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Passions Recaps: The week of July 24, 2000 on PS
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Monday, July 24, 2000

Hank was outside Sheridan's cottage talking to Les on his cell phone. Sheridan inside, was talking to Luis begging him to let her get out and do something. She was sick of being cooped up! Les orders Hank to shoot Sheridan in the next thirty minutes or he was going to hurt his niece Kay! When Sheridan got off the phone she looked at Hank and ask why he was looking at her like that. He tells her I just got some bad news and lies to her, "I have a friend who is in trouble, some people are trying to make him do something he doesn't want to. Luis comes in to relieve Hank with a box. Sheridan tells Luis his problem. Hank remembers hearing a bell. Luis figures it might be a ships bell. Hank realizes Luis was right and takes off to rescue Kay. At the docks Hank hears a scream and finds Kay knocked down and her blouse ripped. Hank checks her out and begs her to go straight home relieved she only had a torn blouse. He argues with Les who continues to threaten him or else!
Demons possess Grace and berate Tabitha. Grace's eyes turn red as she screams at Tabitha. Grace picks Tabitha off the floor and begins to choke her! Poor Timmy is scared, screaming for Grace to let his Princess go! Just before Tabitha starts to lose unconsciousness, Timmy runs and pulls the pendant off of Grace's neck. They both fall to the floor. Timmy is very happy Tabitha comes too coughing. Tabitha tells Grace they were just talking and she fainted. Kay comes home to find the pendant on the floor and ask her mother if she can wear it. "Of course you can," Grace relieved to find it. Tabitha and Timmy leave. Tabitha explains to Timmy that something else besides the evils in her basement is possessing that pendant!
Ethan goes to see Theresa. Pilar stands behind the door listening to them talk. Theresa begs Ethan to tell her if he has feelings for her. Ethan explains to her,"Yes I have feelings for you, of course I do, but only as a friend and Gwen is the woman I'm going to marry!" That she must get over her bad break-up with Chuck. Gwen calls Ethan and he takes his call outside. Theresa cries,"I've lost Ethan!" Pilar comes in and begs Theresa to forget about him! Pilar tells her,"Ivy Crane would never let her son marry a housekeeper's daughter!" Theresa tells her then I will have to tell Ethan the truth, there's no Chuck. Pilar tells her that then Ethan will know of all of your lies and deceit that she used to be close to him! Ethan returns and Theresa ask her mother to leave. Ethan tells Theresa how lucky he is to have such a wonderful friend in his life! One that he can trust in her honesty and truthfulness always! Then as a heartbroken Theresa realized she couldn't tell him, Ethan left. Theresa tells her mother she wished Ethan was not a Crane and she could change him somehow. Heartbroken, she decides to get away from home and gets a suitcase out of the hall closet. Suddenly the attaché case falls off the top and the papers slide out. Theresa starts to read, Ethan Crane.
Sam confronts Ivy wanting to know if Ethan is his son! Ivy lies that she was injured and delusional. She must have meant to say Julian! Sam calls her a liar. He tells her he looked it up on the internet! He figured Ethan's birth-date and the last time he made love to Ivy matched! He grabs Ivy by the arms and tells her,"Ethan could be my son!" She thinks quickly and explains,"It's not possible, Ethan was a month premature meaning He could only be Julian's." Sam leaves only to run into Ethan on the docks. Ethan tells Sam he was going to bring him into a review hearing and that heads were going to roll.
Luis darkens the room and Sheridan walks in and ask whats going on. Luis replies,"I know your sick of being cooped up her, but until they catch this hit man, I thought we might make the best of it, come over here and sit beside me." I brought over those slides of Spain and thought you would watch them with me. He turns on some spanish guitar music and pours Sheridan a Sangria. She can't believe he did all of this just for her. They can hardly keep their eyes from each other. Luis ask her to tell him everything she can remember and share it with him.

Tuesday, July 25, 2000

The Bennett House:
Charity is packing a picnic basket for the beach. Kay can't wait for Miguel to see her in her new bathing suit! Charity wants to know if Whitney's coming to the beach, and Simone says she's probably hanging out with Theresa.

