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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 4, 1998 on GL
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Monday, May 4

Clone Reva warns Josh of the crank calls that she has been getting from some woman (real Reva!). The phone rings again, and Reva asks for Josh; he gets on the phone, and hangs up on her, but not before he tells her to quit harassing his wife. Real Reva is floored by this and can't figure out who is posing as her! She tells the doctor that she must fly to Springfield right away so that she can see what's going on. She even says aloud that she thinks Annie might have had plastic surgery so that she could impersonate Reva.

Real Reva's doctor suggests to the nurse that she is wildly hallucinating and needs a sedative. They both hold her down so that she can have an injection, and go to sleep.

Cassie tells Josh that her relationship with Hart is pretty much over, thanks to his secret about Clone Reva. She even had to turn down his offer for her to move in with him. Josh relents and gives Cassie the go-ahead to tell Hart about the cloning situation.

Meanwhile, Clone Reva has a talk with Billy and asks him why Josh seems so distant. She also comes onto him, and he refuses her advances. Billy assures her that any problems between her and Josh is temporary.

Josh later decides that they all need to have a family dinner at the club. Billy tried to dissuade him from this, saying that Reva would like some quality time with him alone.

Dinah talks with Hart and says that she can now look back at everything, and realize how important he is to her. She also tells him again that she will always love her. As she leaves his house, they embrace. Cassie sees this (just as she is about to tell Hart the truth) and runs off.

Jesse finds Michelle in her room, and starts with the Carlos routine. Since Michelle can now see, she is angered by the fact that Jesse lied to her all this time and posed as someone else. Jesse explains that he was only trying to get closer to her, as she was the one who initially lied to him about her blindness. She finally gives in and they hug. Jesse promises never to let go.

Abby tells Selena of how she is going to try to hook her up with a nice doctor when they get out of prison, and Selena tries to describe to her how she wouldn't fit in (being that she was a former drug addict and prostitute). A guard comes in and sends Selena to the infirmary while he talks to Abby. He tells her that if she doesn't meet up wit him in the laundry room tomorrow night, "he husband won't find her very attractive". Selena comes in behind him hearing this, and chases him off. They both decide that they will have to come up with some sort of plan to deal with this guard.

Tuesday, May 5
by Soap Opea Central

Today's recap was proivded by Liz Key

Dinah is overjoyed at the thought of getting back together with Hart and wants to share her good mood with Vanessa and Matt, who are at the hospital getting ready to take baby Maureen home. Of course, Vanessa has to grab the opportunity to lecture Dinah once again. Granted, Dinah is delusional and manipulative, but one would think Vanessa would learn to just hold her tongue and pretend she is happy for Dinah. It seems sometimes as if she enjoys bringing Dinah back to reality. What follows is a brief scene where Dinah says some vindictive things about Maureen being lucky for not being given away and how she, Dinah, is being replaced by a better daughter. When it's time to leave the hospital, Vanessa says there is not room enough for Dinah on the trip home. Seems a little harsh on Vanessa's part. There is a touching moment when Matt gets Maureen from the nursery and tells her he will be a better father to her than his father was to him.

Meanwhile, back at Lewis Oil Cassie tells Josh that she didn't tell Hart about Clone Reva because she found Hart in Dinah's arms. Josh tells her he will tell Hart the truth himself and will straighten everything out. Hart arrives to find Cassie and Josh hugging. Cassie leaves Josh and Hart alone, where Hart gives Josh his resignation. Once he would have trusted Josh with his life, Hart says, but now he is just disgusted looking at him. Josh tries to explain about the situation, but he doesn't try too terribly hard and never actually gets around to the cloning bit. Hart finally storms out of Josh's office where Cassie confronts him about turning to Dinah so quickly. He retorts that Dinah cares for him and it is nice for him to be put first in someone's life for a change. After telling her to have a nice life, Hart gets in the elevator and leaves. Well, there's always the family dinner at the country club to look forward to...

Still pondering the question of cloning, Buzz asks Dahlia to help him do some research on the computer. Of course, he doesn't have a computer so he has to go to Harley's place to borrow hers. When he arrives, he finds he is interrupting yet another argument between Harley and Phillip. Phillip showed up while Harley was still eating breakfast wondering about any progress she has made in her search for J.C. Clayton. They go over some old ground about her trusting him, him lying to her, him constantly going to Beth's rescue, blah, blah, blah. Harley decides they need to set some ground rules, which include his not showing up so early and calling so late at night. When Buzz shows up Harley has let all the hurt she feels come to the surface and Buzz reacts by trying to beat Phillip up. After standing between them for a while, Harley finally tells both of them to get out of her apartment. She finally gets Buzz out by loaning him her computer and is briefly puzzled when he mentions cloning. The bafflement quickly leaves as Buzz departs and she is left with a bigger problem: Phillip. Phillip leaves not too soon afterward. As he leaves, he reaches out to brush an eyelash off Harley's cheek, but she cringes from his touch. He tries to hand her the eyelash, saying she should make a wish on it. Harley sadly replies that she doesn't believe in wishes anymore, at least not for her, and then quietly closes the door in Phillip's face.

