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Passions Recaps: The week of June 26, 2000 on PS
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Monday, June 26, 2000

While Sheridan was napping, Luis saw her lying motionless and thought that she was unconscious. Sheridan's top fell off. Luis was stunned, but Sheridan was furious with Luis. A truck backfired, and Luis thought that it was a gunshot and immediately jumped on Sheridan. A few minutes later, Sheridan and Luis joked about seeing each other naked.

Hank was not pleased after learning that Les had sent him a gun. Sam visited Hank to get more information about Hank's injuries. Sam tried to get Hank to admit that it was a random mugging and that Hank was in some kind of trouble. Hank stood by his story. Sam walked by the box and almost discovered the gun Les had sent to Hank. Hank managed to distract Sam.

Chad confronted Whitney about what Whitney had said to Chad while Chad had been unconscious. Whitney denied having any feelings for Chad. Chad backed off when Whitney accused Chad of being in denial about his feelings for Whitney. Simone and Kay overheard the conversation between Whitney and Chad and asked Whitney why she was pushing herself on Chad. A few minutes later, Kay told Whitney that Kay was going to make sure that Chad and Simone ended up together.

Theresa tried on Gwen's wedding gown, and Ethan kissed Theresa, thinking that he was kissing Gwen. Ethan realized his mistake right before Gwen walked in the room. Ethan demanded to know why Theresa had been wearing Gwen's dress. The designer got Theresa out of a bind by telling Ethan that Theresa was modeling the dress. Theresa was devastated after hearing Ethan pledge his love for Gwen.

Tuesday, June 27, 2000

Kay shared with Simone that she had made phony ballots to ensure that Miguel would be Prom King and Kay would be Prom Queen.

Without Charity's knowledge, Tabitha created a pendant filled with evil powers for Charity to wear around her neck. Tabitha's intent was to sway Charity to do evil.

Whitney discovered a photo of herself on Chad's wall and wondered if Chad had feelings for her. Theresa encouraged Whitney to approach Chad about the photo on his wall and let Chad know how Whitney felt about him.

Ivy discovered that Chad had the same blood type as Eve. Ivy used the information to taunt Eve that Chad could be Eve's son.

While Ethan was kissing Gwen, he was thinking of Theresa. Gwen questioned Ethan about his sudden passion. Meanwhile, Pilar persuaded Theresa to give up her dreams of being with Ethan. Unfortunately, Theresa was determined to tell Ethan how she felt about him. A few hours later, Theresa ran into Ethan and Gwen and insisted that Ethan choose between her and Gwen.

At Sheridan's cottage, Luis heard a noise. Someone barged through the front door. Luis immediately tackled the person to the floor. Sheridan screamed, and a gunshot was heard. A few minutes later, Luis realized that it was Hank. Luis questioned Hank about entering the cottage the way he had. Hank didn't have a reasonable explanation.

Wednesday, June 28, 2000

Whitney asked Chad why he had a picture of her on his wall. Chad said the picture didn't mean anything to him and threw it on the floor. Whitney stormed out of the hospital room.

Ivy got nervous after seeing Sam and Ethan bonding.

Theresa composed herself after Pilar slapped her. Pilar apologized and warned Theresa not to tell Ethan that she was falling in love with him.

The enchanted pendant Tabitha had given to Charity was pulling Charity over to the dark side. A very startled Charity had a vision of Simone and Kay in hell. Charity informed Kay and Simone about her vision. Both Kay and Simone felt a chill up their spines. Tabitha convinced Charity that all she needed was some rest, but secretly, Tabitha wanted Charity to go to the dark side.

Sheridan made up an excuse to tell Luis without revealing Hank's gun. Sheridan asked Hank why he was walking around with a gun. Sheridan immediately had a flashback about a terrifying night from her childhood. Both Sheridan and Luis took Hank, who could barely walk, to the Bennetts' house. Charity saw Hank and had a vision about Hank's shady past.

Thursday, June 29, 2000

Sheridan had a nightmare about a dead body underneath a white sheet. A startled Sheridan ran into Luis' room. Luis had just gotten out of the shower and hadn't had time to get dressed. Charity's premonition had triggered Sheridan's nightmare. Luis advised Sheridan to ignore Charity's premonition, but Sheridan could not put it behind her.

Although Gwen, Ethan's fiancée, insisted, Ethan had concerns about taking Theresa to the prom. Sheridan urged Ethan that it was not a good idea to take Theresa to the prom. In addition, Sheridan asked Ethan if he was falling in love with Theresa, and Ethan denied it.

Meanwhile, Theresa was preparing to admit her true feelings for Ethan. Miguel tried to talk Theresa out of it, but Theresa insisted that fate was on her side and immediately left for the Crane mansion. Theresa unexpectedly ran into Luis at the Crane mansion.

