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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 14, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, January 14, 2002

In the police interrogation room, Jake pressures Molly to start to defend herself. He believes Molly is "holding back" information that could help acquit her. Molly says she is "just trying to hold it together." She sticks with her original story that she killed Nick. Period. Molly tells Jake that he must try to convince Abigail she had nothing to do with Nick's death.

Abigail is sitting alone in Al's diner, when sultry Brandy sits down in front of her. Brandy tries to pump Abigail for information regarding the case, and hopes aloud that she won't be called to testify against Nick. A mortified Abigail yells, "Since when did all this become about you?!" Brandy is worried that if she gets called to testify, she might not get in to NYU film school. Adam walks in and stands back to listen to part of the conversation. As Brandy gets up to leave, Adam comes up and tells her to stick around because he wants to catch up. "You got in the way of me and the woman I love! If you ever see Abigail and me around town again, cross the street and walk in the other direction!" A soiled Brandy walks out of the diner. Later, Abigail wonders if Brandy might be involved with Nick's murder. Adam immediately says, "No." Abigail still tries to piece the past together and asks, "How can you be so sure?" Adam reminds her of his version on the past, and how he found her wandering the street a few blocks away from Nick's apartment. Just then, Abigail says she remembers something. She doesn't think Adam found her on the street. She thinks she remembers Adam in the room. Abigail leaves Adam and walks home alone so she can try to figure things out. Adam looks very worried.

The man with the crowbar approaching Barbara in the Fairwinds gazebo turns out to be the limo driver who took Carly, Emily, and Rose to the mountain top resort. He heard Babs screaming out for James, and he demands to know where Stenbeck is. Barbara feigns knowing nothing about James and tries to send the limo driver on his way. After introducing himself as Phil, an out of work actor James hired, he tells Barbara that he doesn't buy her story. He tailed James back to Fairwinds one night. Phil has had enough of Barbara's games and threatens to go to the "cop shop" and spill all he knows about James and his plan if James doesn't materialize soon.. Barbara warns Phil how ruthless and dangerous James Stenbeck is, but it doesn't scare Phil. As he turns to leave, Babs jumps on his back and starts to wail and scream. They fall to the ground. Just then, Paul comes in, hears his mother screaming, and lifts her off the man. Phil stands up, and Paul knocks him down with one punch in the face. Quick-thinking Barbara says, "I don't know what he wanted, but I think he tried to kill me!" Paul calls the cops and while he's on the phone, Phil wakes up and groggily asks who Paul is. Barbara says that Paul is "Paul Ryan Stenbeck." (With the emphasis on the Stenbeck.) Phil thinks better of confronting Paul, then turns and runs. Paul begins to go after him, but Barbara grabs his arm and pleads with him not to leave her side.

Jack stops by Carly's place to search for clues. When he is near the kitchen table, he hears a thump from the bedroom. He draws his gun and announces the police are there, and to come out with hands up. Craig comes out with a smirk. Both men agree to work together on this still unofficial investigation, because the common goal is to bring Carly home safely. Jack shows Craig Carly's postcard and Craig thinks it's a solid lead that Simon will be able to track down on his trip to Paris. Jack says he'll get someone in Paris for Simon to contact when he arrives. Jack then takes off for the station.

A sane Rose discovers a drugged Emily at the mountain spa. Emily seems just as happy as Carly to sit back, relax, and have all her troubles pampered away. Neither Carly nor Emily seem to care about Parker or Daniel, or the rest of Oakdale. Rose presses Emily and Carly to try to remember how they got there. Both remember a limo ride, and then waking up in a sea of mist. Rose asks if they are worried about their loved ones back home, but Emily says someone at the spa contacted all their families, and said everything was alright. Rose tells Carly and Emily that she remembers that James drugged her, and stuffed her in the limo, and that he is probably behind everything. Carly and Emily burst out in drugged laughter. A spa attendant, Hilda, comes in with the afternoon tea and strawberries. Rose asks Hilda if she knows the name James Stenbeck. Hilda's smile turns sour and two buffed spa boys come over and take Rose to the back room for a treatment.

