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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 13, 2003 on GL
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Monday, October 13, 2003

Reva and Christopher nearly kiss at the docks as Reva is expressing her concerns for Shayne. Reva backs away, and Christopher apologizes for acting on his feelings for her when she just wanted comfort. Reva tells Christopher that she didn't turn to him because she wanted comfort, she turned to him because she is a coward. Christopher tells her that she is not a coward, and the only reason she didn't want to see Shayne today is because she didn't want him to see the tension between her and his father. Reva stresses over not being able to tell her son that he is going to be okay. She doesn't want Shayne to see her own expressions. Reva feels that she has abandoned Shayne tonight. Christopher tells her that what she does now is what counts. Reva and Christopher leave to get some comfort food at Company - ice cream. After eating the ice-cream, Christopher notices some on her face and wipes it off. Reva appears as though she is getting a reading. Christopher questions her reaction. Reva tells him that when he did that, she felt an arm wrapped around her and tells him that it was nice. Reva thinks that it is the chocolate going to her head. As she is about to leave, Josh shows up.

Marah is getting the museum ready for Shayne and has arranged for dozens of helpers. Shayne has arrived to find the museum completely decorated. Marina jokingly wonders why her name isn't on the sign since she is moving in too. Minutes later, a very attractive woman enters the room and is introduced as Shayne's nurse, Kim Mansfield. Kim heads off to see Shayne's room. The arrangements that they all made for Shayne seem to be everything that he will need. Josh appears to be a solid rock for Shayne. Josh wonders whether there is anything else Shayne may need. Shayne tells him, by typing into his laptop, that he needs his dad. Marah notices that Sandy has arrived. He seems a little uneasy until Marah tells him that her mother is not coming. In the meantime, Blake continually checks her voicemail. Ross finally asks her about it. Blake mentions that Harley is having a meeting today with someone and she would just be more comfortable knowing that everything is going okay. Blake is feeling the need to leave the party a bit early to check in on Harley. Blake gets a call. She was hoping that it was Harley, but it is Gus. Gus tells Blake that he is unable to find Harley, and he wants to warn her about Brad Green before she has a meeting with him. Blake, knowing about the competition, feels that Gus is just trying to stall Harley on her meeting with Brad. Gus tells her that he doesn't care about the competition. He only cares about her. Blake tells him that he is only afraid that Harley will get to the bottom of the case before he does. She reminds Gus that he already cheated once. Gus tells her that he is worried that Harley may be in danger. Blake tells him that the only thing Harley is in danger of is losing to him, and she doesn't want to be responsible for that. Blake hangs up on Gus. Blake and Ross go to Company to see if Harley is still there. The waitress tells her that Harley wasn't there today.

At the police station, Gus is reading the weather report for the day that Lori Jenson disappeared. Gus is beginning to wonder why Brad Green took his boot out in the middle of a storm. He gets a bit nervous about Harley's whereabouts. He tries to reach her, but no one seems to know where she is. Gus hopes that she is not with Brad Green.

Harley is on her way to meet Brad Green at Company, but he shows up a little early and they bump into one another just outside her office. Harley wants to continue their meeting in a public place, but Brad tells her that he doesn't want to take this meeting in a public place. Harley continues to press the issue on a public meeting. Brad mentions Harley's father, brother, and her cop boyfriend in a sense that sounds like a threat. Brad continues to tell her that they are going to have their meeting right here and now. Brad claims that he and Lori had an affair, and then it was over. Harley mentions that Lori might have been pregnant. Brad tells her that Lori was looking out for her career which spiked the affair, and the last thing she would have wanted, was to become pregnant. Harley questions whether Brad was the one who wanted more out of the relationship with Lori and wonders whether he planned on leaving his wife for her. When Harley mentions the threat he might have felt with Lori, Brad stops her in her conversation. He moves in a little closer, and tells her that it is a terrible thing to feel threatened. Harley gets a little uneasy, and tells Brad not to turn this thing into something that it isn't, because she just wants a few answers. Brad tells her that because of her, his whole life and family is hanging on by a thread. Harley tells him that it is because of himself. Brad tells her that he had everything, and he made a mistake. He has done something that he can't take back. Harley tells him that holding on to it hasn't helped either. She wants him to tell her so that she can help, but their conversations switches a bit when Gus tries to call her. As the phone is ringing, Brad tells her about a decision: "If she doesn't pick up the telephone, she might hear the truth that she is so desperate for" or "If he is the cold blooded killer, it might be her last chance to save herself." Brad urges her to pick up the telephone and tells her to tell whoever it is that she is in the hands of a killer. Harley turns her back on the telephone, and tells Brad that she just wants to hear the truth. Within seconds, the answering machine comes on, and Gus leaves a message telling Harley that she was right. He urges her to stay away from Brad Green, because he is dangerous. Harley continues to tell Brad that she just wants to help him, but he thinks that she is just trying to fool him. Moments later, sirens are heard down the road. Brad grabs Harley by the arm and forces her to leave with him. Harley has her purse on her shoulder. She pulls out her wallet, and purposely drops it on the floor. Gus shows up and runs through the building looking for her. As he takes a closer look at the surroundings, he notices that her wallet is on the floor.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

