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Passions Recaps: The week of October 20, 2003 on PS
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Monday, October 20, 2003

Liz sees a golden opportunity to get Julian to turn against Eve. She sees Eve on the nightly newscast in Julian's arms as he tries to comfort her. Eve is momentarily stunned and then gets a bright idea. She goes out of her way to get TC to look at the screen and see the action for himself. However, TC misses the scene, so Liz suggests that they go to the hospital to be with their friends. There, Liz sees Julian and Eve in an embrace. She rushes to TC and informs him that there's something he has to see.

Ethan and Gwen must say a painful good-bye to their daughter. Ethan is guilt-ridden and horrified that his actions set in motion the death of his child and the near death of his wife. He offers Gwen an emotional and heartfelt apology, but Gwen is too stunned and in grief to give him a pass on his actions. Gwen wants to have the baby baptized. Whitney, Chad and Fox stand by their friends while a distraught Theresa can only look on.

Sheridan becomes more upset and worried with every passing minute with knowing where the kidnappers have taken her baby. Pilar reaches out to Sheridan, and tries to calm her fears, assuring her that everything will be okay. Beth works to keep "her" baby's DNA from being tested. Luis finally decides that a DNA sample isn't necessary. Precious tries to lead Luis into the basement, but Beth convinces Luis that he doesn't need to check. Luis leaves to visit Sheridan, who thinks she'll go insane if her baby isn't found soon. Meanwhile, Chad asks Fox to put in a good word with Whitney on his behalf.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Eve and Julian share a special moment from their past as Julian blames himself for abandoning Eve and their baby years ago. Eve doesn't want Julian to beat himself up about it. She urges Julian to forgive himself. Julian makes a vow to Eve that he will move heaven and earth to find their son.

Liz fails to get TC to see the television clinch between Eve and Julian, and comes up with a new plan. She rushes TC out the door and to the location where Eve and Julian are together. This way, she hopes TC catches Eve and Julian in a compromising position. Liz is disappointed when TC arrives too late. Liz next tries to raise TC's suspicions about Julian's frequent proximity to Eve, but Julian covers by saying he's at the hospital to see Sheridan. TC tells Eve that he wants to put their family back together, and that he knows he has to start off by apologizing to Chad and Whitney for judging Chad and their relationship so harshly. Eve suggests that they start by calling Whitney.

In Los Angeles, Whitney lashes out at Chad, while Latoya plots an attack. When Whitney goes outside, Latoya trains a gun on Whitney and waits for a moment when Chad's not looking. Chad answers Whitney's cell phone, and TC begins his apology. Chad tries to explain that it's not a good time to talk. TC hears a gunshot ring out on Chad's end.

Gwen goes into a frenzy and refuses to accept the fact that her daughter is dead. She won't let go of her baby, and continues to lash out at Ethan, blaming him for the baby's death. When she sees Theresa, Gwen screams that she wants Theresa dead! Theresa's instincts are to go to Ethan, but Fox gets her away from the scene in a hurry. Theresa thinks fate has freed Ethan to be with her again.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Pilar and Hank try to convince Luis not to tell Antonio the truth, as now Luis has to cover and explain why he called Sheridan's baby "their baby." Luis desperately wants Sheridan to wake up and remember something that will help him find the baby. Sheridan stirs and mumbles in her sleep - and Luis is convinced she's remembering...

As Luis continuously tries to wake Sheridan - Antonio gets upset. Finally Antonio says it's his wife, and Luis should leave her alone! Pilar agrees with Antonio and pleads with Luis to let Sheridan get her rest. Meanwhile, back at Beth's, an unwanted visitor comes to the house, and its none other than Charlie!!! Charlie goes on and on about "Bethie and me and the baby makes three!" and rushes out to the car, her jacket loaded with diapers. Beth plots to kill Charlie right then and there, much to her mother's horror! At the hospital in L.A., Ethan sits with Gwen as she sleeps. Teresa and Fox are talking about fate, when all of a sudden Teresa realizes as tragic as it is, fate has removed all obstacles standing in her and Ethan's way!!! Fox reminds her that Ethan and Gwen may grow closer out of all of this, and Teresa is confident Gwen will want nothing to do with Ethan.

TC calls Whitney's cell phone, and Chad answers. As TC tries to apologize for his behavior, a gunshot is heard. Chad runs toward the sound to find Whitney, shot!

Security guards rush to find a doctor after seeing the shooting on security cameras, and Ethan overhears that a woman was shot. Instantly Ethan worries of Teresa, and runs off to find her. He finds her and Fox, and Fox questions the guards as to a description of the woman that was shot. Fox's worst fears are confirmed as he realizes its Whitney!!! Chad, Fox, Ethan and Teresa anxiously wait outside Whitney's room to find out how she is.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Sheridan is weak and terrorized from her ordeal, but puts on a steely determination to help the police catch her kidnappers and bring her baby back safely to her. She begins to remember what her kidnapper looked like. Meanwhile, Beth plots another murder, and Charlie goes ballistic when she overhears a little too much of the plan.

Whitney is rushed to the emergency room and doctors work feverishly to save her life. The doctor comes out to the family and says that Whitney's condition is serious even though she survived the initial shooting. All are horrified except Latoya who waits for word, and is overjoyed that Whitney's life is hanging by a thread.

Any thought of a kinder gentler TC goes out the window as a result of Whitney's shooting. He verbally attacks Eve for letting Whitney go to Los Angeles. This gets Julian upset and he steps in to defend Eve's actions. Liz is loving every minute of this. Even Whitney's medical crisis doesn't dampen her enthusiasm for the potential break up of Eve and TC.

Friday, October 24, 2003

As the show starts, we see Tabitha and baby Endora dressed as witches, with Tabitha testing the baby's witchcraft skills. Endora lifts and "floats" her bottle and the table. Tabitha couldn't be prouder. T.C. is continuously blaming Eve for giving Whitney her blessing to go to L.A. to be shot. As Julian stuck

up for Eve's behalf yesterday, Rebecca wants to know exactly who Julian is in love with. Fox sits by Whitney's beside, hoping and praying for the best. She's out of the danger of the bullet wound, but is still in a serious situation. Whitney wakes up, and looks around her, is glad to see Fox, but wonders where Chad is. Teresa and Ethan come in later, and Whitney stresses that she thinks she's lost Chad to Latoya forever. Ethan tries to reassure her, but it's to no avail. She's not convinced. Meanwhile, Chad confronts Latoya, choking her and slamming her against the wall, she gasps for breath and says she loves Chad and she didn't shoot Whitney. Chad asks her where the gun is, and somehow they end up with Latoya sweet-talking Chad and they kiss.

Sheridan, with Luis by her side, is sleeping. She's dreaming of delivering her baby. She wakes and tells Luis and Pilar that she remembers delivering the baby. Luis asks her if she can see the face, and she can, but she doesn't know who the woman is. Hank comes in with the sketch of the woman on the wharf, and at first Luis doesn't want Sheridan to see it because of the Doctor's warning. Sheridan insists on seeing the sketch, in case there's any chance she can help save her baby. She identifies Charlie as the kidnapper.

During all of this, Charlie overhears Beth and Mrs. Wallace discussing Beth's love for Luis. Charlie freaks out and starts threatening to kill them all, chasing them around with a knife. Eventually, Charlie ends up with a knife at Beth's throat, demanding Beth and the baby leave with Charlie right then.

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