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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 19, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, September 19, 2005

Henry and Maddie are about to leave Katie's house when Henry persuade Katie to let Maddie stay with her. Mike and Katie are still angry at Henry, believing that he pretended to be Katie's secret admirer, when Maddie was the one who perpetrated the online scam. Katie dashes off to Tom and Margo's to ask them to let Maddie stay with them. When they agree, Katie takes Maddie over to Casey's party for the evening. Everyone agrees that Maddie will stay with the Hughes family after one night with Katie. As soon as Katie returns, Henry leaves, but he forgets the computer which is still on, showing a message to Katie from Byron.

At Casey's party, he slips outside with a blonde just before Maddie arrives. Maddie sits on the couch, ignored by everyone, until someone spills a drink on her. Irritated, she goes out to the patio where she overhears Casey putting the moves on the blonde. Maddie's giggles give her away, and Casey is irate to find her eavesdropping.

In the bar at the Lakeview, Jack and Carly argue over her determination to keep Gwen's baby, even if she has to lie and cheat. Jack tells her, "I can't do this," but they are interrupted by a disturbance in the lobby. There, Jennifer holds Rory and announces, "This is my baby," while Paul, Barbara, and Emily look on. Carly and Jack walk in and find J. J. and Parker watching while Jen refuses to let anyone else touch Rory. Emily leaves to take the boys home, and finally Paul gets Jen to give the baby to Carly. As Carly leaves with Rory, Jen cries and cries for her baby. Emily is stunned when Carly returns with the baby, since Emily expected Paul to tell everyone the truth that the baby is actually Jennifer's. After Emily rushes out Carly's door, Jack returns and once again tries to reason with Carly that Gwen has the same feelings about her baby that Jennifer had expressed a few minutes before. In Barbara's suite, Jen, although sedated, still begs Paul to help her get her baby back. Dr. Michaels tells Barbara that she must put Jennifer in the hospital for an internal medicine consult because of Jen's racing heartbeat. Paul watches with a stony face, and remains unmoved when Emily arrives and, outside the door, again insists that Paul must tell Jennifer the truth.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Jennifer's condition worsens and she's taken to the hospital, where her doctor struggles to stabilize her. Paul and Emily are shaken by her insistence that her baby is alive but just as Paul is about to confess, Hal arrives with the news that Jennifer could be on Crystal Meth. Paul and Barbara are shocked and Dr. Michaels immediately orders a blood test. Hal gently confronts Jennifer and it is later revealed that Jennifer has been taking a very dangerous combination of Meth and antidepressants. Paul is rocked and immediately suspicious that Jennifer's insistence about her baby could have been caused by hallucinations. Later, when Barbara and Hal go outside to talk to the doctor, Jennifer asks Paul to help get her out of here but he refuses and Jennifer throws him out. Barbara and Hal then go to the apartment to search for drugs and console one another on the state of their daughter. Meanwhile, unsure of what to do, Paul and Emily decide to keep their secret until Jennifer is better while unbeknownst to all, Jennifer slips out of the hospital. Katie and Mike have a lovely evening of romance and when Mike suggests he move in with Katie, she is thrilled. Meanwhile, at Margo's, for Maddie and Casey, it's dislike at first sight. When Margo introduces the two of them, they're both floored to hear they will be living together. Maddie storms back to Frasier cottage where she proclaims she won't be moving out! But, Katie lays down the law and says Maddie can move in with Margo or head to the airport. Disheartened, Maddie moves to her computer, sees another email from Byron and sparks another conversation with him. Bob and Will have dinner. Bob is supportive of Will but wants him to get on with his life and encourages him to go to Casey's party. Will takes his advice under consideration and later, arrives at the party to the surprise of Casey.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Will showed up at Casey's party and the two boys decide to put the past behind them and become friends again. When some of the people at the party started to tease Gwen Will became upset and left. Casey did not understand why Will was still sticking up for Gwen but Will did not want to hear about and left, causing another rift in their friendship.

