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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 6, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, October 6, 2003

At Fairwinds, Craig and Rosanna sit cuddling their new baby boy. Rosanna is leery of the legality of the Canadian adoption and insists that she must have everything checked out so that no one can come in the future to take their baby away. Craig sneakily counters that they can let Annabel take the baby back to Canada while Rosanna's lawyers look over all the details, causing Rosanna to react predictably with, "I'm not going to let him go to Canada." Craig plays his trump card, suggesting that they came the baby "Cabot" Montgomery, which dissolves the last of Rosanna's resistance, and she tells him that he is forgiven. However, the minute she leaves the room to put the baby to bed, Craig pulls out his mobile phone and asks the person at the other end to push through the adoption as quickly as possible.

Mike sits at Katie's hospital bedside when she wakes and tells him that she loves him. Mike begins to beam as she says, "I've loved you since the first moment I saw you, Simon." Mike's smile vanishes as Katie continues to believe that he is Simon. Katie begs "Simon" not to leave her, even after Mike summons to Daniels to examine her. She asks Mike to get in bed with her and to rub her back, then she turns and kisses him. After a long kiss, Mike tells Katie that he is not Simon. Recognizing Mike, Katie becomes very upset and demands that Mike leave her room. Poor Mike stands in the hall, rejected once again.

At The Metro, Dustily moodily examines the cuff links Rose gave him the afternoon before. Molly comes up behind him, and Dusty smirks, "We've still got what it takes." Molly responds, ."..and this is a surprise to you?" Dusty asks Molly to lock up after he leaves the bar, and Molly congratulates him on a successful opening night as well as on sticking it to Rose, "who, in my opinion, deserved it."

At the hotel bar, Barbara commiserates with Jen for the way Dusty humiliated her, Rose, and even Molly. Barbara insists to Jen that she tried to warn her against Dusty out of love, rather than from a desire to control her. Barbara begs Jennifer's forgiveness and tells her that she wants them to be a family again, but she stops when Jen asks, "even if Paul ends up with Rose?" This remark sets off Barbara's customary tirade: "She's just going to ruin his life. She is a cocktail waitress turned hairdresser....He's just doing this to spite me." When Jennifer makes her stop, Barbara backs off and says that she will admit defeat for her family's sake. Barbara tells Jennifer that she is going home, and Jennifer heads to the elevator to go to the penthouse when she runs right into Molly. Molly and Jennifer taunt each other about Dusty, and Molly dares her, "If you want to take me on, go ahead and try." Jennifer tops Molly with, "He may even turn to you once in a while, but what's it worth at the end of the day when you find yourself a bar?"

At the Roller Palace, Paul insists that he wants to marry Rose. "I'm going to marry you. I'm going to be happy. And nobody's going to stop me - even you." Paul describes to Rose how, after the plane crash, he had to let go of all his possessions to hang on to the life preserver in order to save his life. He now sees that he must let go of everything that might come between him and Rose, including his family ties. He asks Rose to marry him, to move far away, so that they can leave all their "stuff" behind. Dusty enters in time to see Rose accept Paul's proposal, fully aware of Dusty's presence. Dusty's enigmatic response is "I'm glad you could clarify things for me...we'll see." After Dusty leaves, Rose and Paul plan to elope to Paris. Since Rose must stay to say goodbye to Lily and the children, they plan for Rose to pick Paul up in half an hour to take him to the airport, then Rose will meet him as soon as she can. Paul leaves, but Barbara slips in and sneers, "Well, well, well. You've had quite a night, haven't you, Rose?" Barbara demands that Rose let Paul go, but Rose tells Barbara that she and Paul are going to be married. When Barbara declares, "He will never marry you," Rose asks Barbara to leave the shop. After Barbara shuts the door behind herself, she says with a mad gleam in her eyes, "He will never marry her - if it's the last thing I do!"

Dusty returns alone to The Metro and fixes himself a drink, again looking at the cuff links on the bar, which are inscribed "D.D. and R.D." He remembers Rose's explanation, "Because we belong together," then recalls the events of the day which led to their breakup. He mutters, "We're not done - not by a long shot" as he gazes at the cuff links.

At the penthouse, Paul packs for his trip to Paris, but the James Stenbeck in his imagination once again taunts him, asking him when he plans to dump Rose. Paul argues that he loves Rose, but James castigates him for taking Dusty's "droppings." Paul yells, "I am nothing like you!" James responds, "Keep telling yourself that, son. Someday you may actually believe it." Paul slumps in a chair.

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Dusty goes to Lily intent on convincing her to talk Rose out of this engagement. In the end, he gets to Lily, but Rose insists that she loves Paul. Dusty is certain Paul's true intent is to break her heart.

