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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 3, 2000 on GL
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Monday, July 3, 2000


At Harley's:

Harley is on the phone with Ross setting up a meeting to discuss the divorce. Harley confirms the appointment and then hangs up. Blake is there with her and tells her that she is moving a little fast. Harley tells her that she has to get on with her life. She knows it will hurt but it will be over. Harley tells her that she has to think of her assets and get ready to go out on her own. They talk about the surprise party for Lizzie that evening and Blake tells her that she would go with her if it would help. Harley tells her that she would appreciate it and tells her that she already has Danny and Michelle coming over to watch Zack. Blake asked if it was the nanny's night off. Harley tells her that she had to let the Nanny and the housekeeper go. Blake doesn't understand but Harley said that she has to start economizing. She wants to be financially free from Phillip. Harley goes to the closet and takes out a garment bag. It is her bridesmaids dress for the wedding. She wants to be there for Cassie but doesn't want to go to SC where her problems with Phillip all started and to top it all off, he will probably be there as well. Blake reassures her that she will be there for her to lean on. Michelle and Danny come in. Harley tells them where the emergency numbers are. She looks at the list and says with all her preparations for disaster; she couldn't protect Zach from his parent's marriage breaking up. Harley and Blake leave.

Michelle and Danny come down. They are happy to have gotten little Zach to sleep. Michelle tells Danny she loves him and is sorry if she had been distant she just needed time to get over losing the baby. Danny holds her and tells her that they don't have to have sex to feel close. They promise to talk more when they get home. Michelle looks out the window and sees Carmen staring back at her. She screams to Danny, "She's here."

At Cedar's:

Lizzie asks Phillip where Harley is. He tells her that she may come by tonight to see her. Michelle and Danny come in with balloons and gifts. Phillip asks them to stay for a moment while he goes outside. He goes out to see Beth and the baby. She asked him about his visit to see baby Jim. She says that he promised to give up his claim to the baby and let her and Jim raise him on their own. Phillip tells her that nothing has changed except the fact that everyone knows it is his child and he wanted to see him. He tells her that if Jim and her want to raise the baby that would be fine he wouldn't renege on his promise. Beth mentions how great Jim has been and how he helped bring the baby into the world. Phillip says she seems to believe Jim will come back to her. Beth says that she does thinks Jim will come home and she believes Jim thinks of the baby as his own. Phil tells Beth he doesn't want to mess up the baby's life. He is happy that he will be with Lizzie and Beth. He also says he has no idea what will happen with him and Harley. Beth leaves and Phillip goes back in to pack Lizzie's things. Drew and Jesse come by to see Michelle and Danny. They all go out in the lobby. Meanwhile, Lizzie is anxious to leave the hospital. She tells her dad that she didn't always believe she would get well. She said that when she was admitted the last time she could tell that people never thought she would be leaving. Phillip told her that he believed in her. She told him that he always said she would be fine and she knew it was true because he would never lie. Phillip finishes packing her things and they leave.

Reva is at the hospital with Noah. They flirt and she says she has to go back to work. She kisses him and leaves. Josh comes up to Noah and tells him he wants to talk to him a moment. Josh asks Noah where he went to school. Noah mentions Harvard but vaguely said that he went to a lot of schools. Josh wants to know if he is from the northeast. Noah gets vague again and said he is from all over. Josh tells him that he knows he is hiding something. Noah's pager goes off and he said he has to leave. Josh tells him that they aren't finished. Noah walks away and Josh says to himself "I know you are lying, Noah".

In the lobby, Drew and Jesse are leaving for the airport. They ask Michelle and Danny to go with them but they said that they had already agreed to babysit for Harley. Drew asks Danny to come with her and give Michelle and Jesse a few moments alone. They take off. Jesse thanks her for always seeing the best in him; teaching him to read and helping him find his new life. He quotes the Shakespeare she first taught him and tells her that she made him realize he had dreams and that they were attainable. She tells him that he was her first love and that she believes her mother's heart went to the right person. She thinks that Jesse was Maureen's last gift to her. They hug. He tells her that he will always love her and they say their goodbyes.