The Beach:
Timmy and Tabitha are relaxing at the beach, while Timmy ogles the bikini-clad girl who just walked by. Tabitha says the two needed a day off -- evil is getting out of hand in Harmony. (Flashback to kitchen scene with Grace.) Timmy wants to know what's going on, and Tabitha says she doesn't know -- the pendant is turning out to be much too strong. Timmy reminds Tabitha that sun-bathing is bad for her skin, and she tells him that she's not going to let him ruin her day. Timmy tries to convince her that they would be better off at home, but Tabitha says she can't go home until she figures out how to appease her basement friends. Suddenly Timmy and Tabitha hear voices, and Timmy goes to investigate -- it's the teen gang, and Kay is wearing the pendant! Tabitha says there's nothing she can do to stop the pendant from emitting evil. Kay takes off her sweater, and the pendant comes off with it, landing in the sand. Reese is very appreciative of his girlfriend's body, and even Miguel approves. She asks Miguel to put some sun block on her, but he hands the bottle to Reese. Kay is in seventh heaven...until she realizes that it's Reese rubbing her! Reese says he's figured out that there is no chance that it was an accident, and Miguel says he thinks he knows why the fishguts fell on Charity. Someone obviously forgot to empty the fish guts after the last charter. Simone comments that Charity's premonitions mean that maybe she does have some kind of power. Reese comments that years ago, Charity probably would have been burned at the stake. (Tabitha looks incensed when Reese says witches don't exist.) He thinks Charity's premonitions are just coincidence. All the teens head off to get more wood (it's suddenly dark and Charity is cold), and Charity notices the pendant in the sand. She picks it up and puts it on. (Tabitha and Timmy are not pleased.) Charity is looking deep into the fire, and suddenly she sees something there -- her mother, Faith! Faith tells her she came back because she made a terrible mistake -- she wants her to be evil, not good! (Tabitha and Timmy watch in horror. Faith died trying to save Charity! Tabitha says it's the influence of the pendant.)

Chad's Apartment:
Whitney brings the super to Chad's door. He doesn't want to let her in to Chad's apartment, but she tells him she's worried about him, because he was recently injured. Inside, Chad is writhing in pain on the bed. The super says he can't let just anyone in, but he does have a soft spot for lovers. Whitney tells him she's his girlfriend, and he says $10 will get her inside. When she balks, he says NOT being Chad's girlfriend would cost her $50. Whitney pays the man, and heads into the room, where Chad is up, and pulling on a shirt. He snaps at her, and wants to know what she's doing there. She almost leaves, but he wants to know how she got it. She tells him she paid $10, and he says she must have told the super she was his girlfriend -- he normally charges $50. He asks if that's what she did -- claim to be his girlfriend. She said that was the only way she could get in -- she was concerned about him. Karen found blood on the chair at the Book Cafe, and she wanted to make sure he was okay. Whitney brushes off his 'some guy' explanation, and says she thought it might have been his. Chad brushes off her concern, and Whitney tells him she figures he wouldn't ask for help. And he couldn't even be bothered enough to answer when she called him? Whitney's tired of his abuse, and leaves. Chad falls into a chair, and berates himself for not stopping her, but knowing she would have 'harangued' him about going to a doctor he couldn't afford.

Ivy's Bedroom:
Pilar tells Ivy to calm down. Ivy says no -- if anyone finds those papers, Ethan will lose everything. Pilar tells her not to worry -- the attaché case is in the closet, and no one will ever find it. Ivy tells Pilar she has to go when Gwen knocks on the door. The two embrace, and Gwen asks where Ethan is. They have to go get their blood tests for the marriage license, and admits that she's having pre-wedding jitters. Gwen tells Ivy about her mother's Theresa/Ethan fears, and Ivy tells her that is ludicrous -- there is no other woman in Ethan's life, especially not Theresa -- that idea is just laughable. She tells Gwen that all she has ever wanted for Ethan is love and happiness -- namely, Gwen. Ivy says Gwen won't have to fight for Ethan -- he knows that Ethan loves her more than he could ever love any other girl, especially Theresa. Suddenly Pilar is at the door, and Gwen says that there's a lot to do before the wedding, and leaves. Pilar asks Ivy if Sam believed her when she told him Ethan wasn't his. She says there is no way Gwen's family would allow Gwen to marry the police chief's son. She thinks Sam believed her, but Pilar reminds her that Sam is a policeman. Ivy says there is no evidence of that...but then remembers that there is proof Ethan wasn't premature.