Barbara arrives at Paul's penthouse angry about Paul's engagement, and is bowled over when she finds out Paul has left for Paris. When Will comes over for a previously scheduled date with Paul, Barbara blurts out about Paul and Rose's wedding plans. After Jennifer gets Will out of there, Barbara confides to Hal that she plans to stop Rose and Paul's wedding. Hal warns Barbara not to allow her hatred for Rose to hurt her son. Bonnie agrees to be Jessica's maid of honor, and even goes with her mom to look at dresses. Marshall manipulates Sarah into interrupting the outing, causing a rift between mother and daughter as Jessica realizes Bonnie is still very much involved with Marshall.

Alison is frustrated over not seeing Chris, and is further hampered when he's called upon by Margo to watch Katie overnight. Alison ends the day determined to figure out a way to be alone with her man.

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Jessica is upset and angry to learn about Bonnie's connection with Marshall. Bonnie tries to tell her it is only a connection with Sarah not Marshall but Jessica tells her she can't be her maid of honor anymore. She tells her daughter it is clear that she chose Marshall and Sarah over her own mother. Jessica goes to the hospital and tells Ben what happened but she realizes that Ben already knew. Ben tells her to ease up and get rid of all of her anger. Jessica says that after today, she doesn't think she can marry him anymore.

Marshall apologizes to Bonnie but she doesn't believe him and tells him that she knows he still doesn't like her and he's only using her for Sarah.

Mike goes to the hospital only to discover that Katie has been discharged. He runs into Ben, they catch up and Ben asks Mike to be his best man since they do "go way back" Mike tells Ben that while in Australia he fell in love with Katie.

Meanwhile, Chris brings Katie to Margo's. Alison arrives and asks Katie for her help - to tell Chris that Margo called and that she is on her way home - so that Alison can be alone with Chris. The plan works and while Chris gets the car, Katie says to Alison, "If you see Simon, tell him that I'm here." Alison is troubled by this remark and decides to call Mike, telling him to come and take care of Katie - saying it was Katie's idea. Mike arrives but Katie says she doesn't remember telling Alison to call. She tells Mike she doesn't want to ever see him again so if he wants to tell her anything, he better do it now. Mike tells Katie that he has fallen in love with her.

Finally, Chris and Alison get time alone. They go to her house and discover that they haven't bought any condoms. Chris wants to go and get some but Alison talks him out of it.

Lily and Holden discuss Rose's impending marriage and wonder if Paul is just seeking revenge. Holden is very concerned about Aaron working for Dusty and he asks Aaron exactly what he has been doing to earn such large rewards. He just tells them, "the usual" and leaves. Holden is determined to get Aaron out of Metro. Lucy comes over looking for Aaron but Holden tells her that they should all sit down and prevent Aaron from making a "big mistake" and that he doesn't trust Dusty. Lucy leaves and Lily tells Holden to let Aaron handle the situation himself. Later, Holden asks Jack if he could shut down Metro. When Jack says there is nothing he can do, Holden vows to do it himself.

At Metro, Dusty asks Aaron what he wants out of life. Aaron's reply is to be able to give Lucy all the best. Dusty tells him, "You and me, we're gonna be fine." Lucy comes in and tells Aaron to make sure he isn't doing anything illegal. Aaron assures her that he isn't.

Jack and Carly can't find a babysitter for Sage. While they are discussing it at the police station, Henry is there and sees that Sage is about to swallow an eraser. He saves her right before he is booked for writing a bad check. Carly tells Hal it is a shame for Henry because he should be rewarded for saving her child.

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Carly was talking to Jack on the phone about Sage. Jack couldn't come home. Carly hung up and the phone rang. It was Rosanna. She was frantic because baby Cabot was crying and she needed help. Carly was trying to help Rosanna over the phone because Carly couldn't go over to help Rosanna in person because Cabot was running a fever and Carly didn't want Sage to get sick. The doorbell rang and there stood Henry thanking Carly for bailing him out. Rosanna called back hysterical wanting Carly to go as soon as possible. She asked Henry to babysit. After much persuasion, Henry agreed. Carly went to Rosanna's and calmed her and Cabot down. Cabot had a diaper rash. Later, Henry was entertaining Sage when Jack walked in. Jack wouldn't take any excuse from Henry and threw him out. Back at Fairwinds, Craig came in and was told by Rosanna that they needed Cabot's medical records. Craig made up an excuse why he couldn't get the records. Rosanna bought his excuse but Carly saw right through him. She wanted to know the truth but Craig said he wasn't hiding anything.

Chris and Alison were talking after they made love. Chris wanted to call Katie to check on her. Alison was a little peeved because Chris called her bratty. Alison wanted to make sure that Chris was cool about them together. Chris was and they started to make love again. They were interrupted by a call from Mike who told Alison that he didn't appreciate her lying to him about Katie wanting to see him. Chris was listening and became furious with Alison when she told him the truth. He left to check on Katie with Alison following. Chris became frantic when he couldn't find Katie and started to take it out on Alison. He was mad that Alison manipulated him. He told her to go home and left to search some more.