At Company:

Buzz tells Jim he has heard what happened and that he is sorry. Jim thanks him and tells him he doesn't know what to do. He doesn't want to raise another man's child. Buzz reminds him about Susan. Jim wants to know how he is supposed to look at the baby and not see Phillip Spaulding. Buzz tells Jim that Rocky is not his biological child and he hated Jenna's ex but that he loves Rocky because Rocky trust him and he is his father now. Jim says that at least Jenna's ex is dead but Phillip is still around. Jim apologizes realizing that Buzz's daughter is suffering too. Buzz told him that he has to decide what is best for him and his daughter and just do it. He thanks Buzz for the talk and says he has something to do.

Reva comes in looking for Selena. They are going to Chicago on location next week. She mentions Noah and Buzz wants to know details. She says he is cute and looks good in a suit. They talk a bit and he tells her that Selena is at home with the kids. Reva leaves.

Jesse comes in to say good-bye to Buzz. He thanks him for all he has done for him. They hug. Buzz reminds him of good times. Drew comes in ready to take him to the airport. She tells Jesse she is proud of him and thanks him for everything. Jesse wants her and Max to come to NY soon. Drew kisses him and tells him he will take her heart to NY.

At the Bauer's:

Abby and Rick are kissing in the Bauer living room. He is happy that she wants to start trying to have a baby. Abby wants to tell him some good news. She tells him about Joe Morgan's job offer and that a baby wouldn't interfere with it at all. Rick tells her to say yes to the job offer. Abby says that it is great; they will have a fresh start in a brand new place. He doesn't understand and she tells him that the job is in DC and that Joe will offer Rick a job in Washington as well. Rick doesn't want to have his files looked at too closely right now. Abby tells him she doesn't think it will be a problem. Rick wants to know why Abby is comfortable with lying now that it works out for her. They argue. Rick says that Abby must really want the job more than the life they have now. Abby tells Rick the job found her and maybe it was meant to be. Abby wants to work with real people who need help. Rick says that he has to pack his bags and start over. Abby thinks that it will be a fresh start for them. She is annoyed about Claire popping in for coffee when she pleases. They are arguing about Claire. Rick tells Abby she is asking him for too much for him to move. They are both really angry. He can't believe this is happening. He asks her why they can't have one good day. He accuses Abby of lying to him about wanting the baby. He thinks she is just placating him. Abby is insulted and says that the job offer is a coincidence. Abby says he is only thinking about himself and won't even consider the job offer in Washington. She really wants the job to make a difference. She wants her children to know she did something really important. She asks Rick if his sacrifice will be worth it. The phone rings. Rick mentions that they forgot they had other plans and will have to go. They don't have time to work it out now.

At the Spaulding's:

Beth is at home and Jim arrives. She tells him she wasn't sure he would come home. She offers to show him the baby. He is awake and she thinks he misses the sound of Jim's voice. She hands him the baby and tells him that she misses him too. Jim says she doesn't have to push the baby on him. He already knows it would be wonderful to be part of the family. Beth says she knew Jim couldn't turn his back on them. Jim says he knows all the facts in his head. He puts the baby in the bassinet. He tells Beth he can't live with the lies. He will end up resenting Beth. Beth tries to say what she did with Phillip was a mistake. Jim understands what happened but he can never trust her completely again. The baby deserves a father who trusts his mother. Jim goes up to pack his things.

The Spaulding house is dark. Lizzie is happy to be home but wishes Susan or Harley was there. Phillip tells her that everything is fine and she can see everyone later. For tonight, he says they can eat cookies and play checkers. Lizzie agrees but is still disappointed. Lizzie turns on the light and everyone yells "Surprise". She is so happy; she thought everyone had forgotten her.

Tuesday, July 4, 2000


At the Spaulding's:

Lizzie and Lillian come in to Lizzie's room to get a sweater. Lillian gives Lizzie a present of a little gold clock. It was Lillian's grandmothers. She tells Lizzie that now she has all the time in the world to do what ever she wants and she should remember that each time she winds it.

