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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 27, 2003 on GL
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Monday, October 27, 2003

Nico sits in an alley playing his guitar but is interrupted by some thugs who take his guitar. The thugs tell Nico that they heard he has been staying at the Santos place and wonders whether he is too good for them now. Nico explains that it is just a job. The thugs then tell him that he should be able to handle things then. When Nico wonders what they are wanting him to do, they tell him that they want him to make sure that the fashion show does not happen. The thugs tell Nico that they are tired of Santos and his richy-rich friends coming around on his turf changing things. Pressing Nico against the wall and banging on Nico's guitar, they are insisting on knowing whether he can handle the problem. Nico doesn't want to get involved, but the thugs threaten to take care of it their way, which would be a whole lot worse. Nico, not wanting them to handle this, tells them that he's got it.

Michelle finally finds out who has been moving her furniture around when she hears noises and comes downstairs with a flashlight. She finds an elderly woman in her room, and she begins to complain about the arrangement of the furniture. Michelle starts to back up calling for Danny to come down. She starts to head upstairs, but when she returns with Danny, the lady is gone. After Michelle tries to explain what happened, she begins to wonder whether Danny thinks she is crazy. Danny tells Michelle that he thinks she was dreaming. In the meantime, Nico comes home in a bad mood. Danny tries to question him about his mood, but Nico doesn't have anything to say. Michelle tells him that it looks like Nico needs to talk and tells Danny to try to talk to him again. Danny walks over to the couch and only gets one word out - Nico - , before he leaves the room. Michelle talks him into chasing after Nico.

Marah runs into Tammy at Company. Tammy was waiting for Joey. Marah tells Tammy that she has feelings for Sandy, but Sandy doesn't feel the same way. After a brief visit, Joey shows up to meet Tammy. Joey is surprised that Tammy isn't mad at him. This is the first time they have seen or talked to each other since they got in trouble. Joey apologizes to her and tells her that she deserves so much better than a dirty old shed, and he invites her to a ball. Before she has a chance to answer, Joey comments about how her Uncle Edmund came through for them, and continues to tell her that Edmund has pulled some fast ones in the past. Tammy tells him to shut up, and tells him that her Uncle Edmund is off limits. Joey apologizes, and Tammy tells him that she is just so tired of her uncle getting a bad rap for something he did in the past. Joey seems to understand since he is having trouble with the bad rap business. After Joey leaves, Marah and Tammy join tables again. By the conversation, Marah begins to wonder whether Tammy has had sex with Joey. Tammy tells her that sometimes she wants to, but other times she wants to wait. Marah tells her not to take things a step further than she wants to. Marah then begins to tell her that when it is the right time, she will know.

At the Beacon, Tammy begins to question Edmund about balls. Edmund seems to think that she should know all there is about balls, but Tammy reminds him that she has never went to a ball with a date, only as a child. Looks like Tammy wants some dancing lessons. Edmund tells Tammy to call Joey and accept his invitation and explains that he will be her dance instructor. Edmund turns some ball music on and asks Tammy for this dance. As Edmund dips Tammy, Cassie walks in surprised to see how well things appear to be going.

