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Cameron and Amanda announced their engagement. Matt warned Cass to stay away from Lila. Jake found Vicky and Marley. Marley was arrested. Remy was angry with Tito for ruining another night between Remy and Nick.=
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Another World Recaps: The week of January 4, 1999 on AW
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Monday, January 4, 1999

Cameron takes Amanda to the place where they met, and they remember the moment. Meanwhile, Jordan was in his office, wondering to himself if Amanda was "the one". Zak was surprised when Jordan says he'll be attending the Cory party, but Jordan assures him that he will not be going as Jordan Stark.

Donna can't be awakened. According to the doctor, there was no physical reason for this. Jake keeps trying to get through to her. Vicky was still very sick. She calls out for Jake in her sleep, but when she wakes up she sees only Marley. She screams and tries to attack Marley, but was too weak to accomplish anything. She told Marley, again, that if she leaves her there alone, she'll die.

Zak asks Jordan what he's up to, but Jordan won't say. Zak feels frustrated because all of a sudden he's being kept in the dark. Jordan picks up his key. It glows red, and Zak gets to see Jordan make his transformation to David Halliday. Now Zak was full of brand new questions, but Jordan doesn't want to answer them at the moment. When Zak asks "why?", he simply says "why not?"

Lila calls Cass to reach out to him. Cass has Felicia at his home, but when he gets the call, he simulates a big party going on and acts like he's having the time of his life. Lila tries not to let it bother her, but it does.

Marley told Vicky all about the things Jake has been saying to her about loving and needing her. She also says that Jake kissed her. In the park where they met, Cameron asks Amanda to marry him. Donna wakes up. Jake and Joe ask her where Vicky is, but Donna's memory is fuzzy again. Joe shows her Marley's dolls, and she says they mean something.

Marley went on and on about how much Jake loves her. Vicky seems hurt by this, but then Marley starts talking crazy and acting paranoid, so she told Marley that she can have Jake. She asks again for a doctor, but Marley says she and Jake just need a little more time.

Donna remembers that the dolls came from the Love mansion. She says Vicky was there. Jake doesn't believe it because the house burned down, but Donna reminds him of the underground room which was still there. Felicia chides Cass for moping around on New Year's Eve because he can't have Lila. He told her Lila came on to him, but he turned her down because it was the honorable thing to do. Felicia was impressed, but says it's so out of character for him... he used to love cheap affairs. He says it's because he really loves Lila.

Lila writes Cass a very touching letter. It says how much she loves him, and how she can't stand the thought of not having him in her life anymore. Gary and Josie arrive, and the three of them talk about Jasmine. When Lila says she'd do anything for her daughter, she crumples up the letter to Cass.

Amanda was overwhelmed by Cameron's proposal, but eventually manages to say yes. Cameron was thrilled.

Vicky tries to convince Marley to do the right thing, but Marley says that it was her turn to be happy, and she'll stop at nothing to get what she wants. Vicky starts coughing and can't stop. The seems to pull Marley out of her angry little speech and back to reality. Amanda was late getting to the Cory party. When she and Cameron finally get there, they pause outside and kiss. They're seen by Jordan, and he doesn't look happy.

Felicia gets tired of moping around with Cass. She can't understand why he's given up... he fought for every other woman he's ever loved. After she gives him a little pep talk, he has a renewed determination to win over Lila.

Matt finds Lila's letter to Cass. In a calm anger, he asks Lila to explain it to him.

Cameron and Amanda announce their engagement. Jordan was furious and leaves the party. He transforms back to his original self.

Jake and Joe rush to get to the Love mansion. Vicky cries and begs for Marley not to leave her there. She finally gets through, and Marley hugs her sister and promises she will not leave her there.

Tuesday, January 5, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Meghann

Stark was outside and has changed from David Halliday back to Jordan Stark. Zak was outside and wants to know what happened. Stark told him that anytime he feels emotions, he changes back to himself. Zak puts 2 and 2 together and realizes he feels something for Amanda. Zak went back inside and Rachel comes out looking or Matt. She sees Stark, but he told her he just came by to wish her a happy new year and he leaves.

