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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 24, 2000 on GL
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Monday, July 24, 2000

At the Spauldings':
Jim comes to the door and asks Beth if anyone else is home. He comes in and tells her that he is taking a lot of flak from everyone about taking her back. He tells her Susan didn't take it well at all. Beth figured Susan would have a tough time with it. Jim is worried about what his daughter may do. He tells Beth he loves her but worries about Susan and wonders if she will ever understand. Beth tells him she talked to Phillip and he isn't okay with them moving away. Jim says Phil doesn't want them to take his children. Beth tries to put a good spin on it. She says as soon as Lizzie is better they will move. Lizzie overhears. Lizzie goes to the baby and tells him she doesn't want to move. She said that she is getting better everyday but has an idea. Beth comes into the house to check the baby. Lizzie gets some iodine and puts it on her nose. She tells Beth that she feels really tired. She is not feeling well. Beth notices the bloody nose and calls Phillip and tells them they have a problem.

At Millennium:
Drew and Max are packing the car. Susan comes over and Drew leaves her and Max alone. He tells her they are leaving soon. Susan tells him it must be nice to be able to pack up and leave everything behind and not look back. Susan doesn't understand why her dad won't take a job in NY. Max tells her that her dad loves her but didn't know she had sent in a resume. Susan doesn't understand why Jim keeps forgiving Beth and taking her back and wonders if it is all about sex. Max tries to reassure her but she thinks he is abandoning her as well and begs him to take her with him. Drew comes back and asks Max to go upstairs. She talks to Susan. She says that she is halfway between an adult and a kid. Drew can see both sides. When you are a kid your father is a super hero and then you find out he is just a guy. Susan says she knows. Drew wants to know why she doesn't understand her father. Drew talks about losing her mother and falling in love with Beth. Beth makes him happy in spite of her faults, but everyone makes mistakes. Love is a gift you have to fight for it and forgive people. Jim deserves to be happy. Drew knows that she lost her father and wished she had more time with him. She tells Susan not to waste her time with Jim. Max comes back and asks Drew if she can stay here another week. Drew says Susan has to work things out with her family. Selena arrives and asks if everything is okay. Susan says yes and tells them good luck. Max hugs Susan and tells her he will call her every time he can. He asks if she is okay and she says yes. He goes to get in the car and Susan hides. Drew tells Selena this is it and Selena tells her she wants to travel with her since she has some time off. She can help her move and grab every minute that she can with Drew. Selena says she will drive the car and tells Max to close the van and get in. "NYC here we come!" Susan is hiding inside the van.

At the Lewis's:
Reva is taping from her living room. Selena is asking for a bit of time off to see Drew before she leaves. They talk about Josh and Olivia's party. Selena thinks it should be pretty interesting with her and Noah and Josh and Olivia all there. Reva says that Josh invited her to the party, not Olivia. Noah arrives as Selena leaves. He tells her to close her eyes. He puts sand in her hand. He says that tonight they will be on a beach in Aruba. Reva says she wanted to go to Josh and Olivia's party. Noah asks if she has lost her mind. Noah walks out of the house and Reva follows him. He doesn't want to go to the party. She says they can leave for Aruba after the party. Noah says he wants to build something with her and she keeps gravitating back to Josh. Meanwhile, Josh leaves a message on Reva's machine but they are outside. Reva tells Noah that she thought there were no strings between them and now Noah sounds like he wants a serious relationship. Reva wants to know why Noah is angry. He says he just doesn't want to see her get hurt and she shouldn't take a step backward. It isn't normal for people to go to their almost ex's parties. Noah wants to leave for Aruba. Reva wants to go to the party. He teases her. She says she can't miss the party and wants to talk. She teases him about modeling a bikini for him and he comes back into the house. They don't check the answering machine.

At the Country Club:
Holly and Billy are at a table. Holly asks what the occasion is. She asks why they are in the bar room. They just left an AA meeting. She thinks Billy is trying to prove something to her about being able to stay on the wagon. She says she wasn't tempted at the wedding. The wedding was very romantic and beautiful. Billy wants to know if she is still interested in that romance. Holly tells Billy she is just not ready. He says he knows she is nervous and he is not trying to sell her anything. He wants her to come to Olivia's party with him. Holly says she will. She goes to the powder room and will meet up with him. Billy says if unromantic is what she wants, he will un-romance he off her feet.

