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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 17, 2000 on GL
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Monday, July 17, 2000

At the Royal Wedding, San Cristobel:

In Cassie's Room:
Reva is trying to make Cassie wake up. Selena is panicking and Blake says it is all her fault. Reva says that Blake should stall the guests until they can wake Cassie. Reva is trying to tell Cassie that all she has to do is keep her eyes open and get down the aisle. The man of her dreams is waiting for her. Cassie doesn't want to embarrass him in front of the country. Reva says that she is Sarah Shayne's daughter and cannot give up. Reva refuses to let her miss it. Cassie is still very sleepy and falls down in Reva's arms. Out in the hall, Julia asks Jenny and Blake where the bride is because they are behind schedule. Julia wants to know if something is wrong. Julia demands to know what is wrong but they tell her nothing and not to worry about it.

In the courtyard:
Outside, Harley comes down stairs and asks Phillip why he is there. He tells her he has to fill in for cousin George. Harley isn't happy but isn't going to make problems on Cassie's big day. Harley is worried because the bridesmaids aren't there. Phillip tells her not to worry that she is where she is supposed to be and they will be there soon.

Noah asks Richard if Cassie is ready and Richard tells him he has no idea and he is worried about her. Guests are piling in taking their seats. Michelle and Drew arrive and Michelle mentions that she and Danny had a major fight and he didn't come with her. Drew tells her that it will be fine and they should just try to enjoy the wedding. The trumpeters start playing and the ushers come in with Richard. Richard and Noah stay at the alter while Dax, Edmund and Phillip go down to the door. They are waiting on the bridesmaids. The Royal Nanny passes by Richard holding RJ. Richard kisses the baby on the forehead before they took their seat.

Selena comes in and takes a seat. Tammy walks down the aisle throwing her flower petals. Blake tells the others they have to stall for time so Reva can get Cassie up and ready. Dax takes Blake's hand and starts to walk her down the aisle. He begins to take a step and she pulls him back making him walk very slowly down the aisle. Richard notices her stalling and tells Noah he is afraid his bride is not going to make it to her own wedding.

Next, Edmund escorts Jenny down the aisle. He asks her about the blushing bride and she tells him it could easily be a disaster. Phillip and Harley walk down the aisle next. They make it and the trumpeters do their announcement call and everyone looks at the door. No Cassie. There is a delay. Richard is still waiting and looks a bit nervous. He tells Noah he thinks she is not coming and wonders what he should say to the guests. Just then Cassie appears in the doorway. Richard smiles. Cassie walks alone down the aisle as Reva sneaks in the back of the room wearing a big hat and glasses. At the altar, Richard kisses Cassie's hand and tells her he was afraid she wasn't going to make it. She tells him she wouldn't miss marrying him for anything. The bishop has a prayer blessing Richard and Cassie and their union. A group of acolytes come in with Cassie's tiara. Richard removes her veil and places it on her head. They go up and light the unity candle and kneel at the altar before the bishop. The bishop starts the ceremony and Richard stops the ceremony. He announces to the room that he wants to break tradition and tells Cassie what he feels for her. He says his heart is so full of love and he wants to say his own vows. He tells them his and Cassie's life was not scripted and he wants the vows to be personal. He tells Cassie that she always knows the true meaning of things and she has given his life meaning. He loves her with every ounce of his being and he will spend every day of his life cherishing her. Cassie takes her turn and tells him she tries to write down how she felt about him but no words could describe her feelings. She said she looks at him now and can't believe that she will finally be his wife. Richard smiles and the bishop takes the rings. They exchange rings, the bishop pronounces them man and wife, prince and princess and they kiss. Flower petals are strewn everywhere as they walk down the aisle.

Later, Cassie asks Richard if he had seen Reva. He says that he can only see her. They are about to kiss when Edmund congratulates them. Tammy comes over and says it all came true just like they said it would and calls Richard, Dad. Richard hugs and kisses her. Rusty comes over and kisses his sister and welcomes Richard into the family. Blake comes over and apologizes to Cassie for the pills. Danny finally arrives and kisses Michelle. She is happy to see him.

