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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 6, 2003 on GL
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Monday, October 6, 2003

Marina is in disbelief about Shayne not want to see her. She tells Dr. Bauer that it is nuts, and she goes in to ask him herself. She wants Shayne to tell the doctor that it is not true, but he can't. Shayne doesn't want to answer at all, but Marina insists that he answer the question. When he finally does answer with a blink to let her know that he doesn't want her there, she runs out of the room. Dr. Bauer remains in Shayne's room and tries to talk to him about why he is keeping Marina away. Nico was standing outside of Shayne's room waiting for her. Nico overheard the conversation and tells her that he would have done the same thing. Nico explains that Shayne was like a terminator and having Marina see him in this condition makes things worse for him because Shayne used to see stars in her eyes, and now he only see's pain. Marina tells Nico that if he wants to help her, then he should help her find a way back into Shayne's room. Nico asks to borrow Marina's cell phone. He calls the hospital and reports an accident on Fifth Street. He doesn't want an ambulance to come because they are in a car just minutes away from the emergency room. Nico tells them to make sure that Dr. Bauer is there. Dr. Bauer gets a page, and leaves for the Emergency Room. Nico tells Marina not to be too hard on Shayne. Marina tells Shayne that if she hurt his pride, then that is his problem. She begins to tell him why she was there to begin with. She went to his home and picked up his trophies, newspaper articles, and his Cubs cap, thinking that these things would inspire him to work harder. She then tells him that these things don't mean a thing.

Harley, Blake, and Mel are working on the case regarding the missing woman, Lori Jenson. They want to talk to Brad Green, but he won't answer their phone calls. Harley tells them that she called Lori's mother and left a message wanting to go through Lori's belongings, but she hasn't called her back yet. They discuss a possible journal that may be out there somewhere. Lori's mother had previously mentioned that she kept a journal when she was younger, but isn't sure if she kept it up as an adult. Harley senses that Brad Green is bad news. Jeffrey shows up with a gift to Mel for passing the bar exam. He gave her a statue that was given to him upon passing his bar exam. The statue means that it is not important about winning or losing, it is about doing the right thing. Jeffrey wants a tour of the new office building. He immediacy brings up the Jenson case, telling them they are missing some facts. He continues to tell them that they should stick to the social work and tells them that mistakes could cost them deeply and that this is a police matter, so they should let the police handle it. Harley, Blake, and Mel took his words as a threat. Harley tells him that he can't stop them from taking the case. Jeffrey assures her that he can't, but if they do anything illegal, he'll have them up on obstruction of justice. Mel tells him that won't be a problem, and that is why they hired her. She continues to tell him that he should not harass her partners, entrap them, or make up charges; because she'll slap him with a malicious prosecution suite, which could ruin his career. Jeffrey seems a bit impressed. After Mel and Jeffrey tour the building, Harley and Blake talk about what Jeffrey meant about their facts being wrong. Harley thinks that he was just trying to throw them off.

Alan Spaulding is being questioned by Gus about Brad Green. Alan tries to convince Gus that Brad Green is a good guy. Gus reminds him that he is an adulterer. Alan questions why Harley is on the missing persons case since it is now a police matter. Gus tells him that she want to try to solve the case before he can. Alan notices that Gus appears to be a bit worried. Gus assures him that he is not worried, he just doesn't want a little competition with his fiancÚ in the middle of a missing persons case. All-in-all, he seems to be up for the challenge wanting to show her who wears the pants in the family.

At the Beacon, Phillip is frantically searching for Olivia. He rushes down to the front desk and confronts Cassie about Olivia's whereabouts. Cassie seems to be in the dark about Olivia's moving arrangements. An employee mentions to Phillip that a letter was left for him at the front desk. In the letter, Olivia tells Phillip not to look for her. She continues to tell him that she has to put her child first now even if that means getting out of Springfield to protect her. She closes by telling him to take care of Lizzie since she is the one who needs his help now, and she tells him to take care of himself. Phillip runs out telling Cassie that he is going to find her to bring her back. Outside of the Beacon, he calls Spaulding security asking them to help him look for Olivia Spencer. Security tells him that they are not the police and don't really have that authority to run credit card checks and license plate checks. Phillip tells him to just do it and hangs up. Phillip rushes over to Harley's Angels and wants to hire them to find Olivia. Harley declines the job offer. Harley explains that she was at the baby shower and noticed how excited she is on becoming a mother. Harley feels that if Olivia thinks she needs to do this to protect her child, then she shouldn't do anything about it. Phillip explains that Lizzie is getting help. Harley reminds Phillip that nobody saw it coming when Lizzie caused the fall and put the baby dolls head in the crib. Phillip tells her that he has a right to know his child. Harley tells him that he has three children already that need him very much. She continues to tell him that he needs to give Olivia the time she needs, and tells him that she is sure that Olivia will get in touch with him when she feels that things are safe. Phillip warns that if she won't help him find Olivia, then he will hire someone who will, and he leaves. Just outside her office, Phillip begins to have trouble breathing. Alan was passing by and questions what is wrong. Alan tells him that Spaulding security called and told him about Olivia. Alan notices that Phillip is breathing heavy and his heart is racing and asks whether he feels any tingling in his fingers. Phillip just wants Alan to leave.