Matt was at Cass' yelling at him to stay away from his wife. Cass says that she just wants someone to love her. Matt says that he was just making it feel like it so she has feelings for her and leaves. Cass was thrilled that Lila admitted that she had feelings for him and he leaves too.

Joe and Jake arrive at the Love house, but Marley and Vicki have already left. Jake finds something of Vicki's and the medicine. Joe finds the thermos and says it was still warm. Tyrone comes down and says that someone saw Marley and Vicki drive down the road about 20 minutes ago and they all leave to find her.

Vicki and Marley are in the car on there way to Chicago. Vicki was very cold and Marley turns on the radio for music. On the radio, there was a news bulletin telling everyone Vicki has been found and that they are looking for Marley's car. Marley freaks out and they climb out on a building.

Lila thinks she hears Matt on the terrace and went out there. It's Cass. He tells her the same thing he does all the time about her not loving Matt and he knows about the letter. They are about to kiss when guess who should walk up but Matt. Matt asks Cass to leave but Cass won't. he says Lila was waiting for the New Year's kiss. They are about to kiss but they never quite get their lips connect. So Cass grabbed Lila and kissed her.

Rachel visits Stark and he says that he doesn't need her pity. Just because he was alone doesn't mean he wants anyone's pity. Rachel says she wasn't there to give him any.

Marley and Vicki are on top of a building. Marley plans on jumping to the next roof. Jake and Joe see Marley on top of the roof and also see them fall when they try to jump. Marley lands on a platform thing but Vicki was hanging on to the edge. Marley manages to pull her up and Jake was at the top of the building. He can't quite reach Vicki so Vicki asks Marley to lift her up to Jake. She told her to do it for Jake. Marley says that they don't care about her and gets ready to jump.

Wednesday, January 6, 1999

At Carlino's Paulina worked while worrying about Vicki. Nick and Remy tried to comfort Paulina. Paulina realized that Nick was just as worried about Vicki as she was.

After Nick and Remy left, Tito ran into Paulina outside of Carlino's. Tito had been waiting for Nick and Remy to leave, but made his run-in with Paulina look coincidental. He acted surprise to learn that Paulina was an owner of Carlino's. Tito started arguing with Paulina accusing her of not wanting him to be a part of her life regardless of the results. A tearful Paulina assured Tito that that couldn't be further from the truth. The two began to bond over soup and milk. Tito would look in the diary to learn more about Paulina and know just the right things to say. Sure enough, Paulina was amazed over the similarities between them. He reminded her of herself when she was his age. Paulina got a call from Joe that everyone was okay. Paulina said she would meet Joe at the hospital. Paulina tried to give Tito "Timothy" money for a new coat, but he turned it away claiming he doesn't take charity. After he left Paulina, he said to himself he would get a lot more than just a coat from her.

Gary, Josie, Chris, and Toni looked up at Jake, Joe, and Tyrone trying to help Marley from killing herself as well as Vicki. Vicki tried to bond with Marley by defending her to Jake, Joe, and Tyrone. Marley started saying she was tired and she wants to see Michael and wash her sins away. Vicki hugged Marley with fear and comfort. Jake started apologizing to Marley wishing they had never met because of all the pain he had caused her. She believed her at first, but then realized he was just saying anything to get her to come down off the ledge. Jake started talking about the day they met with specifics from what she wore to her hair. Marley continued to cry. Jake asked Marley to look at him. With hesitation, Marley looked up at Jake. Jake started telling Marley that he too felt suicidal after he raped her. He credited her for being the one to teach him about love.

Finally, Marley agreed to going home. When Vicki tried to get around her to reach for Jake, Vicki collapsed. Marley caught her. Marley then helped Vicki to safety. Jake grabbed Vicki and started bringing her downstairs. Marley was happy that she finally was able to make Jake happy. Marley started giving Tyrone instructions on what to tell Donna and Jake. Then Marley said she wants to go see Michael and get some sleep. Tyrone climbed to the ledge and caught her just as she was going to jump. He then hugged Marley and helped her up the ladder to safety.

