance and as they walk by Skye, Max pauses to look at her wordlessly.

Kelly wants Kevin to make love but he tells her it won't put their minds at ease and though he'll want her forever, it'll only make their problems worse. She cannot forget about New Year's Eve, she pleads. Kevin admits to loving Kelly but those feelings are wrong. They have to be honest and they've already told Joey that nothing's happened so nothing can. Joey will forgive Kelly because he loves her, Kevin says. She can't lose her husband or he a brother. He decides to leave the house and wants Kelly gone by the time he gets back.

Will is upset about his call to Jess and Colin tries to comfort him. Will asks his uncle for money so that he can leave but Colin won't allow it. He doesn't want Will caught. This only confuses Will, who wonders why his uncle first tried to get rid of him and now wants him to stay. Colin tries to get him to go back to the cellar to sleep, but Will insists on sleeping on the living room sofa. Just then the doorbell rings-it's Lindsay and she demands to speak with Colin right away. Upstairs, Nora is sound asleep until the doorbell wakes her up.

Rae and John are also dining at the Palace. They are discussing the latest note that Rae has received from Daniel, telling her to order the ‘house special.' She and Daniel were never friends, she tells John, only husband and wife and lovers. They toast to their friendship and John wants to change the subject for the evening. Once their dinner arrives, the waiter lifts up the plate warmer and there is another note lying on the top. It says that Rae's daughter is waiting for her in the Llanview Hospital Emergency Room, Cubicle #3.

Will makes himself a place to lie down in the cellar and drifts off to sleep. His mother is upstairs, yelling at Colin because he knows where Will is hiding out and he's depriving her of her son. He's been keeping Nora from her son, he says, why shouldn't he keep Lindsay from hers? She needs to figure out how to get Nora home so that Will can go home too, he adds. Lindsay brings up the drug that she had mentioned previously, the one that would wipe out some of Nora's memory. Colin refuses to have anything to do with that, he's a doctor and besides, it could wipe out her entire life's memory. Upstairs, Nora hears the voices and is calling for help. When she doesn't get any, she decides to go for help herself. She gets out of bed, falling to the floor.

Max and Blair pass Skye again after their dance and he looks at her again. Blair spies her computer friend and tells Max she needs to go to the ladies' room. Max pulls Skye's drink out of her hand but she assures him it's only club soda. He tells her she looks beautiful and hurt and he's hurt to see her like that but he has to make his marriage work. Skye thinks Blair is still up to something and they will have to be pulling the knife out of his back before long. Meanwhile, Blair is chatting with her co-hort, Charlie. He wants her to know that their computer virus is ready to go and once it's released in the system, there's no turning back. When she spies Max and Skye chatting together, Blair decides the time is right-it'll come out that Max is not a Buchanan.

Hank encounters R.J. in the park paying his respects by Nora's monument. He tells him he should bury the hatchet with Bo but R.J. is annoyed at that because he has already dropped the suit. They don't really believe it's over, Hank says to R.J., they know he's out to get Bo because he blames him for Nora's death and Téa leaving with Todd. He should respect Nora and Rachel. R.J. agrees that Nora's child is never out of his mind. Hank invites R.J. to Rodi's but R.J. isn't feeling brotherly. Hank asks if they'll ever be on the same page; R.J. tells him it depends on the book. When his brother leaves, R.J. growls that he will make Bo pay.

At Colin's house, voices are travelling through the vents and doorways. Lindsay says she will get the drug on her own but Colin tells her he will hunt her down and hurt her if she ever hurts Nora. Lindsay says she was only kidding but again she asks about Will. Colin assures her he's fine and it's up to her whether or not he turns Will in. They are running out of time because Nora is getting stronger and he wants an answer. She'd better not come back without one on what they should do. In Nora's room, she's over by the door, having pulled herself along the floor and can hear Colin speaking. She begins yelling again for help. Will is half asleep and hears Nora's voice. He sees her face and she's telling him that of course she's alive. They need the tape and they can get each other home, he tells her. He drifts back to sleep. Lindsay storms out and Nora falls halfway down the stairs.

