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Passions Recaps: The week of July 17, 2000 on PS
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Monday, July 17, 2000

On the dock Pilar forbids Theresa to go to the Crane mansion and to stay away from Ethan! Theresa tells Whitney of Ethan saving her life again. That Ethan chose to leave Gwen to save her from drowning. She tells Whitney she knows of a way to reach Ethan. Pilar goes to the Crane mansion to check on Mrs. Crane.
Back at the Crane mansion. A drunken and very bruised Julian greets everyone. Ethan blasts his father for not staying at the dock to see if they where found safe or not. Julian blows off everyone wondering why his wife was on the boat in the first place. Ivy sits looking into her locket. She looks at the pictures of Sam and Ethan as an infant. Julian vows to find out her secrets! Alistair phones him and blasts Julian for hitting on Eve! Alistair reminds Julian,"T.C. could kill you with his bare hands." Julian explains,"it was not my fault, someone drugged my drink!" "I believed that witch, Tabatha Lennox and her doll did it." Alistair reminds him to stay away from them. Julian explains "I believed that little doll came to life and fixed me a drink called a MarTimmy." Alistair blasts,"things have gone to hell because of you and your stunning ineptitude!" "Your a disgrace to the family name!" He's made a decision to disinherit Julian and name Ethan as heir. Alistair calls him a loser!
Pilar checks on Ivy. Ivy tells pilar ,"I told Sam he was Ethan's father!" Pilar affirms "you've sealed your own fate and doomed your own families destruction! Ivy believes that Sam will come back to her now that he knows Ethan is his son. Pilar warns Ivy,"you have now opened Pandora's box and you will destroy your family and everyone you love!" They overhear Alistair on the speaker phone disinheriting Julian. Ivy's fantasies of Ethan inheriting the Crane wealth is suddenly shattered when she realizes Pilar is right. Ivy exclaims, "I've just destroyed our future!
Gwen is furious at Ethan and outraged at everyone! She told her mother of Ethan leaving her to save Theresa! She orders Ethan to talk to her about what is going on! She ask'"tell me Ethan, has Theresa told you she loves you?" Ethan's silence is her answer. Gwen yells,"I'm going to that lying little bitch's house and rip her apart!" Ethan stops her. He explains all Theresa has done was everything Gwen had asked her to do. That her mother put this all in her head. Ethan tells her he loves only her. Gwen forgives him and ask his forgiveness for acting like a crazed jealous woman. Sneaking up the back steps are Theresa and Whitney listen in on them. Gwen kisses Ethan and tells him she'll leave by the backsteps to avoid Julian. Whitney takes off afraid they'll be caught. Whit tells Theresa,"call me when you want me to bail you out of jail or after Gwen rips you apart!" Gwen goes to change clothes. Theresa sneaks in Ethan's bedroom. Ethan walks in and Theresa tells him again she loves him. She ask," I want to know Ethan, how do you feel about me?" Just then Gwen outside the door stops and decides to get one more kiss from Ethan.
Back at the Bennett home, T.C. asks Sam if Ivy ever got to tell him her secret. Sam tells T.C.,"I can't until I check it out!" Grace tells Eve while they were out there she felt as if someone was trying to seperate them. Then she reminds Eve how lucky they both are to have such great husbands and how they have no secrets from each other. They all discuss Ethan for berating Sam. Sam defends Ethan. T.C. is shocked. Grace says Ethan reminded her of someone. After the Russell's leave the phone rings. Grace answers and says,"Sam it's your son." Sam replies,"Ethan?" Grace says,"I said your son Noah not Ethan. She realizes who Ethan reminds her of. She tells Sam,"Noah, Ethan and Noah could be brothers!" Sam is shocked!

