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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 16, 1996 on GL
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Monday, December 16, 1996

Roger asked Bridget what was wrong and Bridget related that Dinah and Hart went off to Europe.

Roger wanted to know what happened and Bridget told them they were on a pre-honeymoon love fest in Switzerland. Bridget commented that she should have listened to Nola and given up on Hart. Roger said that the infatuation Hart has with Dinah won't last because he loves the simple things in life. Dinah, on the other hand, is a jetsetter who would hate the daily routine of farm life. Roger told Bridget to have faith and she asked if she could count on him to help.

Roger told her that she should be patient and told her he was in her corner. They got up and Bridget went to help Peter paint a picture. Bridget thanked Roger for listening to her and went inside. Roger called Jean Luc and told him that they were going to join Dinah and Hart in Switzerland. Amanda came and told Roger that the journal was going to print his new position at Spaulding. He told her he was leaving the country and Amanda got angry.

Roger told her he was going to Switzerland and Amanda figured out that he was going there because Dinah and Hart would be there. He told her they would pick up where they left off when he got back. Roger and Amanda left.

On the airplaine, Jean Luc informed Roger that he had missed Dinah after she was gone.

Jean Luc called someone to bring Dinah's old friends to surprise Dinah. Roger congrajulated him.

Vanessa was wheeled outside by a nun and watched the sun set over the lake.

Vanessa discussed how she wanted to take in as much as she could before her eyesight went. The nun understood and left. Vanessa prayed that Matt would accept Nola's help.

Vanessa looked out at the hotel as the vesper bells rang and wondered about the people there. The nun pointed out the sweet young couple on the balcony.

Hart carried Dinah over the threshhold in the hotel near the lake where Vanessa was staying in Switzwerland. The bellhop assumed they were married and Hart didn't correct him. When Dinah asked why he let him think they were married, he replied that he considered them as married and this as their honeymoon. They kissed.

Hart called for champagne and strawberries. Dinah and Hart discussed how incredible it was to have each other in their lives. Hart commented on who would have ever thought a guy like him and a girl like her would ever end up together. They discussed how lucky they were and how perfect their lives were and how they wanted to grow old together.

Dinah and Hart shared strawberries. Dinah told him that she wanted to show him around Europe. They kissed again.

Dinah suggested they go sightseeing and vesper bells rang and wanted to find out where they were coming from. Dinah went out on the balcony to see the sunset.

Dinah pointed out that the mountains were as real and lasting as their love, and they kissed. Dinah wondered where the bells were coming from and Hart pointed out a building that Dinah said looked like a monastery or convent.

Bill went over to J in Company and pointed out a girl that he had asked out to the winter dance. He told J that she had accepted and that her mother wouldn't let her go. J advised him to get Matt to convince the girl's mother.

Buzz and Annie reached Cross Creek. Annie wanted to barge right in, but Buzz cautioned her.

Inside the cabin, Josh an Reva kissed and Josh told her he never stopped loving her. Reva replied that she loved him to. They continued kissing.

Annie told Buzz that she would be relieved if Reva was not their and that she had a lot to tell her husband. They continued to argue about whether or not Reva was in there. Buzz tried to convince her to leave before they went in. Annie told him that he could go back and she left the car to go inside. Annie started to open the door, but looked through the window instead.

Josh and Reva were on the bed and Josh heard something.

Annie went ahead and opened the door and called for Josh.

Josh told Reva that he wanted to be with her from the moment he knew she was alive. Josh told her that this time,nothing would keep them apart. Reva moved into the bedroom and Josh followed her. They started kissing on the bed.

Reva and Josh started undressing each other.

Buzz and Annie reached Cross Creek. Annie wanted to barge right in, but Buzz cautioned her.

Annie told Buzz that she would be relieved if Reva was not their and that she had a lot to tell her husband. They continued to argue about whether or not Reva was in there. Buzz tried to convince her to leave before they went in. Annie told him that he could go back and she left the car to go inside. Annie started to open the door, but looked through the window instead.

Josh and Reva were on the bed and Josh heard something.

Annie went ahead and opened the door and called for Josh.

Josh came out and asked what she was doing there and that he told her not to come there. Annie apologized for what she did and asked for his forgiveness. Josh told her that she had betrayed their trust and broken faith. Annie told him that she loved him and that having a baby would be good for them. Annie didn't see a reason why they couldn't just go back to Springfield and start over again. Josh said that it wasn't that simple and he needed more time to think. He told her to go home. Annie replied that Buzz had driven her.