At the Beacon, in Olivia's bar, Eden is being photographed for the cosmetic line. Alexandra does not like the direction the photographers are going. She tells them that they are selling a bad girl product, not Eden. Eden interrupts Alexandra as she is arguing with the crew and tells them that she knows what is wrong, and she starts to undress herself down to her black lingerie. Alexandra wants Eden to put her clothes back on. Eden asks the photographer for his sport jacket. She puts it on, and gives the red dress to Alexandra and tells her the dress is the problem. As she is walking around and talking about the shoot in nothing but lingerie and a man's coat, the photographer continues to photograph her, which might be the pose that they are looking for.

Marah is trying to arrange her fashion show but worries that it is going to be a bust. She is brainstorming with Sandy trying to come up with something cool and original. Sandy hands her a gift and tells her that it is his turn to return the favor. She pulls out a snow globe. He explains that the way to do a fashion show and raise money for the hospital as well, is to make a statement. She needs to transport them to a whole new world - like a winter wonderland. Marah agrees and wants to do it on Fifth Street.

Seconds later, Bill and Billy enter the room, and Marah hits them up for a donation toward the hospital fundraiser. When they ask what kind of money she is looking for, she tells them she needs a winter landscape with ice, snow, bare birch trees, and maybe a magic sleigh ride. After explaining why she needs these items, they agree to help her, but tell her that she'll have to talk to Santa about the sleigh. Sandy tries to put forth effort in finding donor's and approaches Buzz Cooper. The two of them seem to be at competition as to who can get the most donors. Moments later, as Alexandra is leaving Olivia's bar, Marah approaches her for a donation as well. Marah wonders whether Alexandra would be interested in combining her fashion show by having the models introduce her clothing with Spaulding's cosmetics. Alexandra accepts the offer. Marah and Sandy discuss their progress and Sandy tells her that they make a great team.

In the meantime, Billy approaches the front desk at the Beacon and arranges a room for Josh. He explains to Bill that he wants Reva to see that Josh is doing just fine without her, and not cramped up in a 10 X 12 box at Company. In addition to a new place, Billy explains that he is trying to hook Josh up with a new woman, Kitty, who just happened to enter the Beacon. Billy feels that Josh is really hurting, and he just wants to make his life a little better and fun. Josh shows up and Billy gives him the key to his new room. Josh thinks the suite is too much. Billy then pushes him over to Kitty. Billy pushes the two of them into conversation, and then he leaves them alone. Josh mentions to Kitty that he is married, and is not a player. Kitty tells Josh that she is glad that he and his wife are so happy.