The Lopez-Fitzgerald House:
Theresa is saying that she has to get away, and if Ethan wasn't a Crane he would marry her. She opens the closet, and the attaché case falls on her head. It opens, and she finds a piece of paper with Ethan's name on it. Pilar walks into the front hall, and finds Theresa rifling through the attache case. (Flashback to scene in the Crane house.) Pilar tells Theresa to stop, and gathers up all the papers, locking the attaché case. Theresa wants to know why Pilar has the papers, and she tells her she's keeping some documents for Mrs. Crane. Theresa says if it's about Ethan, she has a right to know. Pilar tells her they're none of her business, and that she is not to touch those papers again. She wants to know what Theresa was doing in the closet, and Theresa tells her she's leaving home. There is no point for her to stay in Harmony, because she can't have Ethan. Pilar embraces her and tells her she will eventually get over it. Theresa says Ethan has to marry Gwen because he is a Crane, she KNOWS he loves her more than he loves Gwen. Pilar tries to tell her that isn't the only reason he's marrying her, but Theresa refuses to believe that Ethan actually WANTS to marry Gwen. Pilar leaves, and Theresa asks herself 'Why can't Ethan love me?' She knows she can't leave Harmony, but she doesn't know how she'll get through the rest of her life. All she will ever have are her memories of her times with Ethan. Whitney comes in, sees Theresa on the ground, and wants to know what's wrong. She says she's lost Ethan, lost him. If only he weren't a Crane! Whitney asks Theresa what Ethan said, and she says he told her he only liked her as a friend, and that he thinks she is only rebounding from Chad. But she KNOWS he loves her. Whitney asks why, then, he's marrying Gwen, and Theresa says that it's because his family is forcing him to. If Ethan wasn't a Crane, he would admit that he loves her and not Gwen, and they would elope. Whitney says that Ethan is a Crane, and Theresa has to accept that he's marrying Gwen. Theresa doesn't understand how love could hurt so much. Theresa tells Whitney that Ethan never said he didn't love her -- just that he didn't think SHE loved HIM, and that he was marrying Gwen. That just proves to her that Ethan DOES love her. But she's realized that if her whole relationship with Ethan is based on lies, he might never forgive her. She says there is only one thing left for her to do! Whitney wants to know what plan she's come up with now. Theresa says she has to stay away from Ethan, and never see him again.

The Book Cafe:
Chad is back at work at the Book Cafe, when Ethan comes in, and wants to know if he's all right (he says he's tired). He asks Ethan what happened with Theresa, and Ethan says he talked to her this morning. He says he loves Gwen, and that her 'feelings' for him were just a rebound crush -- she was upset, but understood, and Ethan made it clear to her it was Gwen he wanted. Chad tells him he's making a mistake he will regret for the rest of his life. Chad tells him he doesn't love Gwen. Ethan thinks that's bunk. So Chad changes tacks, and says he loves Theresa more, and those feelings aren't just going to go away, and he'll be ruining two women's lives. Ethan wants to know what Chad means. Hurt BOTH women? Chad says that by being in a marriage he's not committed to, he'll ruin both women. Ethan tells Chad that he loves Gwen and will be happy with her -- Theresa will get over her crush. Neither noticed Gwen standing there. She wants to know what Chad means by saying the marriage will be a mistake.