At the prom, Kay was excited that her plans to humiliate Charity were progressing well. The plan was to dump a bucket of fish guts on Charity's head.

Charity had another premonition about the prom. Both Jessica and Grace tried to calm Charity down. Tabitha and Timmy were eavesdropping and got excited that Charity was on the verge of joining them on the dark side. Charity decided not to wear Tabitha's pendant, and Tabitha, who was still eavesdropping, got worried, since the pendant was the key to getting Charity to the dark side.

Friday, June 30, 2000

Julian and Alistair detested the idea of Sheridan living with Luis. Julian reminded Alistair that he had cleaned the cabin of all incriminating evidence a few years before.

At the cottage, Luis found a bullet and determined that the bullet was from an old handgun. Sheridan wondered how the bullet had gotten there. Luis reminded Sheridan that she had not always lived in Harmony, so she would not have known anything about the bullet.

Luis went to the mansion to get answers about the bullet. Before Luis could ask any questions, Alistair, who was on speakerphone with Julian, interrupted Luis and thanked him for taking care of Sheridan. In addition, Alistair reminded Luis that he had met Luis when Luis was a little boy. Julian asked Luis why he had visited the mansion.

Luis held up the bullet and asked Julian how it had gotten in the cottage. On the other end of the phone, Alistair crushed a vase that he was holding in his hand. Luis wanted to know who had fired the gun and at whom the gun had been fired. Alistair told Luis that he had no idea how the bullet had gotten there, and Julian pretended to be clueless.

Luis asked Julian if the Cranes kept a gun in the house. Alistair denied that they had a gun, but Sheridan said that there was a gun that Julian had kept in his desk drawer. Julian opened the drawer, and in the drawer were some playing cards, business papers, a handgun, and also a mask that resembled Luis. Julian closed the drawer and told Luis that his business papers were too important for Luis to see them. Once again, Alistair thanked Luis for taking care of Sheridan.

After Luis and Sheridan left, Alistair chewed out Julian for holding on to the mask. Julian said that the mask could be useful at a later date. Alistair dropped the subject and grilled Julian about missing the bullet in the cottage when Julian had cleaned up. Alistair reminded Julian that they could be finished if Luis ever found out the truth.

Luis concluded that the bullet had been meant for his father, who had disappeared right around the time the gun had been fired in the cottage. Luis thought that anyone in his family could have been the intended victim.

Meanwhile, Alistair and Julian were devising a plan to separate Luis and Sheridan. Julian knocked at the door of the cottage, informing Sheridan that she had to go to the Seascape Restaurant for the Cranes' annual gala. Sheridan was excited to get away from Luis, but Luis said that Sheridan could not go to the Seascape. Alistair told Julian that if their plans did not work, Luis would have to die.

At the Crane mansion, Gwen insisted that Ethan take Theresa to the prom. Ethan wanted to get an associate from the law firm to accompany Theresa, but Gwen turned Ethan down. Theresa was ecstatic and started fantasizing about Ethan. Theresa made plans to tell Ethan that she was falling in love with him.

At the hospital, Whitney showed Eve the dress she had picked out to wear to the prom. Whitney told Eve that she was going to the prom alone, and Eve thought it was a great idea. Whitney felt guilty about Chad's accident, so she decided to go see Chad. When Whitney got to Chad's place, Chad was already dressed for the prom because Chad was going to be the DJ. Whitney wondered how Chad could have recovered so quickly after the accident. Chad assured Whitney that he was fine and refused to stay home any longer.

As the girls prepared for the prom, Grace pricked her finger on Charity's pendant. Kay continued her plot to get between Miguel and Charity. Tabatha was determined to make sure that Charity kept her pendant on. Despite Tabitha's protest, Sam took a group photo of the kids, with Tabitha and Timmy included. Timmy told Tabitha that they were busted, since witches could not be photographed. Kay, Charity, Miguel, Jessica, and their dates were stunned that only Timmy appeared in the photograph and not Tabitha. Sam concluded that there was something wrong with the camera.

Kay, Simone, Jessica, and their dates arrived at the prom. Whitney entered the room, wearing a gorgeous gown, and Chad immediately went over to compliment her. Kay was distracted because Miguel, the man of her dreams, arrived at the prom with Charity. Jessica mentioned to Miguel that he and Charity would win Prom King and Queen. Charity remarked that nothing else mattered as long as everyone had fun.

Ivy walked in the room and immediately spotted Charity's unusual necklace. Ivy touched the necklace and said that it felt cold. Tabitha was excited because that was a sign that the pendant was working properly. In addition, Tabitha hoped that evil would reign.

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