At Company, Reva runs into Josh. She asks Josh how Shayne is doing. Josh tells her that the homecoming was wonderful, and he walked away from it feeling really good. He tells her that the kids at the museum are very focused on getting Shayne back on his feet. Reva tells Josh that it is about time she make some big changes. Christopher offers to give them some space, but Reva wants both of them there. The three of them find a table together. Reva begins to explain that she was not working tonight, she was hiding. She tells him that she couldn't bring herself to Shayne's homecoming because she was afraid that she would fall apart. She feels that she has been a little off balance, and this psychic thing has her overwhelmed. She tells Josh and Christopher that something has to give. She understands that she can't control the flashes, but she wants to stop herself from opening up to the craziness it brings into her life. She doesn't want to run away from difficult challenges anymore, and explains that she needs to be there for Shayne. She tells Christopher that she hopes that he understands that their work is finished. Josh tells her that she needs to stop and think before she starts to make promises that she can't keep. Josh tells her that the kids have embraced her for who she is, and if she stops doing the work she is doing because of Shayne, that would only put more pressure on him. After Josh leaves, Reva begins to remember the kiss she had with Christopher. Christopher and Reva step outside for some fresh air. As Reva is looking up at the stars, she mentions that she needs to spend the day with Shayne tomorrow. Christopher tells her to find something to do while visiting by cooking a meal. Reva invites Christopher to come along with her. Christopher thinks that he may be overstepping between her and Josh. Reva tells him that she thinks that by the time she is ready to forgive Josh, it may be too late. Christopher offers to bring the wine.

Jeffrey receives a call notifying him about what is going on at Harley's Angels. They tune Jeffrey's phone into the conversations at Harley's Angels, which means he must have bugged the office. Gus was on the telephone talking to Blake about having found Harley's wallet. He tells her that Brad Green must have gotten to her before the appointment.

Gus calls Blake and informs her that he found Harley's wallet on the floor and assumes that Brad Green got to her before their appointment. Their conversation is interrupted when Harley comes in the door looking like she has been through the wringer. She doesn't seem to be a bit phased at all. She even begins to giggle about her a tear in her sleeve. Gus begins to tell her that Brad Green went out on a boat the day that Lori Jenson disappeared and explains the weather conditions. Harley tells him that only means that he is a lousy sailor. Harley tells him that she knows that his behavior was a bit suspicious that night, and it even looks like he roughed her up, but that is because she had to change a tire. She continues to explain that Brad made her leave with him when he heard the sirens, but all he wanted to do is talk. She explains that he opened up to her and admitted that he was on his boat the day Lori disappeared. The reason he didn't want to admit that to the police is because he felt that they would use that against him since his brother once did time for an assault conviction. As the conversation comes to a close, Harley mentions that she wants to stop and pick up donuts for the kids for breakfast. Gus tells Harley that he is going to the store to pick up milk. Harley tells him that must mean that they are both going to the dock to check out Brad Green's story. When they get to the docks, they begin to argue about which one should do the talking. Gus tells Harley to just go and get the donuts and Harley tells him to leave and let her handle things. Maybe he could pick up some milk on the way. In the midst of their argument, the two of them share a passionate kiss. As they are kissing, a shadow of someone is watching from a distance. Moments later, Jeffrey approaches them. Jeffrey lets them know that he knows about the new evidence, and assumes that is why they are there. But after the kiss h walked in on, he tells them that maybe he should show them how it is done - the interview, not the kissing. Moments later, the three of them are questioning a man about Brad Green and whether anyone was with him. The man told him that he was with another man, and they had an ice chest.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Phillip and Alan have a meeting at the Beacon. Alan showed up with Lizzie and left her in the lobby with Tammy. Phillip wants to bring to the attention of Alan that a big sum of money is missing from the Spaulding Pharmaceutical account. He mentions that only three people have access to the account: Phillip, Alexandra, and Brad Green. Phillip asks Alan to speak to Brad Green about the issue. On another topic, Alan wants to know how Phillip is doing and whether he has experienced anymore attacks. Phillip doesn't want to discuss it, and Alan eventually leaves. Moments later, Rick and Mel join Phillip. Alan starts to discuss education choices with Mel and Rick in regards to their unborn baby. Mel quickly changes the subject and asks whether he has heard from Olivia. Phillip tells her that he is getting things ready for their baby, and she will be back where she belongs before long. He points up to her name on the wall and tells them it says so right there. Rick and Mel ask Phillip to be the God Father to their child. Phillip is honored and accepts. Phillip begins to act a little loopy and explains that it is just the cold medicine he is on. Phillip leaves the table to get some champagne. After Rick and Mel leave, and Phillip is all alone; he begins to daydream about the young girl he saw at the docks who claimed to be his child. In today's daydream, she walks up to him, puts her hand on his shoulder, and says: "Hi Dad, long time, no see!" They continue to talk to one another about father and daughter things. The girl tells Phillip that she meet a guy, and she plans on dropping out of college so they can go away together. She explains that the man is 30 and has been married twice. Phillip tries to offer some advice, and the girl tells him that she didn't have a father growing up so she doesn't need his advice now. She gets upset with Phillip and leaves. Phillip calls out to the girl wondering what her name is, but she doesn't answer. As Phillip is looking into the direction his long lost daughter went, Lizzie is tapping on his shoulder wondering whether he is okay. Phillip turns around and hugs her. He apologizes for letting her down and promises never to do it again.