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

The Bennett House:
Grace tells Sam she knows what's going on with him -- he's having trouble solving a case! Relieved, Sam agrees with her, and she cheers about their internal closeness, and offers to give him a hand. She asks him what the case involves, and an inner voice reiterates Sam's question about Ethan's parentage. He tells Grace now isn't the time to talk about the case -- maybe later. Grace presses for more information as to why Sam is so upright -- she loves him, and knows he wouldn't keep something important from her that would affect their family. Sam tells her that she means everything to him, and that it would kill him. Suddenly, Grace says she knows why Sam is so upset. He's worried about Hank -- his muggers are still at large. Sam admits that the mugging is bothering him. He worries about Hank's relationship with Sheridan -- the Cranes have a nasty habit of ruining people's lives. Grace asks how true love can hurt -- imagine Hank marrying Sheridan. Grace thinks it would be fun to have the Cranes (excepting Julian) as in-laws, even though Ivy's only a Crane by marriage. Sam says Ivy is just as bad as the rest of the damn Cranes, and Grace wants to know what he has against her. Sam says Ivy's getting bad, and Grace says that is even more reason for Hank to marry Sheridan -- if the Bennetts marry the Cranes, it will be good for the whole town. Sam says that she's a wonderful person, and Grace assures him that she doesn't envy the Cranes -- she has everything she could ever want. She tells Sam that she understands why he envies Julian, because he has something Sam wants more than anything -- two sons. Sam turns and yells at her that he doesn't need Ethan as his son. He covers himself by saying that they'd been talking about Ethan all night, and Grace chalks it up to her remark that Ethan and Noah could be brothers. She apologizes for talking up a blue streak, and tells Sam that he doesn't have to pretend he isn't upset that they didn't have another son. He tells Grace that she is the best wife he could ever have, and that he loves her and their family (including surrogate daughter Charity). He doesn't need another son (but he looks longingly at Ethan's photograph on the newspaper). Grace tells Sam she's headed to bed. He tells her he'll be there in a second, but wants to check in at the station first. He says he can't rest until he KNOWS if Ethan's his son, and decides to check the Internet for information. Immediately, a picture of Ethan loads up.

The Docks:
On the docks, Luis tells Sheridan he would rather be safe than sorry -- she's to go home with Hank, and he'll be there soon. Hank tells Les that there's no way he'll kill Sheridan, but Les tells him he has no choice. If he kills her, he'll have money in his pocket, and no debt with Les. If not, the consequences will be enormous. Hank heads over to Luis and Sheridan, and Luis tells Hank to take her home. Sheridan takes Hank's arm and says she trusts Hank with her life. Hank looks over to Les, who aims an imaginary gun at his head and pulls the trigger. The two leave.

Sheridan's Cottage:
Arriving back at the cottage, Sheridan tells Hank she feels very safe with him -- she and Luis just rub each other the wrong way. Hank tells her Luis is just the way he is. Sheridan wonders why Luis would risk his life to save her or Ivy, and Hank says that's the way Luis is -- he does the right thing instinctively. Sheridan flashes back to the kiss on the docks before the she overheard the Luis imposter. She goes to get coffee. Hank says he wishes he was more like Luis, who always does the right thing. Sheridan says he is, and Hank says no, not always.

Luis calls Sheridan at the cottage, and she tells him there are no hitmen in sight. In the background, Hank looks worried. They argue over the phone, and Sheridan hangs up. Sheridan looks at Hank and says he looks extremely tense. When she presses, he says her safety is all he can think about. The two embrace, and Sheridan feels the gun inside his inner pocket. She takes it out and asks him what he's doing with it.

He asks her not to tell Sam and Hank and places the gun on the table, but she blasts him for saying he'd get rid of it then lying to her. He tells her he didn't feel right protecting her unarmed. She apologizes for doubting him, but says that she hates violence. Hank rubs his forehead, tense. She tells him that sometimes people have to do things they wouldn't normally do. A desperate Hank agrees with her -- sometimes people get backed into corners and have to do things they know are wrong. Sheridan asks him if he's one of those people -- she knows he's not telling her something. He tells her he doesn't want to talk about it, then backtracks by telling her he was just speaking hypothetically. She tells her that if he needs to talk, she's there for him. When she leaves, Hank admits to himself that this whole mess is his fault. (Flashback to Les telling him that there are consequences if he doesn't do it.) Torn, Hank reaches for the gun, but puts it back down. Instead, he grabs a vase and throws it against the wall. He's obviously close to breaking down. Sheridan rushes out to ask what's wrong. Hank has tears in his eyes as he looks away.

