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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 22, 1998 on GL
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Monday, June 22, 1998

Alan and the girl who was Michael's lab assistant (I can't remember her name...Vicki?...) were having dinner together, and she was expressing her delight in being hired as a lab assistant at Spaulding. When she excused herself to the restroom, Alan pulled out a picture of Annie, and spoke aloud of how he can't wait to clone her so he can have her back.

Clone Reva saw the video of Real Reva begging Josh to come find her in the sauna, and quickly turned it off before anyone saw it. She went out to the sauna and told Reva that she never should have done that, because she will have to leave her out there to die. Reva lunges at the clone and knocks her down, and tries to grab the keys to the shackles on her ankles, but is unsuccessful. Reva is also not able to convince the clone to let her go, since she is the rightful mother and wife to her family.

In prison, Shawn receives the letter from Real Reva asking him to come help her get away from the clone. The prison guard is not sympathetic to his request to use the phone. He thinks of a way to get to a telephone...he tells the guard that he needs to speak to the prosecuting attorney so he can confess. The guard lets him out of his cell, and Shawn knocks him unconscious, and steals his keys.

Ross finds that there was no Blake Marler on the plane arriving in Springfield.

Blake is actually in Ben's hotel room. She presents him with a restraining order; says that she came back into town early so that she could get a judge to sign it. Ben laughs and says that she will be back.

Tuesday, June 23

Revealing that Ben showed her the video he made of them in bed together, Holly warns Blake that Ben has vowed not to give up on his desire for her. Blake realizes that she must get her hands on that tape. Vanessa confronts her daughter who expects some sympathy because she claims she almost lost her baby. Admitting that she talked with Dr. Sedwick, Vanessa blasts her daughter for lying to Hart and to her. Dinah counters by asking Vanessa if she should get rid of her baby the way Vanessa dumped her. When Dinah boasts that she can have Hart or any man she wants including Matt, Vanessa slaps her. Tired of her smug demeanor, Cassie warns Dinah that her worst nightmare is about to come true. Wearing a sexy nightgown, Beth warns Phillip that she thinks Lizzie's nightmares are getting worse. Closing the door to her bedroom, she then sits close and tries to kiss him but pulls back when she realizes that he's not interested. Finding her sobbing again out of frustration, Phillip insists that they concentrate on Lizzie now. Later, when Dr. Bradford advises them to send Lizzie to a special camp to remove her from this environment for a while, Beth worries when the psychiatrist urges Phillip to take her, not Beth. Jesse feels left out when Michelle's fellow pre-med classmate talks with her about the enormity of their upcoming class work. Pointing out how he doesn't fit in with the brainy aspects of Michelle's life, Drew warns Jesse that he doesn't belong in Michelle's world unless he makes some big changes.

Wednesday, June 24, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Vicki Fox

Cassie confronts Dinah in the restroom at Towers, telling her, "I'm going to be your new best friend." She explains to Dinah that she'll be taking her to all her doctor's appointments, will give her advice on pregnancy, will be in the delivery room with her, and "when you call Hart in the middle of the night, you'll be getting me, too. I'm going to be your shadow. You'll never see Hart without seeing me." Dinah is unimpressed by this. She comes back with, "Hart's not going to have any time to spend with you from now on. You're the outsider here. You're going to watch Hart and me grow closer and closer. It's going to be your worst nightmare." But this doesn't scare Cassie at all. She tells Dinah, "Hart's not interested in you anymore. Besides, did you think I was just going to go away? Hart and I are back together again. You know, I'm going to be your baby's stepmother. And I promise to love your kid as if he were my very own." Then Cassie leaves to meet Hart, and Dinah looks a little green around the gills.

At the Marler house, Blake tries to tell Ross the whole truth about her and Ben, but they end up talking about how much they love each other, and how much they've been through together. As Blake tries to steer the conversation back to her confession, Ross tells her that he'd been worried about Ben and what he'd do to get to him through Blake. He tells her that he even wondered if Ben was going to be able to get Blake into bed with him. He's so proud of Blake because she was stronger than Ben -- she won, and now she's all his, and they can put Ben behind them. After this, Blake doesn't have the heart to tell Ross everything. Ross gets a phone call from work which he takes in the study, and Blake decides to call Holly.

