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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 8, 2002 on GL
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Monday, July 8, 2002

Ed Bauer happens upon Cassie at the beach. He offers words of wisdom and comfort. He encourages Cassie to take care of herself, give herself a break from the hospital, and not to feel guilty about it. Ed tells her he has been where she is more than once, and remembers how overwhelming it feels.

Richard awakens with Reva by his side. She starts to call Cassie, but Richard stops her with one word. "No."

The pizza guy is ringing the doorbell of the carriage house. Blake opens the door and Harley and Gus rush in right behind with guns drawn. One problem, it is not Tory. Tory is at the university walking into Ross's classroom with a gun of her own. She advises Ross to take out the earpiece, with which he has been listening to the stake out at his home.

For the first time, Cassie is able to discuss the possibility of Richard's death with someone. She asks Ed how he has managed to move on from the loss of his loved ones. Cassie is tearful, but able to converse and listen to Ed's thoughts about dealing with death. Cassie draws strength and little pieces of hope, that she just might be able to survive if Richard does not.

Across town at Cedar's, Richard asks Reva to help him. "Help me die."

Tory has Ross bound and gagged and is rambling on about all the wonderful memories they have shared. She begins to address a judge and jury that do not exist to advocate for the death of a teacher who "victimized" an innocent student. She tells the sordid tale of their affair with her own personal psychotic slant. Tory accuses Ross of using her and throwing her away. She rips the tape from Ross's mouth and asks him if he has anything to say for himself.

Ross says, go ahead, do what she will to him. But please, leave Blake alone. He pleads not for his life, but for Blake's because his children need at least one parent. Tory, of course, ignores all this and pronounces Ross "guilty as charged." Before the death sentence is carried out however, she has one more surprise.

Reva asks Richard what exactly he means. He repeats it over again "Help me die." But she just falls apart and says no, she needs to go get Cassie. After all, this is Cassie's decision. But Richard shakes his head and says "No, please, Cassie should not have to make that kind of choice." That is why he needs Reva's help. Richard says helping him die, will help both Cassie and him. Then the monitors all begin to sound, and Richard slips back into unconsciousness.

Tory has left behind the page from Ross's address book containing the Bauer cabin information. Blake, Harley and Gus all believe this is a clue left by Ross for them and take off for the cabin. Tory takes Ross back to his house, where Ross is entering a final plea for his life and claims to love Tory like no man ever has. Tory is not buying it though, she says his time is up.

Ed comes by to check on Richard. Reva is beside herself with doubt and grief. She tells Ed that Richard was in horrific pain during the few moments he was conscious. Ed looks over Richard's chart and tells Reva that Richard has just suffered a massive stroke. He tells her there is no chance that Richard will ever be well again. He says the only thing keeping Richard alive right now is the respirator. Reva looks in on her brother-in-law and prays for him to die. For everyone's sake.

Tuesday, July 9, 2002

Rick suffers a massive heart attack, barely making it to the hospital on time. Mel learns that Rick will die without a successful heart transplant. At the house, Tory gives Ross drugs and tries to drown him in the bathtub. Blake shows up and attempts to rescue him, but Tory quickly stops her with a gun. Olivia makes arrangements with a publisher, intending to turn Lorelei's diary into a national bestseller. Hiding her plans from Alan, she buys time when he reminds her of his marriage proposal. When Beth leaves for Texas, Olivia persuades Bill to follow her in hopes that he'll get closer to "Lorelei" and ruin Beth's plans for Phillip.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Outside of Richard's hospital room

Reva called and left message for Cassie to call her. With a worried look, Reva had a flashback and remembered what Richard told her about wanting to die. Dr. Pierce told Reva that there is little change and that Richard is probably in great discomfort. He said that he is hanging by a thread. Reva yelled at the doctor for not being able to stop the pain. Dr. Pierce said he didn't have a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) so he had no choice.

As Mel is standing outside of Richard's room holding his chart, she noticed that he is an organ donor.