In the lobby of the Beacon, Tammy mentions to Lizzie that she and Joey have a date tonight. Lizzie begins to moan about how trapped she feels. Tammy tells her that she deserves the treatment she is getting. Tammy tells her there was no excuse for the things she has done. Lizzie mentions that she didn't mean to hurt anyone. Tammy tells her that she never means to hurt anyone, but she does; and now her friends are all mad at her, and her family can't leave her alone for five minutes. Moments later, Lizzie tries to give Tammy a bracelet that she had gotten from Alexandra. Alexandra had brought it back from Europe. Tammy doesn't want to except the gift and tells her that the horrible things she has done can not be erased by a gift. Lizzie explains that she just wanted to let her know how much she means to her. Lizzie asks for a second chance. Tammy tells her that they can try, but she is not promising anything. Moments later, their conversation is interrupted when Joey enters the room. He instantly wonders why Lizzie hasn't been locked up yet. He gives Tammy a flower, and they leave together. After Tammy leaves, Alan rejoins her and Lizzie begins the discuss the way her dad is making her feel. She claims that she can see it in his eyes - the blame that he has toward her in regards to Olivia leaving town. Alan tells her that her father adores her. She is his first born. Moments later, their conversation is interrupted when Brad Green enters the room. Alan questions whether he took money from the Spaulding account. He said that he just borrowed it for a few days. He planned on using it because he is being blackmailed. He explains that it is about Lori Jenson. He explains that he got a photograph from the people that are holding her and continues to explain that she is dead. As Mel and Rick are leaving, they notice Alan and Brad Green talking in the lobby. Alan is upset with Brad Green and is threatening to go to the police.

Joey takes Tammy up to a cabin in the rain. Joey doesn't have a key and has to break a window to get in. Once there inside, Tammy wonders whether they are allowed there. Joey tells her that some rich guy owns the place that his mom used to work for and assures her that he won't mind. A loud thunder cracks in the sky which pushes Tammy into Joey's arms. Tammy asks Joey whether he plans on seeing other girls. Joey tells her that she is the only one. Joey begins to kiss her. He tells her she looks beautiful and assures her there is nothing to be afraid of. She should just relax and let things go. Joey tells Tammy that he wants to be with her. Tammy responds with a passionate kiss, but their kiss is interrupted when a policeman enters the room and tells them they are trespassing on private property.

At the museum, Shayne is having a speech lesson with Tara. Marina is sitting in on the lesson. Tara begins to explain the lesson plan, and Shayne begins to respond by typing into his laptop. Tara tells him that rule number one is that if he has something to say, he must say it. Tara starts by trying to get him to sound out the vowels. Shayne put forth a lot of effort but was unable to spit out any words or sounds. After the session, he was back to typing into his laptop. He apologizes to Marina for the lack of progress. Marina tells him that it will come in time. In changing the subject, Marina mentions that she is going to be a model for Marah's fashion show. She holds up a dress for Shayne that she will be wearing during the fashion show. After seeing the dress and imagining her in it, Shayne makes a sound. Shayne daydreams about walking over to Marina, kissing her from behind on the shoulder, and then begins to remove the straps from her dress. Marina interrupts his daydream and knells down to him and tells him that one day she will wear that dress just for him. Marina beings to work with Shayne on his physical therapy. She begins to stretch his muscles in his arms, while Shayne begins to daydream again.

