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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 10, 1998 on GL
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Monday, August 10, 1998

Harley and Josh are distressed to find that Michael's bus locker has been emptied out. They figure that he hadn't paid the rent on it, and the contents had been confiscated. Josh is unsuccessful in getting the attendant to give him the locker contents, even when he explains that Michael is now deceased. Harley comes up with this crazy idea to pay this nun some money (for charity, of course) and dress up in the nun outfit, and get the attendant away from the counter, so Josh can find the locker contents. The plan works; Josh finds a bottle, which he suspects to be the anecdote.

Ben talks to Blake in the hospital, with his micro-cassette recorder running. She finally says what he wants to hear; that they made love, and he did not rape her. They talk some more. and Ben tries to convince Blake to admit that he did not rape her, and he will make sure that Ross doesn't go to jail. Blake refuses to go this. Ben further provokes her and asks if she would rather be a whole woman and be with him, or be half a woman with Ross. Blake finally asks him to leave her alone.

Ben later goes to the police station, and asks for detective DeMarco, as he now has evidence that he did not rape Ross. Just as he does this, Ross comes up behind him asking what evidence he has.

Phillip and Beth bring Lizzie to the diner for ice cream, and tell her that they will no longer be together. Lizzie becomes very sad over this, and even more so when Harley shows up. Harley ends up making the situation better, and she and Lizzie make a promise to be good to each other (or something like that).

Real Reva sits with dying Clone Reva and tells her some stories of her childhood. Josh returns with the anecdote, but it appears to be too late. Clone Reva thanks them both for giving her a life. It is really unclear whether she dies or not.

Abby goes to the hospital to tell Rick of finding Holly drunk. He immediately goes to Holly's house where he finds Michelle trying to comfort Holly. Rick makes it clear that he is taking both of the boys away from her until she can pull herself together. Michelle yells at him that he is just doing this so he can get Kevin. Holly tries to explain that she just had a bad day, but Rick accuses her of being an alcoholic.

Tuesday, August 11, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Joyce Rose.

Rick and Abby are having an argument about the boys. Abby thinks Rick is using Blake's hospitalization as an excuse to have the boys live with them, even though he insists the arrangement is only temporary till Blake gets out of the hospital. He also mentions that Holly is an alcoholic and incapable of taking care of the boys. Abby tells him Holly just got some terrible news from Fletcher and had a few drinks to cope (Fletcher wrote Holly a letter saying she will never see her daughter again!), but Rick says it's more than that. Abby is worried and also doesn't want to see Blake and Ross go through any more grief, but Rick insists he'll be diplomatic. He tells Abby they'll discuss it later.

Meanwhile, a distraught Holly enters Blake's room and asks if Rick has been to see her yet. Blake says no, but asks her mom what's wrong (Holly knows that Rick will eventually tell Blake about her drinking). Her mom says nothing's wrong, and she's only worried because the doctor said Blake's paralysis has no medical cause. Blake says everything is horrible, and Ben is being accused of rape because of her. Holly tells her to stick to the story she told police (that Ben raped her), but Blake says he didn't, and she doesn't care if everyone hears. She informs Holly Ben was just there and she told him the truth. Holly tells her she's crazy; that Ben will go straight to the police, but Blake insists he won't because he knows why she's lying.

Meanwhile, back at Cross Creek, Josh tells Dolly that he and Reva will make her better, but she lifts her head and he sees that she already looks about 1,000 years old! He says he's sorry and that he did this to her. Dolly tells Josh that at least she got to have a life, which is more than most people, and that at least she knew she was loved. Reva smiles and agrees that yes, she is loved. Dolly closes her eyes and dies. Reva hugs her and cries while Josh looks on. He then tells Reva that Dolly was right, and they shouldn't be sad because she never had much in her life, and they should be happy that she's at peace now. He sits next to Dolly and tells her to just rest now. Reva says they must give her a special funeral, but Josh says they can't. Reva protests, but Josh explains that Dolly has no birth certificate and people will ask questions they won't be able to answer. Reva says she doesn't care, but Josh says he'll dig the hole himself and bury Dolly at Cross Creek. Reva accuses him of just wanting to get rid of her as quickly as possible. ( I am confused as to why she would think this; it just doesn't make sense to me)