Harley and Blake start to leave. Phillip follows. She tells him that the act is over and she will not act like a happily married couple with him anymore. She tells him that she will still see Lizzie but alone and not with him. Phillip wants to talk but Harley doesn't. He asks what he can do to make things better. She says nothing. Blake leaves and gives them some privacy. Harley tells him that if she stays she will only stay to go in and thank Beth for exposing her husband as the jerk he is. He tells her that she promised to stay until Lizzie is better. He tells her that Lizzie is out of the woods but still has a long way to go.

Jim gives Beth his wedding ring and house key. He tells her that he won't be back. She asks about Susan and he said that he would pick her up in the morning. Beth tells him that she thought they could work it out. He shoots that theory down and tells her that he can't be a part of any more lies. She asks him to stay for Lizzie and her party. He tells her that it is the best time to leave while she is distracted with her company. He tells her it isn't easy. They were supposed to be bringing their baby home today and Beth said that they did. He tells her that Lizzie will be fine and that he cant stay. Beth keeps saying what about Lizzie. Jim said for her to tell Lizzie whatever she wants to but he is leaving. He can't stay anymore. Lizzie comes down and hugs Jim. She asks him to come out with her but he tells her that he has to leave tonight. He says he has some business to take care of and has to go. She tells him that she will miss him and he hugs her. Jim leaves. Phillip comes in. Lillian gives Lizzie a gift from her grandpa Alan and she reads the letter. Alan says that she wants to give her something special. He gave her stock in Spaulding and said that she is the future of Spaulding. She looks at the stock certificates. She gives Phillip something and he looks it over. Lizzie leaves to show everyone her stock. Phillip tells Lillian that Alan has issued even amounts of stock to Zack and to the new baby with a letter saying that his grandchildren will run the company in the future. Phillip tells Lillian that Alan does what he wants to do. He just wants his life back, his wife and his family. Phillip tears up the stock certificates and says that Alan is not going to buy his way into his children's life.

At Harley's

Michelle sees Carmen outside the window. She tells Danny and tells her that she said she would come back for her. He asks what she is talking about. She tells him and runs to the door. Danny follows and of course no one was outside. He reminds Michelle that Carmen died in his arms and that everything will be okay. He holds Michelle while she cries. He gets her to the sofa and puts a blanket around her. She asks why her visions are so real. He tells her that her past 6 months have been awful and that he understands that the pressure could be getting to her. He tells her that he has had a recurring dream about Carmen's death as well. She wants to know how to make it stop. Danny says they have to find who did it. He wants to go in and get information. She said he isn't going back to those people. She already lost her baby and will not lose her husband. She rants about his association and tells him the cops are looking for the killers. He tells her that the feds will not investigate unless he turns States Evidence. Harley and Blake came in. They thank Michelle and Danny and they leave. Blake tells Harley that she understands Phillip more that she does. Harley insults her by saying, "Of course you do". She tells her that there is a major reason why she cant get back together with Phillip and with that she leaves and goes up stairs. Blake follows. Harley tells her that she has a daughter and she has to be an example for her. She has to send the right message to her. Blake tells her that Phillip will try his best to get her back and she has to be sure.

At Company:

Claire comes in. No one is there. She had come to pick up an order. Holly is there. She recognizes Claire and tells her that she is Fletcher's ex as well. They chitchat awhile about Fletcher and Meg and Claire tells her that she is Michelle's mother. Holly tells her that she knows who she is and that she and Michelle have been close for many years. Claire tells her that she isn't the best mother and certainly is no Maureen Bauer but she does want to try. Holly tells her that she isn't mother of the year but she doesn't think she should come stomping into Michelle's life 20 years later and start taking over. Claire said that she just wants to be there for her. She says that there are some things she doesn't like, especially her being married to a member of a crime family. She tells Holly that Danny is the only threat to Michelle. She almost got convicted of murder because of her association to his family.

Michelle and Danny walk in. Claire goes over and asks her what is wrong. She tells her that she is seeing Carmen. Carmen tells her that she is glad that Carmen is dead. Danny hears her and asks her if that is true just how hard did she try to save her. Claire tells him that she is a doctor and that she saves lives not ends them. Carlos calls and says that he is ticked off because the police are staking out his house. Danny tells him that is because they haven't found Carmen's killer yet. Michelle overhears and gets upset that he is talking to Carlos. She says she can't take it any more and storms out. Danny follows. Claire stays there and says that she has to do something. Outside, Michelle tells him that she can't compete with his involvement with those people. He asks her to forget them. She doesn't have to compete. Inside, Claire picks up Danny's phone and recalls Carlos and invites him to the Bauer BBQ.

