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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 4, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, October 4, 2004

Dominic Ramsey and Craig Montgomery meet to talk about Dominic buying Dusty's share of metro, and Craig warns Dominic that Dusty is not trustworthy. Ramsey leaves. At the gym, Lucy tries again to dissuade Dusty from his fixed fight scheme, just so that they can make enough money to relocate in another town.

Aaron and Alison meet at Yo's diner, and Aaron tells Alison that she cannot move in with him, because he loves her and can't be "just friends" with her. Alison agrees that it is time for her to learn to stand on her own two feet. Aaron leaves and Alison remains at the diner. Aaron goes to the gym and begins hitting the punching bag, then Lucy comes up to him, and he tells Lucy that he is going to quit living for Alison and is now going to live only for himself. The manager of the gym, Bud, tries to recruit Aaron to be the patsy in the fixed fight.

Hal (now played by Randolph Mantooth) opens his door to Carly, who wants to discuss bringing Parker over to see his half-brother, Will. Hal is grateful that Carly seems to be the only person in town who is not afraid of Will. Carly tells Hal that she has given up the search for Jack, although she hasn't given up hope that Jack will come back to her. Carly tells Hal that she has left it in God's hands - and Jack's. Carly receives a call from a birthday party, telling her that Parker does not feel well, so Carly leaves to go pick up Parker. The birthday party is being held at Yo's diner, and the children are getting a little out of hand, causing the waitress to quit on the spot. Alison sees an opportunity for a job, and she is hired to take over at the birthday party. Carly arrives, and as she leaves with Parker, he tells her that he has a strong feeling that "Jack is back."

Will, Paul, and Rosanna meet at the Snyder Pond when Paul comes to get Will. When Paul finds that Will frightened Rosanna, he gets angry with Will, but both Will and Rosanna accuse him of overreacting. Will and Rosanna tell Paul that Rosanna has hired Will to help at the farm while Emma is away. Will leaves to get some apples for Paul, and Rosanna warns Paul not to look at this as an open door for them to renew their romance. Paul tells Rosanna that he knows that she still loves him, but they are interrupted by Will with the apples. Paul and Will leave, but Rosanna daydreams and remembers her feelings for Paul.

Julia and Jack pack J. J.'s things for a camping trip, and J. J. discovers that the bottle with the message has disappeared, and he remembers that there was a photograph in the bottle with writing on the back. When Jack sees that compass that J. J. is packing for the trip, it triggers a clear memory of Carly with the compass that was so important to the two of them. J. J. leaves for his campout, and Jack, still distracted, goes out on the porch. Julia follows him, and Jack describes to her the image of Carly he saw. Julia turns away, crying, sick at her own deception. Jack tells Julia that Carly was holding a compass, which she was using to find him. To comfort Julia, Jack tells Julia that he would like for them to have a child together, and Julia goes inside the house. Julia looks at the picture of Carly and Jack's family, then replaces it in between the cushions of the couch and goes to the phone to arrange to take the next day off.

Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Emily answers the door to find Will and Hal standing there. Hal tells her that he wants her to come home. Susan comes into the room and tells Hal that they are still concerned about Alison. She didn't come home last night. Emily needs to talk with Will so Hal takes Daniel into the other room. She tells Will that she is glad he is back and of course he can see Daniel. She thinks to herself, why was she concerned about Will? He is still their Will., he hasn't changed. Hal wants to know if there is still a Hal and Emily. Hal tells Emily that they let their marriage drop to the bottom of the list of priorities. It won't happen again.

Alison is now working at Al's place, the neighborhood restaurant. She walks to Aaron's table and he is surprised to find her there. He asks her where she is staying, and finds out that it was in her car. He says that she can't do that and offers his place again. This time, she is the one that says no. After her shift, Alison goes home and enters the house. They are glad to see her. She tells them about her job and the fact that it won't take long for her to save enough money to move out on her own. Emily tells her that she is going back to her home with Hal. Alison asks Hal if he is crazy for taking her back.

