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Jamie met a pretty girl at a beach party. JR announced to his family that he had married Babe. Erica tried to think of an alibi for David after he was arrested. Greenlee and Carlos were rushed to the hospital after a car crash. Maggie remembered details from the night of Michael's disappearance.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 13, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, October 13, 2003

Jack and Erica share a brief reunion at the Boat House, but Erica soon blasts Jack when Jack questions Erica about David's movements the night that Michael died. Erica announces that she refuses to incriminate either herself or David ~ and storms away. Meanwhile, at Erica's place, Maggie assures Bianca that Maggie will stand beside Bianca in Bianca's decision to carry her baby to term. Maggie and Bianca begin to make plans to share an apartment together so it would be less likely that Erica would realize that her daughter is pregnant. When Erica returns home, she is stunned when Bianca announces that she is moving out and plans to share an apartment with Maggie.

At the Fusion party, Greenlee apologizes to Juan Pablo for going to Ryan for help to save her company. But, when Greenlee suggests that they go to Milan together to make up, Juan Pablo suddenly claims that he must stay because he has urgent business in Pine Valley, and hurries away! As soon as Greenlee shakes loose from the party, she runs to the Boat House, expecting to find Juan Pablo there. Instead, Greenlee finds Jack! Greenlee soon confides to Jack that she has mixed feelings for both Juan Pablo and Ryan. Jack warns Greenlee to be careful, because Juan Pablo has a legendary reputation with women. After Jack leaves Greenlee, Jack rushes to Erica's home, where he interrupts Erica trying to convince Bianca NOT to move into an apartment with Maggie. When Jack arrives, Bianca and Maggie make a hasty departure while Jack and Erica argue. However, as they argue, both Jack and Erica admit that they STILL love each other!

Meanwhile, at the Fusion Party, Mia and Simone have a good time, introducing Fusion's Sexiest Man ~ Timothy ~ to the press. Later, Mia confides to Aidan that she dreamed about him. At the same time, Kendall is stunned when Ryan announces that he wants to HELP her and asks if she is willing to allow him to help. But Kendall blasts Ryan for running out on her when she needed him most. When Ryan implores Kendall to quit shielding the guilty party, Kendall angrily guesses that Ryan has been comparing notes with Aidan and storms away. When Kendall spots Mia talking to Aidan later, Kendall overhears Aidan confiding to Mia that Aidan is worried about Kendall being charged with Michael's murder. Kendall blasts Aidan for trying to rescue her in order to get Kendall to fall in love with him. Aidan urges Kendall to quit protecting Erica, but Kendall slaps Aidan and storms away. When Aidan runs after Kendall, Kendall angrily blasts Aidan for believing he MUST investigate Michael's death. However, Simone and Mia rush to remind Kendall that there are reporters everywhere at the party, and Kendall storms away from the party. Later, Aidan again confides to Mia that he is worried about Kendall and Mia tells Aidan that she is willing to help him try to clear Kendall.

Elsewhere at the Fusion party, J.R. announces to Jamie and Tad that he has come home with a SERIOUS love interest. But Tad suggests that J.R. will need to have the girl's pedigree ready for Adam's inspection. When Jamie leaves the party, Liza and Tad realize that Jamie has gone and decide to look for him. Meanwhile, Jamie finds a group of young people partying on the beach and meets a beautiful girl there. At her invitation, Jamie returns to her hotel room with her. At the same time, Liza distracts Tad by challenging Tad to dance with her. Meanwhile, Simone watches Liza and Tad dancing with jealous eyes. But Simone is quickly distracted herself when Justin, the new Assistant District Attorney, asks Simone to dance. In the meantime, Liza spots Kendall rushing AWAY from the party and runs to catch up with Kendall. After Liza leaves, Tad makes an attempt to get a dance with Simone, but Simone refuses to leave Justin. However, Justin whispers that Tad is the one Simone is after and Simone changes her mind. When Liza returns, Liza jealously watches as Tad dances with Simone.