Jack is diverted to Fairwinds and meets Paul in the gazebo. Paul catches Jack up on what Barbara just went through. Jack asks where Barbara is, and he says she went to the house to rest. Jack gets the "vitals" from Paul...height, weight, approximate age, etc., when Paul also volunteers the attacker's name. "Phil." Jack thinks it's odd that the attacker wanted to kill Barbara, but bothered to stop and tell her his name. Just then, Jack's cell phone rings. The station is calling. Jack tells Paul that some guy named Phil is on the phone and wants to talk.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Barbara's so-called attacker Phil telephones Jack and begs to meet with him at the old mill. Before Jack leaves, he suggests Paul question Barbara further about the attack. When Jack arrives, he finds a dead Phil and calls Paul and Barbara, requesting that they meet him. When they both arrive, Jack observes Barbara's response to the body, and then promises to find out the real story behind Phil's death and his connection, if any, to Barbara.

Unsuccessful in his search for Emily, Hal returns to Margo's news that she suspects Adam is hiding information about Nick's death. Her suspicions are confirmed when lab reports verify that Adam's fingerprint was on the key dropped at the crime scene. Margo and Hal question Adam, who provides a reasonable explanation, but his parents still are not convinced.

Adam objects to the idea of Abigail seeking professional advice to help in recovering her memory, warning her that what she uncovers might incriminate Molly. Abigail's agrees with Adam, until she has a dream that convinces her she saw Nick die.

Lucy helps Katie cover when Simon catches her trying to generate business for her aerobics class. Later, Katie introduces Dahlia as her workout partner to a very suspicious Simon.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Hal returns to town and finds Jack at the crime scene where Phil was found drowned. Jack tries to tie the death of the actor from Chicago to Barbara and then to James but Hal is doubtful. Showing him the postcard from Carly and explaining Barbara's reluctance to tell him about it, Jack warns Hal that he will come down hard on Barbara should things point in her direction. Barbara manages to berate Paul to the point where he admits that he believes that she told him about the attack earlier. Hal's touched when he finds Barbara taking care of Will. Barbara makes Hal his favorite breakfast and Hal tells Barbara how natural she looks there. When Barbara decides to go and pack to return to Fairwinds, Hal stops her.

Ben and Jessica decide to tell their families about their dating but before they can, Isaac complains to Ben about his growing feelings for Bonnie while Bonnie seeks help from her mother saving her from Isaac. Jessica asks her daughter what's so awful about falling in love with Isaac and encourages her to have fun with him. Ben offers his brother similar advice and sends him back to Bonnie where he invites her out to dinner.

Paul confronts Jack and insists that he stop pressuring his mother with questions. Jack ignores him which makes Paul begin to wonder if Barbara might know anything about Rose's disappearance since Paul through Carly missing in his face..

Tom takes Daniel to meet Margo at the stations so Margo can watch him. Tom has also decided that not telling Daniel the truth about Emily is only going to hurt him so he fills Margo in on his idea. Having heard nothing from Emily in days and realizing how difficult their schedule has been since she disappeared, Tom talks with Margo about filing for sole custody of Daniel but first having her declared an unfit mother. He then worries about how Hal will handle it, but Margo tries to reassure him that Hal may not be as upset as he thinks.

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Hal encourages Barbara to remain in their house. Misinterpreting his meaning, Barbara is stunned when Hal says that he and Emily will find another place to live when Emily returns home. Barbara swears to herself that will never happen. Later, Jennifer is surprised to come home and find her mother there.

Craig and Jack attempt to cooperate in the search for Carly. When Craig learns that James and Barbara could be involved, Jack has to stop him from questioning Barbara.

Simon leaves for Paris, still suspicious as to what Katie has up her sleeve. Katie learns from Kim that Dahlia has been researching her work as far back as August and confronts Dahlia as to why she lied when they first met.

Billy tells Lucy the truth about the night of Bryant's death when she confronts him. Billy insists that their affair is over and that Jennifer may never come home.

Adam and Molly are stunned to learn that Abigail remembers seeing Nick die. Tom and Jake come up with a plan to force Molly to tell the truth: to have Abigail testify. Molly insists they can't do this, but Jake and Abigail refuse to listen. As Abigail tells Jake she wants to seek professional help, Adam and Molly share a secretive moment.

