All My Children Recaps: The week of July 17, 2000 on AMC

Adrian tried to find Jake. Tina admitted to Hayley that she was in love with Adrian. Arlene paid Marilyn to keep Stuart at the diner. Hayley pretended to support Adam and Arlene's marriage. Becca tried to find out who Victor was. Leo rescued Greenlee after she got stranded on a deserted island.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 17, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, July 17, 2000

Dimitri blasted Edmund for setting him up to bump into Alex on the beach. Edmund explained that he hadn't planned to tell Alex that he was still alive; he simply blurted it out when Alex refused to believe that Charlotte was the head of the international spy ring. Alex called out to Edmund from somewhere in the distance. Dimitri knew he had little time to act. He begged his brother to "respect [his] wishes" and dashed into hiding behind a bush. As Alex arrived, she noticed that Edmund was acting peculiarly. "This isn't over, is it?" she asked quietly. Edmund insisted that the ordeal Alex had been through was behind her. Alex, though, knew that there were still some unanswered questions. She asked Edmund about his statement that Dimitri hadn't taken his own life. "You said that my mother---Charlotte kidnapped Dimitri," Alex said with question in her voice. Edmund reluctantly told Alex that Dimitri had been taken to Bryn Wydd and held there as a prisoner. Alex took it upon herself to jump to the mistaken conclusion that Dimitri died in the explosion that leveled the hospital. Edmund made no effort to correct her. Alex was clearly devastated by the thought that she and Edmund could have saved Dimitri from dying. "He died because he loved me," Alex sniffled. Edmund moved closer to try to comfort Alex, but she pulled away. "Don't try to make me feel better," she replied coldly. "I don't want to." Alex turned and walked away. Edmund paused for a few moments before deciding that he needed to chase after Alex. Before he could get very far, Dimitri lunged at him and tackled him to the ground. Edmund scolded his brother for expending so much energy needlessly. Dimitri, however, felt he was justified. He softly told Edmund that he was dying and that there was nothing that could be done to save his life. He asked Edmund if he thought it was fair to make Alex go through the mourning process over and over again. Edmund wrapped his arm around Dimitri and pulled him close.

Later, Edmund returned to the beach with Alex by his side. There, he promised Alex that no matter what the future held for them, they would face it together.

At The Valley Inn, Scott told Marian that he was having second thoughts about his revenge plot on Leo. Marian assured her stepson that he was doing the right thing because, after all, Leo was involved in the plot that had killed Stuart. Scott nodded and headed on his way. A few seconds later, Jack appeared tableside and Marian quickly invited him to join her. Jack accepted, but said that he could only stay for a short time because Erica would be joining him soon.

Leo and Becca took their second attempt at a first date to BJ's. Becca told Leo that their first shot at a date ended when Greenlee played a prank on her. Leo, who knew that Greenlee had staged the fake call from Opal, pretended that he knew nothing of the scam. At a nearby table, two young men eyed the couple curiously. One of the men recognized Becca, calling her "Miss Cyber Virgin." He then flashed his buddy a printout of the "target" Scott had made for his web site. A waiter appeared at Leo and Becca's table with a tray of oysters. The oysters came compliments of the next table --- the two young men. Becca had never eaten oysters and wasn't exactly sure how to eat them. Leo held a shell to her lips and instructed her to "sip" the oyster. As Becca downed the oyster, the two young men hooted loudly. Becca and Leo went over to their table to thank them for the appetizer. Upon learning that Becca hadn't eaten oysters before, one of the boys crudely replied that "there's a first time for everything." The other then jested, "You never forget your first time." Neither Becca nor Leo had any idea what the two men were gabbing about. Becca headed to the ladies' room so that she could wash the taste of oysters from her mouth. While she was gone, Scott showed up and told Leo that he was going to step back and allow Becca to explore her feelings for him. Leo was surprised, but shook hands with his competitor for Becca's affection. Becca returned just as Scott was leaving. Becca and Leo grew tired of being ogled by the two guys at the next table so they left the restaurant in search of some ice cream. The young men saw Leo and Becca leaving together and broke into loud cheering and flashed Leo a "thumbs up."

Dixie returned to work and sat down with David to discuss Dimitri's condition. David had reviewed the results of Dimitri's blood tests and determined that his recovery had taken a "deviation from its previous course." Dixie asked if there was a chance that Dimitri would get better. David shook his head and said that survival was doubtful at this point. The best thing that could come out of it, the doctor explained, was that he be allowed to treat Dimitri until the end and use his findings to save other people's lives. Dixie thought the remark was cold and asked David why he could not treat Dimitri kindly as he'd treated her. David tried to maintain that he treats all his patients the same, but his eyes were a giveaway. Finally, he admitted that Dixie was a unique and special patient. Erica burst into the office and asked Dixie why she wasn't at her desk where she belonged. She then lashed out at David for "neglecting" her. Erica asked David if he'd accompany her to The Valley Inn for a meeting with Jack. David shook his head and told Erica that he had to tend to a patient. Erica tried to peek at the file he was clutching, but David quickly passed off the folder to Dixie and asked her to file it away. Dixie did as she was told and then left the office so that David and Erica could talk. Erica was furious with David for passing over on another date and accused him of not being interested in Bianca. David bit his lower lip and readied to put Erica in her place. "If you had half a clue, you would want [me to take care of the patient]," David stated curtly. Erica cocked her head to one side and asked David if she knew the patient he was treating. David took a deep breath and shook his head. Since she supposedly didn't know the patient, Erica was once again unconcerned with the patient or the patient's treatment. She tried to persuade David to leave the hospital, but David was adamant in his conviction to stay put. David promised to call her later, but Erica feigned nonchalance. "Don't expect me to be just waiting by the telephone," she groused. Outside, Dixie talked on the phone and was unaware that Dimitri had tiptoed up to David's office. For one reason or another, she looked in that direction and was able to escort Dimitri down the corridor before he burst into the office. After Erica left, Dixie ushered Dimitri into David's office. She gave Dimitri a hug and told him that she still wishes he'd let everyone know that he was alive. After Dixie left the office, Dimitri asked David if Dixie knew that he was dying. David asked Dimitri not to write his own death certificate and offered to treat Dimitri. Dimitri refused, saying that he wanted to run off to some remote area and die alone. David refused to let that happen. He did, however, promise to keep Dimitri's whereabouts a secret --- under one condition. David said that he'd tell Edmund that Dimitri ran away, but only if Dimitri agreed to be checked into the hospital for treatment. Dimitri was furious with David's suggestion that he be used as "an experiment." David crossed his arms and looked at Dimitri sternly. "It's your life, Dimitri, your choice to end it as you like," David said. "You can either go off and die in some remote place, or you can [stay here for treatment and] allow your life to really mean something."

