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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 17, 2000 on PC
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Monday, July 17, 2000

Eve released Cedric from the hospital and asked Dara if she'd mind giving the man a ride home. An unsuspecting Cedric was shocked to see Dara come in to take him home and asked if Eve had requested that she give him a ride. He accepted to the ride home but made it clear that was all he would accept.

Ian was devastated to see the homeless person he had been looking for brought in dead. When Boardman saw the body, he asked who it was. Dr. Thornhart asked how he couldn't recognize the guy that he threw out on the street die. A cold-hearted Boardman more or less said the he got what he deserved; he was the one who choose to drink it was his fault. The man had all of his personal effects in his book bag. Upon going through the book bag, Ian found a number and called it. It turned out to be Stan's son. The son, however, coldly said that he didn't want his father's belongings because, as far as he was concerned, his father had died a long time ago. Ian could not imagine someone reacting this way and just wished that Stan did not have to die alone.

Joe and Frank started to reconnect today after Joe confessed Friday that he had been exposed to HIV. Joe tried to convince Frank that he could handle this on his own. He explained how he came into contact with it. At first Frank got loud, he could not believe that Joe would take such a chance with his life like that. After Frank calmed down and Joe dropped the tough guy act, they finally talked like adults. They reminisced about when Joe jumped off the roof with an umbrella. Frank stood idly by and let his brother take the plunge. Joe said that maybe he never learned his lesson about not taking such high risks. Frank simply said that this time he would try to catch Joe.

Kevin was shocked to Rachel at the hospital when she had just been released that day. She told him she was just concerned about a patient, that maybe he should try that some day. She was really there looking for Livvie. Livvie, meawhile, showed up at Rachel's mom's house. After checking her messages, Rachel finally decided that Livvie must have went to see her grandmother. She was right. When she got there, Livvie was talking to her grandmother on the bed. Rachel remained persistent about Livvie leaving and ultimately Livvie gave in and said that she would leave.

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

Lucy and Ian pass in the park and he stops her. She remembers him from last night there and he reminds her that he said the rain makes everything new again. An older lady arrives to meet Ian and they sit down. She told Ian about problems with her doctor bill and gives her some sample of her medications (which she can't afford). She reluctantly accepts them after he assured her they were free samples and not charity. She offers him some homemade coffee cake and he stays to chat and eat it with her. Lucy looks on.

At the hospital Joe sees Gabriela at the desk and apologizes for the way he acted the other night at dinner. She suggests they just forget it and he agrees. Chris approaches with comments about the schedule and sends Joe off. Gabriela says goodbye with seeming disgust and Chris seems pleased with himself.

Eve stops Alison in the hall and they exchange barbs. Eve asks what's up with Jamal - he never made his follow-up.

At Jamal's, Frank arrives to ask about the rent money Jamal had left for him. He thought Jamal was short on cash and could wait. Jamal told him he's leaving today.

Back at the park, Ian and the lady are chatting cheerfully about whether they are cat, dog or people persons. Ian ask Lucy and she says she's a duck. Or she has a duck. She told them about Sigmund and the lady talks about her cat. She asks Lucy if she has any kids and Lucy says 2 girls. She is offered coffee cake and when the lady gets up to give it to her, she falls and shakes. Ian told Lucy it's a seizure and they take care of her.

Eve and Chris meet at the desk. He asks about a patient she's working with and he compliments her. He then hands her the schedule and she is annoyed; she asked for one night off next week and he scheduled her. He says he is going to need everyone and leaves. Joe approaches and asks Eve what Chris was smiling about. Eve says all the power that's going to his head. She told Joe about the scheduling and he says he'll cover for her that night. She is thrilled and says so. She darts off.

Gabriela approaches Chris in the hall. He asks if she's updated the patient records and she says no, she hasn't had time to do any of them. Too busy saving patients' lives? He says not to worry about it but to get it done before her shift is over and to put in for overtime. She says thanks and she will and leaves. Eve says it seems that being available means a lot to Chris. She told him she got Joe to cover that shift next week and he says - without consulting him? He told her he has to approve al changes; he has lots of doctor to keep track of. Eve tells him to let that keep him warm at night.

Gabriela is at the desk as is Joe. They chat a bit and he told her that's why she's such a good nurse - she understands. She says she's just trying to stay open; it's easier with some people. She went back to work.

At Jamal's, Frank asks if Jamal needs anything. No. That's right, says Frank, Jamal doesn't need *anything*. Why is he leaving? Cedric? Frank tells him running never solved anything. Jamal says Frank doesn't know everything. Why does Frank care anyway? Because Jamal saved his life. Well, Frank saved his life too, Jamal says. They're square. Frank wishes him well and they shake hands. Frank leaves and Alison arrives asking where Jamal is going. He's leaving town. She says thanks for saying goodbye. She says he's not going anywhere until he told her for real what's going on.

