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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 13, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, October 13, 2003

In response to Marshall's call, Bonnie rushes to meet Marshall at Al's Diner, where he asks Bonnie's advice about having a Halloween party at the Shelter for Sarah. As Marshall and Bonnie happily plan the party, Jessica arrives outside the window and observes Marshall and Bonnie having a pleasant conversation. Jessica tells Tom Hughes that she has just lost her appetite. Tom tries to talk Jessica into being reasonable, but Jessica storms off.

In their home, Jack and Carly are so thrilled to have agreed on Henry as their baby sitter that they tumble into bed. There they are interrupted by a call from Alison at the hospital, telling them about Mike's accident.

At Metro, Molly has discovered the handwritten medical records for Craig's new baby, and she confronts Craig, observing as well that Annabel Fettle does not appear to be a legitimate adoption agent. When Molly states, "This adoption stinks to high heaven," Craig responds that everything is legal. However, he then asks Molly to download a medical form and copy the handwritten information onto it. Molly, refusing, tells Craig that his adoption plan is sure to fail. Their phone rings with news about Mike from the hospital, and both Craig and Molly leave for the hospital.

At Fairwinds, Lucy and Aaron admire baby Cabot, then Aaron begins telling Lucy how much he likes his new job. When Lucy questions him about his exact duties, Aaron describes various chores to her, omitting his involvement with the bookmaking aspect of the business. When Rosanna comes into the room the telephone rings, and she rushes off to the hospital to see about Mike, leaving Lucy and Aaron to baby sit. The teenagers are nervous, even before Cabot starts to wail. The only thing they find that will calm the baby is an off-key duet of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," which instantly puts Cabot back to sleep.

At Oakdale Memorial Hospital, the nurse tells Chris and Alison that Mike is being prepared for surgery by Ben Harris, a brain surgeon, because there might be neurological damage. When Alison confesses to Chris that she feels responsible for Mike's accident, Chris responds that "the animal" who mowed Mike down and left him bleeding in the middle of the road is the one who should be worried. Margo comes up and berates Chris for leaving Katie's bedside, but Alison overhears and steps in to take responsibility for Chris' absence.

At Mike's bedside, Katie confesses to Mike that she is responsible for the accident and beg his forgiveness. Mike answers, "I remember, I remember," just as Margo opens the curtains. Katie tells Mike to go ahead and tell Margo what happened, but instead of telling Margo that Katie's car hit him, he tells Margo how he told Katie that he loved her, then Katie told him that she wished he were dead instead of Simon. Katie tries to tell Mike about the accident, but Mike interrupts her, telling her that he knows that if she meant what she said before, she wouldn't be there with him right then. When Katie again insists on having time alone with Mike, he tells her what a wonderful friend she is, and she loses her nerve and doesn't tell him. Dr. Ben insists that Katie leave so that he can give Mike a sedative, and Margo insists that Carly, who has just arrived at the hospital, take the ill Katie back to Margo's house. Katie rushes out of the hospital crying, "I'm never going to be okay again! I have to get out of here." When they arrive at Margo's, Katie asks Carly how she got Jack to forgive her when she made a huge mistake. Carly advises her that she must tell Mike the truth and ask him to forgive her. Jack arrives at the hospital to question Mike just before he goes in to surgery, but Mike can't answer any questions about the hit and run driver. Rosanna arrives to see Mike, but Dr. Ben tells her that Mike can have no more visitors. Next come Molly and Craig. When Molly starts to go in to see Mike, Rosanna flatly tells her, "You can't." Molly bristles and snaps at Rosanna, "You don't know what's going on in there....You barely know what's going on in your family." Craig tries to look innocent.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Katie tells Henry what happened explaining she hit Mike with Margo's car but didn't remember it until she got home and Chris told her what happened. Henry said she can't tell anyone it would be there secret and Katie wanted to know how they were going to hide the damage from Margo since she will need her car back. Katie decides to call Aaron to help her out of this jam with the car. Aaron tells Katie he can fix Margo's car first thing in the morning. Margo shows up to visit Katie and tells them she needs her car back first thing. However she then tells Katie if she needs it that bad then Margo will drive Casey's car until Katie gets her own car fixed. Katie almost tells Margo what happened but Henry stopped her.

Molly and Rosanna have it out at the hospital with a battle of words. Rosanna tells molly how everyone leaves her and that is why she has a long line of ex's. Molly tells her how her store bought baby probably won't be there long but then sort of drops it. Rosanna then explains Curly hasn't called her because of her baby and that is what Curly and Rosanna have a bond now. Rosanna leaves and Dusty shows up to comfort Molly and she talks about how the twins don't know her and how Donna and Marley want her to leave and she feels she has no one anymore and Dusty assures her he is there. Dusty tells Molly to go for custody of Bridget and Michelle. Dusty tells Molly Jake would be happy if she had the twins. Dusty tells her to fight for them. Rosanna now at home, said she is the luckiest person in the world and wants to know if the records came, and they did.

Emily and Alison talk about how Margo blew up and Emily tells her Margo will come around. Alison explains how she loves Chris and didn't care about anything else except Chris and didn't want him to get in trouble over her. Alison admits to loving and trusting Chris and Emily warns Alison to be careful and maybe she could find classes or something interesting her. Chris tells Alison they need to slow down and they should cool off for a while.