Back at Towers, Ben and Beth are having a meal together. Beth tells Ben about the way Phillip jumped at the chance to "get away from her" by accompanying Lizzie to camp. She asks about him and Blake, and Ben tells her about the restraining order Blake got against him. When Beth asks why he seems OK with this, he explains that the restraining order just proves to him that Blake doesn't trust her feelings for him, so she's afraid to be around him. He tells Beth that he thinks Phillip is just as afraid to be alone with her. Just then, Holly arrives, and Ben and Holly talk at the bar. Beth, still at the table, decides to herself that she's going to fight for Phillip and her family, and then she takes off. At the bar, Holly (with a tall, cool, alcoholic one in hand), tells Ben that at this very moment Blake is telling Ross everything, so Ben will have nothing to hold over her. Ben says who cares -- it doesn't matter to him if Blake wrecks her own marriage, or if a special videotape showing does the job, either way he wins. At that moment, Holly gets the phone call from Blake, and Blake tells her that she couldn't go through with it. When they hang up, Holly has a few more choice words for Ben before leaving Towers. She heads to Ben's suite, somehow manages to bust in, and starts tossing the apartment looking for the infamous videotape. Ben comes in behind her, catching her in the act.

Back at the Marler's, Ross must leave for the office. Blake leaves soon after him, muttering to herself about having to do something about Ben.

At the out-of-town hotel near Lizzie's camp, Phillip is checking in when who should show up at the same hotel but Harley, working on Ross's "extramarital affair" case. Phillip assumes that Harley must have followed him there, but Harley sets him straight right away. Phillip tells Harley how much he misses her and wants to be with her, but Harley decides she'd better go to another hotel. Just then the hotel manager comes up to them, says to Phillip that he should have told them that the Spauldings owned this hotel, and that he has arranged for Phillip and his "wife" (a.k.a. Harley) to have the honeymoon suite. He then leaves to cancel both Phillip and Harley's other room reservations. Phillip likes this idea -- he tries to convince Harley that maybe this was meant to be and that they should just "go with it." But Harley resists. She tells Phillip about Lizzie thanking her for giving her back her daddy. They talk more, and at Harley's insistence, decide not to stay together. Harley makes arrangements to change hotels. Phillip goes up to the honeymoon suite, where he finds Beth curled up in the middle of the bed, waiting for him.

Back at Towers, Matt and Vanessa are having dinner together. Vanessa is still upset, and she tells Matt about the ugly fight she had with Dinah, how she'd slapped Dinah, and what Dinah had told her about this past New Year's Eve. Matt is positively disgusted. He tells Vanessa the truth -- that Dinah had dressed up in a robe like Vanessa's, had snuggled up to him as he slept, and that as soon as he realized what was going on, he'd thrown Dinah out. Vanessa is very hurt at Dinah's schemes and backstabbing -- "why does Dinah hate me so?". But Matt says this time Dinah's gone too far, and Vanessa agrees, saying "I'm done with her." Matt then sees Dinah finally emerging from the restroom. He goes to her and really tells her off. He then leaves with Vanessa, and Dinah is left standing there, looking at Hart and Cassie cuddling together.

Thursday, June 25, 1998

Beth checks into Phillip's hotel room as his wife.

Ben catches Holly breaking into his apartment to locate the videotape of Blake.

Cassie asks Josh if he's sure he doesn't want to postpone the wedding a few days. The clone overhears her and assures Cassie she's dedicated to loving and protecting everyone in her new family -- including Cassie. She makes it known that she wants to start relating to Cassie as a real sister. Her first gesture? To ask Cassie to be her Maid of Honor. Cassie accepts.

Vicky and Alan Spaulding meet to discuss the ongoing cloning project. They speculate as to who Michael might have already cloned in Springfield. Then Alan tells Vicky how Josh ruined his relationship with Annie Dutton. And that he would do whatever it takes to get her back again.

Blake shows up at Ben's and overhears Holly giving him a tongue lashing. She thanks her mother for trying to help, but assures her she can handle Ben on her own. Once she convinces her mother to go, Blake demands that Ben "hand over the lousy tape."

Phillip loses his temper with Beth, telling her that pushing him right now is the wrong thing to do. He blames her for what happened with Lizzie and Carl, since she didn't stop the abuse when it was occurring. Beth breaks down in tears (again) and, relating how fearful she was with Carl, yells at Phillip, "Don't you judge me!" Phillip apologizes, saying he can see it wasn't really her fault.

Josh mentions needing to go out to the pool house for the kids' swim gear, when the clone jumps in, insisting on retrieving it herself. At the poolhouse, the clone sees Reva getting weaker. She says, "Don't do this, Reva. Don't die like this." Inside, Josh speaks to Reva's photograph, explaining why he's marrying the clone. He tells Reva that he will die loving her (Reva, that is). Back outside, Reva tells the clone that she's dying and tries to appeal to her humanity. She begs her to bring her some food and water. She begs for her life.