Outside, Susan finds Harley and asks her if she is okay about Phillip being there. Harley tells Susan that she shouldn't worry about her she will be fine. She tells her to go to Max and dance and have a great time. Phillip approaches her and says he was thinking about their wedding day. They made a promise that day. Harley reminds him he broke the promise. Phillip says they promised to stick it out together and he wants to try to work it out. Harley walks back into the festivities.

Noah brings Reva a glass of Champagne. Reva is happy to have been at the wedding but wants to leave before she is recognized. She turns around and is surrounded by photographers and reporters. She turns and tries to leave but the door is locked. She turns when she hears Cassie who had seen what they were doing to Reva. Cassie gets everyone's attention and tells them as her first official act as their princess she is going to make a toast. She says she wants to toast her sister, Reva. She said she loves her and thanks her for making today possible. She took the wind out of the reporter's sails. Everyone applauds as they hug.
Music starts playing and a formal court dance begins. Richard and Cassie are seated at their thrones watching. He turns to her and says, "This is the happiest day of my life, I love you." She tells him she loves him too. Everyone is dancing, Ross and Blake, Susan and Max, etc. Harley is left standing alone watching the couples. Phillip comes in and takes her arm and dances with her as well. After the court dance, Cassie and Richard dance for their first official dance.

Later, Cassie greets Michelle and Danny and tells them to enjoy each other. Then Cassie tells Richard that being in love makes her think the whole world is in love. Richard kisses her. Blake tells Ross about the pills and Cassie falling asleep.
Selena tells Drew the wedding was beautiful and makes her think about Drew getting married soon. Selena is going to miss her. Drew says they can visit each other. Drew says Selena and Buzz will get married first. Selena mentioned that Buzz proposed once. Drew says that she shouldn't wait to marry Buzz. Selena calls Buzz and asks if his proposal is still good. Michelle and Danny are kissing and apologizing to each other. He says they need to be together on their own right now. They need to get away from everything. He knows some people at the marina and wants to sail away for a second honeymoon. They leave.

The photographers are taking Cassie and Richard's pictures; Richard dismisses them. Cassie tells Julia she wants to toss her bouquet and Harley catches it. She hands it to Jenny and runs out of the courtyard. Marah is talking to Reva and Rusty. They are teasing her about her hat. Reva tells Noah she is relieved everything worked out. Richard is kissing Cassie in the balcony. He wants to leave the party now. Cassie says it is not protocol. He makes the rules and he wants to be with his princess right then.

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Beth is holding the baby when she receives a call from Jim. He asks how Lizzie is and she tells him she is doing much better. Jim tells her that he is thinking about her and the kids. He tells her he was thinking of what she had suggested at the country club the other day and started to talk about it when Lillian and Alan come in the room. Jim tells Beth he will call her back and hangs up. Lillian apologizes for interrupting and Alan asks Beth what Jim has decided. Beth tells them she doesn't think he will be coming back to her. Lillian is supportive and tries to reassure her.

Beth and Lillian are looking at the baby and talking about how well Lizzie is doing. Beth wishes Jim were there but figures he is not coming back. She talks about how Phillip wants Harley back so much. Lillian tells her she hates to see her so upset. Lillian goes up to see Lizzie; Beth is about to follow when there is a knock at the door. It's Jim. He asks if he can come in and he goes over and smiles at the baby. He tells her they need to talk. He says he has been walking around in a daze thinking about what she said and what is going on and was furious at her some of the time and tried to hate her but couldn't. He tried to forget her but in spite of all that has happened he still loves her and wants her, the baby, Lizzie and Susan. He tells her he knew all of this last week when they talked but was absolutely convinced after talking to Alan earlier that evening at the country club. He told her that Alan thought it was a great idea for him to move away and even offered him money. Jim tells her he isn't sure how they will do this yet and there is a lot to settle, but he knows that he doesn't want to live without her ever again. They hug.