Holly tells Blake that Ben is probably at the police station right now, spilling his guts, and asks Blake exactly what she told Ben. Blake says she told him the truth: that he didn't rape her and that she wanted him as much as he wanted her, and so she slept with him. Holly told her things could get very serious. Rick comes in with Abby. Blake asks how the boys are. Rick says fine, but Blake asks why he looks so strange. He says nothing's wrong, and reassures her the boys are fine, but Blake isn't sure she believes him.

Meanwhile, Ben and Ross argue (at the police station!) yet again about whether or not he raped Blake (you did, I didn't, you did, I didn't get the picture). Ben tells the detective he has proof that he didn't rape Blake. She asks him to wait for her in the office. Ben goes into the office alone, and then begins to rewind and listen to the tape recording of Blake confessing! He looks thoughtful....

Meanwhile, Josh argues that by keeping Dolly's funeral and burial private, they are protecting her from being a public spectacle. Cassie comes in and Josh tells her Dolly is dead. He explains that by the time he showed up with the accelerated aging antidote, it was too late. Cassie takes Reva outside. Josh sits down by the tree where his father is buried and begins to talk with him. He tells him the last time he talked with him he was complaining about Dolly driving him crazy, and now she was gone. He said he never really thought about what it would be like to lose her. He said he didn't always treat her well, but he cared for her and tried to protect her. He said he wanted her to be happy and safe, and told her many times that he wanted her to grow up to be her own person. He says, "She was so much like Reva when she was young; she was a force, you had to move out of her way or she'd roll right over you. She was crazy, full of life." He then asked his father to look after her, because he couldn't. Reva tells Cassie that she and Josh act like Dolly wasn't even a person, but Cassie tells her that Dolly took the aging formula to spare them any more pain, and that they should be proud of her. Reva says she is proud of her, but Cassie and Josh act like now it's "out of sight, out of mind". Cassie says Dolly's death is not easy for either of them, and reminds her that Dolly tried to kill her. Reva insists it wasn't her fault because she grew up in a lab, grew up quickly, and was given Reva's memories. Cassie tells Reva she has to let Dolly go. Josh walks up and announces that everything is ready.

Frank tells the detective that Blake was no angel and that she had slept with a lot of men over the years, himself included. She replies it's none of her business. He says that Ross was the best thing that ever happened to Blake, and he doesn't want anything Ben says to ruin that. She assures him that unless Ben has some rock solid evidence to prove his innocence, she won't believe him. Meanwhile, Ben continues to rewind and play Blake's tape to himself. He listens to her say that if everyone finds out the truth, she might as well be dead, and begging him not to make her tell everyone what really happened. (Something tells me he won't! He's a bigger man than I thought!)

Back at Cedar's, Blake again asks Rick if he's keeping anything from her, but he assures her he isn't. She asks Abby to kiss the boys for her, and thanks Rick for helping out. Then she asks if she can get a wheelchair so that she may visit the chapel (she sure has got a lot to confess!).

Blake's in the chapel begging God to help her by not letting anyone else get hurt. She admits that she is an ungrateful creep because her husband and kids were not good enough for her; she just had to go and sleep with Ross' brother (true, but can you really blame her?). She says she won't pretend she didn't know what she was doing and wants nothing for herself (right!), but if she tells the truth, it will kill Ross, and if she lies Ben will go to prison for a crime he didn't commit. She again asks God to please not let anyone else get hurt.