Chris and Toni were relieved that Tyrone was safe. Josie wondered what could cause someone to go mentally unstable like Marley.

Donna confided in Etta Mae about not remembering Marley's birth due to an amnesiac drug that her father, Reginald, gave her. Donna started blaming herself for the way Marley turned out. She always thought Vicki was the one with the rough childhood since Donna wasn't there while Vicki was growing up. Etta Mae told Donna she needs to be strong for her daughters. Etta Mae told Donna that Vicki was going to need Donna to be there for her. When Donna asked Etta Mae if she likes Marley, Etta Mae replied, "Vicki was my friend."

Etta Mae then told Donna that she hopes Tyrone isn't the one who signed up for the job of helping Marley get through this terrible ordeal. Donna encouraged Tyrone helping Marley, but Etta Mae shot that idea down. While defending Tyrone, Etta Mae managed to knock Marley in the process. Donna was offended and sarcastically thanked Etta Mae for volunteering to sit with her. Etta Mae apologized and told Donna that she knows that Donna was worried about her girls just like she was worried about Tyrone. She does not want to see him get hurt. Nick and Remy went to Vicki's house to sit with Donna. Remy had a feeling that it was all over and they were all okay. Just then they got a call from Josie telling them everything was okay. Josie informed Donna that they have to arrest Marley. Donna said "Tell my girls that I love them." She and Etta Mae expressed their appreciation for Tyrone to Josie. Donna then told Josie to make sure that someone takes care of Marley.

In Remy's apartment, Tito read the diary to learn more about Paulina. He put the diary down on the coffee table just as Nick and Remy returned from Vicki's house.

Vicki was relieved it was finally over. Joe commended Jake. It was his memory of he and Marley's first meeting that got Marley to come around. Jake told Joe that he made up all that stuff about his first meeting with Marley. As Marley was being taken into the police car, she asked Jake if Vicki was all right. With extreme anger and hatred, Jake demanded for the police to get Marley away from him immediately. Marley said to Joe and Tyrone that she still loves Jake. Just as the ambulance drove away, Joe read Marley her rights.

Thursday, January 77tht">

As Vicky was taken away in the ambulance with Jake, Marley stares after them and whispers to Jake that she still loves him. Joe places her under arrests for kidnapping and reckless endangerment and slaps the handcuffs on her as he reads her, her rights. Marley stands there in an almost catatonic state, like she can't believe what was happening to her. Joe then asks Marley if she understands her rights as they have been read to her. Still catatonic like, she answers him yes. Joe then motions for one of his officers to come put Marley in one of the patrol cars so that they can take her to jail. Tyrone intervenes and pleads with Joe not to book Marley just yet until she's been examined by qualified medical personnel. Joe went along with this and they head over to the hospital to have Marley examined.