At Josh and Olivia's:
Olivia is on the phone with Leo. She asks him if he is coming and he says he will be there. Josh comes in and kisses Olivia. She wants the party to be a success and wants him to make some good business contacts. Olivia tells him that she met up with Leo the other day and invited him to come. Josh doesn't know what to think since Leo was Roger's attorney but he shrugs it off and tells her that he invited Noah and Reva. Olivia was surprised as well. Olivia starts getting angry with Josh and says that he is staying in the past. She doesn't want to compete with Reva. Josh says she doesn't have to compete. Olivia wanted to show Josh what she can do for him. Josh apologizes and tells her he is happy with her and wanted to show everyone. He doesn't want to upset her and says he will ask Reva not to come. The party is in full swing. Olivia is talking to a congresswoman. There are waiters and waitresses in black tie. There is jazz playing in the background. Josh is discussing business with the congresswoman. There are a lot of high profile people at the party. Billy and Holly are impressed at the guest list when they arrive. Josh greets them and tells them Noah and Reva may show up but that he left a message for them not to come. Billy tells Josh he has a knack for making things complicated. Josh is telling Billy that he just thought he could show Olivia that he and Reva have moved on. Billy says it was Olivia's big night and that he shouldn't be a jackass. Billy thinks the friendly divorce is making Olivia nervous. Leo arrives at the party and greets Olivia. She tells him it will take time, but she will convince Josh to hire him. Leo greets Holly. She wants to know what he has been doing since Roger left and what is he up to now. Billy says that he should treat Olivia like she is number one. Reva and Noah arrive at the party. Billy, Olivia and Josh are surprised.

Tuesday, July 25, 2000

At Company:
Buzz comes back with a little laryngitis. He and the kids had visited where Jenna grew up. Ruth welcomes him back and says Selena went to NY with Max and Drew to settle them in. Frank says she only wants to prolong saying good-bye. Jim comes in looking for Susan, says nobody has seen her and believes she is missing. Frank and David say they will look for her and check her favorite hiding places. Buzz says she is a lot like Harley. Jim says she is like Harley and ran away all the way to Springfield to find Harley once. Jim says that he hasn't called Harley at the Bauer cabin yet. Buzz says maybe Susan has gone to see her. Jim calls Harley and asks about Susan, but she hasn't seen her. He tells Harley not to get upset and that Frank and David are on the case. Jim asks her not to come home but to wait at the cabin in case Susan arrives there later. Jim is upset that Susan ran away from him, instead of coming to him for help.

At the Spaulding's:
Lizzie is talking to Beth and Phil. She is lying on the couch and telling them how she will show the baby her favorite places on the Spaulding estate when she grows up. Rick comes to the house and asks Beth about Lizzie's symptoms. There are no other symptoms but a nosebleed. Rick comes in to see her. He wants to examine her alone and asks Beth and Phil to leave. Outside, Beth tells Phil she can't go through this again. Inside, Rick asks Lizzie about her nosebleed and she says she thinks this one was different. He asks her if she wants to go to the hospital. She says she will be fine as long as she stays home and doesn't have to move away. Rick asks her if she is pretending so she won't have to move. Rick helps Lizzie sit up and asks why she doesn't want to move. She says bad things happened last time they moved, her dad left them and Carl terrorized her mom. Plus, she doesn't want to leave her friends, grandparents and Dad. Rick says they have to tell the truth but Lizzie is worried her parents will be angry with her for faking. Rick promises to talk to them. Rick tells Phil and Beth that she was faking so she wouldn't have to move. Rick goes out and tells them what happened. Phil and Beth are arguing and he tells her she has their daughter so scared she is faking illness. He tells her she isn't taking Lizzie anywhere. Jim walks in and tells Beth Susan is missing, then he notices everyone is upset. Beth says, "Jim, what have we done?" Meanwhile, on the sofa, Lizzie asks Phil if he is angry. Phil says he is a little angry but understands why she lied. He promises her that she and her little brother aren't going anywhere.

