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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 9, 1998 on GL
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Monday, March 9

Abby and Rick bask in the afterglow of their first night together, trying to avoid talking about what is yet to come for tomorrow; Abby is to turn herself in to start her 18 month jail sentence. Rick hopes that somehow, the tape that will free Abby will be found. Meanwhile, they talk about what their life will be like together.

Josh is introduced to Baby Reva and is not very receptive to her at all. He sees her only as Michael's science experiment. Michael warns him that there is no turning back, and that she will grow very fast. He gives Josh a Polaroid picture of her to take with him.

Cassie is very worried about Josh and Reva, especially since nobody has heard from either of them. She also finds out that Josh flew to Florida alone. Hart takes the kids out so Cassie can make some phone calls.

Josh returns home with the picture, and compares it to one of Reva's real baby pictures. He finds that there is an absolute similarity. Cassie comes up behind him and demands to know what has happened to Reva.

Phillip tries to reason with Beth, and begs her to get on with her life. He asks her what happened to the man in Arizona that she was dating? Beth makes it clear that she never wants to talk about Carl.

Harley comes in the diner, back from her trip (supposedly to Chicago). Seeing Phillip with Beth makes her angry, and she avoids them both. Phillip tracks her down in the kitchen, and asks what is wrong with her and does it have to do with Beth? She says "if you only knew what I knew", but doesn't divulge whatever new information she has.

Later, as Beth is walking out the door, she sees Harley's bag with airport tags on it from Arizona. She tells Harley that she should have minded her own business.

Tuesday, March 10
by TV Guide

When Cassie confronts him about where Reva is and reveals that she and Hart have been very concerned, Josh tells her that there is nothing wrong with Reva, a story that she does not accept. When he surprises her at the office of the paper and reveals that he needs an answer from her by tonight, Roger lectures her that she's in love with the concept of a man like Fletcher, but not Fletcher himself. Upset when he claims that she also needs to stay in town for Blake's sake, Holly announces to Roger that she has made a decision about her future. However, when Fletcher sees them together, he mistakenly assumes that she has chosen to leave him for Roger. Upset, he packs his bags, takes Meg and leaves town. After a hug goodbye before she leaves for the West Coast tomorrow, Amanda offers Phillip some brotherly advice about affairs of the heart. She urges him to get away from Beth if he's interested in staying with Harley. Phillip warns her about Roger but she smiles and suggests that she can handle him. Harley's amused when an angry Beth grabs her and demands to know what she intends to tell Phillip. Pulling her hand off her, Harley states that she is only going to tell Phillip the truth. When Harley tells her she no longer has to fake accidents to get what she wants, Beth breaks down in tears and confesses that Carl beat her back in Phoenix and sent her to the hospital. Harley quickly calls her source for proof wile Beth runs to Phillip to badmouths Harley.

Wednesday, March 11, 1998
by Gladys

HARLEY is rehearsing an argument she will be having with Phillip (and taking both sides), when Phillip walks in and asked if this is about her trip to Arizona. Beth has told him all about her "search and destroy" mission.

ROGER arrives at Amanda's all excited, but she is giving him the cold shoulder. She wonders where he was all night and if he was with Holly and was only there now to dump her, then he is a damn fool.

FLETCHER arrives home and Holly wonders where he was all night. She stayed up as late as she could. She thought he was going to come back last night. "I did," Fletcher tells her. "I slept on the couch." Holly said he should have awakened her. She took some pain pills and fell asleep. "You were wide awake the first time I came in," Fletcher tells her. "You were too busy kissing Roger to notice me."

CASSIE overhears a phone conversation between Josh and Michael. Josh tells Michael that he has to do something about the baby; she has to be adopted. Michael can't get a word in edgewise, because Josh is so busy telling him that he can't go through with it. He doesn't want to come over; they have to find a home for the child. Michael finally tells him to come over as soon as possible and bring more pictures of Reva.

When he hangs up, Cassie comes in wanting to know what is going on. She holds up the two pictures of the baby and wonders what these have to do with what is going on. Where did you get those? Demands Josh. Cassie tells him that she found them in the living room last night. It is obvious that one of them is older---a picture of Reva when she was a child, she knows---but what of the other one? It is more recent, yet it looks exactly like the other one.

Josh tells her that he isn't answering her questions. It is none of her business and she should just keep her nose out of it. As he is slamming out the door, Hart arrives. "Something is not right," she tells Hart. "And it is scaring the hell out of me!"

PHILLIP tells Harley that she has caused a lot of damage. She has brought up too much pain and memories for Beth. It isn't just about this "guy" she found out about in Arizona, it has to do with Beth as a teenager. Her stepfather repeatedly raped her. Now thanks to Harley, Beth is having to relive it all over again. Beth is sorry about the bad memories; she didn't know about the rape. But, it is surely squeezing him back into his role of "white knight" for Beth. Maybe it is time for Beth to just grow up!