When Josh asked if Buzz was there, Annie told him that he had dropped her off. Josh went to call a cab, despite Annie's pleas. Annie told him that he wanted to give him proof of their love. Annie brought up that he broke faith when he married her when he loved Reva. Josh warned her not to back him into a corner. Josh was adamant and angry. Annie collapsed into his arms and told him that she was dizzy. Josh asked if this was real or a play for sympathy. Annie insistd it was real and Josh went to get her a blanket.

He went into the bedroom and Reva whispered to him that he had to tell Annie the truth.

Josh replied that she was right and Josh said that he had to tell her himself that their marriage was over.

Annie went over to the mantle where she saw Josh and Reva's initials carved there. She then noticed a tea cup with lipstick on it by the fireplace. Annie was about to go into the bedroom when Josh came out.

Josh told her there was something she needed to know.

Tuesday, December 17, 1996

But, Josh wasn't buying it. Annie went on about how wonderful the news was and how everything was different now.

Josh walked away from her and started to go to Reva who was hidden in the bedroom. Annie stopped him. She acted lightheaded and told him that she just didn't want him to walk out on her. Josh asked her if she was alright, and she replied that she had felt a headache coming on and that she hadn't eaten. She asked him what he had wanted to tell her that was so important.

Josh covered her with a blanket and went to get her a washcloth for her eyes. He walked into the bedroom. He went over to Reva and told her that she had heard everything and that she knew Annie was carrying his child. He then said that he had wanted to tell Annie everything. He didn't know what to do, he was afraid if he upset her, she would go back to drinking or pill popping. He only knew that he loved Reva.

Reva told him that Annie needed him. Josh asked why this had to happen. Josh then went back into the other room to talk to Annie.

Annie pretended that she was in pain and thanked Josh for the washcloth.

Reva gathered her things and left through the window.

Josh went to see Reva and found that she had left. He looked out the window and Annie came into the room.

Buzz entered the Diner and Eleni asked about the trip to Cross Creek. They discussed how Annie was threatened by Reva. Frank asked if Buzz knew where Reva was.

Buzz replied that she was on a journey to put her mother to rest. Frank asked him if he wasn't nervous. Buzz told him that questioning each other only caused problems.

Frank answered the phone and Eleni handed Buzz a letter hat came while he was away. The letter was from Jenna.

Buzz opened the letter. He then got up and went to the phone. He thought back to Jenna.

Buzz opened the letter in which Jenna said that she was planning to come to Springfield and wanted him to call her if it was alright. Buzz dialed the phone and told her that it was okay with him, but before he could tell her he was married, the connection became bad.

Nola asked J what he would be studying now that he had changed his major to Fine Arts. Nola suggested that he try architecture, but J said that that was too difficult. Nola told him that she just wanted him to find something he wanted to do. J expressed an interest in photography. Nola told him not to give up on himself.

Matt had lunch with the mother of the girl Bill asked out. Matt asked her what it would take to allow Candy, the girl, to go to the dance with Bill.

Bill and his date discussed the dance while looking at Matt laughing with her mother.

At the table, Candy's mother told Matt how her husband had left her for her 22 year old neice. Matt told her about how his wife Vanessa had died. The woman figured out he was Matt Reardon, the gigolo. She got up to leave and told him she would never consider letting her daughter go out with the son of a man who had done what he done for a living. Matt told her to wait.

Matt asked her not to blame Bill for what he had done a long time ago. She said that she didn't want her daughter exposed to him. She took her daughter and left.

Bill was angry at Matt and left. Matt started to follow him, but Nola stopped him.

Nola told him that he had tried. Matt was hard on himself for not doing more for Bill and he left. J came outside and commented that sticking Candy's mom with Matt had backfired.

Nola replied that she wasn't going to give up yet. She would find someone for Matt.

Roger and Jean Luc discussed how to break Dinah and Hart up. Jean Luc left and Roger went upstairs.

Vanessa moved in close to see the couple on the balcony of the hotel.

Dina could see a woman at the convent. Hart and Dinah discussed her former jet-setting days which Dinah said were over. A knock came at the door and they went to answer it.

Instead of room service, it was all of Dinah's old friends who Dinah was excited to see.

