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General Hospital Recap for Monday, April 5, 2021
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Monday, April 12, 2021

There was a knock on Willow's door, and she answered it to Michael. He entered and wondered why there was a mattress on the floor. She explained that it had arrived in a small box, and she'd made the mistake of opening the box before taking it upstairs. She declared that he had perfect timing, as he could help her lug it upstairs. Before they carried the mattress up, Michael had something to talk to Willow about. He informed her that he and Sasha had broken up after trying to make things work, so they would just be good friends. He added that he believed it hadn't worked out with Sasha because of Willow.

Willow admitted that everything had changed when she and Michael had slept together, and she wanted to be with him "for real." She continued that, when she daydreamed about her future, she saw Michael. "It's you, Michael. You're the one," she told him. He offered to take things slowly if she wanted, but she didn't see the need, and the two shared a kiss. Using the mattress on the floor, the two made love. Later, Willow joked that she was glad she'd bought the mattress, and Michael agreed.

Jordan arrived at the club and marveled to Curtis over how great it looked. He wondered what she thought of the new name, the Savoy, and she loved it. She could tell that he'd wanted to tell her something when he'd stopped by before, and she hoped they could talk, since they were alone. He replied that he'd wanted to see what was going on between them until he'd seen Taggert. She promised that her and Taggert's relationship was strictly work-related, and Curtis replied that that was the problem. Curtis explained that Jordan and Taggert trusted each other and could tell each other anything, which Jordan and Curtis didn't have. He thought that it was time for a divorce.

Jordan didn't want her work to drive a wedge between her and Curtis, and she reasoned that they had everything else in their relationship. However, Curtis thought that it wasn't enough, as Jordan would still have to keep secrets from him. "I guess this is goodbye," Jordan said tearfully. Curtis wished it wasn't, but he saw no other way. He asked for one more dance with her before she left, and the two swayed together as Jordan cried.

Portia entered an exam room and found Taggert. She was surprised that he didn't have a guard with him, but he reminded her of his ankle monitor. She offered to get another doctor if it would make him more comfortable, but he didn't think that was necessary. After she'd performed the follow-up examination for his gunshot wound, she asked how he was doing "in general." He replied that he was trying to get his life back, and he gushed about spending time with Trina. He added that staying with Jordan was like "old times," but he feared that his living arrangement was causing trouble between Curtis and Jordan.

Taggert admitted that he knew that Portia had cheated on him with Curtis, and she was flabbergasted. He explained that he'd noticed how different she'd been after he'd returned from his last undercover mission, and he'd only recently figured out that it had been with Curtis. He didn't blame her, and he acknowledged that he hadn't been a good husband. She insisted that, despite their history, she only wanted the best for him. He agreed to the sentiment, and the two embraced.

Britt entered Maxie's room at the hospital as Maxie got her things together. The two hoped that Britt's warning to Peter had convinced him to leave Maxie alone. Britt wondered what Maxie's plan was for after the birth, so Maxie explained. "Spinelli?" Britt asked when Maxie was done explaining. Britt thought that Spinelli's would be the first place Peter would look for the baby, so she demanded that Maxie think of someone else. "Robin?" Britt scoffed a few minutes later, and she added that Robin's would be the second place Peter would look. She insisted that it couldn't be someone that Maxie knew.

Britt finally decided that, when Louise was born, Britt would take the baby. She would give Louise to someone far away that no one in Port Charles knew, and she would make sure they knew that the arrangement was temporary. Maxie questioned how they would find that person, and Britt promised to figure it out. When she did, she vowed not to tell Maxie so that Maxie didn't have to lie to Peter. Maxie reminded Britt that Peter would kill Britt to find out where the baby was if he had to. "Then the secret dies with me," Britt decided.

Finn and Chase arrived at Chase's apartment, and Chase was just happy that the family had survived the dinner. Chase suddenly felt tired and hot, and Finn observed that Chase seemed pale and clammy. Chase added that his stomach hurt, and he hoped that he hadn't gotten food poisoning at the restaurant. Finn got Chase some water and insisted on taking his temperature, but Chase thought that he just needed sleep. Finn made Chase promise to call if he felt any worse, and Finn left.

A short while later, Chase was asleep on the couch when he was awoken by Willow's arrival. She asked if she could move back in with him, as she wanted to pick up where they'd left off. She reasoned that she could still parent Wiley from there. "Welcome home," Chase said with a smile, and the two got closer. As they were about to share a kiss, Chase was jolted awake. He grabbed his phone and called the PCPD to put in a sick day for the next day. A sweating and shivering Chase covered himself back up with the blanket.

Peter arrived at Anna's, and she informed him that she'd reconsidered his offer. He replied that it was too late. Just then, Valentin descended the stairs with a gun, and Peter confidently said that Valentin wouldn't do anything to him in front of Anna. Anna chimed in that Valentin wouldn't do anything to Peter, but she would. She tased him, and he passed out on the floor.

A few minutes later, Anna and Valentin had gotten Peter, who was regaining consciousness, to the couch, and they began to restrain him. Anna explained that her priority was keeping Maxie and the baby safe, as Peter was turning into Faison. Anna blamed everything on herself for not seeing who Peter was, but Valentin insisted on sharing the blame with her. She added that she also wanted to make things right with Jason, who was in jail for something he hadn't done. "Ready?" Valentin asked. "Let's do this," Anna replied. Just then, the doorbell rang, and the two froze. Valentin urged her not to answer it, but she reasoned that the visitor could probably tell that she was home.

Moments later, Anna answered the door to Finn, who was there to get Violet's stuffed pig. He also wanted to talk with her, so she let him inside. She found the pig for him, and he updated her on his "strange night" with his family. She wondered how he felt about Chase being his son, but he figured that he should get the stuffed animal back to Violet before she went to bed. Finn spotted a wallet on the floor, and when he picked it up, Valentin's ID fell out. Anna explained that she and Valentin were working on a plan together to stop Peter, and that was it. "You look pretty," he said, smiling, as he walked out the door. She asked him to tell Violet that Anna missed her, and she closed the door and cried.

Valentin dragged Peter to the bottom of the basement steps in a chair. Peter spat that Valentin could thank Peter for giving Anna a reason to lean on Valentin. "You really are Faison's son," Valentin observed, and he insisted that Peter wouldn't get away with his crimes. Peter warned Valentin that he had an "insurance policy." Valentin shot back that he and Anna were good at making things disappear, and Peter was going where no one would find him.

Anna descended the stairs and assured Valentin that she'd covered with Finn as she handed over Valentin's wallet. "You're making a fatal mistake," Peter muttered. Anna demanded to know what she and Valentin had forgotten. "You're not the only ones who make plans. If you go through with this, someone you care about dies," Peter warned.

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