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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 21, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, June 21, 2010

In the Lakeview lobby, Janet realized that her "inheritance" had not been from her father but was a disguised "gift" from Dusty. She was very upset with both Dusty and Jack for lying to her, but she asked to speak with Dusty alone. Dusty said he had done what he thought was best because Janet needed money and a place to live with Liberty and the baby. Janet called it "guilt money," because she had blamed Dusty for Rocco's death. She also blamed her own stupidity for believing that her estranged father would actually leave her money.

Dusty's response was that Janet was happy when she got her new apartment and the new washing machine, but she said it suddenly felt as if she had lost her father twice. Janet walked out, as Dusty looked forlornly at the engagement ring that he still carried in his pocket.

Carly talked with Eugene Milton, a representative from the fire insurance company, and he told her that the Monte Carlo fire was still classified as arson. Carly said there was new information, and she explained how she had hired Gabriel Caras as a "sort of electrician." She admitted that the young man could have made "some errors" that led to the fire. Parker walked in and heard his mother declare that the fire was an accident, and he piped up, "What are you talking about, Mom?" Carly jumped in and explained that Craig was Gabriel's father, and therefore would never intentionally put his own child in danger.

Before he left, Eugene promised to look into the incident further. He assured Carly that if the fire were an accident, they would find that out. Parker lost no time accusing his mother of lying to the adjuster, but Carly preferred to think of it as giving the man a "different way of looking at it." Parker said if she got a monetary settlement, she should keep it because he didn't want it. He asked her to forget about his trust fund money and instead spend her time on fixing things with his dad. Carly outlined how things didn't just magically work out for the best; people had to make them happen. "Want the money or not," Carly declared," we're going to get it back" because Craig owed them.

Jack went to the police station and checked his messages. He grinned when he read one from Janet saying that their baby was a boy. Parker walked in and was thrilled with the news, as well, and he asked if he could be the one to tell J.J., and Jack agreed. His father then asked Parker if he, Jack, had been "messing up" lately, and Parker pulled out Jack's photo of Hal Munson, Parker's birth father. The boy said that Carly was still trying to make up for running off with Simon several years before, and Jack was feeling as if he could never be as good a dad as Hal. Parker said his parents were missing the fact that what he, J.J., and Sage cared about was not the times Jack and Carly messed up, but how hard they worked to make it right the rest of the time.

They talked about how Carly needed Jack to always be on her side, and the two hugged. Janet arrived and was disappointed that Jack and Parker already knew the baby's gender. Parker left, and Janet mentioned that she wasn't sure that she could ever trust Dusty again. Then she showed Jack the sonogram of the baby, and they went to Java for coffee. Jack, however, could not stop looking at the photo, and they began laughing about goofy names that began with "J." Dusty walked in, so Jack left, and Dusty took his place at the table with Janet.

He showed her the engagement ring again, but Janet could not believe that Dusty was asking her to marry him again when she was still furious with him. Janet asked him about Jennifer, his late wife, but he was very close-mouthed. Janet asked questions and learned that Jennifer and Dusty had gotten together after the birth of Johnny. Then she explained to Dusty that she saw what Jennifer had seen in him, and she admitted that she still loved him and his air of confidence. She called him a "fixer," but said he needed to respect her. She announced that she would give up the apartment and her washing machine because it was what she wanted to do, and she walked out.

At Lily's, Lucinda pulled out her phone and threatened to call the police on Craig, who had just entered Lily's house. Lily shouted that Craig was out on bail and in her charge, as Faith walked in, too. Gabriel, who had been silently watching the family drama unfold, declared himself out of there, and he stormed out the door with Craig on his heels. Gabriel asked how Craig had gotten out of jail, so Craig said that Lily had put up bail and pulled some strings on his behalf. He also thanked Gabriel for recanting his lie, but the boy said he had not done it for Craig.

Craig asked if Gabriel's beneficence had anything to do with Liberty, and he knew he was correct when Gabriel refused to talk about the girl. Gabriel said he wasn't staying at Lily's, and he stomped off. Craig turned to go back into Lily's when Eugene Milton, the insurance adjuster, appeared and asked if the young man just leaving was Gabriel Carras. Craig answered yes, and he confirmed that the boy had done some wiring at the Monte Carlo offices. Eugene then switched to more personal matters, such as why Craig knew so little about his own son. He also inquired about rumored animosity between father and son, and that led to Craig's asking a few questions of his own. He soon realized that much of the adjuster's information had originated with Carly.

Carly called her credit card company and asked how much credit she had on account. She was horrified to learn she was maxed out and inquired about raising her limit. She could not hear the response, however, because of loud pounding on her front door. She opened it and asked Craig if he had finally found his "Get Out of Jail Free" card in his wallet. A grumpy Craig threatened that Carly was "going to pay." He accused her of sending the insurance adjuster to harass his son, but Carly said she had only told the truth. Craig was discouraged, and he whined that he was going to have to turn himself back in for the arson charges, but Carly said there was another way.

Carly suggested that they both blame the fire on faulty wiring and then the "whole arson thing" would go away, and the insurance company would pay. Gabriel was "just a novice electrician who made a mistake." When Craig realized that the scheme had a chance of working, he told Carly that the money had been his investment, so the payout was his, as well. Carly, however, reminded Craig that she and Eugene had gotten "close," and one phone call from her, and Craig would be back in his special room at the Oakdale Police station. The two made a deal.

