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Colin told both Lindsay and Nora that Melanie and Bo had slept together. Blair plotted revenge. Sam was unable to locate Nora at Colin's house. Bo told Lindsay that his feelings had changed. Bo and Melanie declared their feelings for each other.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 3, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, July 3, 2000

Todd tries to convince Will leave the country. Will refuses to let Todd help him because he wants to stay with Jessica. Todd tells Will that Jess needs to be with her mother and that even though she thinks she wants to stay on the run, later on in life she will resent not having been with her mother during her fight with cancer. Will doesn't want to hear anything Todd has to say and throws Todd's money back in his face. When Will returns out to the terrace, he finds Jess and Cris kissing. Cris and Will come to blows, when suddenly, the hotel manager interrupts them threatening to call the police. Todd comes to the rescue and bails them out of a tight situation. Will reconsiders his decision and announces he will be leaving the country. Meanwhile Sam and Viki discuss the issues surrounding the return of Todd into their lives. Sam has given up on trying to help Todd, and thinks that Todd is only out for himself. Viki says she just can't give up on her brother yet...

Ben runs into a distraught Renee at the Palace bar. Renee confesses that Max isn't her son, but Ben admits that he has actually known since he knew Max was faking his brain damage. Renee is confused why he doesn't use this information against Asa, but Ben explains that he knows it would hurt her. Renee begs Ben to use his connections in Las Vegas to help her find her real son. Ben can neither bring himself to reveal his identity, nor continue to lie. He tells her he could help her with anything else in the world, but he just can't help her find her son and leaves the table.

Lanie brings Mathew to the park and finds Bo standing at Nora's memorial. Bo takes Mathew into his arms and show him the plaque with Nora's name on it. Lanie asks Bo about his feelings for Lindsay and he admits that he used to love her very much, but not anymore. The two share a close moment as Lindsay walks up. Lindsay tells Bo she is prepared to go to jail if it means getting Mathew's DNA test. Bo refuses to let her do that. After Bo leaves, Lanie accuses Lindsay of manipulating Bo saying she would go to jail. Lindsay asks her sister just what exactly is going on between her and Bo?!


Melanie came close to telling Lindsay the truth about her feelings for Bo, but was prevented by Sam's sudden arrival. Sam and Lindsay argued about Matthew's paternity because Sam refused to believe that Lindsay was telling the truth. Once alone, Sam questioned the possibility that Matthew might be Bo's. Roseanne attempted to convince R.J. that trying to seek revenge against Bo wasn't worth the effort. Bo was wary when R.J. tried to make amends with him. Antonio told Bo about R.J.'s meeting with a mysterious man on the docks and Bo realized from Antonio's description that the man was Jeff Barnes. Colin began physical therapy with Nora, who was confused by the different aspects of his personality. Later, Colin warned Lindsay that he would not keep Nora captive for much longer and that if he was caught, Lindsay was going down as well. Jessica talked Will out of leaving her and Cristian to go off on his own. Later, Todd was not pleased when he saw Will and Jessica kissing. Antonio questioned Roseanne about her recent charitable acts, including taking Sophia in.


It's July 4th and Ben and Viki are watching the fireworks at Crossroads. They'd like to lock up and be alone but Sam comes by for a drink. He's feeling Nora again, he tells them and truly believes she's alive. Viki tells him she thought she saw Nora at Cherryvale but it must have been the medication. Ben even checked it out but it was a different woman and Dr. MacIver gave him a run-around about it. Sam wanted to connect Colin to Nora and now he has, he explains, as he fills them in on a message he believes Nora tried to get to him through Colin. The trio all agree they should go with their gut feelings and think it's possible that Nora is indeed alive.