Noah and Reva are talking. They left the party early so Lizzie could spend time with her family. Billy comes up. Reva tells him that Josh has to be at the Bauer BBQ for a father daughter Frisbee contest. Billy tells her that they have a meeting but will try to get there in time. Noah says he is pretty good at Frisbee and would stand in. He said he has never had a daughter before and would try. Billy tells him that he has his number and knows that he has a daughter. He tells him about the phone call and that he can try to talk his way out of that one. Billy warns him about messing with Reva and tells him that the Lewis Boy's would take him apart piece by piece if he hurts her.

Billy walked in and sat with Holly. Holly tells her about Claire wanting to reconnect with Michelle. She said she relates to her as a fellow bad mother.

Noah and Reva sit down and are talking. She tells him not to worry about Billy and that if he wants to play Frisbee with Marah he can.

Happy 4th everyone!

Wednesday, July 5, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Richard and Cassie are in her room talking about the wedding. They go over the guest list and talk about the people from Springfield. He says he will be too busy staring at her to see anyone. There is a knock at the door. It's Julia who is apparently Natalie's replacement for wedding protocol. Later, Richard and Cassie push Julia out into the hallway. She is still going over the wedding plans when Richard shuts the door on her. He then lets her in and she sits at the desk. She talks about the timeline while Richard and Cassie are oblivious to anything but each other.

Cassie puts down a tablecloth on the floor in her room and the chef brings in a picnic basket. She wants Richard to know her traditions. He takes off his jacket and sits on the floor. They have hamburgers, hot dogs, coleslaw and apple pie. He reverts to his Dwayne accent and says they are missing one tradition, fireworks. She leans over and kisses him.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Lizzie tells Phillip that she is kind of worried about her mom and thinks she may miss Jim. They talk about the BBQ and she is upset that she isn't going to be able to go but Phillip promises to arrange a little celebration just for her including fireworks. Lizzie gives him a picture of the new baby and asks him when Jim will be back. He doesn't know and Lizzie goes to check on the baby. Alan asks Phillip how long they are going to lie to Lizzie about the baby and Jim. Phillip is really angry with Alan for how he is using his Lizzie to make him claim his new son. Phillip tells him that he wants to save his marriage but Alan thinks he should only be thinking of his son. Alan tells him that the baby needs a father and wonders if Phillip would walk away from the baby for his marriage. Phillip tells him not to push him and that he isn't always right. Lillian came in and told Alan that his interference would only make things worse and she would tell Beth to keep the baby a! way from him. Alan doesn't believe she would do that but Lillian assures him that she would. Alan tells her that he can't just pretend that the baby isn't his grandson. Lillian tells him that they can't make all the decisions and that they have to let Phillip, Beth and Jim work things out. Alan asks Lillian if she has ever thought Jim was right for Beth. She side stepped the issue and said that it is just the way things are. Phillip is with Harley and Beth is with Jim. He tells her that he tried to accept things but he is certain that Phillip and Beth should be together and thinks she knows that as well. Alan tells her that it is his entire fault they split up and Lillian agrees. She tells him that she was very angry with him at the time but they have to move on and accept that things have changed. Alan wants to right the wrong he did to them and believes that they deserve a second chance and he will see they get it. Lillian admits that she believes it is true and! doesn't want Beth raising this baby alone. Alan asks for Lillian's help.