Back at Lily's, she scolded her mother and asked about Craig, whom Lucinda called "that viper." Lucinda commented that Lily had invited the "arsonist along with the grafter" to move in with her and her children. Lily asked Faith to go in the kitchen for the duration of her discussion with her mother, and then Lily told Lucinda that she had invited Craig to stay with them because he had told her that Lucinda was the one who had gotten Gabriel to lie in the first place. Lily said it was up to her to repair the damage, since Lucinda would not lift a finger. Lucinda recited a litany of Craig's sins, including hooking Lily on drugs, but Lily said keeping Craig away from his son was just as devastating. Lucinda countered by citing Lily's unhappiness with Holden, and she accused her daughter of "looking for a hobby." Lily told Lucinda to show herself out.

Lucinda refused to leave, so Lily took herself out on a walk. Faith rejoined her grandmother and demanded to know what was going on. She particularly wanted to know why her mother had asked "Uncle Craig" to stay with them, but Lucinda was horrified that the girl still called Craig "Uncle." Lucinda went on to say that Lily couldn't handle the thought of Holden's marriage to Molly, so she was overcompensating by "filling the house with strays." Faith let it slip that Gabriel and Liberty had "hooked up," and Lucinda grumbled that they would never get rid of the boy if that were true, unless...Lucinda looked at Faith and asked if she was willing to "take one for the team."

Faith was horrified that Lucinda was asking her to sleep with Gabriel, but her grandmother explained that she would never suggest such a thing. She had more in mind the planting of drugs in the boy's backpack. "Good to know my grandmother's a pusher, not a pimp," remarked Faith, as Lucinda howled with laughter. Lily returned and asked why her mother and daughter looked so guilty.

Parker walked through Old Town and met Gabriel. "Stay away from her," warned Parker, but Gabriel got in Parker's face and urged Parker to punch him. He bragged that whenever that happened, Liberty kissed it and made it all better. Parker said there was no way that Liberty would hook up with a loser like Gabriel. Gabriel taunted Parker by saying that he and Liberty had already "hooked up," and he invited Parker to take his best shot. Parker said that as much as he'd like to hit Gabriel, there was obviously something wrong with Gabriel's brain already. He continued that Liberty hung out with Gabriel from pity and a sense of charity. Gabriel argued that he was better off than Parker, and he pulled a huge wad of bills from his pocket.

Gabriel returned to Lily's, after all, and he saw Faith out on the patio. She asked why he wanted to stay in a place where nobody liked him, and Gabriel said that Faith needed to get on board the "Team Gabriel/Liberty" bandwagon. Faith asked what was in it for her, so Gabriel answered, "Your pal, Parker."

Inside, Lucinda spied on the teens, but Lily caught her. Lily saw no reason why the two couldn't be friends, but her mother reminded Lily that "proximity" trumped "hormones." Lily accused her mother of trying to unravel her family and asked her to leave. Lucinda got in another jab about Lily's "peopling her house with needy misfits" before she left.

Dusty sat with Johnny in his room in the Lakeview, and watched Johnny draw a wedding cake with him, Janet, Liberty, and Johnny on the top. Someone knocked, and a surprised Dusty admitted Craig. Johnny leaped into his father's arms, as Craig explained that he was staying at "Aunt Lily's" house, and Gabriel was there, too. He asked if Johnny wanted to join them for a sleepover, but Dusty said he wasn't so sure about that. Craig reminded Dusty that their agreement was only for while Craig was "away," and he told the boy to pack his pajamas. Craig took his son for ice cream, and the boy asked what flavor was Gabriel's favorite. Craig didn't know, but he promised they would find out together.

Carly talked to her credit card company again, but they irritated her and she hung up. Parker barreled in and announced that he had changed his mind: he wanted his trust fund money back, if it wasn't too late. Carly grinned and said his timing could not be more perfect.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Luke stopped in Java on his way to a meeting with Dr. Bob and the Invicta Corporation, and he found Noah working his old job behind the counter. Noah told his ex about a two-for-one special on lattés, but Luke said that would not be applying to him any time in the near future. Noah asked how things were going between Luke and Dr. Oliver, but Luke's response was, "They're not." Noah returned to work as Luke checked his phone. Noah walked over again and asked if Luke and the doctor had broken up, but Luke didn't want to discuss it. He obviously changed his mind, however, because Luke then called Oliver "a jerk" and "a user." Luke apologized for dumping his baggage on Noah, and as he walked out, Noah said he was sorry for Luke's troubles.

Reid met Dr. Bob in the Lakeview lounge for the meeting, and Bob apologized for making him choose between his future at the hospital and Luke. Reid asked who else would be attending the meeting, and Bob named Mona Cross and Luke. Ms. Cross arrived, and Bob began discussing the state-of-the-art equipment that was slated for the new neurological wing of Memorial. Ms. Cross gave a pep talk about profits for the hospital, but Dr. Oliver said that profits never entered his mind. Luke joined them and added a crusty comment about Reid.

Bob got an emergency page from the hospital about expected multiple injuries, so he excused himself and left. He instructed Dr. Oliver to stay and talk with Ms. Cross and Luke about their respective roles in the sale of Memorial. Luke said he had the same goals in mind as Dr. Oliver, but they differed in their approach. He described Reid's approach as "clinical," while he said his was "very personal." Luke continued by saying that everyone who worked at the hospital took the time to see the patients as human beings, not just statistics. He gave credit for that to Bob Hughes, whom he called a perfect example of a good physician. Reid Oliver stood up and walked out.