In San Cristobel:
Edmund has taken over and is discussing some business with one of the royal workers. Dax comes in and questions Edmund. Edmund tells him that he is in charge in Richard's absence and is suppose to assume all royal duties. Dax tells him that isn't the case and that he, not Edmund, is in charge while Edmund is on probation and not fit to run the country. Edmund tells him that is only what he thinks. Edmund apologizes and tells Dax they got off on the wrong foot. Edmund will abide by Dax's wishes and will do whatever he can to help him. Dax says he is officially out of the loop. Edmund asks if all Richard's talk meant nothing. Dax tells him that Richard meant everything he said in a personal and not a political sense. Edmund reminds him that he is still next in line. Dax tells him that he won't be as soon as Richard has an heir. Jenny comes in and Edmund tells her to get lost. He turns back to Dax and says that Richard doesn't have an heir yet. Dax and Edmund are arguing. Dax says that Edmund is only after helping himself. Later, Jenny tells Edmund he has a mouth. She says she is starting to think everyone was right about him and that he brought all of this on himself. She tells him he's not the only one with problems that everyone has them. She kept talking until she spilled the beans by telling him to take Cassie for example. She tells him she has problems fitting in places and what if the worst happens and the doctors are right about her not being able to conceive any more children. She says she is under a lot of pressure to produce a royal heir. Edmund tells her that it would be terrible if Cassie were unable to give Richard an heir.

On the Royal Honeymoon:
Richard is carrying Cassie around. He kisses her and tells her he loves her. He has had the room filled with Roses and candles. He says they have waited so long for this night and he wants her so much. She tells him how much she loves him and how handsome he is. He says she took his breath away when she walked down the aisle. He takes off her veil, kisses her shoulder and pushes down the straps of her gown. She tells him to wait a moment and leaves the room. He is very impatient. She promises it will be worth it. He sighs and takes out a bottle of champagne. Richard takes his jacket off and hears Cassie call out for him. He turns and she is standing there in a cream negligee and robe. He asks her to come closer and he kisses her again. Cassie tells Richard that she wants him so much she can't breathe. Richard says maybe they should slow things down and have some champagne. He toasts to Stella. He tells her he loves her so much and thanks God for bringing her into his life. He kisses her palm. He tells her he was closed off when they met. She was like a dream with her beautiful eyes and perfect smile. She touched his heart and let in the sunshine. They kiss again. He puts down the glasses and takes her hands. He tells her they are not Stella and Dwayne or the Prince and Princess, just the two of them loving each other and there will be no more interruptions. He tells her nothing bad will happen when she is in his arms. Cassie's robe drops to the floor. Cassie starts undressing Richard as well. She wants to look at him. Part of her can't believe that it is real and that he loves her. She feels complete and knows she has put him through a lot. He only remembers meeting her on a beach and falling madly in love with her. He can only recall wonderful moments with her. The one torturous moment he recalls is the one when they decided to wait. She says they don't have to wait anymore. He says no they don't. He picks her up and carries her to the bed, kissing her the whole time. They make love. Richard and Cassie are lying next to each other holding hands. He says he loves her and never wants to be apart from her again. Cassie asks him how long their honeymoon will last. He tells her as long as she wants. Cassie tells him she wants him to last forever and wants to know where they are going. He won't tell her and says it is a surprise. She says he has already surprised her. They kiss again. He tells her this is only the beginning.

At the Country Club:
Jim is talking to the bartender. He tells him he is interviewing for a job in Chicago and may be leaving SF. Alan comes in and asks to speak to Jim. Alan says that Beth thinks she has lost him and wants to know if that is true since he overheard him tell the bartender he may leave town. Alan says he is concerned for his grandchildren but assures Jim he believes he is doing the right thing. He tells him that there are some things, like Phillip and Beth that are just too big to go up against. He understands that Jim wouldn't want to compete with his son especially after all the lies, cheating and deception. Jim tells him that he thinks he will leave Springfield for good. Alan thinks that is a great idea and asks when he will be going. Alan pulls out his checkbook and Jim gets offended that he is trying to buy him off. Jim tells him that he just gave him a new perspective and thanks him for his help. Jim leaves.