Colin promises Lindsay that he will take her down with him if he goes to jail because of kidnapping. The bounced check may be gone but she's not going to get out of it. Lindsay thinks that Nora is playing Colin right where she wants him and should give her a drug to erase her memory of this entire episode. Colin says he'd never do anything like that and besides everyone but Lindsay knows that she'll never get Bo back. Lindsay retorts back that Lanie will never come back to the doctor because she's too good for him and everyone knows that. The two rip into each other until Colin announces that even Bo knows that Lanie is a better woman and Lindsay slaps him. She doesn't want his opinions. Colin wants to let Nora go though Lindsay says she's not done with her. The doctor informs her that Lanie is her competition, not Nora. He proceeds to tell her that Lanie and Bo have spent the night together in the past and Lindsay can ask them. It was only 1 night, she retorts, but Colin tells her it was enough to make them forget all the others.

Nora is trying to get Magda, the Polish maid to understand her. She wants her to call the police and uses every foreign word and slang word for police that she can think of, until Magda seems to understand "cops" and leaves the room. Nora hears sirens and rejoices that Magda has finally understood her. When the maid returns with "cups" and the sirens diminish, Nora realizes that she has failed again.

Lanie and Bo are at the park, where she tells the commish that she's told her sister of their previous meeting. She didn't tell her about the night they spent together because it was the same night as Lindsay's miscarriage. Bo declares that it's independence day and for once they will not think about the heavy weight they are both carrying. They go off to buy some ice cream, flags and sparklers and as they sit and eat and wait for the fireworks, sparks fly(and they're not just from the sparklers). Lanie wonders what will happen to Lindsay but Bo assures her that he won't let her go to jail. But he doesn't want to talk about their troubles, he reminds her. Lanie only wants the fireworks to be delayed so that their night can last longer.

Meanwhile, over at the Palace bar, Rae and John examine a note from Daniel stating that Kelly is not her daughter. They believe they are finally getting to annoy him and think he'll divulge the daughter's name soon. John tells Rae how good she is at reaching out to other people and when she agrees that it's in one way or another he tells her it's the "or another" that he's interested in. Sparks fly between this pair as well. Kelly and Kevin drop by and look at the note. Rae calls John her hero. Shortly after, John leaves with Kevin and the two women are able to chat. Kelly admits that she and Joey rushed things and Rae wonders if she's interested in someone else. Kelly asks Rae what's going on with her and Rae confides that though John is her best friend she fantasizes about him often. Over at Crossroads where Kevin and John have stopped for a drink, the words John speaks are similar.

Sam rushes over to Colin's house where he encounters Magda. He identifies himself and when the maid hears Rappaport, she hands him the note that Nora has written for the police. Upstairs, Nora has fallen asleep and her book drops to the floor. Sam hears the noise and starts up the stairs, thinking it's Colin. After much difficulty with the language barrier, Sam determines that Colin has a girlfriend upstairs so he hands the note and his card back to the maid, asking that Colin give him a call.

Ben and Viki watch the fireworks again. Or is it a storm, they wonder. They joke about being unable to close the bar to be alone with everyone stopping by.

Thursday, JULY 6, 2000

Max's Bedroom at Asa's Mansion

Nigel claims he doesn't want to "pry" but he questions Max about the missing Mrs. Buchanan until he finally erupts with, "She doesn't live in this house anymore...she's gone. I don't give a damn where she is or what she's that clear?" Overhearing this, Skye finds it "blissfully clear" when Max declares himself now "all yours." Max instructs Nigel to bring Skye's things to his room but since she likes to make her own decisions, Skye instructs Nigel she will be keeping her own room. Max doesn't understand why she isn't thrilled because she "won" him, but Skye knows the truth: Blair made the decision to leave, and now Skye is "the one left over." Skye wants Max, but she wants "real true everlasting love even more" and she won't believe she has that until Max can prove that Blair is out of his heart as well as the house. Max claims that Blair "doesn't exist" any longer, that he took a "razor sharp scalpel and cut her out of my heart" but Skye is afraid he is only telling her what she wants to hear. However, when Max promises her that she is his future and professes his love yet again, Skye wants to believe him and make him happy. They begin to kiss passionately but suddenly Skye pulls away and accuses Max of being a "dirty rotten liar, no good scheming pig" because she can tell he really wants Blair. Max responds, "I don't love Blair. Heck, I don't even like her most of the time but...I do love her." Skye admits it's not the first time she "made a major fool out of" herself and since she now knows where she stands, she will move out of the mansion immediately. Max wants to "resolve" some things before she leaves since she holds his "fate" in her hands. Skye takes pleasure in holding "all the cards" when Max asks how much she wants to punish him. He claims that love is "irrational" but that he "honestly" likes her and admires her strength. "If there were no Blair, I'd love you." Skye informs Max that she won't share his secret, she figures that Max and Asa deserve each other, but Max should thank Ben for her sealed lips because it's the promise she made to him not to tell that she will be keeping. Max doesn't like the fact that Skye "enjoyed every minute of torturing me and Blair" but he assures her with his confidence that she "can handle anything." She concurs, and, later, goes off to confront Blair.