Hank says sometimes things are Just more than he can handle, and collapses in a nearby chair. He doesn't know what to do, but he can't tell Sheridan. She tells Hank she understands -- first he's beaten, then the prom disaster. Hank looks desperate and exasperated, tears still in his eyes. Sheridan says the gun was his way of getting back in control -- control over whether she lives or dies. Sheridan continues to try to cheer Hank up, but from the way he is rubbing his neck, it's obvious he's getting more worried and more tense by the minute. Sheridan makes a joke that the only reason she would be in danger is if Hank was coming to get her. Before Hank can say anything, his pants ring. It's Les on the phone -- he wants to know if Sheridan's alive or dead. Hank excuses himself to take the call. He tells Les there is no way he will kill Sheridan. Les tells Hank that if he doesn't kill Sheridan, he will go after his family -- his brother, his sister-in-law, their kids...if he doesn't kill Sheridan, Les will start thinning out the Bennett clan. With the same tortured look he's worn all night, Hank realizes he's caught between a rock and a heartache.

The Docks:
On the docks, Luis is talking on the phone to the station, telling them he's almost done. Agent Freeman shows up and asks where Sheridan is. Luis says she's with Hank, and Freeman wants to know if he's lost his mind. Freeman asks about Hank. Who is he, how long has Luis known him...Luis assures him that Hank's safe -- he's the police chief's son, and they've known each other all their lives. Freeman says safety is debatable -- they've just gotten a tip that there is a new hitman on the job, and he's a local boy.

The Crane Mansion, Downstairs:
As Julian listens, his father tells him that he's out as the next head of the Crane family empire -- the role will go to Ethan. In the hallway, Ivy laments that by telling Sam he's Ethan's father, she has put all of her dreams for Ethan and his future in jeopardy. She knows Sam will want Ethan to know the truth, and that Ethan won't take what isn't his by birth. Pilar says that's not all Ethan will lose -- he'll be destroyed when he loses his identity as a Crane, and Ivy's lust for Sam is to blame.

Julian tells Alistair that Ethan isn't ready, and he wants another chance, and Alistair castigates him for his tone. In the hall, Ivy tells Pilar that she's right -- she can't believe what her obsession with Sam has done to her. She acknowledges for the first time her irrational hope that Sam would fall back in love with her, but now she just wants Sam to keep quiet. Pilar says there's no way to fix it, and reminds Ivy that Sam is such a loving father he won't be able to stay away from his son. Ivy knows that Julian learning the truth will be the kiss of death for Ethan. Julian asks Alistair what he's done to justify his disinheritance, and Alistair says the fact that he doesn't know proves it, and that Ethan will now be groomed as the heir. In the hall, Ivy says she has sacrificed everything for Ethan, her urges and needs, and stayed away from Sam. She could have had other men, but she hasn't -- she was fine until the day that Sam Bennett walked through the door as police chief to talk to Julian about Luis. Suddenly, she became crazed with her obsession for him, lost decades of self-control, and ruined everything. Julian goes out into the hall, and finds Ivy and Pilar there. He confronts Ivy, and she admits that she heard everything. He tells Pilar to take off, and drags Ivy into the library. He accuses her of loving this, seeing him out on his ear and Ethan in charge, but he won't give up. He damns her, and his father, and says even his son won't take his rightful place. Ivy gives him heck for using the speakerphone. He blames his problems (the prom boat, being drugged) on her, saying it's her fault. He tells her that she didn't go on the boat to chaperone, she had an ulterior moment. When he learns her secrets, he'll stop her and Alistair from using Ethan against him, no matter who gets hurt. Behind Ivy, Julian is pacing. He needs to find some way to get himself a reprieve. He latches on the solution -- Ivy. He'll get Alistair so worried about what Ivy is up to that he'll forget about him. Ivy, meanwhile, is holding onto her open locket. He comes up behind her, and surprises her by bellowing "Out with it woman!" He tells her that when he learns her secret, Alistair will forget all about him. Seeing Pilar, he comments that no doubt Pilar knows her secret. But he knows she won't tell him. Ivy tries to leave, but Julian begs the question, 'What about Ethan?" Maybe he knows his mother's dirty little secret. She says there is nothing for Ethan to know. A furious Julian grabs Ivy, and pulls on her. He wants the secret, and he wants it now. When he pulls her, Ivy drops the still-open locket containing Ethan and Sam's pictures on the floor. As Julian manhandles Ivy, she looks truly frightened for the first time.