As Greenlee pensively looks around the Boat House, Ryan finds Greenlee there alone and lets Greenlee know that Ryan is there.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

At the boathouse, Greenlee finally asked Ryan for help getting Leo's ring off her finger now that she was ready to do it. She blamed him for her finger being too swollen to get it off. Ryan reminded her that she was the one who punched him, causing the swollen finger. He held her hand and assured her the swelling would go down and was also very sympathetic about how hard it must be to take the ring off, even though Juan Pablo isn't worth it. Greenlee was offended, but Ryan said he wanted to tell her how much he cares. Ryan also told Greenlee how good Leo had been for her and that she was not the same person as before. She admitted she's not ready to let Leo go, but it's time to take the ring off. He agreed and asked what Greenlee hears Leo saying and she said he's reminding her to stop being an idiot and using him as an excuse to turn her life into a train wreck. Greenlee asked Ryan what else Leo would say and he said she already knew...that it's time to take off the ring, Leo isn't coming back. Ryan reminded her that no one else will be Leo and to stop turning everything into a trap. They talked Juan Pablo and Greenlee berated herself for turning his offers of help into a trap. They also talked about Gillian and how hard it had been for Ryan to move on, despite sharing himself with most of the women of Fusion. They about their past relationship and Greenlee took the blame for the failure because she'd funded his startup for, even enjoying the pain it caused him. Ryan took some of the blame too and reminded her they found love once and maybe can again. Greenlee made up her mind to take the ring off right away and Ryan pulled it off for her. They shared a moment and he gently put it back in her hand and kissed it. She cried and he held her.

Jack and Erica continued their argument at Erica's penthouse over what happened the night Michael disappeared. Jack told her she can't just stamp her little foot and send him packing and he tried to convince Erica he had to know the truth to protect her. He told her Derek would be calling her in soon or come by with a search warrant. Erica refused to let him scare her. David walked in, saying that Jack is saving a jail cell for him and reminding Jack that he did not go through with the wedding and therefore had no rights there. Erica defended David and seemed ready to tell Jack everything, but David reminded her that Jack had attacked him in the park recently. Their argument only escalated, with Jack desperate to protect Erica and Bianca, from David if necessary. She said David has also been helpful and supportive and Jack had to ask just how far David has gone. Erica reminded Jack he was no longer her protector after walking out on the wedding. Jack said he needed the truth because he loves her. Erica suggested he step up to the plate and marry her tomorrow. They stepped into the foyer as Jack coldly told her they were not eloping anywhere. Erica said he hurt her by dancing with her tonight, saying he loved her, only because he was playing good cop. Jack reminded her that his love for her is real and he can't imagine living without her. He urged her to trust him and their love and to tell him the truth. She said she had nothing to hide and there was nothing to say. Jack left quietly and Erica went to David to say that she hadn't told Jack anything, although she hated doing it. She couldn't tell Jack because she couldn't ask him to keep their secret and risk his career if the truth ever comes out. Erica continued to worry that someone might find some evidence and David assured her they'd been careful and if they did get caught, he'd take the fall for both of them. Erica wondered why and David told her he has nothing left and the only way he can feel anything is to help Bianca. Erica said she couldn't let him do it because she was the one...David interrupted and said Bianca could not lose her mother too. Erica objected, but David continued to insist he'd go through with it.

At Chandler mansion, JR and Adam were comfortably chatting and when JR left the room, Stuart came by. Adam proudly told him what a man his son has become and that the time on the ship had been good for him. Stuart reminded Adam to be sure to let JR be what he wants to be and that JR was always a son to be proud of. When JR came back into the room, Adam listened with interest as Stuart thanked him for all the postcards he'd sent while away. Adam told JR how proud he was of him, and that Dixie would be proud too. JR then asked for a favor, a family dinner tomorrow night so he can announce his future plans. JR told Adam that Palmer and Opal would be invited too. Adam left to talk to the cook about the dinner plans and check the wine cellar. Stuart guessed that there was a woman in JR's life and that was the announcement. JR grinned and told him about how special his girlfriend is and how much she needs him. Stuart offered to help with invitations and JR asked him not to call Brooke tonight, since it was unlikely Jamie would make his curfew.