Outside the door of the loft, Remy and Nick have returned from Vicky and Jake's and Remy invites Nick into her place and offers to make him breakfast. Inside, Tito hears them coming and quickly dashes into the bedroom forgetting about Paulina's diary laying out on the table in the living room. Remy and Nick enter and Remy told Nick to sit down and she will cook something for him. As Nick went to sit down, he sees his roses destroyed on the floor and asks Remy who did this? Remy plays coy and says she doesn't know, Sofia and her are the only ones who have keys to their apartment. Nick told her if someone wants to trash her apartment, a lock was not going to stop them. He then adds that whoever did this doesn't like the idea of them being together. Remy tries to play it off by saying who really cares that much. They both hear a noise coming from outside on the balcony and Nick has a pretty good idea about who trashed the roses. He went out one of the windows and catches Tito. Next thing you see was Tito being thrown back inside threw the window (You Go Nick!). Nick demands to know what Tito was doing here. Tito lies and says he was just out catching some moon beams and didn't think anybody would mind. Nick's not buying it and asks Tito if he was stalking Remy. Tito told him he has been watching too much cable. Nick told him to answer the question. Tito then confesses to trashing the roses and says he was just messing around and they were already dead anyway. Nick then asks Tito what does he think he's doing walking around here like it's his own home and he wants to know right now. Tito told Nick that he probably won't believe him, but he thought he left his drill here. Nick doesn't believe him and was ready to go toe to toe with Tito, but Remy intervenes saying this was her fault for being nice to the guy. She then accuses Tito of breaking in and trashing the place. Remy told Tito to get out and never come back, but Nick says he's calling the cops. Remy says that isn't necessary because she thinks Tito gets the message loud and clear. Just then, Nick gets a call from Paulina about Vicky. Remy throws Tito out and told him not to come back, or she will call the cops. Paulina told Nick that Vicky was in the ER and she'd like him to bring the boys to the hospital. Nick says he'll do it right away. After he hangs up Remy asks Nick if he wants her to go with him. He told her not this time because he needs to explain things to the boys. He then told her he'll be back shortly and for her to lock all the doors and windows and don't open up the door to any body but him. Remy was touched and told Nick that she has never had anybody care for her so much. He told her she hasn't seen nothing yet and then kisses her and leaves.

Donna and Etta Mae show up before the ambulance has arrived with Vicky and Jake and wonder where they are. Shortly after, they arrive and Donna wants to know what was going on as they wheel Vicky into the ICU. Jake told her he'll fill her in later, but right now he has to be with Vicky and dashes off into the ICU room. The doctors told Jake that Vicky was critical and the next few hours are touch-and-go. Vicky rips off her oxygen mask to ask about the boys and the nurse asks Jake to make sure she keeps it on. She begins having trouble breathing and Jake tries to calm her down. He then gets upset and asks the doctor what was going on. Vicky's doctor cautions Jake that his wife was in critical condition due to her pneumonia going untreated for so long and that they may need to hook her up to a respirator. As the doctors are tending to Vicky, Paulina shows up to comfort Jake who was glad to see her there. She asks him where Marley was and Jake says who cares, adding that if Marley comes anywhere near his wife he won't be responsible for his actions. Paulina steps outside to go call Nick. After talking with Nick she steps back inside and told Jake that Nick was going to bring the boys by. Jake told her that's good, but he doesn't want the boys to see their mother like this. Paulina told him they are not talking about a couple of sheltered kids here and that Steven and Kirkland can take it because they are strong. She then told Jake that they haven't seen their mother in over a month and Jake agrees with her that they need to see Vicky. Paulina then adds if she were Vicky and had been separated from her kids, nothing would make her more determined to get better than to see them walking in through that door. Jake told her she was right and he wouldn't know what he would do if she weren't here. She hugs him and told him she was going to go call and check on Dante and will be back. The doctor told Jake as suspected, Vicky has pneumonia in both lungs and have given her high levels of antibiotics that he hopes will get her through the crucial period.