Katie took Jacob to Memorial for his checkup, but his pediatrician, Dr. Blanchard, was busy with an emergency. The nurse said Dr. Chris Hughes was on call; Chris walked up, and Jacob was glad to see him. Chris led Katie and Jacob to an exam room, and Katie observed that the baby was very much at home in Chris's arms. She thanked Chris again for helping her change Vienna's medical records, and she said it was important to her that her friends were happy. Katie told Chris that he had been a good friend to her at a time when she really needed one. Chris, however, claimed that whatever was going on between the two of them was way beyond friendship.

Chris told Katie that she knew how he felt about her, and he suggested that she remove her wedding ring and begin living again. Katie responded that she wore the ring because she still felt like Brad's wife. She also denied vehemently that anything was going on between them, and she walked out. Chris followed her until Katie asked him what part of "no" he didn't understand. He handed Katie a prescription for the baby's ear aches, and Bob Hughes approached and played with Jacob for a minute. After Katie left, Bob told his son that he was concerned about Chris's relationship with Katie. Chris said he and Katie were "just friends," but Bob said he knew what he had seen. He said Katie was still grieving, and her return to life had to be in her own time.

Katie went home and found Reid sitting on the couch and drinking a beer. She was surprised to see him not at work, and even more so when he asked her what was wrong with him. He declared that he had made the only choice he could, but Katie didn't understand. Reid explained that he had broken things off with Luke because Bob had given him an ultimatum. Katie began talking about loss and sadness, but then she said that suddenly life turned around and turned into something joyful. Reid asked if they were still talking about him.

Katie said that she had experienced the love of her life with Brad, but Reid still had that to look forward to. She observed that Luke had pulled out the very best in Reid, and it showed. Reid argued that he felt his worst at the moment, but Katie urged him to go find Luke and make things right. She shoved the doctor out the door, but almost immediately she heard a loud knock. Katie opened the door to find Chris outside, and he said her secret about the medical records was safe with him, and he would perpetuate the rumor that Vienna was pregnant. He also said he had heard her loud and clear on her other point, and from then on, he was out of her life.

Back at Memorial, Reid walked up to Bob and asked for a moment of his time. Before he could speak, however, Bob said that Ms. Cross was "glowing" after her meeting with Reid and Luke. Reid, however, got back on track and handed Bob his stethoscope and said, "I quit," and he walked out.

At the Snyder farm, Molly cut out wedding pictures from bridal magazines, but she appeared uneasy. Underneath one of the magazines, she pulled out the most recent copy of "Gossip Monger," a glossy scandal weekly that featured her and the late Silas Whitman on the cover. Molly began to cry, and suddenly she imagined that a bouquet of red roses on a bridal magazine cover was oozing blood all over her hands. She jumped up, grabbed her purse, and took off.

At home, Lily spoke with Tom on the phone about any news as to whether the D.A. would be dropping any other charges against Craig. She hung up when Holden walked in. He was on edge, and he asked about the risk to Natalie and Ethan from Craig and Gabriel's living in the same house. Lily scolded Holden, but he was still worried that the kids might get caught in the crossfire if something erupted. He also mentioned that Faith was freaking out every time she ran into Gabriel. Lily brought the topic of conversation around to Molly, and asked if it was any safer for their children to be exposed to a woman who had shot her ex-lover in cold blood.

Holden claimed that if Molly had not dispatched Whitman, he would have raped her, but Lily was not convinced. Holden then ran through a list of Craig's most recent transgressions and accused Lily of putting her guilty conscience ahead of their children's safety. Lily told Holden that she had seen him and Molly "destroying evidence" in a fire by the Snyder pond. She described seeing the two of them tossing DVDs into the flames. Molly walked in just then, and the two women sparred verbally until Molly asked if Lily wanted to hear the truth.

Molly said she and Holden were destroying old DVDs, but they were not covering up anything. Molly said they were a part of her past that she wasn't especially proud of, and Lily warned that a sordid past always returned to haunt a person. Holden decided they were not going to resolve anything at that time, so he took Molly by the arm, and they went outside. There, Molly told Holden that Lily obviously still loved him and was not ready to let him go.

Back at the farm, Holden drank some orange juice, and he and Molly decided to focus only on the planning of their wedding. He began looking at some of the magazines, and he spotted the "Gossip Monger" issue. Holden asked Molly why she had bought it, and she admitted that she couldn't get the shooting out of her head. She said she remembered exactly how the gun felt in her hand, the sound of the shot, and even the smell after the revolver went off. Molly began to cry, and she worried that Lily might cause trouble. Holden assured her that she was safe, and he was convinced that the D.A. had no further interest in the case.

Molly admitted she was afraid of her "ghosts," and she worried about dragging Holden and his children into her mess. She said they needed to call off the wedding. Holden nixed that, but Molly still didn't want him involved in trouble. She felt he was an accessory to murder, and she could not ask him to lie for her. Molly said she could handle whatever happened as long as she wasn't held responsible for Holden's losing his kids. Holden told her to forget about Lily, and in fact, he suggested that they get married right away.