At The Valley Inn, a frazzled Erica breezed over to Marian and Jack's table and quickly instructed Jack to follow her to a private table. Erica ranted endlessly about the trouble David was giving her. Jack rolled his eyes and waited for Erica to take a breath before asking her to focus on the issue at hand --- Bianca. Jack broke the news that Barbara and Travis had agreed to let Bianca travel to Pine Valley. In order to get their permission, Jack had had to fib about Erica being down in the dumps. Now that he was face-to-face with Erica, Jack wondered if his fib was really a lie. Jack pointedly asked Erica what she was going to tell Bianca about her relationship with David. Erica candidly offered that she was going to tell her daughter that she and David are "madly in love." It shouldn't be a problem, she insisted, because Bianca "adores" David. "Yes, but does she simply adore him as a future stepfather or as the latest in your rather long line of bedmates?" Jack asked. Erica was outraged by Jack's remark and reminder her former lover that he was the reason she's lost custody of Bianca in the first place. Erica pledged that she would never dump any of her problems, personal, professional or otherwise on her daughter.

Stuart carefully eyed Arlene from head to toe. "You look familiar," he muttered. Marilyn stepped in and asked Stuart if he could bring in the new delivery of beer from the back. Once Stuart was gone, Arlene introduced to Marilyn as the woman she'd spoken to earlier on the phone. When asked of her relationship to Stuart, Arlene claimed to be a "distant cousin." Marilyn told Arlene that Stuart had been working at the diner for several months. "His trailer broke down, and he and his wife came in here to get some help," Marilyn explained. The mention of the word wife threw Arlene for a loop. She quickly composed herself and said that she must have forgotten all about Stuart's wife. Not knowing that Arlene was lying, Marilyn continued her story. She told Arlene that she'd be a hero if she took Stuart back to Pine Valley. Arlene drifted off and fantasized of how a reunion between Adam and Stuart might go. In her dream, Arlene blindfolded Adam and dragged him into the diner. She asked Adam to make on wish, but Adam said that Arlene couldn't grant the wish he most wanted fulfilled. Arlene removed Adam's blindfold and, after several minutes of blinking to get his eyes readjusted to the light, Adam spotted his brother. Stuart turned around and looked at his mirror image in shock. "Adam!" he gasped. The two brothers embraced and shared a happy reunion. Adam thanked Arlene his "angel" for bringing Stuart back into his life. "I will love you forever," he said tearfully. Arlene snapped back to reality just as Stuart and Judd were porting in the beer. Stuart again wandered over to Arlene, this time he looked almost afraid of the woman. Arlene giggled and admitted that her outfit was a bit overboard. Stuart shook his head and said that his glances had nothing to do with her get up. He informed her that he'd had a flashback of an automobile accident when he first heard her voice. Arlene's face fell as she listened to Stuart recount what little he remembered of being hit by a car. Arlene had a flashback of her own, recalling how she'd hit Stuart with her car after a night of drinking. "Oh my God," she gasped to herself as Stuart headed back to his painting. "It's all my fault." Arlene had another fantasy of how Adam and Stuart's reunion might go. This time, though, things were not as happy. When Stuart turned to see Adam, he shouted out that the reason he'd ended up "dead" was because of Arlene. Adam was furious with his wife for having brought him so much pain. He vowed to make her life miserable and warned her never to return to Pine Valley. If she did, he vowed to have her arrested for drunk driving, hit and run and attempted murder. Adam wrapped his arm around his brother and the pair headed out of the diner together. Back in the real world, Marilyn asked Arlene when she was going to tell Stuart that she was his long-lost cousin. Arlene looked up at the young woman with a serious expression on her face. "Well, it's not so simple, Marilyn, sweetie," Arlene replied. "You and I have to talk."

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

The thought of being used as a guinea pig for David's medical experimentation didn't exactly sit well with Dimitri. "Why should I pretend you're anything more [than a test case]?" David snapped. " I wasn't a very big fan of yours before you died the first time." Dimitri reluctantly agreed to honor David's request because he knew it was the only way David was going to go along with his plan to "vanish" from Pine Valley. Dimitri picked up the telephone and handed it to David, ordering him to phone Edmund and get the plan started.