Outside Vicky's ICU Room, Tyrone and Joe show up with Marley in handcuffs. Etta Mae takes one look at Marley and asks them what in God's name was she doing here. Joe told them it was just a pit stop and Tyrone explains that he just felt Marley should get some medical attention before she was booked. Joe told Tyrone to just grab anybody with a stethoscope and tell them they have a prisoner who needs to be examined so they can get this over with. Marley told them while she was waiting, she would like to see Victoria and find out how she's doing, but Etta Mae told her she'll give Marley the low down to save Vicky from looking at the sight of her. Marley pleads with Etta Mae and then looks to Donna, but Etta Mae says, "don't you dare". She then told Marley that her best friend was in the ER and a whole team of doctors are working on her doing everything they can, but they still don't know if it will be good enough. Marley told her that they just have to save Victoria, but Etta Mae shouts at her WHY! So they can ease your lousy conscience. She then walks off a little ways down the hall before she strangles Marley, with Tyrone in tow. Marley looks at a disappointed Donna, then drops down to her knees and cries to her mommy that she was so sorry. Donna told her that she knows and asks what has happened to them. She then told Marley that Victoria was in there fighting for her life, while she's out here wiping away Marley's tears knowing that Marley has done this to her sister. Donna asks Marley why did she do it and why would she make her sister suffer this way? Marley told Donna that she knows what she did was wrong. Donna told Marley that Marley has been sick and she (Donna) hasn't wanted to face it and by the time she had fallen down.....Donna cuts it short because Joe was standing there and just says Marley knows what happened. She then told Marley she didn't want to believe she could do such terrible things to her own sister. Marley told Donna that it didn't start out that way it just, but Donna cuts her short and told her this was me you are talking to. She told Marley it wasn't a desperate act, it was a cold calculated plan and she built a cell and kept her sister in it like some kind of an animal. Marley puts her hands over her ears and told Donna that she doesn't want to hear it. Donna told her she has to hear this and told Marley even when Marley's life starting to fall apart around her she wouldn't give up and now her sister was in there fighting for her life and she still might lose it. Marley starts crying again and told Donna that she wants to deny it, but she can't. Donna says that she doesn't feel superior to Marley and that everything that has happened to Marley and Victoria was her fault. Marley told her mom not to blame herself and tries to hold Donna's hands again, but Donna pulls them away and told Marley that maybe one day she will understand when you lose your ability to call your soul your own, you are very little value to anybody and least of all to yourself. Etta Mae and Tyrone return and Etta Mae asks Donna to go pay a visit to the chapel with her, because they aren't doing Vicky any good standing around here. Donna says she would like that and Etta Mae wheels her away.

Tyrone told Marley to come go with him so the doctor can look her over. Marley says she doesn't need a doctor and begs to see Victoria. Joe told her this isn't a social visit she was under arrest and the only reason she was here was to see a doctor. Marley begs Joe that she just wants to peek in through the window and as she nears Vicky's room with her back towards it, she bumps into Jake. She turns around and Jake told her if she takes one step near Vicky, he'll break her damn neck! Marley told Jake that she knows that he was worried about Victoria. Jake told her that she knows that he has been worried about Vicky for weeks and she doesn't give a damn about Vicky. Marley told Jake that she cares about Vicky and Jake says was that what she calls it when she kidnaps her sister and locks in her in a cage and lets everyone think she has ran away or that she was dead. He then asks her if she knows what she did to those two little boys since they spent their Christmas praying to God that their mother was still alive, while she listened to them cry themselves to sleep every night and has the nerve to stand there and tell him that she cares about those little boys or Vicky, all she cares about was herself. Marley cries that she knows what she did was wrong, but Jake told her that wrong was parking in a handicapped zone, but what she did went in a whole different category. Marley told Jake that she knows she did something terrible and needs to find her way back, but Jake told her she was never going to find her way back because she was going to pay big time. Joe butts in and told Jake to back off, but Jake asks Joe if that was what he wanted to do when Grant torched his house and almost killed his wife and child. Joe says nothing and Jake told Joe not to tell him to back off, because he was just getting started and Marley almost ruined his life. Marley told Jake that she knows she has to be punished for what she did, but he has to understand that she never wanted to hurt anybody she just wanted things to be the way that they were, she just wanted to be happy. Jake told Marley that he doesn't feel sorry for her because he knows she only wanted to be happy in her sick little fantasy world with him. Marley stands there speechless as Jake told her that he was going to tell her something about her Prince Charming (meaning him). He then says her Prince Charming was going to make sure that she spends the rest of her life behind bars.