At the Bauer's:
Rick and Abby are working on the BBQ; he tells her that he will miss all of this if they move to DC. She asks to talk later and have a pleasant day without all the stress. There is a knock at the door. Carlos and Theresa arrive and tell Rick Danny invited them. Danny denies it. Carlos says a woman called to invite them. Rick thinks Danny did it but Abby suspects Claire. She repeats all the things Claire has done. Rick wants to stay out of Michelle's life and let her have a relationship with Claire if that is what she wants. Abby says that Claire wants Michelle to herself. Rick asks Abby why she never mentioned that Claire wants to break up Manny's marriage. Abby says that Claire asked her to help her break them up. Rick defends Claire and says she is just uncomfortable about the mob. Abby insists Claire just doesn't want anyone else in Michelle's life. She thinks she would practically kill anyone who tried to interfere. Meanwhile, Claire bumps into Michelle. Claire asks! Michelle if she is still unsettled about seeing Carmen. The visions are not unusual. Claire used to imagine what Michelle was like after she gave her up and had many visions. They talk about Carlos being there and Claire tells her even if Danny didn't invite Carlos they will always find a way to be in their lives. Michelle says Danny will protect her but Claire tells her that he couldn't even protect her from his mother. Later, Abby approaches Claire and Michelle. Michelle apologizes to Abby for Carlos but Abby says its no problem. Michelle leaves and Abby confronts Claire.

Danny tells Carlos that he believes he killed Carmen. Carlos insists he didn't and says it was an outside hit. He wants to work together with Danny. He says that the real killer will go free while Danny concentrates on him. Theresa tells Danny that she has a confession to make; she used to plot to replace Michelle with herself. She says that a quiet suburban life is the best revenge.
Susan and Max are together. He tells her that he isn't moving to NY forever and she can visit him and he will visit her. Susan believes that he will go off and find another girl and forget all about her. He tells her that wont happen. He is worried more about her meeting a new jock at school and forgetting all about him but she doesn't think that will happen.
Billy comes over to see Holly. She takes a sip of a drink and notices it has alcohol in it and gets upset. Billy tells her not to worry. Holly picks up the sign from the punch that says, "Spiked...adults only". Billy said the sign was moved and it was unintentional. She thanks him for reassuring her. Billy kisses her hand. Blake and Matt are looking at them. Matt teases her about being a hopeless romantic. He tells Vanessa that Blake should host a show about relationships. Vanessa thinks it is a good idea but Blake thinks she is better off writing books.

Phillip comes in and meets up with Matt at the buffet table. Phillip says that he knows he is Jim's friend and asks if he wants to say anything to him. Matt says no and walks away. Phillip tries to talk to Blake. Later, he goes over to Max and Susan.
Susan gives him the cold shoulder. She is angry about what he did to Jim and Harley. Phil apologizes but Susan tells him to leave them alone. Max tries to cheer up Susan. She says everything is changing. He hugs her. Phillip goes over and helps Rick cook burgers. Phil tells him that he is getting either the evil eye or pity from everyone today. Rick says he should focus on his wife. Phil asks about Rick and Abby. Rick says that Claire is making tension between them. Later, Phillip leaves to be with Lizzie.

Michelle finds Danny in the woods and asks if he is okay. He says he is not. She asks about Carlos. Danny says he needs to talk to her about something important. He doesn't think Carlos killed Carmen, he thinks it was Claire.

Thursday, July 6, 2000

by Jenna

At the Bauer BBQ:

Marah, Shayne and Reva came in. Reva tells them that she will see then later. They saw Noah and knew that she was trying to get rid of them so she could be with her boyfriend. Josh and Billy see Noah and Reva and start to talk. Billy tells him how he confronted him at Company and rattled the good doctor a little. Josh asks if Billy threatened him and Billy told him that he was just messing with Noah and telling him in no uncertain terms that he better treat Reva right or they would come down on him. Josh asks why he did that and Billy tells him that he doesn't like Noah and surely doesn't trust him. Josh is a little weary but thinks there may be a way to save their dignity. He leaves and heads over to Noah and Reva's table. Josh tells them both that he thought he needed to clear the air. He said that he intercepted a phone call from a young woman that said she is his daughter and he jumped to conclusions. He said that he wants to apologize because he was going to use the information against him but he decided he had no reason to. He told Noah if he said he had no daughter that was fine with him. Josh finishes his apology and walks off. Noah wants to know if Reva wants to know about it but she changed the subject to getting a burger. She doesn't seem to care. Noah goes ahead and explains to her about phone call. Reva said she didn't care what it is just tell the truth. He tells her that he has a client that is a big practical joker and he does stuff like that all the time. Reva tells him that he should lose the guys phone number. Noah told her that she was welcome to call him but she didn't want to, she just wanted to be with him and not invite the practical joker to any of their dates. Meanwhile, Josh goes back and tells Billy what he said and how he made them look good all the while spilling the beans about the daughter. Billy is suspicious about Josh's motives. Josh says, no way, he is with Olivia and to just let it go.