On The Street In Harmony:
Sam tells Ethan to get off his case. Ethan assures Sam he's not bluffing -- he will put Sam in front of the police board. Sam assures he takes him seriously. Ethan wants to know why Sam is giving him a weird look, and he says he's just trying to figure out who he really is. Ethan doesn't get it. Sam says that sometimes Ethan's a decent guy, but other times, he's a full-throttle Crane stereotype, ordering people around like he's the king of Harmony. He tells Ethan that money doesn't entitle him to special privileges, and Ethan counters by saying the Cranes are entitled to what everyone else gets, and goes back to blaming Sam for the storm. Sam tells him it was a freak storm, that the boat passed the inspection, and he (Sam) doesn't have a damn thing to hide. Ethan says they'll see about that. Sam tells Ethan that he's not afraid of him OR his father Julian. Suddenly he looks contemplative, and Ethan shows concern for Sam's well-bring. Sam tells Ethan he's disappointed in him, and Ethan assures Sam that he's proud to be a Crane. He demands Sam prepare a report on the boat disaster for the police review board, and walks off. TC comes from behind Sam, and wants to know just who the hell that arrogant little bastard thinks he is. Sam says he's just like Alistair and Julian. TC wants to know why Sam's done a 180, and Sam says he was so wrong to ever defend Ethan. Until a few hours ago, he thought Ethan was his son. He explains to TC about Ivy's confession in the water. Even Grace thinks there's a family resemblance between Ethan and the Bennetts. He even admits that he was starting to buy into it, to get excited about having another son, no matter what the problems. He tells TC that Ethan was born nine months after they made love on her wedding night (TC says that means Ethan IS his son). He says that Ivy told her that Ethan was premature. He says he just has to accept Ivy's word that Ethan isn't his son. TC says that he thought people told the TRUTH when he was delirious. TC said it all hinges on Ethan's birth, and Sam realizes that hospital records hold the answer!

The Hospital:
At the hospital, Eve notices that someone is in the records room, and heads in to check. Ivy is in the back looking through files. Ivy calls out to Eve and tells her not to call security. Eve comes around to the back and wants to know what Ivy's doing there, and she tells him she's looking for Ethan's birth records...she has to alter them. Eve wants to know why Ivy wants to do so, and why she thinks he would let her. Ivy says it's absolutely vital that she finds those records -- for her son's sake. From one mother to another, Ivy begs her to not let her son's life be ruined. Eve tells Ivy no -- if she's caught, her career is over. She takes Ethan's records from Ivy, and flips through them. What's Ivy so worried about? Ivy says her (and Ethan's) whole world will fall apart, and she's terrified Sam will see them. Out in the hall, Sam looks at the door to the records room, and heads toward it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Chad told Ethan that he was making a huge mistake by not choosing Theresa because Ethan was also in love with Theresa. Gwen overheard the conversation and confronted Chad. Gwen wanted to know why Chad had thought that Ethan should have chosen Theresa. Ethan interrupted the conversation and told Gwen that he and Chad were discussing music and not Theresa. Gwen believed Ethan. After Gwen walked away, Chad told Ethan that if he were to marry Gwen, Ethan would have made two women unhappy.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald home, Theresa and Whitney were discussing Ethan. Theresa told Whitney that she was going to join the monastery so that she could get over Ethan. In addition, Theresa said that she had lost Ethan and that there was no other man for her. While applying lipstick, Theresa wondered what it would be like to be a nun. Whitney informed Theresa that her decision to be a nun was not a wise one, since Theresa did not have the disposition to be a nun. Theresa then suggested the Army.

Whitney thought Theresa was being ridiculous. Theresa advised Whitney that since Theresa could not find love, Whitney needed to return Chad's feelings, because it was quite obvious that Whitney had feelings for Chad. Whitney told Theresa that Chad did not care for her because she had gone to check on Chad, and Chad had not let Whitney in. Theresa said to Whitney that they needed to find out the truth, so they left for the coffee shop.

At the Book Cafe, Gwen was chatting on the phone while Whitney and Theresa walked in. Theresa saw Ethan and heard the song selection that Chad had been playing for Ethan and Gwen's wedding. The song reminded Theresa of the time she and Ethan had danced to that song at the Jazz Club. Whitney begged Chad to turn the music off because it was stirring up too many bad memories for Theresa. Chad begged to differ, in that Chad wanted Ethan to hear the music so that he could realize his feelings for Theresa.

As soon as Theresa glanced at Ethan, Gwen walked in the room. Gwen told Ethan that her maid of honor had the measles and that she had no one to replace her. Gwen thought that it was a good idea to ask Theresa to be her maid of honor. Theresa was speechless. Ethan pulled Gwen aside and told to her that it was a bad idea to ask Theresa and that it would be humiliating to Theresa. Gwen begged Ethan to ask Theresa because she knew that Theresa would not refuse Ethan's request.