In the bedroom at Wildwind, Alex told Edmund that she had always had a feeling that Charlotte didn't truly love her. She was furious that Charlotte was responsible for kidnapping and killing Dimitri. Rather than comment on what Alex had said, Edmund opted to ask that they change the subject. David phoned and asked that Edmund meet him in his office. To get out of the house, Edmund told Alex that he had an emergency at Tempo that needed his handling. Alex asked that he not be long, but agreed to let him leave. As Edmund was leaving, Eugenia appeared in the doorway with Sam and Maddie. Alex waved the kids into the room and instructed them to hurry onto the bed --- there were crocodiles on the floor! While the kids bounced up and down on the bed, Eugenia asked Alex if she was upset that Robin wasn't her daughter. Alex admitted that she was upset a little, but said that she always knew that she wouldn't be able to forget having a child of her own. Alex bowed her head and commented that she feels as though she doesn't really have a family any more. The duchess looked scoldingly at Alex and informed her that they were all family now.

Grace, Tina and Eliot shared a laugh as they celebrated another success movie night at the community center. Tina was on her way to read to one of the shelter's young residents when Adrian appeared before her. Adrian told Tina about the uncertain fate of Jake's medical helicopter. "I have to do what I can," Adrian explained. Tina appeared unmoved by Adrian's decision to travel undercover to Chechnya. She nonchalantly replied that she'd say a prayer for him and that she'd see him when he returned. Graced wandered back into the room at just about the time that Adrian was telling Tina that he was headed out of town. She angrily lashed out at Adrian for walking out of Tina's life. "Tina has had too much hurt in her life," Grace snarled. Adrian assured Grace that he had no intention if leaving Tina because he loved her. Grace rolled her eyes and insinuated that Adrian had only uttered those words to shut her up. "I don't want you to do to this girl what you did to my niece," Grace rebutted. Adrian tried to clarify his failed relationship with Belinda. He said that he's spoken to Belinda several times since she left town and that they've come to terms with what had happened. Adrian explained that he was going through a difficult time and that a relationship hadn't been the highest priority in his life. Now, though, Belinda had moved on and was very happy with her life. Grace nodded her head confidently and said that she never doubted that Belinda were land on her feet. Tina, though, was a different story. Adrian warned Grace that she was underestimating Tina's strength. Adrian finally explained that he wasn't leaving Pine Valley for good, but rather going to Chechnya to attempt to find Jake. Grace took the news of Jake's disappearance hard. She soon realized that she'd jumped to the wrong conclusion about Adrian. She apologized for her mistake and seemed slightly surprised when Adrian didn't lash out at her. Adrian told Grace that he was a bit troubled by the way Tina had reacted to the news of his trip. Grace listened carefully before telling Adrian that Tina was trying to hide her true feelings. Outside in the hallway, Eliot observed that Tina was distraught about something. Rather than telling Eliot why she was sad, Tina cryptically stated, "[In a] previous life I must have done something so bad to make God not like me," she said sadly. Eliot assured Tina that God didn't operate like that and that He loves everyone. Tina told Eliot that she wanted a real love for the first time in her life and admitted to being afraid of losing Adrian. Eliot urged Tina to tell Adrian how she's feeling. Eliot escorted Tina back into the recreation area. As he did, Grace asked Eliot if he could help her look over some bills. "Are you saying that so we can leave these two alone, or are there really bills to be paid?" Eliot asked wittily. Grace and the reverend filed out of the room, leaving Adrian and Tina to talk in private. Almost immediately, Tina told Adrian that she was concerned about his planned travels to Chechnya. Adrian swore that he'd return --- because he would be counting the minutes 'til he could see Tina's face. The couple leaned forward and shared a goodbye kiss.

Arlene asked Marilyn if there was a way that they could speak in private. Marilyn nodded her head and sent Stuart to the basement to fetch some supplies. Arlene asked Marilyn if she thought that Stuart was happy at the diner. Marilyn shrugged slightly and said that Stuart appears content most of the time. She smiled warmly and stated that Stuart always treated her kindly and even encouraged her to pursue her acting career. Arlene smiled broadly and said that it did her heart good to know that Stuart had finally found a place free from persecution. She claimed that Stuart's family --- who she distanced herself from at every opportunity --- abused him. Things got so bad, she alleged, that Stuart had been sent off to an institution. Shortly after arriving at the hospital, Stuart was said to have met Esther and fallen in love with her. At some point, the two lovebirds escaped from the institution. Marilyn wrinkled her forehead and said that she never really thought that Stuart loved Esther. She asked Arlene if she knew the woman in Stuart's painting. Arlene quickly replied that she'd never seen the woman and suggested that it was one of Stuart's fantasy women. Arlene sensed that Marilyn cared for Stuart and asked her if she'd be willing to insure that Stuart remained happy. Arlene said that she was worried that Stuart would end up back in a mental institution if he returned home. Arlene handed Marilyn a wad of cash and said that she'd give her the same amount of money each week to keep Stuart at the diner. Marilyn pushed the money back towards Arlene and said that it was ultimately Stuart's decision as to whether or not he wanted to stay at the diner. Arlene took the money and rose from her seat. She looked at her watch and said that she had to hurry on her way to meet a casting agent in Hollywood. Marilyn nearly hit the ceiling of the diner as she enthusiastically asked if Arlene had a contact that might be able to help her break into acting. Arlene thought carefully for a few minutes and said that she'd arrange for a screen test if and only if Marilyn agreed to keep watch on Stuart. Marilyn had to think hard for several moments, but ultimately she agreed. Arlene handed the young woman a stack of cash and left the diner. Stuart returned and asked Marilyn where "Annie Oakley" had gone. Marilyn said that the woman had left. Stuart then asked if Marilyn had heard anything from the Adam person she'd tried to call earlier in the day. Marilyn shook her head and said that the number turned out to be a false lead. Stuart couldn't shake the sounds of squealing tires from his mind. He muttered that something about the woman had seemed very familiar. Esther limped into the diner and took a seat near the counter. Marilyn scolded her for wandering out of bed and raced off to get Esther some ice for her injured ankle. Stuart flashed Esther a glance and asked her why she's never told him the truth about how he lost his memory. Esther, pressed for answers, told Stuart that he'd fallen off the roof of the trailer while trying to adjust the television antenna. Stuart watched her carefully, but as Esther told her story he again saw a vision of himself being hit by a car.