Ben is having breakfast when Margo and Jessica enter. He is waiting for Bob Hughes. Jessica sees that he is not the Ben that she knows. He is moody and shaky, and figures that something is wrong. Bob arrives and sits down with him. Ben tells him that he is ready to go back to work. Bob says that "he needs to be given an MRI and a release", and he can come back. Ben argues that it will take too long. He needs to work now because it is the only thing he has. When Bob sat down, Ben pulled a bottle of pills off the table so that he would not see them. Jessica is concerned and on his way out the restaurant, she stops to talk with him. He is very curt to her, rude to be exact, and leaves. Jessica knows that something is up, because he is behaving uncharacteristically of the Ben that everyone knows and loves. Margo tells Jessica not to do anything where Ben is concerned. Jessica continues to view Ben's irrational behavior.

Carly starts to box up Jack's belongings. Parker has called Mike. Mike responds by coming over. They both go back into the house, where Carly is surprised by Mike's visit. They make Parker realize that Carly is not throwing away the things that belonged to Jack, and if he wants to take them out again, when Jack gets back, it will be okay. Carly, Jack and Parker go on a picnic down at Snyder's pond. Mike is thinking of Katie, and tells Carly that he is not ready for a relationship of any kind right now. Carly says the same thing. They are just two people who are not used up, but rather, retired!! Neither wants a relationship with anyone. Mike tells Carly that he has a date with Nikki Munson. It isn't anything serious. Carly says to watch out, because you never know what will happen. Mike is to heed the warning from Carly, that sometimes women say one thing and do another. However, Mike is not the type to lead a person on, and Nikki needs to know just how serious Mike is about that.

Julia lies to Jack for the first time. She has taken off work to look for Jack. Julia searches for Jack. She enters Al's diner where she asks if anyone knows the people in the picture. She shows the waitress the picture of Jack and his family. She knows him and also where he lives. Julia now goes to Jack's house. The babysitter answers the door and Julia takes her to be Julia, Jack's wife. She explains that they are not married anymore and that Julia #1 was somewhat loony, but is now married to Carly. However, he is missing from an accident that he had months ago. Julia tells the babysitter that she is there to see Carly. The sitter is going to draw her a map of where they went on a picnic. She goes upstairs to get a pen, leaving Julia alone downstairs. She looks around and finds Jack's badge from the police department and realizes that he was a cop. She places it in her back pocket as the sitter comes back downstairs. She doesn't leave her number but takes the map to look for them. Julia finds them at the pond and watches Carly and Parker from behind the bushes.

Back at the house, the doorbell rings and it is Greta, the hospital administrator that saw Jack when he was first admitted to the hospital. She tells him that she has been away but is back and needs to check up on how he is doing. She says that she heard that he and Julia were married, and tells him that it wasn't a very good idea. She says that he must have remembered his past if he was able to get a license to get married, so who is he? His file has remained open because when she left, he still didn't know who he was. She says that she can refer him to a good psychiatrist if he feels that he needs one. Jack asks her to leave the forms to be filled out, and tomorrow Julia will bring them back.

Jennifer tells Nikki that misleading Mike is wrong. She just can't pretend to want friendship when it is something else that she is after. Jennifer talks about Jordan. She says that his resignation was received. She finds herself calling all over about him just to find out if he has left town yet or not. Jordan is sitting at another table with Lucinda Walsh. He tells her that he has decided to take her up on her offer to work for Worldwide. He will be staying in Oakdale. Jordan and Lucinda will be finalizing the deal a little later that day. He walks by Nikki and Jennifer's table on the way out and stops to say hello. Nikki tells him that Jennifer is going to have her own clothing line and he is happy for her. He offers his services, if she needs them, but she puts an abrupt end to his offer. He tells Nikki, that he too, has some news on the job front. He just accepted an offer from Lucinda, and will be staying in Oakdale. He says goodbye to the ladies and leaves. Nikki tells Jennifer that if she is serious about not wanting Jordan around then she has an idea to make sure that he knows that. She places a call to Mike. She is about to tell Mike her plan, when Mike informs her that he cannot make their dinner date that evening.