Dorian's House

Blair doesn't feel like repeating her "long story" about why she is now staying at Dorian's to Kelly. However, Kelly had the same idea about moving into Dorian's but for a different reason. She explains that she and Joey want more space since they are "working on a baby." Blair is aghast at the idea, "Just stick your head in the sand and make a baby...we're mistake magnets...we can't make it work with doesn't matter who we hook up with, we're losers...when have we ever truly been happy?" Kelly doesn't believe there is a "Cramer curse," instead she plans "to believe in happily ever after" with a big family with Joey. Blair reminds her it won't be perfect as long as Kelly still loves her husband's brother. Blair suggests that Kelly not ignore her feelings for Kevin, but Kelly claims she and Joey are completely happy and wants instead to talk about who "blew" Blair's marriage. Blair claims that Max was "not the man I thought he was...but I always thought Max loved me...I took a chance...he has to choose" between Skye and her. Kelly can figure out the choice Max made, but she wonders if Blair still loves him. "Not any more...I want to make him as miserable as he made me" and Blair thinks the "right revenge will work." She explains that her "secret weapon" is Skye, that she needs to get close to Max when he "comes wagging his tail back to me" after he tires of Skye. "That's when my revenge starts." When the doorbell rings, Blair thinks it's Max already begging for her forgiveness, but it is Skye asking to come in and talk.

Bo's Apartment

Outside Bo's apartment door, Lindsay gets visited by her "conscience," Nora. She tells Nora to "go away...I have a conscience of my own" but, instead, Nora reminds Lindsay that "Bo had an affair with your sister." Lindsay deems it "not an mistake" but claims that she doesn't believe Colin anyway because he is "a very mean spirited man" who makes people suffer and wants to torture her. She knows that neither Bo nor Melanie would "betray" her. ‘Conscience Nora' tells Lindsay, "You've lost Bo and I think you know it...if you're not worried, I'm not worried. Why should I protect you?" When Lindsay claims that Bo isn't a one night stand kind of guy, Nora agrees. "That's true. But...there's a beautiful stranger who knows nothing, asks nothing, wants nothing...Remember that night when it happened? Bo was pretty furious at you...of course, he was a little fed up with me, too, but...what's he got to lose?...It's funny that neither one of them mentioned that encounter...they probably forgot...they met, they talked, they ‘hmmm'd' and it slipped their mind..." At this, Lindsay begins to shout, "Shut up...shut up..." until Bo steps outside and asks who she is yelling at. Lindsay has to lie quickly, but she is good at that and he lets it drop. She explains that she has come by with an idea to get Sam to agree to a new DNA test for Matthew: she will take a lie detector test. Bo explains that Sam already knows she isn't lying but he just doesn't want to admit it. When Lindsay asks him what "we" are going to do, Bo informs her she isn't going to do anything and insists she stay away from Sam. Lindsay suggests having Ben talk to Sam, but Bo suggests Melanie instead because she "has a gift for getting people to open up." Just for a second, Lindsay is stunned and speechless. ‘Conscience Nora' goads her, "Go ahead and ask, ‘Did you sleep with my sister?' You know you're dying to know." When Lindsay shrieks, "No!" at Nora, Bo is confused by Lindsay's behavior. He feels "now is not the time" for Lindsay to ask him "about you and me" but that doesn't stop Lindsay. She flails her arm in the air searching for Nora's apparition as she confides that since Nora ‘died' she feels close to Bo again and being friends isn't enough for her. "I'm lost...I don't have a clue where I stand. I only know how I feel. I love you...I want you to love me back. Do you?" Bo feels "it has changed. I'm sorry...I know it's not what you wanted to hear...I care about you but I can't love you, not the way I did." When Lindsay asks if there is "anybody else," Bo claims "it doesn't have anything to do with anybody else." Lindsay seems to let it go, telling Bo she appreciates his honesty, "it's your best quality." When Lindsay exits the apartment she sees ‘Conscience Nora' again but she claims, "I don't need you as my conscience anymore." Nora has the last word this time, though. "You lost do get that now, don't you?" Lindsay surreptitiously follows Bo when he leaves his apartment. ‘Conscience Nora' suggests it's a "sucker bet" where he's going.