Edmund showed up at David's office and learned that Dimitri had disappeared. Lacking any sort of emotion, the cardiologist told Edmund that Dimitri had, at most, a few days to live. He then handed Edmund a letter that his brother had written. In the letter, Dimitri explained that he was leaving town so that he could die in peace. He said that he felt that staying in Pine Valley and dying there would only cause more heartache for his loved ones. In closing, Dimitri asked his brother to watch over Alex --- and asked that he not try to track him down. Edmund turned and walked towards the door. David called out to him and asked him where he was going. Edmund responded that he was going to look for Dimitri.

Adam tidied up the countertop at his new bar, Adam's Place. As he did, a familiar face wandered up to the bar --- Barry Shire. Adam said that he wasn't surprised to see Barry. Barry, who looked extremely puzzled by Adam's antics, informed Adam that his new venture as a bar owner had Wall Street buzzing. Adam argued that he hadn't lost his mind. He icily reminder Barry that he'd been integral in Liza's plot to have him institutionalized. Barry explained that helping Liza had been a business decision. The attorney went on to say that he knew that Adam's marriage to Arlene and his new job were nothing more than fronts for a secret plan to level Chandler Enterprises. Adam's face fell, but he tried to regroup by claiming that Barry was hallucinating. Barry knew better; Adam had been ratted out by the "mole" he had sitting on the board. It seems that Barry was holding something over Adam's contact - and the man spilled everything. Adam laughed evilly and admitted that Barry was right on the money about everything. Barry wondered what would be left of Chandler Enterprises once Adam was through with his revenge plot. "Enough to make it worth your while," Adam replied. In the blink of an eye, Barry was back on Adam's side. Adam enjoyed the fact that Barry had crawled back to him, though Barry insisted that he hadn't come crawling back. The two men shook on their renewed partnership unaware that Hayley had entered the bar. Hayley wandered up to the two men and asked Adam if he'd finally come to his senses and decided to go back to Chandler Enterprises. Adam told Hayley that his bar was his future and that no one could convince him otherwise. Barry wished Adam well on his new venture and walked away. Hayley put on an apron and took a position behind the bar. Adam asked her what she was up to. Hayley replied, "Meet your new barmaid." Adam refused to hire Hayley, but Hayley said that she was there to help --- like it or not. The bouncer wandered out of the men's room and informed Adam that the toilet had backed up again. Adam ordered the man to use the plunger, but Adam was promptly reminded that it was not his responsibility to fix the plumbing. Adam rolled his eyes and headed off to the bathroom. Mateo showed up and asked Hayley how her plan was going. Hayley admitted that she hadn't made any progress just yet, but said that it was only a matter of time before she got through to her father. Arlene returned from her whirlwind trip and smiled broadly upon seeing her daughter and new son-in-law. She walked over to them and greeted them. To her surprise, Mateo and Hayley greeted her warmly. Adam wandered out from the bathroom and stood next to his wife. He asked her about her trip to see the decorator. Arlene made a funny face and said that it hadn't gone well. Mateo offered Hayley's help in decorating the house. Arlene smiled from ear to ear and agreed to let Hayley help. Arlene chattered on about how nice it would be to be a big, happy family. Adam bowed his head and stormed away. Hayley told Arlene that she liked her idea of being a family because it was what her Uncle Stuart would have wanted. Overcome by emotions, Arlene started to sob openly. Arlene looked at Mateo and Hayley and pledged that this time around things would be different.

Edmund returned to Wildwind and found Alex and the kids fast asleep in the bed. Edmund gently roused the kids and Eugenia took them off to their bedrooms. Once Alex awoke, it took her only a few minutes to sense that something was troubling Edmund. Edmund claimed that there were big problems at the magazine, and Alex seemed to believe him. Edmund told her that he had to run down to the study and do some more work. Alex knew that there was no sense in asking Edmund to stay because his mind would be elsewhere. As Edmund left the room, he heard Dimitri's voice ordering him not to try to find him.

When Dimitri exited his hiding spot, David angrily asked him if he was happy now that Edmund was off on a wild goose chase. Dimitri didn't really offer an answer, instead saying that by the time Edmund realized that he had never left town it would be too late. Dimitri still wasn't sure that David could be trusted and initially refused to set up a treatment schedule. "You want to die alone, that's perfectly fine with me." David snapped. "You can die alone or with Alex and Edmund. I mean, you have to admit, that would be some death scene, huh? The two Marick brothers and the woman they both love." Dimitri lunged at the doctor and grabbed him by the collar. "Don't push me," he warned. "If you do, the day I go I will take you with me."

Wednesday, July 19, 2000

In the bright daylight of a new day in Pine Valley, Hayley dropped by the Gatehouse at Chandler Mansion to tell Liza and Marian of her new job at Adam's Place. Liza and Marian were stunned. "Maybe if I love him instead of fighting him, I'll show him that he's worth something and that I care about him," Hayley offered. She admitted that pretending that she was okay with Adam's marriage to her mother would be difficult, but noted that she was willing to make the sacrifice. Liza refused to go along with Hayley on her plan. Hayley dropped a hint that Arlene wanted to start a new family with Adam and that that meant she had hopes of being a stepmother to Colby. While Liza fumed about Arlene's plans, Marian went to the door to sign for a delivery. Marian read the label, saw that the package was for Colby and handed the box over to Liza. Liza opened the package and found a note reading, "For my little girl. Love, Daddy." Liza knew that the handwriting wasn't Adam's and Hayley confirmed that Arlene had signed the letter. Still holding the box, Liza stormed towards the door, announcing that she was going to "shove this [package] down Arlene's throat so far, she's going to have to eat through her navel with a straw!"