Rick is flipping burgers when Claire walks up. She thinks its great he invited so many people from the hospital and he tells her that he always does. Abby walks up and asks Rick to help her with the coleslaw. Abby takes Rick away and says, "you two looked cozy." Rick said that he was having a hard time being civil with Claire and thanked her for the distraction. He asked if she didn't trust Claire at all and she said no.

Michelle is angry; she can't believe Danny thinks Claire could have killed his mother.

He said that he realized she didn't shoot her but whatever kind of shot she gave Carmen could have been lethal. He said it all adds up, there is no autopsy report and Carmen's remains were cremated which went against everything his mother believed being a life long catholic. Not to mention Claire's comment that she was glad Carmen is dead. Danny gets emotional and starts crying. She tries to reason with him but he told her that if she didn't believe him he knew Abby would. He said that Abby has Claire's number and knows what she is capable of. Michelle can't believe that he thinks she is capable of murder. She said they have a problem but she doesn't think it is Claire. Michelle tells him that he doesn't have any evidence and he said it was just a matter of time. He says he knows there was something Claire put in the needle to kill his mother. Claire walked up and said, "You think I killed your mother!" "I'm a doctor, I did everything to SAVE your mother." She storms off. Michele doesn't know why he is doing this and she walks away leaving Danny standing there. Abby came over and asked him if she heard right? He asks if she thinks it is possible. Abby said, "With Claire anything is possible." Danny is very upset.

Bill is talking to Susan, Shane, and Marah. Marah is upset that everyone seems to be a couple there and she is all alone. Drew comes over and apologizes for taking Max away to NY but gives her tickets to "Rent" to make her feel better so she can come up and stay with them on vacation. Susan is happy about getting to be alone with Max in NY but still wishes he didn't have to leave.

Claire is rushing around her apartment looking in her bag. She gets a syringe out and remembers what Danny said. She looks at the needle and says, "I did it for you Michelle...I did what any mother would do for her little girl." She starts beating up the syringe destroying the evidence.

At the Spaulding's:

Lillian talks to Beth who says she is very tired. Lillian says that Phillip is there and Beth tells her that he came to see Lizzie. Lillian tells her that he has been there a lot lately. Beth tells her again that he has been there to see Lizzie. Lillian asks if he has came to see the new baby and Beth tells her no, that he still wants Beth and Jim back together to raise the baby. Lillian asks about her and Jim and Beth says she thinks Jim will come around. Lillian asks what happens if he doesn't and tells her that she needs to think about herself and her children. Lillian says she doesn't think Beth has a choice that Jim may have given up on her. Beth doesn't want to give up on the man she loves. She had her doubts in the beginning but he is a great man. He was great with Lizzie. Lillian agrees he was good with Lizzie but that doesn't mean that he is right for Beth. Beth says she is wrong. She loves Jim and she wants him back. Lillian is trying to open her had a one-night stand with PHILLIP...a man you've always loved, not just some stranger. Beth finally understands that her mom is trying to get her back with Phillip. Lillian says it is what she (Beth) really wants. Beth finds out that Lillian had been talking to Alan. Alan wants to make up for the damage he did all of those years ago. Lillian says yes, but I just want you to be happy, the way you and Phillip were. Lillian goes on and on about how Jim can never make her happy and that Beth can't betray herself and how she really feels. In the long run she will hurt her children. Lillian's pager goes off and she has to leave but tells Beth to think about it.

