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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 3, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, July 3, 2000


Chris walks into Emily's office and sees that she is in a good mood. They start to talk about articles for the paper and the phone rings. When Emily answers the phone, someone tells her that her mother and son have been in an accident and they are dead. Chris can see that it is not good news as she lets the phone fall to the desk. She tells him that her mother and son are dead. He grabs the phone to see who is on the other end and no one is there. Emily heads for the door and Chris asks where she is going? Emily says that her baby needs her and as she opens the door, her mother and son come through the door. She grabs Daniel and hugs her mother and says that they are both alive. When Susan hears what just happened, she wants to call the police. Emily won't let her. The phone rings again and Emily says that she will get it. When she says hello, David Stenbeck is on the other end and asks how her afternoon is going. She tells Susan and Chris that she needs to take this and she steps away from them. She warns David that he had better never do anything like that again. David tells her that she had better write the article about him or one of her family is really going to end up hurt. She hangs up the phone and Chris and Susan are full of questions. She down plays the whole thing and says that it was about a story she is working on. Susan finally gives up and leaves. When she is gone, Chris wants Emily to tell her everything. Emily tells him to leave, she wants to be alone. Chris gives up and leaves, too. Emily takes Daniel to her desks and sits down. She tells him that she will protect him and no one will ever hurt him. She starts to type on her computer. The headline reads, "David Stenbeck Should Be Freed!" Rose walks into Lily's house to find Celia there with a gun pointed at her. Celia explains that she wants her diamond. Rose tells her that she doesn't have the diamond, Lily has the diamond. Celia tells her that she should not play that game with her. Rose tells her that she is serious. She asks Celia why would she be there when she could be on an island somewhere living it up. Celia decides that she is telling the truth and tells Rose to tell her the story. Rose tells her that when they were being shot at, at the hotel, she and Lily decided to split up and meet up in Oakdale. Rose was scared to have the diamond, because the person shooting was obviously after the diamond, so she stuck the diamond in Lily's pocket. Celia tells Rose that she can't believe how stupid she could be, she gave up a seven million dollar diamond. Rose says that she knows it was stupid to do now, but she is going to get two million dollars from Lily's estate and leave. Celia informs her that she won't be getting the money either. She says that she saw her mother take the check from the lawyer. Rose does not know what to do now. Celia says that she will let her go if she promises to not go to the police and tell them she was there. Rose promises and Celia lets her go. Rose heads for Cal's house. When she gets there, she tells Mitzi everything she has learned from Celia. Lily is on an island with the Aussie and she is not getting her two million dollar check. Mitzi suggests that she cut her loses and leave. Rose says that a De Angelo never gives up. She decides that she will stay and take over Lily's life. Katie finds Holden at a bar. She goes to him and tells him that she wants to be there for him. She says that he has always been there for her and she wants to return the favor. Holden tells her to go home, there is nothing that she can do for him. She looks at him and asks if he is sure about that? Finally, he tells her that Lily has told him that she wants to leave him. Katie acts like she is so surprised. She tells him that Lily is crazy and if she wants to leave him, then he should let her go. He tells her that it is definitely over. Katie offers to drive him home, but he says that he doesn't want to go home. She says that she knows his house could be lonely for him, but she will stay with him all night if he wants her to. Finally, he gives in and Katie drives him home. When they get to the mansion, Katie suggests that Holden sit down because he has had a lot to drink. Holden thinks that is a good idea and sits down on the couch. Katie sits beside him and tells him that he has always been there for her and she wants to be there for him. She says that she will do anything for him. Katie grabs Holden and starts to kiss him. Holden kisses back at first and then pushes her away. Katie reminds him that she is not a child. Holden says that he knows that, but she should go home now. She finally gives in and stands up to leave. She turns and says that if the loneliness gets to be too much, he should just call her, even if it is in the middle of the night. Katie leaves and Holden walks over to a picture of he and Lily and the kids. Rose comes walking into the living room and tells Holden that she has made a big mistake and she wants to stay with him and the kids. She says that she doesn't want to be with Simon and she walks over and kisses Holden. Simon wakes up after the storm and Lily is beside him asleep. He rubs her cheek and she wakes up. It is an awkward moment and Lily apologizes for hogging the bed. Simon says that she didn't and he had a good nights sleep. They get up and see that the cave is in shambles. Lily jokes about the canceling the photo shoot for caves and garden. They work together and put things back together. After they are done, Simon says that they now have a two bedroom one bath cave. Lily tells him not to joke about a bath, she would die for one right now. Simon tells her to step this way and he holds up a makeshift curtain he made from their parachutes. She steps to the other side of the curtain and Simon says, "Voila!" and points to the ground. Lily doesn't see anything. Simon picks up some branches and reveals a hot spring. Lily is elated and she can't wait. Simon steps to the other side of the curtain as Lily undresses. They talk while she gets ready for her bath and Simon can't take it, watching her shadow through the curtain. Lily slips into the bath and she is "oohing" and "aahing" the whole time. Simon is going crazy and he tells Lily that he will leave her to her privacy and he leaves the cave. Lily is relaxing in the hot water and behind her a hand slips under the curtain and takes her clothes. When Lily is finished soaking, she gets out of the water and sees that her clothes are gone. Right away she blames Simon. She starts yelling for Simon and he runs into the cave. When she tells him that it is not funny that he took her clothes, at first, he laughs and then swears that he didn't take her clothes. She asks who could have taken them, they are the only two on the island. Simon jokes that maybe it was some wild animal that stole her clothes. She tells him that it is not funny, she needs clothes to wear, they are not going to start a nudist colony on this island. Simon tells her to wait there and she will sew up something for her. He gets the other parachute and makes her a skirt and top from the material. He passes the material over the curtain to Lily and she puts on the new clothes. When she comes out, Simon's eyes bug out at her. She has tied the top around her to make it look like a bathing suit top and the skirt is down around her hips so she is showing her tummy. She says that she feels pretty good and she is going to take a walk and see if she can find a weasel wearing her clothes. Simon tell her to be careful and she leaves. After she is gone, he picks up her coat and feels something in it. He starts to feel around and finds that there is a hard object in the lining of her coat. He puts his hand in the pocket and finds a hole and puts his hand through it. When is touches the object, he says that it can't be. He pulls the object out of the pocket and finds that it is the diamond that he has been chasing after. He says, " have been lying to me all along!"