At the park, Lucy and Ian continue caring for the lady. She says she thought she had taken her medicine; she's terrified of going t the hospital. Lucy talks to her and says she'll go with her. They agree and head off.

At Jamal's, Alison doesn't believe he's really leaving. He says he never planned on staying long anyway. She says that's news to her because he just made it up. She told him to go and have a nice life. She heads out but he stops her. He says he can see her in the BMW she's getting from dad. Too bad he won't be around to see her, she says, and leaves. Neither of them is too happy.

At the hospital, Joe is amazed that Chris had a problem with them changing shifts. Joe asks if someone has told him he's chief resident - not chief of staff. Eve says it wouldn't matter - he's too busy ordering them around. Joe suggests they could make Chris' life a living hell. If it's subtle, Eve's in. She went to lunch before Chris cuts out meal breaks, passing him on the way. Gabriela and Joe chat briefly at the desk They both seem sad and Frank, who was watching, asks Joe what was going on. Frank told Joe that Emilio said she really likes him. Joe says he likes her too but he can't do anything about it right now. Gabriela, at the desk, smack a file down and looks upset. Chris sees this and strikes up a conversation. He asks her to give him a chance to prove he's not the heartless bureaucrat everyone says he is. Will she have dinner with him? She responds - what time? Meanwhile, Frank asks Joe how he's going to tell Mary about the HIV. Joe doesn't know yet. They agree to tell her together. Eve approaches and needs Joe's help. Frank leaves and Joe and Eve talk and head off to take care of the patient.

Lucy and Ian enter with their charge. Gabriela gets a wheelchair and Ian gives instructions. They get her into a room a Ian starts to go get what he needs but she is very afraid. Lucy promises to stay with her and she acquiesces. Outside the room, Ian thanks Lucy who went to get coffee. Eve asks Ian why he's there; he's not scheduled. He told her plans changed. She asks if he'll relieve her but he says he can't. Leah is his date. They talk and Eve says he thinks he know so much more than the rest of them because he's been "out there." He seems bemused as she stalks off.

Wednesday, July 19, 2000

When Livvie phones, Rachel assures her daughter she's coping well with the anniversary of Grace's death. Meanwhile, Kevin makes a reservation for his favorite table at Mario's in anticipation of a romantic night out with his wife. Lucy continues to make herself invaluable as Ian treats Leah in the ER following her seizure. After making bail, Cedric demands his cut from Jamal. Eve graciously invites Lucy to join her and Kevin for dinner, then is annoyed when Ian decides to tag along as well. Cedric orders Jamal to see to it that Alison doesn't testify against him. At Mario's, Lucy gets flustered to see a couple with a young baby seated at the next table. After telling her mother she's returned to Phoenix, Livvie heads to Mario's for a bite to eat but is forced to run out on the check when she discovers she has no money to pay her bill. Watching the girl fly out the door, Lucy takes it upon herself to cover Livvie's tab. Chris brought Gabriela to Mario's for their first date but quickly finds himself surrounded by hostile stares. Unable to tolerate Chris' presence, a shaky Lucy apologizes to her friends and leaves early.

Thursday, July 20, 2000

Karen returns from rehab and boasts to Frank that she's been "clean" for twenty days now. She is startled when he gives her the terrible news that Christina was kidnaped. In the park Rachel flashes back to her childhood with Grace. Back at the hospital, when she finds Kevin talking with her suicidal patient, she squares off with Kevin over his treatment when he claims that she's not giving him the help he needs. He warns that the man could die. Calling Estelle supposedly from Phoenix, Livvie starts asking her grandmother why her mother doesn't want her hanging around town. Estelle suddenly starts raging about a man who she vows to make pay for what he's done. Rachel rushes to calm Estelle, reminding her that it was fifteen years ago tomorrow that their "shining star" was taken from them. Kevin and Ian talk about setting up a clinic at the hospital to provide better care for the elderly. Gabriela walks in on Jill taking her HIV medication. Though shot down for a second date, Chris upsets Joe by boasting about his dinner with Gabriela. Eve blasts Chris for his actions and warns him he'll end up a lonely man if he doesn't stop trying to make everyone miserable.

Friday, July 21, 2000

by ABC

After a chat with Jennifer, a friend back in Arizona, Livvie decides to look up Grace in the Department of Records. There, she finds information about her own mother instead. When Eve makes fun of Rachel's mention of how special today is, Rachel reveals that today is the anniversary of the death of Grace. Caught off guard at first, Eve told Rachel to get past it and get on with her life. Confronting Jamal at his place, Cedric points out where he was shot during the holiday and hints that Alison was very lucky that she wasn't shot.

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