Michelle calls Danny and tells her that she will be coming home tonight. Danny doesn't stay on the line for long, because he wants to straighten up the house before she gets home. Bill shows up with documents from the Fifth Street Spaulding Pharmaceutical Building. Danny seems a bit surprised that the building is almost finished. Bill tells him that they should be finished sometime next week. Bill notices the tornado that appears to have went through Danny's house. Nico asks for help in straightening up the house. Bill steps out for a moment telling them that he has an idea. Minutes later, he enters the room with Eden and tells them that she is the secret weapon. Eden jumps right in without any discussion. Eden asks Danny whether a painting that Marah had sent over arrived yet. Danny tells her that it is in the garage. Nico and Bill head out to get the painting and a few other items from the garage. Once Danny and Eden are alone, Danny mentions to Eden that he knows what happened in New York on the roof. Eden tells him that she didn't mean for it to happen. Danny tells her that she had been planning it months, and she wanted it to happen. In turn, that is what drove his cousin out of town. Danny tells her that he doesn't like her and he never will. Eden explains that what happened between her and Tony was a mistake. Eden explains that the reason Tony left town had nothing to do with her or Marah, and continues to tell him that Tony needed distance from him.

Tony calls a mysterious person and mentions that the things in the past are over and he is going in another direction and then agrees to a meeting. Tony calls another person and tells them that he doesn't like what he came up with, and mentions it is a bad way to do business. He tells the person that when he finds what he wants, he knows how to reach him. Tony tells the man that his cousin Danny is not part of the deal, and from now on, he is flying solo.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Joey and Tammy have been hauled into the police station. Alan Spaulding is at the police station as well talking to Gus about his conversation with Brad Green. He tells Gus that Brad told him that Lori Jenson is dead, but Brad says that someone else killed her and Brad is being blackmailed. Alan tells Gus that Brad Green took money from Spaulding to pay the blackmailers. Gus seems to think that Brad Green was the one who killed Lori. Joey's mother, (the mother from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding") shows up at the police station. She comes in yelling at her son. She is wondering whether her son's promises about staying out of trouble met anything, because he just put a knife in her heart. Seconds later, Edmund walks in and introduces himself to Joey's mother. Mrs. Lupo wonders whether she is on candid camera. Frank comes into the room and introduces himself. Mrs. Lupo tells him that whatever it is, her son didn't do it. Joey starts to admit his wrongdoing, and his mother elbows him in the stomach. Frank begins to tell them that Mr. Logan, the owner of the cabin, says that teenagers are always breaking into his place, and he wants to make an example out of these two kids. Tammy tells them that they went in because it was raining outside. Edmund excuses himself from the circle of discussion and makes a phone call. In the meantime, Mrs. Lupo is wondering whether Edmund is a movie star. Edmund called Mr. Logan. Mr. Logan seemed upset at first, but Edmund tells him that the kids just went inside to get out of the rain. Edmund sounds appreciative that they were able to find shelter, and offers to Mr. Logan and his family the use of his family villa in San Cristobel and continues to offer the use of his limousine. Before coming to an agreement, Edmund tells him that the children will be taking care of the broken window. Mr. Lupo gives Edmund a kiss in amazement of finding out that he is a true prince. Frank tells the children that they are lucky that Edmund made this thing go away so quickly. Mrs. Lupo tells Frank that when she is finished with her son, it will be clear. Tammy thinks she is all but off the hook, and Edmund tells her that is not the only consequence to her actions. Mrs. Lupo and Edmund take the kids' cell phones, and tell them there will be no emailing, no car keys, and a grounding for each of them. Before Mrs. Lupo leaves, she invites Prince Charming (Edmund) to come see her at her beauty shop for a manicure. Edmund tells Joey that he thinks he used poor judgment this evening, and Joey agrees with him. Back at the Beacon, Tammy wants to go to bed, but Edmund wants to have a talk. Edmund wants to know if anything happened between her and Joey at the cabin. Tammy tells him that nothing happened. It was cold, dark, and rainy; and she wasn't ready for anything to happen. Tammy then asks Edmund if he will keep this from her mother. Edmund tells her that he can't hide this from her mother, but he will try to smooth things over. Tammy thanks him, and tells him that she thinks her mother is very lucky to have him in her life.