Josh speaks to Dolly. He says all she wanted was love, and he was sorry he didn't make her happier or make a better life for her and take better care of her. He said his daddy would take care of her now. Cassie says that they tried to do everything they could for her and she wishes they could have done more, but she's at peace now. Reva tells Dolly to ask H.B. to tell her his stories (he has a million of them!). She tells Dolly her and H.B. will hit it off! She tells Dolly she was a fighter and lived life to the hilt, which is what life is all about. She knew what she wanted, and went after it (as she looks at Josh!), and she'll miss her very much. Josh goes to comfort Reva, but she tells him she'd like some time alone with Dolly.

Blake admits to God of making a mess of everything (the understatement of the decade!), and that she should have thanked him every day, but didn't. She said if he could just fix this mess, she would never ask for anything again. Ben walks in! She asks him what he's doing there. He tells her he has something to show her and plays the tape of her confession. She calls him a bastard!

Josh tells Cassie he's worried about Reva, but she says she'll be o.k. She says it affected Reva in ways they can't imagine, because watching Dolly get old and die was like looking in the mirror and watching herself die. She tells Josh Reva just needs time to say goodbye to Dolly in her own way.

Reva sits next to Dolly's grave (with a wooden plaque which reads, "yes you are loved"), and tells her that Cassie and Josh did love her, but "they weren't you, and I was..I am. In time, they'll be able to go on, maybe forget, but I won't ever. I won't ever let you be forgotten!"

Ross asks the detective what Ben had to say, but she says he disappeared before she had a chance to question him further. She said she still needs to find him and pursue this, but Ross asks why, because his brother would say anything to save his own skin, therefore, he would only leave if he had nothing credible to show her (don't be so sure, Ross!).

Meanwhile, back in the chapel, Ben admits to Blake that he went to the police station to play the tape for the detective, but he changed his mind. He tells her he'll never play it for her. Blake asks him why and he says because he's decided that if they are to ever find out the truth, it will be because Blake tells them herself. He tells Blake he's willing to bet his life on it! He then destroys the tape and puts it in her lap, then leaves!

Wednesday, August 12, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Vicki Fox

Harley and David meet at Company to discuss their new client, Mr. Minyard, and the job he wants them to do. They're to check out an offshore oil drilling company, posing as potential investors. When David hears about the huge $25,000 retainer and the fact that Harley has neither met nor spoken with the mysterious Mr. Minyard, David suspects the job is some kind of setup. Then Buzz and Jenna arrive. Harley tells them about her new client and David's suspicions, and when they hear the details, they, too, are leery of it, to Harley's exasperation. Later, when Harley and David are alone, David asks why Harley is just taking all this new business on faith, instead of showing at least a little healthy skepticism. David tells her he thinks she's too anxious to prove that she can be independent of the Spaulding millions. Harley denies this, and basically tells David to mind his own business. He agrees, and they change the subject. Harley asks him about Vicki, and David tells her that Vicki is Phillip's cousin from Barbados. This flusters Harley, since Phillip hadn't told her. Then Harley gets a call on her cell phone from the bank telling her that Minyard's check for $25,000 has cleared. David says, "Aha! Sounds like you were a little suspicious, having the bank call you like that!"

There's a scene in a mysterious accountant's office. The accountant is on the phone, saying, "Yes, Mr. Minyard, I did just as you asked. The money is in her account." There's a pause, then, "No, no, she'll never find out."

As Buzz leaves Harley and David's table at Company, he spots Jesse, and goes over to talk to him. Jesse is finishing a new sketch he's making to show a gallery owner he's about to meet. Jesse tells Buzz that he needs a lot of money -- he wants to get a nice apartment, a good car, and better clothes to wear, in order to change his "loser" image. He believes this will resolve all his problems with Michelle. Buzz tells him that money ain't everything, and he should know because he's tried it both ways. He asks Jesse if this is his idea or hers. When Jesse admits it's his idea, Buzz tells him to talk to Michelle -- he'll find that she doesn't care where he lives or what he wears. The important thing, says Buzz, is to love her with everything you've got.