Luke arrived home, and Lily gave him the news that his father was marrying Molly. He asked if his mother was really upset, and he said it was perfectly understandable if she was. Lily said she needed to let go because her time with Holden was over. Luke wondered aloud what Lily knew that he didn't, so Lily revealed that Holden had proposed to Molly right after the shooting. Luke thought that was strange, and he wondered what else was going on. Lily said she still loved Holden, but she needed to find a way to let him go.

Luke admitted then that he and Reid had "irreconcilable differences" and had broken up. He said that a big corporation was interested in purchasing the hospital, so there was a kind of microscope focused on Memorial at present. Luke revealed that Bob Hughes did not want anything that looked "a little dicey" near the hospital. He explained that his relationship with Reid was considered a "conflict of interest," and he told his mom about Bob's ultimatum to Reid. Lily declared that "for being a brain surgeon, Reid Oliver was not very smart." The two of them hugged.

Luke returned to Java and talked further with Noah. He told him that Holden was marrying Molly, but that his mother had said something profound. She had said that she and Holden had a beautiful time together, but it was over. That did not mean it had not been important, however. The boys laughed about some old memories of theirs, including when Zac, of the crazy "Z"s, had kissed Noah while the boys were captives. Reid walked into the coffee shop and saw them having a good time.

Lily went to Worldwide, and her mother's private investigator showed up with an envelope for Lucinda. Lily took it from him, and he told her that it was the forensic report on the Whitman shooting from LaSalle County. Lily was upset that her mother had interfered yet again, but the investigator remarked that the "rinky dink sheriff" had left "a lot of loose ends." After the P.I. left, Lily opened the envelope and read the report.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Luke noticed Reid watching him and Noah as they laughed over old times in Java, and when the doctor turned and took off, Luke hesitated just a moment, as Noah urged him to "Go after him." Luke caught up with Reid in Old Town, and he begged Reid to talk. Luke reminded Reid how small Oakdale was and how often they ran in to each other. "Not for much longer," mumbled Dr. Oliver. Luke didn't understand the comment, but it hurt his feelings. Luke returned to Noah and apologized for running out on him. He also was sorry for hurting Noah, who said he was uncomfortable with the whole conversation and walked out in a huff.

At the farm, Molly asked Holden if he was out of his mind for suggesting that they get married that day. Holden assured her that no one was looking into the Whitman case, so Molly was totally in the clear. He wanted to begin their life together immediately, and he suggested they go to City Hall and tie the knot. Holden was looking forward to falling asleep that night next to his new wife. Molly finally agreed, and she told him he could sell ice cream to an Eskimo. Holden promised to make all the wedding arrangements, and Molly only had to figure out what to wear.

Holden took off for town, and Molly found an appropriate white dress in her closet. She also picked some of Emma's wildflowers and formed them into a bouquet. She took a call from Kim, who was very excited that she had arranged with the State Department for Molly to go to Chile with the official rebuilding team after the earthquake. Kim promised Molly unlimited access for her coverage, and she was sure the story would go national. Kim explained that the transport was leaving later in the day, so Molly had to hustle. Molly said she was very flattered, but she turned Kim down, saying, "I'm getting married today!"

Bob joined Kim for lunch at Al's, but he was very late. He explained that "all hell" had broken loose at the hospital, and declared that love had conquered all because Reid Oliver had quit his job at Memorial for Luke Snyder. Kim could not believe that Bob had let Dr. Oliver walk out, and she stated that the "whole Invicta thing" was way out of control. Kim criticized her husband for issuing the ultimatum to Reid in the first place and for buying into Mona Cross's view of looking at Memorial as a profit generator rather than a caring hospital. Kim suggested that Bob find a way to get Reid back on board, and she left to go back to work at WOAK.

Holden met with a friend of his, Judge Murdock, at the Lakeview and arranged to cut through some of the red tape necessary to get married immediately. Luke walked in as the judge was leaving, and Holden told his son that he and Molly were getting married that afternoon. Luke wished his father well, and explained that he was there to meet with Bob again. Bob arrived as Holden walked out, and he told Luke that he was glad they were the first ones there because he wanted to talk about "Reid's decision." Luke looked uncomfortable and suddenly said he had to reschedule. He ran off, leaving Bob puzzled.

At Worldwide, Lucinda arrived, and Lily immediately scolded her mother and waved the Whitman forensic report in her face. Lily was not happy that Lucinda had forged ahead on her own, despite Lily's wishes otherwise. Lucinda grabbed the report and gave her daughter a tongue-lashing about putting herself on a marble pedestal. She glanced at the report and said that the sheriff had made a bad call because Silas had died because he had threatened Molly, not because he was physically attacking her. Lucinda suggested that they use the report to drive a wedge between Holden and Molly, and she began to read the findings more carefully.

When she finished, Lucinda was even more convinced that Molly should be in "an orange jumpsuit" because the woman was a "cold-blooded murderer." She also had Lily read it more carefully, and her daughter muttered, "Oh, my God!" when she had finished. Lily asked whether Molly would go to prison if Lily went to the police, and Lucinda quipped, "Works for me." Lucinda claimed to see the "big picture," and Lily needed to make the right choice or she would always regret letting Holden get away. Lily said it was not her choice to make; it was Holden's. She refused to "play dirty," and a disgusted Lucinda walked out. Lily decided to leave the office to her mother.

Looking for his mother, Luke arrived at Worldwide, but he found only Lucinda. He told his grandmother about his dad's impending marriage to Molly, but Lucinda only laughed. She declared that impossible, but Luke explained that Judge Murdock was performing the ceremony in his chambers in just a few hours. Lucinda said that thanks to her, Lily had ample ammunition to blow Holden and Molly's relationship sky high. She grabbed her phone to call Lily, but Luke stopped her by reminding her that if it wasn't her relationship, it wasn't her business.