Tuesday, July 4, 2000

So, Rose is kissing Holden and he pushes her away. He asks her what she is thinking? She explains that she has come to her senses and she doesn't want to lose him and the kids. He reminds her that just a few hours ago, she said that she wanted out of their marriage and wanted to be with Simon. She tells him that she has changed her mind and she wants to stay with him. He says that they have a lot of work to do on their marriage and he is not sure that there is anything to work on, anyway. He tells her that he wants her to stay at Cal's for now. She leaves and goes to Cal's house and talks with Mitzi about her next step. She goes to Mitzi's suitcase and pulls out sexy a nightgown. She tells Mitzi that Holden will not be able to resist her in this. She sneaks up to the mansion with her sexy nightie on and goes to Holden and Lily's bedroom. Holden is fast asleep. She slips under the covers and crosses her fingers for good luck. She starts to kiss Holden and he wakes ! up. He starts to resist and Rose tells him to hush, she didn't like the way they left things and she just wants to be with him. They start to kiss and Rose is pouring it on. Finally, Holden can't take anymore and he pushes her aside and gets out of bed. He tells her that he is not sure if he wants to go on with her and be married. He says that she is not going to get her way this time and he orders her to go back to Cal's house. Reluctantly and pouting, she leaves the room. She walks back into Cal's house and Mitzi says that they must have set a new land speed record. Rose is not amused and Mitzi can tell by the look on her face that she was not successful. Rose asks Mitzi if she sees anything wrong with this package? Mitzi tells her that they should just cut their loses and skip town. She says that if Holden Snyder would just let her, she could make him the happiest man on earth. She looks at Mitzi and says that Lily Snyder has just begun to fight.Simon has foun! d the diamond in the lining of Lily's coat. He thinks that she has been holding out on him. He gets very upset that Lily would lie to him about having the diamond. Lily comes back from her walk and Simon is hardly talking to her. She asks him if something is wrong and he says that there isn't and he keeps playing and staring into the fire. She settles down to go to sleep and she tells Simon that if there is something that he wants to talk to her about, she will be right here. After she is asleep, Simon sneaks out and starts to build a raft to escape from the island on. Lily wakes up after having a dream about being back in Oakdale and finds that Simon is gone. She goes looking for him and when he hears her coming he covers up the raft to hide it from her. She asks him what he is doing and he makes up an excuse about not being able to sleep. As she is telling him about her dream, she realizes that he is trying to hide something from her. She moves some branches and s! ees that he is making a raft. She thinks this is great and she is ready to help him put the raft together. He tells her to go look for some sticks to tie to the raft and she takes off into the woods. After she is gone, he says that he gave her one last chance to come clean and she didn't. Now, he is going to leave her on the island and take the diamond with him.Andy is sitting in his hospital bed trying to wiggle his toes. He tries his hardest and nothing happens he tries again and his toe moves just a little bit. He is so happy, he wants to tell someone and starts to ring for the nurse. Then he decides to call Denise and share the news with her. He starts to pick up the phone and sees a picture of Denise and Hope beside his bed. He remembers that Denise is going to stay with him until he has recovered. Ben walks into the room and Andy covers up his legs. Ben asks if he is feeling anything yet and Andy answers no. Ben uncovers his legs and picks up one leg and as! ks if Andy feels that and Andy answers no. Ben takes out a small rubber hammer and taps Andy's knee and his foot jumps. Ben is so excited and tells Andy that this is the start of his recovery. Andy asks how will he walk if he can't feel anything. Ben says that he can't explain that but they will run some test and find out the problem. John comes in and has some food for Andy. Ben says that he hopes he has some champagne, because Andy has some nerve activity. Andy adds that he can't feel anything yet. John is all excited for his son's recovery. Ben leaves and Andy tells John that he doesn't want to take the test. John explains that the test will just help Ben know where his recovery is headed. He tells Andy that he brought him pizza burgers from Al's and that this is wonderful news. John says that he will see him tomorrow and leaves. After he is gone, Andy says, "Yes, wonderful news...for Ben, but for me....