Jean Luc followed them in and Dinah told him that she never wanted to seem him again. One of her friends told Dinah that Jean Luc was the one who arranged for them to be there.

Dinah explained that it was nice to see them, but that she was on a honeymoon of sorts. Hart felt a little left out as Dinah chatted with her friends.

Dinah's friends wanted her to go to a resteraunt with them, but Hart declined. They begged her to come, but Dinah said she didn't think they could go. Dinah told them she wanted to talk to Hart and then took him out on the balcony. Hart asked her if she wanted to go, but Dinah said she would rather spend the night with him.

Hart left to go talk to the concierge.

Roger hid in the hallway and watched as Hart got on the elevator. Dinah was having a good time partying with her friends when Hart came back in. Roger lurked outside the door. Hart said that he needed to talk to her and led her out onto the balcony.

Hart told her that the concierge had told him of a few places that her friends didn't frequent, including the convent.

Vanessa didn't want to eat and was depressed because she was getting weaker and her sight was failing. She felt herself drifting away. The nun suggested that she have dinner with the guests.

Wednesday, December 18, 1996

Amanda was on the phone trying to find Roger when Alan came in and heard her. Amanda was surprised that Alan was home so soon and Alan said that he wasn't about to let she and Roger sack and pillage the company. Amanda protested that it was strictly business. Alan asked Alex to go make sure that the equipment he needed was set up properly.

Alan warned Amanda not to trust Roger. Alan told her that he should never have let her in the company and Amanda asked why he hated her so much.

Amanda apologized and Alan told her to forget it. Amanda told him that she just wanted the facts. She wanted to know if he told her he loved her only to manipulate her. Amanda wanted to know what she had done to make her father feel that way.

Alan told her that he didn't hate her, he didn't even really know her. He told her she reminded him of himself too much and that she was more like him than either of his sons. He pointed out that that wasn't a good thing and he knew that things would turn out badly which was why he didn't want to get to close to her.

Phillip and Lizzie finished putting up the tree. Rick felt bad about he and Abby having to leave them. Phillip asked where they were going and Abby replied that Ross had invited them to dinner. Abby went over to Lizzie and Phillip went to talk to Rick. Phillip asked him why he would put himself through that and cautioned him to be careful.

Phillip and Lizzie ate cookies and Phillip told her what a good cook she was. Lizzie told her that he wished they could all be together on Christmas. The doorbell rang and it was Lilian. Lilian brought a present for Lizzie and Lizzie went to open it.

Phillip told Lilian how grateful he was to have time with Lizzie. Lilian noticed that he was still wearing his wedding ring. He told her that he was still hoping Beth would change her mind.

Lizzie showed off the dress Lilian bought for her and then Phillip walked Lilian to the car. Phillip asked Lilian if there was anything he could do to get Beth back. Lilian said that she thought they were the best things that had ever happened to each other, but that she thought that things had gone too far.

Phillip went inside and looked around for Lizzie to give her the big present he had bought her.

Phillip all over the house looking for Lizzie. Lizzie finally came out and said that she had been in the basement looking for ribbon. She presented Phillip with a present that she had wrapped herself. Phillip opened the gift and it was a heart-shaped locket with an old picture of Beth and Phillip in it. Phillip told Lizzie that he couldn't accept it because her mother had given it to her. But, Lizzie insisted saying that she wanted him to have it so he would think of them. He hugged her and told her he would always love and think of her.

Ross talked to the babies as Blake watched. Ross got his coat and Blake asked him where he was going. Ross told her he was going to get her dinner. Blake asked him why she had to dress up and Ross replied that he wanted it to be a special night.

Blake was putting Kevin down whe Rick and Abby showed up at the door, much to her surprise.

Ross came home with the food and Blake asked him why he didn't tell her that they were having company. Ross explained that it was supposed to be a surprise, but that he had been caught in traffic.

Ross apologized for being late. Abby told Ross and Blake that she was glad they were friends and that their strong marriage reminded her of the values that she had grown up with in Goshen.

The four of them were laughing over dinner, when they could smell that one of the babies needed to be changed. Blake went to change Jason. Ross and Abby fawned over Kevin as Rick looked on. Ross picked him up and gave him to Rick. Ross and Abby left to clean the dishes. Rick bonded with Kevin and Abby came in and watched them.

Abby came over to them and then Blake came in and interrupted them. Ross came in and Rick handed the baby back to them and told them that they had better go. Abby thanked Ross and Blake and told them that seeing them with the twins had reminded her of Phillip and Lizzie and that she had an idea about how to make their Christmas special.