Tad, Gillian and Eliot found Tina alone in the community center. The serious expressions on everyone's faces prompted Tina to assume that something horrible had happened. As Tad explained that they hadn't heard any news from Adrian or the others in the search team, Gillian became lightheaded and fainted into Eliot's arms. While drinking a glass of water Tad had gotten her, Gillian explained that she hadn't slept the night before and skipped breakfast this morning. Tina dashed off to get Gillian something to eat. Tad wanted to stick around, but he had to go to the office. Before leaving, though, he assured Gillian that Jake would make it home safely. Eliot told Gillian that he could sympathize with the "powerlessness" she was feeling. Eliot extended his hand and offered his ear to Gillian. Gillian bowed her head slightly and confessed that she wasn't really a religious person. Eliot smiled and said that he didn't have to spout religious references; he just wanted Gillian to know that she could talk to him under strict confidentiality. Gillian told the reverend that she had been married previously --- and that that marriage was arranged solely for her to obtain her green card. During the marriage, though, Gillian said that she developed feelings for her husband and realized too late that her first husband was the love of her life. Speaking of her marriage to Jake, Gillian said that she and Jake became husband and wife "for all the wrong reasons." Tina returned to the room briefly to give Gillian her food and then quickly filed out so that Eliot and Gillian could continue their discussion. Gillian seemed relieved to finally open up to someone. She was surprised by a mention Eliot made to having secrets of his own. Gillian doubted that Eliot could have a secret as big as hers. Eliot neither confirmed nor denied what Gillian had said. Instead, he said that he's doing the best he can to atone for the mistakes he's made.

In the hallway, Hayley walked up to Tina and greeted her with a smile. Without so much as a greeting, Tina chewed out Hayley for wanting to know about Adrian's progress in finding Jake. Hayley's head flew back as Tina snapped, "I am not some community center volunteer masquerading as some super spymaster." Hayley cracked a smile and muttered that Tina was in love with Adrian. Tina denied that she had feelings for Adrian, saying that she doesn't see enough of Adrian to care for him. Finally, Tina's shell cracked and she shouted that Adrian was making her crazy. Hayley, still laughing, said that those feelings were the first sign that she was in love.

While Ryan was out, Greenlee sneaked into the loft with a team of housekeepers to tidy up. Well, Greenlee's role in the cleaning process was more as a supervisor than a cleaner. Ryan returned home ahead of schedule and Greenlee had to rush the maids out the back door. Somber and looking fatigued, Ryan straggled into the loft and was not the least bit impressed with the cleanliness of his home. Greenlee explained that she'd cleaned up as a "peace offering" and not as a way to endear herself to Ryan. Ryan surprised Greenlee by asking for her keys to the loft, calling her a "distraction" that too often crossed the line of professionalism. Ryan also revealed that Robert Winship had issued a contingency for the $20,000,000 he was going to invest in Incredible Dreams; Ryan had to raise $11,000,000 of his own money first. Greenlee begged for a chance to help, but Ryan turned her down. Greenlee sadly headed to her purse and retrieved Ryan's keys. Ryan was already glum over the possibility that he couldn't raise the money he needed, so it was difficult to assess how he really felt about asking Greenlee to give back her keys. Ryan asked Greenlee to close the door behind her when she was ready to go. Before leaving, he said that he was headed to Chandler Enterprises to see if he could convince Liza to give him the money that he needed. Soon after Ryan left, the phone started ringing. Greenlee sighed deeply and answered the phone for what she figured would be the last time. Her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when the person on the other end spoke. "Get out of town!" she chirped. "He's a God!"

Tad sat at his desk at Chandler Enterprises and barely noticed Ryan standing in the doorway. Ryan stood silent for several moments before speaking up. Asked if Liza was in, Tad coldly replied that he had no idea where Liza was or when she'd be in the office. Equally as icy, Tad asked Ryan what it was that he wanted. "Um, $11,000,000," Ryan replied meekly. Tad laughed at the request, saying that Ryan was the last person who should be asking him for money. Tad blasted Ryan for nearly ruining Jake and Gillian's wedding day. Ryan remained calm. He stood before Tad and told him of Robert Winship's offer. Tad's mouth gaped at the mere mention of a $20,000,000 investment. Just in case there was some question about whether or not his story was truthful, Ryan said that Robert was on-call for any questions that Tad might have. Greenlee suddenly burst into the office and told Ryan that she had urgent news for him. Tad didn't appreciate the interruption, but he allowed Greenlee to speak to Ryan. Greenlee handed Ryan a sheet of paper with a dream fulfillment request from a famed, but unnamed, rock star. The rock star wanted a special evening with a date on a deserted island. Incredible Dreams would have to find the location, arrange for the food and make sure that no one disturbed the musician. Tad peeked at the note and was just about as stunned ad Greenlee and Ryan. Ryan quickly regained his composure and told Tad that this request was typical of the requests his web site was receiving. Tad nodded his head slightly and headed off to another office so that he could call Robert Winship. Greenlee waited until Tad was gone to apologize to Ryan for her interruption. Ryan smiled broadly and told her that she couldn't have arrived at a better time. Ryan placed a call to the musician's agent and hammered out an agreement. Tad returned to the room and told Ryan that he'd spoken to Robert and that the financier had confirmed that everything he'd said was true. Now, Tad said that they needed to track down Liza so that they could get working on the issue of funding his Internet venture. Ryan followed behind Tad, but he did not ask Greenlee to accompany him. Greenlee remained behind, watching painfully as Ryan walked away.