In the hospital, Noah saw Dr. Oliver carrying out a box of his belongings. He asked if Reid had gotten fired, but Oliver said he had quit. Noah was puzzled, but Dr. Oliver said Noah had won and advised him not to ask questions. Noah went back to Java and found that Luke had returned, as well. Noah said he had run into Reid at the hospital, and the doctor had admitted that he had quit his job. Luke was stunned, but Noah said he had seen Reid carrying out his stuff. Luke asked what he should do, but Noah said he couldn't answer that. Luke thanked him, and he took off.

Bob also ran into Reid in the hospital, and he offered to write the man a "glowing recommendation." Oliver said he was a superb surgeon, and his reputation preceded him, so he had no use for recommendations. He made some other disparaging comments to the "Chief," and ended the conversation by saying, "Thanks for nothing."

Kim hunted for Bob in the hospital, and he told her that Mona Cross had told him "no way, no how" when he had asked if a donor and a staff member could carry on a personal relationship. Bob also said he had run into Reid Oliver, who had wished him dead. Kim urged him to call off the terrible deal with Invicta, but Bob was not in a mood to hear that. He confessed, however, that he would miss having Reid Oliver around, eccentricities and all.

Reid took his possessions home to Katie's house and found a babysitter there. He said he would take over with Jacob, and he overpaid the girl, and told her to "buy a Scrunchie." He headed for the refrigerator, but, for once, nothing appealed to the doctor. He found Jacob's bear on the floor, and he noticed a big hole in the bear's leg. He got out Katie's sewing kit and began mending the bear. His phone rang, but he did not pick up when he saw that the caller was Luke. On the other end of the call, Noah watched Luke agonizing outside Java, but he passed by without speaking.

Molly, dressed in her white dress, put the finishing touches on her flowers when Lily walked into the kitchen unexpectedly. She asked what was going on, so Molly said that she and Holden were getting married right away. Lily called that "a very bad idea." She continued that Holden had only proposed after Molly had shot her ex-lover "in cold blood." Molly again claimed self-defense, but Lily said that Holden had only felt sorry for her. "Feel better now?" asked a peeved Molly. The conversation turned bitter, and Lily finally showed Molly the forensic report. She then stated that she knew Holden and Molly were hiding something when she saw them burning the DVDs by the pond.

Lily told Molly that the "quickie wedding" was so that Holden would not have to testify against Molly in court. Molly reminded Lily that the Whitman case was closed, but Lily warned that "things could change," and she called Molly "guilty as sin." She charged that the marriage was doomed because the truth would emerge. Lily said she wasn't sure what she was going to do, as Molly sobbed.

Not long afterward, Holden arrived home and found Molly's bouquet dumped by the sink and a note from her. The note said that they could not get married that day because she had to work. She said she was sorry, and Holden ran out.

At WOAK, Molly spoke to Kim and said that she wanted the Chile assignment after all. She had packed a bag and had her passport with her, but Kim asked what had happened. Kim suggested that with all the drama in Molly's life lately, it was a bad idea for her to go into a disaster area. Molly began to cry, and she said that girls like Molly Conlan didn't get "happy endings." Kim calmed her down and said Molly needed to think long and hard before she accepted the overseas assignment.

Holden walked in, so Kim excused herself. Molly said she could not marry him because of how it would impact his whole family. Holden wanted to know what had happened, so a tearful Molly told him that Lily had said that she had proof that Molly had shot Silas in cold blood. She explained about the forensic file from LaSalle County but said she hadn't actually read it. Molly was afraid she could never marry Holden, and he said he understood, but he didn't want her running off, either. He kissed her and walked out.

Lucinda walked into Molly's office and closed the door. She announced that Molly was "in big trouble," because they had iron-clad evidence that Silas Whitman's murder -- Molly interrupted to sadly say that Lucinda had already won.

Lily was at the Snyder pond when Holden found her. He said that he knew she had evidence that the shooting was not self-defense, but he asked her to let it go, for him.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gabriel called the bank from Lily's house to see if he still had time to get there to set up a new account before it closed for the day. He had the wad of money from Lucinda in his pocket, and he was pleased to hear that he had time to get it in the bank if he hurried. "Thank you, Lucinda," Gabriel muttered as he headed out.

Jack was at work at the police station when Tom Hughes and Craig walked in. Craig raised his hands and said, "Look, Ma, no cuffs!" Jack wanted to know why he couldn't lock up Craig again, but Tom informed him that the judge had dismissed all charges against his client. Craig crowed that he was a free man again, and the universe was, once again, in balance. Tom said there had been no reasonable evidence of arson, and the embezzlement charge had been bumped to civil court.

Jack was incredulous, but Tom really made Craig's day when he announced that the insurance company would be paying off on the fire policy soon. Jack quickly reminded Craig that the money belonged to Parker, and Craig did admit that some of it did. He swore he meant to make good on it, and Tom left. Craig took some time to taunt Jack, and then he walked out, as well.