The Crane Mansion, Upstairs:
Upstairs, Theresa approaches Ethan, and tells him she returned to know whether or not he loves her. Gwen leaves Ethan's sister's room, talking out loud about how she can't believe she was so irrational about Theresa. One more goodnight kiss, and she'll head home. Inside, Ethan asks Theresa to kiss him, saying that will tell her everything.

Ethan tells Theresa kissing her won't solve anything, but he has something to tell him. Theresa interrupts him, telling him to speak his heart. In the hall, Gwen is headed into the room when her mother calls on her cell phone, asking her if she made Ethan see Theresa for the 'scheming social climber' that she is. Gwen continues to reassure her mother that neither are betraying her, but Rebecca says a man can't recognize a gold-digger -- and Gwen better get rid of her before it's too late! Ethan admits that he does have feelings for her -- deep feelings of friendship. Theresa tells him that friendship is the cornerstone of any marriage, and she knows their marriage will last forever.

Ethan says he doesn't have the words, and Theresa tells him they have all the time in the world. In the hall, Gwen says she trusts Ethan completely. Rebecca says men can't be trusted around women like Theresa, and that Gwen should do everything she can short of killing Theresa to make sure she stays away from Ethan. Theresa tells Ethan she's so glad they'll be spending the night together, there's so much she needs to say. Ethan tries to speak, but she interrupts him. Theresa tells Ethan that he has to tell her he loves her. She continues to push Ethan to tell her how he feels, but he says nothing. Gwen tells Rebecca she's overreacting, and Rebecca says it's good that she (Rebecca) sees what Theresa really is. Gwen still doesn't believe Theresa is a threat, but makes clear that she won't stand for anyone trying to steal Ethan. In the bedroom, Theresa continues to push Ethan to tell her he loves her. He says nothing, but leans in to kiss her. Gwen knocks on the door, interrupting the two before their lips can meet. Ethan rushes to the door, and asks Gwen what she's doing there. He kisses her, and Gwen mentions that her mother phoned and tried to get her to see that Theresa was a social climber. Again, she apologizes for her behavior, and Ethan says there is no need for her to apologize. Gwen asks Ethan why he is standing in the doorway, not letting her see in. In the background, Theresa edges toward the bathroom. Ethan opens the door to let Gwen in. She walks into the room, then starts laughing. She can't believe she let her mother get to her again. Gwen says that her mother almost had her believing that Theresa had snuck into the house and Ethan's room after she left. Imagine, Ethan and Pilar's daughter. In the bathroom, Theresa has a petulant look on her face, and is thinking, "You bitch. I should pull your blonde hair out by it's black roots and choke you with it!" Gwen asks Ethan if her mother is just being paranoid -- Ethan and Theresa would never go behind her's back, would they? Does he have romantic feelings for her? Ethan tells her no. They kiss, and Gwen is ready to leave, when Theresa makes a noise in the bathroom. Ethan tells Gwen there was no noise -- her mother has her acting paranoid. Gwen and Ethan kiss again, then Gwen leaves. Theresa comes out of the bathroom, and tells Ethan she almost wishes Gwen had found them together. Ethan thinks she can't be serious. Theresa says it tore her up to hear him tell Gwen he felt nothing for her, and Ethan tells her he didn't mean what he said to Gwen. Theresa again pushes him to tell her he loves her, and places a hand on his bare chest. She has to know, and she has to know now.

Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Outside The Bennett House:
Timmy and Tabitha are outside the Bennett house, watching Charity's window. Inside, the pendant is flying in the air above Charity, who is tossing and turning in her sleep. Timmy's exhausted, but Tabitha wants to stay. Suddenly Timmy gasps -- he's afraid he'll dream about the prom disaster. (Flashback to Timmy riding around on the shark.) Tabitha draws Timmy's attention to the glow in Charity's room, and says that something evil is about to happen in the Bennett house...and the person to be affected this time will be Grace. Like Charity and the rest of the Standish clan, Grace has ESP powers, albeit weak ones, and tonight, she will see the future! Suddenly Grace screams. Timmy wants to know why, and Tabitha tells him he's going to climb up the trellis to find out, despite Timmy's pleas not to. Timmy calls down that Grace had a nightmare about a woman in a hood taking Sam away from her. Tabitha says it's just the beginning -- the Cranes, Bennetts, and Russells will all be destroyed, and Tabitha starts doing a happy dance about destruction and devastation. All of a sudden, Timmy falls to the ground! Tabitha picks him up, and starts a new dance about ashes.

Inside The Bennett House:
Downstairs, Sam looks at the picture of Ethan on the computer screen. (Flashback to Ivy's confession in the water.) He asks aloud if it's possible for Ethan to be his son. In their bed, Grace dreams that she and Sam are embracing when a mysterious cloaked woman and child show up, saying that Sam is hers, and that he has always loved her. She wakes up screaming, and Sam rushes upstairs. She continues to scream, waking the girls, who rush out into the hallway. Charity says Grace is having a premonition. Sam tells the girls not to worry, and heads into the bedroom. Kay tells Charity that there is nothing wrong, like her dad said, it's just a bad dream, not a premonition. Sam tells Grace she was Just having a bad dream, and she begs him not to leave her [Grace] for her [dream woman]. Sam says 'Her? You know?' Grace says she saw everything -- a woman in a hood, coming to take Sam away, to tear the Bennett family apart. Sam embraces her. He tells her that nothing could ever come between him. Grace says that the woman just swept down and stole Sam away. He tries to reassure her that it was a bad dream, and leans in to hug her, but she pushes him back. There was something else...the woman had a little boy with her. Sam draws back, shocked.

Kay opens the door to a 'concerned' Tabitha, telling her that Grace screamed because of a bad dream. Charity says she hopes it wasn't a premonition, and Kay tells her that she was wrong, and she's not worried at all. Jessica notes that Charity, Faith, and Grace have premonitions...she finds it interesting that it runs in the family, probably passed through Grace's side of the family, and wonders if she and Kay will start having premonitions too. Kay tells her to shut up. Tabitha tells Timmy in an aside that Grace saw into the future, because someone will come for Sam, and her whole family will be ripped apart. Suddenly Grace and Sam come downstairs, and she embraces her daughters, assuring them that it was just a bad dream. Jessica goes to the kitchen for milk, and Tabitha tells Grace that they were all so worried. Sam wants to know what Tabitha is doing there, and she says she heard the screams. Jessica asks what the dream was about, and Grace tells her about the cloaked woman, then says it was just foolishness. Tabitha tells Timmy that the woman in the cloak was Ivy, and that Sam is Ethan's father, and Ethan will come between Grace and Sam. Suddenly, Grace notices Ethan's picture on Sam's laptop, and wants to know how it got there. He says that he wants to know everything he can about Ethan in case Ethan rips into him in front of the police review board. His daughters are indignant -- they think that is terrible! Sam tries to fix the situation. When Kay tries to say it's unfair, he interrupts her, and tells them it's none of his business. Suddenly Grace comments on how much Ethan looks like a Bennett. Jessica agrees, but both Sam and Kay insist there's no resemblance. Charity says nothing, but looks between Sam and Ethan with a thoughtful look on her face. Tabitha says that Charity is plotting something, and evil will be there soon.