At a restaurant in SC:
Noah, Reva and Phil are in a restaurant talking about his marriage. Reva says to give it time. Phil says that he is not sorry about what happened because the baby saved Lizzie's life. He is sorry for lying and hurting Harley but the situation is not black and white. Reva tells him that after the hurt will comes acceptance and maybe then they can have forgiveness. Reva says that she and Josh can still talk to one another. Phil says but they are splitting up and leaves. Noah tells her that her heart is in the right place. He asks if she thinks Harley could forgive Phillip after what he did and if she thought she could forgive something like that? She said if you love someone enough you can forgive anything. Noah is glad to hear it. Reva ask if he has a deep dark secret he wants to confess. Noah tells Reva there is something in his past he hasn't been completely honest about. He starts to say something and then says he never made Eagle Scout. She says she loves the no baggage aspect of him. She has enough baggage for both of them. She asks him if he has something he wants to tell her. Phillip comes back in and tells them he is leaving SC tonight and his marriage is over. He will just have to help Beth with his children.

Wednesday, July 19, 2000

At the Country Club:
Josh and Olivia are at the bar talking about the movie they went to see. Reva's name is brought up and Olivia says she understands about his past with her. Josh goes to call the kids and Claire walks up behind her and asks her when she got back in town. Claire updates her on the Rick and the Michelle and Danny situations and complains about Abby making trouble for her. Claire tells Olivia she is going to take Abby out of the equation. Olivia is telling Claire about Josh looking for a divorce. Reva has a new man in her life. Claire says that Olivia hates Reva and she should admit it. Sometimes hate is the only thing that keeps Claire going. Olivia tells Claire that hatred can consume you and you still don't get what you want. Claire says she is just angry right now. Olivia asks what her ideal life is. Claire says that Michelle would dump Danny, go to med school and marry a doctor and Abby would move to DC. Olivia says that she met Josh at a low point in her life. She has what she wants now and Claire can have it too if she makes up her mind. Claire leaves.

Blake and Ross are talking. She has writers block and a deadline. Ross tells her it wouldn't be the end of the world if she didn't write anything else and that maybe she is just trying to hard. Ross sees Josh and tells him he needs to find another attorney. He feels it is wrong to work with him since he knew he and Reva as a couple. Ross tells Josh he wishes there was a chance he and Reva could get back together. Josh tells Ross that he thinks the divorce is the right thing and Josh goes back to Olivia. He tells Olivia that Reva and he will be spending more time together in hopes that they can reach a settlement without lawyers. Olivia looks through her address book and uses her cell phone to call a tough attorney. Meanwhile, Blake is writing at the table and says maybe she should forget the royalty angle. She will write about a plumber who meets a woman in a bar. She watches a couple meet and says she just can't write. Ross gives Blake a drink and wants to read what she has written. He tells her that what she writes is always better than she thinks. He tells her to relax and have a drink. She will be inspired soon then he tells her he resigned from the Lewis divorce. Ross is talking and realizes Blake is not paying attention. He wants to go home and goes to get the car. Blake is eavesdropping on the couple at the bar, and then gets upset when they leave.

At the Bauer's:
Abby is in her robe on the balcony. Rick kisses her neck telling her he wants to make love and the house is empty so they won't be interrupted. He takes off his shirt and takes the phone off the hook. Rick kisses her and Abby tells him they will make a baby tonight. They go to bed. Later, Rick and Abby are snuggled in bed. He asks her if she thinks she is pregnant. Later, he tells her he will drive her to Washington, DC. He adores her and wants her to take the job. He gets out of bed to go get something. Abby takes the birth control pills out of the nightstand drawer and takes one.