Reva finds Sandy breaking into the Lewis safe. Reva begins to preach how her daughter befriended him and her husband hired him, and she refuses to hear any kind of explanation as to why he is stealing from them. Reva begins to wonder whether this was his plan from the beginning. Sandy comments that she isn't much of a psychic and tells her that if he is going down for this, he will take her whole family with him. Reva doesn't quite understand how he could possible threaten her family, but sitting on the desk in between the two of them is a laptop with Jonathan Randall's account. Reva walks around to the other side of the desk and mentions that she is calling Josh. She starts to dial but gets side-tracked when she sees Jonathan's account on the computer screen. Sandy claims that he didn't pull it up, but Reva doesn't believe him. Reva instantly wants to know how he knows her son. Sandy tells Reva that he knows Jonathan from boarding school and claims that Jonathan sent him there to see what his family was really like. Sandy claims that he only wanted a little cash to get back home and would have paid them back. Reva doesn't believe Sandy and then notices a tattoo on Sandy's skin that she envisioned was on her son. Sandy tells her that she is jumping into conclusions. Reva calls Jonathan's adoptive mother. Reva asks her when the last time she saw Jonathan was. Since Jonathan is supposed to be in another country at boarding school, it has been a while. She then asks her if Jonathan has a tattoo, and she describes it like the one Sandy has. Sandy is in the background demanding she hang up and tells her to stop being his fairy god mother. Reva remembers when she told Jonathan as a child that she would be his fairy god mother if he wanted her to. Reva begins to get teary eyed and puts her hands on Sandy-Jonathan's cheek. Reva begins to explain how she felt after leaving Jonathan in San Cristobel and tells him that she has always wondered what he was like and whether she made the right choice. She continues to tell him that every year on his birthday, she would walk to the lake and watch the sun set and imagine that her son was on the other side of the lake, and she would blow kisses in hopes that he felt those kisses. Jonathan tells her that he felt the kisses. Reva begins to shake in amazement that he just admitted he was Jonathan. Jonathan explains that his nickname is Sandy from hanging out at the beach. Jonathan begins to get angry with Reva and tells her that he did not have a good life, and his adoptive father was brutal and wonders what kind of selfish person would leave a child to deal with that. Jonathan begins to explain that he didn't have plans on staying, but he became friends with Marah, and then Shayne had an accident. Reva then begins to realize that he was leaving town because his sister fell in love with him. Reva apologizes and tells him that if he can't forgive her, he can take the money, but she really wants him to stay.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Cassie's home and wondering what she has missed. Edmund explains to Cassie that Joey invited Tammy to a ball. Cassie seems excited for her and wants to show her a thing or two herself, but Tammy is ready for bed. After Tammy leaves the room, Edmund and Cassie reunite with a dance with a passionate kiss which eventually leads them to the bedroom. Later, Cassie gets a telephone call from the front desk telling her that an officer just dropped off Tammy's ID that she left down at headquarters. Cassie gets upset with Edmund for not telling her and demands to know what happened. Edmund tries to tell her that it wasn't that serious, but Cassie disagrees. Cassie begins to blow up and Edmund tries to tell her that she is overreacting. Cassie tells him that if she doesn't react, Tammy is going to be another Lizzie Spaulding. Edmund finally agrees that he should have told her, and they come to terms with the way things were handled. Cassie tells him that she still plans on talking with Tammy.

At the Santos house, Nico goes to answer the door, but no one is there. All he found was a fashion show flyer that had been spray painted. Nico picks it up and as he begins to head back inside, he runs into Danny; so he had no choice but to show it to him. Danny claims that he is not surprised but was hoping that he wouldn't have to deal with something like this. He continues to explain that the fashion show is bringing jobs and publicity to the area and doesn't understand why everyone wouldn't want to support this. Nico explains that progress in this area scares a lot of people and they worry about their businesses and homes. Danny seems to think that Nico already knew about the disinterest of the fashion show by the Fifth Street residents. Nico admits that he ran into some people who want him to side with them in stopping the fashion show. Nico tells him that he wouldn't help and the flyer was their way of letting him know that they are handling it anyways. Danny wants names, but Nico tells him that he is not a nark, and these people took him in when he had nobody. Danny wants to know names in order to trust Nico and to know what side he is really on. Danny tells him that he has to tell him and stop letting these people run his life and do what is right. Danny tells Nico that his parents died because people kept quiet and looked the other way. He tells him that if he keeps quiet now, he is no better than the people who set back and kept quiet while his parents died. Nico wants advice from Danny in regards to how to turn your back on people you grew up with. When Danny explains his situation with Michelle, Nico reminds him that he had his mind on a prize, but he has nothing; and when his stay is over with him and Michelle, no one will trust him. Danny tells him that he has a way for him to help without betraying these guys. Nico agrees to give it a shot.