Liberty surprised Janet at the diner with the news that she had a summer job at Fashions. Janet was concerned that a job would be too much for her daughter, who was still recovering from the effects of chemotherapy. Liberty said that selling clothes was not a strenuous job, and she was pleased to be able to help out financially, since her mother was being stubborn about accepting Dusty's help. Janet said she didn't want Liberty to worry about money, and then the conversation turned to Dusty. Liberty begged Janet to give the man another chance, but her mother changed the subject back to her daughter's new job.

Liberty said she was starting at Fashions right away, and she took off, running into Gabriel outside Al's. She told him about her new job, and he explained that he had been working on his anger management issues, and he had decided to be more "cheerful." The pair talked about Craig, who walked up unexpectedly and told the teens that all the charges against him had been dropped. Gabriel said that only meant that Craig was lucky, not necessarily innocent, and he made it very clear that he wanted nothing to do with his father. Craig went on about getting a big house for Johnny and Gabriel, too, if he needed a place to stay. Gabriel said he would find his own place, so Craig took another tack and rattled on about helping to find the boy a job.

Tom approached the group and handed Craig the check for the insurance payoff. It was a check for $20 million, and Gabriel just shook his head that Craig had burned down his and Carly's business but had still "cashed out." Craig asked Gabriel how much money Lucinda had paid him to sell him down the river, and Liberty picked up on that. Gabriel ran off, and Liberty followed him. The boy was very upset that Craig had gotten such a huge check.

Liberty asked Gabriel if Craig's accusation about Lucinda's interference was false, and Gabriel took her on with smart aleck responses. Liberty said that Gabriel always had "a ton of cash" on him, and it was from an unknown source. The teen still maintained that he had "saved it up." Liberty said he should be careful how he judged other people, and she walked away.

Jack went to the diner and found a very grumpy Janet. She said that Liberty had gotten a job because the girl was worried about money. Jack said Liberty was a smart girl, and she wouldn't overtax herself. Janet admitted that they could use some extra cash, not to mention a new place to live, so Jack offered to let the two of them move back to the farm. He said he was going to live there himself, for a while, and Janet asked if he was asking her to move in with him.

Jack grinned and said he guessed, in a way, he was. Janet said that was not a good idea because she felt it would be a big step backwards for her. Jack laughed and then asked what Janet was really afraid of. Janet said it was an issue of trust, but Jack finally persuaded her to agree to the move.

In the Lakeveiw lounge, Lisa interviewed Gabriel for a bartending position. She began by making disparaging remarks about the boy's "newfound father," and she told Gabriel to watch his back if Craig was around. Liberty walked into the lounge and stayed hidden as she listened to the interview. She heard Gabriel ask Lisa to "stop bad-mouthing" his father, and then he said he no longer wanted a job there.

He turned to Lisa and said, "Thanks for nothing," and he moved to go. Lisa called out, "You just wait one moment, Baby Cakes." She said the job was a one-time offer, but Gabriel said that was fine with him, and he kept on going. Liberty caught up with him, but Gabriel did not want to talk about the interview. Liberty said she and her mother were moving back to the farm, and she called the experience "retro-weird," but she said it would be okay.

Janet and Jack moved her stuff back to the farm, and Janet also declared the déjà vu feeling "weird." Jack left Janet to get settled and said he needed to go tell Carly that Craig had been released from jail. Janet instead went to Fashions to see Liberty, but the store was closed and locked. Liberty arrived soon, and she explained that she had to lock up while she ran an errand for Lisa, since the other clerk had gone home sick. They talked about living at the farm, and they hugged.

At WOAK, Lucinda was relieved that Molly had finally regained her senses and had called off her wedding to Holden. Molly tearfully argued with her but finally declared that Lucinda had won. Mrs. Walsh corrected her and said Holden had won because he had never belonged to Molly. Carly dashed in with her cousin's wedding dress, fearful that she was too late in finishing it. Molly said there was no wedding that day, as Lucinda piped up to suggest that Molly tell Carly the truth and not "string her along." Molly made a threatening gesture to Lucinda, who took the hint and left. Molly told Carly that the wedding was off because Lily was onto her and knew the truth about Silas' death.

The cousins went to Java and continued their conversation. Carly tried to console Molly, but Molly was afraid her only way out was to do what Lily and Lucinda wanted: walk away from the man she loved. Carly, ever the romantic, said that there was always a choice when it had to do with fighting for a person you loved. Molly was fearful that Holden's entire family would be dragged through the mud if they went ahead with the marriage, but Carly advised Molly to do everything she could to keep Holden in her life. Carly said her cousin needed to do whatever it took to keep the man she loved.

At the Snyder pond, Lily asked Holden if he was asking her to turn a blind eye to the truth about Whitman's death. He said the point was that Silas Whitman was a monster, and Holden wanted Lily to "look the other way." He explained how the Congressman had stalked Molly for weeks and then lured her to the deserted restaurant under false pretenses. Then Holden said that the real conflict for Lily was about his marrying another woman, but Lily contradicted him and stated it was all about their children. Holden remarked that if everyone kept quiet, there would be no problem. He was willing to risk everything to protect Molly, and he asked Lily to look into her heart and let it go.

Lily said she couldn't do that, and she spoke of the kiss they had shared on her patio recently. Holden said that kiss was about the past, but Lily argued that it was about the "strong connection" they still shared. She told Holden that she still loved him and wanted him back. Holden declared that their marriage was over and said Lily was only fighting a memory. Lily called Molly an ugly name, but Holden defended his fiancée and said he was in love with her. He asked Lily not to hurt Molly and to let him go. Lily walked away into the woods.