At the Spaulding's:
Jim tells Beth he doesn't know how they will do it but he knows he wants to be a family again. Beth hugs him. He said he tried to walk away but he couldn't stop loving her. Beth says she loves him too. Alan made him realize that Beth is all he really wants but he wants things on his terms. He wants them to move out of the mansion and back into their own house. He says he is looking for a job in Chicago. They need a fresh start. She starts to object but then agrees. This is the only way to do this. Jim is talking to the baby and holding him. Beth sits on the couch with Jim and little Jim. Jim seems happy and says he is the most beautiful baby in the world. Beth says when he didn't call she was afraid he wouldn't come back. Jim says he wanted to make sure of his feelings. Beth says that he can't forget that the child isn't his and that she slept with Phillip. Jim says he is here and wants her back. He can't help thinking about her being with Phil. Beth says it can't be halfway; he has to forgive her. He says that it is not that easy. She says if he can't forgive her then they can't be together. She broke his trust. They both have to make the marriage work again. If he is not willing to do that, it is useless. Jim just asks her for time to adjust. Can she live with that? Jim says he would love to forget everything and go back to the way it was. Their life was perfect. Beth is willing to try but needs to know they both want the same thing. He is willing to try but there are no guarantees. He loves her more than he thought possible. Jim picks up the baby. Beth tells him he can give the baby a bottle and Jim goes to the kitchen to get it. Alan enters and says what a night. He asks for the baby. Beth asks where he went and if his meeting went well. Alan says all his negotiations go well. Jim says, "Except for this one, Pal."
Alan asks Jim what he is doing here and what he is doing with his grandson. Jim says he is putting his son to bed. Beth confronts Alan about trying to buy Jim off. Nothing is sacred to him. Alan says he was just trying to take care of his grandchildren and her. Beth isn't buying it and says it is all about control. Beth says she loves Jim and will have a family Alan can't control. If he tries anything, Alan will never see Lizzie or the baby again. Jim tells Beth he will go home now. He wants Beth to pack tonight and he will get her and the kids in the morning. Alan objects but says that it doesn't change the fact that both kids are Spaulding's. Beth says she will move to Jim's house but doesn't want to take Lizzie from SF and Noah just yet. Jim agrees and is worried about Susan. Beth tells him everything will work out. He kisses her quickly and leaves. Beth gives him his wedding ring back and he thanks her for it. He will see her tomorrow.

At Drew's:
Selena, Drew, Max and Susan are in the loft packing. Selena and Drew go to the storage room. Susan tells Max she has a plan and needs his help. She tells Max he will like it and she will be able to stay with him and get rid of Beth at the same time. Susan wants Max to help her search for a job on the Internet. They will find Jim a job in NY. Max says Jim may not want to move, especially with the baby. Susan says there is no way that Jim will go back to Beth. Drew and Selena return to the apartment. Max and Susan are going out for a while. Selena is teary and says she will miss Drew. They hug. Selena is glad that Jesse got this opportunity but wishes it was in SF. Drew tells her she will visit. Selena says she just found Drew and now she has to let her go. It just isn't fair. Drew shows Selena she has the pin she gave her and will take it wherever she goes. Outside, Susan calls someone on the phone about a job for Jim, pretending to be his secretary. She tells them she will forward his resume and be in touch.

In San Cristobel:
Noah and Phil are drinking in the restaurant while Reva is packing. Noah asks Phil about his situation. Phil says that he agreed to give up his rights to the baby and now he thinks that was wrong and now the secret is out and he has no marriage. Noah asks about the baby and Jim. Phillip tells him that he will be there for his son. He said he would help Beth raise his children. Noah asks about Harley. Phillip said she will not come back to him and he has to focus on his son. He says something about Jim abandoning his family as well. Noah tells Phillip not to pass out cigars just yet.

Thursday, July 20, 2000

In San Cristobel:
On the Yacht: Cassie is impressed with the ship and talks about all the staff. Richard tells her that he just wants her to enjoy herself. Cassie starts kissing Richard while he describes the rest of the amenities. She doesn't seem interested in anything but him. A porter walks in with the luggage. Cassie says some of her luggage isn't there. The porter apologized profusely and told her he would find it. Cassie was shocked and told Richard she wasn't used to people treating her like that. He told her to get used to it, she is royalty. She said she would have to practice bossing people around. Richard said she could practice on him. So she ordered him to make love to her. Later in bed, Cassie told Richard she hopes she lives up to him and hopes she can give him the heir he wants. He only wants her to think of happy thoughts. He asks if she trust him. She said she did and he tells her to trust that all will be fine because they were meant for each other and nothing else matters. Later, Richard feigns sleeps and Cassie tries on her tiara. Richard laughs and asks tells her she needs her scepter. She hits him with her pillow and kisses him. The engines cut off and she asks him what is wrong with the ship. He tells her nothing is wrong.