Rick got his coat and Ross told him he was having second thoughts about the surprise, but Rick reassured him. Abby told Blake that Rick was holding the baby like he was his own child.

Hart and Dinah discussed eating at the convent. They discussed how tehy would tell the friends that they would meet them at the resteraunt and then not show up.

Jean Luc was on the phone with Roger telling him how wonderful things were going when Dinahcame in and told them she would meet them at the resteraunt. Jean Luc and Claudine, one of Dinah's friends, decided to wait there while they changed. Claudine went with Dinah to help her get dressed and Hart told Jean Luc that he should go on ahead.

Hart and Jean Luc went out on the balcony. Jean Luc related how he and Dinah first met. They went back inside where Dinah came out in a black evening gown that Hart had bought for her.

Jean Luc went to help Claudine get dressed and they took the opportunity to leave.

Roger entered Hart and Dinah's room and asked the maid where they had gone. He bribed her and she told him they were dining at the convent.

At the convent, Hart and Dinah passed right by Vanessa but didn't see her. The nun came over to them and told them that they could walk where they wanted as long as they were quiet. They passed by Vanessa again. Vanessa told the nun that her eyesight was completely gone again.

Hart and Dinah went back to the hotel. Hart asked Dinah what was wrong and Dinah replied that she had an unsettling feling that something was going to happen.

Vanessa felt that she was getting worse. Roger arrived and went over to the nun who was standing by Vanessa. However, since Vanessa had her back turned he didn't see her and left. Vanessa recognized his voice.

Thursday, December 19, 1996

Annie was excited about her pregnancy and was certain it was going to be a boy. Josh asked her not to tell the kids that she was pregnant and she agreed. Annie pretended to be a little quesy and left the room. Josh picked up the phone.

Josh greeted the kids who asked him where they had gone. Annie told them that it was going to be the best Christmas yet because she had a special little surprise. Josh warned her.

Reva stood outside the diner.

Inside the diner, Marcus told Dahlia he was speaking to the musical director of St. Michael's church and that he had booked her for the midnight mass.

Frank and Eleni discussed picking up Christmas gifts. Reva entered and Buzz saw her. Reva told Buzz that she needed to talk to him.

Buzz told her that he missed her and hugged her. He told her it was good to have her back, but Reva had something she had to say. Buzz asked her if she was healthy and still loved him and she replied yes on both counts. He said that that was all he needed to know. She told him how understanding and loving he was. Buzz told her that after their last fight, he had learned something about trust and that he was keeping his promise to love her unconditionally forever. Reva told him that she never meant to hurt him, and that when she got back from Italy, she was only trying to honor her mother's wishes. Buzz told her that was all he needed to know and they hugged.

Michelle, Meta, Rick and Abby left to prepare Christmas for Lizzie and Phillip. Lizzie and Phillip came downstairs and Lizzie asked where everyone was going. Phillip replied that he didn't know.

Amanda and Alex were discussing presents when Alan-Michael and Lucy came in with gifts from people from the office. Michelle and Meta came in and Michelle introduced the Spauldings to Meta. Michelle invited them to celebrate Christmas with Lizzie before she went back to Arizona. Amanda got ready to leave, but Meta told her that she didn't think Rick was expecting her at the party. Amanda brushed it off and Meta and Michelle left. Amanda picked up the phone and called Hildy to get her Leo Flynn on the phone.

Abigail invited Reva to the party, but Reva wasn't in a partying mood. Reva sat her down and talked to her about her parents. Abby twisted Reva's arm to come to the party and Buzz and Frank and Eleni came over to convince her to go. Dahlia and Marcus volunteered to watch the Diner while Frank and Eleni took Marina to the party.

Josh called Reva, but she didn't want to talk to him. Rick showed up at Josh's door and Annie came in. Rick told Annie she was looking well. Rick filled him in on Lizzie and Phillip's Christmas plans and invited them to the party. Marah came in and begged them to let her go to the party. Annie pretended to be quesy and Marah suggested Annie stay and rest and Josh take them. The kids got their coats and left with Rick. Annie asked Josh to forgive her for not going and he left. After he was gone, Annie told herself that she had to get pregnant.

Annie was making some sort of craft trees out of gumdrops. Annie got up and left.