At Josh and Olivia's:
Reva and Holly are talking at the party. They talk about the awkwardness of the situation with Olivia. Reva thanks Holly for giving her show such a good review in the paper. Noah comes over to talk to Reva and then Billy appears. The party guests notice Reva and want to talk about her show. Josh is talking to the congresswoman when she notices Reva. All the guests are complimenting Olivia on inviting such a local celebrity like Reva as a guest. Olivia asks Reva to step out onto the balcony. Olivia tells Reva that she doesn't know how Josh put up with Reva as long as he did. She says that the party was supposed to build up his career, not be about his past. Reva says most of the guests didn't know them as a couple and she is not trying to make trouble. Reva didn't know the guests would recognize her. Olivia tells her she was uninvited. Reva tells her that is what she wants to believe. Josh comes out to the balcony and confirms that he did call to uninvite her.

Congresswoman Stone asks to be introduced to Reva. Reva introduces herself as Josh's soon to be ex wife. Reva tells Congresswoman Stone that they are looking to the future and Josh has a wonderful future. She thinks Ms. Stone and Josh would work well together. Ms. Stone is a fan of Reva and compliments her. Noah tells Josh he is taking Reva to Aruba. Josh thinks that is a great idea. Noah tells Reva that they are leaving for Aruba now. He doesn't think it is good for her to stay. Reva tells Noah she just wants to say goodbye. She tells congresswoman Stone she will have her office call her office. Reva tells Josh they will talk soon and leaves with Noah. Outside, Reva apologizes to Noah, they kiss. She asks if he is still annoyed with her. Back inside, Leo approaches Josh to discuss business. He offers to help with the divorce. Josh says they don't need lawyers but Leo offers advice. Josh insists they don't need help. Leo hands him his business card. Josh goes out on the balcony to talk to Olivia. He hugs her.

At a Roadside Hotel:
Selena is in van with Drew and Max and says why don't they stop in Philadelphia. Max is preoccupied and Drew is talking about shopping. Selena says Drew will fly into Jesse's arms. Drew says she just can't wait to see him she's very excited. Max says it was hard to say goodbye to Susan. Max isn't mad but he can't think about Susan any more. The cameras show Susan in the back of the van listening. Later, The van has something wrong with it and Drew has stopped to have it looked at. Max goes to get something from the back and see's Susan. He is surprised and she tells him she had to come. He asks her if she is alright. She told him she was hungry. Selena and Drew come back and Max closes the van door and asks them if they need anything, he is going to get some food. They stand outside the van while Max is gone and talk about how Susan had ran away and Jim is upset. Selena says Jim has every right to be upset and Susan doesn't know what she is putting him through. Drew can see Susan's side of it and says she is only 14, upset and feeling all alone. Selena tells her that Jim has had a rough time of it as well. He lost his first wife and finally found happiness with another who lied and betrayed him but he loved her enough to let things go so Susan should as well. On a lighter note she told Drew that she and Buzz were engaged. Selena starts to open the back of the van when Max got back. He told her he would get what she wanted out while she and Drew waited on the mechanic. He opens the back and gives Susan some food. Max goes back over to Selena and Drew and they tell him they have to have the van repaired overnight and will be staying in the hotel next door. Max stays outside to tell Susan and promises to sneak out later and spend the night with her. Later that evening, Max opens the back of the van and gets in with Susan. Susan is afraid of what will happen. He tells her to go to sleep and holds her.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

At Company:
Jim asks Buzz if he has heard from Harley. Jim is worried since there has been no word on Susan. Buzz tries to reassure him. Selena calls and tells Buzz Susan is with them. Buzz tells Jim and they leave to pick her up.

Outside Company, Rick wants to know why they always fight over Abby's career. She says she is not a little girl from Amish country and doesn't need to be protected. She thinks Rick needs to adjust. She wishes he would have came to Washington to hear her testify. Rick says he knows she is capable. He loves her for who she is and this is her home. Abby knows how important his home is to Rick. Rick wants their children to be surrounded by people who loved them. He mentions their friends and family. He wants to leave a legacy to their children, that is his dream and he thought it was hers, too. He wants to know that is what she wants. Abby tells Rick that she loves it in SF but she wants to enjoy new opportunities too. Rick asks her if she wants to stay in SF and Abby said that she wants to be with him. His pager goes off and he tells her they will talk later and then they will go off alone someplace romantic so they can be alone and get pregnant. He will call her later and they can book a flight. He kisses her and leaves. Abby looks at the birth control pills in her purse and hopes that one day Rick will understand.