Tabitha tells them she has to head off, and Kay mentions the rash she received from the pendant. Tabitha tells her she was probably allergic to the metal, but Kay says they'll never know because the pendant has disappeared. Upstairs, the pendant floats over Charity's bed, as she comments on the resemblance between Ethan and the Bennetts. Kay says she's headed to bed. Over at the computer, Jessica tells Sam she agrees with him -- Ethan DOES look like a Bennett. Sam tells her to head to bed, but Jessica says she's not tired. Sam admits that he wants to find out all about Ethan, and Jessica offers to help him look -- there's nothing you can't find on the Internet. Outside, Tabitha says that the revelation will change Sam's life. Upstairs, Grace continues to dream. The little boy grabs Sam's arm, and pulls him out of an embrace with Grace. Sam embraces the mysterious woman in the red cloak, with the boy by their side.

Upstairs At The Crane Mansion:
Ethan tells Theresa not to get upset. He didn't mean it when he said he had no feelings for her (he didn't want to hurt Gwen), and says he would be crazy not to have feelings for her. Theresa throws her arms around him and says she knew it, she knew he loved her. Ethan looks uncomfortable, and it's clear he's not about to make a declaration of love. She backs off, telling him that she knew fate was on her side, and now they'll get married. With a surprised look on his face, Ethan tries to speak, but she interrupts him. She says Gwen will see they're meant to be together. He tries to speak again, but Theresa interrupts. He finally gets out that he is committed to Gwen, and will not hurt her. Theresa tells him that they'll both go to Gwen, and that Gwen will give him up when she realizes how much Ethan loves Theresa. Ethan clearly has something to say, and the look on his face says Theresa won't like it, but suddenly, he 'hears' something. He grabs a shirt and heads to the hallway, where he hears his parents arguing. Pilar tells him to head downstairs. He goes, and Pilar is shocked to see her daughter has disobeyed her and come to the mansion. She tells her it is the worst possible time for Theresa to be here. She tells Theresa that she told her not to come here, but Theresa said she had to talk to Ethan, and assures her mother that Gwen didn't see her, but that it doesn't matter anymore. Pilar says of course it does, but Theresa says now Ethan is hers, and she's going to make sure he stays hers. Pilar assures that Gwen and Rebecca will fight even harder than her Theresita will. Pilar asks Theresa if Ethan has told her he loves her, and she has to admit that he has not, but she knows he will. Pilar tells her that she is playing with fire. Love is powerful, and stealing Ethan from Gwen will only hurt her. Nothing good comes from love gotten from secrets and lies, and when people in love keep secrets, it always comes back to haunt them. Theresa clues in that it's not just about her, and asks her what it IS about. Theresa asks her if it's the fight she's worried about, the Cranes. Pilar denies it, but Theresa continues to push. She says if it has to do with Ethan she has a right to know. She can't forget about the Cranes because she's going to be one of them. Pilar says she will never be a Crane -- it will be a disaster. Pilar tells her she never should have lied to Gwen -- you can't win a man by lying. She says it may take years for Theresa's lies to become known, but when they do, the walls will come tumbling down around her. Theresa tells her mother that she doesn't know what she's talking about -- her love for Ethan is too pure. Pilar tells her she's seen it happen before, and she doesn't want it to happen to her daughter. She's seen things like this happen, and she doesn't want to see it happen to her daughter. Theresa asks her if there is a secret here that would destroy the Cranes marriage. If there is a secret having to do with Ethan, Pilar has to tell her. Pilar Just tells her to stay away from Ethan -- both Gwen and Rebecca will go after her. They will hound Theresa until the truth about her lies to Ethan come out, because Rebecca is relentless. Theresa says she's not afraid, but Pilar points out that Pilar has kept too many secrets from Ethan. He won't Just laugh it off -- men hate being lied to, especially men like Ethan. Theresa said the past won't matter once Ethan is in love with her, but Pilar points out that it may never happen. Theresa says she won't leave until he says he loves her. Pilaf tells Theresa that if she loves Ethan, she will go home right now. Theresa tries to refuse, but Pilaf insists. The Crane family is falling apart, and Theresa being there will only cause more pain.