Friday, January 18, 2002


Adam is getting ready to leave from visiting Molly and his parents open the door and say that they need to talk to him. As he leaves the room with his parents, Molly says to herself, "Don't let them scare you, Adam." Outside the room, Adam's parents tell him that they think he may be leaving something out of his statement and they want him to take a lie detector test. Adam tells them that he will not take the test. He starts to walk out and Hal grabs him and says that the test will happen. Adam has a fit and says that he is tired of everyone pulling him in their direction and he just wants to do what he thinks is best. Hal asks who is pulling him in their direction and he wonders if people are trying to sway him. He says no and quickly covers. He says that he thinks for himself. Margo explains that the polygraph test is designed to protect him and once it is done, they can go on with their investigation and he won't have to be a part of it. Adam looks at his parents and asks if he passes the test will they leave him and Abigail alone. Hal tells him that he can't make any promises but they probably won't have to question him again. Adam says that he will take it under one condition. Hal says that he will not let Adam dictate how this investigation is going to go. Margo tells Hal to let Adam finish with what he was saying. Adam tells them that he wants his own lawyer to sit with him while he takes the test and if the lawyer says that he can't answer a question, then he won't answer the question. Hal tells him that he thinks it is a good idea for Adam to have representation, but there are questions that need to be answered in this investigation. Adam looks at his father and says that he given them his condition and when they are ready to meet them, let him know. Adam walks out and Margo says that at least he agreed to take the test and that should tell them something. Hal says that he agreed only because he knew he couldn't get out of it and he has tied their hands. Margo tells Hal that she wants the test set up right away. She wants to find out that their son has not been lying to them. Hal agrees.


Jennifer runs in the door yelling for her father. She sees Barbara there and Barbara walks up to her and hugs her daughter. Jennifer is in shock to see her mother there. Barbara tells her how beautiful she is and how much she has missed her. Jennifer wants to know why her mother is there. Barbara says that she there to take care of them, her family. Jennifer says that things have changed since she has been gone. Barbara tells her that Emily tried to abduct Daniel and then when she got caught she left a note for Hal and left town. Barbara tells her that their family is just starting to come together and she wants Jennifer to be there to be a part of it. Jennifer informs her mother that she won't be in Oakdale long; she is only there for a visit. Barbara tells her daughter that she is there standing by Hal and she thinks Jennifer should be there too. Jennifer tells her that that is a selfish thing to ask. Barbara implores her daughter to stay for her dad. Jennifer picks up her luggage and starts upstairs. Barbara tells her that she knows her better than she knows herself. Jennifer turns back to her mother. Barbara says that she knows that Bryant was her first love and she has lost him tragically and that is why she doesn't want to be in Oakdale. She adds that it reminds her of him. Jennifer starts to laugh. Barbara asks her why is she laughing. Jennifer says that her mother knows very little about her life. She tells her that she was sleeping with Bryant's cousin Billy. She adds that Bryant had seen them together the night that he died. Barbara says that she had no idea. Jennifer says that she didn't know because she was too busy planning her next big move, slashing dresses at the fashion show. She starts upstairs again and Barbara says that she had recently seen Billy and that is a good reason for her to stay in Oakdale. Jennifer walks back up to her mother and says that it is for her (Jennifer) to decide. Barbara insists that there is plenty for her in Oakdale, her family and Billy. Jennifer yells at her mother and tells her to get off it. She says that this isn't about family. Barbara yells back that she is not going to ruin this for her. She adds that she has no idea what is at stake here. Will walks in and Jennifer hugs her brother and is glad to see him. Barbara and her daughter stop fighting for the moment. Jennifer and Will get caught up and Will asks Jennifer if she wants to come upstairs and see his computer. She says sure, but before they leave, Hal walks in. He sees his daughter and looks at her. He asks, "Do I know you?" Will says, "It Jennifer, dad." Hal says that he can see that. He starts to smile and tells his daughter it is good to see her. She says that she has missed him so much and she runs into his arms. Barbara watches them.


Billy tells Lucy about he and Jennifer. He explains that he feels responsible for Bryant's accident because he had found out about he and Jennifer and then left in his car and that is when the accident happened. She asks him why he stayed in Oakdale when Jennifer left to go be a model. Billy tells her that he is in love with Jennifer and he is waiting for he to come back. Lucy gets upset with Billy when he tells her that she can't understand love because she is so young and she hasn't had a love in her life yet. Lucy starts to leave and Billy wants to drive her. She says that she will walk. Billy says that he doesn't want to lose her too. She says that she needs some time alone to think and she runs out. Billy yells for her to come back but she doesn't. He waits a few seconds, and then he runs after her.