At a Roadside Hotel
Susan and Max in the back of the van, sleeping. She wakes up and gives him a kiss on the cheek. She tells him she heard what he said yesterday about missing her even though she's just a kid. She rests her head on his shoulder again and closes her eyes. Later, Susan tells Max about one of her fantasies where they can be together. She can go to school he can look forward to college. She talks about horse-drawn carriage in Central park and finally says that if all goes well, in a couple of years they can get their own place. Max kisses Susan. It goes on for a while and Susan stops him. She doesn't want to go any further right now. He doesn't understand and she tells him that she doesn't want to make the same mistakes Harley and Beth did. She thinks he probably sees her as stupid but he tells her that he doesn't and that he loves her.

Selena comes out and opens the hatch and startles them. She wants to know what they are doing out there and what Susan is doing is there in the first place. Selena gets on the phone and calls Buzz. Later, Drew comes out and Susan begs her not to turn her in but she tells her she has to go home with Jim and tells her that he has to be worried sick about her. Drew tells Selena that Susan has to face her problems. Selena says she has been running herself from saying goodbye. She starts crying and Drew tells her how they are going to see each other often and talk to each other every day. Selena says since Buzz is bringing Jim up there she will just leave and go back with him. Jim gets there and asks Susan if she is all right. Susan talks with Max who tells her that he doesn't think her dad would let her come to NY with him. He said he would give anything to take her away and someday he will but for now neither one of them are legal and can't take off. Drew says it's getting late, time to go and everyone says their goodbyes and leaves. Jim and Susan stay behind. Susan tells her dad that she will not live in the same house as "that woman" and even if he did make her go back she would just run away again until she gets somewhere he cant find her.

At the Bauer's:
Michelle and Danny come in kissing. They are looking forward to be alone.
They go through the door to a room full of people. Danny is upset. Claire tells them she wanted to surprise them and didn't want them to get hungry. Michelle tells her she shouldn't have gone to this much trouble. Danny mutters that she really should have. Claire takes Danny aside and says I know we haven't exactly gotten along. Before she could finish Danny tells her to cut the crap and that he knew she killed his mother. Danny and Bill talk a bit. Danny tells him his thoughts about Claire. Bill asks if he needs help. Danny asks him to see what dirt he can dig up on Claire. Meanwhile, Claire is talking to Michelle about going to a medical conference with her. Michelle says that her schedule revolves around her husband right now and that they are trying to have another baby. She goes to fix drinks for the company and Claire vows Michelle will never have Danny's baby if she can do anything about it. Michelle and Danny finally get to their bedroom and fall on the bed kissing. Downstairs, the rest of the guests are leaving. Claire gets on the phone and tells her friend that the only thing she wanted was to break up Danny and Michelle and it's not working so now they need to do their part.

On the Royal Yacht:
Richard and Cassie are still in bed. Cassie loves it there on the ship and never wants to leave. They talk about what their aspirations were growing up. Cassie wanted to be a doctor. Richard wanted to be an actor and play Antony in Cleopatra but his dad wouldn't allow it. Richard leaves to get Cassie breakfast and when he gets back, she is dressed in this gold dress thing acting like Cleopatra. He is overcome and begins rattling off line after line from the play. Cassie can't believe he remembers so much and he tells her he didn't until he saw her dressed that way. He tells her she is truly a woman to give up everything for. He thinks this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him. She tells him that she couldn't stand him wanting for anything and would give him the world if she could. He says she is his world.

Thursday, July 27, 2000

On a Plane:
Noah has chartered a private plane and he is feeding grapes to Reva. She says they were only in Aruba for a day and wonders where they are going to next. She wants to leave a phone number for Josh in case there is a problem with the kids. She tells him she doesn't think she should leave a message on the machine because of Olivia. She starts talking about Olivia's faults and Noah tells her there isn't enough room on the plane for the two of them and Olivia and Josh there getting in between them as well. Reva apologizes and tells Noah she shouldn't be talking about Josh and Olivia. She says that Olivia just gets to her. She went to the party trying to show everyone that she had moved on. Reva asks Noah if he is jealous of Josh. He says he doesn't want to see her hurt again. Reva asks if that is all. He teases her that she thinks he wants to marry her. He tells her to relax a bit and asks if she wants to have some fun. Reva asks if he really asked her that question. She wants to know what he had in mind. They kiss and he says he can think of a lot of things to do alone on a plane together. Later, on the couch, Reva and Noah are wrapped up in a blanket holding each other.

