One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 13, 2003 on OLTL

Jen suffered a miscarriage. Marcie and Gabrielle received a visit from Al's spirit. Cristian and Natalie were married. R.J. and Antonio arrived at a decision regarding Jamie. Blair was spooked when Addie painted a picture of Walker and included Todd's scar.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 13, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, October 13

Blair calls the phone number in Las Vegas and assumes she's talking to Walker when Flynn answers the phone. Blair is furious when she believes Walker has been lying to her. Blair is confused when Kevin tells her he saw Walker at the airport and makes plans to go to Las Vegas. Walker brings Addie to Llanview as a surprise for Blair.

R.J. tells Nora that he will clear Antonio of the murder charge in exchange for complete immunity from prosecution for any wrongdoing on his part. Nora is astounded when Daniel refuses to give R.J. immunity and realizes Daniel wants to convict both R.J. and Antonio. Flash tells Nora how Daniel once covered up his drunk driving conviction. Nora reveals to Daniel that she knows about his concealed conviction. Daniel agrees to grant R.J. immunity and drops the charges against Antonio. R.J. gives Antonio a letter from Keri.

Rex comforts Jen after she suffers a miscarriage. Jen is determined to never let Joey know she was pregnant, but confesses the truth to Marcie.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Jessica tells Natalie and Viki that the charges against Antonio have been dropped. Natalie decides to have a simple wedding with Cristian, but Jessica and Viki have other ideas and plan to give Natalie her dream wedding. Natalie is unnerved by John's veiled threat when she tells him she will be arriving a day late for the pool tournament in Las Vegas.

R.J. and Antonio come to an understanding over Jamie's custody and each man agrees that they should both be a part of Jamie's life. Nora informs Daniel she never would have used his DWI conviction against him.

Asa and Renee admit they've been stalling about setting a wedding date because of their hope that Ben will wake up. Max urges Gabrielle not to punish herself by throwing away her happiness with Bo. Marcie is visited by Al's spirit and later finds a new photograph of them together in her scrapbook. Nigel and Roxy give River money to go to Puerto Rico to find Adriana.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

At the Palace, several people begin to congregate as they get ready to attend the benefit. Natalie insists that she wants to do the tournament and is ok with the fact that she's not having her dream wedding. David runs into a curt Viki who declines his offer to buy Victor's paintings. She also tells him that it's possible that Todd will return. She promises Nat and Cris that their wedding will go on just fine but feels badly that Clint is unable to be there. Bo sees Max and learns that Gabrielle also refused to attend the affair with her ex. He expresses concern due to the fact that she's moved out of his place and into the hotel, refusing to see him. Max believes she's at the diner and suggests that Bo find her. David is happy to see Lindsay and Viki is thrilled to meet up with the governor, Harrison. They both admit to being nervous, especially about dancing, and Harrison suggests they practice with the piano player in the lounge area, before moving on.

At the diner, River searches for Carlotta but when Gabby sees him wearing Al's Voice of the Night jacket, she insanely tries to rip it from him. He tries to explain to the hysterical woman unsuccessfully until she manages to hear him utter that he was the one who organized the candle vigil for her son. She comes to, apologizes profusely, and returns the jacket. River explains that he idolized Al and insists that she keep the jacket. Bo finds Gabby crying over the jacket and talks to her calmly and quietly. He invites her to the benefit but she doesn't want to be in public. She refuses his offer to go elsewhere and dashes off. Max shows up and learns what happened. Bo decides he'd better head back to the benefit, being the police commissioner.

Dorian and Carlotta discuss Adriana not being safe in Llanview and her relationship with River. Carlotta is worried that someone will find out but Dorian assures her that it's a family matter and everything will work out for the best. When River returns home and finds the women together, he tells them that he'll locate Adriana and that he's leaving for Puerto Rico. Once Carlotta is gone, Dorian tells him that Adriana is elsewhere and that she's doing what she is because she loves him. She tells him they will be in danger if they're together but hastily covers up by saying they're too young, have their whole lives, etc. She invites him to the benefit with her so that he can be free for an evening but he tells her that he won't go anywhere with her, ever.

Starr firmly requests that her grandmother not discuss Walker and Todd in the same breath, even though Addy believes them to be one and the same. Please don't call Walker Todd, she pleads.