In their new place of business, Arlene demanded that Adam explain how owning a bar was going to destroy Tad Martin. Adam told Arlene to trust him and ordered her to unlock the door for a group of patrons. Arlene did as she was told. One of the patrons turned out to be a woman Arlene used to work for, a woman who'd "have everything and drank it away." Adam rolled his eyes as Arlene passed judgment on her former boss. Adam headed into the back and asked Arlene to keep an eye on things. The door swung open and Liza stormed into the bar. She plopped the gift box that had been sent to Colby on the bar and angrily reminded Arlene that she'd ordered her to stay away from Colby. Arlene said that she wanted to send a little gift to Colby, but her explanation didn't win over Liza. Liza snapped that Colby had outgrown rattles, the gift Arlene had sent, months ago. Arlene rolled her eyes and chattered that it was "the thought that counts." Liza grabbed Arlene's arm and squeezed firmly. Again, she ordered Arlene not to have any kind of contact with Colby. Liza even went as far as to offer Arlene a large sum of cash in order to get her to leave Pine Valley. Arlene looked coldly at Liza and ordered her to "drop dead." She added, "You don't know what I want or need. That's in my husband's department." Arlene licked her lips as she mentioned how vibrant her sex life was now that she was married. Liza clutched her stomach. Adam returned to the bar and asked the two women what they were discussing. Liza pulled no punches, telling Adam that Arlene had been telling her all about their sex life. Liza showed Adam the gift that Arlene had sent. Adam backed up his wife's decision to send a gift and assured Liza that he was quite happy having "a beautiful woman" who loves him. Adam shouted that the bar was closing so that he and Arlene could share some private time. Adam ushered Liza to the door. "You don't belong in this place," Adam said softly. "Don't come back here again." Arlene smiled giddily and told Adam that it was time for a toast. Adam closed and locked the door before racing over to Arlene. He grabbed Arlene by the shoulders and shook her violently. He warned her that he'd toss her out on the streets if she ever attempted to make contact with his family again. Arlene explained that she wanted to help Adam start over, but Adam didn't appreciate her gesture. "If Stuart were here!" Adam screamed. Arlene was riddled with guilt and a tear streamed down her cheek. She told Adam that she knew that he never would have married her if Stuart hadn't died. However, she promised Adam that something good would come out of their marriage if he only gave her a chance.

Liza returned to the Gatehouse still fuming about Arlene's crude remarks. She couldn't shake loose the images of Arlene and Adam fornicating at the bar from her mind. Marian entered and warned Liza not to get involved in Adam and Arlene's affairs. Liza denied that she was jealous of what Adam and Arlene shared. Still, she said that she "can't forget what [she] felt." Colby started crying and Marian headed off to check on her. Alone, Liza had a sharp warning for Adam, "I'll play, Adam. But you know I never play unless I know I'm going to win."

Thursday, July 20, 2000

Becca is chopping vegetables at the shelter. Leo walks in and they discuss their date. Becca says she had a good time expect for one thing-the two guys who sent over the oysters. Leo says, "Idiots. Becca, don't even give them another thought." Becca is still uneasy, saying that people are staring and pointing at her. "I mean, am I going crazy?" she wonders. Then we see Scott at his computer, making the following entry on the Virgin Victor web site: Hey, all you virgin viewers. I thought last night would be the night, especially after those oysters at BJ's. Thanks for the effort. Too bad our virgin didn't like them. But don't give up, hombres. How about 5-1 odds that the damsel is bedded by midnight tonight? Keep those hits coming. Signed, Victor, the Virgin Master. Ryan walks in and Scott pretends to be working on the gallery web site for Stuart's artwork. Later on, a man named Arthur comes up to Becca at the shelter and asks, "How'd you like to make a 1,000 bucks? All you got to do is take a dive tonight. What do you say?" He tries to persuade Becca, saying, "What's the big deal? We're all adults, consenting adults, if you catch my drift....Just give Victor what he wants and we all win." Scott comes in and tells Arthur to leave. Becca tells Scott she doesn't know what that was about, "What kind of game are they playing and what does it have to do with me?" Becca tells Scott, "I have got to find out what's going on." Scott: "How?" Becca: "I don't know. That guy mentioned someone named Victor. I think Victor's the key." She wants to talk to Arthur again to find out what he knows about Victor. Scott looks uncomfortable and tells Becca that Arthur is a bookie, that Victor is probably sleazy too, and he doesn't want her to get involved with them. Becca protests, "What are you saying? Are you saying you want me to walk around being the butt of some universal joke that everyone is in on but me? No way. No one's going to have that kind of power over my life. And I'm going to find what's going on."

Eliot runs into Brooke while she is working out at the health club. He tells her she should have a spotter when she lifts weights. They decide to work out together. Eliot demonstrates the proper way to use hand weights. Brooke asks to use the heavier weights that Eliot has. Eliot comments, "I thought reporters only pumped sources for information." Brooke replies, "Well, sometimes they have to use strong-arm tactics." Erica arrives at the club, asks Eliot, "Where do you keep your collar when you work out?" and says, "Oh, Brooke, you might think about hitting the showers." After she walks away, Brooke declares, "I'd rather think about hitting you. I really feel in the mood to do some kickboxing. Just kidding." Eliot asks Brooke to dinner and they agree to go to the community center potluck together.