At Millennium:
Ross is meeting with Phillip. Phillip apologizes to him for their conversation in San Cristobel and Ross accepts his apology but he still isn't interested in working on a divorce. Phillip tells him that he wants help with something else and starts to talk about Beth and Jim leaving town. He fills Ross in on Lizzie's fake illness episode and asks him to help him stop Jim and Beth from leaving SF with the children. Ross tells Phillip to talk to Beth first. Phillip says Beth won't listen. Beth thinks Lizzie is better off with her and Jim. Phillip is worried about Lizzie. Phillip wants Ross to investigate the legal custody issue. When they first got divorced, Beth had full custody because they lived in Arizona. Ross doesn't recommend a custody battle. Phillip says he can just threaten a custody battle over the new baby. Jim and Beth will back down. Ross is worried about Phillip's idea. He tells Phillip that he can't participate in dismantling families. Phillip is threatening to take Beth's baby away. What will Harley think? Ross says that Harley may forgive him in time just like he forgave Blake twice. Ross says that he doesn't recommend Phillip starting a custody battle; once he starts he can't turn back. Ross says he will file the papers but wants Phillip to think about what he is doing. Ross leaves right as Harley comes in. Phillip says he wants his life back, but that isn't going to happen. He turns to see Harley, she says no it is not.

At Company:
Everyone is there to welcome Susan back. Harley tells her she was very worried. Susan has an attitude and says she won't run away yet, and storms out of the room. Harley tells Jim she will help him deal with Susan. Harley and Jim go outside to talk to her. Susan tells them to talk to each other. Harley says they are not the bad guys. Susan tells her to save it; she knows the truth. Harley is a hypocrite. Jim tries to stop her. Susan says she is suing for legal emancipation. She would be better off alone and Harley has her own problems. Harley can't even help herself. Harley should know about running away just like Susan ran away. Harley is running away from Phillip and Beth too. Harley agrees to stay and face her problems. She says that she and Susan can do it together. Harley says that Jim is a big man to forgive Beth. Susan asks if this means she is crawling back to Phillip. Susan wants to know why Harley can be mad at Phillip and she can't be mad at Beth. Harley tells Jim she will talk to her and he leaves them alone. Harley decides to pull the grown up card. Harley tells Susan that Jim makes the decisions about his own life and Susan will have to suck it up. Harley reminds her of Susan wanting her parents to accept Max. Jim made the decision to take Beth back and Susan has to support him. Susan says she wants to live with Harley. Jim says absolutely not. Harley pulls Jim aside and says a short stay with Harley may be the best thing but Jim says she may be dealing with Susan's problems to avoid dealing with her own. Harley says that Susan staying with her will make Susan happier and give him and Beth some breathing space. Harley and Jim start to argue about their motives. Harley says that Susan never liked Beth. Harley knows how Susan thinks because she felt that way as a girl. Susan will run away again and it may not turn out as well next time. Jim doesn't want to let her go. Harley says it won't be forever but it will be the best for them all. She asks Jim to talk to Susan and leaves them alone. Jim tells Susan that he knows she is hurt but he wants the best for her. He will give her a choice. She can stay with Harley for a while if that is what she wants. He would rather she lived with him but won't force her to. He asks her to please come home and help them be a family with Beth. She says no and agrees to live with Harley. He wants to drive her to Harley's. He loves her and she will always be important to him. She asks him why he chose Beth over her and walks away.

Buzz and Selena are worried about Susan. Buzz tells Selena that he knows she felt left out when he went to England without her. Selena admits it. She says she can't compete with the love he had for Jenna and she can deal with it. Buzz is frustrated and says he has to do this now. He tells her to close her eyes. He wants her to imagine various scenarios, and then tells her to open her eyes. He has a ring box. It is empty. Buzz is shocked that he has lost her engagement ring. Buzz is frantically looking around Company for the engagement ring. Selena is upset and is helping him look. She says she finally gets an engagement ring and it gets lost. She is looking under the bar. Buzz thinks maybe it is a good omen. He apologizes for ruining the moment and then she finds the ring. Buzz takes the ring from Selena and wants a clean slate. He wants to do it by the books. Buzz tells her that she brought joy into his life and he loves her with all his heart. He wants to spend the rest of ! his life making her happy. He asks her to marry him. She screams yes and takes the ring. He puts it on. All of Company applauds.