Jamie and Babe went back to her room at the Pine Cone, carrying a large plastic cow stolen from a restaurant sign for her collection. Jamie spilled beer on his shirt and Babe was more than happy to take it off for him. They kissed and were on the bed when her cell phone rang. Despite his objection, she answered the phone and made plans for tomorrow. Her mood seemed to change and Jamie asked how she was and she was touched by his sensitivity. Jamie told her he did not want a one-night stand and as they discussed protection she guessed this was his first time. She said she was new at it too and they'd figure it out together.

Maggie and Bianca were at the beach, excited about their new apartment. Maggie promised her support and told her she plans to take a semester off to help Bianca with the birth of her baby. Bianca objected and didn't want Maggie to go to all that trouble. Maggie finally convinced her, but Bianca worried about Maggie because everyone would think they were a couple. Maggie promised to not forget how to flirt and she talked to the baby about how much fun their new adventure was going to be.

Juan Pablo went to Wildwind for a meeting with Edmund. Maria greeted him and as they waited for Edmund, they talked about their common bond, a sibling in witness protection. Juan Pablo said that Tad had told him he could trust the Greys. Edmund came home and talked to Juan Pablo about the hit men who had come to Miami because they've driven to Virginia. An intercepted phone call had also revealed that one of the men needed to get a present for Sergio. That made Juan Pablo nervous and he told Edmund the time is up and he needs to make sure no one close to him gets hurt. After Juan Pablo left, Maria urged Edmund to be cautious and not get too involved. She agreed that if Julia was in the same situation, she'd hope someone would help her. They kissed and Edmund promised to stay safe.

Back in his office, Jack had flashbacks to the night Michael disappeared and how he'd removed a gun (.38 caliber pistol) from the evidence room.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Kendall stormed into Erica's penthouse and told her that Aidan was lying, she was not trying to protect anyone but herself. Kendall said she was only looking out for herself and that she would never give up Enchantment. She took off Mona's pearl necklace and handed them back to Erica saying, "These mean even less to me than you do." Erica just grabbed Kendall and hugged her tightly. They sat down on the couch and Erica told Kendall that she wouldn't let her risk everything she's got just for her. Kendall snarled "It's just like you to make this about you!" Erica said "For once you're going to listen to your mother!." Erica held Kendall's hands and told her gently she wouldn't lift a finger to help her. "I know how far you'll go but you'll have to go it alone because you mean less than nothing to me" Erica quietly said, meaning exactly the opposite. Kendall understood right away and played along. She claimed that she couldn't wait to get back to Pine Valley to tell Erica about her marriage to Michael Cambias. Erica said, "Yes, and I slapped you for it." Kendall reminded her she did it in front of witnesses, but that there were no witnesses to Michael's murder. Erica said the police suspect Kendall and she replied "They can't prove a damn thing!." Erica told her to stick to her story and they agreed to continue pretending they hate each other. Erica picked up the pearl necklace and put it back on Kendall as the doorbell rang. They looked at each other and began hurling insults for the benefit of who ever was at the door. Erica opened it and the assistant DA and a cop were standing there. She ordered them to get Kendall out but was told they were there to take her down to the station for questioning. Erica said she was happy to go and press harassment charges against Kendall. She got her purse but Kendall stopped her and demanded the keys to the penthouse since she now owned Enchantment and the penthouse was part of the company. They began screaming at each other until they were pulled apart. The men started out the door with Erica following. She turned and looked at Kendall, and winked at her daughter. Kendall gave her a small smile back.