Wednesday, July 5, 2000

David calls Emily and tells her she has more work to do to gain his freedom. Henry accuses Molly of switching the tapes. An angry Holden shows a puzzled Rose-as-Lily Emily's editorial on David in the Intruder. Lucinda is incredulous when Jake suggests she hire Molly back to write her column for the City Times. Jennifer tells Adam she's dating Bryant.

Chris tells Emily he knows David is the one who's harassing her and wonders what David is holding over her head. Tom walks into her office and blasts her for writing the editorial, but Emily doesn't respond. Rose tells Mitzi that she has a plan to woo back Lucinda and Holden. Molly tells a relieved Henry she turned the tape over to Lily. Later, Molly turns down Jake's job offer. Emily faces the wrath of Holden and the Hughes family when she picks up Daniel at the Hughes' barbecue, with Tom accuses Emily of being coached by a lawyer.

Molly tells Jake working together would ruin their chance at a relationship. Adam is troubled when he sees Bryant with another girl. Rose-as-Lily tells Lucinda she needs the $2 million to buy out Kim's stake in WOAK so she can give it to Holden as a birthday present. Lucinda refuses to loan her the money until she has a letter from Kim confirming her desire to give up ownership.

Chris comforts Emily when she throws her ringing cell phone against the wall. Lily arrives at the Hughes barbecue to talk to Kim and when she sees Katie holding the children and watching the fireworks with Holden, she walks over and kisses Holden. Katie is forced to hand over the kids and walk away as the fireworks begin in earnest.

Thursday, July 6, 2000

Planning to leave Lily on the island now that he has the diamond, Simon does his best to teach her how to survive by herself. Grateful that he's finally "helping" her, Lily talks about how much she's looking forward to going home to her family and thanks Simon for everything. When he confronts her about David, Chris forces Emily to admit that David's been harassing her from prison. After she reveals his attempts to blackmail her, Chris calls Jake for help. Rose talks with Kim about buying her shares of WOAK for Holden but Kim claims that she can't make any business decisions until Andy's recovered. Molly tries to apologize to Jake for turning down his job offer but then realizes that he wanted to hire her to do a story on David. She then urges "Lily" to use the tape she has to ruin Katie and save her marriage to Holden at the same time. Lucinda hands Bryant a letter from his father Craig. Bryant reads that Craig's marriage to Sierra is over and now, Craig wants Bryant to join him on his business travels.

Friday, July 7, 2000

by CBS

Winston rips open the baby's jacket Carly's been knitting and warns that if she contacts anyone in the States, she'll face great harm. Carly counters that if he hurts her son, she'll kill him. She then wonders why Jack hasn't responded to her FAX. Out on the town, Julia sends Jack to talk with Hal about Carly's case. Jack angrily questions Isaac about his run-in with Phillips but he claims not to have known the man until Phillips stabbed him with a knife. Lisa warns Julia about allowing Jack to have anything to do with the missing Carly. When Julia confronts Jack about his obsession with Carly, he confesses his undying love for her in spite of his interest in finding out what happened to the woman he was to wed. Bryant confides in Jennifer about his parents' divorce. She mentions her own feelings when her parents split. When she admits that she can't stay for a swim and has to rush out, a lonely Bryant calls Abigail for a date but she too is busy and turns him down. Jake convinces Emily to set David up.

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