At Josh and Olivia's:
Olivia is talking to Leo about Reva's appearance at the party. She wants Reva out of the picture. She wants to know about Reva's interest in the business. He tells her that she is an equal partner with Josh and Billy. They cannot make decisions without her. Olivia gets an idea and thinks if Reva wasn't available and Josh lost a good deal, he would be disappointed. Olivia calls Reva's hotel pretending to be Reva's secretary. She finds out that they are traveling to another island and she is unreachable. Olivia thinks she will plan out a great deal with a small window of opportunity so Reva can ruin it for Josh. Leo is impressed but has to leave. He runs into Josh on his way out of the apartment. Josh and Billy come in and ask why Leo was there. Olivia says he left his briefcase at the party. Leo asks Josh if he has decided about the divorce yet. Josh says no. Leo leaves. Olivia tells Josh and Billy about a deal with Congresswoman Stone. She wants to announce it this afternoon. Josh says that Reva will have to sign first. He tells her that Reva left a number where she can be reached and calls her hotel. He finds out she left with no forwarding number. He tells Billy she checked out and is worried. Olivia pretends to act calm and calls the Congresswoman. She wants to postpone the press conference. The congresswoman says no, act now or the deal is off the table. Olivia will go by herself to the congresswoman's office while Josh tries to get in touch with Reva. Billy tells Josh they just lost a huge deal because he can't let go of Reva. Josh wants to know what this deal has to do with him letting go of Reva. Billy says that once the divorce is final, Reva is out of the company so what is Josh waiting for. Billy always thought that Josh and Reva belonged together but once it is over, it is over. Billy wants him to make a clean break for the good of the company; he is upset and storms out of the apartment. Josh thinks a moment and calls Leo for an appointment. Leo tells him he won't regret it.

Friday, July 28, 2000

At the Bauer's:
Michelle and Abby are cleaning the kitchen after having eaten lunch. Rick comes in and kisses Abby. They are planning their trip. Michelle wants to know where they are going but they say it's a secret. Rick leaves to make a phone call and Michelle tells Abby how happy she is for them. She says that her trip with Danny was wonderful. Michelle says maybe Abby will get pregnant on the trip. She asks Abby if she is nervous or worried. Abby excuses herself and goes to the car to get something, once outside, she thinks about the birth control pills. Michelle follows soon after and asks if she is ok. She thinks Abby is preoccupied. Abby said she is overwhelmed. Michelle tells her they will have a wonderful vacation and to try to relax. Her vacation with Danny helped them put things in perspective and she knows their marriage comes first. Michelle tells her they need to be honest with each other. They hug and Michelle tells her to enjoy the vacation. Michelle leaves. Back inside, Rick is looking at the vacation brochures and wants to hide them where Abby can find them. He opens her purse and finds the pills. Just then Abby walks in and tells him she was just coming to talk to him about the pills. He says she has been lying to him for weeks pretending to want to have a baby with him. She says she loves him but doesn't want a baby.

At Millennium:
Harley comes in and Phillip asks her about Susan. She tells him the story of how she stowed away with Max and Drew. She says she is there to pick up Susan's bag. She asks if Phillip is okay. He tells her he wants to talk to her about visiting Zach. He tells her he hates this situation and won't pressure her anymore about getting back together. He tells her he will call her. Harley that Phillip is very upset and asks him if everything is okay with Lizzie. He says she is okay but Beth and Jim want to leave town and Lizzie doesn't want to move. He tells her about the fake nosebleed and that he thinks she is frightened and he is worried. He apologizes to Harley and says he will call her. Harley tells him if he needs to talk, she will listen. He sits back at the bar and talks to her about Lizzie's problem. He thinks he has to do something to protect her. The situation started with his mistake and now it is spinning out of control. Harley says if Beth and Jim think they need to leave SF, there is nothing Phil can do. Phil tells Harley she would never let him take Zach out of town and he won't let Lizzie go either. Harley says that if he talks to Beth and Jim they may be able to work things out. She tells him Susan is moving in with her for a while. Phil says Zach will like having Susan there. He asks her how the lake was. They start talking about Zach and she shows him some pictures. Harley is smiling and Phil says Zach has changed so much in a few weeks. He thinks a lot of when Zach was a newborn and he used to watch him sleep. Harley says she loved watching Phil with him. A legal assistant arrives with papers from Ross's office about seeking custody of the baby. Harley tells Phil he is acting like a spoiled rich boy who wants to control all the toys. She can't believe she felt sorry for him a few minutes ago. She won't make that mistake again. She leaves. Phil says to himself that Harley is wrong.

