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Passions Recaps: The week of July 3, 2000 on PS
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Monday, July 3, 2000

Alistair instructed Julian to have Luis killed. Julian suggested that Sheridan should be set up with another man instead of killing Luis, which seemed a bit desperate. Luis discovered that Roger had hired another hit man to kill Sheridan, so Luis prevented Sheridan from going to the Seascape Restaurant. Sheridan refused to listen to Luis at first, but she gave in. As soon as Luis left the room, Sheridan sneaked out of the cottage.

Ivy called Julian to inform him that she would not be attending the gala. Julian was angry. Ivy decided to touch Charity's pendant. The powers from the pendant coerced Ivy to tell Sam that Ethan was his son. Before Ivy could tell Sam the truth, Julian showed up with the intentions of getting Ivy off the boat. Tabitha used magic to confuse Julian and Ivy. Both headed in the wrong direction of the entrance.

Theresa told Ethan that fate had drawn them together. Theresa's intention was to tell Ethan that she was falling in love with him, but Whitney cautioned Theresa against it. Chad overheard Whitney and told Whitney that she was afraid to be close to a man.

Charity admitted to Miguel that she was still having visions. A few minutes later, Charity remembered being on the Titanic with Miguel in a previous life. Kay was waiting in the wings to humiliate Charity by dumping fish guts on Charity's head.

Tuesday, July 4, 2000

Whitney and Chad eavesdropped as Theresa prepared to tell Ethan that she was falling in love with him. Whitney interrupted Theresa because Whitney did not want Theresa to get hurt. Chad stopped Whitney and accused her of being a control freak. Eve spotted Whitney and Chad together and asked Whitney if she had feelings for Chad. A few minutes later, Simone asked Chad to dance. Theresa noticed Whitney's jealousy after seeing Chad dancing with Simone.

Ivy asked Ethan to dance before Theresa could reveal her true feelings to Ethan. Ethan got into a heated argument with Sam over Sheridan's protection. Ivy attempted to intervene and almost told Sam the truth that Ethan was his son. Ethan retorted that he would not put up with Sam's resentment towards the family.

Miguel tried to comfort Charity and assured her that her premonition of someone dying would not come true. Kay replaced the Prom King and Queen ballots with the fake ones she had made. Jessica noticed Kay's suspicious behavior. Timmy decided to take matters into his own hands; consequently, Kay was shocked at who was named Prom King and Queen.

Roger's latest hit man aimed a gun at Sheridan, who sneaked out of the cottage without Luis' knowledge. Luis arrived at the restaurant before the hit man could pull the trigger. Luis lashed out at Sheridan for sneaking out. An angry Sheridan unknowingly gave the hit man a clear shot. Sheridan's high society friends took a liking to Luis.

Wednesday, July 5, 2000

Charity tells Miguel that her premonitions must have been wrong, nothing bad could possibly happen. Miguel goes to get punch, but Charity wants to dance. So, she grabs Timmy and starts dancing away. Timmy was loving it, until he and Charity were covered with fish guts! The pendant starts glowing and Charity says, "Everyone on the boat is going to die." Grace and Eve take Charity out on the deck for fresh air, then leave her alone with Tabitha. Tabitha tells her to join the dark side because being good only gets you hurt. Charity takes a row boat back to shore. She throws up her hands, and yells, "Destroy them all!"

Sheridan continues kissing her new man, while Luis watches with jealousy. Luis then gets a proposal of his own, when a woman asks him to be her personal bodyguard. Luis turns her down, but the woman pulls Luis to her and kisses him. Sheridan sees and it makes her upset. Sheridan asks Warren to request a tango. Luis thinks back to their dance at the youth center. Luis starts to asks her to dance, but Warren beats him to the punch. After the dance, Sheridan and Warren leave to go somewhere special. Sheridan thinks she and Warren will be alone, but another hit man will be tagging along. Luis finally finds them. He makes Sheridan come with him and Warren leave, before he goes to jail. Sheridan and Luis fight and as Sheridan goes to get in Luis's car, the hit man takes his shot.

Gwen's mother arrives. She tells Gwen she was foolish for leaving Ethan with another woman and letting him out of her sight. Gwen tells her mother about Ethan and Theresa going to prom together and her mother isn't a happy camper. Gwen defends her actions, but her mother makes her think back to all the times when she had suspicions about their relationship and Gwen heads for the prom. Gwen takes Charity's row boat and swears that Theresa better not be after Ethan. She tells herself that if Theresa is after her man, she will tear her apart hair by hair!

Theresa tells Ethan that she loves working with him and that the kiss they shared was like fireworks. She is about to tell him more, when they hear Charity's screams from inside. Theresa and Ethan go back on the deck. Theresa tells Ethan that she loves him!

Eve tells Ivy that she will ruin many lives if she does go through with her plan to get Sam. But Ivy refuses to give up, she wants Sam and is determined to have one night with him.

Pilar calls Ivy to let her know Mrs. Hotchkiss is at the mansion, but Ivy says she doesn't care. Ivy is going to tell Sam that Ethan is his son.

Ivy locks Grace in a closet, so she can have her private time with Sam.

Julian is drunk. He stumbles into a room, where Timmy is sipping on some Martimmies. Julian joins him. They drink Martimmies together, then Julian leaves. He stumbles upon Eve and makes a pass at her when TC walks through the door.

Thursday, July 6, 2000

Due to NBC coverage of the Wimbledon tennis championship, Passions will not air on Thursday, July 6th or Friday, July 7th. Programming will resume on Monday, July 10th.

Friday, July 7, 2000

Due to NBC coverage of the Wimbledon tennis championship, Passions will not air on Thursday, July 6th or Friday, July 7th. Programming will resume on Monday, July 10th.

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