Olivia calls Cassie. Cassie tells her that Phillip was just there. Olivia doesn't want Cassie to tell Phillip that she has called worried that he would try to stop her from leaving. Olivia tries to convince her to come home. Cassie wants to know where she is so that they can stay in touch. Olivia refuses to tell her, assuming that Phillip would pry it out of her. Cassie wonders when she plans on returning home, and Olivia tells her "never"! Olivia tells her that there is an envelope in her safe regarding a power of attorney for the Beacon. She also tells her that there is a note for Lizzie and Beth as well, and asks Cassie to make sure they get it.

Frank and Gus discuss the missing person case. Gus explains to Frank that Brad Green's wife won't talk to him without a lawyer. Frank wonders why, and Gus tells him to thank his sister for that one. Gus continues to tell Frank that he found Brad Green's name written down on a piece of paper in Eden's trash. After the police took her trash out of the bin, they were unable to find any other clues. Frank wants to use Darci to get to Eden. Darci used to work for the Garden of Eden. Frank explains that Darci feels like she owes him because she lied about her past. Gus wonders whether they should find another way, and Frank tells him that the least they can do is ask Darci to help them. If she says no, then he'll leave it alone. Just then, Darci calls and wants to make plans with Frank. Gus tells Frank to bring flowers and an ice pack. The ice pack is for after Darci hits him in the head with a frying pan.

Tuesday, October 7, 2003

Cassie tells Edmund that Olivia is gone.

At the Beacon, Frank is in the lobby with flowers. He has a date with Darci. Before going up to Darci's room, Buzz shows up. Buzz senses that Frank is a bit nervous. Frank explains that it has to do with something completely different. It involves mixing business with pleasure. Buzz suggests that he wait until tomorrow to mix. Frank explains that it involves a case, so it can't wait. Frank heads up to Darci's room. Darci has the dinner table decorated with flowers, champagne, and candles. Darci takes Frank's coat, and begins to loosen his tie. Frank wants to know what she has planned for the night. Darci starts to seduce Frank, but Frank stops her. He tells her that this was not what he had in mind for tonight. Darci wonders whether his idea for fun for the evening was a game of chess. He tells her that he needs to talk to her about a case. He explains the case involving a missing girl, Lori Jenson. He continues to explain that a Spaulding employee, Brad Green, had an affair with her; and Brad used to be a client of the Garden of Eden. At first she was upset, but then Frank explains that he wasn't going to talk to her about it tonight; but after he saw how great she looked when he arrived, and that tonight might be the first time they made love, he decided to be upfront with her. Darci tells Frank that she wants to be upfront with him, and she begins to undress herself. They share a passionate kiss. It takes Darci about 5 seconds to rip Frank's clothes off of him. Afterwards, Darci wants to share her past working experience at the Garden of Eden with Frank. She explains that she never was an escort, and she never had sex for money. She explains that she used to set men up to be caught in compromising positions, but never once did it involve sex. Frank tells her that he doesn't care what she did in the past. Round Two!