Brad Green shows up at Harley's office. He tells her that he has been driving around town all night. He admits that he can't keep this up much longer with the police following him around. He tells her that he knows what happened to Lori and explains that she is dead. Brad pulls out a picture of Lori Jenson, who appears to be dead, that the blackmailers sent to him. Brad tells her that he didn't tell anyone that the picture exists. Brad wants to go to the police, but Harley convinces him to give her a couple of hours. In the meantime, Jeffrey, who has Harley's Angels bugged, is still listening in on the conversation. Jeffrey calls Gus and tells him to meet him at the Beacon. Harley begins to investigate the photo and identifies a piece of a fisherman's net. Harley tells Brad to go home and sit tight. She wants to go to the dock to make sure they have all of their facts straight.

When Gus arrives at the Beacon, Jeffrey tells him that he just got word that a big shipment of cocaine is arriving at the dock tonight. Gus rushes down to the dock and finds Harley there. Harley claims that she is there to see if there are any other fishermen in the area who might have seen something the night Lori Jenson disappeared. Gus tells her that he is there for a drug bust. Gus, acting a bit suspicious, tries to get a little cozy with Harley and finds the photograph of Lori Jenson on her. Gus calls the police department for a crew to help him search for evidence. While he is on the telephone, Harley cuts off a piece of wood from the plank that appears to have blood on it. Once the police officers along with Jeffrey arrive, Harley turns the blood sample over to Jeffrey. After Jeffrey leaves, Blake calls Harley and tells her that Mrs. Green is at the Beacon with her. She informs her that Mrs. Green turned up in her Karate class and she is one mean brown belt. Blake tells her that once Mrs. Green comes out of the lady's room, she is going to plaster her with alcohol and push her for information. Once Harley gets off the phone, she tells Gus that she is going home. Back at the police station, Jeffrey tells Gus that the blood on the dock was synthetic blood, the kind people use for movies. Jeffrey tells Gus that the photo was staged, and thinks that someone, including Lori, went along with it. Jeffrey wonders what made Lori so mad at Brad that she would go through so much trouble to make people believe she is dead. Gus thinks it has to do with Brad not wanting to leave his wife. Gus then takes a wild guess that Mrs. Green helped Lori stage her own death to get even with Brad. Gus doesn't want to tell Harley the direction he is taking the case.

Back at the Beacon, Blake is guessing that Mrs. Green was the one who killed Lori Jenson. Harley thinks that Mrs. Green wanted to scare her husband into never cheating on her again. Blake wonders whether Harley plans on telling Gus what she surmises. Harley informs her that she plans on keeping her thoughts about the murder investigation to herself.

At the museum, Reva is making dinner for Shayne with Dr. Langham. Reva seems to be falling apart in the kitchen. She is worried that she will bring Shayne down due to her lack of confidence that he will overcome his medical condition. She continues to tell Christopher Langham that every time she looks at Shayne, she remembers that Josh is the one who put him there. Seconds later, Marah and Shayne enter the room. Reva tells him that dinner is almost done and mentions that they are having his favorite - bologna pasta. After dinner, Shayne is getting a little tired and wants to go to bed. Marah takes him back to his room. Reva and Christopher begin to clean up the kitchen. Christopher begins to discuss his feelings for Reva and puts his hand on her cheek just as Marah re-enters the room. Christopher thanks Reva for dinner and heads out. Reva instantly begins to explain that she might have misunderstood what she saw. Marah tells her that she only has one thing to say and tells her that it should have been her dad at the dinner table with them tonight, not Dr. Langham. Marah wonders whether she plans to give up on her dad the way that Tony gave up on her. Meanwhile, Reva seems to be in another place. Marah is asking her whether she saw something. Reva comes out of the vision and tells Marah that she saw Tony. Reva tells her that she saw Tony sitting at a desk and talking on the telephone. Reva sensed that Tony was excited and happy and mentions that the conversation he is having over the telephone has to do with business. Reva mentions that there is a photograph on his desk of Marah. She also sees Tony put the picture in a desk drawer but she doesn't tell her. Reva tells Marah that she thinks that she needs to move on. Marah wonders whether there was something she saw that she doesn't want to tell her. Reva tells her that Tony made a choice, and she feels that she will be happier without him. Reva tells Marah to go out and have fun tonight, but Marah just wants to stay home and watch a movie with her mother.