Hal tells Jack he has a lead on a bookie named Waldo who hangs out a Yo's and wants Jack to work on it telling him he can put Margo on the Mike case.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Unsuspecting Aaron has repaired Margo's car for Katie. Henry encourages Katie to stay silent and guilty Katie says going to jail couldn't be worse than how she feels. At the hospital, Mike is informed he won't be up and around for some time. Bitter, he tells Katie he'd like to punish the guy who ran him down. Katie tries to tell Mike the truth, but he mistakes this as pity and asks her not to visit him again. Craig freaks out when he hears that Lucy will be out all night after the dance. He and Lucy have an argument about it and he forbids it. Later, Craig calls Dusty to have Aaron kept preoccupied all night so he can't keep his plans with Lucy. Mitzi tries to discourage Rose from selling the shop. Meanwhile, Barbara lets Dusty know that Rose is selling her shop. He visits Rose and they have a bittersweet farewell as a camera records their goodbye kiss. At Yo's, Waldo enters as Jack watches. The bartender makes Jack for a cop and warns Waldo. Aaron leaves. Hal knows Aaron was in on the gambling racket. Jack tries to get to Aaron first. Aaron reports back to Dusty. Paul returns from Paris to an icy Jennifer who wonders if he's really planning to marry Rose. He insists that he loves Rose but she wants to know why he has to leave the country. He says it is because of Barbara. Jennifer believes that Rose is still into Dusty. Paul visits Rose with a present, his way of saying marry me. Rose evades whether she has seen Dusty. They plan a romantic baby-making rendezvous at Paul's. Mitzi is hurt Rose is leaving. Later, Barbara shows Paul the photos of Dusty and Rose kissing.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Barbara was showing Paul the pictures of Dusty and Rose. Barbara told Paul that Rose would never be faithful to him and that she proved it by seeing Dusty. Paul told Barbara to get out. After Barbara left, Paul heard his father's voice. He shouted out "Get out of my head!" As Paul was looking at the pictures, Rose showed up. Paul was acting nervous and Rose picked up on it. Paul finally told Rose what he knew and Rose told him that she didn't think it mattered. Paul asked why she just didn't tell him to get lost. Rose asked him, "What makes you think I didn't?"

Paul told her that he needed to know what she wanted. She said she wanted him to stop talking and took him into the bedroom. Later, Rose comes across the pictures and Paul told her it was his mother's doing. Rose tried to explain about what Dusty said but Paul just told her to forget it. Paul said he just wanted to get away from his mother and asked Rose to marry him right now. Paul said he thinks about killing his mother. Rose said, "Do you need an alibi?" Paul smiled and picked up the phone to make a reservation. Rose took the receiver and said to hold on a minute.

Molly approached Miss Fettle, who was drunk, and told her she knows about the adoption. Miss Fettle told Molly to mind her own business and, as she was leaving, asked Molly why she would want to hurt Rosanna. Molly said it was pay back. Molly called Rosanna and told her she needed to see her. She asked Rosanna to come to Metro and not to tell Craig. As Molly was talking Marley showed up and told Molly that she couldn't see Bridget and Michelle. Marley said the girls are at an age where they need stability. Molly started to cry and told Marley to go back to Bay City. Dusty saw Molly crying and went over to comfort her. Rosanna walked in and asked Molly what was so important.

Craig asked Dusty to keep Aaron busy so that he couldn't take Lucy to her dance. Aaron called Lucy and told her he had to work late tonight. He said he would pick her up later. Craig tried to tell Lucy that she shouldn't get her hopes up but she said if Aaron said he would be there, he would. Lucy told her father that she wouldn't be home until morning. Rosanna was surprised that Craig didn't overreact but he just said there wasn't anything he could really do about it. Rosanna made up some excuse to get rid of Craig and left to see Molly. In the meantime, Miss Fettle called and warned Craig about Molly.

At Metro, Holden told Aaron that a job was available at the country club but Aaron said he was happy at Metro and for Holden to stop harassing him. While Holden was arguing with Aaron, Jack called him and warned him about Aaron being in trouble. Holden met with Jack and Jack told him the story about Waldo and the drop. Holden said to bust him! At the dance, Lucy was being harassed by one of the prom queen's. Aaron appeared but got called away again to meet Waldo.

Friday, October 17, 2003

by Andy

Lucy is crowned Homecoming Queen, but Aaron nowhere in sight. She is completely humiliated and runs out. Meanwhile, Aaron makes the delivery and Jack arrests him and Waldo. Holden tears into Aaron, but his son refuses to cooperate. Lily demands to know if Dusty is turning Aaron into a crook. Lily accuses Dusty of ruining everything he touches, and blames him for Rose leaving Oakdale. Dusty warns that Lily stay close to Rose. He fears Paul is moving things too quickly and will break Rose's heart. Lily won't accept this. Jack calls to inform Dusty that Aaron was arrested. He and Lily head to the station. Craig rushes out to find Molly and Rosanna. Molly doesn't tell Rosanna about the baby, and Craig is relieved. Molly and Rosanna try to reconnect as family. Lucy learns Aaron was arrested. She shows up at the station, and wants to know what was more important than her. Dusty and Lily arrive. She demands Dusty do the right thing and get Aaron out of jail. Paul and Rose share a romantic night, interrupted by Will. He is upset because Barbara told him Paul is angry with him. Paul and Rose assure him of Paul's love. Paul leaves to tell Barbara that Will is safe. Barbara shows up and accuses Rose of being up to something concerning Will. Rose slips about them moving to Paris and Will is crushed. Rose blasts Barbara about the pictures. Things explode in front of Will as Paul enters demanding to know what is going on. Paul learns Will knows they're moving, and she tries to explain. Will leaves. Paul escorts Barbara out but warns Rose never to say or do anything that hurts Will.


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