Amanda was still trying to find Roger and hung up the phone. Amanda looked at the gifts under the tree, but found that everyone including the maid had gotten a gift except her. She finally found a gift and tore it open and found a bottle of Brandy from a duplicating service. Amanda determined to show them and went upstairs.

Lizzie thanked Phillip for her little Christmas and the guests entered through the front door. Phillip and Lizzie were surprised. Marina gave Lizzie a Greek necklace and Lizzie said it was the best Christmas she ever had. Josh, Rick and the kids entered through the kitchen and the kids went into the living room. Rick introduced Meta to Josh. Meta went to serve the refreshments. Josh thanked Rick for inviting them and Rick asked how Annie was doing. Josh replied that she as sober. Reva came into the kitchen and literally ran into Josh. She started to leave, but he asked her not to walk away from him.

Dahlia and Marcus were discussing Aretha Franklin and Marcus told her to have faith in herself. Marcus told her that he had met Aretha Franklin in college when his parents had arranged for him to see her. He told her that hearing Aretha sing had made him decide to go to Europe to play. They were about to kiss, when a bus driver came in and said he had a busload of people all wanting Mousa.k.a, which Eleni had forgotten to make.

At the diner, Dahlia and Marcus were proud of themselves for handling the bus load of people. Annie came by looking for Buzz and explained that the Coopers all went to the Bauer's to celebrate Christmas with Lizzie.

At the party, Frank wanted to call Dahlia, but Eleni told him to have a little faith in her. Alex told Lilian that seeing Phillip and Lizzie together gave her hope. Lillian and ALex went to get punch.

Lizzie opened her present from Alan-Michael and it was a doll from a hungarian princess. Lizzie thanked him and asked him to take care of her daddy when she was gone. They all gathered to read a story and Phillip went over to Rick to thank him. Rick told him that it was Abby's idea. Phillip told him that he wanted it to work out for him and warned him to watch out for Amanda.

Reva tried to avoid Josh, but he wanted to talk. Frank entered the kitchen, got some soda and left. Reva wanted to know what he wanted her to say. Annie was pregnant and there was no middle ground. Josh asked her if they were supposed to forget about what happened at Cross Creek. They almost kissed when Marah and Shayne entered and Shayne asked them if they were together now.

Reva told them that they were always going to be together because they were a family. Marah explained that Shayne wanted all of them including Annie and Buzz to live together. Reva tried to explain to Shayne why he couldn't get his wish. Buzz came in and Reva and the kids went back into the room leaving Josh in the kitchen.

Meta reminisced with Michelle about her father and uncle getting a train for Christmas. Meta commented on Zachary being absent and Michelle said she was to embarrased after the last time he was here to invite them.

Phillip thanked everyone escpecially Abigail for the Christmas party and told him it was the best Christmas present he could have asked for. Lizzie said goodbye to everyone and she and Phillip left for the airport.

Amid the confusion, Josh pulled Reva into the kitchen.

Josh begged Reva not to push him away and they held each other.

At the airport, Phillip said his goodbye's to Lizzie. He hugged her and thanked Lillian for going back and forth with her. She then handed Phillip a letter that she said she didn't want to give him until after Lizzie's visit. Lizzie and Lilian boarded the plane and Phillip opened the letter. It was a notice for an action for divorce.

Friday, December 20, 1996

Annie told Marcus and Dahlia that she hadn't realized that the party at the Bauer's would include Buzz and Reva and then left.

Marcus and Dahlia continued to clean up and Marcus told her that he was going to fix her a shake. Marcus then went over to the jukebox and played a song and they danced. Marcus' little brother, Samuel, came in and Marcus wanted to know what he was doing there.

Samuel told him that he had snuck out of the house while his mother was wrapping Christmas gifts. Marcus warned him that he should never leave the house unless he told his mother where he was going. Marcus then went to call Samuel's mother to tell her where he was.

Buzz and Reva came in. Buzz was mentioning Annie's pregnancy which made Reva snap at him. Marcus introduced Buzz and Reva to Samuel and then he, Samuel, and Dahlia left. Buzz asked Reva why she was mad. Reva said that she was angry at the way Annie had announced her pregnancy without first telling the kids. Buzz told her to give Annie a break. Buz informed Reva that he was the one who drove Annie to Cross Creek. He told her that Annie didn't trust Josh. The phone rang and it was Josh. Josh told her that he needed her to meet him at Laurel Falls the next day.

