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Max Giambetti
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Actor History
Derk Cheetwood
January 24, 2002 to Present
Other Names

His given name is Maximus Giambetti, Jr.


Bodyguard for Sonny Corinthos

Former head of security at the Metro Court


Miller-Giambetti house, Port Charles, New York

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



Maximus "Magnus" Giambetti (father)

Milo Giambetti (paternal half-brother)

Name unknown (maternal sister)



Flings & Affairs

Carly Corinthos Jacks (crush)

Diane Miller (lovers)

Crimes Committed

Involved in various criminal activities while working for Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan

Health and Vitals

Shot in the arm by Manny Ruiz [Nov 14, 2005]

Held hostage by Jerry Jacks for fifteen hours during Metro Court hostage crisis [Jan 29, 2007 through Feb 19, 2007 (Jan 28, 2007 on the show)]

Shot in the shoulder by Jerry Jacks [Feb 12, 2007 (Jan 28, 2007 on the show)]

Knocked unconscious during explosion [Feb 16, 2007 to Feb 19, 2007 (Jan 28, 2007 on the show)]

Hit by a car driven by Diego Alcazar (the Text Message Killer) [Feb 28, 2008]

Knocked unconscious and sustained minor injuries after a car crashed into the hospital carnival [Sep 9, 2009]

Accidentally shot in the chest by Morgan Corinthos [Dec 23, 2013]

Hit on the head with a vase by Ava Jerome [Sep 22, 2014]

Shot in the chest by Heather Webber [Nov 4, 2014; Oct 31, 2014 on the show]

Held hostage by a mob rival [Aug 29, 2017]

Brief Character History

In 2002, Max Giambetti joined the Corinthos organization. As the son of notorious mob boss Maximus Giambetti, Max understood that the wide array of tasks that he might be assigned when he took the job as Sonny Corinthos' driver and bodyguard could land him in jail or worse. Over the years, Max proved his loyalty to Sonny Corinthos, and in 2006, Max's younger brother Milo joined the Corinthos organization.

Max and Milo were close, despite having different mothers. It was clear that Milo admired his older brother, and Max treated Milo more like a son than a brother. He took Milo under his wing and always looked out for his sweet-natured brother.

Max also spent a considerable amount of time with Sonny's on-again and off-again, wife, Carly Corinthos, the mother of two of Sonny's children. He quickly developed a crush on Carly, and she often used his feelings to manipulate him to help her defy Sonny's orders. Max never acted on his feelings for Carly because of his unwavering loyalty to Sonny.

In 2006, legal eagle Diane Miller began to represent Sonny in all legal matters, but sparks didn't fly between Sonny's savvy attorney and his stoic bodyguard until 2008.

Shortly after Michael Corinthos was shot in the head then slipped into an irreversible coma, Diane stopped by Sonny's house to check on Max because she knew how close he'd been to Michael. Max was heartbroken over the shooting, and he blamed himself for not properly protecting Michael. As the two talked, Max realized that Diane also felt somewhat responsible for young Michael's tragic fate. Before long, Max and Diane found comfort in each other's arms.

Initially, the relationship between Max and Diane had been purely physical, but over time it developed into more. Sonny was not happy about the relationship, but he respected both Max and Diane. Sonny made it clear that he did not want Max and Diane's personal lives to interfere with business. The couple went through several. ups and downs over the years as Diane struggled to make peace with Max's lifestyle. She'd seen firsthand the price that Carly had paid for loving Sonny.

Diane had good reason to be concerned because Max would often put his own life on the line to protect both Sonny and Jason. He'd had several brushes with death as a result. Max grew to love Diane because he was able to be himself with her, in part because she was privy to Sonny's secrets. Max was able to lean on Diane in a way that he couldn't any other woman. He admired her intelligence, determination, and humor. She often helped him through the struggles that he faced protecting Sonny and the Corinthos family.

In October 2008, Maximus "Magnus" Giambetti Sr. paid his sons a visit in Port Charles. The retired mobster had been deported to Palermo, Italy in 1988, and his sons had dutifully visited their father over the years. It became clear to Diane that Maximus had been under the impression that his eldest son ran the criminal empire in Port Charles. She was not pleased when Max introduced her to his father as his attorney rather than his girlfriend, and Maximus took the liberty of slapping her on the behind.

However, everyone, including Sonny, humored Maximus for the sake of Max and Milo. The brothers were part of Sonny's inner circle, and their love and admiration for their father was evident. Unbeknownst to either brother, Maximus had seen through the ruse. He had stopped by Sonny's house to offer the younger mob boss some advice because he wanted to insure his sons' safety.

On August 25, 2011, Max and Diane ended their relationship. Diane had written a book with Damien Spinelli called The Secret Life of Damien Spinelli, and she had made plans to embark on a book tour to promote the book. Max was not happy that Diane would be leaving town, but she reminded him that she didn't need his permission. As the argument continued, Max accused Diane of wanting to break things off. She admitted that she thought it would be best for them to take a break for a while, but Max disagreed. Diane stood firm, and Max had to respect her wishes.

The couple parted on amicable terms, and Diane left town for a few months to focus on her book. Max threw himself into his work, but it was clear to all that he missed Diane.

On December 23, 2013, Max was accidentally shot by Morgan Corinthos during a mob shootout with the Jerome crime family inside Sonny's warehouse. Max was gravely injured, and Diane rushed to his bedside. it was touch-and-go for a while, but he eventually pulled through and made a full recovery. Max loved Morgan, so he easily forgave him.

Things between Max and Diane started up again too, and by September 2015 they were once again in a committed relationship with each other. Eventually, the two moved in together. Diane continued to worry about Max's safety, but she had made peace with his choices because she loved him.

Max remained a loyal member of Sonny's organization, and he was often on hand to help his boss as Sonny battled to get control of his bipolar disorder. Max was also there for Sonny through some of his darkest hours like Morgan's tragic death and Jason Morgan's presumed death. Each of the Corinthos children loved Max and looked up to him as a friend and trusted family member.

In May 2019, Max and Milo were trusted to keep watch over Sonny's daughter, Kristina, after Jason had managed to extract her from a cult then whisked her to a safehouse.

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Who's Who in Port Charles

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