Cherryvale Clinic

Colin brings Melanie her favorite flowers for "Happy Whatever Day." He reminds her of the "fireworks" they used to make when he sees her holding the flag Bo gave her. Colin wants Melanie to remember their "connection" but Melanie has put their relationship in the past tense except for asking Colin to drop his countersuit. Colin doesn't understand why Melanie suddenly cares so much about Lindsay's happiness, but Lanie doesn't want to see her sister hurt since she's "on the far edge of rational behavior already." She wants "something wonderful to happen for Lindsay so she can have strength and hope again." Melanie thinks this is Bo since Lindsay seems to need Bo so much. She asks Colin to promise he will keep his mouth shut. Colin is disgusted that "all trails come back to Bo Buchanan" and asks if Lanie cares enough about Lindsay to "give up your thing with the Commish?" Melanie claims there is nothing to give up, that she and Bo are just "friends." Colin tries to explain his past behavior to his wife and claims he gets it now and "it hurts like hell." He claims he will do anything to get back together with his wife, but Melanie observes they "have nothing left to build on." She asks Colin not to be vindictive by telling Lindsay; Colin seems truly hurt by Melanie's coldness. "I don't want to hurt you, now or ever. I love you. I always will." Colin leaves. Later, Bo arrives and "needs to talk" to Melanie "about us." Outside the door, Lindsay listens and watches them.

Colin's House

Colin angrily confronts Nora with the note she had slipped to Magda about being held captive. He warns her she is "making things worse here." Nora matches his anger and one-ups him. "I am being held captive by some twisted thinking doctor in his own house. What's worse than that?" Colin calms down, apologizes and blames it on his "really bad day." When Nora asks him if he'd like to trade places, he considers it. "Great! Crush your pelvis and hop on in!" Nora softens a bit, also, and asks what happened in his bad day. Colin explains, "It's ironic. My wife's been keeping secrets." Nora laughs and Colin turns on her. "Why the hell didn't you tell me about this guy?" Nora doesn't know who he is talking about. If it's Sam he's worried about, she doesn't think Sam is chasing his wife. Colin says it's not Sam, "You know him very's Bo Buchanan, your ex."

Friday, July 7, 2000

Renee goes back to the mansion to quiz Max about what Ben knows about Max not being the real Buchanan heir. Max tells her he's glad she's there and promises to help her get closer to Asa. But, that's not why Renee's there. She wants to know about Ben. "We had a bargain." Max mutters. When pushed for answers by "Ma," Max says the deal was that Max would work to help bring Will home if Ben would lay off the Buchanans. Renee's not buying this, and reasons that it's the other way around. Ben was actually putting the pressure on Max. Renee and Max end up having a "heart-to-heart," and she admits still loving Max, although the biggest place in her heart is reserved for her real son. With Skye gone, she urges Max to win back the woman he truly loves, Blair.