Danny is showing Pilar, Bill and Grandma Santos the plans for the club. Pilar will be the hostess. Grandma just wants him to be happy. One of the workers comes to tell Danny that the liquor order never arrived, and the produce is spoiled. A health inspector arrives. Danny looks at the health inspectors report and thinks it is bogus. Just then Carlos arrives and Danny realizes what is going on. Carlos pretends he didn't send the health inspector but offers to help him out. Grandma Santos accuses Carlos of a shakedown, but Danny says it is worse then that, Carlos wants to shut the club down so Danny will have to join him in business. Carlos threatens Danny and leaves the club. Michelle comes in and Danny tells her that no one will make him do anything he doesn't want to do.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Beth asks Jim how Susan is and he tells her that she will be staying with Harley for a while. Beth tells him that she loves him and wants to be with him but that they can't leave town. Jim thinks moving would be best for them but they have to think of the children. Beth asks Jim not to be angry with her. Jim says he came to the same conclusion because of Susan. Susan told Harley she was running away from things and she was right. Jim was trying to run to and take the easy way out. He has never run from anything and they will deal with everything together. He hugs Beth. He says that they will have their work cut out with Susan. They will work to be a family and everyone needs to understand that including Phil and the baby will be Jim and Beth's, forever. Beth doesn't think Phil will try to interfere with the baby but Jim doesn't want Phil involved in the baby's life at all. Beth tells him that Phillip just wants to watch from the sidelines, she is sure of it. Phil comes to the mansion to tell Beth and Jim they can't leave town. They tell him they are staying and that Beth and Lizzie will be moving back in with Jim. Phillip is happy to hear that and everything is fine until Jim mentions wanting to adopt the baby.

In San Cristobel (on the Yacht):
Richard is putting on his jacket when Cassie kisses him. She is in her robe and tells him to leave the cabin so she can get dressed. He wants to know if the honeymoon is over and she tells him it will never be over. They kiss in the doorway and Dax and Jenny show up. They tell them there is a crowd waiting for them on the dock. Jenny goes into the cabin with Cassie. Jenny hugs Cassie and tells her she looks great. Cassie says she is very happy. Cassie walks out of the room but continues to talk. Jenny is looking at her jewelry. Cassie asks Jenny if she is still seeing Edmund and Jenny says that she is as she tries on Cassie's tiara. Cassie walks back in and Jenny is embarrassed that she is caught with the tiara. Cassie insists she try it on and asks her if she feels like a princess and they laugh.

Outside the cabin, Richard tells Dax his timing is bad and it could have waited. Dax says no it couldn't wait. Dax tells Richard that the island was happy with the wedding and now is waiting for the next chapter. There are rumors that Cassie may not be able to provide him with an heir and if that is true there is a serious problem. Richard looks worried. Richard wants to know where he heard these rumors and Dax says they are out there. Richard says it is a private matter and doesn't want to discuss it. Dax says the constitution demands Richard have a male blood heir. Dax asks about Jonathan and Richard says that subject is closed; he promised Reva. Dax says that in lieu of Richard's son, then Edmund's son will rule. Richard says this is a special time for him and Cassie and he doesn't want it ruined for her. Dax is not to breathe a word of the rumor, especially not to Cassie. Dax promises not to tell but says someone else may tell. Cassie comes out of the bedroom and Dax tells her she looks beautiful. Cassie wants to know what will happen now. He tells her they will go back to the palace in a procession and will take questions from the press. Cassie says they're back in the spotlight and takes Richard's arm as they leave.

At Laurel Falls:
Michelle and Danny are looking at their land and the building excavation. Michelle is worried about the business. Danny reminds her about their vacation and kisses her. Michelle says she knows how lucky they are. Danny says this is where they were married and where they will build their dream house and they will fill it will children. They are not dependent on anyone else for their happiness. They kiss but someone is watching them.

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