Amanda dropped by the farm and told Roger that she was angry that he left for Switzerland without even leaving her a phone number. Roger asked her to back him up on his being home the whole time. Dinah and Hart came home. Amanda told them that while they were gone she helped Roger with the chores. Dinah and Hart went upstairs and Roger thanked her. Amanda commented that it didn't seem like his plans to break up Dinah and Hart were working. To prove that he was succeeding Roger picked up the phone.

Roger told the person on the other end to meet him at the Country Club and that he had a secret weapon. He then told Amanda too meet him there in 45 minutes and they left.

Hart and Dinah came downstairs and they kissed on the couch. Dinah told him that her friends liked him. Hart asked if she missed Europe and Dinah said that she liked getting away from the farm a little. Hart wanted to know what she meant. Dinah said that she loved the farm, but that she sometimes missed her friends. Hart replied that he didn't know how she could be so smart and have such empty-headed friends. Dinah was troubled by his comment and asked him if he didn't think that Switzerland was a breath of fresh air. Hart replied that he didn't find the farm stagnant. Dinah said that Springfield wasn't the end all and be all. The two quarrelled and Hart said that he loved her, he didn't love her friends. Dinah told him that she would really appreciate it if he wouldn't dump on her friends. They both apologized and made up. He told her he liked Switzerland and some of her friends, but he just liked being alone with her more. They kissed. Dinah had an idea to take Peter to Santa on Ice. Hart went to call Peter.

Roger told Amanda how attractive she was. He asked her if she ever stopped working and she replied no. Roger then introduced her to Jean Luc

Amanda agreed to help Roger and then went to make a phone call. Roger asked Jean Luc how he could have lost Dinah and Hart in Switzerland. Jean Luc replied that he would have Dinah back in his life by the end of the month.

Amanda called Dinah and asked her to come to brunch with her the next day. Dinah told her that she had made plans to take Peter to Santa on Ice. Amanda said she would have plenty of time to go to the show and Dinah reluctantly agreed. Amanda went back to the table.

Alan-Michael and Lucy thanked Rick for the party. Rick opened the door to Blake, Ross, and the twins. Rick wanted to hold Kevin while Blake took off her coat, but Blake wouldn't let him. Abigail volunteered to take care of the babies if Blake ever needed it. She said that if Blake didn't think she could handle it on her own, she would bring Rick. Blake wasn't thrilled with the idea, but agreed. Rick commented to Abby that it was starting to feel like Christmas used to feel. He then pointed out some misteltoe and they kissed.

Lucy went to the car to get presents out of the car and Phillip came in. Phillip showed Alan-Michael the divorce papers. Alan-Michael tried to tell Phillip that he would find someone else, but Phillip protested that Beth was his life and that he had thrown it all away.

Josh and Reva were in the kitchen and Josh asked why she ran out on him at Cross Creek. Reva told him that because Annie was pregnant, things were over between them. Josh told her he wanted her back.

Marah asked Buzz where Reva was and he replied that he was wondering the same thing.

In the kitchen, Josh continued to insist that they would always belong together. Reva tried to tell him that it was impossible, but Josh said that he didn't want to change the way he felt and that they could handle anything that came along.

Annie came in and asked Josh what he could handle. Josh told her that they were talking about her pregnancy and Annie replied that that made Reva the first to know. Annie said she was happy Josh shared the news and asked when Buzz and Reva were going to have children of their own. Josh told her that it wasn't any of their business. Annie led Josh back into the party.

Annie entered the room and tripped. She told everyone that she just got dizzy and she sat down. Eleni guessed that she was pregnant and Annie confirmed it. Frank asked what was going on and Eleni told the whole room that Annie and Josh were going to have a baby.

Annie thanked Buzz for his help. Josh asked her what she was doing by telling everyone. Annie replied that she didn't know he didn't want her friends to know. He told her she shouldn't have confirmed it and that he was still angry at her for tampering with her diaphragm and left. Annie thought back to Josh confronting her over the diaphragm.

Phillip came up and asked what Josh's problem was. Annie told him that the baby was a surprise. Blake came up and asked to talk to Annie. She wanted to know what was up. Ross came over with the twins and told Blake that it was time to go and they left.

Annie apologized to Rick for not telling him about the baby. Rick told her he was having a hard time forgiving her. Rick told her he had a feeling that there was more going on with her than she was telling.

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