At Spaulding Enterprises, Alan and Phillip meet. Alan wants to discuss what they're going to do to handle the "Vicki situation." Phillip comes up with a novel idea -- how about they just welcome her to the family with open arms? Then Vicki arrives. It turns out (surprise, surprise) that Vicki wants her share of the Spaulding fortune. Alan is completely against giving her anything, but Phillip is willing to make a settlement with her. But Vicki wants more -- she wants to have a place at Spaulding Enterprises. Again Phillip tries to be reasonable, saying that he's sure they can find a job for her -- what did she have in mind? She has in mind that they will reopen the pharmaceuticals division and let her run it. This sweeping demand stuns Phillip. Now he's on Alan's side. Vicki says she'll take them to court, and Phillip calls her bluff. Do it, he says, our lawyers can block any move your lawyers try.

At Cross Creek, Reva is grieving for Dolly. Cassie, about to leave to return to Springfield, tells Reva that she's sorry about what she'd said about Dolly's death being a blessing. She says she understands how hard this must be for Reva. She and Reva hug, then she leaves, telling Josh outside that she's worried about Reva. When Reva and Josh are alone again, Reva turns her angry grief on Josh. She tells him that he never really cared for Dolly. She confronts him over all his actions with Dolly, and talks about how it must have been for her, growing up so fast with no family and no real love, being brainwashed to live Reva's life. Again and again Josh tries to explain things and to apologize, but Reva, in her grief, is too hurt and angry to listen. She asks Josh why, when Dolly was a child, he didn't stop giving her the growth serum, and let her be adopted by a real family. Josh tries to explain that Michael kept giving her the serum, and that later it was Dolly herself who insisted on growing up all the way to become "Reva". But Reva won't believe him. She tells him that she wants to be alone for a while, and that he should go back to Springfield. Later, as he leaves, and with tears streaming down his face, he begs her not to let Dolly get between them in death, as she had tried to do in life.

At Company, Dinah goes to Cassie's room to meet with Sean. Dinah tells him that their deal (where Dinah would help clear Sean's name in return for his help destroying Ben and getting Ross out of jail) is off. She tells him she doesn't need him anymore, because Ross is already out of jail and Ben's been arrested. She says the only way they can do business is if Sean helps her break up Hart and Cassie. He refuses point blank. They get into an argument, and Sean ends up telling Dinah that "I'd rather rot in prison than lift a finger for you!" Just then, Hart arrives, looking for Cassie. Dinah smugly introduces Hart to "Cassie's new roommate." To Dinah's surprise, Hart recognizes Sean as a friend of Reva and Josh's. But Dinah tells Hart that Sean's a fugitive, and shows Hart the wanted poster. She tells him that Cassie's been hiding Sean from the law. Now Hart wants to know what's really going on. Just then, Cassie arrives back from Cross Creek. Hart starts grilling her like a T-bone steak on what's going with Sean. Cassie and Sean try to explain that Cassie couldn't tell Hart anything without breaking Reva's trust, and that Sean had helped Reva when she was in big trouble. Meanwhile, Dinah saunters around the room making cracks about Sean and Cassie sleeping together. To Dinah's chagrin, Hart orders her to leave. In the hall outside Cassie's room, Dinah uses her cell phone to call the police and report Sean and Cassie. The cops come within minutes, and burst into Cassie's room as Sean and Cassie and Hart are still "discussing" things. They arrest Sean and Cassie (for some reason, Frank, who makes every other arrest in town, wasn't present for this one). As Cassie and Sean are being hauled away, Hart sees Dinah smirking and looking satisfied with herself.

Thursday, August 13, 1998

Dinah watches with delight as Cassie and Sean are led away in handcuffs by the police (she called them using her cell phone). Hart takes her aside to give her a stern talking-to, but decides she isn't worth the trouble.