Rick's hospital room

Phillip enters and asked Rick what he is doing. Ed pulled Phillip aside and said that the doctors have done everything they can. Phillip said to do whatever it takes and he will pay for it. Ed told Phillip that they couldn't buy their way out of this. Rick woke up to see Phillip standing over him. But Rick told Phillip to keep his pride intact. Phillip pulled up a stool and told Rick how the kids, Zach and Jude, were playing with the toy truck. He told him that Jude picked up the truck and handed it back to Zach. Phillip reminded him that is why he has to stick around. But Rick said he might not have a choice. Phillip told him that he is not ready to lose him and for him to keep fighting. In a shaky voice, Phillip said he cannot die and that everything is going to be ok. Rick apologized and Phillip cried. Rick wanted Phillip to promise to tell Jude everything and what a good friend Phillip was. Rick said he cannot keep his eyes open and needed to rest. Phillip broke down in tears. Phillip exits. He saw Olivia outside of Rick's room. She told him that she went to see Richard and he isn't well. Phillip said this shouldn't be happening to Richard or Rick. He remembered how he and Rick always had a bond over the years. Olivia reached to hold his hand.

Michelle hugged Ed. Lillian enters. Lillian wanted to know what she could do to help. Before exiting, Michelle told her to find Rick a heart. Holly enters. Mel entered and Lillian told her no change in Rick's condition.

At the Marler house

Blake pleaded with Tory to let her go and get Ross out of the tub. Blake told Tory that she didn't want him anymore. Tory said that anything he gets now he deserved. Blake tried to convince her to leave and cut her losses. Still holding the gun on Blake, Tory told Blake that she wanted Ross to pay for what he did.

Ross is slowly sinking deeper in the tub and tried to reach the knob to turn off the water. Instead he turned and knocked over a candle. Tory looked away because of the noise she heard; therefore, Blake reached for the gun. Blake and Tory were fighting for the gun. Once Tory gained control of the gun, she begged Blake to learn how to live without a man. But Blake reminded her that she knew how to live without a man and her heart had been broken a million times. Tory said she didn't want him. Blake wanted her to give Ross to her. The phone rings and Tory said to let it ring. On the answering machine, Gus is trying to get Blake to warn her to get out of the house. Tory suggested that they go away together. Blake said if she goes with her they would press charges. Tory said that she is lucky Ross is dead. While Blake is sitting down, Tory rubs her hair. Suddenly Blake ran and Tory fired the gun. Blake fell to the floor. Tory rubbed her hair and is in a state of panic. Tory returns to the bathroom and began to scream at Ross of how he treated women. She wanted Ross to die.

Downstairs Blake comes to and takes off her bullet proof vest and realized that the vest worked. She grabbed a fireplace poker. As Tory pushed Ross down in the tub, Blake hit her in the head. With Tory lying on the floor, Blake reached to pull Ross out of the water. Blake begins to give Ross CPR. Tory reached for the fireplace poker, and starts to hit Blake. But Gus and Harley enter. Gus called the ambulance. Gus put handcuffs on Tory. Ross comes to. Screaming, Tory told Blake that it isn't over. Gus escorted Tory out. Crying, Blake holds Ross to her chest. Sitting on a chair, Ross told Blake that he is fine. Harley said she could take their statements tomorrow. Blake hugged Harley and thanked her. Harley exits.

Ross told Blake that he loved her. She said that she would always love him no matter what. They embrace.

Chapel at Cedars Hospital

Reva talked to God and wanted to know what he was thinking. Mel is seen in the door listening. Reva screamed to take him and stop making him suffer and asking her to help him die. Quietly, Reva said she didn't understand why this man's body is a living tomb and in constant pain. Reva told the Lord that she wanted to do the right thing. But she is worried about Cassie and knows that she couldn't make this kind of decision. Crying, she felt this couldn't be wrong knowing what Richard's life has become. Reva said she would wait there for as long as it took to be shown the way.