Skye goes to see Blair and also encounters Kelly at Dorian's house. "I've come to tell you what an idiot you are for driving Max away," Skye says, but it didn't take Blair long to figure out that Max had finally dumped Skye. And, of course, Blair takes every opportunity to rub salt into Skye's wounds. Skye leaves with a warning to Blair, "I'll be watching," and vows to make sure to let Max know of Blair's next devious scheme. After Skye picks up her wounded pride and hauls it out the door, Kelly tells Blair to return to Max. Oh no, says Blair, this is all part of "the plan" to get revenge on Max; he must come to her. When pushed by Kelly, Blair admits that she has to be as wealthy as possible to build a fortress for Starr. She admits having seen Todd in Cincinnati and is afraid he will return to Llanview and pull another one of his crazy stunts. When Kelly offers advice, such as "a fortress won't keep you warm on a cold night," Blair quickly reminds her that she doesn't need romance advice from someone who's trying to make a baby with one man while being in love with his brother (ouch!). Max shows up and begs forgiveness. Blair agrees to return home with him only after he promises to never use Skye as a weapon against her again. "I never stopped loving you," Blair tells Max, although she later admits to Kelly that reconciliation is only "part of the plan." As Blair departs with Max, Kelly departs for the bathroom for a home pregnancy test.

At Crossroads, Ben agonizes over not being able to tell Renee that he is her real son. "I'm betraying her the same as Max," he tells Viki, who asks why he is so concerned about Renee. "When she lost faith in Max," Ben says, " it's like she lost her son all over again." Viki tells Ben that if he should tell Renee the truth, Renee will tell Asa, and, can he stand the pressure of being a Buchanan? Ben thanks "Blondie" for listening to him, and she says it's nice to be something other "than a cancer patient." Viki is ready to get on with her life, and decides to attend a meeting at the community center. But, her driver has other plans and doesn't go to the center. After Viki leaves, Skye ends up at the bar, dragging her hurt feelings along. She gets no sympathy from Ben when she tells him she's no longer with Max. Ben says she got what she deserved by taking up "with a married man who's a jerk." Skye leaves the bar in a huff, draggin' those hurt feelings along.

At first, Nora doesn't believe Colin when he tells her about Lanie's and Bo's "big night." When he mentions early April, Nora realizes he means the night Lindsay suffered the miscarriage, but refuses to provide other details. She accuses Colin of keeping her at his house as way to get even with Bo, maybe even trading her for Lanie. Colin denies this, and pushes Nora for information about Bo. " I won't help you get the goods on Bo," Nora replies. Then she fires a double-barreled shot at the good doctor. "I'm not surprised Lanie's attracted to Bo after being with a man like you. If Bo's going after your wife, he's going to win." (Yes! Mattie wants to ‘high-five' Nora! You go girl!) After Colin tucks his tail and leaves, Nora again begins looking for a way to escape.

At the Cherryvale hospital, Lanie and Bo admit they have "feelings" for each other -- unaware that Lindsay is lurking nearby and hearing every word. "What about Lindsay?" Lanie asks. "I do care about her, but we can never go back to the way things were. I told her, and she understands," Bo says. "She must be devastated," says Lanie (as Lindsay imagines the knife twisting in her back). Bo tells Lanie that even if the two of them choose not to explore their feelings for each other, it would not bring him any closer to Lindsay. Their discussion is interrupted by a loud crash in the hall as a furious Lindsay knocks over a cart and flees. As Lanie is called back to work, Bo tells her he'll call, and they'll figure out how to explore their feelings.

Back at home, Hank arrives and tells Bo that if Lindsay testifies to bribing the technician to change Matthew's paternity test, there's no way to avoid prosecuting her. Bo's not happy to hear this; it puts a dent in his otherwise good day. "Does that have anything to do with the blonde I saw you in the park with?" asks Hank. Bo tells Hank about Lanie and her connection to Lindsay. Hank is surprised, but Bo says he plans on learning a lot more about Lanie. Later, Bo answers a knock on his door to find the good doctor Colin has come to visit.

Lanie is surprised to find Lindsay at the hospital. Lindsay says they are overdue for a sisterly heart-to-heart talk, but cuts to the chase pretty quickly. "I've done some terrible things (ain't it the truth). Sleeping with Colin was probably the worst." (Get ready, here it comes) She accuses Lanie of sleeping with Bo to get even for her affair with Colin! "You hypocrite!" says Lindsay (and the pot calls the kettle black).

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