Friday, October 17, 2003

At the museum, Marah gets a call from Sandy. Marah seems a bit disappointed because she was hoping from her mother's vision that Tony may be calling her. Sandy has big news about the fashion show. He tells her that he has all of the grunt work done. Sandy tells her that the fraternity may be able to pitch in. A maybe isn't good enough for Marah. She wants to go track down the president of the fraternity. Now that Marah is gone, Marina is hinting around to Josh and Billy for some alone time. Josh notices how tired Marina appears, and tells her that she should take this time to rest. Before leaving the museum, Billy reminds Josh of the date, October 17. Marina dims the lights in Shayne's room and lights some candles. Marina falls asleep, and Shayne noticed a candle that is starting to burn the curtains. Shayne is unable to say anything, and Marina is too far away from him to get her attention.

A party seems to be in motion as Marah and Sandy arrive at the frat house. Michelle arrived a little earlier than Sandy and was able to get a commitment from the fraternity's president. Marah wants to hang out at the party with Sandy before leaving. Marah wants to dance, but Sandy doesn't want to. Marah jokes about whether he can dance, and Sandy tells her that he can dance, just not with her. Sandy then tells her that he would look stupid on the dance floor next to Marah because she is probably too good. Marah starts dancing in front of him and tells him that she will dance with or without him. Sandy starts to dance with her, but then a slow song comes on. Michelle puts her arms around Sandy and wants to continue dancing, but Sandy pushes her away.

Buzz is sitting outside looking through his calendar and October 17 is circled in red. Buzz instantly gets depressed and even cancels a date with Alexandra. Buzz takes a walk to the cemetery, and puts flowers at Maryanne Caruther's tombstone. After Buzz leaves the cemetery, Ed shows up with a flower as well. In addition, Josh and Billy show up at the cemetery.

Michelle comes home to a surprise welcome home party. With all the lights out, she begins to attack Danny. In the background, Rick is covering Robbie's eyes. As Danny is pushing her away, they all yell surprise. Michelle tells them all she knew the whole time because she saw their cars around the corner, but they didn't believe her. Michelle promises to make good on the greeting later. Ed tells Michelle that he can't stay because he has to work at the hospital tonight. Rick didn't remember seeing his name on the schedule. Ed claims that it was a last minute schedule change. Frank and Darci are wondering where Buzz is because he was supposed to come to the party as well. Danny wants to know if she noticed how nice the house looks. Michelle tells him that she noticed, but wondered who helped him. Danny tells her that Nico helped but did not mention Eden at all. Eden overheard and gets upset. The games began: Frank wants to start a game of charades. In the background, Nico and Ray are having a talk. Nico seems out of place, and Ray tells him that it took a lot for Danny to invite him into the house. Michelle interrupts their conversation, and tells Nico that Danny told her how much he helped out around the house while she was gone. Michelle wonders whether Nico plans on jumping ship now that his work at the house is done. Michelle wants him to stick around, but Nico tells her that he is not into hanging around and taking up extra space. Michelle tells him that she has an idea-favor. She tells him that Danny is upset about Tony leaving, and she thinks that Danny has warmed up to him. Michelle thinks that Nico reminds her of Tony, and she wants him to stick around for him. Nico agrees to stay for a while. Robbie wakes up due to the loud music and charades. Nico, in front of everyone, grabs his guitar and sings a song to Robbie. Not much later everyone starts clearing out, and Ed comes back. He tells Michelle that he just wanted to be with his daughter.

Outside of Company, Ross runs into Ed. Ross wonders why he is not at Danny and Michelle's house. He mentions that he was, but he had to leave early. Ross assumes that Ed has a shift at the hospital, but he tells them that he doesn't have to work; but he is contemplating catching an AA meeting.

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