ROGER tells Amanda that he did see Holly, but . . . Amanda doesn't want to hear any more. She offered him everything---a partnership, lover, wife---but he just wants to throw it all away for his secret wish to be with Holly. It is never going to happen!

"I am aware of that," Roger tells her. "Come with me. Don't protest; this is important!"

HOLLY says that she knows what Fletcher THINKS he saw, but . . . Fletcher won't listen. He saw what he saw. He can put it together as well as the next person. Is she planning to file for divorce?

NO! Holly tells him. I rejected him! Fletcher doesn't believe her. He is up to here watching the two of them tangoing through life. And he is tired of the excuses about why Roger is still in their lives. Holly tries to tell him that there is nothing between Roger and her, but Fletcher tells her to prove it. If she is telling the truth, she will leave Springfield and go to Canada with him and Meg. Now is the time to choose.

HARLEY tries to explain herself. Phillip has to agree that Beth has been acting strangely; she has problems. Phillip can see no reason for her to have gone to Arizona and dig up this low-life that has been beating her up. Harley tells him that this "low-life" has disappeared. So what, Phillip asks. He hope he is dead. "Exactly!" Beth says.

JOSH rushes into Michael's apartment telling him that they have to find a home for the baby. She isn't a baby any longer, Michael tells him, pleased with himself. She is a little girl now. He goes to the inner door and calls for the little girl to come out. A beautiful little girl, about 7 or 8 years of age, immerges. Hello, Joshua, she says.

FLETCHER tells her that she is always with Roger. Sharing a child and grandchildren is no excuse. "Tell me there isn't a special place in your heart for Roger," he challenges. "You can't, can you?"

BETH is listening to the conversation (fight) between Harley and Phillip. "You think Beth could kill this guy?" Phillip laughs at Harley. Harley tries to explain that this happens a lot and if it happened this way, she wouldn't blame Beth one bit. But Phillip won't hear of it. Beth wouldn't, couldn't, do such a thing. Harley is nuts! Walking out, Harley finds Beth listening at the door.

"I won't apologize," Beth tells her. "I live here and I heard my name mentioned."

"You are pathetic," Harley tells her. She says that she is only trying to get at the truth. She looks at Phillip and tells him that she thought they had a special relationship---something special. She guesses she was wrong, thought, as usual.

LITTLE REVA asks Josh if he likes her new dress. Josh is amazed that she can talk. She tells him that she knows him because Michael has been showing her pictures. Josh can't believe that she is so big! Michael says that she is growing up so fast. She is amazing! She grasps language and concepts long before he has finished explaining them. And she is so polite! The only thing he cannot teach her is life experiences. Josh will have to do that; he needs to give her a history.

CASSIE is trying to come up with a reasonable explanation for Josh's behavior, especially the baby. But so far, she can't come up with anything believable. Still, she can't understand why Josh is acting like a mad man.

HOLLY tells Fletcher that what she feels for Roger is not love. Yes, she has a special place in her heart for Roger, but she doesn't love him. Fletcher tells her very strongly that Meg will NOT be involved with Roger in any way, shape or form. "Now you do what you have to do, and I will do the same. We could have had it all, Red!" He then tells her that he is going to pick up Meg from the sitters.

After he leaves the house, Holly wonders if he is right. Does she still have feelings for Roger? She goes to the phone and places a call for Roger. She finds out where he is, but she is puzzled at why he is there. Business, probably, she surmises. I have to catch him before he leaves. I have to find him and tell him.

FLETCHER returns to the house with Meg and looks around for Holly. He realizes that they are alone. He puts Meg on the couch with some toys while he talks to her all the time. He pulls a letter out of his pocket and reads it. It is a good bye letter to Holly. After reading it through again, he puts it where she will find it. He picks up Meg, redresses her in her coat and bonnet and leaves the house. He is on his way to Canada.

HOLLY arrives at the courthouse and is just about to go into the courtroom when she sees Roger backing out of the door. She slips behind the stairwell as Roger asks the judge if he can kiss his bride for the second time.

HARLEY is on the way out the door. "I guess there is nothing left to say. We tried---it just didn't work out---it never does. See you around." She turns and calls out, "Hey, Bethie baby, go get him! Knock your self out!"

Beth goes to Phillip. She tries to tell him she is sorry, but he isn't up for this conversation. "I don't want to talk about it," he tells her as he leaves.

JOSH is talking about Reva. She was a beautiful child even if she was a tomboy. There was always something about her that was so appealing. Michael leaves Josh alone with the child. She comes over to Josh and begins to talk. She tells him that Michael showed her a lot of pictures. All the people had names. How come I don't have a name? She asks.

"You do have a name," Josh tells her. "It is Reva Shayne.

We see an island. As we get closer, we see a beach with the waves crashing gently ashore. As we come even closer, we see a woman laying half in and half out of the water atop a flotation device.

Thursday, March 12

Due to coverage of the NCAA Basketball tournament, Guiding Light will not be shown.

Friday, March 13

Due to coverage of the NCAA Basketball tournament, Guiding Light will not be shown.

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