Ross learns from Griffin Williams that Blake got a restraining order against Ben.

Alan tells Vicky he has an idea for his first cloning subject (though he doesn't reveal who). (Could it be Annie?)

Griffin reintroduces himself to Vicky at the club.

Holly goes to the club for a drink and finds Ross, who demands to know where Blake is. He wants to know why she didn't tell him about the restraining order.

After their argument, Phillip admits to Beth how mad she has made him -- first by divorcing him, then by wanting him back, and finally by keeping the secret of what Lizzie did from him. He thinks the fight they just had may have helped clear the air. When Lizzie's counselor brings her back to the room, Lizzie is happy and surprised to see "mommy and daddy" are there together. But Beth leaves, however, after a disapproving counselor takes Lizzie out for ice cream.

At show's end:

* Ben says that Blake's coming there makes her restraining order null and void. He hands her the tape, saying, "It's all yours -- on one condition -- you sit down right here, right now, and watch it with me."
* The clone says, "Forgive me," and leaves Reva alone to die. She joins Josh in the car to go to Cross Creek.

* Sean knocks on the Lewis's door, but is too late!

Friday, June 26, 1998
by Gladys

Holly is having a drink when Ross rushes up demanding to know where Blake is. Did you know she swore out a restraining order on Ben? As Holly tries to pretend that she doesn't know about the restraining order, she also tries to get Ross to settle down. She says that Blake is probably doing errands. Ross says that if he doesn't find out what is going on, he is going up to Ben's apartment and find out from him.

In Ben's apartment, Blake asks Ben what he can possibly gain from watching the tape. Ben tells her that no matter how much she protests that she hates him, just watching her on the tape tells him the truth about what she really feels for him. Her actions on the tape, her responses to his touch tell him more than she can ever admit.

Jerking on her chains, Reva says that it can't end like this. God doesn't have such a cruel sense of irony, but she does. She jerks on the chains again and yells for help, but her efforts are short lived. He realizes that she doesn't have the energy needed to fight. "But, I have to stay awake," she tells herself. She begins to sing a song that she used to sing to Marah, "Oh Shenandoah."

Sean knocks on the door but there is no answer. He sees the note for the paperboy and realizes that the family will be away for two weeks. Reva may not have that much time! He looks around then remembers what Reva told him about leaving the keys in the mailbox. He looks inside and sure enough there are the keys. He opens the door and walks inside. He begins to go through some papers to find where Josh is. As he looks at a picture of Reva, he remembers when she offered to help him fight the charges against him. Going to the mantel, he finds a picture of "her man" and the children; no wonder she wanted to get back to them! As he starts up the stairs, Cassie bursts in with a baseball bat. "Okay, who are you and what are you doing here?"

Jesse and Michelle arrive at the party but Jesse feels out of place. Michelle assures him that soon he will be "one of them." Drew arrives with her new friend, Steven.

In the car, Josh and Cleva are on their way to Cross Creek. Cleva is all excited about the wedding. During a break in the conversation, Cleva tells Josh about a story she read in the National Inquirer. It is about a paralyzed man who was left alone to die by his uncle. How long does it take to die like that? She wants to know. She can't think that it would take long. Also, it can't be a painful way to die; the person would probably just fall asleep and not wake up. Josh looks at her in confusion.

Sean tries to tell Cassie who he is but she won't let him talk. Every time he tries to say anything, she shouts at him to shut up. She is waving the bat at him as she speaks and she tells him that she knows how to use it. She says she knows who he is. He is the burglar that has been breaking into people's houses. He has been watching the house and knows when the owner is away, but it won't work. He shouts that he is trying to find her sister; they are wasting time that Reva may not have. As he reaches in his pocket to get the letter, Cassie whacks him up side the head with the bat. As he lays unconscious, Cassie picks up the phone and calls 911.

Michelle sees Bill Lewis and rushes over and hugs him. Standing back, Drew wonders who the guy is that Michelle is hugging. Jesse tells her that it is Bill Lewis, an old family friend. Drew grabs Bill's arm and drags him toward the other couple while telling him that she wants an introduction. When they arrive, Michelle says that Bill has just invited her on a white water rafting trip.

Ben tells Blake that she can not fool him. No matter how much she tries to play "Harriet" to Ross' "Ozzie." Blake tells him that she has grown up, but Ben doesn't believe her. Deep down she is still misses the way she used to be. He describes to her how he thinks her old life was like. He tells her that deep down, she still has that yearning ache at the very pit of her being. Uncomfortable, Blake asks him if he is the devil.