Marah meets Remy at the fashion show site to go over the plans. Remy makes a food run to Company but plans on returning. Moments later, an elderly lady appears with Marah's plans in her hands. This is the same woman that Michelle found in her home rearranging her furniture. She claims that the design is all wrong, and she is there to rescue her from a disaster. Marah gets defensive but her conversation is interrupted with the woman when she hears Remy coming back. She turns her back on the woman and begins to explain to Remy that she is glad he is back because of this woman who . . . guess what? Isn't there anymore. Remy acts as though Marah is going crazy and tells her to go home and get some rest. Moments after Remy walks away, Marah hears the woman laughing in the background.

Jonathan agrees to stay but he doesn't know how long. He does worry about all of those that he lied to: Marah, Shayne, and Josh and wonders how he will be able to explain this to them. Reva tells him that things that are worth having aren't ever easy but they will make it work because having him here will be worth it. Jonathan gets a call on his cell phone from Marah. Marah had been expecting him at the site. Jonathan tells her that he will be there, he's just running late. Marah asks him to stop at the museum to pick up her portfolio for her. After he hangs up, he tells Reva that he will stay under two conditions. 1. He wants to tell Marah himself that he is her brother. and 2. He wants to wait until after the fashion show because he doesn't want to spoil the most important night of her life. He feels that if he can't make things right between him and Marah, then he can't make anything right here. Once Jonathan leaves, he goes straight to the museum.

At the museum, Jonathan finds Shayne in a deep sleep and begins to talk to him like a good friend, someone he could use in his life, a brother. Moments later, Josh arrives which wakes Shayne up. The three of them have a nice chat about last nights baseball game. Before Jonathan leaves, Josh invites him on a family fishing trip after thanksgiving. Jonathan tells him that he would like that.

Reva calls Christopher to talk to him about Jonathan, but she insists that everything she tells him has to be confidential. After she explains that she found her son, Christopher tells her that it is wonderful. Reva is upset feeling that something she did in her past is once again going to come back to destroy everyone she loves. Reva explains that Josh never came to terms that she had another child, Shayne would be put in the middle of a battle, and Marah thinks she is in love with him. Reva leaves to go check on Shayne.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Nico warns Gus, Harley and Danny about a problem with the fashion show. Gus attempts to get the names from Nico, but he refuses. Gus says there isn't much he can do, but Harley agrees to provide security for the night of the event. Beth and Jeffrey have an awkward encounter. She gives Jeffrey a ticket to the fashion show and asks him if he'd like to go away for a few days. Beth wants to know where she stands with Jeffrey. He explains she'll lose him if she needs to live up to specific rules of engagement. She storms out. Harley dismantles Mel's statue from Jeffrey as she looks for a bug. Jeffrey catches her in the act, and scoffs at her suspicions. Sandy continues to avoid Marah's flirtations. Josh reassures Marah about the outcome of the show. Reva tries to talk to Sandy, but he won't accept her apologies. She shows Sandy a copy of his footprint that she has carried for years. Eden and Marah are busy with last minute details. Bill eventually gets Eden's attention. Marah attempts to thank Eden for her help. Josh tells Marah that Shayne has changed his mind about coming to the show. Marah reveals a design she made for Shayne to wear to her fashion show, but he remains steadfast about not leaving the house until he can walk out. Marah explains to Shayne he needs to come to the show because he inspired her to push herself harder and make the show happen. Marah overhears Sandy tell Eden he wants to talk to Marah alone after the fashion show, and is hopeful about what he has to say. Reva and Josh discuss Shayne. Sandy, Marah, and Eden enter the warehouse to find it demolished. Nico and Danny arrive too late and Nico bolts.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Alan Spaulding takes Lizzie to the museum to see Marah, but she doesn't appears to be home – Just Billy and Shayne. When Lizzie goes to see Shayne, Billy asks Alan why he wasn't at the grave on October 17th. Alan wants to know why he is so concerned with what he did or didn't do since they agreed never to talk about this again.