Cassie steps off the ship onto a private beach with servants and an intimate dinner for her and Richard waiting. They kiss.

At the palace: Jenny is reading the paper concerning the Royal honeymoon to Edmund. He tells her that he hopes they enjoy their trip and just wishes she and Richard could sproduce an heir. Jenny said it may not be absolute and maybe Cassie will get pregnant on their honeymoon. Jenny goes for a phone call and Edmund says he has a better ending in mind. Edmund thinks awhile and tries to go into the throne room. It is locked. He walks back and then Dax and another guard come in and open the Throne room. Edmund follows them in and apologizes to Dax for the way he had acted earlier. Edmund tells him that he has tried to work very hard to regain his brother's trust and is worried about the country. Dax didn't know why he would be worried and Edmund tells him that Cassie may not be able to have children. Dax doesn't know why Richard wouldn't tell him about that. Edmund told him that it was because he knew it could be fatal to the monarchy. Edmund apologizes for telling Dax about Cassie. Dax can't believe that Richard kept something of that magnitude from him. Edmund said that was the reason for doing the things he had done. Dax told him it was because of his wanting the throne. Edmund tells him that he knows he had his doubts about Cassie. Dax tells him he overcame them long ago. Dax said he would talk to Richard about this.

Jenny comes back and Edmund is sitting in the throne. He asks her about the Doctor. He pretends to have forgotten his name and asked her about it. She tells him that he has hurt Cassie enough and she will not be a part of it.

At the Country Club:
Jim is thinking about when he told Susan about the baby. Susan comes in to meet him for breakfast. She apologizes for not telling him about the job search and explains why she did it. Jim tells her that he had the same idea about moving. Susan got very excited and said that she was glad they were moving to NY. Jim tries to tell her what his idea is but the waiter interrupts them. The waiter leaves and Jim tells her that he wants his family back together with Beth. Susan is upset and doesn't want her in their family. He tells her that getting out of SF will be fine and they can work through it and have a new start. Susan tells him she won't go with them. Jim tells her to vent and get everything out so they can deal with it. She tells him that Beth is a liar and a cheater. He tells her sometimes you have to forgive people and move on. Susan said she will not forgive her and she hates her. Jim tells her that he loves Beth and the baby and Lizzie and wants to stay with her. Susan argues with him. He tells her that it was hard for him to come up with this decision but he has. Susan doesn't want him to do it. Jim tells her this will be a good thing. She tells him Beth will never be a part of her life. She said he was her hero once and now she has no idea who he is. He asks her to help him put the family back together. She doesn't want any part of it. He tells her they can all be a family with the new baby. She said the baby is not her brother and not his son. He tries to reason with her but she says that she will live with Harley and he can do whatever he wants.

At the Spaulding's:
Phil brings Lizzie a gift from San Cristobel . She goes upstairs to show the baby and Beth tells Phillip about Jim and her reconciliation. She tells him that they are going to move out of town for a fresh start and Phil blows up. He tells her there is no way he will allow her to take his children out of SF. Beth tells Phillip that she understands how he feels. Beth tells him to think about Harley. Phillip tells her she can't leave town. Beth tells him that he can't take away their chance at a family. He said he didn't care she could leave. Phillip tells her he almost lost Lizzie to cancer and he wont let her move her off somewhere. They argue. She wants to be with someone who loves her and have a family with him. Phillip asks what will happen when Jim wakes up and resents her and the baby and leaves them. Beth tells him he won't do that because he loves her. Beth said the real reason he is so angry is that Phillip is jealous that Jim came back to her and Harley left him behind. Phillip tells her that it has nothing to do with Harley. Beth tells him that it has always been about Harley. Phillip tells her that it has nothing to do with jealousy and she had better take him seriously. She tells him that she has full custody. He tells her she doesn't have full custody of the new baby and he will drag her through hell before he lets her take his children away. Beth tells him he does have rights but she is leaving. He tells her he isn't and she gets very angry. They are shouting when Lizzie comes down the stairs.