Downstairs At The Crane Mansion:
As the locket lies open on the floor, Julian asks Ivy if she has any idea how it feels to have something taken from him that he's waited his entire life for. Pilar continues to watch the two from the hallway, knowing that if Julian sees the locket, he'll know the secret. Julian continues to shake Ivy as he demands to know her secret; he says if he goes down, he'll! take her with him. He demands she tell her secret then, releasing her, and saying that her secret will save him in Alistair's eyes. Ivy says Alistair has never looked favorably upon Julian, and he says he hasn't spent his life kowtowing to Alistair for nothing -- if he has to destroy Ivy to restore his birthright, he will. Suddenly, Julian has an epiphany -- Ivy has always sacrificed everything for her son, and he realizes that whatever her secret is, it has to do with Ethan. Suddenly, Pilaf rushes in, and Julian roars at her to get the hell out (she runs). Ivy insists she has no secret, and Julian says he'll rip it out of her.

Ethan arrives downstairs and tells Ethan to let go of his mother. He wants to know what's going on, and Julian says it's time they both know the truth. Ivy says nothing, and Ethan tells his father to calm down, Ivy's been through a lot. Julian says that's nothing compared to what she's going to go through. Suddenly Julian changes tactics and apologizes, saying he's had a bad night. Then he lays the bombshell on Ethan -- Alistair has put him out to pasture, and Ethan is now the Crane heir -- all because of certain things that happened on the prom boat, which Julian blames on Ivy. Ethan doesn't understand. Julian starts talking about dark alleys, and Ethan is still clueless. Julian tells Ethan maybe he knows why Ivy has been so secretive lately, maybe HE knows why Ivy went on the prom boat. Ethan says he certainly won't push Ivy, she has a right to her privacy. Julian taunts Ethan about being on some moral high ground. Ivy says, again, that there is no secret, and Ethan takes her at her word. Julian starts giggling. Ethan says there is no way that Ivy was up to anything, and Julian says he's naive; Ivy does nothing without an ulterior motive. He wants to know why Ivy is associating with the low-rent crowd. Ethan comes between them and says he knows exactly why Ivy has been doing what she's been doing. Ivy has been involving herself in the community to drum up local support for his political future. Julian says if Ethan wants to run for something, he'll buy the election. Ivy says she will do anything for HER son. Julian corrects her, saying 'Our son.' She merely replies, "Whatever!" Ethan assures Julian that he did not ask Alistair to bypass him, and he will only run Crane industries after Julian has been in charge for a long time. He assures Julian that being a Crane means everything to him, and Julian says that together, they will run Crane industries and be a force to be reckoned with. Julian tells Ethan to ask Alistair about it at his wedding to Gwen. Ethan looks like he just remembered suddenly that he was engaged to Gwen. Julian asks Ethan if there's a problem with the wedding -- Alistair would be furious if the wedding didn't go off as planned. Ethan assures his father that of course he'll marry Gwen, he just has to take care of a few things. Ivy tells Ethan that she's sure Gwen is just having pre-wedding jitters. Julian says he's sure it will all work out -- Ethan is his son, his heir, blood of his blood. Ivy gives him a look over her shoulder. Ethan tells Julian that he owes Ivy an apologize. Julian does, but says his suspicions are logical. Ivy says she was only trying to help her son, and accepts the apology. Ethan tells Ivy she should go to bed (she demurs), and that the whole prom thing was Sam's fault. Julian agrees. Ivy says Sam went out of his way to save lives, and Ethan says it's up to the police board to decide. Julian agrees. Ethan blames their argument on Sam Bennett -- if it hadn't been for him, Alistair would never have disinherited Ethan. Julian takes the ball, and says he doesn't see why he should be punished for Sam Bennett's dereliction of duty. Ethan says that Ivy needs to spend less time with the community, and Ivy agrees, after telling him that everything she's ever done has been for him. From now on, she's going to concentrate on his marriage to Gwen, and says she's so happy that Ethan is marrying the woman he loves. Plus, it's what Alistair wants. Ethan excuses himself. Julian tells Ivy that his apology was just an act, and now he wants her to drop HER act. What secret is she so zealously guarding? He assures her that he'll find out sooner or later. Ivy tells Julian he's gone from amusing to a bore, but Julian says she hasn't answered his question. Is the truth to much to ask from his wife? He tells her he'll be watching her, and if he finds out his disinheritance is her fault, he'll destroy her. He leaves, and tells Pilar she better get in there to see to her mistress as her most trusted confidante, and heads up the stairs. Pilar asks Ivy if she's okay, and Ivy complains about Julian and Ethan's bonding, and Julian is hell-bent on uncovering her secret, and Ethan will lose everything. So she'll just have to keep quiet forever. Pilar points that she already told Sam that Ethan was his son, and Ivy says that with luck, Sam will chalk it up to her being delirious.

