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Port Charles Recaps: The week of July 10, 2000 on PC
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Monday, July 10, 2000

Today we see the mysterious Livvie and find out that she is Rachel's daughter. Rachel urges Livvie to leave and she does not understand why her Mom wants her to leave. She asks her Mom why she doesn't want anyone to now that she is her daughter. Rachel takes a firm stand and told her to leave immediately. As Livvie leaves she bumps into Kevin. Rachel looks on with a mysterious look in her eye.

Garcia comes to Jamal's room and told him he knows about Cedric but wants whatever information he can give him. Jamal sticks by his story and say he does not know anybody by the name of Cedric. Garcia then gives up and hands Alison and Jamal his card and told them to call if they remember anything. After he leaves Alison wonders if maybe they should tell Garcia what they know.

Joe and Frank talk about Neil. Frank asks Joe what is up with him and Gabrielle and Frank says, "just friends that is all." Joe then has to leave to go take care of a patient. As he walks away Frank looks at Joe and he can tell something is bothering his brother.

Eve tries to tell Chris to back off on being so bossy. She informs him that they way he is acting is not going to win him any friends. He then has a run in with Thornheart. When he commits on the way Thornheart practices telling him he needs to take less time on the minor cases and stop wasting the hospital's time. Thornheart lays in to him and gives him a big piece of his mind then walks away. Meanwhile Gabrielle is standing there and over hears everything. To help his crushed ego he yells at Gabrielle for not putting the lab results into a patient folder fast enough.

When Alison takes Jamal for a walk you see Cedric lurking in the halls Alison later leaves Jamal to walk for himself. When she went to bring him a juice she bumps into Cedric. He then grabs her. Kevin sees the commotion and told the nurse to call security. Frank then comes around the corner and tries to go over to help. At the same time Jamal comes around the other corner and sees it but it is too late to help because he already has a knife to Alison's throat. He told everybody to stop not to move or else she gets it. He is not going to let her go until they tell him where Valerie is. If anybody moves he is going to cut her. The nurse didn't even have time to call security.

Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Eve runs into Chris who told her to cover ER. She says she was with a patient and asks if there's a trauma coming in. She asks what need to be done and he says a cyst needs to be drained. Eve says she understands, he doesn't want to get his hands dirty.

The bellman comes to Lucy's door with a message that Serena has been hurt. Lucy rushes off. Meanwhile Scott carries Serena into ER with a badly cut hand. She is scared and hurt. Chris went to take care of her but Serena wants nothing to do with him. She asks Scott to make him go away and says not him when Scott says Chris is a good doctor. In the hall Cedric holds a knife to Alison's throat and says he will kill her if Jamal doesn't tell him where Val is. Jamal says he has a phone number but that's all. Kevin and Frank stand by to help as Courtney offers Cedric money and begs for her life. As Alison sobs, they try to negotiate with Cedric. No deal. Jamal offers to take Cedric back to his place to get the number. No deal again. Jamal does get Cedric annoyed enough to let his guard down and Frank jumps him. Kevin jumps in and they get the knife. Security is called. Jamal is comforting Alison, who has a wound on her arm, and she is worried about him; he has opened his stitches.

Back in ER, Scott continues to attempt to get Serena to let Chris treat her. She tearfully agrees but only if Scott stays with her. She says Chris is married to the lady who stole Christina. Lucy rushes in and tries to comfort Serena who is rather cold. When Lucy sees Chris, she flips out. Scott tries to calm her but she continues her tirade. Eve enters and offers to take over which is good with everyone. Lucy follows him into the hall, still yelling about Julie and Christina. Chris says nothing and walks away. In the room, Eve is stitching Serena up and asks if it's okay if Scott leaves as long as Eve is there. Serena says okay. Exit Scott. Rachel, walking through the halls, runs into Livvie and is furious that she's still there. Rachel asks if Livvie has eaten and she has not. She asks if Rachel will go to the coffee shop with her so they can talk and she can eat. Livvie says she'll get something to go and meet Rachel in her room. Rachel watches her walk away and turns to return to her room when Kevin approaches. He says she looks like she's going to faint and insists on walking her back to her room to avoid having to carry her.

Frank helps Jamal back to his room while a nurse went for someone to repair his stitches. Franks advises him to not pursue pay back. Cedric is in jail and will stay there quite a while. It can all be over if Jamal will let it be.

Lucy has followed Chris and is still yelling at him. He says he's not taking the wrap for something Julie did. Chris told her that if she wants to blame someone to look in the mirror. Scott approaches and drags Lucy off. He's annoyed with her and told her she's making things worse. Kevin has delivered Rachel to her room when she told him she's had enough of his charming bedside manner. He says that's okay. He isn't being appreciated anyway. She says that's because he isn't sincere. He says that's okay, once she's better, it'll be business as usual anyway. She says she looks forward to that. He's glad one of them does. Exit Kevin, enter Livvie. She's brought Rachel a raisin oatmeal cookie but says it won't be as good as the ones Rachel makes. Rachel told her that her colleagues would be surprised to find she even bakes. Livvie says that's one more reason to stay. Rachel doesn't want to argue any more tonight so she gives Livvie her keys and told her to stay at her apartment until Rachel calls her. She offers directions but Livvie has already dropped her bags off there. The super let her in but seemed surprised that Rachel even had a daughter. Livvie offers to sleep in the chair; she has her graduation pictures they could look it. Rachel says she'd love that but is just not up to it now. Livvie says okay and they hug with Rachel crying and saying how much she missed her daughter. In Jamal's room, Boardman fixes Jamal's stitches, makes a sarcastic remark and leaves. Frank continues trying to talk sense to Jamal. Jamal asks Frank to give Alison a message - he has a prettier scar than she does.