Thursday, July 11, 2002

At the Beacon Hotel

Cassie walked around in one of the rooms. As she was looking out the window her face showed pain and sadness. Cassie looked at the picture taken at the Beacon Hotel of her and Richard. She remembered what he said about recreating their wedding night. She left the picture on the chair and lay down on the bed hugging a pillow to her chest falling into a deep sleep.

At the Chapel (Cedars Hospital)

Sitting in the pew, Reva heard Richard's voice calling to her for help. Reva goes up to the pulpit and asked for God's help. She commented that she wanted a sign. Aloud, she said she couldn't do this. She exits the chapel.

Outside of Richard's room (ICU)

Mel held the chart and saw the words "organ donor." She turned to look at Richard through the glass window. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she looked at the ventilator. Lillian entered. Mel told her she was checking on Richard. Lillian told her to not give up on Rick. Mel said she sounded like Cassie in not giving up. Mel exits to visit Rick. Reva entered and told Lillian that she was giving God a piece of her mind. Lillian told her that Josh called and said that Cassie had somewhere important to go. Reva tried to call Cassie on the cell phone, but it was busy. Again, Reva heard Richard's voice to her to help him die. She screamed, "I can't, it is not up to me." Lillian ran to her and hugged her. She told Lillian that Cassie doesn't know about Richard's stroke. Lillian told Reva that she could help Cassie get through this. Reva verified with Lillian that since Richard is on the ventilator, he couldn't talk. Lillian told her that if she wanted to take him home, she would have to take all the equipment. Lillian gave Reva a message board for Richard to blink when she pointed to a certain letter or word in order to communicate. Lillian told her that he would continue to need medication because of the pain. She said it could last for a long time.

As Reva is holding Richards hand, she looked at the ventilator. Richard began to wake up and Reva noticed. Softly, she called his name and told him that she had to tell Cassie. She looked up to the heavens and said, "This is my sign isn't it?" She told Richard she couldn't do it because it wasn't up to her. Reva showed him the message board and explained how to use it. She asked him if he wanted to live. She pointed to yes, but he didn't blink in response. When she pointed to the word please on the message board, he blinked and his eyes remained closed. Richard began to have another seizure. Reva's hand moved to the ventilator power switch. She flipped the power switch to the off position. She watched as the seizure ended and Richard's body relaxed.

Outside of Cedar's hospital

Danny entered. He kissed Michelle on the head. While rubbing her shoulders, he wanted her to talk about something that Rick had said or done that made her laugh. But she couldn't think of that. She finally explained that Rick had played a practical joke on her at one of the Bauer barbeques. Danny suggested something he did that made her sad. She remembered when she got married for the first time, and Rick made it clear that he didn't approve. She talked about the sadness in his eyes. Danny wanted to know what Rick did to make her mad. Michelle said it was the time when Rick wanted to tear them apart. Danny reminded her that Rick would always be a part of her.

Rick's hospital room

Harley entered. Ed told her that Rick was asleep now. As she sat by Rick's side, the tears flowed. She tried to talk to him to keep herself from breaking down. But it didn't work. She composed herself and told him that she was in bed with Jude, and he spit out his pacifier and said "da da da." She wanted Rick to work that out with him when he got better. Once again she broke down and told him she cannot raise this little boy on her own. Mel enters. Mel explained what happened and how Ed found Rick in cardiac arrest. Harley mentioned how Mel and Rick seem to fit together. Mel wanted Harley to promise her that Jude will always remember Rick. They embraced. Harley exits. Mel got in the bed with Rick and put his arm around her. She wanted him to forgive her because she missed an opportunity to do something for him. She told Rick that there was a man that was going to die and how she thought of a match for Rick. But she admitted she couldn't do it because she wasn't God. Looking through the glass window, Reva overheard Mel. Mel checked Rick's heartbeat and remained at his side. Ed woke Mel up and told her to get some rest. Harley and Michelle enter. HRLEY SAID that Rick would beat this.