With Dahlia's help Buzz is soon surfing the net, although one has to wonder what phone line the diner was using while he was using the modem. After she leaves to meet Marcus, Buzz pulls up information about cloning and immediately comes across Michael's name.

Where is Beth during all this? Well, Beth has invited Ben over to the Spaulding Mansion where she tries to talk him into reducing her charge. Since things are going so well with Phillip and their reunion is inevitable (or so Beth thinks), the last place she wants to go is prison. Pure, defenseless, innocent Beth goes so far as to proposition Ben in order to make a deal to stay out of jail. At this moment, Lizzie comes down the stairs and becomes hysterical at the mention of her mother going to jail. While trying to calm her down, Beth plays her trump card. Ben was raised without his mother; does he want Lizzie to be raised without hers? After watching the tender scene between mother and child, Ben agrees to help Beth.

Wednesday, May 6

Cassie is confused when Reva clone denies calling her on her cell phone the other day. When Josh and Reva clone arrive at the country club for a family dinner, she ruins the family's plans by inviting Hart and his date Dinah to join them. Dinah is amazed when Reva clone suggests that they team up and sabotage Cassie's plans. Concerned by what he has learned on the Internet, Buzz confronts Michael about cloning and aging medication but he won't give him the answers he wants. Later, Michael becomes upset when Josh explains that he wants him to leave them alone. Phillip is astounded by Beth's claim that she will spend little time behind bars for shooting Carl because she's willing to deal with Ben. Harley spots Phillip having dinner with Beth at the country club but Beth is the one who winds up angry because of the evening. Anxious to return to Springfield, the real Reva argues with her doctor about being released but finds that he's arranged for her to talk with a psychiatrist instead. Fed up with his orders, Reva punches her doctor and slips out.

Thursday, May 7, 1998

Beth overhears Phillip lecturing Harley about their plan to clear Beth of murder. She becomes angry and says that their meddling in her life must stop!

Reva tells Sean (who's in jail) that she called home and everyone acted like she was never gone. The doctor suggested she get a psychological evaluation, but Reva assures Sean she has all her marbles. Sean asks her what she thinks is going on back home. Reva says she suspects someone is impersonating her.

Clone Reva sings at the club to Joshua (to everyone's surprise). Buzz questions Michael Burke about his cloning experiments, and Michael dodges him. When Cassie starts complaining about Clone Reva's behavior (she calls Reva "a wildcard"), Reva stops her song and sheds her jacket to reveal a revealing bodice before resuming her sexy revue.

Phillip tells Beth he will not stop. He will not let her go to jail for something she didn't do. Beth tells him to stop using her as an excuse to spend time with Harley.

As Clone Reva sings, Billy gets angry at Josh for not stopping her. He assumes that her behavior signals trouble between her and Josh. When Josh asks Cassie to help out, she tells Josh that she doesn't really give a damn about Clone Reva -- that she's the reason Hart came to the club tonight with Dinah on his arm! After the song, Clone Reva declares loudly that the old Reva Shayne is dead, and that she loves Joshua more than the old Reva ever did. Then she adds, "Now tell me, Bud, tell all these people, tell them that you love me more now too." He reaches over and knocks the drink out of her hand and says, "That's enough. You've gone too far." He pulls her outside and yells at her, "Don't you ever talk about my wife like that! Don't you ever dismiss my wife like that!"

Beth swears to Harley and Phillip that she killed Carl, and that she is not covering for her mother. Later, Harley explains to Phillip that Beth's murder reenactment was blatantly a lie -- that she could not have killed Carl in the manner she described.

Reva tells Sean that when she called home, someone answered the phone "Reva Shayne." When she called again, Cassie was nasty to her and hung up, and Josh refused to speak with her. Reva decides it must be Annie Dutton who is impersonating her. Sean believes her, much to her relief.

Clone Reva screams back at Josh, "I don't care about Saint Reva! I'm sick of hearing about her. I'm tired of trying to be somebody I'm not!" She jumps in the fountain and begins yelling at Josh just like the real Reva did years ago. She is echoing some of the same things Reva did -- "Look at me, Josh! Look at me!" Josh remembers this and is deeply moved. It's a real parallel experience. He steps into the fountain and consoles a sobbing Reva.