John McBain pays a visit to Flynn in Las Vegas, assuring him that all is set for the tournament. He put the fear of God into Natalie, he reports. When Walker calls Flynn, he's cut off before he can warn him that Blair is on her way to see him. It's too late, as she comes bursting through the door, demanding to know why Walker has lied to her. Flynn tries to calm her down as she recognizes McBain also. She goes off on Flynn as John manages to leave. She calls her engagement off as a sarcastic Flynn seems happy, acting as if they were strangers almost. Finally, as he admits that he really doesn't know her, Blair becomes more confused when Walker shows up. At last he has to introduce her to his twin brother, he announces. The story that he told her previously about his secret life was really about him. He has dangerous enemies and didn't want to jeopardize Blair's life, he continues. They only wanted to protect her. Going on, he says that he just wants her to come home with him and get married. She apologizes to Flynn for barging in. As they turn to leave, Flynn holds out his arms for a hug from Walker. He whispers in Walker's ear, "This is going to cost you..." He later complains to John and suggests that he never sell his face, even if he needs money. When asked about the redhead, McBain states that he doesn't want her hurt.

While doing Kelly's hair, Roxy offers to listen to her woes but Kelly insists she's fine. Ron Walsh arrives to get the keys to his apartment and Roxy introduces the pair. River returns Roxy's share of the air fare and agrees to go to Ultraviolet with her.

David excitedly tells Lindsay about the new signs he ordered for her art gallery that include his name. They bicker over this as nearby Viki dances with Harrison. When Dorian walks in and sees the likes of both couples, she can only glare. She expresses her displeasure to a recently arrived Kelly. She's outraged over Viki's display while her husband is in a coma and can't believe how David is taking advantage of Lindsay, newly out of a mental hospital. Kelly mentions that she's seen them together previously.

Max locates Gabby in Al's packed up apartment. She just cries as he holds her. She just can't seem to let go and is afraid she'll fall. He won't let her fall, he consoles her.

At the diner, Cris chats with his mother; he can't believe that Adriana is gone. Nat thinks back to her conversation with John and his threat to do as he says.

Walker gets Blair home with her eyes covered. She's shocked and surprised to see Starr and Addy waiting for her. Addy repeats her promise to Starr not to say that Walker is Todd. Blair can only sputter, "Mama?"

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Kevin informs Walker that he fired the intern he placed in his office to spy on him, while Blair eavesdrops. Left uneasy by the confrontation, Blair is even more unsettled with Addie paints a picture of Walker and includes Todd's scar. When Starr fakes a nightmare that Walker has disappeared, Blair agrees to marry him quickly to pacify her daughter.

R.J. offers to watch Jamie when Antonio's babysitter cancels at the last minute. As he's leaving, he runs into Daniel, who takes a table with Riley. When he asks if Riley told anyone about his DUI, he realizes that Flash told Nora their family secret.

Roxy prepares a party for Natalie, while Carlotta prepares a rehearsal dinner. Natalie warns John not to threaten her again, to make peace he offers the couple first class tickets and a honeymoon suite in Las Vegas. Later, the men and women separate for their respective parties.

Evangeline offers Antonio a job as a PI with her law firm, which he accepts. Later, she finds R.J. at the Diner and they make amends.

Friday, October 17, 2003

As Natalie prepares for her wedding, she drops a mirror and is shaken by the implications. At the church, Max confesses to Nora that he is considering leaving town. As the wedding begins, Natalie is surprised when Clint shows up to walk her down the aisle.

Dorian is furious when she sees an announcement for Cristian's wedding and realizes that she wasn't invited. At the reception, Dorian makes a point of confronting Viki. Later, she vows to fight for the Governor's attention.

While waiting for Natalie in Las Vegas, Flynn informs John that Natalie has to throw the competition by losing the final round of the tournament. When John warns that she won't go along with that, Flynn reminds John that her life is on the line.

When Blair and Walker realize that they don't have any rings for their wedding, Addie offers to make them. As Blair gets her mother the materials needed, she finds Victor Lord's ring in the desk drawer. Covering for her dad, Starr says that Viki gave it to her to remind her of Todd. When the Justice of the Peace arrives, the wedding begins, but Blair calls it off before he can pronounce them husband and wife. After the couple decides to postpone the wedding instead of canceling, Flynn calls Walker to demand that he bring him $500,000 or he will tell Blair that he is really Todd.

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