At the Bauer's:
Rick is helping Abby get ready to leave. She is going to testify against a bill for the hearing impaired. Rick tells her he will miss her and she tells him to go with her for a mini vacation. Rick tells her that he knows she wants him to fall for DC so they can both move there and she can take the job. She said that wasn't what she meant. He asks her to talk to him. He just wants to know what she wants. He wonders because she said she wants a baby and then she acts like she wants the job. Abby said she would try to be clearer. He tells her not to worry and they will talk when she gets back. He leaves and she goes and gets her birth control pills. She puts them in the trashcan. Rick comes back and Abby gets up. She says she will be down in a minute and pulls the pills out of the trash and puts them in her purse.

Friday, July 21, 2000

On the Royal Honeymoon:
Richard and Cassie are on the beach. They had been swimming. They are kissing again. Cassie asks him to promise their fairytale will never end. A guard comes up and interrupts with news from the palace. Richard tells the guard that Colonel Dax could handle any problems and that he doesn't wish to be disturbed unless there is a nuclear attack on the island. Richard apologizes to Cassie for the interruption and kisses her again. Cassie tells him it is who he is, the ruler of San Cristobel . He tells her that he wants some time just for them. Cassie talks about her worries of not being able to give him an heir. He tells her that Tammy and RJ will be his children and if they are unable to have natural children he will change the rules and let Tammy and RJ be the heirs. She asks if he can do that and he said they have defied all the rules until then so why not. Cassie tells Richard a story about a pirate burying his treasure in the spot that made him the happiest and he would come back every year and add to it. She says this beach is the spot where they have been the happiest. Richard says they will bury something as well and come back many times. He asks about how to mark the spot and she tells him in the story golden flowers grew where the treasure was. Richard buried a gold coin and he said they would have to pray something would grow there. He tells her they will always be a family no matter what and they kiss some more.

At the Country Club:
Olivia and Leo Flynn meet in the bar. She hands him a dollar as a retainer and talks to him about helping her to end the Lewis marriage. She wants him to represent Josh in his impending divorce and get the whole thing over with quickly. She tells him that Josh is honorable and she is afraid that Reva would take advantage. Olivia tells him a little about the situation. Olivia tells Leo that she and Josh love each other and that she trusts him completely however she doesn't trust Reva. Leo says that his past dealings with Reva have proven that she is a force to be reckoned with. He knows all about the Ruth Lockhart situation. She asks if he is scared to take the case and he tells her that he loves a challenge but that Josh must hire him first. Olivia tells him that she will take care of that and invites him to a cocktail party the next evening. She tells him that Josh can't know that they have spoken. Leo agrees and leaves the table to make a call. Just then Marah comes in from her tennis gave and greets Olivia. She asks what she is doing there and Olivia tells her it is business. Olivia tries to get rid of Marah when Noah comes in. Noah tells her that he is there to pick her up. He tells her that Josh and Reva are talking about the divorce. Marah doesn't want to go back home just yet and Noah offers to buy her lunch and kill a little time. They sit down to eat and when Leo comes back to Olivia's table, Marah looks at him and says that she know Olivia is up to something and that she will end up hurting her dad. She asks Noah what you call someone you know will do that in the future. He tells her you call them "enemy." Back at Olivia's table, Leo tells her that he would take the case if Josh hires him. He tries to get more money from her and Olivia threatens him with taken their case elsewhere and tells him that if he does what she wants she will recommend him to very influential people. Leo agrees to attend the party tomorrow night . He leaves and Olivia orders champagne and says after tomorrow night Reva and Josh will be history.