Vicky hears them arguing and knows something was going on. The nurse tries to get her to calm down and breath, but she gets so upset, she ends up making her condition worse. As Jake was outside of the room chewing out Marley, a nurse runs out of the room and says they need a doctor STAT. Jake rushes back in to see Vicky, as Marley peers through the window. Vicky sees Marley and she becomes worse. Marley comes in and told the nurse that she was Vicky's sister. Jake turns around and sees Marley standing there and went ballistic and shouts to get Marley out of there. Joe pulls Marley out of there as Jake follows and told Marley that if she went near Vicky again, it'll be the sorriest day of her life. Marley reminds Jake that they were getting so close the other day and he almost kissed her and asks if he remembers. Jake told her he remembers and it made him sick to his stomach to have to pretend that he wanted her, but he figures if it got him back to Vicky, it was worth it. Marley then brought up the incident on the roof and all the things Jake said to her like telling her she was special. Jake told her he lied to keep her from taking that nosedive off the roof with the only woman he has ever loved and ever will love. Marley says no, no, no and Jake told her yes and that she killed any feelings he had for her when she did what she did to Vicky. Paulina told Jake that Vicky was asking for him. He told Joe to get Marley out of here and then went to see Vicky. Marley turns and cries on Tyrone's shoulder as Paulina told Joe not to let Marley go near Jake again. Later, Tyrone told Joe that Marley has been checked out by a doctor and has been given a clean bill of health. Joe told Marley again what she was charged with and says he'd also like to question Marley about the Harrison shooting and knows she knows about that. Marley looks at Joe guiltily and Tyrone says that his client won't be speaking to Joe about that right now. Joe says fine and told Marley it's time to go. As they head out, Etta Mae can't believe Tyrone was going to defend Marley and warns him that he's going to find himself in a world of trouble. Tyrone told Etta Mae he knows she means well, but this was something that he has to do and leaves to follow Joe to the station. Paulina leaves as well and heads over to Carlino's.

Tito sneaks back in and Remy berates him for coming back. Tito starts telling Remy she needs to be grateful since he covered her lie up for her and to show him some gratitude. Remy says gratitude hey and then walks over and dumps water on him. She then told Tito she was sick of his games and sick of lying to Nick. He knows how much Nick means to her, yet he trashes her flowers and ruins yet another night for her and Nick and she has had it. Remy then told him that he will never put her in another position like he did tonight. Tito says well you know what they say, never say never ( I DO NOT LIKE THIS KID). Remy told him NO, that was exactly what she was saying. It was a new year and she was going to start it off right, so he can find himself a new cave to live in and he can do it now, because what she has with Nick was too important and won't risk it, even for him. Tito told Remy that he can blow her love nest sky high and Remy told him to do it already because she'd rather deal with that than him. Tito apologizes and says he would never do that to her. Tito says he'll go, but gives her something he picked up for her first, her own mug, something she always wanted. Remy asks if this was supposed to make her forgive him? Tito says he doesn't want her to be mad at him. Remy says this isn't about being mad. Later, Nick returns and Remy told him that Tito got the message loud and clear as the two settle in for a quiet evening alone.

Paulina went to Carlino's and finds Tito has broken in. He told her that he doesn't have a place to stay anymore and he just wanted a blanket. She asks where he's been staying and he lies and says at a stairwell by the dry cleaners. Paulina asks why he didn't tell her and he says he said he didn't want to bother her. Paulina says despite what the DNA testing proves, she will be there for him. She told him that he can stay in a cot in the storeroom for now. Joe shows up and Paulina told Tito to go out the back quickly. Joe asks Paulina if she was all right and she says yes.

Marley was booked, and then thrown in the slammer. Tyrone comes to see her and told her they need to talk about her defense. Marley says why and Tyrone says she was in serious trouble. Marley told Tyrone that she doesn't care what happens to her anymore.

The antibiotics begin to work and Vicky's health improves. The doctor decides to give Vicky and Jake some time alone. Vicky asks about Marley, but Jake says they aren't going there right now. Jake told her that he has something for her and the boys come in to see her. Vicky was glad to see her kids and they her. She, Jake and the boys have a wonderful family reunion. Later, Donna comes to see Vicky, as does Etta Mae. Jake says that Vicky needs her rest, so they better go. However, Jake told Vicky he won't be leaving, he's staying with her all night. Vicky moves over so that Jake can lay next to her. As they snuggle, Vicky told Jake that she loves him very much and Jake told her he loves her too and that he's never going to let her go......

