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Passions Recaps: The week of October 13, 2003 on PS
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Monday, October 13, 2003

The police officers inform an anguished Beth that Luis has ordered every newborn in Harmony tested to make sure it doesn't belong to Sheridan. Meanwhile, Pilar and Miguel gasp to see Luis suddenly collapse on the floor of the ER. Theresa tries to explain her actions to the disapproving hospital staff but Gwen's nurse furiously orders her to leave. Edna tries to tip off the cops about her daughter's kidnapping scheme. Ivy prods a reluctant David to score extra points with Grace during her low moment. Eve struggles to resuscitate her patient after Sheridan flatlines again. Later, a gloating Death reunites Luis and Sheridan's spirits but they vow to fight for another chance at a life together with their child. Sam tells Hank he's determined to prove to Grace that he's the only man for her. Chad attempts to smooth things over with an angry Whitney while Fox looks on with smug satisfaction. Gwen wracks her brain in an effort to remember how her encounter with Theresa ended. As Luis appeals to God to save him and Sheridan, the little angel appears and gives the couple back their lives. Ivy listens in on Grace's private conversation with Eve. Gwen's memory returns with a vengeance as she glares at a shuddering Theresa. Sheridan tells Luis about her ordeal at the hands of a female kidnapper. Sam sees red after spotting Grace in David's arms once again.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Chad, Whitney and Fox reach out to Ethan, who is agonizing about the decision he was forced to make to save Gwen's life. Meanwhile, Gwen goes after Theresa with a vengeance for the death of her baby. Ethan manages to wrestle his vengeful wife off of Theresa, but Gwen is still set on killing his former lover.

Liz is putting on a full court press trying to seduce TC and he is having a tough time saying no to her. Eve is flooded with painful memories of her own baby she lost as she helps Sheridan deal with having her baby taken away from her. Eve feels her pain. Julian supports Eve in her time of need. They contemplate what would happen if they found their son. Eve worries that Liz will find him first use him to get to TC.

Sheridan is suffering from some memory loss as a result of her ordeal, but she does her best to recall details of her abduction so she can help the police find her baby. She finally remembers a window in the basement. Meanwhile, Luis and Antonio keep good thoughts about Sheridan as they recall the good times they spent with her. Beth tries to stall when the police ask for a DNA test on "her" baby. The officers hear Mrs. Wallace fall down the basement stairs. and Beth gets upset when the police go down into her basement.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Gwen blasts Ethan and Theresa for their betrayal and blames them for her baby's death.

Julian does his best to comfort and reassure Eve, while Liz makes an impassioned plea for TC to give into his feelings for her.

Sheridan and Luis work to solve the case of her kidnapping and find their baby. Beth is in a panic when the cops see more than they should.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Ethan is so horrified by Gwen's rage against him that he feels that he has no choice but to cut things off completely with Theresa. Theresa is horrified when Ethan insists that he can't see her and even be friends with her anymore. Theresa attempts to explain herself, but Ethan declares he never wants to see her again.

Eve and Julian compare notes on Liz. Julian remembers Liz saying that she had a secret that not even Eve knew about, but which could destroy her once and for all. Meanwhile, Liz continues to play mind games on TC to drive a wedge between Eve and TC and destroy their marriage. Liz plants a seed of infidelity in the mind of TC as she tries to convince TC the baby Eve "miscarried" was not his. This gives TC food for thought and sows more dissension. Liz is stunned when TC concludes that she is lying in order to come between him and Eve. Privately, Liz decides it's time to unleash her secret.

Sheridan tells Luis who her kidnappers were, but she doesn't implicate Beth in this because she doesn't yet recall Beth's role in the kidnapping. Luis considers this a major breakthrough in the case and gets right on it. The police prepare to take Beth to the police station in handcuffs, but she manages to lock herself and the baby in her mother's bedroom. When she won't open the door, the officers prepare to knock it down. Luis arrives and asks them to hold off. He needs to talk to Beth about something that Sheridan said. He knows where Sheridan was held hostage.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Whitney is feeling as if Chad betrayed her feelings for him and wants to know if he really loves her or is just using her. Chad is horrified at the suggestion that he is toying with her feelings. Whitney says she feels as though she doesn't know Chad any more and walks away. Fox is thrilled that there is trouble between Chad and Whitney. He can't wait to sweep in and comfort her.

Gwen is still reeling from the loss of her baby, but won't let Ethan comfort her in her time of intense grief. Ethan pleads with Gwen to let him be with her. It was his baby, too, and he feels her pain. Gwen physically attacks Ethan, but finally gives in and allows him to comfort her.

With all the clues pointing to Beth's neighborhood as the place Sheridan was held captive, Luis tries to reason with Beth to get information about where Sheridan's baby could possibly be. Beth is evasive and won't give Luis a straight answer so he begins to lose his patience and demands answers from her. Beth is in a panic wondering how she can keep Luis and the police from taking away "her" baby. Luis wonders why Beth won't let him take a DNA sample from the baby. In her hospital bed, Sheridan dreams of the moment she said goodbye to her baby.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Eve is still rattled by Liz's threat to reveal another secret. Julian counsels Eve not to let Liz torment her, and promises to do whatever he can to keep Liz from coming between Eve and TC. Meanwhile, Liz is about to tell TC the secret when they're interrupted by a phone call about Sheridan's rescue. TC turns his attention to news reports from the hospital. While TC is out of the room, Liz sees Julian comforting Eve in the background of one of the broadcasts. Liz immediately plans to use this to her advantage.

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