In the police station Reggie told Jack that he knew who killed Michael Cambias. He brought over his friend Patrick who began to tell a shaky tale of seeing Michael Cambias the night he disappeared. He claimed he saw Michael get into trouble with a gang and he figured it was a paid hit. Reggie said his friend's information tied up the case for Jack. Jack thanked Patrick for coming down and sent him out. He turned to his son and asked who he was trying to protect. Reggie said he wasn't covering for anyone, that Patrick was telling the truth. Jack told him to stay out of this case. Jack said he remembers Reggie teaching Bianca how to play chess. He said the two of them talked in some sort of code about Michael's disappearance. Reggie said he takes up for his family, Bianca was almost his sister, Miss Kane was almost his stepmother and Jack is his father. "Nobody takes that away from me!" he cried. "I'm going to make sure every last one of my family is safe!" Jack grabbed Reggie, hugged him tightly and then Reggie left.

Ryan walked into the police station and found Derek. He asked if he was ready to trade information and Derek said no. So Ryan offered something for free. Derek said he wanted everything Ryan knew about Kendall and the murder. Ryan said he never mentioned Kendall and Derek said maybe he was covering for her. Ryan got peeved and started to walk away. Derek stopped him and Ryan showed him the glass fragments he had taken from Michael's condo. Ryan said his money was on David as a prime suspect. Derek took the fragments and sent them to the lab.

Tad opened his front door and Brooke walked in looking for Jamie. Tad looked confused and said he thought Jamie stayed at her house last night. They realized he hadn't come home after the Fusion party and Brooke got upset. She called his cell phone but it just rang. Meanwhile in the motel room Jamie's cell phone woke Jamie and Babe up. She told him she was amazed that last night was his first time. They made love again and then she jumped up to take a shower. He asked if they could see each other later and she invited him into the shower right then. In Tad's living room Simone came downstairs and Tad told her Jamie was out all night. Simone giggled and said "Maybe he got lucky like his dad did!." She went to work and Brooke just glared at Tad. She said she didn't know who to be more worried about, Jamie or his father. Tad said Jamie was growing up and they should realize there was a better than even chance that Simone was right. Moments later an very pleased Jamie rushed in. He kissed his mother, greeted his father, grabbed his backpack and headed back out the door. Brooke stopped him and asked "What about last night?" Jamie grinned from ear to ear and said "Last night ROCKED!" and ran out. Tad said "Simone was right, somebody rang his chimes last night." Back in the motel room Babe was on the phone to someone. She said how lonely she was and couldn't wait to see this person.

Bianca met David at the boat house. She told him that she and Maggie signed a lease on an apartment. Bianca also said Maggie knows all about the baby and the plan and wants to go through it with her. David asked if she was still committed to seeing this pregnancy through and Bianca replied "Absolutely! You'll keep my secret won't you?" David said he didn't think Erica could handle the shock with every thing else that was going on. Bianca became worried but David reassured her that Erica was fine. Bianca told him that she was more sure than ever that what she was doing was right. David told her to come by the clinic tomorrow for a prenatal checkup. She thanked him for helping her and David said this was how he was getting over losing Leora. "Helping you is helping me" he told her. They hugged as 2 cops came over looking for David. They told him Derek Frye wanted him down at the station. Bianca offered to come along but he told her no, he was sure it was something to do with Anna leaving something in her office. He said he'd see her at the clinic the next day and left with the police.

Bianca went to the penthouse and found Kendall still there. Kendall had been thinking about Erica's wedding day, and how Bianca said they were a legacy of strong women. She told Bianca about it and then said "Who knew how strong we'd have to be." She said she'd leave Bianca alone and started towards the door. Bianca stopped her and said she needed to thank her for the day at the clinic. She said she had never felt so lost but Kendall had known what to say and she helped her make the hardest decision of her life. Bianca said she had been surprised because Kendall didn't hate her. Kendall responded "How could I ever hate you, you're my sister!!" Bianca said she proved it that day. Kendall asked if Bianca blamed her for bringing Michael to town. Bianca asked "When is this going to end?" She said she knows the rape wasn't her fault, there was nothing she could have done to stop it. Kendall told her not to blame herself for anything she had no control over. Bianca looked at her and said "Then you can't either!." She told Kendall to stop beating herself up about it and let it go. Bianca said they should make a pact; they both work on not blaming themselves. If one of them slips up, the other sister gets to kick her butt. Kendall smiled and said "You've got a pact." They hugged.

