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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 3, 2003 on GL
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Monday, March 3, 2003

At WSPR the bomb went off that Tony threw down the stairwell. It shook the whole building! Danny comforted Michelle and Bill comforted Beth. It ended up being a flash explosive, not a real bomb. It was probably only meant to scare everybody. Holly and Blake got into an argument with Harley and Gus because they said that Holly isn't off the hook. Anybody in the studio could have put the bomb there. Blake argued that Holly just got there but Gus said she could have gotten there ahead of time and put the bomb in place. Reva refused to let a fake bomb from a cowardly stalker stop her from going on with the show. She demanded that they get the set fixed back up so they could go on air. Gus wanted the studio cleared in case something else happened but the audience wouldn't leave! The producer, however, refused to stay so Holly had to take over.

Back at the Spaulding Mansion, Alex, Phillip and Olivia decide to watch Reva's show together. Alexandra tried to talk Olivia out of watching the show saying it could be UPSETTING to her but Olivia said she wanted to watch Reva be humiliated! Then Alexandra said, "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Edmund was bellying up to the bar bragging that he's the new ambassador to San Cristobel . The TV above the bar said that Reva's show was having technical difficulties and Edmund got a strange look on his face and said, " Technical difficulties or running scared?"

Then back at WSPR, Reva went on air. She explained how she made a very hard decision in helping Richard die, what she did was out of love and now she is being stalked by a person who has harassed her on the phone, broke into her home, and threw a brick through her window and now, has set off a make shift bomb at WSPR. She challenged the stalker to call and explain what his problem was.

Edmund, watching at the bar said to the bartender, "God, Someone should shoot that woman," and left.

At the mansion, Olivia accused Reva of setting the bomb off herself and Phillip defended Reva but Olivia said that Reva was selfish and nauseating, and left the room.

A person called into WSPR and let Reva have it! He said Reva was trying to play God. He told the story of his wife who had been in a car accident and was in a coma but 37 day later, she came out of it. Cassie then got on stage and told him that it was great his wife came out of it but Richard's condition was different and he was in a lot of pain. They traced the call and Gus ended up knowing the guy. He was poor and a quadriplegic and couldn't have done the things the stalker had done.

In the mean time, Frank was looking for Edmund and the bartender told him he had just left and told Frank what Edmund said about somebody should shoot Reva.

Then the stalker called! The person seemed to know Reva VERY well. They said, "you do whatever you please, whenever you please" but the person had a scrambler and they couldn't get a trace. Reva had to keep him talking. He said, "Your trying to keep me on to trace my call but I'm smarter than you. I'm going to hurt you and your whole family." Reva pushed him and said he was just a chicken and said he didn't have the guts to hurt her and dared him to come to the station and face her and hash it out. Then the caller hung up.

Phillip walked in and saw Olivia standing in front of the TV staring at it with tears on her cheeks.

Harley said this stalker is somebody who holds a long time animosity towards Reva. Suddenly, Gus ran in and announced they got the trace! He was headed to 5 Grandview Terrace and Beth jumped up and said, "THAT'S THE SPAULDING MANSION!"

Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Everyone waits at the television station to find out who, at the Spaulding house, has been stalking Reva. Meanwhile, Olivia, skeptical of Alexandra's sudden effort to mend fences, decides it's only because Alexandra and Alan want to get their hands on Olivia's child. Gus and Harley arrive and when they discover that Olivia's cell phone log contains calls to the TV studio, Olivia is arrested. Phillip recruits Ross to represent Olivia against a sea of objections from Holly, Blake and Josh. Alexandra goes to the police station to support Olivia, but also warns Phillip against talking to the police. Reva thinks it makes sense when she finds out that Olivia has been put in custody. Later, Reva sneaks into the police station to confront Olivia. Gus and Harley hope that their involvement in the case is over so they can leave for Germany to pursue Roy Baker. They are disappointed when they are forced to follow up on the calls from Olivia's cell phone. Bill and Beth meet and Beth discovers that Bill and Michelle have broken up. They have a heart-to-heart talk and end up being better friends. Meanwhile, Michelle tries to talk to Danny at the TV studio, but he is too busy for her and leaves with Cassie. Danny expresses doubts to Cassie about Olivia's guilt.

Wednesday, March 5, 2003
by CBS

Danny asks Cassie for a favor, but has to leave before he can tell her what it is that he wants. Frank interrupts Reva before she can get an admission of guilt out of Olivia. Reva goes home and both Josh and Shayne express doubt about Olivia's guilt. When Alexandra suggests to Phillip that Olivia could be guilty, he rejects the notion and insists Alexandra give Olivia her full support. She finally agrees. Later, Alexandra notices that Alan and Olivia's divorce papers need only Olivia's signature. Gus and Harley get confirmation that Olivia's cell phone was used to make calls to Cassie and to Marah. Later, Harley allows Phillip to visit Olivia and although he reassures Olivia, he still has his doubts. Gus and Harley figure out that Regina's bracelet has an "S" design on it, possibly for "Santos." They plan on heading to Germany to find Roy Baker. Marah is surprised when Tony and Josh shake hands. When Edmund and Alexandra discuss the bracelet, he suspects she has a master plan, which she won't reveal. She assures him that he has no worries where Roy Baker is concerned. Alan makes a date with India for lunch. Eden is back in town and back in business.