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Craig visits Rosanna at Emma's place. He would like her help with Lucy, but for the moment Rosanna says no. While there, Craig finds out that Will Munson has been let out of the hospital. He is, in fact, coming over to start work. Rosanna has offered him a job, for no other reason than, it is the right thing to do. Craig tells Rosanna that she is going to be there with a young psychotic. Unfortunately, as Craig issues his statement, Paul and Will arrive, and Will hears this. Will, who was all ready unsure of his feelings, wants to make a retreat and leave. Paul, leads him inside, however, where he is forced to confront both Craig and Rosanna. Rosanna sends both Paul and Craig packing while she tends to Will. Outside, Paul tells Craig that Will heard everything he said, and he need not be concerned with what Will might do, but rather what he, Paul, might do. Craig says that he will be there everyday to see that things go right. Will tells Rosanna, that he overheard what Craig said. Rosanna lets him know that he shouldn't believe what people say, because soon they will believe in you.

Dr. Rick Decker, is approached by Barbara in the hospital. Barbara offers a few kind words to him, and he tells her that he is glad that he didn't kill her. Barbara says she is glad also. She wouldn't want to die in order to get out of that place. She tells him that she thinks they would make an awfully good couple. Rick tells her that when he decides to leave, he will do it on his own. Later, Barbara meets up with Dr. Decker, once again. She sets herself up to be close to him. When she fakes tears, he approaches her and tells her that he shouldn't have said the things that he did. Barbara, who is so good at feigning the victim, tells him that she understands why he said the things that he did. She tells him that she too, has been a victim of circumstances, used by her family and never understood. Tossed away by those who didn't understand what she was doing, just for them. Rick, becomes attentive to what she is saying, and before long, Barbara has him in her clutches. This time, he tells her that perhaps, when he is ready to break out, it would be nice to have the company of someone like her, an ally of sorts.

Julia remembers Jack's conversation with her, about the blonde woman. She sits in wait at the pond, watching what is going on. At the pond, Mike comes back over to Carly, and tells her that he has put Nikki and her plans for dinner, on the back burner. He says to Parker that the only plans that he now has, is to tickle him. When Parker goes to search for butterflies at the pond, Mike and Carly get a chance to talk. Carly tells him that what he did in turning Nikki away was probably to make Jennifer angry with him.

Nikki and Jennifer talk at the restaurant. She realizes that her sister has just been stood up for her date with Mike. She leaves for home, leaving Nikki to have another cup of coffee. Lo and behold, who should turn up, but our pal Henry. He sits himself down, and offers to be her replacement date for the evening. Nikki just sits there and looks at him. She tells him once again that she is not interested in him, only as a friend. He says that he understands. Jennifer makes a call to Mike and wants to see him. Carly tells him to look out now. He has not only stood up her sister, Nikki, but has also infuriated Jennifer. Mike suggests that girls should come with some sort of handbook, so guys know what to do. He has agreed to meet with Jennifer at Al's place. While sitting there, Carly hears a cell phone ring. She tells Mike that someone is watching them. Answering the cell phone, as quickly as possible, is Julia. It is Jack on the other end and she tells him that she will be home as quickly as possible. Parker comes back to Mike and Carly. While there, a wind picks up and blows something their way. Parker picks it up and hands it to Carly. She looks at it in sheer amazement. She tells Mike that it is a drawing of the woman at the water park. The one that she was going to turn over to the police in order to find Jack. Parker tells Carly that Jack is near again. Carly tells him that the woman in the picture will find them or they will find her.

Julia comes through the door at home. Jack says that Greta Williams told him that they shouldn't have gotten married so soon. He says, that he told her she didn't know what she was talking about. He and Julia care very much for each other.