Dixie and David discuss Dimitri's disease. David: "There's an anomaly in Dimitri's blood work. Till I can figure out what the hell is going on, I can't continue his treatment for fear that it might continue to jeopardize his health." Dixie tells David that he needs some sleep, but David refuses to waste time sleeping when Dimitri has so little time left. David needs Alex's help, because she understands the disease better. David decides to take everything out of Dimitri's file that would identify him and then consult with Alex. He asks Dixie, "Are you going to be okay with keeping Dimitri's secret?" Dixie: "I don't have a choice, do I?" Alex comes in and Dimitri consults with her on the case. Erica comes by and wants to go in, but Dixie stops her. Erica is annoyed, saying, "You know something, Dixie? You really should work on your office manners." Erica is a little perturbed to hear that Alex is in David's office with him and she eavesdrops on them. Alex comments, "It's the same disease that Dimitri had. How strange." David and Alex discuss how these blood tests are different from Dimitri's blood tests (from before he "died") When Erica hears them talking about Dimitri, she bursts into David's office, demanding to know what they were saying. She tells David, "Please don't cover for her. If she guilty of malpractice in Dimitri's death, I have a right to know." David tells Erica that they were discussing a case similar to Dimitri's and he drags her out of his office. He accuses her of barging in and making a scene. Erica doesn't understand why he is spending time with Alex and says, "David, I know you. Something is going on and I want to know what it is." David tells her she is being paranoid, and Erica accuses him of shutting her out of his life. David tells Erica, "I can't deal with a tantrum right now, OK?" Erica: "A tantrum? Who are you? I have never been treated like this in my life." David: "Here we go. The gloriously noble, the infinitely chivalrous Dimitri treated you like a goddess, like no man ever has or ever will. Come on, Erica, will you please just get over the myth, all right?" Erica walks away in a huff. Dixie accuses David of being on a power trip, keeping the secret of Dimitri from Alex and Erica.

Ryan is busy trying to take care of all the details for the rock star's romantic rendezvous on the island. It's for the rock star and his girlfriend. Scott comments that he thought the rock star is married. Ryan says that's why it is a secret. Greenlee tells Leo he has to help her with her latest Get-Ryan scheme. She plans to get to the island before Ryan goes there to finish the arrangements. She has bribed the helicopter pilot to fly off and leave them alone. The rock star and his girlfriend don't arrive until the next day. Greenlee wants Leo to take her to the island and leave her there. Leo is concerned that it wouldn't be safe, but Greenlee says Ryan will be there soon. Leo doesn't want to do it, but Greenlee reminds him of how she bailed him out of jail. She is convinced that being alone on the island together will get Ryan and her back together. Leo says, "You scare me when you're angry, Greenlee. But I just want you to know that I got a really bad feeling about this." Leo takes Greenlee to the island by motorboat. Greenlee has a bikini top and a slit skit on. Leo tells her, "I know that you're resourceful, but I don't feel comfortable leaving you here alone." He offers to hide in the bushes to make certain things turn out right, but Greenlee says, "Ryan will be here any minute and I really do not want him to find a welcoming committee." Greenlee tells Leo that Ryan dumped her, "And by tomorrow morning, he'll realize that he was wrong and that he really does love me. Leo wants her to leave with him, saying, "You are delusional, you know that?" Greenlee swears this is the last scheme and persuades Leo to leave her there. He goes. Meanwhile, Ryan receives a phone call. The rock star is going into rehab, and the island rendezvous will have to be postponed. Ryan is very upset. Greenlee sits on the beach of the island, blissfully unaware of this latest development, "Soon, Ryan, we'll share a night we'll never forget."

Thursday, July 21, 2000

Erica is exercising furiously at the health club. Jackson walks up and offers her boxing gloves, saying, "Looks like you might want to try these, champ." Erica tells him she has had a difficult day at the office. Jackson says, "It's David, isn't it? Let me guess further-whatever the problem is, it's not your fault. Am I right?" Jack tells Erica it sounds like she and David have a communication problem. Erica: "I listen to David. It's David who refuses to talk." Jack: "Aha. So it's David's fault, huh?" Erica: "No, it's Vanessa's fault. Vanessa has really scarred him so badly that he's incapable of trusting anyone, especially a woman who really cares for him." Jack tells her he is concerned because Bianca is coming and he doesn't wanting her in a war zone. He asks her if she has discussed Bianca's visit with David. Erica tells him that David has been very busy. She tells him that David is secretive lately, and has taken Alex into his confidence. Erica complains, "It's just so frustrating to keep on giving and giving more and getting and getting less, that's all." Jack laughs and says, "Erica, you're a slice of heaven, no doubt about that. But a giving lover you are not." Erica: "How can you say that? I wore that French maid's uniform for you-- twice. Now how many women would do that?" Jack: "And I can never thank you enough, but the fact remains, you spend too much time on planet Erica." She defends herself, saying she has done a lot for David, including taking Leo into her home. Jack tells Erica that she is high-maintenance and she needs to look to herself if she wants the relationship to work. Erica takes a hot shower and then tells Jackson that she has been too critical of David and she will try to be more understanding. Jackson asks her, "One more thing. You haven't worn that French maid's outfit for him, have you? Erica laughs and leaves. She goes to David's office. He has just received a call from Dimitri, and when Erica walks up the office door, she hears David say, "Let's meet at Wildwind, ok? Find someplace where no one will see us. We've had a few close calls already. Well, you're the one that wants to make sure that Erica doesn't find out." Erica says, "Oh my God. Alex." She becomes upset and leaves.