Katie confronts Dahlia about looking at her tapes before she said she did. She glosses the whole thing over by telling Katie that she knew of her before and when she told the production company about the concept they like it. Katie tells her that she doesn't understand. She was a newsperson on WOAK, not an exercise guru. Dahlia says that this is the hook. You liked her on WOAK, now here is a whole other side to Katie's personality. Katie asks why Dahlia didn't just tell her that from the first. Dahlia tells her that it was wrong of her, but she didn't want to go through channels, she wanted it to happen right before their eyes. Katie accepts her explanation and signs the contract. After the contract is signed, Dahlia asks Katie if she has come up with a concept for the video. Katie tells her about looking at other videos on the market and realizing that the one thing they are missing is men. Dahlia agrees and tells her to go on. Katie says that at the beginning of the video it is her and some handsome, in shape men and they have sweat suits on. As the video goes on, the men take one piece of clothing off at a time until they are down to nothing but shorts. She adds that at the end of the tape all they have is she and a bunch of gorgeous, half naked men. Dahlia just looks at her. Katie says that she thinks she hates it. Dahlia says that she likes the idea. She then asks Katie if her husband will be one of the men. Katie says, "No way." She explains that this is her gig. Dahlia says that Katie and Simon don't do things like other people do. Katie tells her that she has a reputation of screwing things up. Dahlia tells her that those days are over and Katie Frazier is going to be a huge success and her husband just lost a bet. Katie thanks her for believing in her. She gathers her things and heads for the door. She turns to Dahlia and says, "You did say we were going to make millions, right?" Dahlia shakes her head and says, "Yesssss." Katie turns and bounces out of the room. When she gets into the hall, she can't find Billy or Lucy. She calls Billy on his cell phone. When he answers she asks where are he and Lucy. Billy explains that Lucy got upset with him and ran out. He tells her that he ran after her, but she got into a limo and it sped away. Katie says, "Thanks Billy! I was supposed to be watching her." She hangs up on Billy. She says, "Aahhh! Just when everything is going great...Craig is going to kill me."

Later, Billy is at Java Underground, working and Adam comes in. Adam asks Billy for some help. Billy asks, "Help with what?" Adam says, "Beating a lie detector test."


Emily is napping and she has a dream. In the dream, she thinks that she is with Hal. Then, she realizes that it is James. She screams. She jolts out of her sleep and gasps. Carly, in her glazed state, asks Emily if she is ok. Emily says that she needs to see Rose. A woman with an accent comes over to them and asks if they need anything. Emily says that she needs to see Rose. The woman snaps her fingers and two young, strong men come over to them. The lady tells the men to take Emily to see Rose. The men lead her out and she waves bye to Carly. Carly is still out of it. When they get to the aromatherapy room, Rose is asleep on the table. Emily tells the woman that she wanted to see Rose, awake. The woman tells her that she can sit and wait for her to wake up. The men sit Emily down on a bench against the wall. The woman tells the men to turn up the steam in the room. After they are gone, Rose opens one eye and then the other. She goes over to Emily and tells her to get on the floor. Emily asks why. Rose tells her that the mist rises and they need to stay away from it. Emily tells her that she likes the mist because it is so misty. Rose grabs her and puts her down on the floor. She tells her that she stuffed towels in the vents and she started to feel better. Emily tells her that she needed to see her about something and then she remembers, Stenbeck. She tells Rose about the dream that she had. Rose tells her that they need to escape and she has a plan. She tells Emily to ring for the towel lady. Emily picks up the buzzer and a woman comes in and asks if they need more towels. Rose is hiding behind the door and she grabs the woman. Emily tells her to stop, she is going to disturb everyone in the spa. Rose tells Emily that they are leaving this place and this lady is going to help them.

Out in the massage room, Carly is getting a massage by the woman with the accent. Carly tells her that the massage feels wonderful and she has never felt so relaxed. The woman says that she can see that and she thinks that she is ready. Carly asks, "Ready for what?" The woman tells her that she is ready for her life to change forever.

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