Jesse meets with the gallery owner; he needs to sell his art quickly, but the owner tells him that art won't be his cash cow, and declines him a cash advance.

Blake tells Holly that Ben recorded her confession, but destroyed the tape because he loves her. Holly remains a skeptic.

Ben tells Beth what he did and she is incredulous. His reason for not using the tape as evidence? He doesn't want Blake to hate him. He is putting the burden of truth back on her. What happens to him is completely in her hands, and he has faith in her. He also tells Beth he plans to represent himself in court.

Rick surprises Ross with the news of Holly's drinking problem and makes known his decision to go for custody of Kevin. Ross is stunned and tries unsuccessfully to talk him out of it.

Blake forces Holly to tell her what's wrong. Holly confesses she got drunk before Abby and Michelle brought the boys over. She tries to explain that she had just received a letter from Fletcher saying he was never coming back with Meg, but Blake starts crying and screaming "get out!" as soon as she realizes that Rick knows about the incident and would probably try to take her boys away.

Michelle feels bad about revealing Holly's problem to Rick. She is worried that it is the beginning of a lot of bad feelings between her family and friends.

Dinah calls the TV station to arrange coverage of Sean and Cassie's arrest. Hart asks Dinah to play down Cassie's part in Sean's arrest, but Dinah says no, she can't obscure the truth from the public.

Beth tries to warn Ben about Blake's sexual past. Ben is unscathed.

Frank and Teri are assigned to Sean and Cassie's case. Frank is furious that Cassie lied to him a few weeks ago about hiding Sean at the Lewis' house. Sean repeats ad nauseum that he did not kill his wife or business partner. When Teri calls the Florida authorities to report him found, she learns that they've located his wife and business partner and arrested them. Cassie posts bond for Sean and they are free to go.

Michelle spots Jesse in the restaurant and she and Bill join him. The two apologize to one another for what happened at the beach party. Jesse lies and says he sold a few of his drawings.

Teri makes a statement to the news media (Dinah) that Sean did not commit a double murder. Dinah is angry that her story is lost. She congratulates Sean, who he tells her to go straight to hell, along with his ex-wife.

Ben overhears Rick requesting a court date to start custody proceedings.

At show's end:

  • Cassie tells Hart she knows she has a lot of explaining to do, and she doesn't know if he'll believe it, but it will be the truth.

  • Ross visits Blake in the hospital and finds she already knows about the custody battle. "What are we going to do?" she cries. He promises he'll take her home as soon as she can walk again and both of her boys will be there. "I won't let anyone else hurt you. Ever," he says.

  • Ben threatens Rick directly -- "If you try to take Kevin away from Blake, you'll be making the biggest mistake of your life. Do not -- I repeat -- do not -- go near that boy."

  • Friday, August 14

    Trying to apologize for her earlier scheme, Dinah suggests to Sean that they have a lot in common. Guessing that he's got a soft spot for Cassie, Dinah tries to enlist Sean's help in keeping Cassie and Hart apart. Sean refuses again and suggests that she forget about her obsession and learn to enjoy her life. When Hart admits that he can' trust her anymore, Cassie finally tells him the truth about Dolly, the now-dead clone. She's surprised to discover that he believes her story and finds relief in his embrace. Finding Holly at his place with a bottle of booze in front of her, Ross complains that her drinking has given Rick the perfect opportunity to try to gain custody of Kevin. He suggests to Holly that it's time she pull herself together for the sake of her daughter. Holly responds by giving him excuses for her drinking but he walks out on her and runs to get his children at Rick and Abby's place. Worried that he is out of control with anger, Abby refuses to let Ross inside the house. Beth refuses when Phillip asks them to at least be friends after their latest split. Rick laughs when Ben warns him not to fight for custody of Kevin for fear of ruining his own life. Ben goes on with his threat and later hints to Beth that he knows something about Rick that will rock him. Later, Rick is outraged when Ben reveals that he can't be the father of Kevin.

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