Ethan approached Theresa and asked if Theresa wanted to be Gwen's maid of honor. Ethan assured Theresa that she was not obligated to say yes. Theresa told Ethan that she could not stand up for Gwen, knowing how much Ethan loved her. Ethan did not tell Gwen the real reason Theresa had refused the request. He told Gwen that Theresa had said that it would have been awkward.

Whitney told Theresa that Theresa had done the right thing, but Chad thought that Theresa should have agreed to be the Mmaid of honor so that she could have been in Ethan's face, forcing Ethan to realize his true feelings. Those words gave Theresa hope; consequently, Theresa yelled out to Ethan and told him that she would be Gwen's maid of honor.

While at the beach, Kay, Simone, Miguel, and Reese went to get some firewood. Charity stayed behind to keep warm. Charity found the pendant that Kay had dropped and put it around her neck. Timmy and Tabitha looked on and noticed that the pendant had a red glow. The fire grew much bigger, and Timmy and Tabitha noticed Charity's mother in the fire. She was telling Charity to embrace evil. Charity did not understand.

Charity's mom continued to tell Charity to embrace evil and to cause destruction. Timmy and Tabitha wondered if Charity would have listened to her mother. The others returned and saw the huge fire. Miguel asked Charity if she was okay. The fire died down, and Kay noticed that Charity was wearing the pendant. Kay told Simone that Charity had stolen the pendant.

Simone reminded Kay that Charity had originally owned the pendant. Miguel asked Charity again if she was okay, and Charity told Miguel that she did not want to talk about it. A few minutes later, Charity told Miguel about seeing her mom in the fire and that her mom had perished in a fire a few years before. Miguel suggested that they all leave. Miguel wanted to take Charity some place better.

At the church, Miguel suggested that Charity sit and think about her mother. Charity bowed down at the angel's feet and prayed. Timmy and Tabitha peered through the window and hoped that Charity would not turn away from evil, or else it would have been the end of Timmy and Tabitha. Charity prayed for answers because she did not want to do evil. Charity heard a voice, looked up, and saw the angel speaking to her.

The angel told Charity that the person in the fire was not Charity's mother. It was someone evil, and the forces of darkness were fighting for Charity's soul. The angel advised Charity to resist the dark forces. Kay noticed that Charity was talking to the angel and then told Simone that Charity was a whack job; she wished that Miguel had seen Charity's nuttiness. Still looking on, Timmy and Tabitha hoped that the angel would not sway Charity to do good.

The angel left and wished Charity luck; she told Charity to be brave. Tabitha and Timmy saw the pendant around Charity's neck glowing again. Tabitha got excited and shouted to Timmy that the angel had lost. The angel appeared to Tabitha. Tabitha told the angel that Charity was going over to the dark side and that the pendant Tabitha had created was in control. The angel was fully aware and hoped that Charity was able to fight it. The evil glow had returned to Charity's eyes.

At the hospital, Ivy tried to persuade Eve to change Ethan's birth records. Eve did not understand why Ivy wanted to change Ethan's birth records so badly. Ivy told Eve that she had something on Sam that would have forced him to leave Grace. Ivy told Eve that Sam, and not Julian, had fathered Ethan. Ivy had lied to Sam because she wanted Ethan to inherit the Crane empire.

Eve was disgusted with Ivy. Ivy threatened Eve that if Eve did not change the birth records, Ivy would tell Eve's kids that Eve had slept with Julian and given birth to Chad.