Mike and Katie were arguing about Mike's statement that he loved her. Katie started to yell at him blaming him for Simon's death. She told him that she wished it were Mike that died and not Simon. Katie regretted what she said immediately. She apologized. Mike finally told Katie to hear him out. He told her that everything he did was to make Katie happy. If it meant losing her to Simon, then that was what he was prepared for. He told her that he would not bother her again and left. Katie, who was still running a high fever, started to hallucinate that Simon was calling her. She raced out of the house and took off in the car. Katie kept hearing Simon's voice and was driving recklessly until she hit something. Later, Katie ended up at the cottage passed out on the couch. Chris discovered her and asked her if she knew how she got there. Katie couldn't remember. Over at the hospital Mike arrived at the emergency room on a stretcher.

Friday, October 10, 2003

by Andy

Henry talks Jack off his high horse about babysitting Sage. Jack thanks him for helping out, and even offers him cash for his services. Henry takes the money, and as he leaves, Sage bellows for her new friend.

Carly demands to know what Craig is hiding about his adoption of baby Cabot. She says he broke speed records getting Rosanna that baby. Craig swears he only cut a few corners but everything is legal. Carly still wants to know where the baby's medical records are. Craig calls Mrs. Fettle and demands to have his new son's medical records. Later, Craig rushes off to meet Mrs. Fettle at the Lakeview before she leaves in the morning on a flight back to Canada. Rosanna muses that she knows Craig will never cheat on her because he's always too busy trying to cover his tracks.

Molly and Dusty work out the finer details of their relationship. She comes clean and says, "I feel something for you, and it's deeper than I've ever let you know." Dusty is uncomfortable hearing Molly's feelings. Henry arrives with his babysitting money and orders up a drink. Dusty and Molly both give him the evil eye. When the service is slow in coming, Henry lets it slip Molly was working with Paul to break Dusty and Rose apart. With the kindling for the fire ablaze, Henry high-tales it out of there. Molly blows the fire out with some easy talk. She asks Dusty to be honest about his feelings for her. Dusty pauses, then says, "You're a real good buddy...who I need to sleep with now and then. That's it." Molly slaps him, and walks away. Dusty smirks and giggles, then goes after Molly. He gives in to her advances and admits she means more to him than just sex. He says, "I'll tell ya this. Sometimes it's tough when you're not around. That's it."

Chris asks Katie how she got back to her cottage, but she seems really groggy and struggles with her memory. Chris gets a call from Alison. She tells Chris that Mike was just brought in on a stretcher to the hospital, "and I don't think he's gonna make it." Kim arrives to sit with Katie, then Chris heads off to the hospital. After Chris is gone, Katie flashes back to earlier in the evening when she was driving under the influence. She remembers hitting a few bumps.

Chris meets up with Alison at the hospital. Alison is wrecked with guilt that she may have started the whole chain reaction where Katie ran over Mike in a prescription drug induced stupor. Dr. Bob alerts Chris and Alison that Mike has a punctured kidney and multiple fractures.

Mike starts to come out of his coma. He struggles to say, "Katie..." Later, Dr. Bob tells Chris and Alison that Mike has regained consciousness. Chris takes off to bring Katie to the hospital. Alison worms her way in to see Mike. Mike mutters that it's very important that he see Katie.

Katie makes an excuse to go outside. While she's out there, she examines her car and finds a piece of clothing still attached to her scratched right front fender. She returns inside and Kim tells her Chris is on his way to pick her up. Chris arrives and tells her they think Mike has been the victim of a hit and run. Katie nearly faints under the weight of knowing she might have been the one who injured Mike.

Craig meets Mrs. Fettle at the Lakeview Lounge. Craig doesn't waste any time and asks for the medical documents pronto. Mrs. Fettle lights up another cigarette, and orders a whiskey ‘neat.' She hands over records, but they don't exactly look official. She explains she took notes at the time of birth and scrolled them on scraps of paper (now in Craig's hand). Craig returns the notes to the woman and instructs her to reformat them to make them appear to be official. He wants new copies as soon as possible.

Carly returns home and finds her husband, instead of Henry. Jack is mad at Carly. Carly laughs away his anger and suggests that Henry become their nanny. Jack has a stunned look on his face, then deadpans, "That's it. I'm booking you into the nearest padded cell." He wants someone else who hasn't served any jail time. Carly finally convinces him. Jack gets the last word, "If Henry loses our daughter in a poker game, I'm going to be really, really both of you."

Later, Mrs. Fettle drops the revised medical documents off at Metro. She gives them to Molly saying, "I cleaned them up as best I could." Molly takes this opportunity to open the manila envelope and cruise through the papers. Craig stops by and snatches the paperwork from Molly's hands.

Katie arrives at the hospital and rushes to Mike's bedside. He apologizes for admitting his love to Katie. Margo walks into Mike's room as Katie sobs, "This is my fault. I did this to you Mike. I'm so sorry!"

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