Friday, January 8, 1999

Amanda has a lunch date with David Halliday. Jordan gets Zak to arrange to have a particular piece of classical music played on the radio during the lunch. He wants to see how Amanda will react to the song. In the hospital, Vicky has a dream about Marley being her nurse. She wakes up screaming, and Jake assures her that Marley was in jail. Vicky asks Jake to go see Marley for her. Jake can't believe that Vicky was still worried about Marley after everything she has done. But Vicky says that Marley only did those terrible things because she's sick, and she can't stop loving her sister because she's sick. So Jake agrees to check on Marley.

In jail, Marley gets a visit from Tyrone. She has decided how she wants to proceed with her case. She told Tyrone that she wants to plead guilty to all charges. Tyrone wants her to plead not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. She insists that although she's a changed person, she was not insane.

Grant gets a phone call telling him that Vicky has been rescued and Marley has been arrested. He fills Cindy in, and told her she better go see Marley and make sure she keeps quiet... otherwise, they'll all be in trouble. Grant visits Vicky. She's angry with him for not telling the police that she wasn't the one who shot him. He claims he told the police everything he remembers. Joe walks in and told Grant that's a crock. He wants to go over the shooting with the two of them. Grant says he still doesn't remember who shot him, but if Vicky says she didn't do it, he believes her. Vicky asks Joe if she's still a suspect, but he says no, it's obvious she was set up. After Joe leaves, Vicky tries to get Grant to say more about the shooting, but he won't. She warns him that she's not giving up until she knows all the people that were involved in Marley's scheme.

Gary asks Cameron to be his baby's godfather. Cameron says he doesn't think he's the best choice. Gary asks him if there's any reason why he shouldn't be the godfather, but Cameron says no, he just needs to get used to the idea. He says to check with Josie, and if it's OK with her, then he'll do it.

Cindy visits Marley and tries to get her to agree to keep quiet. Marley makes no promises. Cindy told her that if she doesn't talk, Grant will help keep her out of jail, but Marley says she doesn't care if she went to jail. Cindy replies that a person would have to be crazy to say that, and Marley angrily insists that she was not crazy. Cindy advises her that a brief stay in a mental hospital beats years in prison. Despite Cindy's best efforts to get Marley to plead insanity, Marley still refuses. She does assure Cindy that she'll keep quiet about her and Grant's involvement. This was good enough for Cindy, but she reminds Marley that she'll never get Jake back from prison. Jordan turns on the radio during his meeting with Amanda, and the song he requested was playing. Amanda was distracted by it, and comments on how beautiful the song is. They discuss the music for a while. He suggests that they go to a symphony together, but they're interrupted by Cameron before she can answer. He says he needs to talk to her, so she cuts her meeting short. Cameron suggests that rather than have a big wedding, the two of them should elope. Amanda was hesitant at first, but he manages to convince her. He wants them to leave immediately, and Amanda agrees.

Jake visits Marley. He makes it clear that he's only there at Vicky's request, and that he hopes she rots in jail. Marley agrees that what she did was wrong, and says she wants to be punished. Jake thinks this is just a ploy on her part to gain sympathy. She denies this, she says she just wants to accept what's in store for her. He reminds her of how much he hates her for what she's done, and while she remains calm, she appears quite shaken after he leaves.

Jordan and Zak discuss Amanda's reaction to the song. Jordan was pleased, but says he'll need to spend more time with her to know if she's the one. It will have to be more than business... he wants to see her socially. He calls to arrange an evening at the symphony with her, but she says she's going out of town to elope with Cameron tonight. Jordan was not happy to hear Amanda's news. He told Zak that she can't leave until he knows if she was the one. And if she is, she can never marry Cameron.

Tyrone arranges for Marley to see a psychiatrist. She doesn't want to, but Tyrone told her that if she can get well, maybe the people that she loves will be able to forgive her for what she's done. Marley was hopeful that he's right, and says maybe she was sick and does need help.

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