Thursday, July 27, 2000

At the Hospital
Julian questions Ivy about being in the hospital records room. Ivy explains by saying the she went in there accidentally while looking for her meeting. The assisting nurse who delivered Ethan sees Ivy and says hello to her. The nurse tells Ivy how she remembers her calling out for the father of her son shortly after giving birth. Ivy interrupts her and tells her that her husband's name is Julian. The nurse doesn't recognize the name Julian. Ivy notices Ethan and Gwen, and excuses herself. Ethan and Gwen have arrived to get their blood test. Ivy over hears when Eve calls in to the nurses station to say she will be at the Lobster Shack under the name of Bennett, if any one needs her. The nurse overhears Ivy mumble Sam's name and tells Ivy that Sam was the name she had called out after Ethan was born. Ivy tells the nurse she must be thinking of someone else and excuses herself again. Ivy tells Julian that she's in the mood for lobster for dinner. Julian thinks that he's figured out Ivy's secret, she's pregnant. He's tells her she always craved lobster when she was pregnant. Ivy laughs at that idea and assures Julian that she isn't pregnant.

At the Bennett House
Sam tells T.C and Eve that he wonders what if would have been like if Ethan were his son. Hank tells Sam and Grace about someone running into Kay and knocking her down without even stopping to help her and adds that it is getting too dangerous for the girls to be at the wharf. Sam agrees and tells the girls they are not allowed to be on the wharf alone. Sam tells Hank that he heard about his new bodyguard job with Sheridan. He asks Hank if he's thought about joining the police force. Hank laughs at the idea. Sam asks Hank to stick around Harmony. The Bennetts and the Russells head off to the Lobster Shack for dinner, while Hank stays home with Kay and Jessica. Hank and the girls are playing cards when Hank notices Les outside of the window preparing to shoot one of the girls.

At The Book Café
Theresa tell Gwen that she will be her maid of honor. An excited Gwen suggests that they get together for dinner to finish the wedding plans. Theresa invites Ethan and Gwen to her house for a home cooked meal. They accept. Ethan tries to talk Theresa out of being Gwen's maid of honor because of her feeling. Theresa assures Ethan that she can handle it.

Later at Pilar's House
Whitney and Chad continue to argue over Theresa's future with Ethan. Whitney tries to convince Theresa to cancel the dinner plans, while Chad continues to cheer on Theresa. Chad pulls Ivy's attaché case out of the closet while looking for something. Ethan recognizes the case as his mother's. Chad's injury continues to bleed and cause more pain. Whitney asks Chad to go and pick some fresh tomatoes for her and realizes that Chad is still in pain. She tells Chad that she still thinks that he left the hospital too early and if he is worried about the bill, her parents will pay for it. An angry Chad tells her that he doesn't accept hand out and goes out the door. Whitney notices a paper towel with blood on it in the trash. Ethan asks Theresa why his mother's attaché case is in her closet. Theresa tells her that she doesn't know why, but she knows what's inside!

At Sheridan's Cottage
Sheridan and Luis dream about kissing each other while in Spain. Pilar brings them muffins and discovers a sleeping couple kissing. Luis explains to his worried mother that there's nothing to worry about. Luis says that he was burnt by her before and he won't let it happen again. Pilar warns her son that the Cranes will do anything to keep him from being involved with Sheridan. Pilar recalls to Luis that Martin had promised to take her to Spain someday. Sheridan interrupts and Pilar returns to the main house. Sheridan remembers that Pilar's birthday is coming up. Luis has the perfect gift for his mother. Luis tries to find someone to teach him a special dance that he can dance with his mother on her birthday. Sheridan offers to teach him, but Luis refuses. He tells her that he's there to protect her, not take dance lessons. Sheridan convinces him to change his mind and they begin the lesson.

Friday, July 28, 2000

In the Lopez-Fitzgerald kitchen, Whitney is looking at the bloody napkins in the trash. Chad comes in from the garden and she asks him if he is bleeding. He gives her a vague and defensive answer. She reaches for his shirt, wanting to check his wound, but he grabs her arms, to keep her away, and tells her her mother wouldn't like her making moves on him. Whitney says it's not a move, but he left the hospital too early. Chad gets angry and says he doesn't want charity. To prove nothing is wrong, Chad jumps from side to side. Whitney believes him and goes back to making the salad.

Behind her, Chad is wincing with pain. He goes outside and checks the wounds; they are bleeding worse now!

In the living room, Ethan is questioning Theresa as to why his mother's case is there. Theresa tells him that Ivy asked Pilar to keep it for her. Ethan wants to know what's inside and Theresa tells him that she saw papers about him, including his birth certificate, and that she even saw a baby picture.