Outside of Rick's hospital room

Ed told Holley that he wanted a shot of something. Holley said she knew that feeling because she was an alcoholic too. Holley explained how Fletcher left with Meg and she started to spend time with her best friend, alcohol. She told him that was the reason she was at the hospital so late because of the AA meeting. She invited Ed to attend the meeting with her, but he refused. Ed exits.

AA meeting at Cedars Hospital

The facilitator asked if anyone wanted to speak. Ed entered and introduced himself as an alcoholic. He began to explain how he had been away.

Friday, July 12, 2002

Reva is by Richard's side softly singing a gospel hymn. She leaves him with a goodbye kiss on his cheek and slips out of his room unnoticed.

Across town, Cassie has the dream about the lion coming towards her and is startled awake. She senses something in the room and calls out, "Is someone there"?

Gus drops Zach off for his visit with Phillip. Phillip is at the hospital to visit Rick, so Lizzie says she'll watch him till her dad comes home. Gus senses Lizzie's discomfort with him. He makes it easy for her to apologize for her part in the set-up with Marina. He tells Lizzie he has no hard feelings against her. She is surprised and grateful. Alan walks in and starts in on Gus.

Richard walks into the room where Cassie was sleeping. He brings with him a pool of light. When Cassie asks him what he's doing there, Richard says he has come to be with the woman he loves. She is confused but gives herself over to her husband's kisses, his warmth, his comfort.

Phillip and Harley meet up in the hospital waiting room. Phillip mentions to her that he promised Rick he would take care of Jude as if he were his own son. Instead of feeling reassured, Harley is offended that everyone seems to think she cannot take care of her own son. Phillip uses this as an opportunity to take a few jabs at her relationship with Gus.

It comes out in the ensuing argument that Harley never read the copy of Gus' juvenile record that Phillip gave to her. Phillip is furious. Harley is sick and tired of having to defend her boyfriend and her life.

Reva goes to the chapel. She explains her actions to God, why turning off Richard's life-support was the only choice. She begs God to tell her what she did was what He wanted. She falls apart in her grief and cries Richard's name over and over again.

Richard tells Cassie that she is the first, the only person, to ever love him for who he really is. He tells her he wants to give her the moon and the stars and heavens to thank her. She says she just wants him, and more of their life of joy, of adventure, of love. He tells her they are a part of each other.

Harley and Phillip have a raging screaming fight outside of Rick's hospital room. Harley reminds Phillip that he told her to do what she thought was best with that juvenile record. Phillip tells her it never occurred to him that she would allow Gus to sweet talk his way out of her even reading the information the file contained.

Reva makes another call trying to track down Cassie. Lillian finds Reva crying in the chapel and tries to console her. Just then, Mel walks into Richard's room and realizes the life support machine is turned off. She frantically feels for a pulse.

Phillip wants to know the specifics of what Gus told her, but Harley says there's no way she'll reveal that to him. Gus walks in and finds them going at it. Gus suggests that Phillip take a walk outside with him and they can settle this between the two of them. Phillip declines, and walks off saying he's going to handle this in his own way, the way he should have from the very beginning.

Harley tells Gus she is concerned that Phillip's caustic remark means he is planning something. Gus offers to go to the mansion and talk with Phillip more. Harley lets him know that is the exact worse thing he could do. Gus fills Harley in on his little 'conversation' with Alan when he dropped Zach off.

Arriving back at the Spaulding mansion, Phillip walks up to Alan in the drawing room and asks for the key. When Alan feigns "what key", Phillip isn't having any of his sarcasm. Phillip gets the key to Alan's desk and retrieves the other copy of Gus' juvenile record and reads it.

Michelle walks up to Richard's room and hears alarms going off and sees Mel standing in front of the life support machine.

After making love, Richard cradles Cassie's sleeping body in his arms. He whispers to her that she will never be alone, that they are soulmates, always. He tells her to thank Reva for him, for all that she has done for both of them. He pulls away and leaves a red rose on the pillow next to his wife. He touches her hand lightly and leaves her with his love. He lingers for a moment in the garden outside of the balcony watching Cassie sleep.

Richard fades away into the sunlight, his eyes on his beloved.

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