Kelly cries after Kevin leaves, while he goes to the Palace. He sees Skye who invites him to sit with her. She suggests again that they have an affair as it would help them get over their similar love problems, being in love with someone who's married. He turns her down and moves on. When Skye spots Max and Blair again, she runs and calls after Kevin but it's too late. She sees a man standing alone and begs him to help her out.

Rae and John arrive at the hospital but there is only a young girl in a wheelchair sitting in the room. After Rae indentifies herself, the girl hands her another note. It says "My mistake. Guess who?" John questions the girl and it seems that the culprit was definitely Daniel. Rae is upset that she's been such a fool. Maybe her daughter doesn't want to know her and maybe she's just doing it for herself because something's missing from her. John assures her it's natural to want to find her and they won't give up. She won't ask him to help anymore but he's doing it on his own, he tells her and wants to be there when they find her. He wants to see her face light up. They agree they are best friends forever and Daniel is no match for them. He pulls out Daniel's picture which he's had since he first met Rae and will keep it until they locate him.

Skye tells the stranger that Blair is not right for Max but the man says that maybe Max is not right for Skye. Max seems disturbed to see Skye with this other man, especially when she grabs his arm and they go to Skye's table. Max and the man eye each other, almost as if they know each other. The man is Daniel! Skye thanks him for his help and once Blair and Max leave, so does he.

At the park, R.J. spies Lindsay and wonders what she's doing there that time of night. She wants to buy a drug she tells him and wants his help as he has connections. R.J. laughs that he's not a pusher and besides she's probably trying to frame him for Bo. After convincing him that Bo doesn't know anything about this and would be upset, R.J. agrees that maybe they can be of help to each other.

Colin carries Nora back upstairs. She wonders why the other person didn't try to help her and also tells Colin that he's maniacal. After seeing that she's not hurt, he informs her that he will have to lock her in. Nora begins to yell and scream no. She awakens Will who can hear her pleas through the vent. It's Nora, he realizes!

Thursday, JULY 27, 2000

The Palace Hotel

"Gentleman Max" tries to warn Skye away from the man he saw her flirting with yesterday. He calls Daniel a "certifiable creep," explaining that he is "no stranger to me" and that he is so bad that he "makes me look good." Skye is of the opinion that Max is just jealous of the fact that she "might get over" him and he "can't bear the truth." Daniel overhears their conversation and steps in to keep Skye's cover going. He seems amused that Max is "incredibly interested in (Skye's) sex life" while Max is curious what Daniel is passing himself off as these days. Daniel doesn't care to answer that question, so he asks Skye to take a walk with him. Max advises Skye to give Daniel "a wide berth" as she leaves with him.

Rae and John Sykes come to The Palace to show Daniel's photo around, hoping to find someone who saw him the previous evening. John is tired of Rae being tormented by her husband, but Rae promises she won't let him get to her anymore as long as John is with her. When John shows an uncooperative Max the photo, he suddenly becomes cooperative when he recognizes the face; Max tells the duo he saw the man last night and also just a few minutes ago – with Skye. John advises Rae to wait while he goes searching for Daniel and, since "waiting is what I do best," she complies. Later, Skye walks by her table and Rae demands that Skye tell her where "my lousy husband" is. Skye has an entirely different opinion of Daniel, calling him "charming" and thanking God that he and Rae never had children so they couldn't end up like her. Rae calls Skye a "spoiled, rich, piece of trash" and offers that she should warn Skye about Daniel but won't because "the fact is, you deserve him."

Skye goes to her room in the hotel where, later, Max unlocks the door and wants Skye to tell him where Daniel is – immediately. Downstairs, a man approaches Rae from behind and claims it's "nice to see you." Rae turns around to face Daniel.