Meg called Dusty and told him about Jen being admitted in the hospital. Paul went to the hospital to check on Jen when he realized she was missing. Once Dusty arrived Paul blamed Dusty for Jen going crazy. Paul realized that Jen must have gone to Carly's to get Rory so he left the hospital to go after Jen. Meanwhile at Jack and Carly's Jen broke in and took Rory and left. Carly realized that Rory was missing and started to freak out. Jack promised they would find him and left for the police station to begin his search. Paul showed up at Carly's looking for Jen. Carly and Paul realized that Jen must have taken Rory so they left to go find them. On the way to Barbara's to look for Jen Paul called Dr. Michaels and told her to meet them at Barbara's. Once they got to Barbara's Jen was just about to leave town with Rory. Paul convinced Jen to let him hold the baby; once Paul had Rory he gave him back to Carly. Because of what just happened Dr. Michaels thinks Jen should be admitted to Deer Brook, a psychiatric hospital and Paul agrees to have Jen committed. Once they arrived at Deer Brook Jen started screaming that her baby was alive as they carried her away to her room.

Gwen told Iris the story of how she thought Carly drugged her. Iris told Gwen that is Carly could drug her than she probably fixed the paternity tests as well. Since Iris still knows people at the hospital she said she would find out if Carly switched the tests. Iris pulled Gwen into a hug as Jack walked in and saw the two of them together.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Jack tells Carly that he saw Gwen and Iris in close conversation and he is concerned. Carly finally admits that Iris was blackmailing her, and she thinks Iris is trying to team up with Gwen to get the baby and his trust fund. An outraged Jack insists they go to Iris and confront her. Meanwhile, Gwen meets with Iris who tells her that she has found the vendor and can get him to reveal that Carly was behind the baby's disappearance. Gwen is skeptical but desperate for help and urges her mother to get the proof. Later, Gwen is shocked to find a just arrived Jack and Carly there, reading Iris the riot act. Dusty goes to see Jennifer at Deerbrook and promises to help her get through her ordeal. Jennifer continues to insist that the baby is hers and later, Dusty questions Meg about whether Jennifer really could have recognized a child she only saw once. Meg is startled and wonders if Dusty is beginning to think that Jennifer's baby is in fact alive. Later, Meg informs a shocked Barbara that Jennifer has been taken to Deerbrook and she and Will go to visit her. Will has a tender moment with his sister while Hal and Barbara are told by Dr. Michaels that Jennifer is delusional. Barbara then goes to Jennifer and says that they can take her home, as soon as she stops insisting that her child is alive. Henry delivers Maddie to Tom and Margo's, where Casey is unhappy to see her. Lia arrives for a pre-arranged date and walks out when she hears Maddie is living there now. Casey chases after her and Maddie begs Henry not to make her live there. Henry tries to put a good face on it, and Maddie ultimately realizes she has no choice. Later, Casey and Maddie continue sparring and the living situation remains bleak.

Friday, September 23, 2005

At Deerbrook Hospital, Barbara tries to convince Jennifer that she must tell Dr. Michaels that she no longer thinks that Rory is her baby. Jennifer says she'll do that only if Barbara promises to help her get her baby back after she gets out. Barbara says she'll do anything to help her, but Jennifer doesn't believe her. Will comes in and tells Jennifer that she has no idea what it's like to be confined to a mental hospital for a long period of time, but when Jennifer asks him if he thinks Barbara is right about what she should do, he says one thing he's learned is that their mother is rarely right about anything. Barbara takes Will outside the room and asks what she did to have such ungrateful children; Will says they are who she has made them to be. She agrees, saying they are stubborn and bright and talented, and she's responsible for that, but also that they have each taken a turn loathing her, and she is responsible for that, too. Will thinks Barbara is afraid of being humiliated by the fact that 2 of her children have been in mental hospitals and by the possibility that word will get out about Jenn's use of methamphetamines. He tries to tell her that maybe Jennifer needs to be in a mental health facility right now, but Barbara says if she gets Jennifer to tell the doctor that she doesn't believe her baby is still alive, she might start believing it herself. Barbara returns to Jennifer and sees her with something that belongs to Rory, which Jennifer says she took before they took him away from her. Barbara wants to take it so Dr. Michaels won't see it, but Jennifer refuses to give it up. When Dr. Michaels and Will come into the room, Jennifer tells them that no matter what they think, she knows Rory is her baby, and she'll stop at nothing to get him back when she gets out of the hospital.

At Java, Lea and Casey are making out when Maddie walks in, oblivious to their presence, to ask for a job application. As Maddie sits quietly filling out the application, Lea points her out to Casey and insists that Maddie has been following them. When Maddie goes to get a new pen from the cashier, Lea confronts her and tells her to stop following them; Maddie assures her the last person she is interested in is Casey Hughes. Lea then tells Casey that he needs to put a stop to this before it gets out of control, and Casey goes over to ask Maddie what she's doing there. When she tells him she's filling out a job application, he doesn't believe her, and she mouths off to him, and Casey, Lea, and Maddie get into a loud argument. The manager overhears the argument, recognizes Casey as being the boy who was fighting with Will one day at Java, and asks them to leave. Casey and Lea go to get their things to leave, and Maddie tries to introduce herself to the manager and ask for a job, but he tells her she's trouble, and there's no chance she'll get a job there. Maddie tells Casey that they've just cost her a job before she even got one, and she leaves; Casey then sees the job application she'd been filling out and realizes she was telling the truth.