Gwen is now intrigued and wants Ethan to get the lock open. Pilar asks for the case, so she can put it away, but Ethan says he knows the combination and now he wants to know what is inside. It takes him a few moments, but he gets the case unlocked and as he starts to open it Gwen tells him not too. Gwen told him that it is a surprise for them on their wedding day. Ivy had Pilar make a memory book for them. Ethan agrees and gives the case back to Pilar.

Chad and Whitney bring in the food, and as everyone else is digging in, Theresa is busily questioning Pilar's nervousness about the case. Pilar says she is upset and worried that Luis will show up and if he does he will be irate that Ethan is in the house. Pilar tells Theresa to stop chasing after Ethan because it will cause pain for everyone. Gwen starts eating the dish. She turns to Ethan and tells him she can she how much he is loved in the house, how much she loves him. Ethan gets nervous, but Gwen was talking about Pilar. Gwen smiles, then goes to the kitchen to help Whitney. Chad walks over to him, and Ethan tells him not to start, he know what he is thinking...he isn't in love with Theresa. Chad wants to know who he is trying to or yourself?

Theresa finds an old photo album, one that she had never seen. Gwen approaches her and asks if she can look through the album. After Gwen is in the living room, Ethan goes to Theresa and tells her that they have to talk about her crush. Theresa tells him it is not a crush, that she was in love with him. Ethan tells her that it can't be love because they haven't known each other long enough. Gwen is leafing through the album, when she runs across a picture of a young boy and girl. She asks who it is. Ethan and Theresa look at the picture. It is them! They known each other longer than her thought!

Ivy wormed her way to the Bennett table, and no one, except for Grace is happy about it. Eve walks over to Ivy and asks her what she is up to. Ivy just smirks. Eve tells Ivy to go to the ladies room with her and if she didn't, she would walk right over to Julian and tell him that Ethan is not his son. In the ladies room, Eve tells Ivy that she feels dirty for lying to Sam, but Ivy reminds her of everything she will lose if she doesn't go along with her. Eve tells Ivy she has a lot to loose too. Ivy reminds her that Grace has a lot to lose if she found out Sam had another son; just then Grace walked in and wants to know what she meant-another son. Grace says Ivy must be thinking about having another son, because she is feeling the Empty Nest Syndrome, since Ethan is about to get married. Ivy agrees and asks Grace not to mention it at dinner because it is a sore subject. Grace tells Ivy and Eve that the maitre d' has presents for both of them. At the table, the maitre d' gives Ivy and Eve a packet of picture from a charity event. Ivy pulls out a picture of Ethan and says how handsome he is. Grace tells Sam to look at the picture. She tells everyone that Ethan looks like a Bennett; he looks like Sam's son!

Luis remains on top of Sheridan. She asks him if he is ready to learn the new dance. They look into each other's eyes and they start to kiss, when the telephone rings. It is the dance school, they found an instructor for him, but he tells Sheridan to tell them he found someone all ready. They begin dancing again, closer this time. Sheridan laughs and says they make a good team. Luis starts thinking back to when his mother was teaching his father the dance. Sheridan knows something is wrong and ask him what's wrong. He tells her about the flashback. Luis tells her that he will never forgive the Cranes for taking away his father. Sheridan looks disappointed and tells him that his hatred will always come between them.

Hank sees the gunman through the window. The gunman points the gun at Kay and Hank stands in the way. The girls wonder what wrong with him, but he just hugs them. Hank tells them they shouldn't be playing poker and makes them go into the living room. The girls are out of the room and Hank walks outside. The gunman points the gun at him. Hank tells him to kill him, just leave his nieces alone. Hank tell him he needs more time, he will get the money. Gunman says it is too late, Sheridan has to be killed tonight or he will start killing off his family. Gunman leaves to give Hank time to think about his choice. Hank goes back inside and Kay and Jessica come in room, they want to know why he is acting weird. Hank gets a call, the gunman is back outside. Hank tells the girls to get a pizza and walks outside. The gunman asks him what he is going to do. Hank says he can't kill Sheridan, so the gunman points the gun at Kay.

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