Vega Apartment

Out on bail, Cristian and Jessica are alone at last "with no bars between" them and they begin to kiss. Todd opens the door and asks how they escaped from jail. Cristian lunges at him, accusing him of lying about Viki's illness which, ultimately, led to their arrest. Todd claims he wasn't lying, that he "was scared that my worst nightmare was gonna come true" and he "worried too much" but "it all worked out...everybody's happy." Todd claims that Sam will "take care of all my legal troubles...he just doesn't know it yet." When Jessica is out of the room, Cristian asks Todd if he thinks Sam will help him after he finds out that Todd is the reason Will is "out there trouble." Todd takes no responsibility for Will's decision to leave the group, instead he suggests that Cristian keep quiet about what influenced Will's decision to "betray" Jessica because, after all, Cristian "won" and "that's how life works." As Todd is advising Cristian not to "screw up" by telling Jessica the truth, Jessica overhears and asks "what truth?" Cristian wants no more lies between he and Jessica and he tries to tell her why Will really left, but Todd keeps interrupting and telling him to "shut up," explaining to Jessica that Cristian "feels bad" because he "beat out Will." Todd decides to make them happy and leaves. When Jessica tells Cristian that she "can't stop thinking about you...and us," his thoughts of confessing leave immediately and, instead, they make love. Afterwards, Cristian tries again to tell Jessica "what Todd and I were talking and me, but Will, too...there's stuff you don't know." Jess claims she knows "enough...all I need to know" about Will and asks Cristian to "stop feeling bad" about him and instead, do her a favor. Jessica asks Cristian to marry her.

Colin's House

In retaliation for his locking her in the bedroom, Nora begins a hunger strike and refuses to talk to Colin. He can't even get a reaction by telling her that Matthew has been released from the hospital and is back at home with Sam. But, when he turns to leave, Nora tells him she "had a dream last night about Sam's other son." Without thinking, Colin responds, "Will?" and Nora begins to question him about why he hasn't spoken of Will before. She wants him to "cut the crap" and fires questions at Colin: is Will in prison or cleared, did he make it from the train wreck, where is he? Colin claims he only knows that Will is still missing and while he doesn't expect to receive any news firsthand, he promises to ask Lanie when he sees her and Sam for their meeting about the divorce. Nora reminds Colin to take the envelope with his signed separation agreement to the conference. At first, Colin seems suspicious of Nora's concern, but then he thanks her for "looking out for" him and reminds her that if she would eat she might "be out of here before you know it." After he leaves, Nora crosses her fingers as she thinks out loud, "Come on, Lanie. You're all I have left to count on."

In the cellar, Colin finds Will going through boxes looking at camping equipment and photos. Will is "going nuts" being locked up and wants to "breathe some air...see some sunlight" and begs his uncle to let him go upstairs. For his "own good," Colin refuses Will's request and instead asks how Will slept. Will didn't sleep well because of his "weird dreams...I saw Nora, a lady you don't know." This causes Colin to look toward the ceiling and he has to invent an explanation for his "jumpy" reaction to Nora's name. Colin has no objection to Will keeping a photo he found of Colin, Melanie, Lindsay and Sam in happier times but he won't let Will go upstairs. Instead, he promises that he will leave the door unlocked if Will won't come out until the afternoon. Will agrees but is angered when Colin instead locks him in the small furnace room of the cellar. When Will begins to shake the door and shout for Colin to return and talk, Nora hears the noises through the vent in her bedroom and pulls herself out of bed and crawls across the floor to investigate. She is shocked when she recognizes Will's voice.

Friday, July 28, 2000

Daniel taunts Rae about her pathetic attempt to pass Kelly off as her long lost daughter. Cristian happily accepts Jessica's proposal of marriage. Realizing in the nick of time how his prisoner hoodwinked him, Colin snatches the note away from Melanie before she can read Nora's cry for help. Meanwhile, back at the doctor's house, Nora and Will both assume they were only imagining they could hear the other's voice. Skye is forced to tell a relieved Max the truth about her "new guy" when John questions her about Daniel. Rae informs her husband she's already filed for divorce, then begs him to reveal her daughter's whereabouts. As Cris and Jessica discuss wedding plans, the prospective groom decides to ask Roseanne for an immediate annulment. Sam presses Blair for some new ammunition to use against Asa. Nora sends a note floating down the heating vent in hopes that it will reach whoever is making noise in the basement. John strong-arms Daniel, then charges him with assault. Cristian makes another aborted attempt to come clean with Jessica. Will is stunned to receive Nora's note.

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