At her office, Lucinda talked with her private investigator and thanked him for his excellent work on the Whitman case. She referred to Molly as "that pesky little critter," as Holden suddenly walked in. "Put down the phone, Lucinda, now!" he shouted. Finally Holden grabbed the receiver and slammed it down himself. Then he said if Lucinda was going to battle with Molly, then she would also have to take on him. Lucinda replied that Holden was protecting a murderer, and she flatly refused to believe that he loved Molly more than he loved Lily. Lucinda told Holden that he could expect to spend any honeymoon with Molly passing notes across a visitors' table in prison, but he again stated that the great Mrs. Walsh was fighting a battle she could not win.

At the same time, Lily surprised Molly at the television studio. Molly told her visitor that she had already gotten the message, and she was leaving on assignment for Chile. Molly declared that Holden was all Lily's, but Lily said that was exactly the point: Holden was not all hers. She said to Molly that she was giving up, and she handed Molly the forensics report to do with what she chose. "That's all yours," Lily said, but when Molly didn't move, Lily took back the report and tore it into pieces.

"You are free to marry Holden," Lily said to Molly, and she walked out. Lily went home, and soon her mother joined her. Lucinda attempted to give her daughter a pep talk about "doing the right thing," but Lily said she had just told Molly that she should go ahead and marry Holden. Lucinda could not believe that, but Lily said that was the "right thing to do." "In what universe?" responded a furious Lucinda, but Lily said that Holden no longer loved her, and he wanted to marry Molly.

At the farm, Holden found Molly waiting excitedly for his return. She told him that Lily had backed down and had ripped up the damning report. Holden was delighted, and they kissed and planned a less frantic wedding.

Carly went home and found Craig perched on her porch. "Who let you off your lease?" she asked, and then she told him that she had no interest in anything he had to say. Craig disagreed and said he had money for her. That got Carly's attention, so they went inside, and Craig said that he was a free man, and a rich one, to boot. He explained that the insurance company had already settled their claim, and he handed her a check for five million dollars. Carly immediately picked up the phone and called the bank to verify that the check was legitimate. She was pleasantly surprised to find that it was. "O ye of little faith," quoted Craig.

Carly then asked Craig to leave, and said that she would never forgive him for what he had done to her and to Parker, and she no longer wanted to be his business partner or his friend. She opened the door and told him to scram, just as Jack walked in the open door. Craig explained that he had just given Carly a five million dollar check as her half of the settlement. Carly said she had verified that the funds were there, and she again asked Craig to go. As Craig started out the door, Jack, who was examining the check, handed it back to Craig. "What are you doing?" shrieked Carly, as Jack said there was no way she was going to take it.

Friday, June 25, 2010

At Carly's house, Carly looked at Jack as if he were crazy when he tried to hand her check back to Craig. She reasoned that the money could replenish Parker's trust fund, but Jack countered that taking money from Craig was sure to cause her grief later.

Carly sent Craig outside so she could talk to Jack alone. Jack said that the insurance company should have never paid the fire claim; however, Carly reasoned that they'd done it, and she needed the money for Parker's education. Jack claimed that she could rely on him, but she recalled that he'd walked out on her. He replied that she could count on him financially, but she figured that cash in the bank was better than good intentions. Figuring that he couldn't change her mind, Jack left.

At Java later, Carly showed Parker the check for her portion of the insurance claim. Parker was ecstatic that they'd recovered part of his trust fund. Carly offered to invest it for him instead of returning it to a trust. He asked what Jack thought, and his eyes bulged when she said that Jack had rejected the check. Carly left the decision to Parker, and he gave his mom permission to invest the money. She said that his support meant a lot to her, especially that day.

At Lily's house, Lucinda still wanted to put Molly in jail, but Lily refused to win Holden by default. Lucinda asked if letting Holden walk away from the family would be any easier to live with. Lily said that she loved Holden too much to hurt him by going after Molly. Having made her decision, Lily insisted that the conversation was over.

Lucinda accepted Lily's choice, but hoped that her daughter wouldn't turn to pills again. Deciding that Lily needed a challenge, Lucinda invited her to return to Worldwide. Lily, however, enjoyed being a fulltime mother, and she'd rather arrange play dates than engage in a daily battle with her relentless mother. Lucinda left, urging Lily to think on it.

Later, Craig arrived with flowers to thank Lily for all her help. He informed her that, because of the insurance settlement, he was "in the money again," and he wished to start that perfume company he'd been talking about. He wanted Lily to run it with Carly, but Carly couldn't know that he was financing it. Lily was wary about lying to Carly, but Craig used the Gabriel secret to guilt her into it.

Later, Lily pitched the perfume company idea to Carly, who enthusiastically stated that she'd been looking for somewhere to invest some money. Lily offered to pay the expenditures because she needed the tax write-off. They discussed whether they could work together and decided that they needed a project to distract them from their personal lives.

At the farm, Dusty questioned Janet's reasons for moving there. Janet claimed that he'd hurt her deeply by making her think that her father had made peace with her and had been setting aside money for her and Liberty. Dusty realized what he'd done; however, he didn't understand why Janet had moved in with Jack. She insisted that she needed to be at the farm and make it on her own, but he said that they could have it all, if she weren't so afraid.