Sean gets up and begs Cassie to listen to him. Reva is in danger. Cassie tells him that her sister is dead. "No," Sean says. "I have saved your sister's life twice!" Cassie asks how he knows her name and so much about this family. Sean said that Reva told him on the island. What island? Cassie asks. Sean says that the plane Reva was on went down near his island and he saved her life. Finally he shows her the letter and Cassie reads it. Now she believes that her sister is still alive! Just then, there is a knock at the door and she tells Sean that she called the cops while he was out. Sean tells her that if she lets them in, they will arrest him; he kinda broke out of jail to get here.

Reva continues to sing and pull on her chains.

In the car, Josh wonders why Cleva is asking him about dying. Cleva says that she has only been on this earth a few months so she doesn't understand about death. What is the big deal about dying anyway? Josh tells her that once she has lived a little longer and learned to love, she will understand the pain of losing a loved one to death. Cleva wonders if they will be happy and Josh tells her that he will try his best. "I will too," Cleva says. "But, Josh, you have to help me." Josh's eyes grow wide and he stops the car. He has to think about something.

"Of all the women out there, why do you have to come after me?" Blake asks. Ben says that he doesn't know but there are a few clues. First of all, he doesn't like his brother, so why not go after his brother's wife? He looks at her and thinks that she is more like him than she realizes. He likes sexy redheads, but that still doesn't explain his reasons because he doesn't know himself. He tells Blake a little about his childhood. He was always the outsider looking in at other families, families that had the look of belonging. He had convinced himself that he was better off "outside" until he met her.

Ross is saying that a restraining order is something that a woman gets when she is terrified. If Ben has laid a finger on Blake, it will be the last person he touches. Holly tries to calm him down. She says that Blake is probably at home right now; if not, she will be there soon. She tries to get him to go home so she can fix him some dinner, but he doesn't want to leave. She wonder why he is reacting with violence. He tells her that he is going home to confront his wife. He gets on the elevator but he gives Holly a hard look.

Cassie tries to convince Frank that she was wrong; she saw the coat rack and thought it was a person. Frank is hard to convince but finally he leaves. Sean thanks her but she says that she is only interested in saving her sister's life. She tells him that Josh is on his way to Cross Creek, but Sean thinks he should have a cell phone. Cassie tells him that they can't use the cell phone because "she" is with Josh. She tries to explain Cleva without telling him that she is a clone. She says that she wouldn't think that "she" would hurt Reva, but she is not developed emotionally. When you think about it, Reva being alive threatens "her" very existence.

As Bill, Michelle and Jesse talk about the rafting trip, Jesse gets the idea that he is being made fun of. He tells Michelle that he doesn't fit in here; he is uncomfortable and he is leaving. He says the only question is, is she staying or going with him. Without question, Michelle says good bye to her friends.

Cassie says that to find Reva, they have to get inside "her" head. This woman is a lot like Reva, she explains, so think like Reva.

Outside, Josh is rushing for the door. Cleva wants to know why he turned around and came back home. He tells her that he has to see something. He goes inside but Cleva heads around the house.

Josh runs straight to the video tapes and starts looking through them. He doesn't even notice that there is a stranger in his house. Cassie tells him that this is Sean. Josh says that he has been looking for him. He goes back to the search telling them that Cleva said something that reminded him of something on the tapes. He has to find that tape!

Cleva enters the sauna and tells Reva that she has to move her; it isn't safe here any longer! She begins to quickly undo the chains around Reva's feet.

Ben says to prove to Blake that he doesn't hate her, he will give her the tape. She thinks it is a trick or else, he has copies that he will whip out the next time he wants to embarrass her. He assures her that this is the only copy; she is free and clear to walk out the door with the tape. She says that she is leaving; she is going to throw away the tape just like she is going to throw away all the words he just told her about himself. Just as she reaches the door, there is a great pounding on the door. Ross shouts to open the door; he isn't going away without seeing Ben.

The video tape has been erased except for a few moments at the beginning where Reva says, "Josh, I need your help." She is in the pool house! Josh shouts as he races out the door.

Frank returns and wants to search the house. He tells her that they just got an APB on a man who is headed this way. He thinks that Cassie really did see someone. Cassie tells him that after he left earlier, she saw someone running around the side of the house. Frank tells her to lock the doors as he rushes out of the house. When he gets around the side of the house, Cassie gives Sean the keys to her car. He wants to stay until he knows Reva is safe, but she tells him to go; she will be in touch with him.

In the sauna, Cleva gets Reva unlocked and starts leading her out of the pool house. Reva attacks her and begins to choke her just as Josh bursts in. "Josh!" Reva shouts at the same time that he shouts out her name.

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