David walked into the police station and saw Ryan with Derek. Just then Erica arrived and Ryan exclaimed "What the hell is she doing here?" Erica walked over and told him she needed him to pick up the pace in getting Enchantment. She said loud enough for everyone to hear "I can't abide the thought of Kendall running Enchantment!" Ryan told her to call him if she needed him and left. Reggie stepped over and Erica was thrilled to see him. She hugged Reggie and he told her "I've got your back Miss Kane." Jack, Derek, Erica and David went into Anna's office to talk. Derek asked Erica where she was the night Michael disappeared. She said she'd have to look in her date book. She got it out but that date was blank. Derek asked if she was with David. Erica said she might have been, that night was a blur. Then he asked if she knew he owned a gun. Erica started to say it was probably Anna's but Derek said it had 2 different sets of prints on it. One was David's and the other was hers. David said he had been teaching Erica to shoot a gun. Just then the forensics report came in and Derek looked it over. He announced that he had enough there to charge one of them with the murder of Michael Cambias.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Kendall and Bianca were hugging each other when Ryan shut the door to get their attention. Kendall asked why he was there and he said because your mother told me you'd be here. Kendall asked if he meant her and he said no Bianca. Ryan told Bianca he was incredibly sorry for what happened to her and if she needed anything to let him know. Kendall started yelling at him to leave Bianca alone and to get out. Ryan ignored her and continued to try to talk to Bianca but Kendall kept telling him to back off until Bianca asked her to let him talk because she needed to say something to him anyway. Bianca handed him the check she received from the Cambias estate and told Ryan she could or wouldn't take money from the Cambias'. Ryan said that it wasn't his money to keep and asked if she wanted him to donate it to some charity. She said yes that she had the information in her room and left to get it. Kendall told Ryan he was a phony and that he was only pretending to care for Bianca; that he didn't care for anyone. Ryan told her that it wasn't true he cared for her. Kendall didn't know what to say at first but then she told him that all he cared about was getting all the money and he wouldn't be happy until she was prosecuted for Michael's murder. Ryan told her that wasn't true. He also told Kendall about the clause in the will that gives Michael's child everything. Bianca overheard this before walking in and giving him the information. Ryan told Bianca that Alexander didn't like that Michael got away with what he did to her and then he left. Bianca mentioned to Kendall that she overheard what Ryan said. Kendall told Bianca not to give it a second thought that she did the right thing and Ryan can keep the money. Bianca said she looks in the mirror sometimes and doesn't know who she is anymore, that everything has changed. Kendall told her that she was strong. Bianca turned to face Kendall and told her that the day that she walked into the clinic she helped her make a hard decision. She said to Kendall "you told me that you loved me and I didn't say anything in return." Kendall told her that it was okay....Bianca said "I want you to know that I love you too." Kendall teared.