Upstairs, Lizzie and Phillip are in her room. He brought her a BAUER BURGER from the BBQ and tells her that Rick is almost as good a cook as Ed used to be. Lizzie is a little upset and tells him that everything is different now and she thinks Jim and Harley may be mad at her. He asks what she means and she says that they don't come around much anymore. Phillip tells her it is because she is spoiled and used to people around her 24 hours a day and now that she is better people have to go back and pick up their lives and take care of other things. He says that everybody needs to catch up with business now and Harley needs to catch up with Zack. He says that for a while she might not get them all as a group like before but they will always be there. Phillip tucks Lizzie in with her teddy bear and reads her a story. Once she is asleep he tells her he wants to protect her as long as he can and kisses her goodnight. Phillip goes downstairs. He tells Beth that he has to go back to the BBQ to help Rick clean up. Beth asks him to meet up with her later to talk. He agrees to and she tells him to be at Tower's at 8 that evening. Phillip leaves. Beth goes to the phone and calls Jim. She asks him to meet her at Towers at 8 also.

Friday, July 7, 2000

At the Bauer's:
Phillip comes by and is helping Rick clean up from the party. He talks about how nice it is to actually see a mess that can be cleaned up so easily. Rick tells him that Harley never showed at the BBQ. Phillip thought she wouldn't and tells Rick that he is expecting her to file for a divorce at anytime. Rick thinks it is a good sign that she hasn't already done it and tells him he should be hopeful. He tells Phillip that with how Harley jumps on things it is a wonder she hasn't already had him served and suggests that she may be giving it time and may be thinking about it. Phillip tells Rick that he will have to leave soon to meet Beth for dinner. He tells him that she wanted to talk to him away from the house and they are meeting at the country club. Rick doesn't think that is a good idea and tells him that if Harley found out she would be angry. Phillip says that having dinner with Beth has nothing to do with Harley. He will just listen to what Beth has to say. Rick s! ays that Beth will have a game plan and he can't imagine Phillip just sitting there. He tells him he needs to go after Harley and not let her get used to living by herself. Phillip's phone rings. It was Ross's assistant to tell him Harley has filed for divorce. Phillip tells him Harley had been hurt by every man that has been in her life and that makes her less forgiving. If she is not willing to fight for the marriage he won't stand in her way. Rick says that Phillip is blaming Harley when he is the one who caused the problem in the first place. He tells him that he is not mad, but scared that Harley will leave him. Phillip says that he knew how many times she had been hurt but he hurt her too. He says that outside of his kids Harley means more to him than anyone and that he ripped her heart out. Rick asks if he is still going to see Beth but he says he isn't sure and walks away.

At Company:
Jim comes in and meets Harley. She wanted to talk about Susan. Jim sat down but seemed to be in a hurry and kept looking at his watch. Harley asked him if his meeting was with Beth. He said it was and she gets very upset and tells him to skip the meeting. Jim tells Harley that he loved his life with Beth and he has strong feelings for her and the baby and cant just turn those feelings off. Harley says she loved her life too but she can't get over the betrayal. Once the trust is broken you can't get it back and Phillip will never be out of Beth's life. Jim says he can't shake his feelings that easily. He thinks she still loves Phillip. She admits she does love him but she can't let him hurt her again. Jim asks about Susan and Harley tells him that she is upset over Max leaving town. Jim feels bad for her. Harley says she told Susan that sometimes love is worth it. Jim says that if she believed that why won't she forgive Phil. He leaves. Harley is about to leave when Rick! comes in. He wants to talk to her.

At the Spaulding's:
Lizzie tells Beth she feels bad for Jim having to be away and that he must miss the baby. She wants to know when he is coming back. Beth says she will know the answer soon. Lizzie says she hopes its soon because baby Jim needs him. Beth is pacing and is looking at her watch. Lizzie asks where she is going and Beth says that she is meeting Phillip for dinner. Lizzie asks if Harley is going too and Beth tells her that Harley will be with Zach. Beth tells Lizzie that after tonight a lot of things will be better. Lizzie wants to know what Beth and Phil will talk about and notices that Beth is wearing her "tough mommy" outfit so it must be important. Beth tells Lizzie they will talk later and that now it is time for bed. Beth tells her if she goes to bed, she will bring the baby up to see her. Vicki comes in and notices Beth's outfit. She asks about the occasion and Beth says she is having dinner with Phillip and Jim and tells her about her plan. Vicki is skeptical but ! Beth says that she will be in charge and make some decisions. She wants her life settled no matter what. Vicki asks what Beth is going to do. Beth talks about it at first but then decides she doesn't want any advice. Vicki asks her if she considered getting back with Phillip but Beth insists that she and Jim and Phillip loves Harley. Beth admits that Phillip was the love of her life but that she finally had to face the fact that it was over and then she met Jim. He changed her life. Vicki reminds her that it is still Phil's baby. Vicki tells Beth that others may think she is a victim but she thinks Beth is very strong and she is proud of her. Lizzie comes down and asks where the baby is and says that Alan is going to tuck her in. She gives Beth her white horse for luck and tells her that she hopes her dragon fighting horse helps. Beth sends Lizzie upstairs and promises her that after tonight everything will be just great.