Thursday, March 6, 2003
by CBS

Olivia finds unexpected support from Alexandra who presents her with divorce papers, which Olivia signs. Then Olivia goes along with Alexandra's ploy to get her moved from the jail to the ER, pending her arraignment. At the same time, Alan, returning from captivity on Mystic Island, is determined to win back his company and confront Olivia. Phillip, meanwhile, resists any doubts he has about Olivia's guilt and comes to her defense. At the end of the day, Alan seems more irrational than ever, and Alexandra plans on using his vulnerability for her own advantage. Ben expresses frustration towards his dead-end job with Alexandra. Meanwhile, Tony and Marah's romantic efforts are interrupted when Eden returns to make Tony a proposition she thinks he can't refuse.

Friday, March 7, 2003

When Phillip found out Olivia was in the hospital and ran to see her, he found out she was lying and the baby was fine. She could tell by the look on his face that he was doubting her. She asked him if he thought she was lying about everything since she was telling lies about being hurt. He avoided the answer and was "saved" when Ross walked in. Ross said she could possibly get out on bail today and went over the evidence against her. The calls tying her cell phone to calling Reva and the kids and said there was a lipstick, Secret Scarlet 103 that had been used to write on Reva's walls. Olivia said she'd never heard of that lipstick.

When Phillip left, Reva came to visit Olivia again because she wanted to know "why." Olivia told Reva she's got more important things to concentrate on other than harassing her and Reva said "your pregnant?" and Olivia said yes. The weird thing was Reva could "hear" Olivia thoughts and it really freaked her out. She went out to talk to Felicia who is a psychologist (Mel's mother) and told her that she wondered if she had her mother's gift. She knew, without Olivia telling her, that she believed she was not the stalker and that Phillip might be the baby's father. Felicia told Reva to ask Cassie if she had experienced any signs of having a 6th sense. When Reva confronted Cassie though, she said nothing like that had ever happened to her.

Back at the mansion, Alexandra is trying to calm Alan down by saying the baby might not be his but that only made it worse. He still has no clue that Olivia slept with Phillip. It seemed as if Alan was losing his mind when Alexandra told him that she knew he was going to have lunch with India and did have lunch with Mindy. He seemed shocked but Alexandra told him that HE told her about it. She told him that HE cancelled lunch with India. He said he didn't and called India for himself. Alexandra tried to get him to take a sedative because he was acting crazy but he refused. He called India and he was yelling on the phone "but WHY would I cancel?" and then he slams down the phone and yelled "I'M SURROUNDED BY THE ENEMY!" and storms out of the room saying "AND THAT INCLUDES MY OWN SON!"

Alex was worried about him.

Phillip was getting some things together to take back to Olivia and out of her purse fell lipstick with Secret Scarlet 103 written on the bottom! Phillip tucked it in his pocket and when Alexandra asked him if there was a problem, he said he thought Olivia was being set up by Alan.

Later, Olivia made bail and Ross seemed confident Olivia would be exonerated but Phillip was unsure and looks at the tube of lipstick.

Mel and Felicia argued about Mel not accepting a chance to be Chief of the Trauma Unit. Then later, Rick said he was a candidate for the job. Mel is glad and revealed that she wanted to go back to law school. (she had already completed 2 years)

Danny was watching a film of footage he had taped of 5th Street. He talked into a recorder saying how it was going downhill fast. There are crack houses, vacant houses, kids playing in the streets and no park in sight. It looks awful and he goes "perfect." He left to go see Cassie and told her he needs her but can't tell her what the project is just yet.

Eden went to see Danny trying to get him to invest in her escort service and he turned her down and told to try to do something legal with her life, LIKE COLLEGE! That gave Eden a great idea and she headed over to where she would find college students.

Ben had just been talking to Michelle about how much he hated working for the Spaulding's and asked if she would ask Danny if he needed help. There was a knock at the door and it was a pizza that had been delivered to Michelle from Danny. A pizza? What an odd gift. But when Michelle opened the box, there was a small box sitting in the middle of the pizza and inside the box was a locket and on one side was a picture of Danny, Michelle, and Robbie and on the other it said "I love you."

When Michelle tried to call Danny, he wouldn't answer the phone. He smiled and said to himself, "Not now Michelle, this is only the beginning."

When Eden showed up, Ben was alone and Eden explained she was looking for a few good men and even after explaining why, Ben said YES!.

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