At the police station in the interrogation room, Derek tried pushing for David or Erica to admit to murdering Michael. Derek told them that ballistic reports show that David's gun was the type of gun used to kill Michael. Derek said that there were two sets of prints on the gun. David's and then he walked to his crime scene board and wrote the name of the second person, when he moved it said Erica Kane. David intervened and said that Erica had come to him frightened that Michael was going to come after her so he took her and his gun to a target practice so that she could learn to use a gun. Derek asked "and you didn't clean the gun"? David replied "I didn't think I needed to." An officer walked in with the lab report on the chards of glass that Ryan had given to Derek earlier, handing the report to Derek. He said he had information that would have one of them arrested. Derek said that the glass had the unidentifiable chemical found in Michael's body. Then told an officer to place David under arrest. Jack the whole time was telling Derek that they better make sure they had everything covered because the last time an arrest had been made Michael was set free. The asst DA told Jack that what they had was enough to convict and Derek said that is the kind of support he needs. Jack told Derek to watch his step before he crossed the line. David told Derek that the so call unidentifiable chemical was a drug. Derek asked if he was admitting to murdering Michael. David said no. The drug I put in the canister was a chemical castration drug. Since the court system had failed he punished Michael the only way he knew how, someone had to. David said again he didn't murder anyone. Derek told the officer to book David but Erica said "no I can't let you go to jail to protect me." The asst DA asked Erica if she was admitting to killing Michael. She told him no that she went to Michael's condo because she was very angry and she saw David after he put the drug into the canister and they left because Michael wasn't home. When the were outside Michael did return, they mixed words but he was very much alive and she was with David way after Kendall said she married Michael in Vegas. Derek asked Erica how she knows David didn't return later to finish a job she interrupted. Then Jack started questioning Erica asking if she was claiming to be with David the whole night. Erica said yes, that she was upset and didn't want to be alone and that she and David were together all night...making love.

Tad met up with Simone at PVU. He was looking for Jamie while she was there with the new face of Fusion to pass out samples. When the Man of Fusion walked in he was surrounded by a few college girls signing autographs. Mia flagged for Simone's attention. Tad said that they needed to hire someone to be the Man of Fusion's body guard to escort him to all the places he needed to go. Aidan had asked Simone earlier if she had a chance to talk to Maggie to find out what she knows about the night Michael disappeared. When Mia saw Maggie she said to Tad and Simone she knows the perfect person. Tad told Simone that he'd see her later he had to hunt for Jamie. Mia talked to Maggie and got her to agree to be the body guard for Timothy. She introduced the two. A little later on outside Kendall's condo, Mia thanked Maggie for stopping by with her to check on Kendall. Maggie said no problem. Then Mia brought up Michael's case and said that it was a shame that no one saw what had happened. Maggie asked what she meant. Mia said well if someone saw something it could probably clear Kendall. She then said maybe someone saw something but didn't realize what they saw. Maggie started having a flashback of watching two people carry what looked like a body out of Michael's condo. Mia asked Maggie what was wrong then asked if she knew something, telling her that if she did know something she should tell someone because it could blow the case wide open.

Greenlee knocked on Juan Pablo door. Juan Pablo said it's about time when he opened the door to find Greenlee. She stumbled on her words, trying to find the right words to say. She told Juan Pablo that she was sorry for her behavior and she did something and hoped that it wouldn't be too late. He asked what did she do. She showed him her finger. He said "you removed Leo's ring." She said yes because she let it be a cushion she could fall back on. She sat down on the couch and he sat with her. He told her that she didn't have to do that for him. She said she did, Leo would always be a part of her. She said she had to because she was falling in love with him. Juan Pablo kissed her and said that those were the most beautiful words that came from her lips. She told him that she meant it. He said that he would never forget her or her words. She asked why he was talking past tense when they were in the present and the future, kissing him again. A knock came to the door and it was a bell hop bringing Juan Pablo his final bill and telling him that his limo was waiting for him. Greenlee asked what was going on. Juan Pablo told her that he was restless and that she was getting too serious. She asked what him what he was talking about, was nothing they had felt real. He walked over to his bag and pulled out a necklace and handed it to her telling her that he wanted her to have it because the sparkles of the diamonds reminded him of her. She threw the necklace at him telling him that she wasn't her mother that he could go to hell and stormed out of the room running into Carlos. Carlos asked Juan Pablo if he told Greenlee what was happening. Juan Pablo told him no that he lied to her and broke her heart. He told Carlos where to meet him and Carlos left. Tad walked in as Carlos was leaving. Tad told Juan Pablo he knew what he was doing was hard but there were a lot of innocent people to protect. Juan Pablo asked Tad to especially watch out for Greenlee because they had been seen together everywhere. Tad said he would. Juan Pablo said that when he leaves he could tell Greenlee. Tad said that he'd let Greenlee know how much he cares for her. Juan Pablo said no that if he gets killed he doesn't want to be another person Greenlee mourns adding that if he survives he'll come back and tell Greenlee how he feels about her. Tad told Juan Pablo that he was wrong about him. Juan Pablo took that as a compliment and they shook hands.