Noah gets a call and tells Marah to wait for him in the car. He tells the caller that he has plans for the next evening and he cannot change them. He hangs up and calls someone and makes reservations for he and Reva in Aruba for the next day.

Blake and Selena are having lunch. She invited Selena along for an apology for trying to pump her for information about her life. Selena said it was no big deal and that she was just upset about Drew leaving town. Blake asks her a lot of questions and Selena kept asking her if she was trying to get a story. Blake tells her that she has writers block and she would like a story but she just wants to talk to her as a friend now. Selena tells her it is okay as long as she disguises the characters. They talk a bit and the discussion turned to Selena's hooker days. She started to tell a story but said that she couldn't. She tells Blake that if all that she knows were made public it would hurt a lot of people. Blake is very excited and wants to know more but Selena says she can't help her. Blake promises not to give anything away and make the story so that no one will know who it is about. Selena isn't sure that it is a good idea. Selena tells Blake that disasters seems to be following her (Blake) lately. They talk more and Selena agrees to think about telling her the story of the mystery man.

At the Lewis's:
Noah and Reva are discussing her show. She has a list of all her ideas for future shows. He asks her to go away with him and pulls her onto his lap and kisses her. She asks when he wants to leave and he said they will get their plans together. He promises that they will have the best time and make love constantly. She wants to go upstairs with him and stops to kiss him in the hallway. Josh is outside the door and sees them. Reva sees him and pulls away from Noah. She answers the door and he offers to come back later. Noah thanks Josh for watching the kids while they were at the wedding. He offers to pick Marah up from tennis so that Josh and Reva alone to talk. Reva kisses Noah goodbye and he leaves. Reva turns to Josh and starts to explain but Josh tells her it is none of his business. She asks why he is there and he tells her he wanted to talk about the divorce. Reva said she knows that Ross quit. Josh tells her that they should be able to make all the decisions without lawyers and in the end let a lawyer handle the final paperwork. Josh thinks they are getting along very well. Reva thinks the rest of the divorce may not go so smoothly. Josh and Reva both have legal pads making a list of all their assets. He wants her to have most of the things and she wants him to have most of the things. They reminisce about the past and laugh a little. Reva brings out a coffee cake and coffee. Reva talks about how well they get along. Josh thinks it is great. He looks at her list and sees that she wants him to have the chair HB gave to her. They both get a little emotional and talk about the chair representing them as a couple. The conversation turned to Noah and Josh asks Reva if she loves Noah. She says she doesn't know how to describe their relationship but it wasn't love. She said it is more like freedom the property dividing and they talk about how they really don't have that much stuff. She is glad that they can be friends. Josh invites Reva and Noah to his and Olivia's party. Reva wants Josh to tell Olivia before she agrees to go to the gathering. Josh said that her presents with Noah would show her they now have separate lives. Reva asks him to tell Olivia anyway.

In San Cristobel:
Edmund is trying to get Jenny to give up Cassie's doctors name. She is on to him. He tells her that he could get the information from the secretary and wasn't trying to con her. He tells her that he is trying to help and hopes that he may know a doctor who will be able to help them. Jenny tells him that Richard will find someone for Cassie. She tells him she knows men like him and she refuses to play his game any longer. She tells him that she is not his friend, she is his enemy. Edmund goes up to her and tells her that he will have to work very hard to change her mind about him. Because he has trusted her and taken her into his confidence. He doesn't want her to tell Cassie anything they have talked about. He tells her he will change her mind one way or another and takes her out of the throne room by the arm. Later, In Edmund's room, Jenny and Edmund are lying in bed and she was talking about how beautiful their lovemaking was. She tells him she has to trust someone that can make her feel like that. She gives Edmund the name of Cassie's Doctor and leaves to get some champagne. Edmund calls the doctor and asks for a meeting the next day. Jenny returns and asks Edmund to say what he had told her again. He says, "Hurry back princess." Jenny walks back out and Edmund says that if his plan works and the doctor goes along with it he will have his own son and he will rule with him, but not with his little stripper friend.

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