Later, Jack arrived to find Janet without a Lamaze partner, since she'd left Dusty. Jack offered to fill in, and he persisted until she agreed. At the hospital later, they discussed labor, and Jack stopped himself when he started to recall Sage's birth. He asked Janet not to have the baby at a cabin in the middle of nowhere, and she quipped that Dusty had said the same thing. They joked that they had some baggage, but they'd do an amazing job with their son's labor.

During the class, the other participants assumed that Janet and Jack were a happily married couple. After class, Jack said he was sorry for their classmates' awkward assumptions. Janet, who'd thought it would be strange to attend the class together, said that being with him had been the most natural thing in the world.

Dusty encountered Craig and Johnny at the Lakeview, and Craig said that he wanted to invest in Worldwide's distribution network. Dusty wasn't interested in assisting Craig, but Craig mentioned his ability to increase or restrict Dusty's access to Johnny. Dusty replied that the threat proved what a lousy father Craig was, but the company's board would never even consider it. Craig thought that Dusty could convince them, if it meant spending more time with Johnny. Dusty got up from the table, and Craig shouted that he'd just go around Dusty. "You can try!" Dusty yelled back as he left.

Dusty went to Worldwide to tell Lucinda about the conversation with Craig. She warned Dusty not to take Craig's threats about Johnny lightly. Dusty considered that the only alternative was to sell Craig an entire division of Worldwide. "No...Pretend to," Lucinda mischievously replied. She advised Dusty to give Craig a price just beyond Craig's reach. That way, it would look as if Dusty had complied, but Craig just couldn't afford it.

Dusty called Craig to his office to say that Craig's money was as good as anyone's. An appreciative Craig replied that Dusty could see plenty of Johnny-within reason. Handing Craig a slip of paper, Dusty said it was the figure that he'd calculated for Craig to buy into the Worldwide division. "The number is outrageous," Craig complained.

Craig ordered Dusty to lower the price or lose visitation. Dusty said there was nothing he could do, and Johnny would figure out why Dusty wasn't around anymore. Dusty thought it was time that Johnny saw the real Craig. Craig vowed that it wasn't over, and Dusty grinned.

In the holding cells, Barbara gloated about Emily's imprisonment, and she happily conveyed that, as they spoke, Paul was moving Meg into Fairwinds. Emily wouldn't believe that Paul would put Meg into the middle of their marriage again, but Barbara countered that Emily no longer had a marriage. Emily warned that Barbara wouldn't have a relationship with Paul once he realized that Barbara had tried to turn him against his wife. An officer released Emily on bail, and Barbara pursued her out of the police station.

Paul checked Meg out from the hospital and told her that she'd live with him at Fairwinds. Meg worried about Emily, but he promised that she wouldn't hurt Meg again. When they arrived at Fairwinds, Meg put on a meek and grateful routine for Paul, but shrieked when Emily trekked in with Barbara on her heels. Barbara comforted Meg while Emily and Paul argued about Emily's innocence. Paul insisted that he needed to protect Meg and Eliza from Emily, who implored him not to destroy their marriage over something she didn't do.

The nanny carried Eliza in, and Paul stopped Emily from going toward the baby. He handed the child to Meg instead and asked Barbara to stay at the Lakeview that night. He advised his wife and mother to leave, and Emily surprisingly relented in going.

Later, Paul was in the study when Meg returned in a flowing nightgown and robe. Seeing his bashful grin, she claimed that it was all she had to wear. She cooed that Eliza had been the perfect medicine for her, and being there felt like old times. Sitting near enough to kiss him, Meg uttered that she wished she could show him what it meant to her to have his trust and confidence.

Paul pulled back and said it wasn't a good idea, since she'd just gotten released. He received a call and told Meg that he had to take off for Chicago to handle a deal. He promised to return the next day; however, he thought that she should have Barbara or Emma around to ease her anxiety about Emily. Meg assured him that she'd be fine, and as Paul retrieved items from the wall safe, she spotted a gun inside it. Paul left, and Meg stared manically at the wall safe.

On the phone at the Lakeview, Emily thanked Susan for posting bail. She ended the call when Barbara approached to resume their argument. Paul interrupted to tell Barbara that he needed to go to Chicago. Barbara offered to stay with Meg at Fairwinds, but Paul said Meg would be fine on her own. Emily grew outraged, and Paul threatened to have her arrested again if she set foot in his house. "How can you talk to me like that?" Emily asked. Ignoring the question, Paul asked Barbara to keep an eye on Emily.

While Barbara coerced Emily to go upstairs and spend the night in Barbara's suite, Meg sat at Fairwinds and was on the phone with Paul. He notified her that Barbara was watching Emily. Once the call ended, she stuffed a family photo of Emily, Paul, and Eliza into a drawer and said, "Bye-bye, Emily. You're so out of the picture." Just then, Emily appeared behind Meg.

The startled Meg jumped, and Emily grinned. Emily claimed that Barbara had gotten "all tied up," so it was just Emily and Meg. Meg grabbed the phone to call the police, but Emily yanked it from her. She said that no one was leaving until she got the truth out of Meg.

As Emily started her interrogation, Meg whipped out a bottle and scoffed down some pills. Emily jumped on Meg to wrestle her for the bottle, but sprang back when Meg swung around with the gun. Meg said that she'd tell the police that Emily had drugged Meg's tea, and once Meg had figured it out, she'd had no choice but to defend herself. "So I did the only thing I could do," Meg said, pointing the gun at Emily.

Back at the Lakeview, a gagged and bound Barbara struggled against her restraints.

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