Carly and Jack are at Iris's house. Gwen arrives, and Iris calls her "Miss Norbeck" and acts like they barely know each other. She gets Gwen to leave and then tells Carly and Jack that she just met Gwen and is trying to help her get her baby back because she feels sorry for her. Carly tells Iris to stop plotting with Gwen to get the baby back, and Iris says she'll keep Carly's secret about her baby's death if Carly and Jack won't press charges about the blackmail. They agree, but Carly insists that Iris tell Gwen right then that she won't help her with the baby situation. Iris brings Gwen back into the house and tells her she's sorry, but she won't be able to help her anymore. Gwen leaves, and so do Jack and Carly.

At home, Jack and Carly discuss the fact that neither of them believed anything that Iris said at her house, and Carly frets again about Gwen and Iris trying to take Rory from them. Jack reminds her that she's not in this alone anymore, because he will do whatever it takes to keep that from happening. Carly tells him she's corrupted him, but Jack says she completes him; then he says he has to leave to "serve and protect," and Carly asks if he has any other cliches, and he says, "Yes, I love you...slo-mo" very slowly, and together, they move in pretend slow motion towards each other to embrace. Jack leaves.

Back at Iris's house, Gwen returns and asks Iris what all of that was about and how the Snyders even knew where Iris lived. Iris says Jack must have followed her from Java. When Gwen asks why Iris didn't tell them she was her mother, she says it's because she thinks it's always good to be one up on your enemy and because if they knew Iris was Gwen's mom, they might hold Iris's apparent lack of maternal abilities against Gwen and use it against her in her effort to get custody of Rory. Gwen says she is having trouble dealing with this selfless version of Iris, but Iris assures her she's acting selfishly, because Gwen is her daughter, and no one should mess with Gwen except Iris. Iris tells Gwen she is going to the park to try to bribe the vendor into coming clean about having drugged Gwen; Gwen wants to go along, and Iris agrees, provided that Gwen stays out of sight. They leave, and Jack, who has been hiding outside the house, follows them.

At the park, Gwen hides, as does Jack, and Iris confronts the water vendor, telling him she has a wad of cash for him if he'll come clean and tell the cops that he drugged Gwen, or she can just keep the cash and tell the cops about it herself; he says he doesn't know what she's talking about and that she's got no evidence against him anyway. He leaves, and Gwen comes out. Iris tells Gwen that the vendor will cooperate, but Gwen says she didn't see him take the money; Iris tells Gwen she didn't pay close enough attention and not to worry about it, that "Carly is going down!" They hug, as Jack watches.

At Memorial Hospital, Dusty tells Meg that he's beginning to wonder if the hospital could have made a mistake about which baby died; Meg tells him that's virtually impossible in this day and age of enhanced security, and she thinks he's just trying to believe that because he's so into Jennifer. Dusty walks away but later returns and asks Meg how she would feel if she were in Jennifer's shoes and everyone was telling her something she believed in her heart not to be true; Meg said she would want Dusty to help her prove she was right, and she suggests that Dusty go see Rory, because he delivered Jennifer's baby and felt some kind of bond with him as a result. She thinks he could recognize the baby, particularly since he had noticed things like the stork bite birthmark on Jennifer's baby. Dusty latches onto that idea and thanks Meg for her help, as Emma arrives to go with Meg to have lunch.

Meg and Emma go to Java for lunch, where Emma asks what Dusty was thanking Meg for. She explains, and she sounds like she still believes she and Dusty have a chance together as a couple, which Emma strongly disagrees with. She tells Meg that Dusty is sure to hurt her again if she doesn't watch out.

Dusty goes to Carly and Jack's house, and Carly assumes he has come to try to talk her into designing for Street Jeans while Jennifer is indisposed. Dusty goes along with that premise, and even though Carly says there's no possible way she could do that right now with 4 kids to take care of, Dusty asks her if she has any new sketches she's been working on; when she leaves to go get her sketches, Dusty picks up Rory and looks for the birthmark.

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