Chris is stitching Alison's arm and she asks if there will be a scar. He says no and she's glad as she wants no reminders. Wrong place, wong time? It's a good thing it was her, says Alison, because someone else might have been scared and she is cool even in crisis mode. They chat good-naturedly while he finishes.

Eve, with Serena, fixes her hand up and they talk. Serena told her Lucy says Chris knows where Christina is. Eve says she knows Lucy think that but she honestly doesn't think he does.

Scott and Lucy continue the debate. It turns out Serena cut her hand trying to make her dad a sandwich. This is apparently Lucy's fault. Scott insists that Serena doesn't know what Lucy will say or do and is frightened. He says if she can't pull herself together for her own sake, she should do it for Serena. He stalks off and Lucy is left very hurt.

Eve and Frank leave Jamal's room as Alison enters. Franks asks Eve if Jamal will be okay and she says amazingly he will. Frank told her he'd be hurt too if not for Kevin. Eve told him that if he doesn't get Jamal straightened out, he's in for a lifetime of trouble.

In Jamal's room, he and Alison. He asks if, since he saved her life, could she be a bit less of a pain in the butt? They agree that they're even.

Boardman is in Rachel's room. She's asking why she can't go home. He asks if the staff is treating her well and she says yes but she could do without Kevin. He offers to call him and she says he's galant and pulls him down to sit on her bed. She says not many colleagues can be as close as they are. He says it's been a while. Rachel told him she'd recover better in the privacy of her own bedroom. He told her she can leave first thing in the morning.

Eve catches up with Kevin and asks if he's okay. He says it was better than tangling with Rachel. Eve told him about Serena being brought in. She is very concerned about Lucy's reactions feeling they were over the top even for Lucy. Kevin says Chris is a big boy. Eve says maybe but it seems pretty paranoid to her.

Lucy approaches Scott to ask how Serena is. Scott says she's okay and Lucy wants to go say goodnight. Scott told her he doesn't think that's a good idea. He really believes it's best. Lucy is wounded and Scott tells her he wants her with Serena; he wants her to come home with him tonight but he can't take the chance. Lucy says she's never hurt her but Scott says she IS hurting her. Serena comes out to leave and Lucy told her, through tears, that she loves her and that will never change no matter where Lucy lives. Serena turns away and she and Scott leave. Lucy is heart broken.

Wednesday, July 12, 2000

Jill encourages a reluctant Joe to let his family know that he's been exposed to HIV. Mark and Ian engage in another bout of verbal sparring. Chris boxes up all of Julie's belongings and instructs the building's janitor to dispose of the stuff at once. Scott asks Gail to drop by the fire house after Serena awakens screaming from a nightmare. Admitting how upset she was by Lucy's hysterics in the emergency room, Serena confides to her grandmother that she wishes everything could go back to the way it was before Christina disappeared. Meanwhile, Kevin returns to the Port Charles Hotel to speak to Lucy after hearing about the debacle at GH. Ian advises Joe not to let a wonderful woman like Gabriela slip through his fingers. Later, Mary takes note of a certain nurse's obvious interest in Joe and prods her son to invite Gabriela to a Scanlon family dinner. Kevin convinces Lucy to leave her hotel room and take a stroll with him through the park. Scott decides to take Serena back to Canada.

Thursday, July 13, 2000

Newly determined to win back the love and trust of her remaining daughter, Lucy puts in a surprise appearance at the firehouse. When Scott explains that he's taking Serena to Canada for an extended vacation, Lucy frantically begs him not to take her child away from her once again. An angry Frank confronts Courtney after learning how she deliberately neglected to pass on an urgent message from Alison the previous week. Livvie welcomes her mother home with a stroll down memory lane. Though Rachel objects, Livvie stubbornly insists that she's going to remain in Port Charles indefinitely. When her daughter wonders aloud about some connection between the town and her Aunt Grace, however, Rachel grows furious and orders her to drop the subject. During a relaxing day by the water, Kevin muses to Eve about how much his life has changed over the last few years. Lucy puts on a brave face for Serena as she bids the girl goodbye. Courtney and Frank kiss and make up.

Friday, July 14, 2000

by ABC

Rachel attempts to interest her daughter in going on a cruise but Livvie guesses that her mother wants to hustle her out of Port Charles because she's ashamed of her. Lucy returns to the firehouse after Scott and Serena leave for Canada. Cradling one of Christina's favorite dolls, Lucy weeps to remember holding her baby daughter. As Victor and Mary prepare a big family dinner at the Scanlon house, Joe is taken aback to discover that his matchmaking mother invited Gabriela to join them. While searching the park for Stan, Ian comes across Lucy sitting alone in a deep depression. Rachel again tries to convince Livvie to leave town immediately but refuses to explain why. A humiliated Gabriela hurries away as Joe angrily orders Mary to stop meddling in his personal life. After everyone else departs, Frank takes his brother to task for his rude behavior, then is stunned when Joe blurts out that he may have HIV.

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