Later on in an alley, Carlos was waiting for Juan Pablo with bags in his hands. Greenlee runs up to him and asks him what was really going on. Carlos told her she should be there...headlights turned toward them and a car came screeching at them, Carlos pushing Greenlee and himself out of the way!

Friday, October 17, 2003

The china plates are set, the wine glasses are ready to be filled, the elegant dinner about to be placed on the table, and Adam is more than eager than hear JR's news. When JR thanks his dad for the lovely set-up, Adam says that it was no problem and he was just happy to have his son home. Adam continues to bug JR for any small bit of information he can get, but JR refuses to give him any hints. The guests begin to arrive and the usual bickering starts. In fact, Marian is the only one who seems happy to see Mary and compliments the decorative table set-up. When Liza walks in, Mary acts as though she feels strange playing host to Liza. Obviously not believing her, Liza says, "No you don't." When JR asks about Colby, Liza says she will be joining them later after some much needed sleep. Tad wonders over to the dinner table and when he sees his name tag close to Mary's, he sweeps them around. Brooke comes over after Tad has made the switch, and starts pestering him about Jamie's whereabouts the night before. Tad doesn't seem concerned and points out that they both know what Jamie was up to last night. Brooke doesn't want to accept that though. She eyes the table and isn't pleased to see Mary's name tag next to her either, so she pulls a quick Tad switch-up! Jamie brags to JR about his late night adventure with a beautiful girl. JR seems happy for him. Mary doesn't seem to be a favorite for her guests because Ruth and Joe Martin switch the name tag so Jamie doesn't have to sit next to her. Mary announces that the first course is about to be served so everyone takes their seats. When Mary realizes that the table order has been switched, she seems distraught and Adam asks if there is a problem. Mary tells him no and she takes her seat at the end of the table, right across from Opal. Palmer makes a toast to Adam and Opal tells him to stop acting as though they are friends. She brings up the Michael Cambias connection that Adam and Palmer seem to have. Adam quickly changes the subject and pesters JR about his news. JR says he can't announce anything until Stuart arrives. A waiter brings over a big bowl of salad and accidentally spills it on his lap. Adam gets up quickly to yell at the waiter, but grabs his arm in pain. Palmer, seeming concerned, tells Adam he should have gone to the hospital "that night." When Tad asks what particular night Palmer means, Palmer makes up a story about them fighting over a girl a long time ago. Palmer gloats by saying he really beat Adam up. Liza remarks that she doesn't recall an old injury. Joe gets a page and leaves the dinner.

Liza announces to everyone that Ryan has offered her a job to run Chandler Enterprises and she is thinking of accepting the offer. Adam is shocked and claims that Liza would only accept the offer to score something more than a job with Ryan. Offended by his rude remark, she gets up to leave, but decides to stay after JR asks her to. Stuart shows up, just another mystery guest seems to also. JR decides to make his announcement. He says that he wants to introduce everyone to someone special in his life. In comes, Babe, JR's new love, and Jamie's recent one-night stand! When JR introduces Babe to Adam, she is very friendly and Adam asks what her last night is. That is when the news comes that turns the dinner cold: Babe is JR's new wife!

In this opening scene, you see Greenlee sprawled out on the ground, unconscious and a car smashed into a fence. Ryan walks in and finds Greenlee. He goes to check her pulse and realizes it's not very strong. Juan Pablo shows up and rushes over to Ryan's side. Ryan tells him to talk to her and he calls 911. Suddenly, an old man wobbles out of the driver's seat of the wrecked car. Ryan rushes over to steady him and the old man blurts out, "I didn't want to hurt them." When Juan Pablo hears that Greenlee was not the only victim, he questions the old man about the other victim. Realizing it is Carlos, Juan Pablo goes to the front end of the car and sees that he trapped underneath. Ryan lets the man sit on the sidewalk and goes back to Greenlee. He tells her that help is on the way. The ambulance shows up with Maria close behind. The paramedics recover Carlos and wheel both he and Greenlee into the ambulance.