The Docks/Ethan's Bedroom (split scene):
Theresa phones from the docks, and gets Ethan's answering machine. She tells him how much she loves him, and that she knows he loves her. He doesn't want to hurt Gwen, but knows that together they can do anything. Listening in his room, Ethan has a thoughtful and slightly irritated look on his face as Theresa goes on about how they'll be together forever.

Thursday, July 13, 2000

Les warns Hank that he either kills Sheridan or gets eliminated himself for nonpayment of debts. As they struggle through the waves, Whitney urges Chad to leave her and save himself. After getting his family and friends to safety aboard the life boat, Sam spots Ivy floating nearby and dives back in to effect another rescue. Meanwhile, Theresa tries to console a frantic Ethan as he calls through the dark for his missing mother. As Reese finally makes his way to the raft holding the Bennetts and the Russells, Simone cries out to her father that their craft has sprung a leak. Pilar fears the worst for her children after a piece of the prom boat washes ashore. Chad entreats an exhausted Whitney to stay awake and keep treading water. Free of the pendant, Charity reverts to her old self and puzzles over how she got to the docks. As most of the prom partygoers reach the pier, Kay is relieved to learn that her cousin doesn't remember much of what transpired that evening. Miguel covers when Grace asks how he received those marks on his neck. Rebecca decides to intervene on her daughter's behalf. Half delirious, Ivy blurts out her secret to a startled Sam. Kay stumbles upon the pendant, which begins to work its evil magic once more.

Friday, July 21, 2000

Ivy admits to Pilar that she now regrets telling Sam that Ethan is his son. She worries that everything she has done for Ethan will be for a waste if Sam spills the beans to Ethan that he is not a Crane. Pilar pushes Ivy to get rid of the papers proving the truth. Instead, Ivy asks Pilar to keep the papers at her house. At the same time, Grace confides to Sam that she can't believe how much Ethan and Noah look alike. Thanks to the evil pendant she's wearing, Grace suspects that Sam is keeping something from her. As she watches with Timmy how the pendant affects Grace, Tabitha decides that this could be the answer she's looking for. Ethan's upset to find Luis and Sheridan in a compromising situation. He argues with Luis about who should be protecting Sheridan. Later, Ethan asks Sheridan for advice about his problem with Theresa and Gwen. When she asks if he loves Theresa, he decides it's time to end his problem. Meanwhile, Theresa waits for Ethan to return her phone call. Whitney panics when Chad fails to show at work and Beth finds blood at the Book Cafe. Theresa pushes her to go check on Chad. Leo calls Hank and orders him to call Sheridan now. Hank touches the evil pendant and heads out to do as ordered.

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