At the Spaulding house, Alexandra attempts to see Lizzie; but Beth wants some alone time with her daughter. Beth tells Alexandra that she and Lizzie are having a wonderful conversation that she doesn't want interrupted. Beth tells Alexandra that Lizzie is understanding the need for hospitalized treatment. Cassie shows up at the Spaulding home and gives Beth a letter for her and Lizzie. Beth asks her what it is about. Cassie explains that Olivia left town and doesn't plan on returning. Lizzie turns her head for a quick smile. After Cassie leaves, Beth begins to read the letter out loud. The letter says word-for-word: "Dear Beth and Lizzie: By now, you know I have left Springfield. It seemed the best for all concerned, especially my baby. Please don't take this as a indictment. I believe deep down that Lizzie didn't want to hurt a helpless infant, but I know that I touched off a lot of fear and anger in her, and that made the situation too volatile. Something had to change and removing myself from the mix seemed to be the best option. Now that I am gone, hopefully it will be easier for Lizzie to get back on track. I'm sure you want that. I want it for you too. Best of Luck, and take care of Phillip. He's going to need you both. Olivia." Beth wants to know how Lizzie feels about Olivia leaving. Lizzie tells her that she felt a chill of excitement to know that Olivia was gone. Beth reminds her of the trouble she has caused. She continues to tell her that she doesn't expect her to love Olivia, but the baby hasn't done anything to their family. Beth wants to know whether Lizzie wants to go through life scarring people. Lizzie explains that she doesn't like Olivia. Beth tells her to think about what she has done. Lizzie feels that her dad is going to hate her. Lizzie promises to her mother that she will get better and will make things up with everyone she hurt when she is better. Beth asks her whether she thinks that is possible. She reminds Lizzie that because of her actions, Phillip may never see his new daughter.

Alexandra calls Buzz. and asks to see him. She meets him at the Beacon for a drink. Alexandra is so upset that she can barely talk without grinding her teeth. Buzz puts his hand on her leg and tells her that he would like to spend the night with her. Buzz doesn't want her to be alone tonight. Alexandra tells him that it would be nice to have company. Buzz tells her to head on up, and in a few minutes, he will follow. Buzz wants to protect her from what others might think, but Alexandra thinks that is funny because she claims that her reputation went A-Wall a long time ago.

Billy shows up at the hospital to see Shayne, and he runs into Josh in the hallway. Billy seems to already know about Josh and Reva's breakup. Billy seems to be a bit upset with Reva for throwing Josh out during a time that he needs her the most. Josh explains that moving out of the house was his idea, but Billy feels that Reva pushed him to that decision. Josh feels that Reva has a lot to deal with right now. Billy reminds Josh that he has a lot to deal with as well, especially since he was the one driving the car. Billy starts telling Josh how he thinks he is feeling and tells him to stop beating himself up because it was an accident. He continues to tell Josh to stop letting Reva beat him up too.

At the hospital Shayne is communicating with Marina through his laptop. Marina tells him that he is going to get better, and he has to start believing in it. In addition, he has to start making some new memories. After playing things over in her head, Marina realizes that Shayne is trying to save her from rearranging her life for him. Marina tells him that she can think for herself, and she doesn't need him to tell her what is best for her. She continues to tell Shayne that she is here because she wants to be, and that is not his decision to make. She is with Shayne because she loves him. Then, Shayne moves his head. Marina steps out to get a doctor. Josh and Billy were sitting down just outside his room, and Marina tells them that Shayne moved his head. They all run back into the room together. Shortly after, Ed Bauer shows up and is excited to see Shayne's flexibility in his neck. Dr. Bauer wants a few moments with Shayne alone. As Marina is leaving the room, Dr. Bauer asks her to blink once if she were the one behind the emergency call. Marina just giggles and heads out. Josh calls Reva and tells her and Marah to come to the hospital right away and explains that it is good news. Dr. Bauer explains to the family that the fact that Shayne can turn his head is a very promising sign. He continues to tell them that Shayne may even be able to be released to a rehab facility later this week. Josh tells Shayne that he is proud of him. Marina wants Josh and Billy to leave the room for a moment so that she can have a few minutes alone with Shayne. After they leave, Marina tells Shayne that she has an amazing plan.

Alan begins to coach Phillip on breathing at a normal rate. Alan begins to diagnose Phillip's conditions which upsets him. Alan tells him that he has a disorder and begins to explain things that he is seeing in Phillip. Phillip finally comes to understand that Alan may be right, and he asks how to beat the attacks. Conversation is quickly changed when Phillip begins to talk about Olivia's disappearance and how determined he is to find her. Phillip leaves and heads for the Beacon. At the Beacon, he gives an employee a letter to give to Olivia. He tells Phillip that they do not have a forwarding address for her. Phillip starts to scream at the man, and asks the man if everyone in the stinking hotel is going to lie to him. Phillip turns around and starts to walk out, but is stopped when Edmund hollers over at him and tells him that Olivia is gone. Phillip wants to know how he knows that. Phillip wants to know if Edmund helped sneak Olivia out of town. After Phillip leaves, he heads for the lake and sits at the dock looking into the water. He daydreams that a young lady approaches him and recognizes him. Phillip doesn't know her, and wonders whether they have met. The young lady tells him that they haven't met, but that is not her fault. She wants him to look at her and wants to know if he sees a resemblance. Then, she asks whether he calls himself a father. She wanted to know where he was her whole life. The young lady turns around and walks into the fog until Phillip can no longer see her.

Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Billy confesses to his son that he thinks Eden may be good for Bill after all. But he wants to know what the hell is going on with Reva and Josh. Billy leaves on a tear, and Mrs. Reva Shayne Lewis has better watch out. As Mel prepares for her first court hearing, she realizes she's up against Jeffrey. She isn't intimidated by Jeffrey, and one-ups him. He gives as good as he gets, but suggests they can find a common ground during a recess. After, Jeffrey urges Mel to climb down from her high horse and he will tell her how to win her case. Gus wants to play a little good cop/bad cop with Harley, but she knows what he's doing and it isn't going to fly. She thinks Gus wants information on the Lori Jensen case. Blake informs Harley that Gus subpoenaed Lori's things and impounded them, which explains why Harley hasn't yet gotten them from Lori's mother. Blake suggests Harley give Gus a dose of his own medicine. Later, Harley starts to seduce Gus, but suddenly shoves him back angrily. In his dreams, she says. Shayne tells his parents he doesn't want to go home when he is released. An awkward Marina explains why Shayne wants to live at the museum. Upset, Reva asks Josh to move back in with her. He refuses, insisting it's not for the right reasons. Reva continues to have reservations about Shayne's move. Sandy worries Marah has taken on too much. He puts on a puppet show with the Mole. Sandy is aware of a mutual attraction to Marah and pulls away. She's thrown, but even more intrigued.

Thursday, October 9, 2003

Alexandra asks if Phillip blames her for Olivia's disappearing act. Phillip wishes he could, but he has to look closer to home. Lizzie overhears. Phillip and Lizzie have a session with Christopher. Phillip assures Lizzie he blames himself not her for Olivia leaving town. At Company, Darci's arrival interrupts Marina on the verge of telling Frank about her move to the Museum. The room comes to a halt when she announces that she's moving in with Shayne. Frank doesn't approve of Marina's plans. Alexandra and Darci team up to convince Frank to loosen up. Marina is going ahead with the move whether Frank likes it or not. Frank reluctantly gives his approval. Jeffrey advises Mel about a witness who could help her win the case. Blake worries that Jeffrey has led Mel astray. She's a no show at first, but Mel finally arrives with a surprise witness. Mel wins the case, and can't figure out why Jeffrey helped her. Jeffrey insists he wants to see justice served, but meanwhile, he has bugged the Angels' office. Harley rips into Gus for stealing her evidence, but he wonders if the competition between them isn't something of an aphrodisiac. Harley denies, but the passion between them proves otherwise. Harley insists on seeing Lori Jensen's personal effects. Gus says he'll have to cut through a lot of red tape, but it'll happen. Later, Lori Jensen's things arrive as Gus promised.

Friday, October 10, 2003

The Angels find a journal among Lori Jensen's things and discover that Lori was pregnant. A skeptical Gus questions Brad Green about the last time he saw Lori. Brad claims to have an alibi for the weekend she disappeared. Harley tells Brad that she knows Lori was pregnant. Brad agrees to meet her later at Company. Gus stops by to pick up Harley, but she can't leave until later because of her appointment with Brad Green. It turns out that Brad Green doesn't have an alibi for the time of Lori's disappearance. Gus hopes Harley still hasn't gotten in touch with Green. Meanwhile, an imposing Brad Green surprises Harley in her office. Alan brings Lizzie to visit Shayne. A contrite Lizzie apologizes to Shayne and Marina, but Marina can't forgive her for sending Ben to the cabin. The roommates prepare for Shayne's arrival. Josh lectures them about the huge responsibility they are all taking on, and hopes they are ready for the challenges. Alan praises Lizzie for being a good friend to Shayne. Later, he is concerned when she expresses great satisfaction in running Olivia off. Bill and Marah talk about how Eden has changed both their lives for the better as Eden overhears. Eden suggests holding Marah's fashion show at an old warehouse on Fifth Street. Shayne types 4 give U on the screen for Josh. Josh can barely choke out the words through his tears. Billy intends to set Reva straight about her treatment of Josh. Billy defends Josh, but Reva doesn't know if she'll ever be able to forgive him for hurting Shayne. Billy tells Reva she has two choices: start connecting with her husband, or go off and make another mistake like always. Later, Christopher comforts a distraught Reva and they come very close to a kiss.

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