Jackson shows up at the hospital, immediately questioning Joe about Greenlee's condition. It doesn't looks good for her. She is in the critical condition with a collapsed lung, broken arm, and possible head injury. Ryan explains to Jackson that a man lost control of his car and hit her and Carlos. After Greenlee is stabilized, Ryan and Jackson walk in the room to see her. Joe tells them that she has a concussion and possible brain swelling. If she doesn't awake in the next six hours, she will have to go into surgery. Jackson sits by her bedside, holds her hands, and tells her to wake up for him.

David and Erica return to her home. Erica asks David if he was upset about her story that saved him. David is appreciative of her efforts, but tells her that she shouldn't cover for him anymore because he is guilty.

Mia asks Maggie again if she saw anything the night Michael disappeared. Maggie says she saw nothing and Kendall shows up. Kendall realizes that Mia's sudden attachment to Maggie is another one of Aidan's tricks to find out how she is involved in Michael's murder. Mia admits it is true and apologies to Maggie, but tells Kendall that she is only trying to be her friend. Kendall snaps at her and tells her if she wants to be her friend, she should back off. When Kendall bends down to pick up Michael's mail and seems frustrated it's there, Maggie has a flashback. She remembers seeing the two figures dressed in black carrying something heavy out of Michael's condo. Then she remembers hearing Kendall's voice say, "Pick it up." After Kendall stands up, she sees the horrified look on Maggie's face and asks what's wrong. Maggie whispers, "Oh my God, it was you." Kendall tells her to specify what she means. Maggie hesitates but tells her that she saw her there the night Michael disappeared. Aidan comes up and Kendall tells Maggie to reveal to Aidan what she knows. Maggie tells Aidan that she saw Kendall and someone else dragging something heavy out of Michael's door the night he disappeared. When Kendall asks Maggie who she was with, Maggie says she doesn't know. Kendall explains that she was with Michael that night and they were dragging a heavy bag filled with money and their belongings out of his house. Maggie acts as though she believes Kendall and Aidan apologizes for tricking her. They hug and then Maggie leaves. Aidan seems suspicious about Kendall's story and tells her that she will never stop lying to him about what happened. Kendall tries to push Aidan away by telling him that he will never understand why she has to lie to him, even though she hates it. Aidan proclaims his love to her and this time, she is honest with him. She tells him that she loves him too. They seal their new love with a kiss.

Jackson is stunned from Erica's revelation. He asks her to repeat herself. She repeats what she said the first time-she and David made love the night Michael Cambias disappeared. Derek Frye is skeptical of her story and finds it very convenient that she made it up so quickly. When Derek asks David to confirm her story, they share a kiss. Derek claims the kiss proves nothing. Erica admits that she wanted to keep their affair a secret, but had to tell the truth to prove David did not kill Michael. She adds that they turned to each other because of their shared similar losses. Jackson explodes and tries to attack David, but is held back by Derek and Justin, the assistant district attorney. Jackson is more than ready to hull David to jail and tells Derek to go ahead and arrest him. The tables turn-Derek says he can't arrest David now because he has an alibi and the arrest would not hold up in court. Erica cuts in and tells Jackson he has no right to be mad because they aren't married and he never cared about her. Jackson is blown away by her comment and says that is not true. Erica comes back and says that David never left her at the altar. Jackson tells David that since Michael is dead and they don't know if the chemical worked, David should swallow some himself. He commands that everyone get out of the office. Once alone, Jackson congratulates Erica and David for giving "one hell of a save." Erica and David act as though they don't know what he means. Jackson says that only strangers would buy into their act and know they didn't make love. Justin walks in and tells Jackson he has a phone call. He picks up and Ryan tells him about Greenlee's accident.



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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