Jennifer meets Mike at Al's place. She tells him that he didn't need to be so unfeeling about her sister. She receives a call from the company. There was an explosion at BRO. She rushes off to find out about the new Forrester's. Parker tells her things will get better. The sitter tells Carly that a woman turned up who wanted to see her. She asks Carly if this woman approached her in anyway. Carly says no. Somehow a connection is made, for Carly. She shows the picture found to Parker, and asks about her. Parker recognizes her. Carly tells him that the woman in the picture will find them or they will continue to look for her.

Back at Jack and Julia's place, Julia tells Jack that she thinks they should change their address and move far away.

Thursday, October 7, 2004

Rosanna hurries to Carly's house, encouraged to hear that the woman from the water park was in Carly's house.

Carly summons Hal, explains what happened and Hal arranges for the forensic sketch of Julia to be wired to every precinct within a hundred miles of Oakdale. Meanwhile, Julia who has remembered leaving the pen in Carly's house, works to convince Jack to pack up and leave. Julia goes to the hospital to collect her last paycheck and runs into a highly suspicious Greta, who nails her for running away. Julia hotly denies and is about to leave when she sees a cop posting a copy of her forensic sketch. Meanwhile, Parker discovers the pen that Julia left behind, labeled "St. Genevieve Hospital." Carly throws her arms around Parker, joyfully realizing she has a significant clue to Jack's whereabouts.

A dejected Craig is feeling the loss of his family when he meets with Lily at the Lakeview. Lily is sympathizing with Craig when Dominic enters and mistakes Lily for Rose, an old acquaintance of his. Recognizing an opportunity when he sees one, Craig gives Lily the high sign to go along with Dominic's mistake in order to get more information about Dusty's underworld boxing scheme.

Nikki and Henry are on their date when Henry chokes on an olive and Jordan performs the Heimlich. Nikki and Jordan escort Henry to Snyder Pond to sober up and discuss Jordan's rocky relationship with Jennifer. Meanwhile, while Mike repairs BRO's damage, Jennifer is struck by Mike's shirtless physique in a pair of ripped-up, tattered jeans. She gets an idea for a fabulous new fashion/marketing concept and enlists Mike's help as a model. They're laughing and having fun together when Nikki phones, overhears Mike in the background and is instantly furious that Mike cancelled on her but seems to have time for her sister.

Dusty and Lucy continue their search for a fighter to take on Rafael Ortega. They're trying out Tony, a brash young fighter from New Jersey when his opponent flattens Tony. When Tony's opponent removes his headgear, Dusty and Lucy are stunned to see that the victor is Aaron.

Friday, October 8, 2004

Rosanna and Carly leave to find Jack. At the hospital, Rosanna feigns fainting so that Carly can find out more information about the mysterious Julia. When a nurse comes along, she and a Doctor move Rosanna to a room, leaving Carly free to go through the files. She not only finds info that she is looking for, but, also a complete name and address.

At Metro, Craig wants Lily to pretend to be Rose, so that he can find out who this person is that wants to buy into Metro, and also what kind of business he is really in with Dusty. After all, he has to protect his little girl, Lucy, from anyone unsavory. Lily lures the man back to her place, with Craig lurking in the bushes in case anything should happen. Lily finds out what she needs to know, and when the man gets a call and is forced to leave, Lily tells Craig everything. She has been rejuvenated once again, and was thrilled at being able to help him out, and besides she had fun doing it. She informs him that the fight is fixed.

Henry wakes up in an automobile by the pond, unclothed and wondering how he got there.

With all odds against them, or so it seems, Jennifer and Mike are discovered by Nikki and Jordan. Knowing how nosy Nikki is, being a cop and all, Jennifer prepares for the worst. She tells Mike that they are probably on their way over right now. They are and when the four of them arrive, they spend time having to explain to each other the circumstances behind their being together, once again.

At home, a frantic Julia is trying hard to get Jack out of town. Jack wants to know what is causing her to be so afraid.

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