Dixie and David discuss his relationship with Erica. Dixie tells him the relationship is in trouble and he should pay attention before it's too late. David says he and Erica love each other. Dixie replies that that is not enough. "What about commitment, trust, and understanding?" David: "We are committed." Dixie: "You know, keeping clothes at somebody's place and staying over there is not commitment. It's just convenient. You guys are so busy running away from each other, trying to keep from getting hurt, trying to keep from looking stupid, that it's like you're always looking for an escape route." David: "Well, there's nothing wrong with protecting yourself." Dixie: "And you're so defensive. You're like the most defensive man I've ever met in my life. How do you expect to have a mature relationship?" David: "I am not defensive." Dixie: "Oh yeah, right." Tad stops by to talk to Dixie and David watches them kiss. Tad and Dixie talk for a few minutes, and Tad tells David, "She's got it all and she can do it all. And she's a hell of a lot more than you deserve." After he leaves, David says, "Nice show." Dixie: "Nice show? What, do you think we staged that for you?" David: "Oh come on. Picture of domestic bliss-the understanding wife, the adoring husband. It was a little obvious." Dixie: God, I feel so sorry for you. David asks Dixie if she is hurt because Tad can't have dinner with her because of a meeting. Dixie tells David that she and Tad aren't jealous of each other's commitments. "You know", she says, "you have to be your own person."

Brooke and Eliot go to the community center potluck together. The dinner is very packed so Eliot suggests that he and Brooke go have a picnic by the old quarry. Brooke tells him the quarry was turned into a mini-mall a few years ago. Eliot says he used to live in Pine Valley when he was younger. Brooke comments that it is odd that she and Eliot never ran into each other when they were growing up in Pine Valley. Eliot says there have probably been a lot of changes and asks Brooke to be his tour guide for the city. Brooke talks with Marian, who tells her about Adam buying a bar and Hayley's plans to help him and Arlene run it. Marian says about Hayley, "She's got it in her head that if she's close to her father she can save him, but what Hayley doesn't understand, or doesn't want to admit, is that Adam can't be saved because Adam doesn't want to be saved. Brooke then asks Eliot to accompany her on a visit to Adam's new business. He agrees.

Ryan meets with Tad about Incredible Dreams. Tad has arranged for Ryan to pitch his deal to Liza, saying that with the rock star as a client, Liza will be happy to invest. Ryan breaks the bad news that the rock star cancelled. Tad accuses Ryan of trying to con him, and says Liza won't be interested without the rock star client. He starts to leave, and Ryan tries to persuade him to stay, saying, "I've been around long enough to know your past in Pine Valley." Tad: "That's an interesting negotiating tack. You sure you want to go there?" Ryan: "I'm just saying that you got yourself into a decent amount of trouble back in the day and you turned your life around, and now you're running this mega corporation. All I'm asking for is a chance to do the same thing, that's it, to put my past behind me, to prove to myself-to prove to everyone that I can do this. And let me tell you something. You do what you want. But this company is going to be big. I'm going to make sure of it." Tad: "Yeah, all right. I set up the meeting with Liza. I see no reason to cancel it. It sure as hell would have been easier to sell this iceberg if your rock star was on his way to Fantasy Island." Ryan: "Tell me about it."

Becca is working at the community center, helping things get ready for the potluck. A man gives her a beautiful potted plant that someone dropped off for her. Attached to the plant is a condom and a note that reads, "Don't be a late bloomer. Don't make Victor wait. Give it up to your cyber lover before it's too late." Scott comes up and asks what's wrong. Becca says, "I must have really ticked someone off." Scott: "No, look, Becca, this is not your fault." Becca: "I mean, who could be so angry? And why would they be so cruel? And what a coward! I mean, if he has something to say to me, he should at least say it to my face." Becca wonders if she should be scared. She talks to Brooke about how to find the guy. Brooke suggests using the Internet, and Becca takes off to ask Ryan for help. Scott talks with Marian about the web site. He wants to call it off, saying, "I set up the Victor Virgin web site to frame Leo, not to hurt Becca." Marian: "But from what you told me, it just seems to be starting to work. Once she believes that Leo set up this web site, she'll never want to speak to him again. I thought that's what you wanted." Scott: "Yes, but not at the expense of Becca's feelings. Look, you didn't see her face when that guy brought her the plant with a condom in it. She's a wreck. It's my fault. I have to do something." Marian tells Scott, "You can't tell Becca that you were behind the scheme." Scott says, "Becca's on the verge of a meltdown. I don't even know what I'm doing. If my dad were alive he'd be absolutely ashamed of me right now. I'm going to find Becca and put a stop to this." Meanwhile, Ryan sets Becca up with a search engine at the computer at his apartment. Ryan gets her started, but he has to get dressed for his meeting. Becca gets a long list of Victors on the web and starts to go through them. When she doesn't have any luck, Ryan suggests adding gambling to the search. She finds the web site and when she sees her picture with a target on it, she gasps, "Oh my God!"

Greenlee awaits Ryan on the beach of the deserted island, talking to herself, "Ryan, I know I've made a fool of myself chasing you, but what I feel for you is so real. If you could, this one last time, give us a chance. You and me, here alone, No games, just our feelings. Ryan, I need you to want me as much as I want you. Please hurry." She hears strange sounds and gets a little scared. Meanwhile, Leo tracks down Becca at Ryan's apartment, and asks her for a date. He is shocked to see Ryan and says, "What the hell are you doing here?" Ryan: "I live here." Leo: I mean, aren't you supposed to be on some deserted island?" Ryan explains that the island gig was canceled. Leo makes excuses, "I've got a friend who's going to be sick, and I promised that I'd check in," and leaves in a hurry. Later on, Greenlee is on the island, and there is a man in the bushes. She starts to run away and the man tackles her. It turns out to be Leo. They sit down and talk. Leo tells Greenlee that the rock star's incredible dream was pulled; No rock star, no helicopter, no dreams, no Ryan. Greenlee was upset, calling herself a failure. Leo, however, told Greenlee that these were "circumstances beyond [her] control." Greenlee bowed her head and grumbled, "If I never see this island again, it'll be too soon." Leo put his arm around Greenlee and asked her to follow him to the water so that they could take a boat back to the mainland. As they approached the water's edge, Leo realized that the boat was gone and they were stranded.



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