In San Cristobel:
In Cassie's bedroom, Cassie tells Richard she had a dream about being naked walking down the aisle at the wedding. Richard laughs at the image and is distracted. Cassie says she is stressed out and Richard tried to relax her. He tells her all she has to do is show up at the wedding they have others to deal with all the stressful things. She is still worried. She has a million things to do and wonders where Noah is. Richard tells her that he is a last minute sort of guy but that he will be there. He tells her he will call him to make her feel better. Cassie mentions that Noah wouldn't be bringing a date since Reva wouldn't be attending. Richard tells her that he doesn't think he is dating Reva anymore. Richard messages Cassie's back. She is telling him that something bad is going to happen. He reassures her and tells her to tell him the worst possible thing that could happen and they would see how they would react. It would be a game and they could call it, "Worst! case scenario...Find the solution". Richard says, for instance, Mt. Winslow could erupt, his solution, they get the first life raft. She laughs and says it is the day of the wedding. She is walking down the aisle and people throw tomatoes and rocks at her. His solution is to runs down the aisle, picks her up. They get married and then he has the protesters tortured as a wedding gift. She laughs. Next, He says the next problem is that it is a few nights before the wedding and they are alone in her room. He needs her and wants to make love to her. He can't resist. Cassie asks what the solution is. He can't think of a solution. They start kissing passionately pushing themselves down into the couch. Richard is on top of her kissing her. She tells him he should go because they decided to wait for their wedding night and they should especially since the wedding is just around the corner. She tells him it will be worth the wait and anticipation is a good thing. He says anticipa! tion is a cruel thing. She wants him to leave before she changes her mind. Richard starts to leave reluctantly. He says he loves her and nothing will go wrong with the wedding. They kiss at the door.

At the Lighthouse:
Reva and Noah are on the observation deck of the lighthouse. She tells him how the Bauer's own it but has opened it up for everyone to enjoy now. They talk about the history of the place and Noah says it is kind of like Springfield's Statue of Liberty. Noah tells her that he has a collection of lighthouses and thinks that it may be because he is a bit of a wanderer himself. They kiss. They talk a bit and laugh about Josh and Billy. He enjoys spending time alone with her. They kiss again. Noah says this is the longest he has stayed in one place and then mentions having to go out of town for a few days. Reva says she knows he will be Richard's best man and that he could talk about it. She says she would like to be there for Cassie but can't. He invites her to come with him. Reva says she can't go to the wedding because the people would recognize her and it might cause a bad reaction. Noah says they will say she is there to support her sister. Reva says no. Noah says that she! wants to go and shouldn't miss it because of what others think. She says she can't go because she was the one hindering their relationship in the beginning and has to do her best to help her sister be happy. Reva says that for months she came between Cassie and Richard and that Cassie deserves a clean start and Noah can't change her mind. Noah says he has a surprise for her but it is in his medical bag. He stuffed his bag with treats, and Reva accused him of stealing food from the Bauer's. He goes down to the car. The fireworks start and Reva calls for Noah. He is downstairs and receives a phone call. He says it is a bad time for a call and hangs up. Noah makes another phone call and says, "I need your help."

At the Country Club:
Beth is there and thinks that everyone is standing her up. Phillip walks in and shortly after Jim shows. They are not happy to see each other. Beth tells them that she has something to say to both of them and wanted to get it over with that evening. She says she got them all in this mess and she wants to try to get them out of it.

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