Tammy gives Edmund a gift in appreciation for the way he handled her recent encounter with the police, and especially for the way he had planned on handling things with her mother. She begins to talk about the secret and her fears about her mother knowing what had happened, and soon realizes that her mother is standing right behind her. Cassie sits Tammy down to talk to her about her poor judgments.

Reva shows up at the Fifth Street fashion show site to see Marah and show support in regards to the site having been trashed. Reva offers to book that Country Club for the show, but Marah tells her there isn't going to be a show. Reva tries to talk her into not canceling the show and reminds her daughter that she isn't a quitter. In the meantime, Sandy shows up with supplies that would be needed to repair the damage. Marah begins to pass out the paint and paint brushes. Sandy steps outside and calls the radio station and asks for a favor. Moments later, Sandy and the Mole appear on the radio asking for all the help they can get and request that people bring tools, food, supplies, and money if they can to help repair the damage that was done. Reva, Marah, Sandy, and Eden begin cleaning up. Before long, the have several volunteers: Josh, Billy, Bill, Cassie, Edmund, Tammy, Alan, Lizzie, Michelle, and other residence. Moments later, Joey shows up and pulls Tammy aside. Tammy tells him that her mother knows about what happened. Tammy is still allowed to date Joey and she is allowed to go to the ball, but she is grounded. After hours of work, everything seems to be repaired, and Marah makes a speech thanking everyone for their help.

At the fashion show site, Alan gets Billy alone to talk to him about the charity auction tomorrow. Alan tells him that he feels he will need to take some precautions and rig the auction. Billy wants to know why he should help him. Alan tells Billy that he needs to help his own family and at the same time, he'll be helping his family.

At Company, Danny tells Harley and Gus that Nico's former buddy's trashed the fashion show site. Danny is hoping that Nico will now open up and give them some names. Nico shows up with paint spray cans. Gus is threatening to hull him in for not telling him who is involved, but Danny manages to calm him down. Buzz is in the background telling Gus to not be a "jackass"! Nico explains that giving names would only put the thugs in jail for a day, and then they would be released due to lack of evidence. Nico continues to explain that they sent a message, and now it's their turn to send them a message because that's street rules. This would be a message telling them to back off or else. Danny tells Gus and Harley that it is his property, so go ahead. They all head out to do some painting. Buzz and Marina are heading out as well to take food to Marah's fashion show site. After Gus, Harley, Nico, and Danny finish painting up the thugs hangout spot, Gus tells Nico that he was wrong about him.

Friday, October 31, 2003

The night of the fashion show has finally arrived and it's clearly Springfield's biggest night of the year. Billy and Alan are there, conspiring to drive up the bids for the charity auction. Shayne arrives at the show, despite his reservations. Throughout, Reva tries to get into the spirit of the evening and be happy for Marah -- though she knows that when it's over, Sandy will have crushing news for her. Meanwhile, Jeffrey and Beth have a sexy encounter backstage. During the show, a couple of near disasters are averted -- Marah having to don one of her own dresses at the last minute, Alexandra being convinced not to chicken out wearing a particularly outré outfit -- but otherwise the night is a spectacular success, and that includes worries about security, which Danny, Gus, Harley and Nico have taken care of. After the show, Danny comes out to find Nico and congratulate him. But Nico is hiding something from Danny: he's been stabbed. Meanwhile, Marah finally gets to Sandy and tells him she knows what he's going to tell her -- that he's interested in her. Flustered Sandy keeps trying to put her off in order to get the chance to say what he needs to tell her in private, but Marah presses and finally Sandy blurts that he's her brother, Jonathan. Crushed, Marah flees the scene. At that moment, she's being watched by the man who bought the grand prize in the auction of a personally designed outfit by Marah: Tony.

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