Buzz grills Michael some more. And some more. Finally, Michael tells Buzz, suppose I did succeed in cloning someone, who would believe such a story? "My God," Buzz concludes, "You did clone Reva!"

Ross wants to know why Ben is going for a reduced sentence for Beth Spaulding. It doesn't make sense for Ben to pass up a chance to challenge his brother in court. Beth decides to tell Ben Warren what really happened to Carl Stevens. They go someplace private to talk.

At show's end:
Sean and Reva discuss Reva's plan to get someone in Springfield on her side before exposing Annie. Reva promises to get Sean out of jail as soon as she gets her life back.

Josh tells Clone Reva: "I'm not going to hurt you again. I saw all the things you weren't, not all the wonderful things you've become....I'll never forget Reva, and God help me I will always love her. She'll be in my heart until the day I die. But it's you I'm looking at now. It's you I'm seeing." Then he kisses her, long and passionately.

Friday, May 8

Today's recap was provided by Liz Key.

Finally, the truth. Or is it? Beth accompanies Ben to his apartment where she plans to divulge the truth about the night Carl was murdered, but this story can never leave his apartment. Sweet, innocent Beth (or so Phillip thinks) tells Ben about her plan to set up Carl with Harley's help in the potting shed. Beth even goes so far as to say that she thought she and Harley could be friends, but Harley never showed up as they had planned. Seems memory is convenient thing for Beth and is something that she can twist to suit her purpose. She fails to tell Ben how she herself was late for the meeting leaving Harley vulnerable in the potting shed with Carl, where she barely escaped his wrath. This tiny fact is omitted from Beth's tale of the truth. After a commercial break Beth sums up the events of that fateful night, "So that's what happened." Now Ben knows what Beth considers the truth about what happened but we're still in the dark. Wanting to reciprocate Beth's trust in him, Ben tells her how he schemed to destroy Ross and Blake's marriage but got caught in his own trap by falling in love with Blake. Beth is understandably speechless at this confession.

Meanwhile, Phillip and Harley are still at the country club plotting their strategy. Harley admits now she doesn't believe that Beth killed Carl, but that Beth is far from innocent. After all, she lied about the events of that night. Harley and Phillip seemingly agree that Beth is trying to protect Lillian and both of them will continue to work together to find the truth. Not wanting to have anyone alerting Beth that they are snooping around, Harley comes up with the bright idea of stealing the police report about the shooting and she and Phillip head over to the police station. I wonder if Frank will be there since he works all shifts. If Harley only knew what Beth was telling Ben about her!

Also at the country club are Cassie and Hart. After Hart continues to badger her for the truth, Cassie actually tells him that Reva is not Reva. Of course, he is so drunk that he doesn't actually catch this. Finally, Cassie tells him that he is right and that everything has been a lie. That's what he wants to hear, right? So this is what Cassie is going to tell him. She goes on to detail how she has been playing him for a fool starting when he caught her breaking into the Lewis Oil safe. Disgusted, Hart leaves. One guess as to where he's going. Meanwhile at Dinah's penthouse, Dinah has lit candles and is waiting for Hart when Rob shows up. She tells him that she has told both Hart and Cassie the truth about bringing him to Springfield and that she doesn't need him anymore. He eventually leaves warning her she still needs him. Not to long afterward, Hart, yes, Hart shows up drunk at her front door. Big surprise, huh?

After the fountain scene, Clone Reva and Josh end up on the beach, where she is fascinated by the water and the lighthouse. Josh briefly tells her about Lucy being held captive in the lighthouse and that no one wants to live there now. Josh and Clone Reva basically have the same conversation AGAIN. She's not Reva, he just wants her to be herself, let's start fresh again, etc. It's like they take the same script and just move it to different locations: the Lewis house, Cross Creek, Michael's apartment, the beach. It's getting just a little stale. Of course, Josh has just accepted Clone Reva and wants to start a life with her just as the real Reva enters their house. She's back. While wandering around the house looking at pictures, Marah shows up to get a video game and is surprised to see her mama back from the country club and wearing different clothes. Reva hugs her like she hasn't seen her in a while---which she hasn't---and Marah thinks this is just a tad strange, but thinking about her sleepover and the video game she needs to retrieve, she has missed some subtle things about Reva's appearance. Reva decides not to tell her the truth just yet and walks her over next door where Marah is attending a sleepover. Good timing, too, because Josh and the clone come back and head right for the bedroom. She expresses a desire for champagne and cotton candy and a besotted Josh goes out to get it for her. She is over the moon thinking they are finally together and calls out to him when she hears the front door close. As she stands in front of the mirror in her negligee waiting for Josh to enter the bedroom, she is shocked when Reva comes in instead. Both of them stare speechless at each other...

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